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The private adult tutor.

Chapter 1.

I am a male of 52 years of age and having been around computers since 1983; I have taught myself to be very computer literate; it was this aspect which led to my latest sexual escapade. I am a slightly overweight man with a larger than average prick of seven and a half inches; blonde haired and I like to think of myself as well educated; so it came as no surprise when a woman approached me to teach her and her daughter enough about computers so the older woman could understand what her grand kids were doing and the younger one to understand her own children’s exploits on the internet and computer.

Having prepared a brief computer course; I attended the address given me and was not really prepared for what I was to encounter. The older woman Mary; was fifty seven years old and despite her age she was still quite a looker; her largish tits showed no sign of sagging and although her hair was tinged with slight grey she was still clearly sexually active judging by the way she dressed; some cruel people may have suggested like mutton dressed as lamb. Her vital statistics were 40DD – 36 – 34 and she loved to show off her legs choosing as she usually did to wear short to mid thigh length skirts.

I was introduced to her daughter Marie; she was twenty nine years of age; like her mother she had large tits and shared a love of sexy clothes; her shoulder length auburn hair complimented her fuller figure and her own tits were 38DD with a 28 inch waist and 30 hips. I must confess that whilst I like larger breasted women I tried desperately to maintain an air of professionalism. So concentrating on the job in hand I asked the two women how they wanted to be taught; as a pair or individually. They both answered as one and chose to be taught initially as a pair with the reserve of later individual training if need be.

I talked them through the planned course and just what the ten stages of the training would achieve; and how this would improve their understanding of computers and therefore a better understanding so that when they reached the last few lessons which would be all about the internet. They both seemed really pleased with the planned structure of the lessons.

As they were both complete computer novices; they had quite a few reservations about computers in general. The first lesson; had them turning on the pc and selecting programs; starting those programs and learning how to save information and exit programs; they both found it strange having confessed that they were worried about breaking the pc. I pointed out that the only way they could damage the pc would be to take a hammer to it; otherwise they could simply hard reset it and then reboot without any damage.

By the end of the first hour they felt much more confident around computers; though to be honest I was not sure whether they were both just touchy feely or whether they were testing me. For Mary was the first to overstep the mark so to speak; part of this first lesson was to show them how to create a simple letter head and in her euphoria she turned and suddenly clasped me in an embrace kissing me full on the lips and sliding her hand down on to my thigh; she obviously knew what she was doing because her hand landed on top of my still soft penis. She took a fraction longer to move her hand than one would expect if by accident.

As Mary finally pulled back she blushed and apologised for her actions but confessed she was delighted with her progress on the computer although the twinkle in her eye made me suspect she meant far more than she was letting on. Mary confessed she had over stepped the through sheer exuberance; although she admitted she had enjoyed it as it had been seven years since she had lost her husband and she confessed I was the first non related male she had kissed since then.

When Marie completed her letter heading she too suddenly cuddled me and pressed her large chest into my own chest and again I was kissed fully on the lips; this time I let my hand slip down on to her thigh and the back of my hand pressed into her mound of Venus. I suspected that the actions of both women had been coordinated and planned.

I half expected Marie to pull away but she did not instead she seemed to grind her mound against my hand and even though we were kissing she seemed to moan into my mouth. Then as if realising her mother was still there watching she reluctantly stepped back and her face was a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. She laughed when she said, “Anything the old battle axe can do I can do better!” I took it that the reference was not just intended to cover things on the computer either.

I thought I was on a treble winner as I was being paid to teach these two hot horny women and when they completed a simple task they would get very passionate allowing me almost unlimited feels. All the next week I could not stop my imagination and indeed spent nearly all week with a raging hard on.

The second week I taught them to make a greeting card in a word processor and this included how to manipulate graphics in picture boxes and once more was greeted with cuddles and kisses; both women seemed to have thought along the same lines as I was sure this week they were both bra-less, not that I was complaining.

At the end of this lesson both Marie and Mary said they were struggling to make the day’s lesson together and would it be possible for me to come around twice a week one lesson each. I never thought anything about this and readily agreed; it was set up for me to teach the mother Mary on Tuesdays and Marie on Thursdays.

The following Tuesday I arrived and was greeted by Mary who at first shocked me because she wore a very low cut top revealing lots of Cleavage from her 40 DD tits and a skirt so short that I could see the cunt vee in her panties as she simply stood there. Once more she greeted me as a long lost relative; throwing her arms around me and smothering my face in kisses while my chest nestled tightly against the soft pillows of her glorious tits; I managed to trap my hand against her cunt and was greeted with her grinding her cunt against it. She seemed in no hurry to release me and whilst I was not complaining; I was starting to wonder if I should slide my fingers inside her panties and find her clit or cunt opening.

Eventually she released me and as she stepped back I swore I noticed a wet patch on her panties; for the next hour I tried to teach her the rudiments of formulae’s in a spreadsheet. All of which she claimed was so confusing; so I tried a radical way of explaining it. “You see these small squares; they are called cells and if you want to automatically get the sum of those other cells you need a formulae which will calculate this; to make it simpler if I was to play with your nipples and then slide my fingers into your cunt; because of the formulae of exciting your nipples and cunt I would expect to find the desire result of your cunt being soaking wet!” I explained.

Mary giggled but said, “I see; so it would be like me playing with your balls in order to get your cock to stand to attention; my playing would be the formulae to create the required result!”

I laughed and answered, “Exactly!”

Mary then slide her hand on to my thigh and smiled as she said, “let me work out the right formulae then!” as she began to feel my semi hard cock.

Sensing where this was going I said; “Of course I react to visual formulas as well as physical ones!”

Suddenly Mary stopped stood up in front of me and deliberately opened her legs wide almost highlighting her soaking panties as she then pulled her tits out of her top and said so you like to see these as well I suppose.

I never answered her instead I latched my mouth on to her right nipple and began sucking as my tongue lashed across her nipple; at the same time i let my hand reach up on to her left thigh and allowed her to feel my hand stroking her thigh, almost touching her panty covered cunt before moving my hand down to just above her knee. Mary simply put her hands behind my head and prevented me from pulling away as she began rocking her hips when my hand touched her panties.

From the moment my mouth touched her tit flesh and my teeth began to nip lightly at her nipples; Mary began moaning and became very vocal; begging me to keep going and never stop chewing on her baby feeders; when I gripped her nipple between my teeth and pulling my head away stretching her nipple long and hard, she yelped with glee and begged for more.

Just when I thought this was going no further she gasped; “Oh Ray let me feel your hard cock filling my wanton cunt; please fuck me hard; I need your cock so much!”

I tried to pull my head away from her nipple to tell her I wanted the same thing but I was unable so instead I pulled her panties to one side; I simply pushed two fingers deep in to her cunt and found that Mary almost rocked back onto her heels; I now took the opportunity to pull my mouth from her tit and told her to strip off and let me see her wonderful body.

Mary took my wrist of the hand with two fingers up her and pulled my hand from her body; I half expected to be told off but she simply turned and led me off to her bed room. Before the bedroom door had closed she had slipped out of her skirt and top and now stood before me wearing only the soaking wet white lacy panties. With rasping voice she begged me to remove her panties with my teeth; I refused but told her I would make it up to her if she did as I told her.

She trembled as she nodded her consent; I quickly ordered her to lie on the bed and reached forward to grip her panties in both my hands; quick as a flash her panties are off and as I demanded she open her legs like the horny bitch she was. Shocked she responded and as soon as my tongue touched her clit she moaned; once more I pulled back and told her she was a cock slut of a whore and I was going to delight in eating her soaking wet cock hungry cunt. For the next forty minutes I licked, sucked and probed her cunt with my tongue and was rewarded with her suddenly going rigid as her first orgasm ripped through her body.

As she calmed down I stood up only to be grabbed by her and she literally tried to rip my clothes from my body begging me to give her my rock hard cock. I managed to escape her grasp and quickly undressed and then ordered her to show me how much of a horny little whore she was by sucking my cock. Instantly she was on her hands and knees and was sucking my cock deep into her mouth and delighting me with her swirling tongue flicking at the underside of my cockhead.

I reached over and slid my hand along her arse cheeks until I felt her anal ring and pressed my index finger tightly against her puckered arse hole; I met initial resistance but as she relaxed my finger sank deeper into her anal ring until I was seated to the second knuckle and now began fingering her arse. This drove Mary on further as she began riding my cock with her mouth whilst rocking her hips on my arse probing finger.

I had to stop her from sucking my cock to climax; and quickly turned her round and demanded she tell me what a cock loving slut she was as I slowly pushed my seven and a half inch cock into her overheated cunt. Mary begged me to fuck her like the horny bitch she was and declared that she needed a good fucking like an alcoholic wants a drink. I began driving my cock into her eager cunt and even slapped her arse cheeks in the process; all of which she loved and when I finally shot my load deep inside her; Mary was in heaven screaming out my name as she climaxed at the same time.

As we lay there in the afterglow of wanton sex; she kissed me passionately thanking me for the time of her life and she laughed as she said, “I will have to tell Marie that she is too late now; for she wanted to beat me to fucking you!”

I shocked Mary by saying well if she is still keen on it there would be time on Thursday; Mary looked a little shocked as she asked if I would seriously fuck her daughter after fucking her; I shocked her further by telling her that not only would I fuck her daughter on Thursday but if the chance ever presented itself to fuck them both together I would jump at the chance; I also pointed out that there was no more pretence needed as to why they could not have their lessons together after I fuck Marie on Thursday and I think it would be cute to see them both sat naked at the pc whilst the other one was taking my cock.

Mary simply sighed and said, “Wow a man after my own heart, a complete pervert!”