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A doctor’s strange therapy 2.

It was three weeks later when the telephone rang and the doctor’s receptionist arranged the next appointment for Doug and Pam; eagerly they both agreed to the appointment but were a little shocked when they were told there would be the need for the doctor to meet then a week before their surgery appointment. He got his receptionist to make arrangements for him to attend their home; he said it was preparation for the proper appointment.

So Dr Travis arrived at their home at seven pm that night and he soon took charge of everything; insisting that Pam undress fully and present herself to him with her hands behind her back and her 38D tits thrust forward. Turning to Doug he made him kneel between Pam’s spread legs and lick her cunt whilst the good doctor slowly undressed.

It was not long before he had Pam bent over and slipped his ten inch cock deep into her cunt from behind and he had Doug licking the length of his cock as he withdrew from her cunt. Dr Travis knew this would excite Doug and he could see already the tenting of Doug’s trousers. With a firm thrust he rammed his cock up Doug’s wife’s cunt and held it there; telling Doug to stand and finally remove all his clothes.

Reaching into his bag while Pam’s cunt clutched his cock the doctor produced an unusual looking device; it looked like a bird cage for an anorexic budgie; it was three inches wide and ten inches long but it did not have a base and there were some; what can only be described as barbells poking inwards from the walls of the cage. The doctor explained in detail to Doug that this was a cock cage and was designed to stop him playing with his cock and also was a punishment for him whenever he got excited.

Quickly the doctor made Doug stroke his cock until he cum into a glass and when his cock shrank back to being semi limp; he slipped the cage over the cock and then fastened the padlock beneath his balls trapping Doug’s cock inside. The doctor explained he would keep the key to ensure he turned up for his appointment next week. Then he began fucking Pam’s cunt hard as he instructed Doug to take the glass containing his own spunk and tip it slowly into his own mouth but not to swallow any of it.

Doug was informed to swill it around his mouth until the exact moment he shot his load up h
This horny fuck slut’s cunt and Pam was to call out for Doug to swallow the load. Doug carried out his instructions to the letter and even upon command opened his mouth to show the doctor his tongue and mouth covered in the white sticky cum; all the time the doctor slammed his large thick cock into Doug’s whimpering wife’s cunt; the gurgling noises of his wife in ecstasy turned Doug on and it was not long before he began to feel the punishment of feeling pleasure for as his cock expanded and hardened the barbells pressed painfully into his tender cock flesh.

Suddenly Dr Travis rammed his cock hard into Pam; who screamed out loud that he was flooding her cunt with his baby making seed and that Doug should swallow the spunk in his mouth; at the same time Pam began to tremble and as she pulled hard on her nipples she actually squirted her cunt juices all over the doctor’s groin and legs. Quickly the doctor pulled out of the horny bitch and made Doug bend behind her; his wife and ordered him to lick her cunt clean.

Using the mixture of his own spunk and Pam’s cunt juices; Dr Travis stepped up behind Doug and forcefully pushed his still hard cock into Doug’s exposed anal ring. Reaching beneath Doug; the doctor grabbed his hanging balls and squeezed; causing Doug’s cock to jerk and press harder against the barbs. The mixture of pain and pleasure hid the searing pain of his anal ring being forcefully stretched over the doctor’s ten inch cock. It was Doug’s turn now to be used as a whore and cuckold which he secretly loved.

No sooner had the pain in his arse subsided than Doug found the passions inside him rising proportionately; Doug just could not help himself and began begging to be fucked harder and harder; both he and Pam were getting turned on by the verbal assaults being used. Doug kept referring to himself as a cock loving wimp of a cuckold and to Pam as the horny fuck slut of a two bit whore. Dr Travis allowed the pair of them to verbally debase each other as he continued to plough his hard cock into Doug’s accepting anal ring; Just before Dr Travis cum; he pulled out of Doug’s arse and sprayed his seed all over his exposed ass cheeks. Then after Doug had sucked clean the doctors cock he informed them of his rules over the next seven days.

Pam’s rules.....
1. She was to shave her cunt every day using a badger brush to soap up her quim and a wet razor to keep it crisp and clean.
2. Every night she was to insert a large butt plug up her arse and an even larger one up her cunt before going to bed.
3. She was to sit for thirty minutes each night and squeeze and tease her nipples; this had to include pinching them; pulling them and also sharply twisting them.
4. Before going to sleep she was to finger fuck Doug’s arse for twenty minutes but she was not to let him cum nor was she to try to remove his cock cage.

Doug’s rules....
1. He was to wear the cock cage nonstop till his appointment.
2. He was to watch or read porn for one hour per day; whilst naked and before Pam’s fingering of his arse.
3. He was to sleep in stockings and suspender belt each night and wear them for the appointment.
4. Under no circumstances was he to play with himself in anyway which was likely to give him sexual satisfaction.
5. If by any chance he did cum; he was to clean it up by scooping it into a bottle and bring it with him on the appointment.

Now Dr Travis turned to the pair of then and pointed out what they could look forward to if they failed to obey his commands; he started with Doug and made him lay across the good doctors lap; he was made to count out the spanks and offer Dr Travis a personalised thanks for correcting his wayward needs.

Whack! “One!” Doug counted, “Thank you master; for taking the time to chastise your worthless son of a cock sucking wimp and for correcting my ungallant traits!” he finished.

Whack! “Six!” Doug continued to count, “Thank you master; for taking the time to chastise your worthless son of a cock sucking wimp and for correcting my ungallant traits!” he finally finished.

Then it was Pam’s time to face her punishment; only when she lay face down over the doctor’s knee; she was told to reposition herself so she lay face up and they made to open her legs wide as she was going to take her spanking directly on to her cunt.

Having readjusted herself she also counted the spanks and thanked the doctor for bringing her to his required level of obedience. She also gasped her way through a strange orgasm; strange for Pam ng because she would never have thought she could climax by having her cunt spanked; but cum she did.

Then Dr Travis simply dressed and left the couple to their tasks and it was still only 8.30 pm.

The next seven days was both heaven and hell for Doug and Pam; as they carried out to the very letter the instructions of the good doctor. Both were horny as hell by the time the day came to attend their appointment; they already accepted that the 7.30pm appointment was best for what they knew would follow and suspected that Dr Travis would not be alone as Diana the receptionist and sun-lee the therapist would also be present and secretly; Doug could not wait to sample sun-lee’s cock again.

Pam found the doctor’s instructions both simple to follow but also very erotic as the badger brush stimulated her clit when she shaved her cunt; also she found sleeping with her cunt and arse full of butt plugs; a real turn on almost preventing her getting a good night’s sleep. The teasing of her nipples always brought a small orgasm and left her wanting much more so now after seven days of this teasing she was so horny she would have willingly raped the tom cat next door if she thought she would get away with it. She seemed to delight in taking her frustration out on Doug as she finger fucked his arse; inwardly loving the sight of his cock rock hard and pressing against the cock restraint and knowing he was unable to relieve himself in any way.

For Doug this last seven days had been steadily getting worse for he now seemed to be walking around with a permanent hard on; at work he had to be really careful about making sure none of his male colleagues spotted his cock cage when he was in the toilet. He found the watching of porn an exquisite torture which he confessed he would never give up; the wearing of the stockings shocked him in the beginning because he found for the first couple of nights he could not sleep because he just could not stop stroking his own stocking clad legs and of course this teased his captive cock. Despite this almost being against the rule about playing with himself Doug excused it because he managed to avoid actually cumming; even the finger fucking by Pam never sent him over the edge and she scolded him about his rock hard imprisoned cock; telling him, “Your fuck stick is useless to me while it is trapped inside that thing; typical when i want you to be a real man and fuck the living daylights out of your whore of a wife you can’t manage even that!”

With much anticipation the day finally arrived and from early morning both Doug and Pam could not settle their anticipation of what they thought was going to happen kept them both sexually bubbling away and for Doug it was also a very painful time as his cock was very sore from the constant pressure against the barbs inside the cock cage.

Eventually they arrived at the clinic and eagerly awaited being called through from the waiting room; Diana the receptionist was still there working away at the desk and she barely acknowledged the couple as if nothing had ever happened between them. Pam found this a little discerning and wondered if it was a prequel to something even stranger about to happen. Doug was not really concentrating on what was happening for his cock was hard and pressing against the restriction of his cock cage as his mind visualised sucking Sun-lee’s cock while taking the doctor’s cock up his well used boy pussy.

Suddenly he was summoned from his erotic dream as the receptionist announced that they could now go through; Pam literally jumped to her feet and dragged Doug to standing position and hurried him through to the doctor’s office. Once inside; the doctor was sat at his desk and without looking up demanded, “Both of you fuck slut’s; strip now; and then present yourself beside the examination table!”
In a flash Pam was out of her skirt and blouse and as she wore no underwear she was first to be naked and without waiting for Doug she almost sprinted over tot eh examination table; Doug had more to remove and had to be careful not to knock his still extremely sore cock or fall over as he removed his trousers. He too was soon stood beside the examination table as Dr Travis approached.

“Doug have you brought anything with you?” he asked.

“No sir! I have not cum in the last seven days!” Doug responded.

“Pam; have you carried out your duties as discharged to you by me?” the doctor enquired.

“Yes sir, I have shaved using the badger brush and used the butt plugs as required; also i have fingered his arse each night for a minimum of twenty minutes but the bastard fought me and just would not allow himself to cum!” she responded.

The doctor then slid his hand between her legs forcing her to open her thighs as he did so; he stroked lightly against her cunt lips and was pleased to feel how wet she was and also by the little moans she was emitting as he felt her horny cunt. His hand pushed past her cunt and found her anal ring; very little pressure was needed to slip his index finger fully into her anal recess; he smiled as he said, “Good I see your anal muscle is relaxed and now used to being parted!”

Turning to Doug, he instructed him to turn round and to lay his chest on the examination table; then he pushed his hand between his ass cheeks and probed his anal ring; once more his index finger slipped easily into his recess and Doug’s cock actually twitched. The doctor’s other hand came around Doug’s balls and closed firmly around them; “Good these feel full of spunk; but how good is that spunk?” the doctor enquired.

Just then the door opened and in stepped Sun – Lee; stark naked and as she walked towards them her semi hard cock swayed; she immediately approached Doug and without making eye contact she knelt in front of his prone body and reached up she undid the small padlock and released his cock. Doug’s cock was free at last and it showed signs of its previous confinement for there were red marks where the barbs had pressed so tightly into his cock but his cock was now soothed by the heat and wetness of Sun – Lee mouth.

Not long after she stared sucking; she felt his cock twitch and suddenly the cock was out of her mouth and it was spewing its first load in a week into a dish; there was copious amounts of the sticky white baby making seed and once its final death throes of its orgasm had subsided; Sun – Lee simply sucked it clean and then stood up handing the dish to the doctor. Sun – Lee then stood back and waited; Dr Travis ran his fingers through the white goo and then held out the fingers to Doug who instantly sucked them into his mouth and cleaned them. Turning to Pam he made her kneel and simply poured her husband’s spunk on to her face and watched as it slowly streaked its way down over her mouth and then dripped on to her 38 D tits.

As this was happening both Dr Travis and Sun – Lee began to call Pam a spunk loving bitch and a worthless cock loving slut; they even suggested she would make a good two bit whore. Just then the intercom on the desk barked into life as Diana’s voice boomed into the office announcing; “Doctor, the other guests have arrived!”

Dr Travis called out for her to show them through and suddenly the door opened and in stepped four large black males; the doctor turned to them and simply nodded; immediately the four began undressing as Doug gulped now feeling far less safe than he had just moments ago. Pam watched through spunked eyes and smiled as she began to see black cocks ranging from 12 inches to fifteen inches in length. Even Diana now began undressing and as soon as everyone was naked the doctor removed his white coat to reveal he was also naked beneath.

Moving towards the group of black guys; Dr Travis spoke quietly to the group who simply nodded and then moved towards Pam; the literally picked her up and carried her over towards the doctor’s desk and laid her on the floor in front of this desk; then in a blur of activity Pam had cock after cock pushed into her face as the large black hands pinched her tits and fingered her cunt.

Doug was fascinated as his wife was used as a sex toy but his attention was distracted as he was pulled over and made to lie over the naked body of Diana in a sixty nine position; As Diana took his cock into her mouth; Doug started to dip his head between her legs only to have his head forcefully pulled up by his hair and Dr Travis’s cock pressed into his mouth. At the same moment as he opened his mouth he found Sun – Lee’s cock was forcing its way into his boy pussy. After that everything was a blur as he was spit roasted by the two cocks and the mouth on his cock scraped its teeth along the length of his sore cock; he almost yelped but no one could tell as any sounds he made simply sounded gibberish with a mouth so full of cock.

Meanwhile Pam was now on hands and knees and had one large black cock ploughing into her cunt as a second even larger cock was forcing its way into her mouth; the other two black guys were busy mauling Pam’s tits. Suddenly the cock in her cunt was gone and she was speared forward on to the cock in her mouth as that same cock pressed hard against her anal ring. The use of the butt plugs had proved useful as the large black man meat stretched her anal ring to breaking point and she tried to scream but succeeded in only allowing the cock in her mouth to slip further in.

No sooner did one black cock spew forth its load than it was replaced with another hard black trouser snake; Pam was now constantly cumming and groaning around the cocks pummelling her body.

Despite the pain he was feeling Doug suddenly found himself shaking and spewing his second load of the night deep into Diana’s mouth; Diana managed to crawl from under him before spitting his spunk back on to his face; Dr Travis then grabbed Doug’s hair as his spunk flew from his cock and flooded Doug’s mouth. It was not long after this that Sun – Lee spunked Doug’s arse and then Doug was led over to where his wife was taking a spunk shower and he was ordered to lick his wife clean.

Just as Doug finally licked up the last of the copious amounts of spunk; he had to watch up close and personal as Pam was systematically fucked by six cocks each depositing their loads inside her cunt; Dr Travis laughed out loud as he said, “If this bitch gets pregnant right now I guess no one will ever really know who the father could be!”

Doug’s final act for that night was to lay on his back on the floor while his slut of a spunk soaked wife squatted over his face and squeezed her cunt muscles and forced dollop after dollop of strangers spunk from her cunt into Doug’s eagerly waiting open mouth. After swallowing what seemed like gallons of other men’s spunk Doug was turned over and forced to take the largest black cock up his arse while promising to give his wife to any black man who showed and interest.

Eventually Doug and Pam were allowed to dress and leave but told to make another appointment any time they felt their love life need a boost.

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A coming new chapter for this old story