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Chapter 4.
Pauline and I headed off to the master bedroom; once inside the room I closed the door and turned to face the still naked Pauline, “Right bitch, get on the bed on your hands and knees and be quick about it!”
“Yes sir” she responded and promptly climbed on the bed and took up the required position. I moved off to the side and produced two lengths of the soft silk Japanese bondage rope; half way down each length I made a slip noose and popped them on her wrists; now the first end of each length secured her right wrist to her right thigh and her left wrist to her left thigh. In doing so Pauline had to lower her head down to the mattress and now I took the remaining two ends of the ropes and fed them over her back and tied them together pulling her arms back and making her thrust out her tits.
My next move was to take the thin soft bondage ropes and forming a slip noose and popped it onto her right breast holding it in place as I tightened the noose, soon her bulging tit flesh was secured and I bound the other tit to it in a figure eight combination; a spreader bar placed between her lower thighs kept her legs open wide and then I constructed a makeshift thong from a long length of soft silk Japanese bondage rope; inside this against her clit I applied a butterfly vibrating pad and set the power level to bare minimum.
Pauline’s cunt was already leaking juices like a dripping tap and the slightest touch on her clit had her trembling. Now I stood in a position she could see me and as I undressed I spoke to her, “Well my little whore; I feel like having some real fun tonight; I think my cock deserves to be sucked and kissed by a local two bit slut; Can you recommend one?”
“Oh master, I would be honoured to suck your cock for you!” she coo’d.
“I bet you would you cum loving slut, but I was planning on fucking your cunt and arse and soaking you in that which you love so much; my spunk!” I continued, “How would you feel about sucking my cock after it has fucked your horny wet cunt!”
“Oh my God; I would love to taste my fuck juices mixed with your spunk master; my body is yours to do with as you see fit!” she promised.
“Oh right! So if I decided to fuck your arse too and shoot up there as well; you would still be the good little whore and lick my cock clean of your ass juice and traces of your own shit!” I enquired.
“If my master told me too; I would do so master; my aim in life is to obey!” she suggested.
By now I was finally undressed and climbed on the bed in front of Pauline; I took a firm hold of her hair and pulled her head up off the mattress and popped my cock against her mouth. Pauline pivoted on her knee and simply opened her mouth and allowed my cock to slip into her mouth; then she rocked on her knees as she tried her upmost to give a controlled blow job; her tits were now bright red and her nipples rock hard; I casual flicked her nipple with my forefinger and she groaned around my cock; so obviously her nipples were on heightened sensitivity because of the increased blood in her tits.
I reached over her shoulder and lightly touched her open cunt lips; she shuddered in anticipation; my fingers slipped into her hot wet cunt and I told her she was a horny cum bucket; then four or five hard thrusts from my fingers forced her head deeper on to my cock as my fingers now soaking in her cunt juice began to locate her anal ring. Pressing my index finger against the tight resistant rose bud; she squirmed trying to get more comfortable as my cock was now threatening to choke her. I increased the pressure on her anal ring and watched in the mirror opposite as my finger tip disappeared into her arse, “What a tight arse you have for a fucking whore!” I teased.
More pressure ensured more of my finger entered her anal opening and a few quick thrust had her arse opening up nicely when I added an second finger and stretched her anal ring a little more; Pauline began to panic a little when I threatened to fist fuck her anal ring; I don’t know what she was trying to say because with my cock rammed down her throat it all sounded gibberish but I think it was pleading with me not to stretch her arse to that extent because I do have large hands.
I unison with my fingers I now began to fuck her mouth; laughing at her attempts to swallow her own saliva which was now dribbling from the corners of her mouth; I told her if she was that cock hungry I maybe ought to carry her outside and tie her to the children’s climbing frame in the playground opposite my home and I would be sure that the coloureds on my estate would be only too happy to fuck her to bits. Pauline physically shook her head and with pleading in her eyes looked a little pitiful.
After a further five minutes of fucking her mouth and fingering her anal canal; I pulled out of her and told her to rest as best she could and I would be right back; I teased her by telling her not to go anywhere. I stepped out of the bed room and popped across to the guest room where I took a large boa feather and lightly skimmed it across both women’s tits and then up the inside of Jenny’s thighs and lightly over her clit before repeating this on Sammy.
Both girls responded to my feather light touches and it was clear they were very turned on; I put a straight vibrator in each of their hands and turned them on telling them they could make use of these; but left the bedroom laughing knowing that with their hands tied so far from each other’s cunt’s there was no they could reach each other’s cunt let alone tease each other.
I stood outside the master bedroom and made out I was on the mobile phone; loud enough for Pauline to hear I held an imaginary conversation; “Yeah I am telling you Dave, this bitch Pauline is dying for cock and the more the merrier!” A pause for a few seconds, before I continued, “I am sure if you and your six mates came here right now she would suck and fuck the lot of you and still want extra!” A further pause before continuing, “Oh yeah the other two are still here too so we have the ingredients for a proper fucking orgy!” a further pause, “Oh hell yeah they all would do exactly as told them; I tell you pal; if I told them to eat my shit straight from my arse they would do it and because they are such fucking sluts they would do it with a giant smile on their face!” with that I opened the bedroom door and stepped inside before saying into my mobile, “Ok! What the fuck; Yes I do not back down from my word so see you in twenty minutes and then you can eat your fucking words! Bye!”
I closed my mobile phone as I spoke to Pauline, “You don’t mind a little company do you? Bitch!”
She was just about to answer when I spoke again, “Seems My mate Dave and his six buddies are close by and are curious that I have three willing sluts tied up here and are coming to check it out!”
Pauline blushed and was on the point of begging to be released when I once more broke the spell by saying, “Now you would not want me to lose face with my friends! And besides you’re so cock hungry that I thought you would love the chance to fuck over seven and a half feet of male appendage!” I continued, “Yes most of Dave’s mates are packing an awful lot of man mamba; so with their cocks all laid end to end would be over seven and a half feet!”
Pauline finally managed to get a few words out, “But sir, I am your slut not just anyone’s so therefore I would not like to fuck someone else!”
“What the fuck! What makes you think you have a choice in the matter? You gave me your body to do with as I see fit and if I choose to loan your cunt, arse or mouth out to my friends to fuck then you should be happy I consider you good enough at it to let you display your talents!” I snapped.
Pauline blushed and apologised. “too late for apologies!” I snapped, “and for that you will be punished; you will receive twelve spanks; six on each cheek right this very minute. Further more you will count the spanks and thank me for correcting your attitude between each slap! If at anytime I feel you not committed enough to that apology the count returns to zero and we start again” I demanded.
Positioning myself on the edge of the bed; I prepared to begin and informed her that the phrase I wanted to hear between each spank would be, “Sir, your worthless slut begs your forgiveness for over stepping her rank and place!”
I raised my hand and brought it smartly down on to her right cheek but kept my hand in place; “One; Sir, your worthless slut begs your forgiveness for over stepping her rank and place!” she responded as soon as I felt the heat my slap had generated I smoothed the heat away as I stoked my hand over her cheeks and down to her cunt and pressed my warmed palm against her clit before dragging it back and dipping the finger tips into her cunt before final dragging them away and pressing the still warm fingers against her anal ring.
Then and only then did I raise my hand for the second slap; this time on the opposite cheek. I repeated the same procedure as I listened to her horniness increasing as she said, “Two; Sir, your worthless slut begs your forgiveness for over stepping her rank and place!” Soon three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine; ten spanks had been and gone and Pauline’s cheeks were getting a deep cherry colour now.
Slap Eleven followed; “Eleven; Sir, your worthless slut begs your forgiveness for over stepping her rank and place!” she almost gasped as her climax began to break; her cunt felt wetter than at any other time since we met. In fact I do not think she even registered the twelfth and final spank for it was almost an afterthought she added, “Twelve; Sir, your worthless slut begs your forgiveness for over stepping her rank and place!”
I decided she had endured enough for the first punishment and simply slipped my rock hard cock into her soaking wet steaming cunt; I fucked her hard and fast bringing two more climaxes from her body before I switched attack and a deft change of angle had my cock now spearing at the entrance to her arse. Face down into a pillow Pauline was now begging me to fuck her arse; she was certainly no lady when it came to animal instincts for her language was blue to say the least as she begged me to give her a bastard child from my great fuck stick. I pulled out at the last minute and gripping my cock really tightly I manage to stave off the moment of spurting till I was prodding her face with my shitty smelling cock; Pauline simply opened her mouth and devoured my cock in one. I knew I could not last any longer and pulled from her just in time to deposit my load all over her face and tits.
I rolled her over and untied her completely and just before I released her tits I licked every cm of her tit flesh before finally chewing on her nipples bring one final orgasm from her now wracked body; then we settled down to sleep.

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