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Another true story from Kate's diary.

Kate and I were checking out some local biker bars one Saturday night when we ran into Brant, who was an old acquaintance of ours. I asked Brant what was on the agenda for the rest of the evening, and he said he was just hanging out, so the three of us decided to check out a few more establishments to see who was out and about. After the local bars closed for the evening, I invited Brant over to our place to have a few drinks and to share with him, a taste of some private stock moonshine that I had acquired from a fellow employee, who imported it from his home state of Kentucky.

Now Kate was in a real mellow mood and sat back letting us do most of the talking, and after a while she excused herself to go to the bathroom. Brant was sitting on the couch, and I was sitting in my recliner facing him from his left side. We were laughing and talking about old times. When Kate returned she had changed from her jeans and blouse, to a sundress that had buttons all the way down the front of it, and all of the buttons were fastened except the top two. As she walked into the room, I acted as if everything was normal, knowing that the little wench was up to something. Brant looked at her dress with approval, but never suspected that Kate liked to show off her body and give long slow blow jobs to strange and horny men with my consent. Kate walked over to me and sat on the floor between my legs facing Brant and was slowly sipping on her drink.

As we talked, I noticed that Kate was slowly starting to unbutton the sundress, one button at a time in a nonchalant manner, ever so slowly as not to attract too much attention from Brant. After awhile she had unbuttoned enough of the dress for Brant to get a real good view of her fine pointed tits. She has nipples that are nice and round, and that protrude at least three quarters of an inch, and are as big around as the end of a man’s little finger. Brant started to excuse himself for the evening saying it was late and it looked as though I needed to take care of some business. I asked him to stay, explaining that she was doing it for his viewing pleasure. I told Brant that Kate like to show off her body to a man who would appreciate it. He sat right back down with the large grin on his face. He said that he was enjoying the view and really didn’t want to leave after he saw those beautiful globes and big nipples!

Kate started to unbutton the sundress a little faster knowing that the mood had shifted into a highly charged and exciting situation which she enjoyed to no end. I figured that it was time to bring out the moonshine, so I went to the cabinet to get some glasses and the bottle. I poured two fingers of the liquid into two glasses and then went to the bathroom. As I came back I looked at Kate, she had let the straps of the dress fall off her shoulders exposing her tits into full view, and she was sitting with her legs crossed wide exposing her panty covered crotch, some of her pubic hair was protruding from around the edges of the garment that was barely covering her cunt.. My cock was like a raging bull's horn. I gave the glass of shine to Brant and he couldn’t keep his eyes off Kate's body, we saluted and drank, and by this time the dress was down around her waist, Kate stood up and pulled her top up over her tits, and went to the bathroom.

Brant said he really enjoyed the show thinking that Kate wouldn’t return and I told him she was just getting warmed up! She returned with the top of the dress tied around her waist. Her tits were bouncing and those large nipples were hard and erect. She bent over in front of me to get her glass and I saw that she had removed her panties, she turned to me and asked if she could have some of the moonshine, I told her I would be happy to pour her some and rounded up mine and Brant's glass to pour all three of us another drink. As I went back to the couch to hand Brant his drink, I sat down next to him knowing that Kate was ready to start the ball rolling. She sat down in front of us spreading her legs wide and then pulled her legs up to her chest and we were both treated to a wide open view of Kate's wet and dripping cunt. She started to rub the glass around her nipples to make them harder, with the other hand she started to tease her cunt, this went on for a few minutes, I told Kate that there were two raging hard cocks waiting for her attention. She slowly looked at me as I smiled at her, this was to let her know that I wanted her to please herself with Brant and his hard cock. She smiled back and slid towards Brant pushing the dress down off her body and then running her hands up Brant's legs to his inner thighs, resting both hands on his cock, massaging it slowly. He started to moan and Kate started to unbutton the front of his pants, and then eased down his zipper to release his hard on. She told him to stand up so she could take off his pants, as he stood she hooked her fingers into the top of his jeans and slid down both pants and briefs in one motion, this surprised him but before he could utter a word she pushed him back down onto the sofa, pulling his pants completely off. Kate then moved forward placing her lips onto his seven inch rock hard cock and started licking and sucking him, from the tip of his cock and all the way down to his balls.

I moved back to the recliner to let her work on his cock and to enjoy the view. I sipped the drink as Kate pushed Brant's legs wide open to give her more access as she started to suck on his balls, while slowly stroking his cock. He was getting real excited, so she went back up to the tip of his cock and started to slowly engulf his hard tool, as she began massaging his huge balls. She worked his cock in and out of her mouth, up and down stopping and starting, flicking the tip of her tongue over the head and under the tip, and then sucking it back into her mouth. Brant told her if she didn’t stop that he was going to shoot cum all down her throat. Kate heard that and she started to work his cock harder like she was possessed taking him to the point of no return, she "wanted" him to shoot his cum all down her throat. Little did Brant know that when a strange cock shot cum down her throat, she would also cum right along with him! Kate was the only women that I ever knew that could shoot cum out of her cunt and a flood would run down her legs and soak anything in its path!!!! Brant was starting to cum and Kate sucked him with a fury, she started swallowing his load that seemed like it would never end. She would gasp and swallow, then another shot, gasp and swallow, over and over until they both went limp from all the excitement. I was sitting there with my cock in my hand, hard as a rock stroking it slowly, knowing that it was not over yet. I put my cock back into my shorts and went to the bathroom to get Kate a wet warm towel which she would gently place on Brant's cock and balls and clean him up for round two.

I gave Kate the warm wet towel and I heard Brant tell Kate how good it felt. I went to refresh our drinks. She was now sitting next to him on the couch and they were slowly making out, kissing and fondling each other. I returned and set down there drinks. The mood was real mellow as we sat back and sipped the whiskey. Kate was rubbing Brant's cock real slow, and he asked if he was being rude for getting all the attention, and I told him not at all, that I enjoyed watching Kate sucking and fucking strange cocks, knowing that it turned her on. I told Brant to enjoy.

Slowly Kate got up and turned to Brant extending her hands wanting him to get up and follow her. He looked at me and I told him to go and see what she had in mind. Brant followed her into the bedroom, and I gave them some time, as I knew that it turned Kate on more if they were alone for awhile. I heard moaning and groaning and eventfully strolled towards the bedroom, as I looked around the corner I saw Brant between Kate's legs licking and sucking her cunt, her head was rolling from side to side in pure pleasure, as I saw that Brant was hard again and knew what Kate wanted next. I quietly pulled up a chair and watched from the darkness of the hall as Kate came all over Brant's face surprising him totally, she shot cum all over his face and it was running down his chin. When she told him to lie on top of her so she could lick her cum off of his face, he was on top of her in a flash and she was licking his face all over, and sticking her tongue in and out of his mouth. He reached down and started to rub the tip of his cock all over the lips of her pussy. It was soaking wet from the eating that Brant had giving her and with one thrust he slid it all the way up to the hilt! Kate gasped with pleasure. He started to pump her cunt real easy, teasing her and making her as hot as I have ever seen her. The passion took over and she moaned “fuck me, please fuck me", he kept going at a slow an easy rate holding back to tease her more, Kate raised her voice and said "fuck me, fuck me hard"! He was still teasing her slowly and Kate started to yell "fuck me deep you bastard, fuck me deep and as hard as you can, fuck my pussy", Brant lost it and started to give her what she was begging for, he really started to pile drive his hard cock into her soaked pussy, she was yelling and he was driving his cock so deep into her pussy, that I was sure it would never be the same again. I could hear the slurping and sucking of her cunt as he worked that cock in and out, reaming it like it had never been reamed before, it was so erotic that as he started to shoot his cum deep into her cunt, she almost bucked him right off of the bed. I was stroking my cock as fast as I could and shot my load down onto my legs and hands. Brant and Kate collapsed as they laid there for at least ten minutes.

Everyone was exhausted, and slowly Kate and Brant started to stir when I heard him ask Kate what happened to me, and she told him to look around, he saw me sitting in the chair in the hall, and we all laughed. He said we were the wildest couple that he had ever met, and he had enjoyed every second!

We saw Brant from time to time, but that is another set of stories…

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A few pics of Kate...

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Nice looking lady, very erotic story. Wish it had been me, but that's life...:-)

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great story and she is very sexy

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great story and she is very sexy

Glad that you liked it, she loved the attention she received that night!

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Lucky man ... really good storyteller!

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Nice pics

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Good pics with good story