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Brenda and Sandy's Story - Part 5

by Myra Simmons and Brigit Astar

In the week that followed, Brenda and Sandy worked together, and shared some sexual pleasures--usually at their workplace, for after Sandy's husband returned it wasn't practical for them to get together in the evenings or nights.

Toward the end of the week, Brenda suddenly asked Sandy: "Have you ever been to a weekend party?"

"Weekend party?" Sandy asked. "You mean a party on the weekend?"

"I mean a party that lasts over the weekend."

"The whole weekend?"

"Yes," Brenda replied.

"Well, no, I haven't," Sandy said.

"When's the last time you've ever been to a party--of any kind?"

Sandy thought for a moment. "I can't remember--it's been so long."

"Well, we've been invited to one," Brenda said, "A weekend party."

"We?" Sandy asked.

"Yes, you and me. Rod gave me a call today and invited you and me to a party starting tomorrow night. It’s a combination birthday and bachelor party for one of his friends. He turns twenty-one Friday and he's getting married the following Monday."

"Gee, I don't know," Sandy said. "Friday night would be..."

"You'd like to meet with Rod again, wouldn't you," Brenda said. "And that long thick black cock of his. And see Max too."

Sandy's heart thumped and her breathing speeded up at the thought of Rod. "Sure, but the problem is that it's going to be Friday night."

"Not just Friday night," Brenda replied. "This is a weekend party. It’ll go on from Friday night till Sunday."

"You say it's a birthday and bachelor party? How many guys would be there?"

"Oh, I don't know," Brenda said. "There would be a group at the party. But you and I would not be the only girls there. Rod told me that he had contacted another girl, so there would be three of us anyway."

"Well, I don't know," Sandy said. "An entire weekend is kind of out of the question, even Friday night, for that matter. I mean, Ken's back, you know, and what could I say to him? 'Hey, honey, guess what. I'm going to go to a weekend party and I won't be back till Sunday. See ya.' "

"You don't have to tell him anything of the kind," Brenda said. "Just tell him that you're going on a retreat, you're going to spend a girls' weekend with me and a group of other girls at a woman's retreat."

Sandy thought about that for a moment. "The whole weekend," she murmured, "with a group."

"Yes, just think about it," Brenda replied. "Being with a group--men and women--and long stiff thick cocks. Rubbing, licking, sucking, fucking. Just think about it. And think about Rod too."

Sandy's heart was thudding now and her breathing was rapid and shallow. She was almost panting. Her lips had grown dry and a lump had formed in her throat. She licked her lips.

"I could broach the subject to Ken," she finally said.

"Don't broach it to him," Brenda said emphatically. "Tell him. Tell him outright that you're going on a woman's retreat with me for the weekend. Tell him firmly. Make it a statement. If he protests or complains or makes an objection, don't tell him anything. Just get ready and leave, and don't tell him another word. Something tells he won't make any objections anyway."

Brenda proved to be right.

When Sandy announced to her husband that she had been invited to a woman's retreat with Brenda for the weekend and would be attending, all Ken did was shrug and say in an absentminded way: "I’ve got a lot of work to do this weekend."

Sandy was relieved at her husband's acceptance, but at the same time she wondered at his lack of interest, nonchalance and lack of protest. More and more, it seemed to her that he didn't even really see or hear her. For the first time in her marriage, the thought came to her: “This isn't going to go on like this much longer--this isn't going to last, I can see that now.”

Friday morning came and Sandy packed a few things in an overnight case, left a note for her husband on the kitchen table, and headed to work.

"After work today, we'll head for my house," Brenda told Sandy, "and get dressed, and Rod will come by later and he'll show us the way to the party--we'll follow him."

The two women worked through the day, and then in the late afternoon closed up shop and headed for Brenda's house.

"What are you going to wear?" Sandy asked.

"Oh, I think I'll dress in something comfortable--but provocative and alluring at the same time," Brenda smiled wickedly. "What about you? Did you bring anything in your case to wear?"

"I brought a skirt and blouse--I hope they didn't get wrinkled."

"Well, we'll see," Brenda replied. "Actually, what you're wearing right now is okay. Skirt and blouse, that's fine. No need for panties or bra though," she winked and smiled.

"I'm going to go ahead and fix us a little something to eat," Brenda said. "Why don't you go ahead and shower and get dressed, and we'll see how it looks."

Sandy showered and then dressed in a short red skirt and a white silky blouse. She dispensed with panties and bra. Her coconut-sized breasts with the pointy rubbery nipples were outlined clearly through the thin silk blouse. She deliberately left the top two buttons of the blouse undone so that a good portion of the tops of her breasts could be visibly seen. The skirt she wore was tight and short--reaching only to her mid-thighs. It hugged her curved shapely hips and her big rounded up-thrust butt. It left most of her full sleek thighs exposed. She brushed out her long reddish-blond hair so that it fell in shimmering wispy waves, and applied pink lipstick to her full lips.

When Brenda saw Sandy, her mouth opened and her eyes widened. "Wow," she exclaimed. "To use an old cliché, you look good enough to eat. Speaking of which, I fixed a salad--it's there in the kitchen. I'm going to go ahead and shower and get dressed. Rod will be by in about an hour."

When Sandy next saw Brenda, she was taken aback at how she looked. She was dressed in an ultra-short tight violet skirt that served perfectly to accentuate her waist-length raven hair as well as display her superb body. She wore a pale-blue tight blouse. Her big firm breasts and pellet-sized nipples strained against the fabric. As with Sandy, Brenda's breasts were clearly outlined through the material of the blouse.

The two women stood, admiring each other's bodies. "I think we're going to knock 'em dead tonight," Brenda said.

Rod finally arrived, giving a little honk on his horn. The two women went out, waving at Rod as they headed for Brenda's minivan.

"Just follow me," Rod called out. "It's only a few miles."

The trip took less than ten minutes. They arrived at a big house in the suburbs, separated from the nearest house by more than a hundred yards. There were some vehicles parked in front of the house.

"Looks like a number of people are already here," Brenda said.

When the two women exited the minivan and walked toward Rod, he halted and whistled. "My, my, have mercy."

Sandy looked at Rod, her gaze automatically drawn down to his crotch. Her breath quickened and her heart beat faster at the sight of his big bulge. She knew there was ten inches of thick black meat there. She felt her breasts warming up, swelling and throbbing, and a tingling ache made itself felt in her cunny.

"There are a few people here already," Rod said, "but they'll be more."

They entered the ultra-large main living room of the rambling two-story house. Music was playing from somewhere--not blaring to drown out conversation, but radiating all through the room. There were four people in the room, three men and a woman. Max was among them.

"Hey, you all," Max called out from behind a bar. "I'm the appointed barkeep--at least until I get too loaded to handle it, so tell me what you'll have, and I'll fix it right up."

"Tom Collins for me," Brenda called out. "Very easy on the gin. need to space it out."

"Smart girl," Rod said.

"I'll have the same," Sandy said.

One of the men came walking over. He was black and of medium height and weight.

"Ladies, this is Zeke," Rod said. "He’s the one who turned twenty-one today, and who's the guest of honor. We're celebrating his coming of age, and his coming execution on Monday."

"Pleased to meet you ladies," Zeke gave a gallant bow. "And don't believe anything Rod says. He’s well known for his exaggeration. Umm umm, I have to say though; he wasn't exaggerating about you two. But he didn't tell me he was going to bring two movie stars with him."

"It must have slipped my mind," Rod said.

"I swear you could pass for Catherine Zeta-Jones," Zeke said to Brenda. "And you look just like Nicole Kidman," he said to Sandy.

"Here you go, ladies," Max called out. "Come and get your Collins. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back."

Brenda and Sandy walked to the long bar. A number of tall padded seats were placed in front of the bar. A black man sat at the end of the bar. He was in his forties, bald, fat and downright ugly. A young white woman sat in the chair in the middle. She was gorgeous, in her early twenties, with shoulder-length platinum-blond hair and light blue eyes, dressed in a yellow tight short dress with a full-length zipper in front. Her face and body could be described in three words: to die for. She was simply stunning. She gave Sandy and Brenda a warm smile and swept her hand toward the chairs beside her.

"I'm Amber," she introduced herself. "I'm glad to see I'm not the only woman here."

Brenda and Sandy introduced themselves, and Max set the drinks before them. "We're lucky," he said. "We have three lovely sexy ladies here tonight. All three of you look like movie stars."

"So we've already been told by Zeke," Brenda said. "I'm Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Sandy is Nicole Kidman."

"He wasn't exaggerating in the least," Max said. "And I might add that Amber there is Heather Locklear. Don't you think so?"

"I wouldn't disagree with that," Brenda said, looking Amber over.

"Neither would I," Sandy said.

Sandy was struck by the true resemblance of Amber to Heather Locklear. She could have easily passed for the twin of the star.

"Maybe we really are them," Amber said with a conspiratorial smile to Brenda and Sandy, and then a wink to Max. "Maybe we stars are here incognito to get away from it all for awhile."

"Oh, by the way," Max said, "let me introduce Fatty to you." He nodded at the fat ugly man sitting at the end of the bar. "We actually call him Gramps behind his back because he's so old, but he prefers Fatty. And, I have to say, it fits him."

"Rap on, sonny boy," Fatty said. "I'll take you behind the shed whenever you want to go."

Although he was in his forties, bald, fat and ugly, he had a big jolly smile that made him look warm and friendly.

"Actually, Fatty is Rod's uncle--and our boss, I might add," Max said. "So what we say about him he knows is all in jest."

"Sometimes I wonder about that," Fatty said.

By this time, other people had arrived. There were now nine men and three women in the house. Six of the men were black.

Rod had taken Zeke aside and they were engaged in what appeared to be an intimate conversation.

"What do you think about the girls?" Rod asked Zeke, grinning widely.

"Man, they are something," Zeke replied. "I can't believe how good they look, especially the blonde. Did you really hire her for this?"

"Yeah, she's hired," Rod replied. She'll be doing some entertaining stripping here before too long. That's her job. She's a pro. The other two, they're not hired, but I expect, before too long, that they'll be joining in with everyone else. Especially with what Max has given to them."

"What did he give to them?"

Rod gave a big grin. "Oh, he mixed up a little something in their drinks, all three of them. None of them know--not the stripper either."

"What did he mix?"

"Oh, it's just a little stimulant. I guess you could call it an aphrodisiac agent if you want to get technical about it. Fatty happens to have a supply of it and a connection to it. Its effects don't work suddenly. They sort of come gradual-like. But I guarantee you that within fifteen minutes, they'll start feeling it."

"What they will feel?"

"Let me put it this way," Rod said. "It's going to arouse them so much that eventually it's going to take all of us men here to satisfy them."

"Wow!" Zeke exclaimed. "It must be a powerful agent."

"Yes, it is," Rod replied. "And we're going to keep them supplied with it too--all this weekend--to make sure they stay hot and ready. All three of them are hot to trot anyway, but there are nine of us men here, and this is going to be a weekend-long thing, so I figure we need to make sure they can and will last the whole weekend."

Someone had turned the lighting down so that now the entire room was dimmed, and the music had been turned up a notch. The twelve people in the room were now lively, chatting, drinking, and moving around.

Sandy had almost finished her drink when she began to feel a tingling and tickling run up and down her body. A warm glowing feeling began to pervade her. By the time she had started on the second drink, the glowing and tingling had turned to a prickling and throbbing sensation, centered in definite places--her breasts, pussy and ass. The feeling seemed to grow gradually, but she could feel it definitely growing steadily. By now she was breathing heavily, her breasts were throbbing, and so were her pussy and ass. She felt aching bolts shooting up her channels.

Rod looked over at Amber and nodded to her.

"Excuse me, ladies," she said, slipping off her seat, "it's time for the entertainment to begin."

Brenda and Sandy watched the swivel of her perfect ass as she walked toward Zeke who had found a seat on a plush leather sofa. As she got close to him, she began to sway to the beat of the music, running her fingers through her hair and raising her arms above her head. Soon, she was making quite provocative motions in front of Zeke, much to the enjoyment of all the men present. Amber's face was alight with arousal and passion when she turned her back to Zeke, and Brenda got a good look at her.

Brenda felt a growing, throbbing warmth in her body. The prickling jabbing sensation traveled down her body and then back up her legs, coming together in an overpowering ache and hunger in her pussy.

She looked at Amber, and then at Sandy, seeing their reactions. She swiveled around on her seat and stared at Max with an accusatory look in her eyes. Max looked back at her with a mischievous gleam in his eyes, a smile starting to spread on his face.

"What did you put in our drink?" she whispered to him.

"What, you think I spiked them?" Max replied, trying to look innocent.

"Don't give me that crap, Max. I know by the feeling I'm getting. You put something in mine, and seeing how Sandy is squirming and Amber is showing pure lust, it was in theirs as well. I told you the last time you didn't need anything to get me ready to fuck an army."

"Okay, okay, Bren. Yes, I slipped an aphrodisiac in to get you three primed for a good weekend fuck fest. You have to last the weekend, you know."

"Max, you of all people know I can keep it going for days. How long did I fuck your balls dry the last time? Wasn't it a solid week and you had a sore dick when we were finished?"

"Yeah, Bren," Max replied, staring off into space in remembrance, a smile on his lips. "I remember. But that was just you and me."

"And you think you were the only guy I did that with? Or that I never did it with a group of guys? You know I love being gang-banged and the more the better. You know I'm a total sex addict."

"Okay, Bren, I get your point. Don't you like the way it makes you feel though? And, besides, this way the other two will keep up with you."

Brenda smiled at Max, softening. "Yes, I like the way it makes me feel. But Sandy's needs are so great I don't think she needs it either. You might have to call in reinforcements before this is over."

She leaned across the bar and grabbed Max by the collar and pulled his lips to hers, kissing him hard. She shoved her tongue deep into his mouth and let him get a sense of her rapidly growing arousal. When she broke the kiss she looked into his eyes.

"You just better make sure you shove that big cock of yours into me several times this weekend, and don't expect to have any cum left in your balls when I finish with you."

With that, she swung around to watch Amber's gyrations.

Amber stood straight up in front of Zeke, her body swaying and her hips thrusting toward him. Brenda could see the tent forming in Zeke's pants and realized just how aroused Amber's motions were making him.

Amber brought her hands to her throat and then she drew a hand down suddenly and sharply, then she threw her hands to each side. Her dress fell open and Brenda realized that she was showing her naked front to Zeke. She shook and shrugged and the dress fell away, showing that she wearing a g-string.

Brenda couldn't stand it anymore. She slid off her seat and headed toward the stripper.

Amber didn't see Brenda behind her as she gyrated in front of Zeke. She did see the growing tent in his pants and the growing wet spot at its peak. Her own sexual desire was growing and expanding, making her pant in lust for the firm young cock in front of her. She was surprised by the sudden touch on her hot flesh from behind.

Brenda reached out and ran her hands up Amber's legs and over her exposed ass cheeks. She dropped to her knees and shoved her face onto Amber's rump and ran her tongue up her ass crack to the waistband of the g-string. She grabbed it with her teeth and began pulling it down, reaching her hands around the girl's body to pull the front down.

Amber felt the g-string being pulled down and didn't resist. She wanted to be naked in the worst way. She stepped out of the discarded material and leaned forward to Zeke's bulging cock, running one palm over it as she began to unfasten his pants with the other. Being an experienced stripper, she soon had his raging prick out of his pants, her white hand wrapped around its glistening black shaft. Hunger filled her eyes and she licked her lips as she continued to lean forward. She flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue, and then slid the head between her opening lips and into her cock-craving mouth.

Brenda felt Amber bending forward and a thrill of expectation ran through her, knowing that her openings would soon be presented to her. Even as Amber slid the last of Zeke's dick into her mouth, Brenda plunged her tongue into Amber's gushing pussy.

A sudden gasp and moan from across the room made her swivel enough to see Sandy out of the corner of her eye. A black man stood in front of her between her spread legs. His big hard dick strained upward as he clutched her hips and pushed forward, thrusting his cock into her open pussy. Sandy brought her legs up around his waist and pulled him to her.

Brenda gasped as she felt herself forcefully pulled away from Amber's pussy. She heard Amber moan as well, since she was on the verge of a powerful orgasm.

Brenda's protest stopped as she felt her skirt raked up roughly and a large hot hard prick pressed against her cunt. She moaned in pleasure and relaxed and let it slide into her vaginal depths.

When a second cock was pushed against her mouth she gasped, and then opened her lips and let the dick slide in and down her throat.

She could see a black body behind Amber, pumping a hard thick prick into her willing pussy. The sight of a young beautiful white woman being fucked by a black man aroused her powerful lust. The sudden realization that the cock in her mouth was also black sent her over the edge into a massive orgasm.

Brenda let her body be used. She gave herself over to the sensation running through her as both her cunt and mouth were fucked hard. Climax after climax raced through her but she couldn't put out the fire of lust raging within her. She knew some of it was from the drug in her drink, but much of it was her own long anticipation of being gang-banged with Sandy.

Looking over at Sandy, she saw that the black man was still riding her pussy hard and fast, obviously close to pumping his cum into her cunt. She was surprised to see another black cock lodged in sandy's mouth as she sucked on it fiercely.

Brenda glanced behind her at the guy screwing her pussy and saw it was one of the white guys. She could tell he was about to squirt her full of his cum but she didn't get a chance to watch him do it. A hand grabbed her hair and yanked her head around. The cock was shoved forcefully down her willing throat, and she moaned in pleasure and lust as the hand in her hair tightened and the man before her began to face-fuck her.

Almost simultaneously, the two men hunched forward and squirted cum up her pussy and down her throat. Brenda's body shook and convulsed in her strongest orgasm yet.

When her fuckers had finally emptied their loads of cum into her and withdrew, Brenda gasped for air, alone for a moment. She looked across the room and watched as Sandy was fucked.

Sandy had been taken to a long wide sofa and stretched out. Fatty slid atop her body, spread her legs apart and clutched her hips, as he pushed his cock forward. "Ah yeah," he breathed out as he dug his fat dick up her cunt. "Sweet fucking pussy. There's nothing I like better than young hot pussy."

Sandy wrapped her arms and legs around Fatty's plump body and hunched her rump up to allow him total access to her cunt. She groaned as he began to stuff his corpulent cock up her pussy.

He began licking and sucking on her tits as he clutched her buttocks and squeezed them.

"Oh god, ah!" Sandy gasped in pleasure and passion as the ugly fat black man pushed his portly prick up her cunt, all the way to her core. She heaved her body up and thrust her breasts to his thick sucking lips and swirling tongue.

He pulled his dick back all the way and then slammed it in up to his balls, and then began screwing her in earnest, pumping his fat prick in her pussy.

"You like Fatty fucking you, honey," he breathed out as he screwed her cunt deeply and fully.

"Oh ah," Sandy answered him, "your cock feels so big and good!"

Sandy felt her head clutched and turned. She saw a white guy on his knees beside her head. He guided his hard dick to her mouth and pushed against it. She opened her lips and he plunged his prick in and began fucking her mouth.

The white guy had been so turned on at the sight of an ugly fat black man fucking such a young, beautiful white woman that his cock was stone hard, throbbing and aching. He fucked her mouth fast and furiously as he watched Fatty's thick lips sucking Sandy's tits, his fat black dick pumping up and down her white cunt, and his plump black ass humping as he mashed his fat black balls upon her upturned white ass.

Sandy was filled with more than pleasure. Somehow the idea of being fucked by Fatty--by an ugly fat man--had turned on some perverse facet of her being, and she felt that she was committing an act of the deepest perversion. The sheer fact of the repulsive ugly fat body lying atop her and pumping a fat cock in her pussy thrilled her with its wanton perversity.

The white guy didn't last long. He was too turned on to slow down. He fucked Sandy's mouth fast and hard and then gave a heave down to her throat and spewed a stream of sperm. She sucked and gulped it down.

Fatty rammed his dick up her pussy to her core. "I'm gonna squirt cum in you, honey," he gasped. "Gonna squirt cum in your pussy."

"Oh ah, squirt it deep!" Sandy cried. "Empty your fat balls in me."

Sandy cried out in lust and hunched her body as he spurted what seemed an endless amount of semen deep in her cunt.

As soon as Fatty pulled out of her, Zeke took his place. He pulled Sandy up onto her knees and got behind her and pushed his legs between hers. He wrapped his arms around her waist and thrust and pushed his prick forward.

"Damn, but you're a fine piece of pussy," he groaned as he dug his dick into her cunt. "Goddamn hot-fucking juicy pussy! Yeah, fine young pretty white married woman who loves black cock. Umm, baby, we're gonna give you all the black cock you want this weekend."

"Oh ah, I want it," Sandy gasped, hunching back to meet his thrusts. "I want black cock in my mouth, my ass, my pussy."

"You're gonna get it, honey," Zeke panted as he pumped her cunt.

A black man approached Sandy from the front, grasped her head and jabbed his prick forward onto her face. She opened her lips wide and he slid his dick in. she sucked hungrily on his cock, bobbing her head up and down, as Zeke pounded her pussy from behind.

Sandy noticed out of the corner of her eye that Amber was being attended to by three men. She had her legs spraddled and was riding atop Rod's prick as another black guy screwed her ass. At the same time she was sucking avidly on Max's cock, deep-throating him.

Brenda's time of repose was short-lived. She found herself lifted bodily off the floor by two of the black men. They carried her over to a chaise lounge on which one of the white men was lying. They positioned her over him with her face up. She was helpless in their grasp as they lowered her down onto him until his cock was pressed against her rump. All she could do was gasp as she felt her butt being stretched and then penetrated. Even as the white dick finally filled her ass, another black body got between her legs and she felt herself stretching to receive the girth of the hard black prick into her already slick cunt. Gasping at the sensation of her double penetration, she looked around wildly, her mouth opened wide as she panted. She saw another young black guy watching her.

"Fuck my mouth!" she called out to him with lust in her eyes.

He tentatively moved toward her, his hard-on bouncing before him. Brenda stared up at him wildly, her mouth opening for his cock. When she saw him hesitate, she stretched out her tongue to him, trying to make contact with what she wanted as soon as possible. He still wasn't close enough.

"Fuck my mouth, damn it! Get over here and shove that cock down my throat," she demanded.

He moved forward, wrapping his hand around his shaft and guiding the tip between her opened lips. She took his full length down her well-fucked throat.

Even as he began to fuck her face, Brenda looked over and caught sight of Amber sandwiched between Rod and another black man as she deep-throated Max's dick. She saw by the expression on Max's face that he was about to cum in her mouth. As Brenda swung her head she saw Sandy arched up in orgasm against Fatty's prick in her cunt as he pumped cum into her.

Damn, I want Fatty to fuck me too, Brenda thought. Sandy seemed to really enjoy fucking him.

Her body was suddenly overcome by her exploding sexual passion. Her world closed in around her as she focused totally on the three cocks thrusting in and out of her.

Brenda suddenly felt the cock in her ass swell and grow. Her lust exploded, making her body stiffen, and then quiver in spasmodic contractions as his fresh, hot semen erupted into her waiting ass. She heard a sudden grunt and gasp and then felt the spewing of more cum into her already-filled cunt.

She reached out and grabbed the ass cheeks of the young black guy fucking her mouth, pulling him deeply down her throat. She heard him moan as he surrendered his semen to her waiting belly.

Brenda felt great satisfaction and pride as the three cocks finished draining cum into her. Once again she had shown that no man could hold back once her body's sexual passion took hold of her and them.

As soon as the spent prick slid from between her lips, she looked around and spotted Fatty watching Amber's triple penetration. She noticed that Max's cock was no longer in Amber's mouth. Another of the white guys had taken his place. She also saw that's Fatty's dick was still glistening with Sandy's fluid. Her lust once again exploded within her and she called out across the room: "Fatty! Damn, it, Fatty, come here!"

He turned at the sound of his name and saw Brenda sandwiched between two immobile bodies as one of the younger men staggered backwards from her. Fatty stared at her, seeing the total passion and lust on her face. He then heard her agonized moan as the black guy on top of her pulled back and slid his cock out of her puffy white cunt. He saw the white guy under her try to slide out of her butt as she arched and clenched her ass cheeks together to keep him locked in her back door.

"Fuck my mouth, Fatty!" Brenda called out. "I want to suck Sandy's cum off of you before you pump that thick dick in my pussy. I want to cum like you made her cum."

A big grin grew on Fatty's face as he walked to her, his half-flaccid prick bobbing in front of him. He was startled for a second with her appearance. She really did resemble Catherine Zeta-Jones, he thought.

When he came up to her she reached out a hand and grasped his cock eagerly and pulled it toward her opening mouth. She moaned with desire as she smelled and tasted Sandy on him. She thrust his full length between her stretched lips and buried her face in his fat belly.

While she sucked on him, she forgot about the dick in her butt and let herself be rolled over onto her side. She moaned softly around Fatty's thick prick as her ass was emptied. But her feeling of loss was only temporary as she felt Fatty's hardness returning as she wrapped her tongue around his cock, letting it ripple along his swelling length. When he was fully hard and began thrusting in and out of her throat, she yanked her head back off his dick, kissed and licked the tip, and then turned her face up to him.

"Please, fuck my pussy! Shove this fat monster up into me!"

Fatty eagerly complied, climbing between Brenda's spread legs after she'd rolled over again onto her back. As he moved forward, she arched her hips up and his cock slid directly into her gaping pussy. As she felt her hole being stretched once again, she groaned and drew her legs up around Fatty's large body, pulling him into her just as Sandy had done earlier. As his weight pressed down on her, she surrendered herself to the ugly fat man and let him screw her as he wanted.

Even as he began a steady movement in and out of her cunt and she automatically arched her hips up to meet his every thrust, Brenda looked out across the room and saw that Amber was still being triple penetrated but now it was by three different men.

Oh damn, how I want this again and again! Brenda thought. When Fatty is done, it's three men in me again!

Her thoughts became shattered and lost as another massive climax ripped through her body from her stuffed and stretched pussy that Fatty continued to plunge in and out of relentlessly.

Lost in her lust and the explosions welling up in her body, Brenda at first didn't feel Fatty's pace change. Her first realization of the change was the sudden surge of pressure in her plugged and full cunt as he began to pump a thick quantity of cum into her pussy. Her body heaved in response. Her muscles clamped down on his fat prick and sucked upward, pulling his cum and that of his predecessors up into the depths of her womb. She felt the continued pumping of his dick and the surging of his semen up his shaft as her cunt greedily gobbled up every drop.

As he finished spurting cum, she felt his weight on her increase as exhaustion replaced passion. Her body went limp under his, momentarily spent from her span of continuous orgasms.

After a few minutes, Fatty heaved himself up off of her and pulled his cock out of her now gaping sopping hole. She moaned at the empty feeling and could tell that her hole was stretched open. She slid her hand between her legs and easily slipped four fingers up into her pussy. It was going to take awhile for her to tighten up for most of the guys in the room.

As she finished exploring her freshly fucked cunt, she heard a moan and saw Amber slipping down onto the floor as the last of her three lovers exited her body. Amber's shoulders and head slid to the floor. Her rump stuck up and her legs were spread wide. The sight of the sperm running down her thighs was too much for Brenda to ignore.

Not willing to let the cum on Amber be lost, Brenda rolled off the chaise lounge and onto her hands and knees. Too weak for the moment to stand, she crawled over to Amber. She saw the stream of cum on both of Amber's thighs running from her pussy to her knees, the leading edge almost ready to run onto the floor. She leaned forward and began to lick and lap the cream off Amber's right leg, from her knee to the crease between her cunt and thigh. She then did the same to her left leg.

Brenda saw a black body move in front of Amber's head and kneel before her. Even as Brenda began to run her tongue up and down the cum-filled slit, she felt Amber's body lifted as her newest lover pulled her up by her hair and lowered her opening lips over his dick. As she plunged her tongue into the gaping cum-oozing pussy, she realized that the prick lodged in Amber's mouth had last been in her own cunt.

Even as Brenda began to suck the cum from Amber's pussy, she let her eyes slide over to Sandy and watched as she arched up against another black cock that was pounding her cunt as the white dick in her mouth was yanked out in time for sperm to spray all over her face and throat. The sight sent Brenda into another climax, even as she felt Amber's body quivering and shaking and her juice pouring out of her and straight down Brenda's throat.

Sudden pain! Someone was yanking her hair hard! Lips were pressed to her ear, even as she continued to roll her tongue in Amber's cunt.

"Clean her ass, slut!" her assailant hissed in her ear. "Lick her ass clean so she's ready for more fucking."

When Brenda stiffened in protest, another yank on her hair made her think better of it. The thought had already been in her mind to lick Amber's cum-leaking ass, so the order was one she had planned on fulfilling anyway. Now, being forced to do it sent a jolt of pleasure through her, a reaction that surprised her.

She lifted her head and ran her tongue over the flesh between the two well-fucked holes. When she reached the edge of Amber's butt, she pushed forward and plunged her tongue into the wet musty opening. She moaned against the quivering ass cheeks of the Heather Locklear look-alike and buried her tongue as deeply as she could into the sperm-filled ass. She suddenly felt her own butt being penetrated.

Her assailant kept her waist-length raven hair in his hand as he began to forcefully attack her willing rump. Every thrust he made into Brenda's body shoved her face against Amber's ass crack, helping her to jam her tongue as deeply as possible into the back-thrusting asshole.

Brenda was in the middle of a foursome; her butt was being rhythmically screwed as Amber's face received the same treatment.

She wrapped her hand around Amber's waist and pulled her hips back so she could keep her tongue deeply lodged in the quivering sperm-loaded asshole.

Both women were soon convulsed in climaxes until both men finally let loose and pumped more semen into their bodies. When the men finally released the two women and slid out of them, they both fell apart and lay sprawled and exhausted on the floor.

They lay there for a few minutes, gasping for breath. Brenda finally crawled up alongside Amber and wrapped an arm around her. Pressed together side by side, the two women tried to recover their composure.

Brenda looked at the woman and their eyes met. Amber smiled and mouthed "thank you" to Brenda between gasps.

They looked over at Sandy and saw her spent body splayed on the long wide sofa she'd occupied since the orgy had begun. Her face and hair were coated in cum, as were her breasts and belly. Her legs were spread wide, one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the sofa where her last lovers had left them. The nine men were scattered around the room, also obviously trying to recuperate for the moment.

The two women helped each other up. With their arms around each other, they staggered over to Sandy. When she saw them approaching, she groaned and swung her quivering legs to make room for them, and they joined her on the sofa.

Hating to see cum wasted, Brenda leaned toward Sandy and began licking her cum-covered face and neck. Sandy began to scrape the fluid from her tummy and groin, licking it off her hands when Brenda was finished cleaning her face.

Unbeknownst to the three women, the men watched their actions, marveling at how cum-craving they were.

Brigit Astar
03-11-2010, 12:48 AM
Part 6--and the final part of the story--will be posted on Friday

mrs babyisblue
03-22-2010, 09:29 AM
very good :)

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