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Brigit Astar
02-18-2010, 05:25 PM
Brenda And Sandy's Story - Part 1

by Brigit Astar and Myra Simmons

"Something's bothering you, Sandy. Why don't you tell me what it is?"

Sandy Cox looked across the table in the restaurant at her friend Brenda and shrugged. "It's nothing, really. It's just...well, it's just something that happens in most marriages, I guess."

"So it has to do with you and Ken, huh? Let me guess: You've been married going on four years, and your husband has finally started roving, shall we say? he has developed roaming eyes, right?"

Sandy gave out a light chuckle at Brenda's way of speaking, but then she sighed and said almost sadly: "No, it's not that at all."

"Well, what is it then?" Brenda asked.

Sandy picked at the dish in front of her and swirled her fork around. She looked into Brenda's eyes, and then looked down at the dish. Then she gave out a heavy sigh and looked up again at Brenda.

"Okay, I might as well spill it. The fact is, my husband isn't roving or roaming around--far from it. Ken is...how shall I put it? Well, it's like this: Ever since he was elected County Executive he has been one busy man. His workday is sometimes eleven, even twelve hours a day, and he has to go on trips a lot to the capitol. It's been that way for close to a year. He is so busy, and just tired-out, you know, and he doesn't--we don't--we haven't..." Sandy halted and wagged her head.

Brenda raised her eyebrows, nodded and gave out an "Ah ha. So that's it. It comes down to sex, doesn't it? Ken's not giving you any, is he? He's been ignoring you,"

Brenda stared at her friend, taking in her aura of sadness and embarrassment, knowing she needed to unload what was bothering her. She couldn't but notice the sadness in Sandy's blue-green eyes and the slump of her shoulders.

Sandy raised her head and stared across the table at Brenda, fixing her gaze on her twinkling hazel eyes. She saw the concern and a touch of amusement in them. Her friend's concern warmed her but the amusement she saw in them also annoyed her.

"Brenda, what is so amusing about this to you?" She asked pointedly.

Brenda let her body relax and a small smile cross her face. She reached out across the table and took Sandy's right hand in both of hers.

"Sandy, you know you are my best friend in the whole world, ever since you walked into my office as my new assistant. It's just that I've seen this coming for a while now and I'm glad that you finally broached the subject. I've been where you are and know what you are feeling."

Brenda squeezed Sandy's hand in both hers, holding her that way for an extended period of time as the two women stared into each other's eyes. Their friendship had started as boss/worker but soon progressed into a true friendship. Each could read the other's moods now, but Brenda, being older and a bit more aggressive, was quicker to read Sandy's than she often realized.

When their eyes finally separated and Brenda drew her hands back, she couldn't help but notice Sandy's firm C cup breasts and the hard points of her nipples poking out from her blouse. She was surprised as she felt a touch of desire shoot through her and that special tingling between her legs that often preceded her few lesbian sexual encounters.

Sandy was inwardly surprised at the jolt that had shot through her body when Brenda squeezed her hands. The touch had sent a bolt of electricity which had flashed into her breasts causing them to grow warm and swell a little and had zipped on down through her tummy and had settled between her legs. Her cunny had warmed considerably and tingled.

She found herself looking at and studying Brenda. She was in her late twenties. Her raven hair was waist-length, and her eyes were a mix between hazel and deep brown. She was superbly built with long shapely legs, curvy hips, and a bubble butt. Sandy felt the tingling in her body grow as she scanned Brenda's body, centering on her breasts, which were clearly outlined, through her thin blouse. They were big and firm.

She mentally compared herself to Brenda. Sandy was in her mid-twenties and had long reddish-blond hair and blue-green eyes. Her mouth was wide and her lips were full and pink. Her complexion was creamy. Her breasts were big, the size of coconuts, but they tapered down to nipples which were rubbery and erect like pellets. Her legs were long, full and sleek, and her hips shapely. She was of average height and weight but her ass was big and rounded and yet firm and unthrusted.

In the four years of her marriage, Sandy had not cheated on her husband. The first three years had been okay sexually. Nothing great, but enough to keep Sandy essentially satisfied. But her husband was twelve years older than she, and in the past couple of years he had let himself go and had grown chubby and flabby. He was short and not at all athletically attractive. Sandy supposed he was rather small when it came to penis size. He had a cock that was not qute five inches long and rather thin. If one had asked Sandy if she was bi, she would have answered no, but the fact is she had had a few sexual encounters with women before her marriage.

She looked into Brenda's eyes and suddenly said: "Would it surprise you if I told you that my husband and I have not had sex in over a month?"

Brenda's eyes widened in surprise and her lips opened.

"It's true," Sandy said. "The last time we did it was about five weeks ago. And in the past year, it has slacked off considerably."

"You haven't had sex in over a month?" Brenda asked.

"No," Sandy replied.

"My god, how have you managed it? I'd simply die without sex--of some kind."

Sandy shrugged, and she suddenly felt bold enough to be open and to confide in Brenda.

"For one thing, I touch and rub myself a lot."

"So do I," Brenda said, "but we both know that's not enough. Have you been with anyone else?"

"No. I've never cheated on my husband."

"Maybe you should start."

Sandy looked in bemusement at Brenda. She wasn't sure if her best friend was being serious.

"Tell me, did you ever cheat on your husband?"

"Sure," Brenda replied openly. "I cheated on him a lot--and he cheated on me. But that wasn't the cause of our separation."

"Why did you cheat on him?"

"That's a complicated question," Brenda replied. "It wasn't merely because he wasn't satisfying me. There are a number of other factors that come into play."

"Such as?"

Brenda chuckled. "Do you have twenty-four hours? I could perhaps explain it in that time."

Brenda's mind flashed through her sexual past life, remembering all the various lovers she'd experienced and the many forms of sex in which she'd participated. Her body shivered as the images of the sex ring she'd participated in wavered in her mind. To be in a ring of naked bodies, each penetrating the one in front, all moving and thrusting together, was one of the hottest experiences she'd ever had. She could still feel the stretching of her ass from the hard thick cock pushed into her as she buried her strap-on into the butt of the one in front of her.

Just as quickly as they had flashed into her mind, the images faded, and Brenda looked again into Sandy's eyes.

"Are you okay, Brenda?" Sandy asked in concern. "You were trembling and your eyes went vacant."

Brenda smiled and looked down, her face suffusing with a rising red blush. She also felt her nipples growing painfully tight as a result of her sexual arousal.

"I'm fine, Sandy. It's just that your question made me remember some of my better sexual experiences."

"Well," Sandy replied, staring at her friend's face and her pointy nipples, "they must have been really hot memories."

"Yes, they are. Someday I might share some of them with you."

"I hope so," Sandy chuckled. "If they get you that hot I'd love to hear them, and, maybe someday, share in them."

Brenda felt a huge jolt of sexual arousal and need shoot through her body at Sandy's words. Was she giving her a hint that she'd like to be her sexual partner as well as friend? She'd had sex with women, but never one she considered a friend. It had never occurred to her to act on her sexual desires with a friend. Along with lust and need, another feeling began to rise within her: anticipation. she didn't realize that her smile was showing that anticipation as she stared into Sandy's eyes.

Sandy saw the change in Brenda's expression at her words. Brenda's look of anticipation and desire as she stared at her, startled Sandy at first, until she felt her own suppressed desire begin to rise within her body. She felt her nipples extending and tightening and a hot flush rising up her body and neck and over her face.

Brenda looked over at the waiter and saw his unhappy, nervous stance. Realizing that they had finished their meal and other diners were waiting for seating, she signaled him for the check. After he hurried over handing the check to her, she gave it back to him with her credit card. As he went to process the check, Brenda took Sandy's hand in hers again.

"Let's get out of here and go sit in my van. We can finish our conversation there."

"Okay," Sandy replied, her breathing shallow and rapid at the thought of what might be happening.

Check paid, the two horny women stood and walked out of the restaurant, both radiating sensuality as they swayed out of the establishment. Neither realized that all the male eyes in the facility followed them, glued to the sight of their two shapely asses swaying and jiggling with each step.

When they reached the parking lot, Brenda led Sandy to her late model minivan parked toward the rear of the lot. She clicked on the automatic control on her key and unlocked the van. When they entered the van Brenda put the key on the dashboard and turned to Sandy and looked at her, anticipation and desire still filling her and showing on her face. She saw her longing reflected in Sandy's expression.

Sandy was nervous as well as excited as she entered the van. She saw that all the seats in the back were down and she wondered if it was because Brenda had been making deliveries or having sex in the back. Knowing her friend's business and proclivities, she guessed it was probably both.

When Brenda had gotten into the van and looked at her, Sandy knew that she was going to be Brenda's newest sex-van partner. She felt elation mingled with desire burst inside her, and then embarrassment as her vaginal fluid flowed forth soaking her panties.

Brenda drew in a deep breath, smelling and experiencing Sandy's secretion. Her own body responded, causing her vaginal fluid to flow as well. She leaned over and took Sandy's hands in her own and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Now, Sandy, tell me everything about what's been going on. Don't leave out any details."

She leaned closer to Sandy and kissed her on the forehead, letting her lips linger longer than natural in a friendly kiss. The tense feel of Sandy's body and the moaning sigh she emitted told Brenda that Sandy felt the same arousal and closeness that she was experiencing. As she leaned back she locked eyes with Sandy, and saw the trepidation and desire in them. She saw Sandy's face relax as the flush intensified and knew she'd decided to confide in her long-time friend and soon-to-be lover about the past year. Brenda held her friend's hands in a confident, loving embrace as she started her tale.

"Well, as I said, for about a year now, my husband's been super busy, and our sex life has steadily deteriorated. He's also let himself go physically--he's become absolutely flabby. You know he was never the athletic type, and I suppose that compared to other men, he probably would be considered lacking in some aspects. He's short and --uh--small too. The first three years of our marriage, we had sex kind of regularly, I guess you could say, but within the past year, it has really slacked off and he just doesn't seem to be interested. It wasn't a sudden thing--it's just something that's happened gradually over the past year. As I said, the last time we had sex was last month. And the way I've coped with it is I've told you, I touch and rub myself a lot. I find myself thinking about it a lot, and it seems I get horny so much, and stay that way. I get so horny I can't stand it--wanting it, needing it..."

Brenda stared at her troubled friend as her voice trailed off. She couldn't help but notice the way Sandy's hand had risen to her own breast and was stroking the underside of it. If nothing else, that act told Brenda just how sexually needy Sandy had become. She was surprised at how aroused she was becoming at the sight of her friend's gentle stroking of her own breast.

"Sandy, when you and Ken do have sex, does it satisfy your needs?"

Sandy looked into Brenda's eyes, a thoughtful expression on her face as she thought back.

"No, it doesn't. In fact, it leaves me so frustrated that I'm in even greater need when he's done. As I've said, he's rather small, and he doesn't last very long either. And masturbation isn't taking care of it much anymore either."

Brenda felt her heart reaching out to her friend, a desire to fulfill her needs overwhelming her. She felt as if she needed to wrap her up and make all her hurt go away. Acting on it, she leaned toward Sandy and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her into her arms. She felt Sandy's initial hesitation and then surrender to her gesture. Brenda was shocked at the extreme sexual jolt that shot through her body as her breasts pressed against Sandy's and rubbed against them. She hugged Sandy tightly to her, feeling Sandy's arms slide up and rest lightly on her back.

"You don't deserve to be ignored like that," she whispered in her friend's ear. "Ken doesn't know what a treasure he has in you."

Sandy sighed against Brenda's shoulder, letting her pent-uo emotions burst out in the form of tears. She was grateful for the way Brenda held her tightly as her tears flowed, soaking into the collar of Brenda's blouse.

"It's just so frustrating!" Sandy declared when she was able to speak. "I loved Ken and have stood by him since we were married, doing everything I could for him and our relationship. It's as if he takes me for granted and I've become one of the fixtures of the house. He never acknowledges anything I try to do, never responds to my attempts to excite him, and doesn't even notice when I make him one of his favorite meals. Sometimes I get the impression he'd just as soon stay at work instead of coming home."

Brenda held Sandy tightly and let her vent. She ran her hand over Sandy's head and began to gently caress her, running her fingers through her hair. Sandy finally began to recover control and pushed back lightly, letting Brenda know it was time to break the embrace.

Instead Brenda continued to hold her but lightened the grasp she had on Sandy's body. When their breasts finally separated, Sandy looked up and with tears still filling her eyes smiled at her friend. Brenda felt an overpowering jolt of compassion mixed with desire shoot through her and burst between her heated swollen breasts. Without thinking she leaned in again and pressed her hot throbbing lips to Sandy's tremulous ones. As soon as their lips touched, both women felt the surge of their mutual desire and attraction and clutched at each other's bodies. When Brenda slid her tongue between Sandy's warm lips she moaned and opened her mouth to the invasion. As their tongues danced, both women let the emotions of the moment sweep over them and carry them away on a wave of sexual desire

Brenda was losing control of her emotions; her past lesbian experiences coming into play. She brought her hand down Sandy's back and slid it under the hem of her blouse, pulling it out of her slacks. She ran her hand up her friend's back, the touch of her naked flesh arousing her to a state of wild abandon. She reached Sandy's bra strap and easily unfastened it, feeling it spring away. She then let her hand slide around Sandy's body, under her arm, and then over the mass of her young firm breast. Sandy's moan and the way she arched to press her breast into Brenda's fondling hand let her know that her actions were accepted. Brenda's lust exploded within her and nothing was going to prevent her from loving the body of this beautiful young woman in her arms!

Brenda slid her hand up and curled it around a breast, running it over the smooth round heaving mound. Sandy breathed out warmly and squirmed her body around. Brenda briskly stroked her breasts, palming and rubbing the heated swollen mounds.

Sandy was panting now, and the feeling of Brenda's hands rubbing her titties made her move her body around in little circles.

Brenda raked her blouse up and slid her mouth down on Sandy's breasts. She kissed the hot throbbing tits and licked them.

Sandy grasped Brenda's head and thrust her titties onto her licking sucking mouth. She was on fire; red-hot shafts jabbed through her breasts, down through her tummy, down to her pussy, and back up to her tits.

Brenda sucked voraciously on the coconut-sized breasts, flicking her tongue on the rubbery erect nipples and sucking the nubs with her lips.

She unsnapped Sandy's slacks and ran a hand down between her legs and began rubbing her pussy.

"Oh god, ah!" Sandy gasped, spreading her legs and thrusting up, pressing her cunny upon Brenda's hand.

"You want this as much as I do," Brenda panted. "Let's get in the back where we can stretch out and really love each other's bodies."

She didn't give Sandy time to answer; she simply broke free and clambered into the rear of the padded van, pulling Sandy back with her.

She clutched at Sandy pulling her down, sliding her slacks off and unsnapping her own and pulling them off. She quickly slid her panties down and off and did the same to Sandy, raked their blouses and bras up, and slid atop Sandy and began moving her body back and forth and around, brushing and pressing her breasts upon Sandy's and stroking her flanks.

Sandy wrapped her arms around Brenda and began moving her body, matching Brenda's movements.

The two women panted and gasped at the feeling of their bodies rubbing upon each other. They moved and squirmed and entwined their arms and legs as they rubbed together.

Brenda slid down, running and sliding her tongue down to Sandy's navel, on down to between her thighs. Sandy spread her legs and drew them back. Her pussy-slit was surrounded by light sandy frizzy hair. Brenda grasped her hips and sank her face down on her vulva. She brushed her lips up and down the slit and blew hotly on it. Sandy groaned and clasped the back of her head.

Brenda slid her tongue into the peachy pussy.

"Ooh ah," Sandy crooned and moved her pelvis up.

Brenda swirled and flicked and jammed her tongue in Sandy's hot moist cunt. It tasted so good--like musky cinnamon.

"Oh ah, umm," Sandy breathed out, and began rotating her vulva, pressing it upon Brenda's mouth.

Brenda slid her mouth up and down and around the clit, licking the bud, and then sucking it with her lips.

"Oh god--lick me, suck me!" Sandy gasped and mashed her pussy upon Brenda's face and clutched her head.

Without missing a lick, Brenda moved her body, scooting it around, spreading her legs, and straddling Sandy's head. She then lowered herself down on her face.

When Brenda felt the tip of Sandy's tongue touch her slit and slide in, a shaft of wet fire stabbed up her cunt, all the way to her breasts.

Sandy jabbed her tongue in and out of Brenda's pussy, running it back and forth over her clit, sending hot stinging barbs shooting up her channel.

The two beautiful young women thrashed and writhed as they tongue-fucked each other, sending each other over the edge--up to the peak of climax, of rapture, of orgasmic paradise.

Brigit Astar
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Part 2 will be posted probably Monday

02-20-2010, 11:35 AM
Refreshing, to get away from Incest, Beast, Cuckhold, Swapping stories......;o)

Looking forward for the next episode....

02-20-2010, 02:55 PM
It certainly got a rise out of me!

Brigit Astar
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Well, igor, I'm afraid that this story contains two of the elements you mentioned.

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i really enjoyed this one Looking forward to reading part 2 ty :)

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Part 2 will be posted today

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Really good well written and imaginative story. shows excellent promise and i too eagerly await part two.

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Look for Part 5 to be posted on Monday

Brigit Astar
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Part 6--and the final part of the story--will be posted on Friday

Brigit Astar
03-17-2010, 02:29 AM
Myra and I want to thank everyone who read our story and got off on it. If we can find and/or discover another subject we are both interested in collaborating on, rest assured we will collaborate in the future. We rubbed, licked, sucked and fucked each other the whole time we were collaborating on ths story. Myra has a sweet pussy, ass and titties that I love to lick and suck--and I love to tongue-fuck her ass too