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04-01-2010, 07:39 PM
It was Friday evening and my wife, Sarah, and I had sunk a large bottle of red wine between us and were snogging on the sofa when the door bell rang. She answered it and in came Ian and Paul. Paul said that he had been trying out his new digital camera and had gone to download the photos when his computer had stopped working, so could he use mine and burn them to disk. I said I didn’t mind and we could go and have a look. Sarah made some comment about ‘boys and their toys’ and that she would make some coffee.

My computer is in the spare bedroom and so we went upstairs and fired it up. The first few pictures were of general views but then it changed. From his upstairs window Paul had noticed his neighbour, Kate, sunbathing naked in her garden and had got out his telephoto lens and had taken about forty photos of her as she lay in the sun or moved round the garden.

“I see. So that’s what it was all in aid of. Smut” We jumped, none of us had heard Sarah come in to the room. “Not bad pictures, but the model is a bit on the skinny side” Sarah is nicely buxom and proud of it. Paul looked a bit red but Sarah smiled at him and said “I’ll just leave you to it” she put down the coffee and left

There followed a debate on the merits of well built women against skinny ones as we continued to peruse Paul’s handiwork. I opened up a file containing some of my own personal favourite pictures, many of which we had downloaded off the net, as comparison. We were all agreed that she was a little too slender and that we all preferred something with more meat on. “I like those ones at the end there, that looks very much like Sarah” said Ian catching sight of some pictures I had taken of her some weeks ago “she looks very fuckable.”

“That’s good to hear! In that case wouldn’t you prefer something a little more rounded to photograph?” Once again we had been too involved with the pictures to notice Sarah come in. We were all amazed when we turned round. There she was kneeling, provocatively, on the bed in a quarter cup bra, stockings, suspenders and a very short skirt, her hands supporting her very ample breasts.

“Come on Paul don’t be shy, grab your camera and take some proper pictures rather than skulking round like a peeping Tom. Paul looked at me I nodded and in mute amazement he grabbed the camera and started to photograph her. She continued to kneel on the bed, fondling her tits and pulling her nipples. She pulled at her left tit until its nipple was in her mouth and she proceeded to suck and chew on it. Paul’s camera was working overtime to capture this.

She was soon lying on the bed getting more and more eager and vocal and it became very apparent that she had nothing on under her short skirt. While still mauling a tit with one hand she started to finger herself with the other. Paul moved in for a close up as she started to plunge three fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

She reached over to the bedside cabinet and brought out her favourite dildo. A large, solid, 10” beast. This she started to ram in and out of her cunt with both hands. She changed position and turned so that her rounded arse was facing us. She waggled it and we could see cunt juice streaming down her legs in a river. “Well?” she asked. Paul snapped a quick picture but I had had enough. My trousers and T shirt were soon thrown aside and I rammed my cock up her. Ian was soon naked as well and was standing in front of her his erect cock in her mouth. My slut of a wife was getting a good spit roast while my mate took pictures. I hammered away at her, hearing our flesh slap together. She was grunting like an animal as she took my pounding and sucked Ian’s cock. Paul was kneeling on the floor getting good shots of her huge tits as they hung down like ripe melons and swung round and round. I shot my load in to her and very soon after Ian shot all over her face. Paul was busy snapping away.

She sat back on the bed and massaged Ian’s spunk into the skin of her face and tits. Paul then got a series of shots of her scooping spunk out of her cunt and licking it off her fingers. “Come on Paul” she said “give one of the others your camera and get your share, my cunt is still very hungry.” He stripped and she pulled him on to the bed and got astride him. She proceeded to fuck him, riding him hard. I snapped of pictures of her astride him, his cock sliding in and out of her, him sucking her tits, her sucking her tits and finally her face as she exploded in orgasm.

She lay back for a moment and then said “What now?” I replied “Well its Ian’s turn now and I think that we need some outdoor shots”. Our house is very secluded and the upstairs rooms at the back have balconies so I went out on to the balcony of our bedroom while Sarah and Ian went out onto the balcony outside the spare room. She positioned herself in the corner of the balcony railings and, leaning back against them with one foot hooked over the top rail, had Ian feast on her dripping cunt. Her moans got louder and louder. Soon she had a hand on the back of Ian’s head and she was almost screaming as she thrust his face in to her sopping cunt. Paul brought a chair out onto the balcony and sitting in it, with his cock now revitalised. Sarah changed position so that she was now bending over giving him head while Ian fucked her from behind. I continued to snap away until she came again.

I came back in to the room to see her being helped back in, still a little unsteady after the reamings and the orgasms she had experienced. She pulled a wrap around herself and eagerly said “Let’s see the results then!” So we hooked the camera up to the computer and, after quite a wait (they were large high quality files) we were able to see the results. They were fantastic and we were all soon feeling very randy again.

“So what now?” she asked. I said “I think I’ll burn the photos on to disks for the others and keep them as mementos. Why what had you in mind?” “I’ll show you”. She logged on to the net and quickly found a site for amateur uploads. “I posted some of the ones you took the other week and got some fantastic feedback. Lets see what they make of these”. She carefully selected half a dozen, showing her getting fucked and getting spunked and uploaded them. “Aren’t you going to blank out your face like they usually do on these sites?” asked Ian “No way!” she replied “These women are stupid. They show their tits, and their cunts and show themselves getting pounded by cocks and things, but won’t show their faces. I like the thought of men seeing me. There is a possibility that I might even pass someone in the street who recognises me, and the thought of that makes me wet”.

“Thanks, you’ve made one of my fantasies come true. I have always dreamed of being the model for a camera club who was there to be photographed, then plied with drink and persuaded to pose nude. More drink and I would be persuaded to be photographed being fucked by one of them. Even more drink and I would be letting them do anything they wanted with me, no matter what. Admittedly in my dreams there is generally a room full of men, I have always dreamed of ‘performing’ for an audience, but this will do”

I said “After tonight I think that would be a sight I’d like to see. I wish I could arrange it but I don’t know how”. “That’s easy” said Paul. ”I could probably get a half dozen or so guys from the club who would be happy to oblige. Even if it was just to photograph you nude”. “Then do it” she said.

Quickly Paul e-mailed what he called a ‘select’ group of his friends enclosing the picture of Ian fucking her while she sucked Paul, asking if they would be interested in a ‘photo session’ with the pictured model. Within twenty minutes we had eight eager replies.

So it is all set next Saturday is her debut as a model and we will be entertaining Paul and his fellow club members. It promises to be a fun filled evening.

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Veery good story and realistic to boot; for who has not persuaded their partner to pose for some erotic snaps but when i did it it was just me and my wife.

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Thanks again for the addition

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good story

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Very good story and well writing. Will you be making more chapters now?

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great story!!!!!