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04-01-2010, 08:31 PM
It was pouring with rain, and we were soaked. We had been out for a walk down the lane, it was a glorious sunny, midsummer’s day and we had walked a roundabout rout for about three miles. We were about half a mile from home when the clouds had opened. The result was that we had stopped any real attempt to run to get out of the rain and were just walking quickly back. The rain had soaked through my wife’s thin summer blouse and skirt and she was looking very sexy. We had kissed and fondled quite a bit on the way home. The rain was warm and we were feeling very randy so being wet didn’t matter.

We got back to our garden and instead of going in to the house we headed for the old summerhouse at the bottom of the garden. It had a rather leaky roof but the walls on three sides made it fairly private. The kissing and fondling now got extremely heated. And we quickly stripped each other of our clothes. My wife was soon on her knees sucking hard on my cock. As I looked up I noticed movement in the field next to our house. It was the teenage son of one of our neighbours, sheltering under the trees that bounded our garden. He had a good view of us through the side gate of our garden that led into the field. He was trying to keep out of view while at the same time tying to watch what we were doing.

I pulled my wife to her feet and, kissed her. I whispered in her “We have a voyeur, young Tim is under the trees trying not to be seen”. Her eyes lit up, this really seemed to turn her on. She said “We ought to make it worth his while getting wet”. At which she turned around so she was leaning with her back to me and her eyes closed as if oblivious to everything around us said “Fondle me”. I grabbed one of her huge tits in each hand and started to caress them, squashing them and rolling her nipples between my fingers. As she responded I got rougher, really kneading her tits and pulling her nipples out as far as they would go. It was a fantastic feeling. Although we frequently start our fucking like this, there was the added spice of the rain having made her tits very slick indeed not to mention our audience.

“What’s he doing now?” she asked. I snatched a sly look. “He’s taking less care about being seen and it looks as if he’s got his cock out and is having a wank”. “Oh god! That’s so sexy to hear. Quick get some fingers up my cunt!”. At which she adjusted her position so that her legs were wider apart and I gold get access to her cunt. She was soaking wet. I slid two fingers of my right hand inside her and continued using my left to play with her tit. Soon I was reaming her cunt and she was starting to seriously moan. I altered tactics and alternated caressing her clit with fingering her cunt, whilst all the time still mauling her tit. Her moans got louder until she came with a yell.

She fell back against me and said “Fuck me now!” I lowered her to the ground so her open legs faced our watcher. My wife was in no mood for subtlety. As I gently lowered myself on to her she grabbed my buttocks and pulled me hard up against her. My cock shot in to her sopping cunt right down to the hit and she gave a loud gasp. I rode her wildly for a short time and then changed our position so that she was on top.
We positioned ourselves so that we were side on to our watcher. She really got going, bouncing up and down on my cock, her breasts bouncing. I reached up to grab a tit in each hand but she slapped my hand away and grabbed them herself and started sucking her nipples. This continued until we both came. She collapsed down on top of me and whispered “He’s right at the gate now, cock in hand.” At this she slowly got up off me then turned towards him and blew him a kiss. He blushed and shot out of sight, stuffing his cock back into his trousers.

She turned to me. “You are an exhibitionist slut” I said “Yes I know” she replied. I pushed her to the ground and pulling her legs wide fucked her again. Still the rain fell and we didn’t care.

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another great story thanks for sharing it here

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Thanks for another addition