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Apart from looking at sexy photos Sarah, my wife, also likes to read about sex. We both like to read the stories we find on the net. As a game we have, in the past, both written down our fantasies/dreams for the other to read. The natural progression, when we started our photographic trips and especially since Marc has been fucking her, was to write down what happened. All the following is true. I do not bother writing out dialogue as I find it hard enough, at times to remember/keep up with the action

The fun started with Marc last summer. We had known him for a while. He’s in his early fifties and has a quite high power job as a freelance contractor/trouble shooter in the oil industry. We met him when he was still married. His wife Tracy was a cow. She wanted the best of everything – décor, cars, holidays etc. All of which Marc worked hard to provide. Then one day, while he was abroad she upped and cleared him out, emptied all the joint bank accounts and went off with a younger bloke. We saw quite a lot of him as he was trying to get his life back together.

He is a nice genuine guy. We all became good friends. He and Sarah used to flirt outrageously, many of the conversations getting very ribald. Sarah often said she quite fancied him and worried about where he would get the ‘home comforts’ he was missing since Tracy left. I used to joke with her that she seemed eager to provide them. She said she wouldn’t mind. But nothing ever came of it.

One evening, when Sarah was out, Marc had come round and we were trolling through the ‘photographs’ on my computer. I had left him looking while I went to make some coffee. When I came back I found him scrolling through my collection of pictures of Sarah both indoors and outside. He looked a bit abashed that I had caught him looking at pictures of my wife, but I told him to carry on. When I asked him what he thought he said he liked them a lot and that Sarah looked highly ‘shaggable’. So we spent the rest of the evening going through the rest of that collection – about 300 pictures in all. He got quite excited when he saw the ones taken at a local ruined castle. The land that goes with his house backs onto the the castle grounds. In fact you can see into his garden from one of the towers. He jokingly said that I should tell him next time we were going out there.

Whenever we are photographing outdoors Sarah gets a great kick out of the thought that she might get seen/caught. There have been a few close shaves which get her very hot and horny. After which the conversation always comes round to wondering what she should do if we did really get caught. I suggested that we should grab her clothes and run for it or, if was a bloke on his own, she could offer herself to him or at least give him a BJ. This gets her really hot and wet.

It was the end of June last year and we had decided to go out to the castle and have another photo shoot as it was our last chance before the summer holidays – it gets such a hassle avoiding the tourists. Unbeknownst to Sarah I had phoned Marc and told him our plans and arranged where we would meet him.

We got to the castle at opening time and were the only car in the car park. We were soon up in the castle and as soon as we were out of sight of the pay desk, in the outer wall, and had made sure there were no workmen about (one session had to be abandoned due to the presence of repair staff all over the castle) I started snapping away and Sarah started stripping off and posing in various states of undress. This was made easier as she was only wearing a peasant blouse and a wrap round skirt.

We had worked our way through the building for a while when I caught sight of Marc. So I took Sarah’s attention away from where he was hiding and had her strip everything off. I put her clothes in my camera bag and proceeded to take a load of pictures of her draped over stonework, in fireplaces or fingering herself framed in a window. I set things up so that many of these photos showed Marc in the background.

I gradually worked us nearer to Marc’s hiding place. Soon she was just where I wanted her to be. I told her to cup her tits and turn round. I got this wonderful photo of her standing there fondling her ample tits and looking straight at Marc with a stunned look on her face. Marc gave a round of applause and Sarah reddened. She made no move to cover herself. (She told me afterwards that she had been so stunned at the sight of Marc that she never even thought to do it). She just looked at him and asked if he liked what he saw. He said he did, very much. I asked her if she was going to run or what? She just looked at me and smiled, then went over to him and, kneeling down, got out his cock and started to suck his cock massage it with her tits. Very soon he came, all over her face and tits and she milked him all over her chest. Then I went over and she did the same to me. In the end she was knelt there hair, face and tits plastered with cum. (I should say that Sarah really loves to be cum splattered. It makes her really hot and horny).

I had intentions of photographing her fucking Marc right there in the old great hall. But we suddenly heard a lot of voices coming from the floor below and things had to be cut short. It was a bus tour. I gave her back her clothes; she only just got them on in time before the first of the group appeared in the next room. I had made an attempt to clean the cum off her face but she stopped me and we headed out. I must say she looked great walking through the group, arm in arm with Marc and I, a huge grin on her face, our cum still visible in her hair, on her face and plastering her thin blouse to her jiggling tits, her nipples stuck out like door knobs.

We didn’t go far, just round the corner to Marc’s house. Over the next hour or two, Marc and I had the pleasure of photographing and shagging Sarah in a variety of positions out in his very secluded garden. Actually we took turns in photographing each other fucking Sarah. Sarah for her part went really crazy. She was up for anything. I have never seen her so hot or heard her so vocal (She said later that being given a cum bath in public by two men and then so nearly being caught by a whole bunch of people had made her feel randier than she had ever thought possible. But what made her feel really hot and sluttish was walking out with us, through the group showing obvious signs of what she had been doing). Though we shagged her repeatedly she seemed insatiable. Even when we were both spent she brought herself off a couple more times before finally collapsing on the grass.

Sarah had, very quickly, realised that it was all a setup - Marc turning up like that. But she loved it. She is always hoping that I might arrange something similar whenever we go out on one of our ‘excursions’, and keeps dropping broad hints that she would like it to be somewhere where we won’t be disturbed and can go all the way. She says she fantasises about being caught by a group of guys and gets cum splattered and then fucked by them all.

Since that day in summer we have got together for a session with Marc whenever he is back in the country. And a couple of months later we went over Marc’s back fence into the castle after closing time and I got some great shots of her being shagged all over the castle.

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