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Brigit Astar
02-26-2010, 10:53 PM
by Brigit Astar and Myra Simmons

As the darkness lightened, sounds penetrated Brenda's mind. When she concentrated on it, she realized it was the whining and barking of the dogs in the basement. As sensation returned, she realized she was pinned down on a hot, soft form. Realization returned as she opened her eyes and stared at Sandy's reddish-blonde hair, seeing the bruised flesh and the bite marks on the exposed neck. A hot trickle on her own neck caught her attention and she turned to see the small pool of blood on Sandy's throat, realizing it was her own when another drop landed in the puddle. The pain from the wound made itself felt and it brought pleasure to her as the memory of how she'd been bitten returned.

Sandy stirred beneath Brenda. Again, she heard the barking of the dogs.

Brenda stroked Sandy's legs and flanks and nuzzled her shoulder and arm. "Umm," Sandy murmured in pleasure. Brenda slid her lips up and nuzzled Sandy's cheek.

The dogs were literally howling now.

"Damn," Brenda said. "They're raising a racket. Something's bothering them. Better check it."

She slowly withdrew the dildo from Sandy's wet pussy, and rolled over, unwillingly dragging herself out of bed. She quickly unfastened the double strap-on and moaned as her cunt was suddenly emptied. Muttering and a bit angry, she walked naked out of the room.

Sandy lay there for what seemed quite a while. She noticed that the barking and howling had ceased, but Brenda did not return. She slid over to the edge of the bed and listened. She didn't hear anything. She finally got off the bed and walked naked out of the room in search of Brenda.

Brenda had flung open the basement door, stepped through and walked down the steps purposefully, miffed at the dogs' barking and howling. Just as she reached the bottom of the steps, both dogs pranced over toward her. The big black mastiff, Spike, rushed up to her, first pressing its nose forcefully against her groin, trying to get its snout between her thighs. Failing that, it began to whine and thump its snout against her, trying to force her legs apart.

"Spike, what are you doing?" Brenda spouted in shock and surprise. What also shocked her was the way her body was responding to the dog's actions. With each touch of its snout to her groin, and its hot panting breath blowing upon her cunny, jolts of pleasure and excitement shot up through her body. She felt her muscles relaxing, allowing her thighs to part slightly.

A sudden yelp and bark jolted Brenda and she turned to the sound, parting her legs even more as she moved. She saw her boxer, Bruno, standing rigid, tail stub wagging fiercely. The sudden feel of a hot wet tongue rasping over her pussy lips made her gasp in surprise. As the long thick tongue insistently flicked over her, and the hot snout pressed against her clit, Brenda's gasp soon turned into a moan. When the dog pushed forward again, she surrendered and let her thighs part.

She stood there in shock, looking down her body. Spike's back was rigid as he eagerly lapped his tongue over Brenda's wet pussy, her sexual smell driving him wild. Brenda saw his excitement and realized it was sexual when she spotted the pink wet shaft jutting out and growing from the sheath under the dog's body. She realized that she was in trouble and had to move. She tried to walk away from the steps but the dog followed insistently, keeping its nose pressed against her pussy and lapping it with its tongue.

Brenda reached down and grabbed Spike's collar and pulled his snout out of her crotch in her attempt to escape. Spike jumped up at her, surprising her. She stumbled and fell backwards, sprawling on the floor on her back. Groaning, she rolled over onto her hands and knees to stand up. She never had a chance.

As soon as she was on her hands and knees, she suddenly felt a weight on her back and the scratch of claws on her flanks. The sudden touch of a wet hot poker atgainst her crotch brought her to the realization of her mistake. Like it or not, she suddenly realized she was going to be dog mounted and fucked. She tried to slide out from under Spike but the sudden nip he gave her on the back of her neck made her stop. Groaning in fear mingled with excitement, she arched her back to dislodge the dog. As soon as her rump was lifted, she gasped and moaned as she felt the hot wet poker of his prick slide fully into her wet pussy.

She couldn't believe how it felt! The heat radiating from it felt like a poker inside her but one that was radiating passion and pleasure through her body. His cock was rubbery but stiff, meaty and hot and slick. As his thrusts continued, she felt the shaft swelling, filling her pussy even more, stretching her vaginal walls. The pleasure Spike was causing in her was quickly overpowering any fear or revulsion she had been feeling. She surrendered, and began moaning and thrusting back at the dog each time it pushed forward into her....

Sandy walked naked through the house, in search of Brenda. She heard sounds coming from the basement and saw the opened door. She walked toward it, hearing moaning and groaning, and excited yelps coming from the dogs. She reached the opened basement door and descended the steps. As she reached the bottom of the steps, she froze when she saw what was happening.

There was Brenda on her hands and knees with the big black mastiff mounted on her back, hunching furiously, screwing her lustily from behind. Brenda's face was a study in passion and lust; her body hunched back and forth matching the dog's fast hard thrusts into her cunt; she panted and groaned as she fucked back at the dog.

Lifting her head at the sound of a gasp, Brenda looked up and saw Sandy standing on the bottom step, a look of shock on her face.

The shock that Sandy felt was turned to fear when she saw the big brown boxer head straight for her. Before she had time to make a move, the huge dog was driving its head on her crotch, its snout poking between her thighs. The dog's lunging forced her backwards and she plopped down onto the basement steps on her back, her legs splayed open. The boxer immediately dove its snout between her legs rubbing up and down and swiping its big wet tongue along her slit.

Sandy tried to scramble back but the dog's tongue had already slid into her pussy and it was lapping and flicking around inside her cunny. Through her shock and revulsion, the feeling of the dog's long wet thick tongue jamming inside her pussy sent waves of wet fire shooting through her cunt all the way up her body to her breasts and her very heart. Bolts of pure pleasure stabbed through her body.

She heard Brenda cry out, and saw the big black mastiff still pumping its long thick prick into her from behind, and her lover friend hunching back at the dog and panting and gasping.

Sandy cried out herself when the boxer lunged forward, half sliding half dropping its big body upon her, pinning her down, thrusting its wet long meaty prick foward against her slit.

She squirmed and twisted, trying to break free, but the dog's weight was too much; it had her pinned. It growled and nipped one of her breasts, causing her to halt.

The big dog suddenly lunged forward and thrust its cock into her pussy, driving it forward without stopping, jabbing it up her cunt in one continuous stroke.

Sandy cried out in mingled revulsion and passion as the dog's long thick prick slid and jammed up her pussy, all the way to the core of her cunt.

"Oh god, oh unh oh ah!" she gasped and reared her body up in spite of any revulsion she felt. The sheer pleasure of it had drowned out all disgust. She surrendered completely. She wrapped her arms and legs around the brute and thrust her pussy up to meet its fast relentless strokes up her cunt.

In the meantime, Brenda had felt the dog's motions humping her begin to change and she felt something swelling up to a huge size just inside her penetrated pussy. She realized it was Spike's knot. She clamped her vaginal muscles down to make sure he couldn't pull it out and then try to push it back in. After a few seconds she let her head drop down, her hair hanging loosely as she moaned at the absolute pleasure she felt as her body became knotted to the dog. She surrendered to her four-legged master and her own passion and willingly gave herself up to him. When his hot viscous sperm begam spurting into her pussy she moaned, openly accepting the huge quantity of dog cum squirting into her, a climax ripping through her body from her cunt to her extremities with each surge of juice Spike pumped into her receptive womb.

Bruno relentlessly fucked Sandy, his cock rapping her pussy in hard fast thrusts. She hunched back at him, thrusting her cunt up to meet and match his hard quick strokes. "Fuck!" she cried. "Fuck me, you big brute! Fuck my cunt with that big dog cock. Pump the meat to me! Oh god, you're getting bigger, unh ooh ah, you're swelling up inside me! Oh god!"

Brenda heard what was happening. She spoke out: "It's his knot. Clamp your cunt on it, else he'll pull it out and push it back in. Squeeze your pussy on it."

Sandy did as Brenda advised, and cried out in lust as the dog began spurting sperm into her cunt, pumping her pussy full of hot viscid dog cum.

Brenda held her cunt clamped tightly around Spike's cock, her body responding powerfully to each jolt of cum he pumped into her. Even as he began yanking back, trying to pull his knot out of her, she pushed back against him, keeping her pussy clamped on him.

"Ride with him, Sandy," Brenda called out. "Keep his knot inside you till it shrinks. It'll be a while. If he pulls it out when it's huge, it'll stretch you and might hurt you."

She saw Sandy's passion-filled face looking at her, lust filling her eyes, her breathing rapid, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around the brown body over her. Brenda saw the nod of Sandy's head acknowledging her words.

Spike was yanking hard on Brenda's clamped cunt, even as his sperm continued to spurt into her willing receptacle. She knew he was almost done but didn't want her pussy torn or stretched, and she suddenly realized she wanted every last drop of Spike's cum inside her. She also realized that this was her first time with a dog but wasn't going to be her last. instead of being frustrated when a man wasn't available, she knew she had two very willing four-legged lovers to satisify her.

Spike's knot finally shrank and Brenda relaxed her vaginal muscles, letting his cock pop out of her pussy. She couldn't help the forlorn moan that escaped her lips as her cunt was suddenly empty. Her pussy was wide open and she felt the flow of dog cum mixed with her own running down her inner thighs. She knelt, exhausted, head hanging down.

A groaning sound drew her attention and she looked up at Sandy. What she saw was a woman lost in her own passion as her body arched and wriggled on the cock lodged inside her. Each time Bruno yanked back she slid with him, clamping her legs on his flanks and pulling him back into her. Brenda was amazed that she could see the pulsing of the dog's balls as it continued pumping sperm into Sandy's cunt. She realized that in her current position she would be able to look right up into Sandy's pussy when Bruno was finished. She couldn't help the sudden rush of lust and excitement that ran through her at the thought of burying her face between Sandy's legs as soon as Bruno was finished.

Brenda stayed rooted to the spot where Spike had taken her, staring at her lover and friend, lost in her own pleasure. It was obvious that Sandy was caught up completely in her sexual union with the big dog. Brenda watched their continued mating until she saw Sandy arch her hips up and the grip of her arms and legs on Bruno's body lessen. As Sandy's limbs dropped off the dog's body, it yanked back and, with a squelching sound, its prick popped out of her pussy.

The sight before Brenda looked so erotic and desirable to her that she couldn't help herself. Even as Bruno trotted off, she crawled forward between her friend's spread legs and began lapping up the drops of cum along the curve of her ass cheeks. One taste and she was hooked on the flavor of Sandy/Bruno and, with a low growl, she lunged forward and began feeding.

In her frenzy she didn't hear Sandy's reaction to her assault on the just-fucked pussy. As the legs came up over her back and two hands grabbed her hair and yanked her forward, jamming her face into Sandy's sopping wet pussy, she knew her assault was welcomed. She didn't stop until she couldn't get any more cum out of the cunt.

Brenda held herself there, catching her breath and letting the last echoes of her own orgasm die out. She rested briefly, feeling the relaxed and spent state of her lover.

She slowly began to kiss her way up the naked body under her, moving her own up until she was resting her head on Sandy's shoulder.

The two beautiful young dog-fucked women huddled together on the steps. Brenda rested her hands on the step, on either side of Sandy's body. Sandy brought her hands up around her friend and gently caressed the back of her shoulder.

"Brenda, what did we just do? I can't believe I let a dog fuck me! He surprised me and I couldn't stop him. But for some reason, I didn't want to stop him."

"We just fucked my two dogs, Sandy. Something I'd never considered really possible until today. I can't believe we did it either, but for me, how good it felt! I know I'll be doing this again."

Sandy looked at Brenda, confusion and guilt on her face, but as she stared into her lover's eyes she began to realize that her feelings mirrored Brenda's. As her pussy quivered at the thought of the big dog mounting her and the sensations of its long meaty cock pumping her cunt and its knot swelling up inside her, she knew she wanted to feel it again. But she still felt some guilt and confusion.

"But, Brenda," Sandy responded, her voice quavering, "we were just fucked by dogs. We had cocks inside of us from animals, and they squirted their sperm inside us!"

"Yes, and didn't it feel so good," Brenda replied. She smiled and then glanced over at the two dogs that were resting comfortably, licking their cocks clean. Her body shuddered in renewed desire at the sight.

"What we did wasn't unnatural," Brenda said. "The dogs jumped on us and took us because they were so aroused by our sexual scents that reached them as we were making love. They smelled us and responded as nature intended. Your response and mine to their taking us was just as natural. Didn't you love it when Bruno took you?"

Sandy looked into Brenda's eyes. Yes, the dogs had become aroused by their sex, that was obvious to her now. And she also knew Brenda was right that once Bruno had nipped her and she had submitted to his penetration that she had become lost in her total pleasure of his control of her.

"Yes, I did enjoy it," Sandy replied. "More than I can believe. When I saw you down on the floor, Spike mounted over you and pumping his prick in you, and how lost you were in your orgasm, I became so aroused it was startling. And when Bruno came up to me, he took me by surprise, as he did when he licked me, and then mounted me, nipped my breast, and penetrated me. And pumped his long stiff thick cock in me. God, he's so big. But even though it's so wrong, I want him to mount me again. It's so perverted, but it felt so good. And I want Spike to fuck me too."

"I want to be mounted again too," Brenda replied. "And we will be again. And we'll do it together. We're lovers now, we're a couple. Anything we do together, as long as we both enjoy it, is good and fine. I loved watching you with Bruno, and I think you know that from the way I ate you when he pulled out of you."

Sandy got a distant, thoughtful look on her face. She returned her gaze to Brenda's face, looking intently into her eyes.

"Yes, Brenda, we are a couple. I feel for you something I haven't felt for Ken in a long, long time. I love you and I want to share my body and my time with you. I want to do eveything I can with you."

As she spoke her voice became stronger and filled more with confidence. She realized she had made a connection with Brenda and it contained friendship, trust, desire and love. She suddenly shifted and pullled Brenda fully on top of her body and wrapped her arms and legs around her, squeezing her tightly

"Yes, Brenda, I love you and we are lovers and it feels totally right and completely perfect!"

She then kissed Brenda passionately, full on her mouth.

With the kiss ending, Brenda looked down at Sandy. "I love you too, Sandy. Something happened that first time in the van, and my feelings went from close friendship to love."

The two women hugged and kissed. They broke the kiss when Brenda felt a cold nose hitting her foot. She looked down and saw the two dogs sitting there, their long thick tongues hanging out as they panted.

Brenda rose off of Sandy and let her scoot over to one side of the step. Brenda then sat on the other other side.

"Well, Sandy, I think they want some more. I don't know about you, but I'm willing to let them have what they want. Oh, by the way, I know a couple of good mechanics who will look at your car tomorrow, if you want, and they won't rip you off."

With that, Brenda spread her legs and tapped her fingers on her pussy. Bruno sprang up the steps and began licking her dripping cunny.

"Umm yes," Brenda panted, "I want to try you out, Bruno." She looked over and smiled into Sandy's eyes as Spike buried his snout between her spread legs. "And Spike wants to try you out, Sandy."



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