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Brenda and Sandy's Story - Part 2

by Myra Simmons and Brigit Astar

The next day at work Brenda was surprised to see Sandy arrive in a cab.

"What's with the taxi?" Brenda asked Sandy when she entered the office.

"Oh, it's car trouble," Sandy replied. "This morning, the car wouldn't start, and it made a grinding sound. So something's wrong with it. I had to end up calling a cab. Ken took the other car on the trip."

"The trip?" Brenda asked.

"Yes, he's making one of his trips to the capitol. He'll be gone for a couple of days. So till then, I'm stuck. I need to have the car checked out and fixed, or else I'm going to have one heck of a cab bill."

"Well, we can get that worked out," Brenda said. "I'll call someone and have them go check the car out and see exactly what's wrong with it, and if it needs to be towed in or whatever. I know a mechanic or two. Till then, you don't have to worry about a cab bill. I can take you wherever you need to go."

"But that would be way too much trouble for you," Sandy said.

"No, it wouldn't. No trouble at all. You say that Ken will be gone for a couple of days. You don't want to stay in your house for two days and nights without transportation, so I suggest that you stay with me--at my house."

Sandy looked into Brenda's eyes, and it was as if both women read each other's minds. Sandy smiled and said, "I suppose that would be best."

"Yes, it would," Brenda replied.

After work for the day, the two women walked to Brenda's minivan, entered it and sped off to Brenda's house.

As they entered the house, Sandy heard barking coming from what seemed to be underneath the floor.

Brenda chuckled. "Nothing to worry about. "It's just Spike and Bruno."

"Spike and Bruno?"

"Yes, my two guardians, you might say." Brenda walked to a door, opened it and looked down. "Yo--Spike, Bruno--yea--it's me."

Sandy heard a yipping mingled with barking. She walked to the door where Brenda stood. She saw it led down to a basement.

"I'm going to have to water and feed them," Brenda said. "It'll take just a minute." She walked down the basement steps. Sandy saw two dogs roaming around in the basement. One was a black mastiff and the other a brown boxer. Both were male. They were huge dogs, husky and tall.

A few minutes later Brenda came back up the basement steps. "That's their domain," she said, "the basement. I gave it over completely to them. It's got all the furnishings they need."

Brenda smiled as she looked at Sandy, noticing the flush of her cheeks and her increased breathing. She looked at Sandy's body and saw her hardening nipples beginning to poke out from her bra and blouse.

"Sandy, what's getting you hot? You're flushed and your nipples are starting to poke holes in your blouse."

Sandy turned beet-red and looked down. Brenda saw her eyes slip furtively toward the closed basement door and then back quickly. Sandy finally looked up, her eyes making contact with Brenda's.

"I don't know, Bren. It's just that when I saw those two big dogs running around, I got sexually excited and started getting wet. I don't know why," Sandy blurted out, desperation and embarrassment in her voice.

Brenda smiled at her, showing Sandy she wasn't shocked.

"When was the last time you got laid, Sandy?"

"You know it was yesterday with you," Sandy replied.

Brenda laughed. "No, no. I mean when was the last time you had a cock shoved up your pussy or ass?"

Sandy looked quizzically at her. "I told you, the last time Ken fucked me was over a month ago. And that wasn't very fulfilling."

Brenda looked at Sandy, genuine caring and friendship showing on her face. She leaned in and wrapped her arms around Sandy's quivering body and pulled her tightly against herself. When she felt Sandy's breasts against hers, she couldn't help but wriggle a bit to rub them with her own.

"Sandy. it's okay that the sight of the dogs excite you. I know you've seen dogs fucking, hell, we've stood a couple of times and watched them do it in the park. You are totally sex starved. It's no wonder that you get excited at the thought of anything male mounting you and fucking you senseless. I have to let you in on a little secret, as well. Many times, when I'm really horny, I've thought about stripping when I'm down there with them and letting them lick my pussy as they always try. I've even thought about getting on my hands and knees and letting them mount me to see what it would be like. They both have long meaty cocks. I've seen them."

Sandy stared at Brenda, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. She felt the raging heat of sexual excitement rushing up from her pussy to her head. She stood there as her thoughts began to spin with the pressure of the desire bursting inside her.
"Really?" she finally blurted out with a gasp. "You've actually thought of having sex with your dogs?"

"Yes, I have," Brenda replied to her shocked friend, watching to see her response.

Sandy didn't know what to think about that admission. What she knew was how hot it made her feel. Her sexual desire was taking control of her like it hadn't in a year. All her pent-up desire and need were beginning to burst out of her. The idea of being dog-mounted suddenly didn't seem like such a horrible perverted idea, but it still repulsed her to an extent.

Brenda saw the mixture of emotions crossing Sandy's face and realized that she was both excited and repulsed. She moved back in to her long-time friend and brand new lover and wrapped her arms around her. As she held Sandy tightly against her, Brenda turned her face toward her neck and kissed the flesh exposed through the reddish-blonde hair. As she heard Sandy moan, she felt her head tilt back, exposing her entire neck to Brenda's kisses. She began running her tongue up and down the naked flesh, feeling the goose bumps growing and the shivers coursing through the body in her arms.

Breaking the kiss, she moved back and fixed her eyes on Sandy's as they came back into focus.

"Let's go to my bedroom. I can't wait any longer to undress you and make love to your entire body. I have a surprise for you as well. I'm going to fuck you like a man."

Sandy looked at her with curiosity and confusion on her face. She knew Brenda was all woman. After all, she'd spent a good deal of time the previous evening eating her pussy.

Brenda chuckled. "I have a collection of sex toys that I use on myself and my girl partners. Among them is a set of strap-on dildos. I'm going to put one on and fuck you with it when you're ready."

Brenda's voice became low and sultry as she finished. She moved in close to Sandy and placed her hand flat on her tummy and then slid it down inside the waistband of her slacks. She loved Sandy's response as her fingers slid over her heated moist cunny. As her fingers slid between Sandy's spreading pussy lips and up into her ready opening, both women sighed in pleasure and anticipation.

Brenda turned and tugged on Sandy's pussy, forcing her to walk behind her toward the bedroom and the sexual experiences they both wanted and needed. Even as she walked forward, Brenda felt her own vaginal fluid saturating her panties.

When they reached the bedroom, Brenda turned to Sandy and jammed her fingers into her wet pussy. "Strip, Sandy," she said suddenly. "We're both going to be naked for this. I'm going to give you the fucking you want and need."

With Brenda's fingers wriggling in her quivering pussy, Sandy quickly complied, stripping off her clothes.

Suddenly pulling her fingers out of Sandy's pussy, Brenda ordered, "Now, get on the bed."

Sandy was surprised at Brenda's abrupt ordering tone, but she complied, and got on the bed.

As she watched her friend nervously climb onto the bed, Brenda slid her dripping fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean of the musky fluid coating them. She felt her own desire building to an uncontrollable level as she drank in the sexual flavor and scent of her closest friend. Fingers clean, she quickly stripped out of her clothes and stood naked with them spread around the room's floor.

With her own sexual fluid seeping from her cunny, she walked to a dresser, pulled open a drawer and picked something out. Sandy stared wide-eyed as she saw what Brenda had selected. It was a harness with a strap-on dildo with two poles jutting out from it. The larger jutted out from the harness and was made of stiff but flexible rubber, eight inches long, and thick. It was in the shape of an erect penis. The smaller was about six inches long and thick and jutted into the harness. As Brenda placed her right foot into the harness, Sandy stared, not quite sure how to react, but she knew one thing for sure: she was going to be fucked. She began gasping, almost panting; her heart thudded; her breasts had swollen and were throbbing, the nipples rubbery and erect. She felt hot juice churning in the core of her cunt.

Brenda placed her left foot into the harness and drew it up her firm shapely legs. She reached between her legs and grasped the six-inch cock, adjusting it into a position where it slid up into her wet puffy pussy. She couldn't help but let out a moan as the full length and girth entered her, stretching her cunny open. Anxious to mount Sandy, she quickly fastened the straps and stood up, turning toward the bed, the eight-inch rubber phallus jutting out in front of her, bobbing around with her motions.

Sandy ran a hand onto one of her breasts and rubbed it as she slid a hand between her legs and stroked her pussy. She licked her lips and panted as she looked at the stiff thick eight-inch rubber prick. She knew she was going to be fucked but good now.

"We need a little lubrication for this," Brenda said. She reached into the drawer and pulled out a small jar, uncapped it, and dabbed her fingers into it, and then she rubbed the rubber dick up and down, spreading the lube all over it.

"Now, Sandy, I'm going to give you the fucking of your life," Brenda said as she climbed onto the bed beside her.

Brenda was so hot and ready she wasn't interested in any preliminaries; and looking at Sandy she saw that she was yearning to be screwed without foreplay. She spread Sandy's legs and knelt between them, moving up until the stiff rubber prick was touching her throbbing swollen cunny. Grabbing the prick in her hand, Brenda slid the tip up and down Sandy's sopping wet slit and then pushed forward, letting the entire length slide through her fluid.

With the dildo dripping with Sandy's juice, Brenda drew back and angled the tip against the slit opening, and then pushed forward, slowly but relentlessly, watching as the rubber dick disappeared into the willingly opening pussy. When their groins came together, Brenda moaned and wriggled her hips, moving the dildos in both their pussies.

Sandy groaned and thrust her rump up to give Brenda full access to her cunt. She clutched at Brenda's shoulders and wrapped her arms and legs around her.

Brenda lowered her body on top of Sandy until she felt their breasts squash together. She loved the feel of her rigid nipples pressed against her friend's, feeling their stone-hard texture. She relaxed and let her weight fall onto Sandy's body, every part of her front pressed against her lover. She lowered her head to Sandy's shoulder and kissed the side of her neck, placing her hands flat on the bed on each side of Sandy, taking some of the weight off her.

Sandy was on fire. The feeling of Brenda's big thick titties pressing and mashing upon hers and the rubbery erect nipples scraping her own, and most of all the feel of the stiff thick prick moving in her pussy was driving her wild with lust.

Brenda raised her hips and drew the dildo out until just the tip was inside the pussy. She then thrust down, driving its full length into Sandy's womb.

As Brenda stuffed the thick rubber dick up her cunny, Sandy heaved her body up and cried out: "Oh god, yes! All the way, every inch!"

Sandy's response and the feel of the cock in her own cunt caused Brenda to repeat the act. She began a steady thrusting motion into Sandy's pussy, lost in the feel of the prick in her own cunt and the sensations coursing through every fiber of her body from every touch of Sandy's hot flesh.

"Oh, ah, you're fucking me now!" Sandy cried. "Oh god--you're filling me up. This is what I've wanted and needed for so long--a stiff thick prick deep in my pussy!"

Brenda felt her own orgasm approaching. She had no intention of having just one. Her pace picked up and she began pumping the cock into Sandy over and over, driving it in as deeply as she could with each thrust. She wanted to split Sandy's pussy wide open so her body would fall into her womb. She began to understand once again the driving force behind the powerful fucking she'd often gotten from her male lovers. She didn't care that she was probably bruising her friend's inner thighs with every slam of her aroused body into her.

Sandy didn't care either. She was caught up completely in the delicious strong full fucking she was getting. She hunched and thrust her cunt back and forth as Brenda humped the dick in her. "Fuck, darling, fuck!" she cried out. "Screw it deep, pump it home!"

Brenda gasped and moaned as her first orgasm ripped through her body. Her hips hammered hard short strokes against Sandy as her body quivered and shook. She heard screaming and suddenly realized it was coming from her own mouth. She buried her face in Sandy's neck as her climax reached its peak, biting on her neck to muffle her screams and moans. When the orgasm passed, she returned to pulverizing her lover's pussy, feeling the way that Sandy's cunt grasped and squeezed at the cock. Her lust renewed, she began to ravish Sandy's pussy relentlessly.

Sandy felt the juice churning in the core of her cunt. It kept building up, swirling and churning, till it erupted, up her channel. "Oh darling, I'm cuming!" she gasped. She hunched and bucked and thrashed as the juice gushed up her pussy. "Oh god, hot fucking cum deep in my pussy!" she cried.

Orgasm after orgasm wracked their bodies, but Brenda refused to stop. She loved the feel of the cock in her cunt, longed for more and stronger orgasms, determined to find total fulfillment in fucking Sandy. She also knew her friend had a long pent-up need to be fucked and wanted to be totally exhausted and fulfilled. When she suddenly felt Sandy's arms and legs draw up around her and clutch her tightly, Brenda knew that she was close to finished. She relaxed with the cock buried in her lover's pussy as the body underneath her jerked and writhed totally out of control. But she gasped in pain and surprise when she felt Sandy's mouth on her neck and her teeth sinking into her flesh. As the pain of the bite registered, it sent bolts of pleasure ripping through her body, making her lose control as a massive orgasm took over her body and spirit. A massive white light exploded in her head, shattering her totally, making her expand outward rapidly until everything faded into darkness....

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