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Chapter 2.

On the Thursday; I once more arrived at the house and was greeted by Marie; As soon as the door was closed she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. Breaking the embrace she laughingly said, “I told you I could do anything better than that old battleaxe!”

I teased her somewhat by responding, “That so called battleaxe is your mother and you should show some respect!”

“Oh I do respect her but as they say all is fair in love, war and sex...!” she replied.

“I take it that means I am supposed to be a trophy of war then!” I said laughing.

“Oh no! You’re more like a sex object; from what mum tells me!” she responded.

I hinted that we should move on and get the computer lesson over and done with; we moved off and Marie took to the spreadsheet very well and seemed to understand fairly well the idea of formulae's. When she had checked the working shopping bill calculator she had just created; she turned with a giant smile on her face and said, "The only fault with this spreadsheet is it does not tell me how much you want to fuck me!"

"If you taste as good as your mother then I want very much to eat your cunt but first I want you to remove your blouse and let those fucking great tits free!" I responded.

Without further rebuke she simply began unbuttoning her blouse when I stopped her and asked, "Where are your children?"

"Don't panic, they are at my house with the old battle axe that is my mum!" she quipped.

Soon her blouse and bra slid to the floor and she raised her arms high in the air as she let out an audible Ta Da! I stepped forward and allowed my hands to feel her waist; then slowly sliding them over her skin towards her tits. As my hands circled her tit flesh I squeezed them slightly and Marie groaned. Raising her tit up I lowered my head and ran my tongue over the tip of her nipple again this was greeted with a low soft moan. Closing my lips over her nipple I gripped it in my teeth and pulled firmly on the rock hard nipple. Suddenly I felt her hands on my shoulder as she gasped, "Oh Ray you do that so well! If my old man could have done that I would never have divorced him three years ago; and I would not be wearing out my vibrators now!"

I mumbled on to her tit that I had only just begun; then releasing her nipple I told her that if she wanted to be fucked she needed to lose the rest of her clothes; instantly she slipped her fairly short skirt down over her hips and now stood there naked as the day she was born; "You naughty wanton slut!" I teased, "Fancy you not wearing panties and not letting on till now!"

"So much easier and faster to get your cock inside me!" she moaned. "Now come on; Ray, you are still fully dressed and looking at that bulge it is becoming a little uncomfortable for you to stay like that!" she added.

"If you want my cock; then take it out and help yourself!" I quipped.

Marie then knelt before me and quickly undid my trouser belt and unzipped my fly; sliding her hand into my pants before gripping my cock; no sooner did she reveal it to her gaze when she moaned, "Wow; what a beauty and so hard! I mean it is a truly a beautiful cock so veined and thick!"

Before I could respond my cock was gone; she had engulfed it in her mouth and it was my turn to gasp for the sensation of her tongue flicking my cock head with such butterfly light touches sent shivers down my spine and directly to my aching balls.

Involuntarily I began thrusting into her mouth and she gurgled what sounded like her approval; I began to pinch her nipples and twisting them sharply between my thumb and forefinger; this was greeted by a much firmer sucking action on my cock. I demanded that Marie cease her actions before I blew my stack into her mouth and she missed out on feeling my cock fucking her wanton cunt. I told her I wanted to fuck her doggy style and she simply turned round before dropping forward on to her hands and knees; looking back over her shoulder she demanded I fuck her horny fuck slut of a cunt like the bitch on heat she was.

I immediately climbed behind her and with a firm hard slap across her ass cheeks I probed her cunt with the tip of my cock; this teasing sent Marie up a notch and she began begging to feel it rammed up her cunt and filling her like the whore she was. The moment my cock tip entered her cunt she thrust backwards and literally rammed my cock up her own cunt; she gasped for me to hold it there as she adjusted to my girth.

Then she reached back; I thought she was reaching for my thigh to make me move a little but she did not instead she brought her hand down hard on her own arse and left a red hand print on her flesh; She then told me in short gasps how she had missed the good spankings one of her early boyfriends had always given her before, during and after he fucked her; she moaned her old man had been less inclined to spank her and had several times told her she was a pervert for asking him to spank her.

As I began to slide my cock in and out of her heated soaking wet cunt; I asked, "What would be your ultimate fantasy then bitch?"

Marie suddenly looked back at me and bit her lip; I demanded, "Come on you fucking whore! I want to know!"

Blushing she suddenly began to speak, "Well; you will probably think me really sick; but when I was fourteen I saw my mother naked and taking dad's cock in her mouth; well that image has stuck with me ever since; so my ultimate fantasy would be to be spanked naked in front of my mother before being made to stand watching whilst someone made my mum kneel and suck his cock! Then I would be called over to suck on mum's giant tits while the pair of them fingered my cunt and arse!"

All the time Marie was talking she was increasing the speed and depth my cock was fucking her cunt; Marie seemed happy to be in control of how deep I went and the speed at which it happened but I did contribute by occasionally slapping her arse. Just before my cock erupted Marie's cunt suddenly went into spasm and she let out a loud scream as she was engulfed in a passionate orgasm.

After allowing Marie to suck my cock clean; I dressed and gave her eight out of ten for her computer work and jokingly added that her mother got a nine out of ten for her efforts but both tied with six out of ten for the sex. Marie wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately saying afterwards; “I am sure I can work my sex score up to a ten!” I said goodbye till next week and let myself out of the front door just in time to see Mary and three children turn the corner of the street and come marching down the road. I just hoped that Marie managed to get dressed before they arrived.

On the following Monday; I received a call from Mary to say that she and Marie would be available on Wednesday as the kids would be out of town at a summer camp from Wednesday till Saturday. I agreed to meet them at her house on the Wednesday and added it will be a special lesson they will never forget from that day on.

On the Wednesday; I approached the house at 6.30 pm and rang the bell; I seemed to wait an awfully long time before the door was opened by Mary. “Oh Ray; we were not expecting you till seven pm!” she said.

Showing me into the living room she said, “Marie is just getting ready and will be down in a moment or two!”

Mary asked if I wanted a drink and was shocked when I told her, “I would love a cup of tea!”

She said, “Oh right, I thought you may like a stronger drink than that?”

I informed her, “Oh I gave up alcohol some years ago and find I do not need it as a stimulus; besides it is more fun to be able to remember what others have gotten up to under the influence than be under that influence myself!”

After laughing she asked, “How do you like your tea?”

“Strong, white with two sugars and served topless!” I responded tongue in cheek.

“You what?” Mary asked.

“You heard me; Strong, white with two sugars and served topless!” I repeated.

Mary never said another word; she just turned and went to the kitchen; not five minutes after she left; Marie entered the living room; wearing a short skirt and a skin tight tee shirt which clearly showed the lack of a bra for her nipples were already fully erect.

I walked up to Marie and ordered her to raise her skirt and as I suspected she was once more panty-less; pinching her nipples through her tee shirt I twisted them as I demanded to know if she was going to obey my every word like the slut she truly is and received a simple nod from this horny fuck slut of a woman.

I quickly told her to remove her top and then kneel down with her back to the living room door; then I stood in front of her and had her kissing my cock through my trousers; after each kiss she had to beg to be allowed to take my cock out and suck it. Whilst she was doing this and I kept telling her she was not loud enough or convincing enough; her mother walked in to the room topless carrying my cup of tea.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks as she saw her daughter on her knees in front of me; from where Mary was she could not see if I had my cock out or not but she saw the actions of her daughter kissing the area of it and begging. I called Mary, “Come here you old whore!”

She seemed to stumble over to me; her eyes never leaving the bobbing head of her daughter; once level with me she saw her Marie was kissing the fabric of my trousers over my cock and she let out a sigh of relief until I looking directly at her face told Marie, “Now you may take my cock out and suck it hard ready for me to fuck your mother the horny cock loving bitch!”

Marie quickly; I suppose in fear I may change my mind; undid my trousers and pulled out my rapidly hardening seven and a half inch baby making rod and began to slobber all over it; I told her she was making it too wet and she should suck it all into her mouth and dry it with her tongue. I was now near enough to Mary to take the tea from her and I told her to encourage her daughter to prepare my cock for her soaking wet cunt.

Mary spoke in a sort of trembling voice, “Marie, Baby suck it good and make it as hard as steel so it can fuck your momma good!” Marie seemed to respond but it all sounded gibberish. I slowly drank my cup of tea as the two swapped comments as Marie feasted on my fuck stick and then I pulled my cock from Marie’s mouth and ordered Mary to remove the rest of her clothes. Her skirt was gone in seconds and she stood there in pale pink panties with a deep pink wet patch spreading from her cunt area.

I laughed before telling her to leave her panties in place and then I grabbed Marie by her hair and to her to stand; “Mrs Brown; you have a first class slut for a daughter for she knows how to prepare for a quick fuck and further more she knows who is in charge and is fully compliant! Watch!” I said.

“Marie; Slut remove your skirt and then spread your legs!” I demanded. Marie did so instantly; “See Mrs Brown; your fucking whore of a daughter does not bother with panties for they only get in the way of her getting her honey pot fucked and notice how like a good little slut she keeps her cunt super smooth by shaving it twice a day!” I added. “Also your Daughter has a confession to make and she will tell you right now her ultimate fantasy and why because in five minutes she will be spanked by me and made to watch her own mother; suck my cock before being fucked!” I finished.

Marie hesitated; but eventually spoke, “Mother, when I was fourteen I passed your bedroom one night while you and Dad were at it; I saw you sucking his cock so clearly that it stayed in my memory and has been the basis of my fantasy ever since. I want so much to be punished by being spanked by you or Ray here and then made to watch as punishment you take his cock but close enough to smell she scent of your fucking and when told to; suck your tits like I did as a baby or even worse; whatever you two decide is fair!” she spluttered.

Mary seemed shocked for an instant but that quickly passed as she smiled; “Seems I have a true pervert of a slut daughter; I must have raised her as a chip off the old block because I must confess that I have often laid awake playing with myself wondering what it would be like to eat your cunt out; my dear Marie; especially after it had been fucked and spunked!” she responded.

I whispered into Marie’s ear and she shot me a look and then nodded; as I released her she knelt in front of her mother and quickly dipped her head in between her mum’s legs and began sliding her tongue along the crease of Mary’s cunt outside her panties; spreading the wet patch further.

Watching for a few minutes while I finished my tea; I then ordered Marie to stop and told Mary to remove her panties; taking these panties i slowly sniffed the wet patch before handing them to Marie and telling her to suck her mother’s cunt juices from them. She popped the panties in to her mouth and began sucking on them. Her mother was also shaven but not quite as smooth as her daughter; so she was told that from now on she would also shave her cunt twice a day.

Now I instructed Marie to stand up spread her legs and then bend over and take hold of her own ankles; Mary was instructed to stand against her own daughter’s head to stop her falling forward as i took my place off to her left hand side. Six hard sharp slaps were administered to Marie’s arse which turned from a pale flesh colour to a rosy red glow and then i ordered her to stand and face her mother; who was told to kneel before her master’s cock and to ask nicely for permission to kiss it.

I teased Mary before allowing her to kiss and suck my cock and Marie watched every single action of her mother’s tongue; soon I needed to fuck one of these horny bitches so I told Mary to get on her hands and knees to be fucked like the bitch she was and I instructed Marie to take hold of my rock hard cock and feed it into her own mum’s cunt. Then she was to climb underneath her mother and begin sucking her tits for all she was worth.

It took me all of ten minutes to reach the point of no return and spew my cock load deep into Mary’s cunt and less than a minute to tell Marie to eat it all out of her mum’s snatch. Eagerly she scrambled round and was slurping away at her mother’s cunt while I told the pair of them what I thought of their horny slut bodies. Sexually sated later we sat around still naked as we completed their lesson on Computer databases; it was amusing that while Mary created a birthday calendar wish list database her own daughter was creating a rock hard cock to suck and later when Marie was creating the same style database her mother was bouncing up and down on that same hard cock.

I ended up staying overnight as neither had to rush off to deal with children or grandkids; and I fucked Marie while she sucked her mother’s cunt while Mary was sucking at the side of my cock as it slid into her daughter’s juice flowing cunt.

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