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This is the second part to Young Sasha.

His Mistress had taught James well. He knew exactly how to manipulate poor young innocent Sasha to get the desired effect. Obedience and skill could be taught later, for now he needed to make her dependent on him. He started by acting distant. He treated her like his girlfriend in public, but avoided any and all private situations, determined to starve her out. Mistress Bellatrix had warned him how difficult this part would be, but he hadn't understood. He know had control over this woman, if he wanted too he could just bend her over and take the sweet pussy he coveted so highly, but that was not the plan. He had to wait, and appear to have at least a little concern for her wishes if he was to gain the type of infallible control that would make her think of pleasing no one other than him.
It still wasn't easy, more than once in the next week he let his mind drift off to what that tight cunny might feel like. He wanted to pound deep inside of her. He could picture Sasha now in the situation he would eventually force her into. She'd be completely naked, completely dominated, with two very tight nipple clips and a dildo bigger than even his 11 inch cock stuck up her ass. He face and chest would already be creamy from earlier endugences and in her mouth would be her own wadded up panties, socked in her pussy juice.
But for now he would have to wait. At first Sasha seemed shy, but James soon realized that she was all too eager for him. The Wednesday after that fateful promise she made him, he had accidentally brushed against her, his hand coming in brief contact with the crotch of her jeans. He was very amused to see her scamper off to the bathroom. It only took a few seconds to hear her labored breathing through the door. Her body most certainly wanted her, now all he needed was the mind to fully accept it.
This happened a week later. He was studying alone when she sat down next to him. Placing her hand on his right thigh, she put her mouth to his ear. It was then that he realized how nervous she was, shaking from head to toe,
"Master, I am yours. Please, oh please, fill my mouth with your strong, hard dick and pump that thick, creamy, white cum down my throat. Please!"
"Friday night tell your parents that you are going to a friends house for the entire weekend, walk down to the bus stop and I will pick you up at 7. Understand?"
Sasha was clearly taken aback at the idea of spending an entire weekend with James. True, all she had thought about for almost the past two weeks was his cock and the feeling she got when he ordered her about. She had reflected multiple times at what a slut she was for wanting sex with a man she had been dating for less than three weeks. But James wasn't like other guys, he took charge and didn't do anything wrong. He would tell her exactly what to do and how to do it. Half of her was frightened by the obedience aspect, but the other side liked having all control taken away and being completely at the mercy of a man and his cock.
"Yes, master" was her only response. She had secretly been wanting some more closet games, but knew that James was nothing if not patient, and that an entire weekend with him could be very rewarding. She reflected how hot he had made her without deliberately attempting any form of real pleasure, and longed to at least feel that hand go further than the surface of her cunt if nothing else!

Thursday was uneventful except for a note quietly slipped to Sasha containing further instructions. She was to wear a turtleneck and long skirt, which she could quickly get out of upon entering James' car and underneath she was to wear a thong and a lacy bra. She was told to bring only a change of clothes for monday, and the sexiest underwear she had. She was also told that she was to properly shave her young cunt so that it was smooth, unlike the "jungle bush" James has felt in the library. She knew almost immediately that sex was on James' agenda, and whatever small part of herself wanted to wait, the fire in her cunt quickly suppressed.

Friday evening she arrived ten minutes early, fearing any consequences from being late and James arrived promptly at 7. She got in the passengers seat and he drove off. The drive lasted two minutes, which shocked her. The car drove into a underground parking structure with dim lighting. For the first time James spoke:
"You've done well so far, my inexperienced slave, now get out of those prudish clothes and will see how much innocence you can loose."
Sasha almost jumped out of the clothes with remarkable quickness considering the close confines of the car. She had a feeling her gymnastic training might help her this weekend. Now Sasha sat there obviously nervous, completely naked except for a thong and lacy bra.
"Sasha, are you a virgin?"
"yes master" she answered quietly.
"Don't be ashamed it simply means a bit more pain for you and possibly a bigger mess on the hood of my car..."
She immediately gasped, hearing those last words. She had expected to loose it, but on the hood of a car!?!?!? She should have been shocked at such a proposition, but instead all she did was cover the hand on her aching pussy with more slippery cunt juice. James was delighted, he removed his hand, deftly circled the car and graciously pulled her out, leading her around to the front. Sasha attempted to kiss him, but he got straight to business, almost slamming her down onto the hood of the mustang.
She heard pants being dropped and felt her thong being quickly pulled away. Then she felt his giant cock. The second the helmet of his throbbing meat rod touched her leaking cunt all her inhibitions flew away.
James was impressed, he hadn't planned to do this here, just in case she got too freaked out, but when he had seen her get out of her clothes so quickly, he had decided to reward her. He stood there with his penis barely touching her snatch. Now came the decision he had been trying to make for weeks, would he, for her first time, would he show his control by smashing into her and pounding her hard and ruthlessly, or would he be gentle. A part of him did care for the almost completely naked girl he had in front of him. He decided to be at least a little kind.
As he slowly entered her, he noticed the wiseness of his decision. Her virgin cunt was so tight that pounding into her wouldn't have just been abnormally painful, it would have all but destroyed her. My God, she was tight. The few times his Mistress had let him into her cunt, she had been wide and sloppy. Now, as he broke through her hymen, he heard her gasp, followed by a little whimper. Thats when he lost control. He reached up and pushed her head into the car with his left hand while savagely gripping her ass with his other. He started going faster, applying short fast thrusts going deeper each time, and when he was half way in, he rammed the rest into her.
Sasha screamed, quickly forgetting her lost hymen. It had all been going great Her master had been being gentle and kind, but her hymen had been the turning point. Now, pinned to the car she was having trouble breathing and she could feel his finger nails digging into her ass. She could feel his dick inside of her, going faster and faster, until...ungh. Now, with the pain subsiding, she could feel it in her. All 11 inches. But he only gave her a couple seconds to get used to it, and then he began pumping into her. As the pain left, pleasure took it's place.
"Oh yeah Master, give it to me. Stuff you meat into me!!! OHHHHH YEAHHHHHH"
She was getting closer to an orgasm, the biggest one she had ever had. He slapped her ass, hard. She came. Screaming incoherent noises. As she came down, he continued ramming into her, harder and faster than ever.
"You like this, my little girl? You like having me in your little cunny?"
"Oh yeah baby, please, don't stop!" He stopped.
Sasha realized her mistake immediately, and as she was gruffly turned around to face him, she begged for forgiveness.
"I'm sorry, Master. Please forgive me, I'll do anything. All I desire is to please you and be fucked by your glorious cock."
As much as he loved watching Sasha grovel and be more and more of the slut he wanted her to become, he was not going to pass up this chance to truly punish her. He took her thong off the ground, and shove it into her pussy, quickly removing it. The brief contact almost sent her into another orgasm. Then the freshly soaked thong was shoved into her mouth, putting an abrupt end to the apologies. He warned her not to move or it would be worse and went to the truck.
Sasha lay there, sucking on her own juices, terrified and excited of what James would do. She knew her punishment would hurt, but the closet had taught her that intense pain could be mixed with pleasure. He came back with a bag. He forced her onto her knees on the parking lot pavement.
"This will hurt, but you must be taught. Remember that I take your promise seriously. You have given yourself to me and there can be no turning back. There can be no safe word, not even your loudest screams will stop me. I should warn you, my slave, that any attempt to stop your punishment will only prolong it."
Since her master had left to get his bag, her cunt had become less excited, but upon hearing her master's threat she became hotter than ever. For some reason it felt right that she should be subservient to him.
Her master pushed her onto all fours. She heard it before she felt it, the paddle whizzed through the air and landed squarely on her ass with a loud thwack. Tears welled up, but she did not cry. As she was savagely pummeled, she bit into her skimpy thong. She sucked on it, focusing on the taste instead of the pain, but she soon noticed another feeling. It became clear that every horrible beat played out on her as was accompanied by a rise in heat in her pussy. She lost track of how many hits she had taken, concentrating on the pain that somehow brought pleasure to.
As James laid into her with all his strength, he was amazed that she could stay on all fours and did not fall. He was soon please to see her cum running down her thighs and thats when he knew: she was a slave at heart. More than anything she wanted to be dominated and punished for her wrongdoings. He had been worried when he pulled out the paddle that at the first whack she would have ran, but she didn't. And better yet, she was all his, he would do anything and everything to please him, and he fully intended to do just that. In the meantime, he figured that taking her first punishment so well deserved a special treat. He stopped paddling her, and quickly threw the paddle and it's case into the car will all their various bits of clothing.
Sasha was actually approaching an orgasm when it stopped. She almost got angry, but contained herself, knowing that her Master would do what was best. She stayed there, on all fours, waiting for her next command, instead she felt the most divine thing she could have felt, a long stiff cock entering her cunt. He quickly inserted the entire thing into her sopping wet fuckhole. She was surprised when two hands reached around and grasped her bra clad breasts. She wanted to come so badly, and just needed a little more stimulation to do so.
He slowly stood her up still in her up to the hilt. That was enough, she came. It was glorious, even better the first orgasm his dick had stimulated. As she came down from it she went limp, laying her head on his shoulder. James stood there, supporting the half comatose girl by her breasts and cunt, holding her close to him. He was slightly surprised her bra had never made it off, but that didn't matter. When she was self aware enough, he took his cock out. They walked over to the drivers seat, and, after he had sat down with his aching dick still standing at attention after all this time, he guided her down on top of it.
Finally alert enough, she was happy to once again have her Master's cock inside her. She reflected on how the Sasha of an hour ago was gone, and here in her place, was a sexual young woman, with her virginity gone. She was ready to give pleasure and take pain at the slightest hint from James. For the first time since her days as a virgin, she heard her Master speak in a calm tone, that to her sounded loving.
"Now, Sasha, how many times have you cum?"
"Twice Master."
"And who caused that feeling both times?"
"You Master"
"And how many times today have you reciprocated the favor?"
"None, my Master" Sasha replied, suddenly feeling very guilty.
"Well, here you are, with my cock inside you, waiting to squirt thick creamy cum into you."
Sasha immediately took the hint. She lifted up her leg and pivoted in his cock. For the first time she saw a glint of approval in his eyes. Further spured on she removed her bra, allowing her beautiful juggs the freedom they so desired. She quickly began fucking him, rising up and down. Before long, she was feeling the now familiar heat growing deep inside of her. She got aggressive, gabbing the clutch that forced down the back of the chair and now she really going, moving her hips as fast and far as possible for the maximum effect. She brought her lips to his and briefly kissed him for the first time that night. Then she abandoned any remaining self worth or decorum by whispering in James' ear:
"Master's little slut is going to make him cum. She is gonna bounce on top of him, and let him see her big melons jiggle every way possible."
And shy, timid Sasha did just that she rose up and sitting perpendicular to him, she fucked him hard. Just before he came, however, James lunged up, grabbed her and twisted around, determined to cum out on top. He took over the work, penetrating her deep and hard before finally filling his slave with his baby making seed. She immediately came for the third time that night. Afterwards he lay on top of her without even moving his penis.

Sasha sat in the back seat, naked behind tinted windows. James had ordered her to cup her pussy in her hand for the entire ride home so none of their cum would stain his car. For the first time that night, and maybe in the last two weeks, her thoughts were not driven by lust. She could feel his cum leaking out of her vagina onto her hand. She felt embarrassed for the first time. What if somebody had seen them!! There hadn't been any cars left when they got to the underground parking lot, but her screams certainly had been loud enough. Not to mention she had lost her virginity on the hood of a car! Sasha admonished herself for being a slut and a whore. She began to question going home with James, but she had made a promise. Not to mention that the memory of how his dick felt embedded deep within her was still fresh in her mind. They finally arrived, and she was impressed to see the car drive into the 4 car garage of a small to medium size mansion. Little did she know that neither her 17 yr old boyfriend nor his parents owned the place.
James ordered her to get out of the car and led her around to the place of her first fuck
"What a mess you have made all over my nice car!! Clean it up!" he said pointing to a mixture of dried blood and pussy juice that had escaped the confines of her dark cavern. Although she hoped he meant with soap and water, she was pretty sure he wanted her to taste her mess. So, still cupping her pussy she leaned over and began gingerly licking the car. It didn't taste bad, just strange, but what really bothered her was the unheated garage. The cold February weather was nipping at her bare exposed skin. James, also a bit cold, told her to come in when he was finished, after which he proceeded into the house. Knowing that half assing it would only bring pain later, she worked hard.
When she came inside, James, took a quick peek outside and seeing a relatively clean car, he smiled. He showed her the bathroom and warned her to come out completely clean. As Sasha was showering, James changed into a set of satin pajamas and an accompanying robe having showered himself was his slave was working on the car. As she came out of the bathroom, still completely naked he called her into the living room, where he sat in an expensive looking arm chair. He glanced at the clock, which read 11 p.m., and half considered her rewarding her good work with an early night. A glance at those perfectly formed melons changed his mind.
"Come here, my pet." Sasha walked over and sat down on his lap, obviously feeling more than a little awkward. It was then, as James held the girl in his arms that he realized he actually cared for her, which shocked him. Mistress Bellatrix had taught him to view every girl except for her as a set breasts, a cunt and an ass. He had been taught that love was a crock, but he was certainly feeling something for this girl.
Regardless of his sentiments, it was time to put the slut to work.

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