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We have been into sharing for some time. There have been a number of lucky men and couples over the years. I have been the luckiest of them all because I have been with a beautiful, sexy woman for many years and even though I continue to age she seems not to have aged at all. She still looks in her 30’s with her shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, 5’6”, 120 pounds, all in the right places. There are women in their 20’s that wished they looked as good as she does. Better than that; she loves sex. She loves all positions and one of her favorite things is to give head to completion and SWALLOWS. She can be kinky and will do things that will surprise you when you least expect it. Around where we live she is very respectable and those who know her would never believe that she has been with a numerous men and couples over the years. When she gets home behind closed doors or if we are out of town she becomes a sexual animal that will do all sort of wild kinky things.

It all started many years ago. We were like so many other couples that had their ups and downs due to money, children, long hours at work and just the boredom of the same thing over and over again. We were always fighting and not having a good life together. I was extremely jealous, very possessive and overly protective. She had become a prudish woman that was just the opposite of the person that I married. She wanted me to be there for her at her every whelm but was not willing to go back to being the sexy person that I married. As time when on we grew further and further apart. I thought about things and one day just packed up and moved out leaving her with the house and kids. We were separated for about 6 months. I visited her and the kids often and made sure that the bills were paid and she had what she needed. That left me short and I lived in a drafty garage apartment eating fast foods and a lot of TV dinners.

I filed for divorce hoping that it might be the answer for us both. I started dating again and Jessica found out that I was dating my lawyer’s secretary. Jessica did not like Cyndi at all. She felt that there was a competition, not me but they both are good looking women. The only real difference was that Cyndi had long dark hair and Jessica is Blonde.

One evening, late evening, I was working on a project that I had to present at work the next day. I was missing a piece of equipment that would be necessary for me to have. It was too late to buy another one and I knew that I had a new one in my desk at the house. I drove to our house that is eight miles from town in the countryside. I turned off the lights as I pulled in the long drive way. I noticed a black pickup to one side of the driveway. I really didn’t think much of it because we had a neighbor that parked his company truck and tools in our drive when he and his family went out of town camping and fishing. I thought that he had gotten a new company truck and didn’t think anything about it being there. I walked into the house using all the stealth tricks taught to me in the Marines. I petted my dog and checked on the kids. I walked towards the bedroom and heard noises, very familiar noises. I walked into the bedroom and there was Jessica and a guy that I later found to be “Mike”. Mike was fucking her for all it was worth. Neither Mike nor Jessica noticed me. I stood there for some time watching. I am not sure what was controlling me at the time. There were a million things going through my mind on what I should be doing either. I didn’t know if I should make a scene and scream and yell at her. I didn’t know if I should use violence and beat them up, shoot them or what. I knew if I did the wrong thing I could go to jail and loose my kids forever and there would be no chance of us ever having any relationship again. I did know that for some reason all my jealousy, and being overly possessive sort of went away and I was more turned on that I had ever been before. I am standing there watching my wife being banged by a guy 10 years my junior and I have a hard on that could drill for oil in the Rocky Mountains. When Mike saw me he turned so white that it lit up the room. Jessica wasn’t sure what to say or do.

Now it is time to back up a few years. We have had fantasies like so many other couples. One of mine was to see her with someone else. With my problem of being really jealous I never thought that it would ever happen. It had always been something that we just fantasized about. Her favorite fantasy was to have two guys at the same time. Jessica asked me what was going to happen now. I wasn’t sure what to do or say. She looked at me and told me, “If how you feel has anything to do with the hard on you have we need to fulfill my fantasy of two guys at once. I didn’t have to be told twice. Mike and I satisfied Jessica in every way that we could come up with. None of us got any rest that night. I had to go to work the next morning completely worn out and just barely finishing my project. I did go back home that evening and Jessica and I talked for hours and we decided that we could make things work out and at the same time include others into our sex lives together. Mike continued to visit at least 2 or 3 times a week. He would visit if I had to go out of town on business and sometimes Jessica would go out with him and on a few occasions was shared by him with a couple of his buddies. This went on for some time until Mike’s company moved him across country. It was sometime before we saw him again and he came back married to Melissa. She was a looker and could suck a cock as good as Jessica. I know we started swapping.

All and all this got started by a problem that was fixed by us having sex with others. We learned trust and openness. As time goes on we found to be open and discuss everything. If either of us found someone that we wanted to be with or at times someone that we were with first but went and shared the experience with the other afterwards. Since then over the years we have been with other couples, threesomes with other single men, a few times where there was several couples, threesomes with other women and a few 5 to 6 guy gang bangs that Jessica was the center of attention. If going out of town or somewhere that we are not know Jessica wears as little in public as she can. She has flashed truckers, had sex with one of her single lovers and left the hotel window open with the lights on so anyone passing by or rooms across the way could see her fucking the guys eyes out, gone to the door naked to open it for room service, gone to a all night convenience store wearing one of my thinner white dress shirts and nothing else but stockings and high heels not leaving hardly anything for the imagination. She has been caught by the Police in the back of a van fucking to keep from going to jail or being cited ended up fucking and sucking the two cops too. She enjoyed that so much she went back to visit with them several times. All of this has kept us together and caused us to be open and trusting. It has also caused me to lose that jealous streak and really enjoy watching her get fucked silly. I have watched her with my best friend, several friends, my lawyer, a couple of her past lovers, a plumber, a computer repair person, a couple of guys that work for me, a car salesman, a few truckers, some of her coworkers, and assorted other couples, men and women.

Sharing isn’t for everyone. Open relationships are not for everyone. I know it has worked for us and made our relationship stronger. We don’t partake as often as we use to but we still do. She just met a guy on “Facebook” that after a few month of Cyber sex and phone sex met and spent a day and night enjoying each other’s company. Nothing different other than the Good Lord had blessed him. Jessica says that it is the biggest cock she has ever seen in length and girth. Of course that is fuel for another story.

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Excellent post. Honest and well written.