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Chapter 06.

After a pleasant lunch; Master Ray and the three subs, headed off to the local park; where there was a large boating lake. The Park was a short twenty minute walk from his home; as they walked Master Ray told the women what he expected. “We are going to go boating this afternoon; you will all flash your hot wet cunts to the staff at the boating lake as you get in the boat; later when we finish and are getting out you will try to get the guy to help you out of the boat and to try to get him to touch your cunt without actually asking him to do so!” he demanded.

He had told them this in plenty of time to give them a chance to think how they were going to make it happen; they had the twenty minute walk and the hour of boating to decide how to make it happen. Master Ray also knew that planning their strategies would be sure to make their cunts hotter and wetter than if he sprang it on them at the last minute.

As they walked Ray was pleased with the reactions of other people passing them in the street; of course there were some scowls from frumpy women who probably wished they had the nerve to dress like Pauline, Jenny and Sammy; but never dared. Several men nearly had accidents as the women flashed their charms as they walked; one poor guy even collided with a street lamp post as he was so taken with the view he had witnessed.

Upon reaching the park the four of them; made their way to the boating lake and luckily despite it being a really warm sunny day; there were no queues for the boats. So they stepped straight up to the entrance and Ray paid for the hour’s boating and all four moved; with some attention I may add; towards a dinghy, He told Sammy to get in first and she made a perfect spectacle of her cunt as she stepped gingerly into the boat taking a much larger stride than was truly necessary. The guy assisting them to their boat got a great look at her open cunt lips; shiny with cunt juice. He almost fell in the water as he gawked in her direction; Master Ray then climbed in and sat in the rowing position. Pauline next took the guys arm and making a classic show of struggling to get safely into the boat almost had the guys head in her lap as she seemed to pull him down on to her; again he got a great look at a second hot juicy cunt, this time at very close range. Finally Jenny took his arm and she deliberately hitched her skirt up a little as if to make it less restrictive and he once more was staring at a third shaved wet cunt.

He almost reluctantly pushed them away from shore and seemed to hurry off to the office cabin; at the door to this he stopped obviously said something to someone inside who instantly popped his head out of the door and stared in the boats direction. Master Ray stroked the oars pulling firmly away from the shore and headed off to go around the boating lakes island. On the far side of the island he ordered the women to soak their blouses at the front as if splashed by the oars and he sat looking at three pairs of clearly visible tits. For almost an hour they rowed around the lake and every time their blouses dried out they had to wet them again; so they were still soaked and semi transparent as they came in to land.

Now in reverse order they women began to exit the boat; firstly Jenny who reached out to grab one of the three men’s arms awaiting their landing. It seems the guys were keen to assist in our landing having been told that the three women were all knickerless; As she grabbed him mid forearm; she clumsily pulled his arm towards her cunt and his hand actually touched her upper thigh very close to her cunt; she never tried to pull his hand away and I saw the guy sneak a crafty feel of her hot wet cunt. Stepping from the boat she managed to keep his hand pressed between her legs until his mate stepped forward to help Pauline out of the boat.
This time the guy needed no assistance in reaching forward to feel her cunt and I clearly saw two fingers pressing and sinking into her cunt; He stepped up close to her as she steadied herself on the shore; but his hand never left her cunt.

Master Ray stepped confidently from the boat as the third guy reached forward to help Sammy out; he too made a beeline towards her cunt and Master Ray assumed he enjoyed a prolonged feel. As they now made their way away from the boating quay; one of the guys called Master Ray over and asked how come he was with three knickerless women like this; Ray laughed and said “ask no questions; tell no lies!”

The guy then slipped the £3.50 back into Ray’s hand saying for the delight they had experienced they just could not charge him for the privilege. Ray thanked him and asked if their cunt’s had been as wet as she appeared; and was told and some. Now Ray and his charges moved off to the park café; and as they stepped inside he ordered four coffees. The man behind the counter spotted the three women sitting down at a close table and he must have seen they were knickerless for he offered to bring the drinks over personally.

The man never left the counter area all the time Ray, Pauline, Sammy and Jenny were drinking their coffee’s; Master Ray then spoke to the three women saying, “I think you should repay the man’s kindness and reward his dedication to service by giving him a blow job! Just outside this café is a ladies toilet; why doesn’t one of you go up and suggest he meets the three of you outside those loos! Then after one of you has checked the ladies is empty take him inside and between the three of you suck him off before sharing his spunk between you!”

Pauline as the lowest bitch of the time; was sent to speak to the guy; whilst Master Ray and the other two made their way outside. An excited Pauline quickly joined them and said, “He will be here as soon as possible!”

Sammy was then sent inside the ladies to make sure it was empty and as soon as the guy arrived Jenny took his arm and began to lead him inside; the man looked worriedly at Master Ray and was shocked to see him mouth it was ok. The four of them disappeared into the loos whilst Ray stood guard at the door telling any females coming close that the toilets were leaking and someone had gone to fetch a park ranger to sort it out; meanwhile inside the toilets the girls wasted no time in getting the guy’s cock out and began sharing the cock by taking turns at sucking it; until the guy announced he was about to cum. Then Jenny took his full load into her mouth without swallowing and as soon as he had finished she stood up and swapped cum with the other two before literally running out of the toilets. Showing the white traces on all three tongues the foursome moved quickly away and never saw the guy exit the toilets with no doubt an unbelievable tale to tell his mates.

As Pauline, Jenny, Sammy and Ray moved off towards the athletics track; Ray slipped his hand on to Sammy’s arse and up under her really short skirt, in doing so he raised her hemline so anyone following behind would clearly see she was knickerless. Master Ray whispered for her to do the same to Pauline and for Pauline to do the same to Jenny. What a sight it must have made for anyone walking behind this quartet; three naked butts on display and busy fingers playing with the cracks of those arses.

At the athletics track; which was surrounded by mid height bushes; Master Ray guided them inside and over towards a low bank. He then told Jenny to suck on Sammy’s cunt whilst Pauline sucked hers and Sammy got to suck Pauline’s cunt; the rules were that the first one to cum would be punished and the one to make that person cum would be rewarded. With a stiffening prick; Master Ray watched as the three sluts devoured each other’s cunts in daisy chain; in fact he actually slipped his cock from his trousers and began a slow steady wank as he watched.

All three sluts tried to outdo each other and win the promised reward; although they knew not what that reward would be; Master Ray felt his need to cum getting harder to ignore; so he kept stopping his stroking. Suddenly Pauline screamed out her orgasm soon followed by Jenny; a smiling Sammy lifted her head and declared, “That was easy! I used to suck my school friends cunts almost every night so I have had lots of practise to find the right technique!”

I told Pauline, “You’re punishment will be; Six spanks from each of the other three; when we get home; but not as simple as it seems for you will be tied over the garden bench in the back garden and at the same time you will have a raging vibrator up your cunt and arse!” He then told Sammy, “You have earned a reward; my cock is in need of a good sucking and on top of that you will be choosing the two vibrators to be used on Pauline!”

Sammy scuttled over to Master Ray; dropped to her knees and immediately took his still hard cock out of his trousers and accompanied by encouraging comments from the other two she gave me the blow job; at one point he grasped her head and forced his cock deep into her throat almost choking her but in typical slutty style she merely switched to breathing through her nose. It was not long before he felt the twitches in his balls and then he spurted his spunk into her eager sucking mouth. Sammy swallowed every last spurt with a beaming smile on her face.

Adjusting all their clothes; the four walked slowly back to Master Ray’s home and the awaiting punishment for Pauline. Upon arriving at the house; they moved out to the back garden whilst Sammy ran upstairs; she returned within five minutes with the bondage rope and the two Vibrators she had selected. The heavy garden bench was carried to the centre of the garden and Pauline was ordered to undress; then she was made to bend over the back of the bench with her tits touching the bench seat.

Jenny and Sammy quickly tied her arms and legs spread wide respectively; whilst Master Ray fastened a smaller rope in a figure of eight around Pauline’s tits; he left a fairly long leash end on one end of the rope and his configuration meant it was attached between her tits. Now Sammy took the first of the chosen vibrators; it was a full torpedo shaped one which could be fully inserted into an orifice, it was seven inches long and at its fattest point had to be easily four inches in diameter; from its rear end it had a retaining loop to prevent it getting lost inside a body.

This vibrator Sammy slowly but firmly pushed into Pauline’s arse and just before it slipped completely inside she twisted the base and set it to maximum speed; Pauline gasped at the sudden hard vibrations hitting her anal walls. The second vibrator chosen by Sammy was an omni pod; it converted sound to vibrations or could be set on one of seven vibration patterns. To look at it; it looked like a medium sized goose egg; with a wire coming from one end and ending in a control box; so you could change the vibration patterns once it was inserted.

With it turn off she pressed it home into Pauline’s already soaking cunt and waited; Master Ray announced that Jenny would give Pauline three of her six slaps first; then Jenny would give the first three of her six; before he gave her all his six to Pauline’s arse and then Jenny would finish her six slaps and finally Sammy would complete Pauline’s punishment by completing the eighteen spanks.

As Sammy took aim with her right hand; she flicked the switch on the omni pod control unit and sent extra vibrations through Pauline’s cunt walls to collide with the still strong ones caused by the vibrator in her arse; Whack the first slap landed; a quick flick on the control box accompanied each slap and by the time Jenny had delivered her three Pauline was already gasping her way through another orgasm. Master Ray slowly delivered his six in a row making sure to probe her cunt and ass between slaps; all of which added to Pauline’s now fever pitch state of horniness; by the time Sammy completed Pauline’s punishment by delivering slaps sixteen, seventeen and eighteen; Pauline was multi orgasming. All that remained now was for Master Ray to complete Pauline’s last act of punishment by pulling rapidly on the leash left hanging from her tits; this in effect pulled her tits tightly away from her body till the slip not released and allowed them to fall free.

Sammy and Jenny then made a move to go towards releasing Pauline; until Master Ray’s command made them stop I informed them that Pauline should stay exactly as she was until tea was ready and that the vibrators should remain in use and in place till then. Giggling the two women entered the house and began to prepare for making tea; they were quickly followed by Master Ray.

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Thank you to all those who have taken the time to read my work; is there any point to continue with this story? or has it died a death? Let me know what you think and if enough want it to continue then i will write chapters 07 to 10.

Brigit Astar
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I for one want you to continue, because even though BDSM is not one of my "things," I fid your writing to be so good that I read your stories.

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You can’t stop it there, you have me hooked now!!!

To echo Brigit’s comments from the other chapters, you are a fantastic writer – and even though BDSM is not really something that I read, your words drew me in an I really enjoyed the story.

I hope you continue, as I would really like to see what happens next.

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please continue..i can't wait to find out what happens next

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more would be much appreciated.