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Chapter 05.
Next morning at 6 am; I slipped from her spooning cuddle while Pauline slept and crossed the hallway to where Jenny and Sammy were still bound together and using a feather boa; I lightly tickled each woman’s breasts with humorous effects; for as Sammy twitched under the annoyance of the lightest of touches she would try to move her arms and this caused a rubbing on Jenny’s cunt.
Similarly when I tickled Jenny’s tits she too tried to bring her hands up to cover them causing a similar effect upon Sammy; then I positioned my cock at the entrance to Jenny’s mouth and she seemed to smell its presence and immediately opened her mouth allowing me to slip my semi hard cock into her wanton mouth. I fucked her mouth slowly and as I did so I noticed both women were now fully awake. I spoke to Sammy telling her that as of twelve noon she would no longer be the lowest of bitches as it would be Pauline’s turn.
However that did mean that from that time till ten am tomorrow that Jenny would be queen bitch; and her words would have to be obeyed as if my own. I told her to be a good little fuck slut and she would not be punished and warned against taking revenge against Pauline for anything she had done as I would not tolerate that in any way. Sammy promised to be a good whore and cock loving slut; all the time an eager to please Jenny was sucking away on my rapidly hardening cock; accompanied by my occasional comments about her being a champion cock sucking whore and well worthy of being queen slut for the day.
Just then a bleary eyed Pauline entered the room and demanded to know why Jenny was doing her job of taking care of her master; I immediately turned and slapped her firmly but gently across the face; telling her that as of yet she was not my sub-slave only one of three possible. I reminded her that as I was master to all three bitches I made the decisions not her; she immediately apologised saying she had forgotten her place in things and was most sorry.
I leaned over to her and whispered so the other two could not hear; she immediately nodded and left the room; returning some ten minutes later she was wearing a strap on dildo and immediately took her place at Sammy’s mouth. Now in unison Pauline and I fucked Sammy’s and Jenny’s mouth respectively whilst hurling abuse at the other’s bitch for her sucking talents. I told Sammy that she sucked like eating a lemon and if she was sucking me I would be spanking her arse so hard she would be jolted against my cock with each slap. Pauline told Jenny that her technique for cock sucking was about as useful as trying to suck lumpy porridge through a straw and that she was a fucking worthless whore not even fit to work the streets.
At a signal from me we changed places and I slipped my cock into Sammy’s mouth and now we both praised the bitch whom had just finished sucking us; Pauline began Sammy compared to this slut you would win a world medal for cock sucking and I bet you would enjoy the fruits of such labours. I retaliated with; Pauline is wrong for there is no tenderness in this fucking slut’s actions; no finesse or anticipation in fact I may as well be fucking a rubber doll.
Once more on my signal; we changed places and I slipped my cock into the overheated cunt of Jenny whilst the rubber dildo pounded Sammy’s cunt. I could feel my tension rising announcing the impending arrival of my cum busting load; but both Jenny and Sammy beat my orgasm by literally milliseconds and I pulled out and sprayed copious amounts of spunk over the two still writhing whores. I then surprised Pauline by telling her to lick off the spunk and then untie the two women; before announcing that they were to use the same dildo and one other vibrator to double fuck Pauline as her punishment for her lapse earlier; they were to fuck her to seven orgasms and then take her down to the shower room and all three had to take a ice cold shower; before preparing me a full English breakfast.
I left them to it but warned them I would know if they skimped on any of Pauline’s orgasms; and I would not look kindly on that at all. I stood by the door watching for a further five minutes as Pauline like the cat that got the cream lapped up my spunk from the slut’s bodies; by the time I left she had just about cleaned them off and was now beginning to untie them.
Returning to my bedroom; I picked up a tracksuit, underwear and headed downstairs to the shower room where I took a slow leisurely hot shower; I could hear the women upstairs as they began to work on Pauline; Seems that Pauline had a fondness for being spanked because between gasps and shouts I could hear her begging someone to slap her harder. I finished my shower and headed up stairs; standing in the door way I watched as Sammy was fucking Pauline’s mouth with the strap on cock and Jenny was fucking Pauline’s cunt with an almost offensive looking truncheon; it was about eighteen inches long and about three and a half inched thick but it had almost grotesque knobbly bits on all sides which must have been like fucking a thorn bush; But Pauline obviously loved it for she was gasping between the thrusts of Sammy for Jenny to give it to her harder; every so often Sammy or Jenny would slap Pauline’s tits hard and it was clear they had been doing so for a short while for her tits looked angry and red.
Jenny looked up and saw me standing there; she smiled as she pointed out that they had questioned Pauline about being fucked and she said she loved pain and she had told them about this toy in her bag; with that she pulled the truncheon out in one rapid movement and said, “She also loves this rammed up her arse; like this!” and promptly did just that forcing it hard up Pauline’s arse just as Sammy thrust forward with the dildo and at the same time Sammy slapped down hard on Pauline’s left tit.
Sammy then spoke, “This bitch is a tough bird; we have managed to make her cum three times but now she seems resistant to cumming again so we have had to punish her even more; seems the whore likes her nipples twisted tight and as Jenny will now demonstrate, she has a thing about her clit being pulled!” Instantly Jenny slid her hand into the cunt area of Pauline and locating her clit between forefinger and thumb she pulled on it sharply stretching it almost an inch and a half before it slipped from her grasp; Pauline screamed around the rubber cock thrust into her mouth and her tummy muscles rippled as did her thigh muscles as a powerful orgasm hit her for the fourth time that morning.
I disappeared only to return five minutes later with a couple of items; first one was a locking nipple clamp set which I leaned over and examined Pauline’s clit before snapping one of the clamps in place and sliding down the locking bar on it; instantly the clamp bit home and Pauline thrust her hips clean off the bed in delightful painful surprise; the other item I had brought with me was a inflatable butt plug which I thrust hard and fast into her cunt and began pumping the ball valve causing the balloon inside the butt plug to inflate. I knew this would apply pressure to the cunt walls pressing the membrane between her cunt and ass tighter on to the fuck stick now rammed in her arse; the more pressure the tighter her arse would feel and the more friction on the fuck stick. Added to this now with a virtual lead on her clit which would allow it to be pulled every which way but loose; she would be in absolute hell although to hear her grunts of passion you would swear she was in subliminal heaven.
I stood back and watched as Pauline rode through another three orgasms and by the time they had finished; she was bathed in sweat. They withdrew the rubber cock and fuck stick from her mouth and arse respectively and was about to release the pressure on the inflatable butt plug still inside her cunt when I stopped them; “I put that in place and only I will remove it; same goes with the clamp attached to her clit!” I declared.
“Now go shower her and yourselves too, but remember it will be an icy cold shower or face the consequences!” I admonished.
An almost unable to stand Pauline staggered from the bedroom with the help of Jenny and Sammy; heading downstairs and into the shower room. Once inside the shower room I entered and taking hold of the chain attached to the clamp still attached to her clit I asked Pauline, “Did the queen bitch love her work out and more importantly have you had enough?”
“Oh Master it was delightful but I am always ready for more if only you would be so gracious as to allow me time to recover a little first!” she answered shakily.
“Oh no my fine young whore, If I wanted you to fuck thirty men in a night you would have no time to recover so it would have to be onward and ever upward!” I retorted and with that gave a sharp but firm tug on the chain; poor Pauline was caught unawares and nearly fell forward but her thigh muscles rippled so I knew she was close to another orgasm. Pauline asked if she could ask a favour; I replied she could ask but I may not grant it; so she asked “May I remove the butt plug from my cunt whilst I take a pee?”
“Definitely not, but you may take a piss standing over the toilet there while Sammy and Jenny hold your cunt lips open, whilst I watch of course!” I replied.
Pauline staggered over to the toilet in the corner and stood legs either side of the bowl; Jenny moved to her right side and knelt sliding her hand inside her thigh from behind and pinning her cunt lips to her thigh muscle; Sammy moved to try to get in on her left side but there was no room so she was more or less in front of Pauline; she too slide her hand between Pauline’s thighs and pinned her left cunt lip to her left thigh; I stepped forward and took hold of the clamp chain and lifted it out of the way without pulling on her clit. I then ordered Pauline, “Come on bitch, fucking piss, I have not got all day you know!”
Pauline thrust and pressed her stomach muscles to milk her bladder to expel its contents and after much straining a small trickle of yellow piss began to flow; the flow increased to a river and then a torrent; but because of all the pressure applied by the inflated butt plug; the piss went everywhere and most of it seemed to find Sammy; who was covered in the stuff. As Pauline pissed I gave a sharp tug on the clamp chain and she suddenly went onto tip toes spraying her piss almost up the wall opposite but it did shower Sammy from head to toe.
AS the flow began to recede and finally stop; I told all three women that from now whichever one became my fuck slut would have no privacy for things like toiletry needs; as my slave they give up any privacy at any time.
I then left the three of them to shower having firstly removed the butt plug and finally released the now swollen clit. Twenty five minutes later the three women came into the living room naked and I told them I had put out their uniforms for the day upstairs; they were to wear only what was put out and as all three was roughly the same they should be no jealousy or favouritism shown.
Ten minutes later; the three dressed women presented themselves to me; before going off to make a late breakfast; they all wore short skirts and blouses with absolutely no under wear. The skirts were adjusted to end in line with the edge of their cunt lips so they were presentable whilst standing up straight but would flash their charms if they had cause to bend or stretch.
Half an hour later we all sat down in the kitchen to a full English breakfast whilst I informed them of the rest of the day’s activities.

02-22-2010, 04:12 AM
I love how this story keeps the tension between the three subs. It is great how the game keeps changing but the rules stay the same. Another great story

02-22-2010, 03:02 PM
Many thanks for the kind words; but if you were choosing between three similar women you would expect them to compete evenly and fairly; would you not?

02-23-2010, 03:43 AM
I would hope for evenly and fairly. I would expect someone to try to gain an edge