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Chapter 3.
Standing beside the car; I looked around the private car park and smiling to myself; I turned to the ladies and said, “Ok Sluts! Show me just how slutty you can be and remove your clothes right now!”
Pauline, Sammy and Jenny all looked at each other and blushed; but before I had to tell them again, their clothes joined their baggage in the boot of the car and the three clambered in to the back seat, poor Sammy got the raw deal sat in between the other two. I climbed in the driver’s seat and told them that Pauline was to place her left hand on Sammy’s cunt, Sammy was to place her right hand on Pauline’s cunt; Now They were to feel for each other’s clit and pinch it between forefinger and thumb; next they were to systematically apply pressure to those clits and try to make the other person cry out in lust. Meanwhile Jenny was to take the Vibrator from under the passenger seat and to slowly fuck herself with it as I drove to my home. If one of the two cried out before Jenny orgasmed then the other person would spend the night as the top bitch and the other two would have to obey her every command till tomorrow morning; the loser of the two would be slut bitch and have to obey everyone else, But if Jenny genuinely cum before they did she was to be the queen bitch and she would win. So the race was on and I warned them all that to cheat would be spotted and then they would not only be the worst slut but it would also immediately give them their ticket back home never to be contacted again.
I then started the engine and as I pulled off and out of the car park, I called out , “begin!” As I drove I hated to think of the views some of the more observant lorry drivers were seeing in the back of my car; my occasional glances into the interior mirror reveal all three women busy trying not to cum and yet hoping someone else would be the loser. I tried to drive at regulation speeds but to be honest the aroma in the car was one of rampant horny pussy and was proving to be a little distracting. I will give credit to these ladies; they really remained silent and concentrated on their job in hand; so it was that I turned on to my estate with still no winner or loser and I was just beginning to think I would have to park outside my house whilst they decided matters when suddenly Sammy cracked and let out an ear piercing scream as her climax hit with a force ten tornado.
So Pauline won and poor Sammy was going to be the bitch of the night; The ladies waited as I parked up and sat waiting for god knows what; I returned to the car and demanded to know what they were waiting for!
Pauline whispered, “We thought you would allow us to dress so your neighbours did not see three naked women entering your home!”
“Fuck the neighbours!” I snapped, “Now get your fucking hot cunts inside or I will make you run naked around the estate before letting you in!” I continued.
Quick as a flash all three were now out of the car and huddled up together waiting for me to open the front door; I now took my time and once the key was in the lock and I was just about to turn it I turned and said, “OK, This is not a hotel so fucking go back to the car and get your bags! But leave your loose clothes in the boot!”
The three women turned and trotted off to the car once more and gathered their bags; whilst I entered the house and turned on the living room lights. As they entered they followed me into the living room where I told them to empty all their sex toys out of their bags and place them on the tray assigned to them. I had prepared this before going to meet the women and each tray had a square of paper on it with the name of the woman; so they could not slip a toy they were embarrassed about onto the tray claiming it was not theirs.
Now I made them stand in a line holding out the tray for my inspection; Pauline first. “What have we here then?” I asked, “Tell me what you have brought with you and why? How often you use it and where?” I demanded.
“Oh master, This is my favourite sex toy, it is a twelve inch long three inch diameter straight john bull vibrator; I have brought it because it always sends me and I use it once a week usually on my tits before slipping it hard into my horny ever ready cunt!” Pauline responded.
“Very Good!” I commented and then turning to Sammy I asked her to tell me about one of her toys.
“Oh Sir, this is my vibrating butt plug; it is eight inches long and two inches wide at its widest; it obviously slips into my anal ring and I have to admit I use it three times a week usually inserting it around 7 am and it stays there all day barring toiletry needs!” Sammy replied.
“OK that’s cool!” I responded and turning to Jenny asked her to continue.
“My favourite toy is my rampant rabbit, a seven inch vibrator with its offshoot bunny ears, I use it on my cunt almost every night and make sure the ears tickle my clit but I also concentrate of bizarre things to try to delay my orgasm till it reaches break point; sometimes my desire is so strong that when I do cum I shoot like a fountain for several seconds!” she confessed.
“Thank you for being so honest and sharing that with us!” I continued and then it started over again with Pauline. Soon I had a pretty conclusive idea of the sex life of the women and their ideas of uses for their toys and only then did I allow them to place the toys back in their bags. I Told Pauline I wanted a cup of tea, medium strength white with two sugars served to me now.
I fully expected her to delegate this task and sure enough Sammy was dispatched to make it; I pulled Pauline over and told her that the sleeping arrangements for tonight were as follows; As she won the task challenge set in the car; she would be sleeping with me in the master bed and Jenny and Sammy would be sleeping in the double bed in the guest room provided that she could guarantee that they would not get up to anything during the night.
She smiled before saying, “I am sure I can promise you that they would have to be escapologists to be able to do anything tonight for I would not only tie their hands together behind their backs but also their thighs together and with a pillow case as a nappy they would not even be able to rub their thighs together!”
I laughed and suggested, “You have over looked something!”
Pauline asked, “What could I have possibly overlooked?”
“They have a mouth and tits and sometimes women can orgasm from tit play without the need to touch their cunts! So how would she prevent them from pleasuring each other with their mouths?” I pointed out.
“Yes Master, I did not think, Mind you tied back to back and head to tail should stop those plans! Do you not think so?” she smiled.
“I think that should just about cover it!” I laughed.
Just then Sammy returned with my cup of tea and was about to place it on the table when I stopped her, “No you don’t bitch! Making my tea was only one part of the task; now you have to mind it without spilling a single drop!” I said, “Come here and open your legs, right now rub your cunt against the back of my hand and continue till you cum!” I demanded.
Sammy stepped up holding the cup almost across her waist she reached forward with her free hand and took my wrist in her hand. “Stop; before you make a mistake and have to be punished!” I pointed out.
Instantly she let go of my wrist and asked, “why was she about to go wrong?”
“Think about my command to you and what you were about to do and it should be clear to you where the error lay!” I posed the question.
Sammy repeated my command, “Come here and open your legs, right now rub your cunt against the back of my hand and continue till you cum!” she said, “oh my god!” she gasped, “I was about to rub your hand against my cunt and not the other way around! I am so sorry master!” She declared. I simply nodded.
So she moved slowly forward till her cunt touched the back of my hand and then began rocking her hips against it rubbing her cunt lips against my hand; a couple of times she nearly spilt the tea but managed to avoid it at the last second. Then as she built up a rhythm I ordered her to feed me the tea and began sipping the tea as she tried to bring herself off but with enough control as to not to splash me with tea or spill any of it too.
I suppose I helped out by draining the cup before she finally blew her stack and her cunt leaked excessive amounts of juices in spasms; But luckily Jenny was on hand to lick her cunt dry while I finally allowed Pauline to un do my belt and slip my trousers down; now on her knees; Pauline began to suck my cock like a street whore; much to the envy of the other two.
I pointed out that tomorrow night would be Jenny’s turn to sleep with me and she would be responsible for the no sexual contact of the other two’s sleeping arrangements; before Sunday night would be Sammy’s turn. Then Monday morning I would give them the result they were waiting for by naming who was going to be my new trainee slut.
Now my hands were behind Pauline’s head as I began fucking her mouth with great gusto; all the time she was making gurgling sounds as she swallowed my baby making shaft; suddenly I felt the twitch in my balls heralding the onset of my orgasm and I waited till the last minute and pulled my cock from her mouth only to spray her face with loads of white sticky baby making seed.
My first spurt caught her full on the forehead and it began to trickle down to her nose; my second and third spurts hit her more or less in the eyes and left her looking through an opaque screen of spunk; the next few spurts hit her around the mouth area and coated her lips and chin in the mask of white slime; my final few weaker spurts hit her on the chest and tits.
I immediately called Jenny over and made her lick the spunk from Pauline but warned her not to swallow any for she was to hoover it into her mouth; ready to swap it three ways and Sammy was allowed to suck the final strands from my cock. Then I watched as the three sluts kissed and shared my spunk amongst one another each one turning to me and showing me their white coated tongue before swallowing.
I announced it was time for bed now and we moved upstairs where I handed Pauline the soft silk Japanese bondage rope bag and left her to tie up the two girls; I went for a piss and upon returning found that she had indeed tied both girls hands behind their backs and was now in the process of making them lie head to tail with their backs to each other. I suggested that she may consider untying their hands until later and as I whispered my idea into her ear she suddenly giggled and agreed it was a much better idea.
She quickly untied them and making then return to back to back and head to heels; she tied their bodies together taking particular care to make sure their thighs were tied closed. Then she rolled Jenny on to her back on top of a face down Sammy and grabbed Sammy’s hands bring them in front of Jenny before tying them tightly; she then fed the rope through Jenny’s legs and around from behind Sammy before rolling the pair onto Jenny’s front and taking the rope through Sammy’s legs she then tied the loose end off on Jenny’s hands.
Now every time jenny moved her hands she would tug on Sammy’s hands and not only that but the rope would rub slightly against both girls clits. With that Pauline kissed each girl good night full on the mouth and even explored their mouths with her tongue before a quick bite of each nipple before turning to me and Saying, “Good now shall we retire to your bed Master so you can fuck my hot and horny cock loving spunk hungry cunt!”
With that we left the room and turned off the light wishing them both a happy horny night.

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