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03-28-2010, 09:45 PM
I have written before about Sarah. Two years ago she was a rather 'conventional' one man woman. Since then I have seen her blossom. This is the true story of her first group encounter

The party had been going on since 8pm. We had got there about 9 and it was now almost 10.
Our friend Marc had invited us round for ‘A little informal gathering’ and it turned out to be just him and four of his work colleagues all celebrating the completion of a recent contract. As all the rest were male, Sarah was the centre of a lot of the attention as the sole representative of her sex. She is a flirt and was in her element. The more she drinks the more she flirts, and she was drinking fairly steadily, the others seemed to be making sure that her glass was never empty. The atmosphere was highly charged and she loved it. She was now very flushed and getting very smutty in her replies.

I was out in the garden getting another drink from the patio table when Sarah staggered very unsteadily out and kissed me. I told her she was drunk. She nodded and said she was more than a bit drunk as they kept filling her glass up. She said she was feeling drunk, very randy and could do with a fuck, right now. I told her that was easy to solve that all she had to do was just walk back into the lounge and say she wanted a fuck and I was sure there wasn’t a man in there wouldn’t want to oblige her. She said that would be acting like a total slut. I pulled her towards me, kissed her hard and asked her what was wrong with that, after all hadn’t I watched her screw my best mate set things up so she got fucked by Marc. I reminded her that she had told me often enough that she fantasised about whoring for a group of guys. Now’s was her chance. She asked if I wouldn’t mind her screwing with all those men in there after all we had only just met most of them tonight I replied that right now I’d give a lot to see her flat on her back, spread wide, being banged by them all. The only question was had she the guts to do it? It was one thing to fantasise, another thing to actually spread wide and do it. I was fairly sure this would decide her. She called me a bastard and said she'd show me what she’d dare. I told her to prove it. She smiled and undid her blouse half way and then she poured herself a drink, sank it quickly and refilled it and told me it was time to get back in for some fun.

We went back into the lounge and sat herself between Paul and Steve. Immediately they started teasing her about the state of her blouse and things rapidly got smutty. Sarah joined in with a will. She finished her drink, leaned across Paul, crushing her ample tits on his chest, to put her glass on the table. This done she turned to Paul and started to kiss him very passionately, then pulled away and started the same with Steve. He very soon had his hand on her tit and started to fondle it. Seeing she didn’t object to this Paul started to slide a hand up her thigh under her skirt. Her actions had not gone unnoticed and there were cat calls from the others.

Sarah sat there between them, her arms were spread out along the back of the sofa. Steve was fumbling to get the rest of her blouse buttons undone. Sarah looked at him, called him hopeless and undid the rest of her buttons. There were cries of “More”. She stood up and calmly removed her blouse and undid the fastening on her skirt. It fell to the ground and she was left standing there, in all her plump glory, dressed just in bra, knickers, stockings, suspenders and 4” high heels. She did a twirl her arms outstretched. There was cheering. There was music playing on the HiFi and she started to move to the rhythm. There were calls off “Strip, strip, strip” She swayed to the music, ran her hands up her body and then slowly removed her bra. She looked fantastic fondling her tits to the music. Then she pulled at the ties on her knickers and threw them to Marc. She asked him if he had invited her as the cabaret to which he replied “But of course!”

She looked at us all. An evil little smile crept across her face. She asked if they liked what they saw. There was a unanimous “YES!”. She told them that if they wanted her they had better get rid of their clothes. Everyone was soon undressed. She licked her lips and knelt on the floor. She told us she wanted cock, firstly in her mouth and then to come all over her, after that we could do as we liked. We stood in a ring around her. She grabbed cocks at random, sucking or wanking them. Those who were not ‘being attended to’ wanked away. Soon she got her first mouthful She swallowed it all. Sarah always swallows. Others followed, cum was soon trickling down her chin on to her neck and tits. “Cum all over my tits!” she cried. Those that hadn’t already cum were jacking hard and soon cum was all over her chest, across her face and in her hair. As soon as we had all shot our loads she dropped back on her heels and started to scrape it off onto her fingers. These she sucked and licked. What she didn’t consume she massaged into her flesh.

She finished this and asked if we were ready for a little cabaret to get us stiff again. She grabbed an empty wine bottle and some ice from the bucket and, dropping into a chair, threw a leg over each arm. She started to run the ice cube up and down her slit, paying particular attention to her clit. We all watched as the ice cube melted. Then she slid the neck of the bottle into her pussy and started, slowly at first but getting gradually faster and deeper, to fuck herself with it. I have watched her do this countless times and knew it would not be long before she came. I was not proved wrong. Within a few minutes she was moaning then yelling her climax.

She lay in the chair and her shuddering subsided. She let the bottle drop, gave a deep sigh, opened her eyes, looked at us all and said “Well?” Carl stepped forwards, cock pointing to the ceiling again, knelt down started to feast on her pussy. He got her squirming and moaning before he upped and thrust deep in to her. Soon he changed position and pulled her off the chair astride him. She rode his cock hard. His slightly coffee coloured skin contrasting with her very pale white. As she rode him she grabbed at Marc and Dave, sucking and wanking their cocks by turn. Carl rolled her on to her back, got her legs over his shoulders and finished off by pounding hard into her until he came.

Paul and Steve took over then. Getting her on to all fours they took her from both ends turn about. Then Marc led her outside saying that he wanted her in the garden . He laid her across the patio table and proceeded to hump her. I got the other side where her head hung over the edge and fucked her mouth. I shot my load deep down her throat; Marc came shortly after in her pussy.

There was a mutual pause for refreshments which turned into a sort of groping session we feasted on her ample tits and juicy pussy. She feasted upon our cocks. For the most part Sarah just lay in the middle of the lounge floor accepting drinks and any cock that anyone wanted to stick in her Eventually everyone was getting tired and though we had the option to crash out there, Sarah and I left at about 1am. She was very tired and had a lot of trouble standing let alone walking out to the car.

We didn’t wake up until the mid afternoon. Sarah was sore, her tits and body were a mass of bites. But she was happy and so was I. I had had the chance to watch my buxom little wife strip for what amounted to a bunch of strangers and then get well fucked by them. I had watched her squirm and heard her grunting like an animal. And she had had the chance to live out one of her favourite fantasies. She phoned up Marc to thank him, and I heard her hinting that she would like an invite if he plans any similar parties. I said she could only go if I get an invite as well and she said that she would only go whoring with me to watch her.

03-28-2010, 10:35 PM
very well presented and written story..... thanks for sharing it here.