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Slut trials.
As a dominant master male; I often find my submissive sluts needs outgrown the area of my own expertise; so frequently we part good friends and they move on to find another master to continue taking them forward. This was the case recently when I found myself saying a fond farewell to my most recent submissive; Amanda had been great but now she was seeking experiences which I was not comfortable to provided. We parted on good terms and promised to stay in touch; she thanked me for her training and kissed my cheek as she left.
I suppose now would be a good time to tell you about me, 52 years of age, with a few extra pounds and having been divorced for some seven years now (Nothing to do with my dominant nature by the way) after nineteen years of marriage (during which time I had three subs all known to my wife). I am six foot one tall blonde haired and with a seven and a half inch penis.
I re-joined a well known internet site for people into BDSM; and re ran my updated profile adding the new detail of looking to find a submissive trainee slut to bring up to my high level of standards. Well within six days I had three women all asking what I was looking for in looks; this is something I never consider as the inner personality is far more important.
Lady one.
Sammy an eighteen year old submissive who said she had known from the age of fourteen she needed to be used and abused sexually but had always shied away for fear of being badly hurt; having read my profile she had felt something inside her compel her to reply to my profile. She described herself as size 12 dress; a five foot two slim body with 38 C breasts, shaven cunt and longing to be used as a cum bucket of a slut. I responded by giving Sammy my chat details so we could talk on-line.
Lady Two.
Jenny a twenty four year old divorcee; she was also a submissive and this was the reason she had ended up getting divorced; her ex husband had not liked the idea of her needing lots of sex and had initially agreed so long as she was discrete she could have the occasional fling; but found he could not accept it when he returned home to find her being fucked by three men at once. She was five foot six as she described with love handles and 40DD tits; similarly she was shaven and just could not get enough sex. I responded by giving Jenny my chat details so we could talk on-line.
Lady Three.
Pauline was the elder of the three at forty years of age; another divorcee but had been divorced for a number of years and had recently found a aching to be used like a slut; she confided that she was not sure if she actually could do it but wanted at least to try. She was five eleven tall with 38DD tits; she had recently started shaving her cunt on a whim and was eager to learn what else a slut would do. I responded by giving Pauline my chat details so we could talk on-line.
For the next three weeks I chatted to all three women separately setting little tests for them to complete and report back; now obviously I had no way of knowing if they actually carried out their tasks properly but reading between the lines from their replies I suspect they all did carry them out.
One of the tasks I like to set for my new trainees is a thing I call self spanking; I order them to go to a corner naked; stand on tiptoe facing the corner and using their natural hand; administer six spanks to their arse; the rules are if they come off their tiptoe the count restarts and the spanks have to be hard enough to change the colour of their cheeks. I know a lot of people will think this is rather pointless and not very sexually let alone slutty; but believe me it’s about setting your inner spirit free; The idea is not to punish but rather invigorate their senses. If you think it weird then I suggest you try it.
Then by reading their responses; I was able to judge if they had actually done the task as demanded; Sammy wrote, ‘Master I removed my clothes slowly; and actually trembling I went and stood in the corner of my bedroom; being right handed I pressed my body up on tiptoes and slightly to the left corner wall; I was I a little let down by the spanking as I could not avoid knowing when the slap was coming but the warm sensation spreading from my arse soon began to make my cunt bubble with juices; I am afraid Master that having completed the task I still stood in the corner the cold wall still pressed against my left tit and I pinched and pulled on my clit till I cried out in orgasm’
Jenny wrote, ‘Master Ray; that was out of this world; the sensation of spanking my arse was not something I would have thought about doing and I have to admit I deliberately let my feet down on the fourth slap and had to restart; my arse reflected in the full length mirror looked cherry red by the time I had done; I hurried to my bed and on hands and knees like the randy bitch I am I then used my large vibrator to bring me off’
Pauline wrote, “Sir, I tried, I really did but it actually did nothing for me except give me a sore backside for two hours, Was I doing something wrong? I would have thought the idea was to punish myself but the spanks did hurt but did nothing to make me feel sexy’
I responded to Sammy and Jenny, ‘The object of the exercise was to show the relationship between pain and pleasure; you did well but the fact you admit you had to play with yourself to cum shows me that you did not carry out the action to the letter of the task. When we meet I will get you to demonstrate how you did this task and I will show you where you went wrong’
My response to Pauline was slightly different in as much as I challenged her technique of the spanking she had endured, she obviously put more into the power of the spanking rather than how she delivered the slaps, but I did suggest when we meet she would be shown how to do it as I intended.
To cut a long story short; for three weeks we continued our daily chats and set tasks, we even exchanged pictures; and then I told them of the other two women vying for the place as my new slut; all three more or less said the same thing, they were happy to be my slut even if it meant sharing me with two others. I responded by telling them that was not the way I was and once I had chosen I was a master to one only at a time. With this in mind I was planning a sluts trial day; I would meet them all together at a local pub and take it from there.
The details were arranged and then re-arranged in order to accommodate everyone. They were all told the same dress code applied; blouse, skirt, panties, but no bra. I sort of felt sorry for Jenny with her 40DD tits being unfettered. They were told to remove their outer coats before entering the pub and then come and find me at my booth. One the day of the trial I was nervous to say the least for I knew what I had planned for the ladies.
I sat inside the bar some twenty minutes before the arranged meeting time and waited; the minutes seemed like hours as they passed; even the bar waitress seemed to sense my nerves as she came over to take my order; being a non drinker I ordered a glass of orange juice and sipped it slowly. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw the few men in the bar suddenly turn their heads towards the entrance and there was a sudden silence; Sure enough in strode Jenny; her tits bouncing as she walked and it was clear for all to see she was braless. The eyes all followed her as she sought me out and once having seen me she raised her hand and waved; well I am sure all the men in the bar were hoping the buttons would give way as her tits shook like an earthquake.
She approached and leaned forward to kiss me; I was greeted with the view of a lifetime down the Grand Canyon between her tits; after the kiss I bade her to sit by my right and began polite conversation about how was her journey when again the men in the bar turned to face the door.
Sure enough into view came Pauline; like wise her tits bounced and jiggled as she approached; once more I received a good look down a woman’s top as she too leaned forward to kiss me; I introduced her to Jenny and told them to kiss each other but told them to French kiss till my fingers drummed on the table. The two women looked shocked but did not hesitate as I watched them swap tongues for almost five minutes before tapping the table. Now With Jenny on my Right and Pauline on my left we waited the arrival of Sammy. I could not help but notice two things really; one was the look of jealousy on the men’s faces around the pub that I was sat here with two very sexy looking horny women and secondly the two women were clearly aroused as their nipples were making efforts to burrow out of their blouses.
I was just beginning to think Sammy was going to blow out when she too turned up; again to the stare of the men in the pub; she almost waltzed over to our table and leaned in to kiss me; her smaller tits were no less impressive and as she walked towards us I already noted her nipples were rock hard. Once more I introduced her to the other two women and once more I told Sammy to French kiss Jenny until I drummed my fingers on the table and then she was to do the same to Pauline. Again for about five minutes each I watched them swapping saliva between themselves.
As they settled into their seats the waitress returned to my table and asked if we needed any drinks; I noticed she almost could not take her eyes off Jenny’s large chest; so ordering their choice of drinks I offered to help the waitress fetch them back and walked towards the bar. She stopped dead in her tracks when I asked if she found Jenny’s tits so appealing; she blushed and simply nodded. I asked if she would like to see them fully and she again blushed and asked how. I told her there was a price to pay but it could be arranged; she asked what price and I told her that all I demanded was that she return to the table and tell everyone there what had happened.
The waitress (Sandy) immediately agreed and asked how was I going to arrange it; I told her to watch for Jenny to head towards the toilets and then give her a couple of minutes before going in after her; the rest I would arrange.
We got the drinks and returned to the table; Sandy winked as she left and walked slowly back to the bar, swaying her hips as she did so. I spoke to Jenny and told her to go to the toilet and once inside she was to immediately raise her skirt around her waist and without going into a cubicle she was to spread her legs and begin rubbing her cunt through her panties; under no circumstances must you stop doing what you are doing no matter who turns up. Finally she was to remove her soaking fanny cover cloth and bring it out to me placing it in my hand.
Jenny blushed and for a split second I almost thought she was going to baulk at the idea but she slowly stood up and smiled as she headed off to the toilets. Neither Sammy nor Pauline had heard my conversation with Jenny so they had no idea what was about to happen. I watched as Jenny reached the toilets and entered followed minutes later by Sandy.
I then turned to Sammy and reached out on top of the table and felt her right tit; seeking out the nipple I pinched it asking how she liked her tits played with; she responded by saying, “My nipples are sensitive and so I like them to be twisted and pinched but also I find them being pulled sends shocks to my cunt!” I looked at Pauline and told her to pull on Sammy’s left nipple whilst I twisted her right and instantly she did so Sammy was groaning in pleasure. A man on his way to the toilet area nearly collided with the empty tables near us as his eyes were fastened on what Pauline and Sammy were doing.
Pauline confessed she too like her nipples to be toyed with and admitted she sometimes slept with clothes pegs attached to her nipples and surrounding tit flesh. So I instructed Sammy to return the compliment to Pauline and pinch her nipple. Soon the two women were squirming in their seats and began begging to be allowed to rub themselves off but I refused as I simply said that the really entertainment was just about to start.
Twenty minutes later I saw Sandy duck out of the toilets and smile in my direction, she returned to the bar and shortly afterwards a sort of staggering Jenny came over and held out her black lacy panties before putting them in my hand; they were indeed soaking wet. I raised them to my nose and sniffed; before calling Jenny a true whore bagging slut, then to Jenny’s disbelief I held the panties under Pauline’s nose and asked her to tell me what she smelt, “OH master it clearly smells like an aroused cunt!” taking it and placing it under Sammy’s nose I said “Sammy open your mouth and suck on these and then tell me what it tastes of?”
Again Jenny nearly died as Sammy opened wide and began sucking the cunt juices from the panties; before she answered though; Sandy the waitress arrived at the table with fresh drinks and placed the tray on the table; she announced this round was her treat.
“Tell me; dear; why would you be buying us drinks when you never met us before?” I asked.
“Well I have had this fantasy for some time now to catch a heated bitch playing with herself in the ladies and to take advantage of her and thanks to you it happened” she answered, “This horny bitch was stood bold as brass in the open area of the toilets, skirt up around her waist strumming her cunt like a good un’ so I undid her blouse and released those fabulous tit mounds and whilst sucking on one I was pinching and twisting the other nipple.” She continued. “I released her nipple from my mouth and told her to tell me what she wanted and the filthy fucking whore told me to bite her nipple!” Sandy continued, “So I did and as she begged me to bite harder and harder her hand sped up strumming her cunt through those panties and she suddenly went rigid and I swear they must have heard her orgasm in Liverpool!” “I made her suck my cunt for good measure too and the horny bitch did and swallowed my juices like a little lap dog!”
Everyone at the table turned and looked at the red faced Jenny until I broke the silence and ordered Sammy and Pauline to go to the toilet and bring each other off using only their tongues but not to displace or remove each other’s panties until after they had climaxed. Then they were to remove them and bring them here to me and place them in my hand.
To Be continued.

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what do you think is this worth continuing or not.......

Brigit Astar
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niteowl, you are an anomaly. You are the probably the most prolific writer on the net. You must write every day--and maybe every night. I don't see how you do it. The thing is, you never repeat yourself--even when you are writing on the same subject. All your stories are distinct from each other.

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Thanks that is high praise indeed but the truth is I am undergoing treatment for throat cancer and currently find writing a great distraction from the chemo and radiation therapy, as for the not repeating myself that just shows what a dirty sordid mind I have.....lol.

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I say keep it going