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03-18-2010, 03:21 AM
Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, Then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! We DO NOT promote rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a story, of fiction, and if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, YOU DON'T BELONG HERE & SHOULD LEAVE NOW!!

Taken By The Rider

Funny how a high school teacher can start out a class talking about the appointed subject and within a few moments be lecturing about the pros and cons of the Vietnam war or who did the most harm to the country, Nixon or Clinton. But thats how Kelly taught and kept the short attentioned freshmen engaged and learning.

She was a good teacher with the highest and most honorable goals for herself and her students. Which is why she would attend each and every teaching seminar she could find time for. She was very excited about the vacation seminar she was about to attend in the Indiana countryside.

It was ten days of exceptional professors and other lecturers sharing old and new ideas about how to get through to young people in todays teaching world. It was also a time to renew herself as the countryside location of the seminar had swimming , tennis and horseback riding among many other activities.

Kelly arrived on Friday afternoon and got settled in her room around cocktail hour. Not knowing what to expect as far as the dress code she put on a conservative black satin dress with a slight slit to just above the knee, a set of black pumps a quick spritz of Halston (her favorite fragrance) and headed for the lounge.

The lounge was about half full with a lot of activity and she took a seat at a small table for two and ordered a manhatten. The drink was just as she liked it just dry enough and perfectly chilled.

A number of men had noticed her as she entered the lounge and walked to her table, after all she was quite a sight. Beautiful long hair and sparkling eyes that were as naive as they were inviting. Her figure was like an hour glass with long beautifully formed legs.

One man in particular seemed to be paying quite a bit of attention to her and after a while walked over and introduced himself and asked if he could join her. Kelly politely but firmly explained that she was here for the relaxation and the learning experience and that he may do better at another table. She had injured his ego,it was plain to see, as he quietly stormed away to the other side of the lounge.

Kelly decided to take a walk in the beautiful flower gardens that were ajacent to the hote so she ordered a second manhatten in a go cup to take with her.

The hotel was know for its expansive isolated gardens and beautiful settings. Kelly found the arrangments invigorating as she wandered aimliously from one setting to another. Soon she found herself to alone and at the furthest point from the hotel. It was very quite and strangley exilerating.

As Kelly turned to go back to the hotel something caught her eye behind a small group of yews. It appeared to move and she called out "Whos there?" There was no reply and she quickly dismissed it and continued back towards thr hotel. After another hundred feet or so she heard what she thought was most definitly a twig snap behind her. Just as she turned to look a very deep mans voice violated the serene silence of the garden. "Awfully late and isolated to be out here by yourself this late at night don't you think?"

The suddeness of the voice in the dark caused Kelly to gasp. She fully turned now to see the same man who had approached her in the lounge. "What do you want, why are you following me?"

"Relax honey I'm just out for walk through the garden just like you."

"I'm not your honey and I don't believe that story for a second and if you don't leave me alone I'll report you to the authorities."

Kelly speeded up her pace heading back to the hotel as the voice from the darkness insisted that he meant no harm and only wanted to get to know her.

She reached the safety of her hotel room and undressed for bed. While going through the brochure of the hotels attractions she discovered that she could rent a horse to explore the "Thousands of glorious wooded and picture perfect acres" of the Indiana countryside.

With Saturday having no speaker events scheduled Kelly decided to get to the stables early in the morning and spend the day riding and taking pictures, two of her favorite pastimes.


Having not planned on riding while at the seminar Kelly did not bring her riding pants and boots but knew she could make do with a pair of jeans and her tennis shoes. After arriving at the stables she signed all the legal disclaimers and assuring the stable master that she was indeed an accomplished rider, she picked out a beautiful white arabian mare, saddled up and was on her way.

Kelly simply road for the first two hours enjoying to beautiful countryside and getting to know her horse. She had just come down from a full canter to a working trot and then a nice comfortable walk. This mare was indeed everything Billy the stablemaster had said. A very easy walk and a smooth as silk canter. What an enjoyable morning!

About three hours north of the stable she noticed another rider about three quarters of a mile to her northwest on a ridge next to a stand of pine. She wondered if the rider was from the hotel stables. Billy had said she was the only one who had reservations for today so she assumed that the rider must be from a local ranch. It was quite a large horse and very black against the white cloud filled background. Oh well it was far enough away that she would not get close to it given her heading of northeast.

A few moments later as she drew parrellel to the rider she noticed that he had begun to walk down the ridge and in her direction. She turned a little more to the east to see if he changed his direction. Her heart skipped a beat when he not only changed his course to match hers but went into a trot. Kelly now new that he was planning to catch up with her although she didn't know why she always suspected the worst.

She signaled the mare and went into a working trot. Kelly did not no his intentions but had no desire to socialize with a stranger in the middle of nowhere.

The race was on.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the rider put his mount into a full canter. Fear swept through her body now as this stranger had clearly signaled his intentions. Or had he? Was she over reacting? Was he just another guy like the one in the garden last night?

She didn't know and she was not going to find out. Kelly put her mount into a full gallop and headed for a thick woods area about five hundred yards to her northeast. As she looked over her shoulder she could see the rider gaining some ground as he was already in a full gallop. The horse looked to be an enormous thoroughbred thundering across the open plain and closing fast.

She thought If she could just reach those woods she might be able to lose him with a smaller more manuverable horse. As she slowed to enter the woods she looked to see him only about one hundred yards behind her and closing fast. She was frantic but her steed was absolutly amazing. The little arabian bobed and weaved through one stand of trees after another. Moving like a middleweight first left than right ducking to avoid overhanging branches and jumping to navigate over felled trees. Even though she was consumed with fear Kelly could not help thinking what a magnificent animal this was.

But it seemed not to be enough as the thundering hoofs of the giant thoroughbred rumbled closer and closer. She quickly looked behind to see the man chasing her. He was no more than twenty yards behind her and his stallion was negotiating the woods with the same agility as her mount.

Kelly knew that it was only a matter of time before she made a mistake and two strides later he would have her.

She put the leather to her mare asking her for more speed. Amazingly the little arabian responded and gained three lengths over the stallion. Kelly ,knowing that all arabians are bred to run distance, decided to head for the clear running pasture and simply outlast the thoroughbred as she made her way back to the safty of the stable.

The arabian cleared the woodline at full gallop and headed south. Kelly knew that if she could avoid the stallion for the first mile her arabian would take her home.

But the stallion came out of the woods like he was shot out of a cannon.

His stride was at least three feet longer than the little arabian so within a quarter mile he was pulling up within three lengths.

Kelly again layed the leather on her mare and the mare gave it everything she had. But it was only enough to delay the capture for another two hundred yards. As the black stallion pulled up behind her Kelly switched the reins to her left side and slapped the stallion in the face. Her slap went unnoticed by the horse and he pulled dead even with the arabian.

As they raced side by side in an all out gallop the rider simply reached over with his black leather gloved hand, and wrapping his arm around Kellys waist, snatched her off her horse in one move.

Kelly came across his horse kicking and screaming but to no avail. She was able to hold on to her reins,a natural thing for an experienced rider, but he soon wrestled those away from her too. Kelly was face down across the front of his saddle and found that all she could do was to hold on as he never slowed the pace. They remained in a full gallop all the way back to the woods from where they came.

He slowed down as he entered the woods and Kelly tried to slide off the horse. Each time she would try he would grab her by the belt and pull her back up. "Let me go " she screamed. He ignored her screaming and continued deep into the woods.

After a quarter hour they came to a small clearing deep into the pine forest. The rider brought the horses to a stop a grabbing Kelly by the belt, threw her to the ground. He then dismounted and tied the mare to stout tree branch.

"What do you want with me?"

He ignored her as he removed the saddle from her mare.

"Why have you brought me here"

He walked over and removed the saddle from his stallion and turned his back to set the saddle down when Kelly took off running into the woods.

He made one high pitched whistle and the stallion lurched forward and with his nose knocked Kelly to the ground. She sprang to her feet and again began to run and again the stallion put his nose in her back and pushed her to the ground.

The rider was now calmly walking towards her with something he had retrieved from his saddle bag. He was a large man, six foot two or three and probably two hundred and twenty pounds. He had the look of a man who could handle any situation that came his way and that did nothing but scare Kelly even more.

He bent over and grabbed her by her shirt picking her off the ground with one hand. She tried to pull away and when she did he slapped her sharply across the face. It was now that Kelly realized the severity of her situation and began to cry. "Thats right whore let me see those tears" and he slapped her again. Kelly was shocked to hear his english accent. "Now stand there and put your hands together"

Kelly saw that he meant to tie her wrist together with a leather strap he fetched from his saddle bag and tried to bolt but as she did he caught her by the hair and jerked her back and to the ground. "Stop you're hurting me" she yelled. she rolled over on her stomach and tried to get back up but by that time he was straddleing her and kneeling down he put his weight on her hips while he tied her wrist.

"Stop it stop it let me go " she yelled as he grabbed a full hand of her hair and dragged her across the clearing to a tree limb that already had a rope hanging down from it. It seemed to Kelly that he had used this clearing before. He stood her up and tied her wrist to the rope.

"Now then let me look at you whore."

The tears were flowing down Kellys face as he backed up to admire his captured prize. He looked her up and down and then walked forward and taking her blouse in both hands he ripped it open exposing her full firm breast. "No " she screamed "Don't you dare do that"

Without saying a word he stepped back and slapped her face forhand first and then backhand.

"No no please don't do that." "I'll do whatever I damn well please slut, now keep your mouth shut until I'm ready for you to open it."

The rider reached behind his back and pulled out a nine inch bowie. He started at her shoulder and cut her sleeve all the way to her wrist. "Damn you" she cried and quickly received another slap.

"You know for a teacher you don't learn very fast."

Her eyes glared at him as he slowly repeated his cutting on the remaining sleeve. When he made the final cut her blouse fell to the ground. "Please don't do this I'm begging you" slap slap another double slap across her face. Kelly was crying freely as the rider slid the knifeblade under her shoulder strap and cut through it. He then repeated the same cut on the other strap. She knew what was next and wanted to beg him to stop but her face was getting very sore and starting to throb.

With the sharp edge of the knife pointing directly at her chest he pulled the elastic towards him and very slowly cut through it causing her bra to fall to the ground.

What a magnificent set of tits he thought. Two perfectly matched globes, full and firm with huge nipples that were fully erect. Kellys tears were streaming down her face and dropping on her chest.
The rider leaned in licked a tear from her chest and then another. He moved his lips upward licking her neck and cheek before grabbing a handful of hair and covering her mouth with his.

Kelly tried to resist by turning her head from side to side but he was so strong and had a firm grip on her hair. He kissed her many times, sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth. He had a very gentle way of being very forceful Kelly thought as she was determined not to let her body dictate her response to this man.

As he sucked her tongue into his mouth his free hand cupped her warm firm breast. He pushed and probed and finally took her nipple between his fingers gently squeazing and releasing time after time increasing the pressure with each pinch. Kelly was mortified that she was feeling the warmth in her body with a stranger who was taking her against her will.

He continued to rape her mouth, her tongue and her lips with his mouth as his hand went back and forth from one breast to another increasing the speed and pressure constantly. Kelly fought to control herself but he was hitting all the right spots and he was hitting them very well.

Suddenly he stopped and again using his knife first cut the waistband of her jeans and then slowly and methodiclly each pantleg in its turn leaving her completely naked save for her panties and gym shoes. "I want to go home please let me go"

He knelt down in front of her and slowly slid her panties off and let them fall to the ground. He then grabbed two handfuls of that fine ass and began to ravage her pussy.Like an animal he went after her. Licking,biting squeazing and pinching. He lifted her legs and draped them around his shoulders as he continued. "Stop" Kelly screamed but her screams had no affect except to excite him even more.

He stood up lifting her with him so that she was suspended betweem the rope holding her wrist and his shoulders. As he pursued her hot, wet cunt relentlessly with his mouth and tongue she began to feel that familiar warmth in her loins and was shocked that her body would betray her like this. He shot his tongue in and out of her tight little pussy as she began to moan. He sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked his tongue from one side to another as it began to swell.

"Don't you do this " she screamed "Don't you make me do this"

He continued to pump his face into her dripping warm pussy until Kelly was completely out of control. He knew she was on the verge of ecstacy and continued to increase his speed and intensity until her tight little pussy exploded in orgasmic euphoria. "Oh god" Kelly screamed "Oh god no no please no ........" as she dug her heels into his back and locked her thighs around his head.

As Kelly finished her orgasm he roughly dropped her legs so that she was hanging from her wrist.

He walked away and left her hanging as he went to his saddle bags and pulled out a flask.

She looked at him and pleaded "Please let me go now please I promise I won't tell anyone please."

"You're not going anywhere whore, we have a very long night ahead of us"

He took a drink from the flask, recapped it and walked back over to her. He looked her up and down and then with lightening speed drew his knife and cut the rope holding her up. Kelly gasped as she fell to the ground.

As he watched her laying on the ground, trying to move and crawl away but unable to get her legs to obey her minds commands, he began to undress. First his shirt to reveal his massive muscled chest and then his jeans. When he pulled off his boxers Kelly was stunned at what she saw. He was longer, thicker and harder than anything she had ever seen. And she was terrified as he walked over to where she was laying...............

Kelly looked at him with terror in her eyes as he stalked around her wearing nothing but his boots and those horible black leather gloves. "what do you want?" she asked "What are you going to do with me?" "You have to let me go you know, if I don't return with that horse by five o'clock they will come looking for me."

"Your right Kelly I haden't thought about that" the rider said as he walked over to his saddle bags and reaching in pulled out a cell phone. He dialed a number by memory rather quickly as if he knew it very well. "Hello Bill? You rented the white arabian to a young lady earlier today didn't you? Yes well she asked me to call you and let you know that she would be keeping the horse overnight and returning her by five tommorow. Thats right Bill she will be with me.....all night."

Kelly was horrified by what she heard. Apparently this man had some kind of control over Bill the stablemaster. This monster would have her all to himself all night and no one would even know she was missing. Her thoughts of the seminar and the stable were quickly erased as she saw him go into his bag again and pull out a leather strap. He doubled the strap as he moved towards her and snapped it together making a very loud cracking noise.

"If you were going to run young lady I think now would be the appropriate time." Kelly was frantic. Scrambling to stand up her feet slipped out from under her giving him time to get over to her from where his saddle bags were. As she was halfway up the first leather came hard across her pretty white ass. "Crack" The burning went deep and she knew the next would be worse if she wasn't able to avoid it. "You can't get away from me" he laughed. As he brought the next stroke down she was able to jump forward far enough to make him miss. She dug her feet in and made a dash towards the woods. Another whistle to the stallion and within seconds his nose was once again in her back and Kelly was on the ground.

He slowly made his way over to her and with that hidious accent he said "I told you that you could not escape me, and now you will pay for your attempt. "Crack" went the leather strap as it once again found Kellys flesh. "Ohhhhh Kelly screamed please no " Her pleas fell on deaf ears as he raised his hand again and brought the leather across her hip. "Please stop" she screamed Again he ignored her completely.

Kelly managed to get to her feet and just as she was taking a step the strap came down again, this time around her ankles. As it encircled her ankles he quickly snatched it back pulling her legs out from under her and bringing her to the ground again. Like lightening he connected two more times, once to her already red ass a once to her back, a whole new pain for her.

Kelly layed on the ground sobbing uncontrollably.

The rider calmly walked over to his bag and brought out another strap, thinner and obviously a binding strap. Walking back to Kelly he said "I think its time for you to taste my cock Kelly."

"Oh god no" she said "you're way to big for me, I'll never be able to............."

Before she was able to finish her words he had tied her ankles and yanked her up by the hair and had the head of his enormous cock sliding over her lips.

His cock was a full two inches wide and at least eight inche long. Kelly knew she was in trouble and tried to bargain with him. "Please I'll do anything you want just don't force me to suck your cock ,you are just too big." He laughed and said "You'll do anything I want and suck my cock whore."

And with that he started driving his hugh dick down Kellys throat. Short strokes at first while her mouth adjusted to his size but soon he pushed deeper and deeper. She choked and gagged but he kept driving.

He hit the back of her throat and Kelly felt she would suffocate but she was forced to adjust her breathing and soon was taking his cock deep into her throat. He had one hand on the back of her head and the other under her neck on her throat so he could feel his dick sliding in and out of her throat.

He began to pump his hips wildly slamming his eight inches of steel all the way down her throat on each and every stroke. Kelly was moaning in pain but he showed no mercy. She felt his cock swell in her mouth and then he unleashed a mountain of cum. The first wave went directly down her throat. And as he kept pumping he shot again in her mouth and then completely covered her face.

Kelly swallowed everything she could and what little bit she didn't dripped down her chin and he quickly used his dick to wipe it off her face. "Now be a good little whore and clean up my cock." Kelly obeyed him immediatly taking great pains not to miss a drop to the extent that by the time she was finshed the rider was once again rock hard and ready to go. Kelly had decided to do whatever he asked so as to avoid another beating with that strap.

"For a young cunt you're a pretty good cocksucker teacher, I wonder if you can fuck as good as you can suck?" He shoved her to the ground and grabbed her hips pulling her up to her knees. He pushed his gloved hand between her thighs and his thumb found her center. He slid his thumb into her warm wet cunt saying " Just as I thought, your little whore pussy is dripping wet and begging for my cock."

Kelly was enraged. Not only was this monster taking her against her but her own body was betraying her. She new with every fiber of her being that she did not want to be taken like this but her pussy was already dripping wet in anticipation of what was to come.

He grabbed her by the leather strap that held her ankles and dragged her all the way across the clearing to where he had four stakes driven into the ground with leather bindings tied to each one. Kelly screamed for him to not drag her but he payed her no heed. This man was truly an animal she thought.

He untied her ankles and wrist. "Well Kelly your free to try and run if you like. What do you think? Would like a head start whore?"

Kelly glanced around, she knew there was no escape for her "No sir I don't want to run sir"

"No?" he repeated "Then what do you want. you shameless little slut?" Kelly did not answer.

"Maybe you need to be reminded of what I do when my little whore doesn't answer my questions quickly enough."

"Oh no please I'll answer please no more strap"

"Now thats better whore now tell me what is it that you want me to do to you?"

Kelly, knowing escape is not a reality and not wanting another beating says " I want you to fuck me."

"Tell me more slut"

"I...I want you to fuck me with that hard cock and make me scream."

"Thats better my fine little whore. Now walk over and and bring your saddle and saddle blankets over and put them in the center of those four stakes." Kelly obeyed him immediatly.

He put the saddle pads on top of the saddle and made Kelly sit on top. He then tied her ankles to the two bottem stakes.Then he pusher her down on her back and tied her wrist to the other two stakes. Now she was spread eagle with her hot dripping pussy the highest thing in the clearing.

"You've got these straps to tight I feel like I'm being split apart please loosen them please."

"Shut up whore or I'll tighten them more."

It was dark now and the moon was just starting to provide some light. Kelly could not help think about her prediciment. In the middle of the deep woods with this sadistic monster spread eagle in the light of the mood and him finishing off whatever he had in that flask. What could possibly be worse she asked herself?

Thats when he walked back over to her carrying two lit candles.

"Oh no please don't do this, I'm begging you I'll give you anything you want I'll do whatever you want just don't put that hot wax on me!"

He stood over her straddleing her hips and not saying a word.

"Please don't do this please Oh please I'm begging you!"

The first drops hit her hard flat stomach three inches above and to the right of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh god noooo, ohhhh no "

The next drops splattered just above her navel.

Ahhhhhhhhhh god no please no" The wax felt like it would melt right through her skin. She kept begging him but he ignored her pleas.

Then a stream of drops hit her breast and she knew what was to follow. Almost immediatly another barrage of burning hot drops landed on one nipple and then the other.

"Ohhhhhhhh no no more please oh god please no more Ahhhhhhhhhh"

He threw both candles aside while Kelly was still screaming. He mounted her and slammed his rock hard cock into her.

"Oh god" she said as he drove his hugh cock into her.

She knew how big he was, after all she had his entire cock in her mouth, but it felt much bigger in her tight little cunt.

He fucked her very slowly taking ten to twenty seconds to make a full stroke. Damn her body she thought. He began to talk to her as he slowly pushed his cock all the way to her deepest parts.

"You love this don't you whore?"

"Yes I...I do" Kelly said , afraid to not answer him.

"You want me to fuck you all night don't you slut?"

"Yes I do ,I want you to fuck me and make me cum"

He didn't change speed for twenty minuets, he simply continued to push and pull again and again as Kellys body gave in to its desires. She had forgotten about the straps and the wax as her body begged him for more and more.

Her hips were rising to meet his thrust as he finally quickened his pace. "Thats right slut reach for that cock, reach up with your wanton pussy and grab it, suck it in to your deepest parts and wrap yourself around it.You love it don't you whore?" "Oh yes I do I do love it so"

Kelly had given in and let herself be swept away in total ecstacy. Her orgasm was larger than any she had ever known before. And as he continued to rape her for the next four hours he took her to heights of ecstacy she had never known and would never know again. Kelly awakened the next morning back in her hotel room scrubbed and refreshed as if nothing had ever happened. But something had happened and she would never be the same. Her sex life would again go back to being as bland and non eventful as it had been before she was taken by "The Rider."