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Chapter 2.
As Sammy and Pauline headed off to the ladies; I leaned closer to Jenny and whispered in her ear, “My dear; it is now time to examine the facts! Open your legs as wide as you can!”
Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Sandy clocking that the two women were heading for the toilets together; she looked quickly in my direction and as I nodded she set off in pursuit of the two women.
Meanwhile Jenny nervously opened her legs about eighteen inches and sat almost panting at the thought of her cunt being on view; I placed my hand on her right thigh just above the knee and watched her eyes lower to watch my hand. Slowly I slid my hand inch by inch along her thigh; lightly touching her skin as I went; I spoke softly to her, “tell me my little horny fuck slut! Where do you think my hand is going to end up?”
“Oh master, I think you’re going to touch my soaking wet cunt!” she gasped.
I smiled and nodded as my hand continued to move along her thigh; before adding, “And do you want me to touch your horny hot fuck slit?”
“Oh yes master, I want so much for you to touch me there and I want to please you by being the hot wet slut you seek!” she breathed heavily.
“You want me to touch you where? Bitch” I snapped.
“Sorry master, I want you to touch my overheating, juice flowing, cock hole!” she pleaded.
“When I tell you to go; you will stand up and go to the bar and fetch back a glass full of ice, but while you are at the bar; you see those three men sat close to the bar!” I pointed as I spoke. Jenny nodded following my direction. “You will make sure to sit on the bar stool and flash them your horny wet cunt; but you will make it appear an accident and no matter what happens you will not let them touch you in any way!” I instructed her.
Jenny Gulped and looked visibly shocked at the idea of flashing her charms to strangers; especially knowing she was not to allow it to go further.
Just as I saw Sandy disappear into the ladies after Sammy and Pauline; I smiled and said, “Go!”
Nervously Jenny stood up but never tried to remove my hand which was now half under her skirt’s hemline; she waited until the touch of my hand had disappeared and then slowly walked down towards the bar. The three intended victims suddenly stopped talking as they took in the sight of this sexy looking slut walking towards them.
They craned their necks to watch as she walked by and one even wolf whistled her; reaching the bar she opened her legs and leaned forward to supposedly attract eh attention of the Barman, of course her skirt rode up and even from where I sat I was sure I could see the hint of pussy beneath. Then she turned and leaned back against the bar before allegedly spotting her shoe strap to be undone and she raised her foot up onto the upper rest of the stool and adjusted it. Now clearly the three guys must have seen her glistening soaking wet shaved cunt. As soon as she got the glass of ice she turned to walk back to me and I quickly looked the other way as I spotted the guys glance in my direction.
Suddenly Jenny stopped dead in her tracks as one of the men stuck out an arm and almost touched her cunt with his hand; Jenny acted outraged and slapped his face much to the amusement of his two cohorts. Then in seconds she was beside me and waiting my instruction to sit down; instead I took a large piece of ice and lightly traced a path up her leg and on to her cunt; knowing all the while the three guys were watching my every action.
As for Jenny the feeling of the cold melting ice as it travelled up her thigh sent shivers down her spine and I noticed her thigh muscle suddenly quiver; she even groaned as the ice touched her cunt lips and almost looked totally shocked when I pressed the ice inside her cunt; then and only then I allowed her to sit as I sucked the wetness off my fingers. With no longer any need for pretence; I place her panties clearly on view on the table and reached out openly for the clearly visible nipple showing inside her bra and gave it a sharp pinch and twist.
Jenny Blushed but said nothing; for the next twenty minutes we talked about her body; oh simple things like how much did she like having her horny over worked cunt full of cock; how many times a week did she shove things into her cunt and bring herself off to a climax; did she do anal; did she enjoy oral and if so did she swallow or spit; had she ever had more than one cock at a time and if so had she ever been double penetrated.
We were just getting into the discussion when out of the corner of my eye I saw an almost dishevelled Sandy sneak from the toilet area and head to the back room; five minutes later Pauline led Sammy by the hand back to our table and sitting down awaited my next command. They both noted the Panties on display on the table and turned to smile at each other until I told them had they forgotten something.
Sammy reached forward and handed me her soaking wet red panties; quickly followed by Pauline handing me her pale pink panties; which were also soaking wet. I snapped, “That is not what I meant!”
Suddenly Pauline realised I had not given permission for them to take their seats and she apologised profoundly standing and bowing her head in humility; It took Sammy a few seconds longer to realise and then she too apologised and stood up. I eventually allowed them to sit down as I took the red panties and sniffing at the wettest spot. Suddenly one of the guys from the table near the bar came over and asked if her could buy us all a drink; I told him two of my ladies had misbehaved and therefore did not deserve to receive a treat like that but instead as he had the bottle to come to our table he should be rewarded.
I turned to Pauline and said, “Give him a French kiss and allow him five minutes of pussy play!”
“Yes master!” Pauline responded and immediately wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him passionately whilst I watched his hand thrusting into her cunt area. After the five minutes were up he thanked me and left; obviously with a tale to tell his mates. Sure enough one by one his two mates came over with similar offers of buying us a drink and this time I allowed Sammy to have her cunt fingered by both of them whilst she and Pauline kissed the guys.
Sandy now approached the table but stopped dead when she saw Sammy taking both hands up her skirt; she looked almost with intense jealousy and I caught her licking her lips. I beckoned her over and asked her to tell me what she had to say.
“Well I saw these two head to the toilet and figured the same rules applied so I followed them into the toilets; by the time I got inside they were both naked and locked in a sixty nine; clearly eating each other’s cunts; well this time I had my vibrator with me and so I ordered them apart and had Sammy there eat my cunt while Pauline ate Sammy’s I then slipped my vibrator deep inside Pauline and fucked her hard; when I could not stand it any longer I squirted my load into Sammy’s mouth before allowing them to return to their sixty nine position and I began squeezing and playing with their tits.” She almost mumbled in one breath, “Finally I had them both suck on my tits and the bitches really bit down on my nipples as my third orgasm of the day shot through my body; it is going to take at least a couple of days before my nipples stop aching!” she giggled.
By now the two men had complete their time allowed and had thanked me and left; I grabbed the panties and told the ladies we were leaving; As I stood up Sandy pressed a piece of paper into my hand saying if I ever needed a stand in to help train them to give her a ring. I picked up all three panties and handed them to Sandy saying she could keep these as a souvenir, what she did not know was that amongst them was the same piece of paper she had given me.
As we reached the pub doors the three women picked up their overnight bags and stepped outside; I showed them to my car and promised them that for two of them this would be a weekend to remember and for the other it would be a taster of things to come.

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You had to stop there didn't you. :-)

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of course it is called creating suspense......lol