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Brigit Astar
03-12-2010, 06:27 AM
by Brigit Astar and Myra Simmons

Sandy awoke suddenly, disconcerted at first and trying to fit the pieces together. She stretched out on the long wide sofa and turned her head to get a glimpse of her surroundings. She saw that men were sprawled out on sofas or lying on the floor, snoozing away. Then she thought of Brenda and Amber. They weren't there. She lay there for a few minutes, and then she slowly sat up and listened. No sounds came except snoring from some of the men.

She sat for a moment, debating what to do. First things first, she finally thought. Bathroom is first.

She got up and walked through the room, stepping over sprawled bodies, toward a door that she knew led to the nearest bathroom. Other than being light-headed and sore, she felt okay, considering all that had happened the night before.

Once she reached the bathroom and relieved herself, she decided she might as well shower. She let the warm water flow all over her body, feeling herself come alive and perking up. After showering, she looked around the bathroom for something to put on. She spotted a terrycloth robe folded neatly alongside some towels. She wrapped herself in the robe and grabbed a towel, and headed out in search of Brenda and Amber.

She smelled the aroma of brewing coffee and followed her nose. It led her to a kitchen where Brenda and Amber sat at a table sipping coffee.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in," Brenda chuckled.” Good morning, sleepyhead. How are you feeling?"

"Feel all right," Sandy replied. ”A little light-headed, a little sore, but otherwise fine.”

"There's coffee over there," Amber pointed to the counter. ”Freshly perked. Everything's on the house while we're here.”

Sandy poured a mug of coffee and joined the girls at the table.

"How are you two feeling?"

"Oh, I'm fit as a fiddle," Brenda replied. ”raring to go for round two," she smiled wickedly.

"Me too," Amber said.” The weekend has really just begun. I like these two-day engagements. It beats one-night stripping gigs by a mile--in more ways than one. I wish I could work it out to have an engagement like this every weekend--and even during the week. It would make things better all the way around--and be even more profitable.”

She looked at Brenda and Sandy and smiled. ”So you two work together? Rod told me that Brenda was the boss, but you seem more like co-workers."

"Yes, I'm the boss," Brenda replied, "but Sandy is my right-hand woman. She's really indispensable.”

"I bet she is," Amber smiled knowingly,” so will you be staying here through Sunday night?"

"No, we'll be leaving Sunday evening," Brenda said.”What about you?"

"I'll be staying till Sunday night per agreement. My contract calls for two days and two nights.”

"Your contract?" Sandy asked.

"Well, I call it a contract, although it's not legally binding," Amber chuckled. "In this case, it worked out perfectly, because I was totally compensated in advance. Which really was a compliment to me, and i appreciate the guys, especially Rod, Max and Fatty, for doing that. It shows they're on the level and that they trust me and that makes me want to be on the level with them. So I'm not going to skip out on them. I agreed to strip for two days and nights, so I'm going to stay here till Sunday night. Besides, I'm enjoying it. It's a real pleasure when you enjoy your job and get paid well for it.”

"May I ask you a personal question?" Brenda said.

"Sure, go ahead.”

"You say that you enjoy your job--and get well-paid for it. I take it to mean by job you mean stripping?"

"Well, mainly, yes," Amber replied. ”I am a professional stripper, after all, that's my regular 'job,' I guess you could say.” She chuckled. ”But of course I do lots of other things as well. It sure beats 'working for a living,' as they say. Would you believe I used to be an accountant?"

"Really? You mean like a CPA?" Brenda asked.

"Yep, I sure was, until I found a more lucrative profession. Now I make nearly twice as much a year than I made as an accountant.”

"Wow!" Brenda exclaimed. ”Nice work if you can get it, I guess.”

"Oh, I get it all right," Amber said. ”I get all I want. The thing is, I'm a natural exhibitionist, I guess. I get off on expressing, exhibiting, showing my body, stripping and all that goes with it. The bottom line is this: I get paid well for stripping--for something I like to do, and i get paid well for other things--like licking, sucking, fucking. I love to strip, and I love to suck and fuck--so why not get paid well for it.”

"Do you work for someone though?" Brenda asked.”I mean, are you on your own, or do you have a...”

Amber chuckled. ”A pimp, you mean? Or a procurer. No, not really, not a regular one. I mean, I work at different clubs, you know, and I have connections, and sometimes, yeah, I pay a percentage of what I make, sometimes not. I do pay some for protection. But the thing is, I've been doing this for a while, and you build up a reputation, you know, and you become known. And that's where connections come in. If you can build up connections, that makes it a lot easier--and safer. Like in this case here, I know Fatty--I've known him for a couple of years. And I've known Rod and Max for a good while.”

"What do you mean by protection?" Sandy asked. ”You mean protection against getting pregnant or getting a disease or something?'

Amber chuckled. ”No, although that is important. I sure don't want to get knocked up or get some STD or something, you know. I use protections for birth control. As for STD, there is no one hundred percent prevention for that. But the thing is, I'm as selective as I can be, and I'm not, to put it bluntly, an indiscriminate fucker. I pick and choose as much as possible. Of course, there is always a risk involved. Nothing is one hundred percent sure. That's true of anything. What I mean by protection is being protected against possible violence or fucked-up rough people, you know. I find it's good to pay some to have protectors--it's really like paying for insurance, you know.”

"And you make nearly twice as much as you did as an accountant," Brenda said in a pensive manner.

"Yes, I do--and I get to do any and everything I feel like doing," Amber replied. ”And believe me, I am kinky. And I get all the cock I want. And I want a lot too.”

Brenda and Sandy both chuckled.”We're three of a kind when it comes to that," Brenda said.”I swear I could lick and suck and fuck every day and night and still not get enough. If I hadn't been using protection, I would’ve been knocked up long ago.”

"Me too probably," Sandy said.

Brenda looked quizzically at Sandy. ”You mean, you've been using protection for awhile?"

"Yes, ever since I've been married," Sandy replied. ”I don't want a baby right now. Maybe in the future, but not for a few years.”

Rod suddenly appeared, standing in the doorway. He was stark naked.

"Well, well, good morning, ladies.” he greeted them. ”I see you've already got the java going. My, my, you ladies are always ahead of us gents, no doubt about it.”

Brenda rolled her head on her shoulders, turning her head so she was looking at Rod.

"Oh, don't we look delicious this morning!" she cooed to him.

Rod laughed at Brenda, seeing that she was still horny in spite of the tremendous fucking she'd gotten the night before.

"I see you have coffee made. Is there any left, or have you sex machines drunk it all up already?" he asked, still laughing.

"Oh, there's still some left.” Brenda replied as she stood up.

As she got to her feet, her robe fell open, revealing her naked front to everyone in the room.

Sandy and Amber giggled as they looked at her standing there, shoulders thrown back, breasts thrust forward, legs slightly parted. Rod just stared at her and smiled.

Brenda tossed her head, causing her hair to flip back off her shoulder, and then turned to the counter, where the coffee was located. She grabbed a cup from the cabinet and poured it full and carried it over to him.

"There you go, Rod. Black, just the way you like it," she announced to him in a sultry voice.

"Yep, black and strong, just like me," Rod responded, laughing.

"Yes, it is," she replied in a husky voice, "the way I like my men, too.”

She put her hands on his chest and, continuing to stare into his eyes, slid down, squatting in front of him, letting her hands slide down his body. She slid one hand between his legs and cupped his ball sack, caressing it lovingly. She laid her other over the bottom of his rising cock and began running her palm up and down its length, letting her fingers curl around the base of its head.

"Mmm. My favorite breakfast is here," she sighed as she supped his balls with her fingers, "and I'm going to indulge myself in it.”

She moved her face to Rod's now fully erect prick, pressing her lips to the shaft. As she cupped the cockhead in her palm, she slowly ran the tip of her tongue up and down the exposed shaft, concentrating on the tube, bulging from it.

Amber and Sandy sat at the kitchen table sipping their coffee and watching Brenda's performance. When Rod looked over at them, he saw both their heads nodding up and down in time with Brenda's motions along his dick. By the way their mouths hung partially open and by the way their breathing had increased and become audible, he knew they were getting aroused. When he saw Sandy run her tongue tip over her lips in an unknowing but sensuous way, he knew it wouldn't be long for them to be ready for a good fucking.

When Brenda heard her two companions giggling and panting, she knew they were watching and growing aroused. She didn't care; her mind was filled with desire for the cum she felt churning in the balls she held so gently and lovingly. She slid her lips from the shaft's base to the tip of the cockhead and then pressed them around it, sliding her tongue tip into the slit. When she first tasted his pre-cum, she moaned in lust and need.

Sandy watched, totally enthralled, as Brenda made oral love to Rod's cock. When she saw her boss and friend's lips slide over his cockhead, she gasped and then giggled as she saw the expression on Rod's face. Amber and she were soon holding hands, pressed against each other as they watched Rod's prick disappear slowly into Brenda's mouth.

Brenda halted when she had about half of Rod's dick in her mouth, the head already past her gagging point. She slowly drew back and then plunged back down, taking another inch of the cock into her throat.

"Go for it, Bren!" Amber called out.”Take it all.”

"Yeah, Bren," Sandy chimed in, "do it! I know you can.”

Brenda pressed her head down onto the prize in her mouth. After several bobs up and down, she sighed happily as she felt Rod's pubic hair tickling her nose. She shoved her face into his groin, forcing the root between her lips. She held her face there and began stroking and caressing his throbbing balls. She instinctively rippled her tongue along the length of meat in her mouth and throat. She moaned in even greater need and desire as she felt Rod's hand wrap in her hair, pulling and controlling her, shoving her face tighter against him. She relaxed and let him slide his shaft in and out of her face as he began to thrust.

As he began a steady rhythm in her mouth, she heard her two companions cheering her on, calling for her to drain him. She reached her hand back under his balls so they rested in her palm. She splayed her index, ring and pinky fingers on the curves of Rod's ass cheeks as she slid her middle finger full length up into his ass. She found the bulge of his prostate and began to stroke it gently with her nail, knowing how much he loved it when she did that.

When Amber saw Brenda's hand move between Rod's legs, she wasn't quite sure what was happening. But when she saw him lurch forward clenching his ass cheeks and thrusting his cock into Brenda's willing mouth and saw the motion of her hand, she realized what was happening. She couldn't help but laugh gleefully and clap her hands, almost spilling her coffee.”Yeah, Bren, finger his ass and make him cum!" she called out.

Brenda heard Amber's voice but not her words. It didn't matter; she was already stroking Rod's prostate, knowing it would make him cum fast and hard. She was hungry and wanted as much of his sperm to blast into her tummy as she could get. Even as she squatted in front of him, her head locked in his grip and his prick thrusting into her mouth and throat like it was her pussy, she began to rock as her hips began thrusting. With each stroke of the hot throbbing meat in her mouth, her own orgasm was growing stronger and stronger, closer and closer.

Brenda wrapped her free hand around Rod's body, digging her fingers into his ass cheek. Her hips flexed of their own accord, totally out of her control. Her head was held firmly by Rod's hand locked in her long hair as his cock pumped furiously in and out of her open willing mouth and throat. At long last, to the total delight of the watching Sandy and Amber, Rod grunted and shoved his hips forward, his full length buried in Brenda's mouth. As she felt the first surge of his cum pulsing past her lips and the length of her rippling tongue, she felt as if her body exploded. Lights flashed through her head, heat shot out through her entire body, making her feel as if she was about to burst into flames. Every muscle in her body seemed to spasm in total pleasure, including her groin, which tightened up to the point of being painful. As Rod's cum finally left the tip of his prick and splashed against her throat, she felt total joy and completion explode through her as it began sliding down and coating her throat on its way to her waiting stomach.

As Rod's sperm pulsed up his cock and into her waiting tummy, Brenda heard the sound of splashing liquid close by. She felt hot wetness on her thighs as she continued to squat and thrust in her orgasmic spasms. She held herself tightly against Rod's groin, even when the last of his pulses ceased, keeping her finger stroking his prostate and her right hand gripping his left ass cheek. Too weak to support herself as her own climax began to subside, she used Rod's softening dick in her mouth, and her hand on his cheek and her finger up his ass as support points. Rod's grip on her hair finally began to lessen and gradually changed to gentle caresses.

As her body finally calmed down, Brenda drew her head back and let Rod's cock slip out from between her lips. The first intrusion of the outside world on her psyche was the shrill sound of whistling and clapping of hands as Sandy and Amber showed their appreciation of the show she'd put on for them. When she attempted to lean back and stand up, she suddenly felt her feet slipping out from under her. She fell backward on her bottom hitting the floor and sliding in a puddle of wetness. Startled, she looked up at Rod, who began laughing gently at her, even as he offered her a hand to help her stand.

Brenda looked around in confusion as she stood. The floor around her was flooded with a puddle of clear liquid. She looked at Rod and then at Sandy and Amber, confusion covering her face. Amber was almost beet red as she continued to laugh at the scene and Brenda's expression. She finally pulled her hand away from her mouth and smiled at Brenda and pointed to the wet floor.

"What a hot scene when that came out of you!" she exclaimed.

Brenda looked at the floor and then at Amber. ”What happened? Did I pee myself when I came?"

"No," Amber responded, a smile of genuine joy and admiration on her face. ”You didn't pee, you ejaculated. We could see it jetting out of your pussy. It was awesome!"

Brenda then realized what had happened. During her orgasm, her body had tightened up totally and begun to quiver and shake, her pussy being the focus of the sensation. The intense pleasure she'd been feeling from her body as Rod had been pumping sperm down her throat cane from her own ejaculation. And now, it was still running down her inner thighs from her cunt, and her ass was coated from her fall.

A smile crossed her face at the thought of her intense orgasm, and it was intensified as she thought of the huge quantity of cum now in her belly. She looked up at Rod and smiled.

"Thank you for feeding me your cum," she declared. ”It was quite delicious and filling!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed your special breakfast," Rod smiled in return. ”But the other guys are starting to rouse and, like me, they're going to be quite hungry. Are you gals going to make breakfast, or is it every man for himself?" He asked, amusement in his voice.

"Oh, I think we girls can rustle up grub for you cowboys," Amber smiled and got up and headed for the fridge.”Nothing fancy--just scrambled eggs, sausage or bacon and toast maybe.”

"Sounds great," Rod replied.”I'm going to find the nearest empty shower.” He turned and left the kitchen.

"I'll help you," Sandy said to Amber. ”We'll rustle up a bunch of stuff that won't take long, and they can take it or leave it.”

"Let's divide this up so we won't get in each other's way," Brenda said. ”I'll go ahead and do the eggs.”

"Okay," Amber replied. ”I'll take the sausage and bacon.”

"I guess that leaves me the toast, and the juice and coffee," Sandy said. ”I better make some more. Something tells me we've got a bunch of coffee-drinkers here. I hope the larder is well-supplied.”

"Looks good to me," Amber responded, looking in the fridge. ”Plenty of eggs, sausage, bacon.”

The girls went to work and were in the middle of preparing breakfast when Max came in dressed in boxer shorts and a tee shirt. ”Is there anything in here even remotely resembling coffee?" he asked.

"Sure," Sandy replied, pointing to the counter. ”I just made a fresh big pot.”

"You're a peach," Max said, and headed for the counter.

Zeke entered, dressed in a pajama bottom. ”Man, you all have got it going!" he exclaimed. ”Mmm, I smell something good.”

"It'll be a few more minutes till it's ready," Brenda said, standing at the stove.

Zeke went up behind her and slid his arms around her waist, nuzzled her neck and cheek, and pushed his crotch on her rump. ”What's for breakfast?" he asked.

Brenda raised an arm and stroked his cheek and twirled her ass around a little. ”Something you'll like. Something good and hot.”

"Mmm, yeah, I think so," Zeke responded, giving her a hunch on her butt, and reaching around to give her a little squeeze on a breast.

Max rubbed Amber's ass as he passed by her on his way out. ”It's getting a bit crowded in here. I'll drink my coffee in the living room.”

Just as he left, Fatty entered, dressed in a bathrobe. ”My, my, but you girls are organized," he proclaimed, giving out a big jolly smile. ”You got it under control.”

Breakfast will be served in a few minutes," Amber announced. ”Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, butter, jelly, honey, coffee, juice or milk.”

"Oh, just some toast and a little honey and juice for me," Fatty said. ”I'm trying to lose a little, if you know what I mean," he patted his fat belly. He went up behind Sandy and placed his hands on her waist and brushed his lips on her neck and pressed his crotch on her rump. ”Good morning, baby," he whispered in her ear.

"Morning to you," Sandy replied.

He pushed his prick into her butt and slid a hand around and inside her robe and cupped and lightly squeezed a breast. ”I'm hard as a rock this morning," he whispered, nuzzling her neck.

"Mmm, I can feel it," Sandy murmured. ”You're good and stiff.”

"After breakfast, I'm going to give you some of this," he gave her a good hard thrust on her butt. ”I want a piece of that ass.”

"I want it too," Sandy whispered. I want that stiff fat cock.”

Other guys began arriving in the kitchen. Brenda, Amber and Sandy laid everything out on the table and the counter. The guys helped themselves, every now and then copping a feel from the girls, running hands over their asses or sweeping hands over breasts and rubbing and squeezing. Zeke even slid a hand under Brenda's robe between her legs and rubbed.

By the time breakfast was over, there were some hard cocks and hot pussies.

Some of the guys volunteered to do the clean up in the kitchen, so the girls made their way into the living room.

Sandy went to the stereo, turned it on and put on some lively jazz music. Just as she turned around, a black guy faced her, wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed his crotch between her legs. ”I just can't wait any longer, honey," he rasped out, giving her a good hard hunch. She felt he had a tremendous hard-on. He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them. ”Damn, but you look just like Nicole Kidman," he said. ”You're a damn movie star, baby. You're one fine looking fox. And you're married too. I see your wedding ring. Your husband doesn't give you enough cock, does he? He doesn't satisfy you, does he? And I bet he's small too, isn't he?"

Sandy answered yes to all his questions, as he began rubbing his big stiff prick between her legs. She felt the juice begin to churn in the core of her cunt, and her titties swell and grow hot and throb. Her ass tingled.

"Damn, but it turns me on knowing you're a pretty young white married woman who loves to be fucked by other men. You love black meat too, don't you, honey," he panted. ”You can't get enough of black cock, can you.” He went down on her tits, licking and sucking them.

"Yes," Sandy panted in return, "I love black cock. Long stiff thick black cock.”

"I'm gonna give you some of that black meat, baby, but first I want to lick and suck on that sweet cunt of yours. I love sucking pussy.”

With both hands, he raked at her robe, pulling it open and sliding it down her body. She was totally naked.

”Damn, but you are so fine," he exclaimed, as he clutched at her butt and pulled her down.

He nudged her onto her back and lifted her legs up and spread them. He drew her legs back.

”Mmm, beautiful, delicious, sandy-blond pussy," he proclaimed. ”Made to lick, suck and fuck.”

He buried his face onto her cunny, rubbing his mouth up and down. Sandy groaned at the feeling of his lips running back and forth on her slit. She clutched his head and thrust her vulva up against his mouth.

”Ooh yeah, rub it," she panted.” Ah, yes, something tells me you're going to give me a good tongue-fucking.”

He suddenly dipped and curled his tongue into her slit, squirming it around.

"Unh!" Sandy gasped at the sudden feeling.

It felt so damn good. She hunched her pussy up against his lips and tongue.

”Ah, yeah, lick my pussy, ooh yes, lick, suck, tongue-fuck my cunt. Ah, your tongue feels so fucking good!"

He jammed his tongue up her pussy, and then began jabbing it back and forth, sliding it over Sandy’s clit. She hunched on his face, arching her body up, thrusting her breasts out. He moved his hands up and began squeezing her tits good and hard as he tongue-fucked her cunt, zipping his tongue up and down her channel.

"Oh god--yes!" she cried, humping and thrusting and jerking. ”Ah, you know how to lick and suck a cunt. Jesus Christ, your tongue's so long and thick! Goddamn, it feels like you're fucking me with your cock!"

He jabbed his tongue as far as it would go up her pussy, and left it there, wriggling and squirming it around.

"Now!" Sandy cried out, hunching and mashing her cunny against his face. ”Oh sweet fucking goddamn son-of-a-bitch, you're making me cum! Now!" She thrashed and humped as the hot juice came gushing up, driving her temporarily out of her mind with pure unadulterated lust.

The young black man continued to tongue-fuck her for a few minutes, and then slid his tongue out.

"Oh god, so fucking good," Sandy panted in the aftermath of her climax.

The man suddenly grabbed her around her waist, and pulled her up. He lay down on his back, pulling her atop him. He clutched her rump and thrust his hard prick up between her spread legs. ”Ride me, baby," he called out. “Ride my cock. You know you want some black meat up that married white pussy.”

Without hesitation, Sandy thrust down, squeezing and sliding her cunt over the big head of his dick. Staring into her newest lover’s face, she cried aloud at the indescribably good feeling it gave her when her cunny slid over the knob, capturing and locking it into her pussy.

Her cunt had totally taken over, and it slid on down the long thick prick, taking it in inch after inch. She grunted and groaned with unrestrained lust as the big cock filled her pussy up.

"Oh god yes!" she panted.”Ah, I could fuck like this all day! God, nothing feels better than this!"

"Umm, yeah, you've got a sweet fucking cunt, baby," the black man panted, as he began to pump her pussy. ”Sweet tight hot married white cunt. You love black meat, don't you, baby. You want black cock every day, don't you?”

"Yes, oh god, yes!" Sandy wailed. ”Every day--every night. I want long thick black cocks deep in my cunt, my ass, my mouth. God, I can't get enough of it!"

She suddenly felt a big body behind her, moving up between her spread legs, wrapping arms around her waist, and pressing a hard thick dick on her ass. A plump face pressed against her cheek, and Fatty spoke into her ear.

”Here I am, baby. I'm gonna give you a fat cock up that sweet ass. I told you I was gonna get a piece of your ass.” He pushed hard and thrust the head of his cock into her asshole.

"Ooh ah, yes," Sandy panted, spreading her legs as far as she could to accommodate both men. ”I want it. Oh ah, Fatty, I love your cock.”

Fatty heaved up against her rump, digging his dick up her ass.

”Goddamn, you're tight!" he exclaimed. ”You've got the tightest ass I've ever screwed.”

"Oh ah," Sandy crooned in pleasure as the two black men stuffed their cocks up her cunt and ass simultaneously.

Never had she had been filled so completely. ”Oh god, this is heaven," she moaned. ”Oh sweet fucking Jesus, I want this every day!"

The two men fucked her in synch, cramming their cocks up her ass and pussy in perfect rhythm. Each time they humped their dicks up she cried out in total passion, and each time they pulled back she groaned aloud in unrestrained pleasure.

She suddenly felt something pressing and rubbing upon her face. She opened her eyes and saw a close-up view of a big black dick. She instinctively opened her lips and the cock slid into her mouth.

She sucked with relish on the dick, overcome with pleasure and passion. A fleeting thought flashed through her mind: I'm being fucked by three black cocks at the same time; and then all thought vanished from her awareness as she let feeling take her over completely. She surrendered herself totally to lust.

The three black men fucked the young beautiful married white woman, rapping and screwing and jamming their long stiff thick pricks in her mouth, cunt and ass simultaneously, totally in rhythm. Sandy was aware of only two things: the complete total pleasure she was receiving and feeling, and the knowledge and realization that nothing was going to stop her from getting as much of this as she could. I'm going to do this every day and every night if possible, she thought.

Fatty, especially, was fucking her good. He screwed her ass in long strong full strokes, filling her up with each thrust of his plump prick. His full fat balls mashed upon her cunt and the thrusting cock of the black guy who rammed his dick into her pussy.

As climax after climax racked through her body, she sucked hungrily on the black prick fucking her mouth, and her ass squeezed around Fatty's cock as he jammed it in. Her cunt sucked greedily on the dick as it plowed up her pussy. Never in her life had she imagined such pleasure was possible.

Brenda and Amber had come into the room shortly after Sandy and saw the young black guy rubbing his cock against her. They glanced at each other and then stood and watched, hands clasping as he slid down between her legs and began eating her dripping pussy. As the scent of her aroused pussy wafted over to them it triggered their own sexual needs. They stood there, frozen in place, both feeling their chests growing tight in arousal. Finally, as Sandy moaned and arched in her first orgasm, Brenda released Amber’s hand and slid it down Amber’s belly until her fingers were over her swelling lips. Gently, but insistently, she slid her two middle fingers up into Amber’s sopping wet pussy. Amber moaned at the feel of her vaginal penetration and reciprocated Brenda’s act, soon slipping her own fingers into Brenda’s dripping cunt.

Brenda almost took a step forward toward Sandy when she saw Fatty moving up behind her thrusting ass. A hand wrapping around her waist stopped her and easily lifted her up off her feet. Startled, she felt her fingers slip out of Amber’s pussy even as she realized that Amber, too, was being lifted. The arm around her waist was black and quite familiar.

“Rod, what are you doing?” She asked in confusion and arousal.

“Taking you to fuck, beautiful. Do you think we’re going to let you stand there, fingering Amber while you watch your friend get fucked? You’ve got some hard cock to take care of, just like Amber and Sandy.”

Brenda was helpless in Rod’s powerful arm as he carried her to one of the open lounges. Across the room, she saw Amber being taken to another lounge on which sat a white guy with a rather long, fat cock. Even as Rod sat down, pulling her onto his lap, Brenda felt her breath catch in her throat at the site of that monster cock disappearing up into Amber’s ass. As her ass fucking lover shoved his cock up into her fully, Amber’s body arched in response, driving down onto him, a look of total lust on her face. Even as he brought his hands up to cup and squeeze her firm breasts, Brenda lost sight of her when one of the young black guys stood before her and lunged his hips forward, thrusting his cock into her open pussy.

Even as Amber’s moan of pleasure reverberated across the room, Brenda added her own moan to it as Rod pushed his hard cock up into her ass. She looked down between her legs and watched as his black shaft slid up into her white ass. The sight of his black balls pressed up into her ass crack caused a sudden burst of total lust in her middle which soon overwhelmed her totally, making her body spasm in a massive orgasm. She didn’t realize that she’d let out a primeval scream followed by a series of primitive grunts and pants. Rod grabbed around Brenda’s body and cupped her swollen breasts and, finding her rock hard nipples, pinched them and twisted them. Brenda screamed out another massive orgasm as her hips thrust hard and passionately up and down on Rod’s cock.

Rod saw Zeke approaching and nodded to him, pressing Brenda’s quivering legs further apart with his own knees. Zeke stood between Brenda’s legs and guided his cock into her pussy. When his cock slid fully into her and his balls slapped against her cheeks, her eyes flew open and she stared up into his young face, lust filling her.

“Zeke, fuck me! God your cock feels so good in me! Fuck my pussy while Rod fucks my ass! Damn it, fuck me hard!”

With that, Brenda arched her hips up, driving Zeke’s cock deeply into her pussy. She twisted her hips to move both the cocks in her body around. Her movements resulted in a choir of gasps from all three.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Brenda repeated over and over, like a mantra, with each thrust of the two men between her legs.

Max saw Brenda sandwiched between Rod and Zeke when he finally entered the room from the kitchen. He glanced over at Sandy and saw she had a guy under her, Fatty pounding away at her ass and another young black cock so far down her throat the his balls were dangling from her chin. Amber was moaning around the black cock in her mouth while she was moving up and down on the two white cocks that were fucking her pussy and ass. Seeing his only opening, he walked over to Brenda. When he was in front of her, he wrapped his left hand around his rigid shaft and slid his right hand around Brenda’s chin. He pulled her face toward him and saw the wild look in her eyes as she was reaching towards another huge orgasm. Even as he held her, he watched her eyes roll up in her head and her body stiffen and shake in her newest climax. As soon as it passed and her eyes became visible, Max guided his cock to her lips.

At the touch of the soft, wet, spongy cockhead on her lips, Brenda eagerly parted her lips and let it slide into her mouth. Arching her head slightly, she let it push deeper and deeper into her mouth until it slid easily down into her willing throat. When she felt the heavy ball sack against her chin, she sighed happily, knowing just whose very familiar cock was lodged in her face. She took one hand off from around Zeke’s thrusting body and cupped the beautiful white ball sack in her hand that she’d learned to love and appreciate so many times. Knowing Max, she knew that she was soon going to be face fucked just the way she loved it.

No sooner thought, than it began. Max slid his hand up over Brenda’s head and grabbed a handful of her thick, black hair. Holding her tightly, he began to fuck her mouth as hard and deeply as Zeke was fucking her pussy and Rod her ass. Brenda let go of her body and lost herself in the sensations her lovers were creating in her. Losing herself in the passion and pleasure they were creating in her, she knew that this is what she needed, what she wanted, what she was created for. She realized that, no matter what she did, her purpose in life was to be a sex machine, a cum bank.

As the realization that she was a cum addicted slut spread through her, joy welled up in her heart and her body clamped down on the cocks buried in her crotch. The grasp of her body and its insistent demand for cum was more than the two men could resist and they both began to dump the entire contents of their balls into her body. Brenda heaved in joyful orgasm as she felt the heat and pressure of them filling her body and her spirit’s need. As their bodies finally stopped trembling and pumping, Max let out a moan and began to pump his cum directly into Brenda’s belly. When he tried to pull back, she yanked him forward by his quivering balls and ground her face in his groin. She held him there until his spent cock began to soften in her mouth.

Full of cum, the balls of all three men totally drained, Brenda finally pulled back from Max’s belly and gasped in a lungful of air. Looking around, she saw Sandy still sandwiched between the two black bodies lodged in her crotch, her head resting lightly on the groin of the guy before her as she gently stroked the soft black cock with her hand. Her gaze swung to Amber who was still sitting on one cock while the white guy in her pussy was slumped over her and the black guy in her mouth was giving a few last hard thrusts into her throat before throwing his head back and pumping his cum into Amber’s expert mouth. Even as her throat was being coated, Amber’s gaze locked with Brenda’s.

Yes, this is my purpose in life, Brenda thought, to fuck men and pleasure them and drain them and share it with my fellow women. Maybe Sandy and I should become call girls so we can get paid for pleasuring men and getting cum to share in our lovemaking. With that thought in mind, her eyes still focused on Amber, Brenda let her body relax and exhaustion claim her for the moment.

Looking at Brenda, Sandy was suddenly overcome with an urge to move and just embrace her and let her know how happy and fulfilled she was.

She broke free of the male bodies and moved to Brenda.

Rousing herself as she saw Sandy approach, Brenda likewise worked her way out from between the bodies surrounding her.

Sandy flopped down on the floor beside Brenda. She turned to her and hugged her.

"I love you," Sandy simply said.

Brenda returned the embrace and kissed Sandy full on the lips. ”I love you too," she whispered. ”Do you know what I was just thinking? That we could do this every day and every night if we wanted. We could get all the pleasure we wanted, and indulge in any and everything we wanted and get paid well for it. We could make a very good living from this. We could get paid well for licking, sucking, fucking, and everything we feel like doing.”

Sandy smiled as she thought about it. Yes, it was true. She knew in her heart it was true, and something told her that Brenda and she would be doing exactly what her best friend and lover suggested.

The End

Brigit Astar
03-19-2010, 11:06 AM
Something tells me that Myra and I will collaborate again in the future

mrs babyisblue
03-22-2010, 09:31 AM
very very good i will look foward to reading them when you do

Brigit Astar
03-22-2010, 12:20 PM
if myra and I do collaborate on a story in the future, I don't think it will be as long as this story