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The Taking Of Brenda (Ravaged By Reality)

Brenda and her sister lived on two streets that ran parrellel to each other seperated only by one hundred yards of rather thick woods. Instead of walking all the way down to the well lit main intersection and up to her sisters street Brenda had developed the habit of cutting through the woods to shorten her walk when going to visit her sister which she did at least twice a week on a regular basis.

Brenda had been warned by her husband that this was not a good idea due to the fact that sometimes it was very late at night when she returned home. But she was young and fairly innocent and did not think anything bad could happen to her.

I would watch her walk down the street in her short skirt and high heels with her long auburn hair blowing in the wind and wonder how long it would be before someone decided to take her. She was so beautiful and seemed so vulnerable.

One day as she disappeared onto the path that lead through the woods I decided to follow her from a distance. About half way through the woods and twenty five yards off to the right was a small clearing no more than twenty feet by twenty feet. It seemed to me that if I were going to take her this would be the place to do so. I continued to follow her until she reached the end of the path and turned towards her sisters house. I continued to watch her as she made her way up the street with those beautiful hips swaying back and forth and this is when my decision was made.

When the time was appropriate I would lay in wait behind a huge oak tree near the clearing and as Brenda was returning from her sisters late one night I would strike.

Over the next few weeks I collected the items I would need for my attack.First a mask as I lived in the neighborhood and although it was pitch dark in the middle of those woods I did not want to risk Brenda being able to identify me. A black hood for her initially until I was certain she would not be able to see me. A pair of handcuffs , a pair of black leather gloves a leather gag and my nine inch skinning knife.

My plan was in place now all I had to do was wait for the proper time. I wanted to take her on a night when she was coming home from her sisters late. A time when the neighborhood was asleep and the risk of her screams being heard was at a minimum.

I watched and waited for weeks knowing that sooner or later Brenda would stay late at her sisters and head home after midnight when it would be safer to enact my plan. As I waited past midnight on a friday night in the early fall I knew that her time was at hand.

I moved into position to the clearing where I prepared the area for the attack. First I tied a thick cotten rope to a low hanging tree limb and let it hang free seven feet off the ground. Next I tied the same type off rope around the trunk of a tree about six feet from the ground. From that rope I let two ten foot pieces hang free. Now all that was needed was the guest of honor.

After what seemed like an eternity I heard the click click click of high heels on the distant sidewalk. I moved into position behind the oak tree. When the click of her shoes stopped I knew that she was now on the dirt path and heading towards me. As she moved closer I could feel the adrenilen rushing to my muscles and my heart rate felt like it doubled.

And then she was here. Looking back it felt like it all happened in slow motion. First I saw her leg extend past the tree. As I followed the line of her leg up past her knee then past her hips to the small of her back I took one step out behind her and with one motion slid the black hood over her head and at the same time put my gloved hand over her mouth. With my free arm I grabbed her around the waist picking her up off the ground and heading for the clearing I had prepared.

She kicked and tried to scream but the leather glove was sufficient to muffle most of her screams. As I got her to the clearing I forced her face down on the ground where I quickly handcuffed her and put the leather gag on to muffel the screams. I stood her up and positioned her near the tree with the loose rope hanging down. I raised her cuffed hands to the rope and tied them securly. As I am tying her handcuffs to the rope she tries to kick me. A quick slap to her face settles her down a bit but I think it is a good idea to tie her ankles with a cotten rope.

Now I have her exactly where I want her. I hold my finger to her lips to indicate I want her to remain silent. She protest with a muffeld sound. Another quick slap and I repeat my silent request. This time there is no protest. I slowly remove the hood. This is surley the most beautiful face I have ever seen!
Once again I indicate with my finger on her lips not to make any noise. I then take a very large risk by removing the gag. Brenda whispers "Please don't do this".

I slowly draw my knife. I see the look of fear in her eyes. Her eyes follow the knife blade as I guide it between the layers of silk on the front of her blouse. I bring the blade down to the first button and with a quick snap of my wrist the button falls to the ground. The next button and the third and fourth buttons soon follow. Now the front of her silk blouse is completely open and her white lace bra is seen to be barely able to contain its appointed cargo. I carefully slide the blade between her shoulder and the blouse and begin to slice through the sleeves all the way down to her wrist. I repeat my action on her other side and what remains of her blouse falls to the ground. Brenda pleads "Don't do this ,please don't do this".

I lift her chin up with two fingers and gently kiss her lips. Once , twice , three times with no response.

I take my knife out again and slide the blade under her bra strap. "Stop" she screams . I bring the blade of my knife to her throat and my finger to her lips. Again she is quiet. I repeat my action on the remaining bra strap and then slide the blade under the elastic between her breast. I draw the blade back and it slices through with ease and the bra falls to the ground. Her breast are magnificent, perfectly matched and absolutly firm with silver dollar size nipples.

Again I lift her chin this time to see tears flowing down her cheeks.

I make quick work of her skirt making one slice down the front dropping it to the ground and revealing a white lace garter belt , nylons and white lace panties.

I can wait no longer. I remove my shirt I need to feel her breast against my chest. As I press her against me I watch her eyes widen as she feels my cock press against her thigh. Once again she says "Stop please" but there is no stopping me now.

I reach up and cut the rope holding her hands in the air. I grab a handful of that beautiful red hair and say to her "Down on your knees". She tries to pull away but to no avail. I bend her knees and she falls to her knees. "No she begs, please don't make me do this oh no please". I drop my trousers and step out of them while Brenda tries to wiggle out of my grasp. I pull her up so she is face to face with eight inches of rock hard cock that is two full inches wide. Brenda tries to turn her head but I have a very firm grip on her hair. With her hair in one hand and my cock in the other I begin to rub her face with the head of my cock. She tries to struggle but she knows it is useless. I press the head against her gorgeous full lips, she does not respond. I press harder still no movement. I slide my blade out and press it against her throat. Trembling now she opens her mouth and I put my cock in. I move it very slow at first. One or two inches in then out in then out in then out. Now I begin to quicken the pace. first making short strokes and then longer as I feel Brenda adjusting her breathing . After a short while I lenghten the stroke and Brenda chokes on my swelling cock. She has had enough time to adjust. I continue to drive my cock into her throat and she begins to rock. I am driving deep into her throat with every stroke and she is handling it very well. My cock is swelling to the max and ready to explode its load. Brenda grabs my thigh with her cuffed hands and pulls me towards her with astounding strength. Now I own her. She loves my cock and with every stroke I drive deeper and deeper into her throat. As Brenda travels the full length of my cock on every stroke I begin to let go of my load. The first shot cums and she sucks it down. The second wave is enormous and she handles it also. I keep cuming and driving and Brenda does not miss a drop.

Brenda swallows a number of times while I stand over her catching my breath. Her chest is heaving in and out while she tries to recover her breath. I offer her my cock so she can clean it up and she readily accepts it and runs her tongue over it until every trace of cum is gone.

Still on her knees she looks up at me with those gorgeous green eyes and says" Now that you gotten what you want will you please let me go?" I grabbed a large handful of hair and as I was dragging her to the base of another oak tree and she was holding on to both my hands as to not loose that hair I thought to myself "baby your night is just beggining"


As I got her to the tree I layed her on her back and stretched her hands over her head. She again was crying and begging me to stop. I tied her hands to the rope at the base fo the tree. Next I took one of the ten foot ropes I had prepared and lifting her right leg , wrapped the thick cotten rope around her ankle twice and then tied a simply knot to secure it. I repeated this with her left leg. Brenda was now flat on her back hands stretched over her head , with her gorgeous legs nearly vertical and spread perfectly.

I dropped to my knees and removed my gloves. I needed to feel her skin with mine. I didn't bother with my knife to remove her white lace panties I simply slipped my fingers inside them and with one quick move ripped them off. Her pussy was perfectly kept. The same beautiful auburn hair that adorned her head and nicely trimmed. As I leaned over her, my leather mask almost touching her cheek, she whispered," I'm not big enough to handle you, you are going to hurt me if you do this I'm begging you to please not do this. I will do anything you ask just please don't hurt me." Although it was a tempting thought to explore the "do anything promise" I was determined to rape this beautiful creature in every way I could before this night was over.

I began by running the tip of my tongue around her nipples. Pressing, licking ,biting, and pinching . First her left breast and then the right. My speed was slow and methodical. Wherever my mouth wasn't my hands were. As I sensed her becoming aroused I picked up the speed and her arousal became more apparent. She began to make slight moans and her hips began to move ever so slightly. It was apparent that she was trying to hold back her excitment but it was beggining to overcome her. I noticed that when the leather of my full face mask brushed her nipple or her pubic hair she seemed to get a little jolt of excitment run through her.

As I felt her senses heightening I slid both hands under her ass and began to kiss her pussy. Her first gasp was that of a young women in ecstacy, but she quickly regained her composure and said" Please don't" I continued kissing all around the outside edge and the working my way slowly to the center. I sucked her clit into my mouth and explored it extensivly with my tongue." Please, please don't, I'm begging please don't". Once again as I continued her excitment was building and I decided now was the time.

I took my" hard as steel cock" in my hand and positioned the head on Brendas clit. As I moved it around the outside of her pussy she could no longer conceal her excitment and began to moan uncontrolably. She was whispering "please don't, please don't, please I'm begging you please don't stop. When I heard " Please don't stop" I lost control. Throwing caution to the wind I spread her thighs just a bit more to insure maximum penitration and I drove all eight inches of my cock deep inside of her. Brenda screamed at the top of her lungs and I quickly covered her mouth with my bare hand, preventing the coming screams from being heard.

The second thrust caused another scream but not as serious. I slowed my thrust after the second and began a slow steady rythem. Brendas pussy was incredibly tight but that was nothing new to me. As I continued with my shorter, slower thrust she began to calm. I was able to remove my hand from her mouth and began kissing her lips. Tears were beginning to slow down and I felt after about twenty minuets Brendas hips were starting to respond. I began to increase my speed and gradually my penitration. "no,no,no.........." she said but her body did not agree. My cock was now traveling a full eight inches into her on every stroke, her mouth was open and her tongue was in mine.

The pace was quickening and Brendas body was responding in kind. I wanted to talk to her but I knew I could not risk it. No matter Brenda started talking to me. "Please , please don't, please don't, please don't stop , please don't." I wanted to play with her so on my next stroke I paused with only the head of my cock left in her. "Oh god no no please don't please fuck me , please, please fuck me, please don't stop please finish me please." I was happy to oblidge her . So with renewed energy I took her to a height of ecstacy I am sure she had never before acheived. Brendas climax seemed to last hours although I am sure it was no more than thirty to forty seconds. I once again had to cover her mouth to prevent the neighborhood from awakening from her screams. After Brenda came she began to cry, slightly at first and then more uncontrolably.

I untied her long beautiful legs in preparation to position her for my next assult . As I towered over her with my cock still fully extended she looked up at me and simply said " Can I please go now?" I grabbed both her ankles, flipping her over on her stomach . I then grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up to her knees thinking to myself "This should answer your question"

After boosting her ass up I tied her ankles with a cotten rope and a second rope around her legs just above her knees. I went to her face to put the leather gag back in. As I dropped to my knees to gag her she looked up and took my cock in her mouth. I was there to gag her but as long as she was so willing I thought why deprive her of her fun? After a while I saw that time was getting short so I slipped my cock out and the gag in. She jerked when I did this . She had not been expecting the gag again. I noticed the fear in her eyes and thought she must be wondering what I was going to do that again required a gag. I also placed a second leather strap over her mouth to muffel any sound that escaped.

I approached her from the rear and applied a generous amout of ky jelly to her gorgeous ass. I then did the same to my cock. By this time Brenda had guessed what was about to happen and was violently shaking her head no. She calmed down after a few hard slaps to her ass. I layed my cock on her ass and slowly started grinding in a back and forth motion. After a few moments she responded in kind. When I felt she was ready I pulled back and slammed my cock into her pussy. At first she started to scream but was then somewhat relieved I think, that I had taken that route instead of what she was expecting. As my strokes became deeper and faster she responded as she had before. Her arousal level was peaking. Now was the time .

Keeping in perfect cadence I grabbed my cock, pulled completely out of Brendas pussy and slammed my cock deep into her ass. She screamed a scream that no gag would silence. I pulled back and drove it in again. Again she screamed. For the next few moments I slowed the pace and shortened the penitration. I could hear her sobbing through both the gags but I continued to drive her with shorter strokes knowing that my swelling cock would eventually turn her pain into pleasure.

After a few moments it sounded as if her sobs of pain were changing in tone to moans of pleasure. The subsequent resumption of of her ass grinding was my que that the time was right. I began to quicken the pace and Brenda responded. When at first I began to penitrate deeper she tried to pull away so I resorted to the shorter strokes. After quite a long time of active grinding on Brendas part she began to moan in ecstacy and I was only half way in! I began to drive deeper and with each stroke Brenda began to push back with a newly found energy. My eight by two steel had never been harder. The sight of that beautifully rounded ass driving back at me as hard as I was driving into it was overpowering. I couldn't let her make me come. I was not yet ready. I reared back and slapped her ass. First with my right hand and then with my left. Not only did it not slow her down but it seemed to turn her into a highly energized fuck machine.

She swayed violently from left to right as her ass swirled around and back, around and back again and again and again. Brenda was working so hard that I just simply held my position behind her. My cock was on a intergalactic trip with Brendas ass with her driving while I concentrated on the 1975 world series in a vain attempt to make this last forever.

Finally I gave in. I had to explode. I grabbed her hips and began driving as hard as I could. Each stroke moved us a foot closer to the tree. Brenda was moaning, check that, SCREAMING in ecstacy so loud that people had to be waking up. Finally she had to put her hands against the tree to keep me from driving her through it.

Brenda started to cum and as she did her entire body began to shake. Not unlike someone having a seizure. As soon as she started shaking I began to cum. I shot a huge load into that gorgeous ass. Once ,twice, three times I just kept cuming.

Brenda collapsed to the ground but continued to moan. I moved around to her front to remove the gags. When I did so she looked up and pleaded "please no more"

Of course I did not answer her but I thought to myself "no more".

After collecting my things I removed her handcuffs and tied her wrist with a simple square knot. I also left the rope tied around her ankles, knowing that it would only take her eight to ten minuets to free herself and that would give me time to make my escape.

As I tied her wrist she looked at me with those beautiful green eyes and asked "Can I please go home?"

I walked away but looked back at her one last time. As she lay there in the dirt raped, sodimized and terrorized she was still the most magnificent creature I had ever seen

Brenda The Epilog
I made my way to the end of the path and from that point on I was at my basement door in three or four moments. I let myself in and after stowing my bag of toys I headed for the basement shower for a quick washdown. When finished I dried myself and headed upstaires to the bedroom. I very quietly entered the bedroom and slipped between the sheets. As I lay there recounting the events of the last four hours and halfway expecting sirens and police the power of Morphius overtook me and I drifted off.

Meanwhile Brenda was struggling to free herself, which I'm sure would have been worth the price of admission. She had little trouble with the rope around her wrist, but the ropes binding those beautiful long legs and ankles were a little more of a challenge. But alas she finally freed herself after about half an hour.

She found her shoes and was able to make a wrap around out of what was left of her skirt. Her silk blouse was another story. She tied the two halfs together, fashioning sort of a tube top type "thingy" to cover that gorgeous chest. After making her way to the end of the path her pace quickened as she wanted to make it home without being seen.

Fortunatly her house key was still in the pocket of her skirt and she let herself into the house. Very quietly she made her way to the downstairs bathroom. You see Brenda had already decided not to tell her husband nor anyone else about what happend to her this night. She showered for a longer than normal time and when finished dried herself and put on an oversized tee shirt that was her normal night time attire.

She climbed the staires and slipped unheard into bed next to her husband. She was somewhat relieved that she had made it this far and would not have to explain her lateness. As she lay in bed recounting the nights events, she began to weep. Not a loud emotional or uncontroled weeping but one that states that nothing will ever be the same.

I awoke to a hand on my chest which was odd in so much as my wife and I did not usually have much physical contact at night. However it was her hand, and as I looked up at her I could see tears flowing from her beautiful green eyes. Whats the matter I asked is something wrong? "No" she answered "I just had a bad dream." "Do you want to talk about it? " I asked. "No" she replied "Maybe someday but not today, I'm OK just go back to sleep honey." And I did.

THE END (for now)

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