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03-28-2010, 07:33 PM
This is a recurring dream I have. It changes very little every time I have it. (The house in my dream is real. It is actually the house of a good friend who regularly ‘enjoys’ my wife)

I am a member of a men’s group. We meet every month to talk, play cards, drink and do all those things a group of men do when there are no women around. There are about fifteen of us in the group; all around the mid thirty to mid fifties age range. We always meet in Simon’s house. He is fifty, single, and owns a secluded old manse and chapel He has decked out the chapel with seating, fancy lighting, an amazing sound system, even a projector for the films/TV

We often play games and bet on them. I have lost one of these bets, don’t ask me what it was, I don’t know, but I have the feeling that it was something very stupid like the toss of a coin. I have bet my wife on the game and, having lost, the price I have to pay is a fuck with my wife. Not just for one person but for any of the group who are interested. The only person not allowed to fuck her is me I am supposed to just sit and watch.

My wife and I walk the short distance from our house to the chapel. She is very nervous, and also rather drunk. (I don’t know how I have managed to get her to go along with this). We are following instructions and she is only wearing shoes and a coat. Although we know she is going to get well fucked, neither of us knows by how many. All we know is that the rules of the wager say that it can be anyone but me.

Simon greets us in the lobby and tells my wife to strip. She slips out of her coat and he gives her a very sheer, almost transparent, wrap to wear and leads us into the hall.

We enter the chapel and the lights are low. A small area in the centre of the hall is spot lit while all the rest is in darkness. There is a strong incense smell in the air that I recognise from my college days. Music issues from the speakers, a pounding base beat. Simon tells me to take a seat that is positioned off to one side. As I do so, he leads her in to the spotlight, and sits her down on a very large floor cushion. He then brings forth a large bong shows her how to use it and tells her to take large lungfuls and hold each a few seconds before exhaling. She sits, nervously, on the cushion sucking in the hash smoke. The spotlight shines through the wrap, outlining her well rounded body. Everyone can see her large breasts rise and fall under it. I see the tension ebbing out of her shoulders as the hash relaxes her.

After about five minutes she has finished it and the hash has done its work. She puts the bong to one side with a sigh stands up. She stands there, trembling and swaying gently to the music, and in a small nervous voice says “I’m ready now, what do you want?”

A voice comes out of the dark “Caress yourself.”

She runs her hands, hesitantly, down her flanks and then up under her breasts, cupping them up then drops her arms down and backwards, the wrap falls away. She is not tall and slender, in fact she is short and somewhat plump with large breasts and huge nipples which, I now note, are thrusting forwards. She continues to run her hands over her body. She seems to be relaxing more as she explores herself. She runs her hands down over the swell of her abdomen down to her groin. She parts her legs and I can just make out the fingers of her right hand slip into her cunt. Her left hand now moves back over her body and is once again cupping her breast, She plays wither nipple pulling it out, teasing it even harder. She lowers her head and starts to suck at the nipple whilst sliding more fingers into her cunt.

“Kneel down” calls the voice

There is movement in the gloom and she is suddenly surrounded by an arc of naked men, all erect. She is knelt in front of the first one, he grabs her head and pulls it forwards. Immediately she starts to feast on his cock then goes from man to man, sucking and licking. As she reaches the last one someone comes from behind and pulls her to her feet. He bends her forwards and slips his cock in to her. She is standing there, bent forwards, sucking hard on a cock and pushing back against the cock violating her from behind. He hammers her hard and under the pounding she drops onto all fours. He slams back inside her and starts to hump her again. Her tits swing round; their nipples are brushing the floor. He hammers away for a few minutes and then gives a groan and empties his load. A second man takes his place and rides her until he also shoots his load.

With spunk dripping down her legs she pulls away and lies down on the floor cushion. She starts to finger herself, scooping spunk out of her cunt and swallowing it. As she does this one guy hands her a joint and she smokes it, still frigging herself. She finishes the joint and is lying there is massaging her tits. Her legs are wide open in invitation. Her audience looks on approvingly. “That was delicious. My cunt is wet and hungry. I feel like a whore. I want cock, lots of cock. Fuck me, oh please fuck me!”

She spreads wider and the first man takes his place. Then one by one they take their place between her legs and sink their cocks into her willing cunt. Simon flicks a switch and soon the only light in the room is a strobe light. It makes her performance even more surreal. She whimpers, she sighs, she moans, she screams, but mostly she grunts like the animal she has become. She doesn’t stop until she has been ridden by them all. She has spurred them on; she has locked her legs round their backs and thrust them hard in to her. Although she is underneath it seems to be her that’s doing the fucking not them. All of a sudden it seems she has changed, now it seems as if she is in charge.

She grabs one of the men and pulls him on to the floor, climbs on top of him and impales herself on his cock. She grabs a tit in each hand, pulling at her nipples and sucking them. She demands another joint and smokes it as she rides him. Once he is empty she stands up and says “My tits need attention come and suck them”. Two guys grab them, one on each side, and start to feast, sucking and chewing on her nipples. She urges them on and soon her tits are covered with love bites. She then goes over to one of the guys who is sitting down and, bending over, waggling her arse provocatively says “My cunt is empty” and starts to suck him. Someone comes up behind her and starts to fuck her. He hammers her so hard she is almost choking on the cock she’s sucking.

Next I see she is straddling Simon, his cock is deep in her cunt, I see someone come up behind her, spread her cheeks wide and slide his cock into her, till now, virgin ass. She goes wild and screams with delight. She reaches forwards and is soon feasting on another cock which she takes deep down her throat.

They finish but Sarah stays kneeling and slaps the cheeks of her ass. She holds the cheeks wide. “More, give me more” she cries. Several of them then make use of her ass and she soon has cum dripping from every hole.

There is a low table in the room and she lies down on top of it. “Come and cum all over me” As she is laying there they all gather round her and wank, she grabs hold of cocks to help them and before long her face and tits are covered in spunk. She scoops this up and swallows it. What she cannot get off gets massaged into her ample flesh. Her cunt is not empty for long they all take turn in mounting her again. From first to last she is calling, swearing, crying and screaming until the last one dismounts and leaves her, panting, on the floor. She is exhausted and covered in cum.

She sits herself up after a while. Simon comes forward and says “Thank you. We never expected you to be so willing we have all enjoyed your body” She smiled at me, pleasure and pride on her face.

She kneels down in front of Simon, eyes downcast, hands clasped behind her back and hesitantly said, “Tonight I came here only for my husbands sake, I did not expect to enjoy it. I have always been respectable. I have always tried to be a ‘proper’ wife but now I realise that I don’t want to be a ‘conventional’ wife. I found freedom tonight, I found out that I want to be used, I want to be a slut, I want to fuck and fuck and fuck just for the sake of fucking. For the joy of being a total slut.”

“Tonight I have been a slut, a whore for you all. If I really have pleased you I beg you to let me come back and serve you all again, whenever and however you like. I promise that next time I will be better prepared. If you want me you can have me, you can all do what you want with me”

Simon pulls her to her feet and kisses her. “I think we might find a use for you. If we summon you to our meetings will you come, and will you agree to do anything, anything at all that we ask of you?”

She is stood there demurely, head down. But at Simons question she raises her head “Oh YES. I will do whatever you want. Just say the word and I will do whatever you command”

Simon looks at me and winks. “Then I think that next month everyone will get to use you now the debt is paid.”

It is well after midnight. She puts on her shoes and grabs her coat but doesn’t put it on. There are passionate kisses and a good deal of fondling of buttocks and tits as she takes her leave. We walk the short distance home, I carry her coat. She is naked in the moonlight. Her body is covered in the drying cum of a dozen or more men she looks what she is - a total slut, our new group whore.

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