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Chapter 07.

It is Jenny’s turn to secure the other two sluts for the night; she turns to Master Ray and asks, “Are there any restrictions on how I tie these two up; only I have an idea of how I would like to tie them but it would permit them to excite each other orally during the night; sir!”

“No I am happy to allow you to do things your way just this once!” Master Ray replied.

So it was that he followed Jenny upstairs; followed by Pauline and Sammy; Jenny commanded the pair to strip off and once they were both naked Jenny inspected them closely; firstly she went to Sammy and made her open her legs about eighteen inches wide and then kneeling in front of her she instructed, “Right you fucking worthless slut; place your hands on your horny cunt lips and part them wide enough for me to see inside your cock hungry cunt.”

Sammy looked at Master Ray for a split second before he spoke, “you know the rules; Jenny is my second in command tonight and must be obeyed as if I had given the order!” She then obeyed Jenny; Jenny took her time in describing what she saw, “Why you horny fuck toy; I can see your clit is already erect and sticking up to be played with; your cunt lips are wide open and soaking wet; are you waiting for a cock to fuck it bitch? Or are you hoping that I may take pity on your wanton state and maybe lick you out?”

Then Jenny pushed one finger into her cunt and thrust three or four times before adding a second finger; four or five thrusts later a third finger slipped into Sammy’s cunt; soon followed by a forth and the as Sammy began responding by meeting those thrusts; Jenny added her thumb and slowly began to force her complete hand into Sammy’s cunt. She delighted in announcing that this whore just loved being fist fucked as much as she enjoyed taking a hard cock up her. Sammy was now panting out her first signs of an incredibly powerful orgasm; which when it broke led to her squirting her cunt juices all over Jenny’s blouse.

Jenny warned Sammy she would be punished for making such a mess on her blouse; she then turned to Master Ray and said, “See, Master, she just can not get enough of anything shoved up her cunt; and see how wide her cunt stretches to accept my hand and half my fucking arm up there!”

Looking Sammy full in the face; Jenny demanded that she squeeze and pull on her own nipples while telling Master Ray how much she loved being fist fucked and how much of a slag and whore she really was.

“Oh master, my cunt comes alive when anything is stuck up it; I feel like electric shocks emanate from my clit when my horny cunt is full; this is the first time I have been fist fucked and I can not help myself; I love it and would love for it to continue all night long; master if my cunt had a thermometer inside it; it would be telling you that it was hotter than hell and yet wetter than any waterfall. I know I am a slag; a slut for sex; as a whore I would willing give sex for £1.00 just so I could feel this feeling all day!” Sammy offered.

Jenny Smiled and then slapped Sammy hard on the arse as she called her a horny bitch just one more time. Now turning to Pauline she ordered her to spread her legs and Jenny began to finger her cunt too; only for some reason Jenny stopped with three fingers up Pauline’s cunt; she then applied her thumb to her anal rose bud. Systematically she finger fucked her cunt and thumbing her arse all the time demanding that Pauline tell her loud and clear what she was feeling and why she was such a horny fuck slut.

“Oh master, it all started a few years ago; well no actually it was much earlier than that to be honest; I always felt different to my school friends. They seemed to protect their virginity and although some teased boys; they would never let them go too far; well me; I always wanted to go all the way but I always seemed too eager and that put the boys off. One day I was coming home from school and my next door neighbour; Ian; called me over and invited me in.” she began to explain.

“I was reluctant to go in but what he said next made me aware I had better not refuse; for he told me it would be better to discuss it with him than with my parents. I stepped inside and he told me he had seen me yesterday with a boy; my face blushed for I instantly recalled the incident. I had willingly exposed my tits to this boy while sucking on his young hot hard cock. Ian then called me a slut for being so brash in giving favours so freely and I was about to storm out telling him to prove his comments; when he shocked me again by saying; If you want to be a slut then fine; but at least do it properly and not with some fudging youth.” She continued.

“Then he calmly but firmly said, Remove your blouse! I was shocked and stunned but for some reason I instantly began to obey; my bra followed quickly and he made me grip my forearms behind my back causing me to thrust forward my tits; I expected him to begin feeling my tits but he did not; instead he simply began to ask me if it felt good to be displaying my largish tits to an older man; I could not speak my throat was dry but my cunt was soaking wet. He then told me to remove my skirt and I almost hesitated but thankfully I did not and now stood naked apart from my navy blue school knickers I was a little embarrassed but hornier than I could remember for a real long time.” She added.

“I was embarrassed because I knew my knickers were stained around my cunt as my cunt juice flowed freely; Ian then stepped forward and slid his hand between my thighs touching me at the mid thigh point; open your legs wider you fucking whore; he said and I did; my mind was spinning and I was sure I was going to faint with passion; now he was rubbing my cunt through my knickers and telling me how wet my cunt was; I could not help myself I was begging him to make me cum.” She continued.

“Suddenly his hand was gone and he smiled as he told me to remove my knickers; I quickly obeyed and now with my hands covering my crutch he laughed and told me to replace them behind my back; I fully expected him to dive in and begin fingering my hot wet juicy cunt but he simply smiled and told me to open my legs wider; Then I stood mesmerised as he slowly undressed himself and I marvelled at his cock which whilst not the largest I had ever handled but it was sure the thickest; I suddenly had mental images of that cock sliding between my lips as I sucked him off. Ian must have guessed what I was thinking because he said, you want to taste my cock don’t you, bitch; all I could do was nod; but he insisted I speak; yes I want to suck your cock sir, I said; He smiled and told me to show him my cunt; I opened my legs like a fool and it was greeted by him laughing; a little hurt I scowled until he told me that when he said show him my cunt he meant to place my hands either side of the cunt lips and peel them open allowing him to look deep inside me.” She added.

“He then told me he was going to fuck me and I trembled as he told me in great detail he intended to slide his hard cock in to my virgin cunt and fuck me hard; He asked if I had ever taken a cock up my cunt and was amused to hear me say no I was still a virgin; he then asked if I had taken one up my arse yet and again he smiled as I told him I was an anal virgin too. He then made me sit on his lap as he told me the new rules I would have to agree to if I wanted his silence; He wanted my cunt shaved and kept shaved as all sluts cunts should be; I was not allowed to wear a bra or knickers in his presence nor would he tolerate me wearing trousers around him. As he spoke he was gently tickling my tit flesh working his fingers down to my rock hard nipples; when he suddenly pinched hard on my left nipple and as I gasped he twisted it sharply before pulling it away from my tit flesh; releasing this he asked if I liked my nipples treated this way; my cunt was on fire as I answered, oh yes sir I love it.” She continued.

Master Ray now interrupted Pauline and told her to save the rest for another day and let’s get on with the bedtime arrangements; Jenny ordered Sammy to lay down on the bed and moved her into the position she wanted her and then made Pauline lay on top of her in a sixty nine position with both women’s mouth’s so close to the other’s cunt; quickly Jenny tied them together before making them roll on to their side and then tying Pauline’s left ankle to Sammy’s left ankle making them bend at the knee; she repeated this with their right ankles and then threw a cover over them.

She was just about to leave the room when Master Ray stopped her and spoke to Pauline, “Continue with your account of how you became a sub slut, bitch!” he commanded.

As Pauline continued he sat on a chair and had Jenny sit upon his lap; as they listened he slowly stroked Jenny’s naked cunt and breasts. Pauline continued, “He then made me bend over and expose my anal ring to him; I felt really slutty as he instructed me to play with my anal ring before he pulled a low coffee table over and had me lay on my back on it; he pulled my legs apart as he knelt between my legs and I thought here goes my I am about to become a real woman as he is going to fuck my cunt but instead; he reached forward with his left hand and began pinching my nipples alternating between left and right as he demanded I tell him how much I liked what he was doing to me; I was in the midst of telling him how hot he was making me when I suddenly felt this incredible pain in my arse; he had simply lined up his now hard cock and forced it up my anal chute until fully embedded inside me; I almost screamed out aloud with passion and pain; but he held his cock still; deep inside me until the pain subsided and was replaced with an incredible passion and desire. He then fucked my arse hard and fast and I could not believe it but it felt so wonderful that I actually climaxed and my cunt sprayed like a fountain.” She continued.

“I was almost dying with passion and longing to feel his cock shooting inside my anal passage but he simply pulled out and quickly moved to my head; As he continued to tweak my nipples I groaned and suddenly found his cock inside my mouth; I almost gagged at the thought of the shit stained cock coming straight from my arse to my mouth; but it did not taste as bad as I imagined and was soon sucking away like my life depended on it; I was hoping to be rewarded by his spunk flooding my mouth but again the cock was all too soon gone and once more he was in between my legs. Hoping to feel it sliding back into my arse I was again surprised as it plunged into my virgin cunt; ripping its way through my hymen and making me into a total woman; again the pain was instant but soon replaced with pure lust; He thrust five or six times before pulling out of my cunt and making me sit up; then he shoved the blood stained cock in my face and ordered me to suck it; I baulked at the idea but with his hands behind my head had little choice but to accept the cock into my mouth; He laughed as he said that a good slut always cleans the masters cock when she is told to do so!” she added.

“He soon went back to fucking my cunt only this time with me in doggie position; as he fucked me he was squeezing and kneading my tits; I was still hopeful of capturing his load but he had other ideas and as his climax began to materialise he pulled out and quickly had me sucking his cock before he pulled from my mouth as his first spurt erupted and he spewed his spunk all over my face and tits; Once I had cleaned his cock he allowed me to dress but not remove his spunk from my face; he instructed me to be at his front door at five pm tomorrow night with my freshly shaved cunt unfettered by knickers.” She finished.

The tale she related to them had turned on both Sammy and Jenny; Sammy had been licking away at Pauline’s cunt while listening to the graphic details; meanwhile Jenny had been squirming on Master Ray’s fingers.

Once in the master bedroom Ray made Jenny get down on hands and knees and take her master’s cock up her arse; Jenny groaned her way to an orgasm and almost shocked Ray by asking for permission to suck his cock clean directly from her arse; Ray agreed and during her cleaning of his cock he sprayed her face with his freshly made load of spunk. Jenny was told to sleep with the cold clammy drying spunk on her face and in the morning she was to get Pauline to lick the dried spunk from her face.

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Good story; well written and a clever way of introducing one of the women's introduction to being a slut.