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Authors report: This is the second in the series. The first is also posted here. This story will stand very well on it's own But for the sake of understanding the background I would suggest reading the original "The Taking Of Brenda (Ravaged By Reality) first. I hope you enjoy the read. Jake

The Taking Of Brenda II
(Ya don't Always Get Whatcha Wanted)

It had been six months since Brenda had been brutalized in the woods that seperated the two sisters houses. She had never reported the rape to the authorities or her husband but instead had lived with the trauma secretly all this time.

Neither had she changed her habit of visiting her sister Janet once or twice a week. She did however change her route.

Ever since she had been taken in the woods between the two streets she had made a point of taking the long way around. She would walk the distance down her street south to a major intersection with plenty of streetlights, up that street for a quarter mile and then north on her sisters street to Janets house. She would pass that section of woods where her assualt had taken place each time she walked down her street and again each time she walked up her sisters street, and every time she passed she had the erie sensation that she was being drawn towards the scene of the crime.

Janet was a few years older than Brenda but every bit as desirable. Janet had a very sophisticated beauty about her. Her hair was short and black framing her beautiful face nicely. She weighed about fifteen pounds more than Brenda however being three inches taller, she carried it very well. Her breast were a very full thirty six and she liked to display them with tight sweaters or see through silky blouses. A tiny waist, probably twenty four inches, and a thirty six inch set of hips made her the center of attention regardless of whether she was gardening in her front yard or strutting down the street on her way to the store in her high heels and mini skirt. The two sisters together certainly made a terrific daily double.

Although Brendas husband found it curious that she never mentioned the rape either to him or the authorities he found it even more interesting that she continued to make her night time trips to her sisters. And as for any kind of sexual awakening that he hoped might have occured in his wife after the rape.....forget about it. He continued to make his "once a month attempt" to bed his gorgeous wife only to be rejected about half the time. He even thought he might try a roleplay "rape" with her thinking that is what turned her on in the woods that night but was soundly reprimanded for that and told he had better never try it again.

So the boring life on Cherry Lane lumbered along. He spent most of his free time at his desk in the basement studying his coin collection or working on model planes and Brenda, when not gardening or spending free time with Janet would bury her nose in some trashy paperback. The only thing they actually shared was their love of the dance. Any kind of dance. Ballroom, jitterbug, the Tango and they were both very good at it even to the point of having won a number of dance contest when they were first married. But now when they went dancing it was just for the enjoyment of the dance itself which they usually did about once a month.

It was New Years Eve and they were spending it at home as usual as neither one of them liked being on the road on amature night. Janet and her husband were to drop over for a drink on their way to a party at a hotel where they would be able to spend the night if need be. Bob had started drinking about five o'clock so when he walked by the master bath at seven when Brenda was just finishing her shower it was not surprising that he grabbed her from behind, spun her around, and layed a big happy New Years kiss on her.

"Damn it Bob stop it, Jan and Jim will be here any minuet and I still have to get dressed."

There comes a time in a mans life, especially a young man, when the restraints of a civilized society no longer matter.When the drive is so strong that consequences are no longer considered. When the natural primal urge is stronger than those restraints, and when those primal urges have been surpressed again and again..............

"Give me that goddamn towel" He shouted as he ripped it from Brendas body. She stumbled backwards naked stopping herself against the wall. Bob looked at her naked, wet and scared and saw the same helpless prey he had taken so violently last summer in the woods. He moved quickly towards her snatching her up around her tiny waist and slamming her down on the bed. "Bob stop" she screamed. With a fire in his groin he ripped her gorgeous long legs open and kneeled between them. She trembled beneath him. He leaned forward and grabbed her wrist slowly lowering himself so that his lips were inches from hers. "Please.....don't do this, please......." she whispered. He hovered above her for the longest time staring into her beautiful green eyes, with his cock throbbing, longing for his beautiful young wife.

He stood up and walked away leaving Brenda naked and trembling on the bed. A thought struck him like a bolt of lightening as he walked away and he wheeled and headed back to the bedroom where Brenda was just sitting up. She froze as he took a handful of her gorgeous auburn hair in his left hand and jerked her back down flat on her back. With his free hand he cupped her perfectly trimmed pussy and slid a finger inside her. Brendas pussy was dripping wet.....

The door bell rang as Bob was fixing another drink. He opened the door and greeted his sister and brother in law. Jim was friendly as usual and Janet was breathtaking. She had on a tiny black cocktail dress that vee'd most of the way to her navel displaying beautifully that set of perfect thirty-sixes. The dress hit her about mid thigh and left almost none of her gorgeous legs to your imagination. She wore gold six inch spiked heels and topped it all off with a black choker collar. Jim went to the kitchen to fix them a drink while Janet made small talk and Bob acted like he didn't want to rip her dress off and take Janet at that very moment.

Jim brought the drinks and they all sat in the living room talking about the friviality of celebrating new years and the fact that very little ever changes from year to year.

Moments later Brenda made her entrance dressed in a long black lounging gown slit to mid thigh so when she sat all you could see was leg, very very nice leg. Bob and Jim didn't know where to look first. Brenda seemed to have put the "incident" from a few moments ago behind her and the conversation turned to dancing and how Jan would be the only one at the party tonight who did not know how to Tango.

"Well" said Brenda "Thats no problem, you're sitting next to one of the best Tango dancers in the city. Bob why don't you take Janet on the tile in the rec room and show her a few moves? I'll put on some music."

Not wanting to miss the chance to get his hands on his gorgeous sister in law Bob got to his feet immediatly and offered his hand to Janet. She smiled and took his hand as he guided her to the florida room with Jim close on their heels. As Janet moved past Bob he saw her from the back for the first time this evening. Her dress was completely backless down to her fanny stopping only in time to keep her from being arrested. The site was breathtaking.

"Now Janet, I'll show you just a few basic moves, about enough to get yourself in trouble tonight at your party. Jim you'll have to keep a very close eye on her once she starts to use these. The most importantant thing to remember about the Tango is to never take your eyes off your parteners eyes. Don't look at his feet or your feet or anything else except his eyes."

"How will I know where he is going to step next?"

"Give me your hand and I'll show you."

"Bolero" starts on the Bose music system.

Bob takes Janets hand in his and puts his right hand on her hip.

"Everything you need to know about where we are going you will find out through my hand."

Moving his hand from Janets hip to the middle of her back and applying different amounts of pressure to different areas he demonstrates how each move lets her know which way they are to move next.

"Lets try a little test. I want you to tell me what direction each of these signals mean to you."

"That means you want me to move to my right, and that means to my left."

"Very good Jan, and this?

"Thats like you're pushing me away."

"And now?"

"Oou, thats like you want me to come closer...a lot closer." She giggled.

He danced her down to the other end of the room and stepped between her legs as he began to turn her.

Janet whispered as she stared directly into Bobs eyes, "I know what that signal meant too, it meant that you wish Jimmy and Brenda were somewhere else and you could tango me around for a couple of hours."

Bob smiled as his fingers danced along Janets silky smooth back."Now now Jan don't get too excited thats just the way you initiate a turn in the Tango"

"And just whos turn are you trying to initiate Bob? You don't have to answer we need to be on our way we're already late for our party." she smiled as she gathered up Jim.

Brenda walked them to the door while I fixed myself another drink and sat down at the bar. I sipped my Crown Royal and thought about what Janet had said. She had always been a little flirty but in a more innocent, sister in law kind of way. This was very direct and seemed to have a direction. Well maybe it was the liqour or that she was feeling a little more brazen than normal. In any event she certainly was a pleasent thing to have flirting with you.

Brenda picked up a few drink glasses and rinsed them out at the bar without speaking. She dryed the glasses and put them in the cupboard making sure they were perfectly in line as always.

When she came around to my side of the bar she had a shot glass and a fifth of Southern Comfort in her hands. She climbed onto the barstool next to me and my eyes immediatly went to her fantastic legs being uncovered by the split in her gown as she sat down. She didn't speak but uncapped the fifth and filled the shot glass to the brim. She ran her index finger around the edge of the shot glass several times as one would do if they were trying to make a wine glass "sing"

She picked up a drop of the thick Southern Comfort on her finger and touched it to her lips. She then picked up the shot, and raising it to her lips, threw it back in one motion. I concealed my surprise at her action as I had never seen her drink anything straight let alone a 100 proof shooter. What was this all about I wondered as she refilled the shotglass and repeated the exercise.

With her pinky she wiped a drop of liquor off her lip and licked it from her finger. She then stood up next to the bar stool and poured yet a third shot all without muttering a single word.

I swiveled my stool around to face her fully. She ignored me and stared directly at that shotglass. My eyes drifted from her gorgeous face down to her firm full breast to those fantastic thighs. I was just about to become lost in thought about what lies between those thighs when she reached for that shot glass again.

Quicker than my liquored mind wanted to react, she shot the Southern Comfort, slammed the glass down on the bar and slapped me across the face with all the power she was capable of. Only then did she look me in the eye. " Don't you ever try what you tried with me tonight again....EVER!!"

She turned and walked away.

With my ears still ringing I poured myself a shooter of Southern Comfort. If it gives you that kind of courage its definitly for me. I threw it back and quickly poured another. There was no decision to be made at this point. I threw back the second shot. There was no wringing of hands to be suffered through. It was all I could do under normal circumstances to keep the beast in me under control. I poured a third shot. After eight years did she not realize that I had not made the complete trip from the stone age that the rest of these "sensitive guys" had made? I threw back the third shot. My dna was still backfilled with that of a primal beast.......and she had just unlocked the cage!

THIS was one of those times.

I changed the music format on the Bose system to blues guitar, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix et al and cranked the volumn up to about eight.

I pushed open the bedroom door. It was completely dark save for a small nightlite near the bed. Just enough light so that you could see your way around. Brenda was in her dressing room with the door closed but I could see the light from under the door. I pulled the bedroom door shut behind me. The music was loud enough to cover any noise I might make.

I took a pair of leather golf gloves from my dresser and put them on. Our bedroom had a double set of draperies so that you could open the top half and let in the morning sun and still keep the bottem half closed for privacy. I opened the top to let in the light from the moon which was almost full. I wanted to see every expression on my beautiful brides face.

I slowly opened the door to her dressing room. She was sitting at her make up table, with her back to the door, preparing to remove her make up after already removing her gown. She was still in her bra and panties and her garter belt and nylons. I had always wondered why she dressed so provacitivly and had always wanted so little to do with sex.

I walked up behind her so that she could see me in the mirror. At first she was startled and then she simply looked up at me in the mirror and asked," Why does that music have to be so damn loud?"

As my leathered right hand clamped down on her shoulder and my left slid around her mouth I replied,"It's so the neighbors won't have to listen to your screaming."

She tried to stand but my grip was too strong for her to move. I took a hold of the wooden pin that she had used to pile her hair on top of her head while removing her make up and removed it causing her hair to flow down on her shoulders.

"Bob stop.... what are you doing? Take your hands off of me now."

I ignored her demands and wrapping my arm around her neck lifted her from her chair and dragged her to the foot of the bed. She was screaming for help at the top of her lungs just as SRV filled the room with the solo from "Mary Had A Little Lamb" I took her arms in my hands as I held her face to face. I saw fear and I saw anger in her eyes but most of all I saw defiance. I held her at arms length and as I pushed her backwards towards the bed I slapped her face once, twice, three times as I let her fall to the bed. She cried out and tried to sit back up but as she did I slapped her two more times.

"Stop Bob you're hurting me stop damn it before I have you arrested."

She layed on the bed with her hands covering her face, her whole body shaking and tears streaming down her face.

"Well if I'm going to go to jail I'm going to get my moneys worth first." I said as I slid my belt from its beltloops.

"What are you doing Bob? You are going to hurt me Bob .....stop it now."

I wrapped the belt around my hand three times leaving about eighteen inches free to swing.

"Bob don't you do it Bob please .......Bob please don't hit me with that belt."

She swung her right leg around and tried to kick me in the side of the head. I caught her ankle in my free hand and grabbing her other ankle I flipped her over on her stomach. "WHACK" I layed the leather across her pretty silk covered ass.

"Ouwwwwwwwwwwwww no stop ohhhhhhhhhh"

She yelled and pulled her ankle free but not before I could administer a second stroke across her beautiful butt."WHACK"

"Oh god noooooooooooooooooplease Bob no more please ouwwwww."

She managed to get off the bed onto the floor but I was there to block her escape. I spun her around and bent her over a huge overstuffed chair next to the bed. She lay there long enough for me to take two steps back and bring down the hardest stroke yet across the middle of her back. "WHACK" and another on her smarting hot ass."WHACK"

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no Bob no please stop please no more Bob.

I took a handful of that beautiful auburn hair and pulled her to her feet. Her legs were shaking so badly that she could hardly stand. I put the tag end of the belt through the loop and putting her wrist together took a double wrap around them with the belt.

I pushed her onto the bed and secured the belt to the headboard. Brenda was sobbing uncontrolably. Her chest was heaving up and down as if she may hyperventilate any moment. The sweat was formed on her face and stomach and her entire body trembled. I had her exactly where I wanted her.

I went to my dresser and took out a nine inch hunting knife, stag handle and mirror finish blade. An impressive weapon. When Brenda saw what was in my hand she gasped and began to scream just as SRVs rendition of Wham started to play.

I took a position between her gorgeous thighs and layed the blade on her tummy. She was breathing very fast with her eyes glued to the knife. I slowly slid the knife towards her bra until the tip was just under her front strap. Then with one lightening stroke sent the blade up and through the elastic strap stripping away her bra. Brenda gasped as my knife did its work. I pulled the waistline of her panties up a slit it with my blade. I then sliced down through her panties cutting both leg hems and completely removing them from her quivering body.

"Bob I...I didn't mean what I said , please don't do this"

The fireworks celebrating the new year at midnight had begun.

I opened my trousers and positioned my cock head against her center. Brenda began to cry openly. I was as hard as steel. I pushed the head of my eight inch cock into her with ease, and just as I suspected she was dripping wet. I took a handful of her beautiful auburn hair, forcing her to look directly in my eyes, and slammed the entire length of my cock to the deepest part of her.

She screamed as if she was being murdered. I raised myself to my knees and grabbing her waist, drew back and slammed her again. Her yelling continued as I impaled her time after time on my enormous steel shaft. She was helpless and completely in my control. Her body longed for my hot meat even as her mind kept screaming no, and I was determined to fuck her until they both agreed.

After twenty minuets her yelling had toned down but she remained difiant as ever. "Bob if you don't stop and turn me loose I swear I'll have you arrested"

I slowed down my pace as I took her delicate throat in my left hand. Her eyes were filled with terror as she watched me draw back my right hand. I snapped her head to the right as I brought my open hand across her cheek. At the same time I pumped another eight inches of cock into her hot wet cunt. I switched hands and brought another slap across that gorgeous face as I again drove my manhood deep into her tight dripping pussy.

Each time my leathered hand swept her face she pushed her hips harder against my cock. As I slapped her for the fifth time she let go and began to buck her hips wildly lifting her legs into the air and screaming. "Owwwwwwwgod.....ow ow ow ow ow please........umm umm umm ow Bobby owwwww..........."

Her orgasm was enormous, her entire body shook just as it had that night in the woods. I continued to pump her slowly as she came down from her ecstacy. She began to sob uncontrolably broken only by short burst of laughter. I was in no mood for her foolishness as I was still rock hard and enraged.

I lifted her long nyloned leg up and over as I flipped her over on her stomach. I barely missed a stroke as I mounted her from behind. Her sobbing stopped as I slowly pushed my shaft into her anxious pussy. "Stop it Bob stop it please you know how I hate this" The only time I had ever mounted Brenda from behind was when I raped her last summer in the woods. Before that she had always told me no. She said that was how animals did it and she was not an animal. Well tonight she had uncaged an animal.

I pushed up against that beautiful round ass for the next two hours. Agonizingly slow at times causing Brenda to scream for me to fuck her faster and then so fast for so long that after she came she would beg me to let her rest. My sweat completely drenched her gorgeous body that made her glisten like crystal in the moonlight that lightened the room. She had cum at least four times and I was determind to get one more out of her.

I took the belt from her wrist and turned her over. I lay next to her for a moment just taking in her beauty. And then for the first time tonight I kissed her soft warm, beautiful lips. I kissed her again and she responded by sliding her tongue in my mouth.

"Will you give me one more Bobby?"

I mounted her, sliding slowly into her hot wanton pussy. She moaned as she pulled herself up off the bed with her legs wrapped around my back. We were all over the bed. She couldn't get enough and screamed and hollered for more. I pumped her hard and fast driving deep into her with each stroke. "Oh Bobby I want to cum baby please make me cum." Each time I drove her I pushed her closer to the edge of the bed. The burn started in my balls as she was starting to cum. We slid over the side of the bed in the middle of our mutual orgasm and landed on my back with my cock still deep inside of Brenda. As she lifted up and let herself back down on my cock I exploded, delivering wave after wave of cum with Brenda screaming in total ecstacy. She collapsed into my arms and I held her until her body ceased to tremble.

She fell asleep there just as first light broke over the bedroom curtains. I picked her up and put her in bed and covered her, and kissed her on the lips.

It was two in the afternoon when I first heard her stir in the shower. I sat at the bar reading my paper and quietly wondered what her reaction would be. Would it be the stern domineering bitch that she was fully capable of becoming? or would she have possibly learned something about herself last night that would cause some sort of awakening in her? Or maybe she had already called the police and they were on their way?

I would find out shortly as the sound of her heels came clicking down the hardwood flooring in the hallway to our bedroom. She walked right past me and opened the refrigerator getting out the orange juice, turning and pouring herself a glass.

As I waited for her to make her opening statement I couldn't help but be amazed at her resiliance. Just a few short hours ago I had slapped her, beat her, and savagely raped her and she looked like a million dollars. She had put on a pair of very form fitting short shorts, a semi see through silk blouse tied beneath her beautiful breast with no bra, not that she needed one, and high heels. Her long auburn hair was piled perfectly atop her head ala Audrey Hepburn and her face was perfect, not a mark on it.

"I'm going to have my juice out on the deck and let the sun shine on me. Janets coming over in a bit to show me the pictures from the party last night."

She walked around the bar and stood next to me.

"Its hard to believe that next week we will be married for eight years honey." she said as she kissed me gently on the cheek.

She took a few steps towards the deck, stopped and turned to me. "Its even harder to believe it took you eight years to figure out how I wanted.....no...how I needed to be handled."

She smiled that smile that beautiful women use when they think they have dropped something really heavy on you and continued walking towards the deck.

"Brenda, It only took me seven and a half years............I pretty much figured out how to handle you last summer in the woods."

She froze in her tracks. I'm sure it was just a few seconds but it seemed like forever before she moved. When she did she turned and slowly walked back towards me and sat next to me at the bar. She didn't speak, she just stared at me looking me up and down like she was trying to identify someone in a line up.

And then a smile came over her face that turned into a grin that broke into laughter.

"You son of a bitch" she could hardly get the words out she was laughing so hard. "You fucking son of a bitch" the laughter continued.

The door bell rang and Brenda walked away to let her sister in laughing all the way. She was still laughing as her and Janet passed me on the way to the deck.

"I owe you one Bobby, I sure do owe you one."

Discretely looking over the top of my paper I watched the two of them on the deck talking and wondered just what it was that they both seemed to be so intent about. Was it simple gossip from the party the night before or some semi sordid tale about some drunk making a pass at Janet. Could it be that Brenda was talking about her new years eve? I didn't think so but you could never tell as close as these sisters are.

Janet always wore a dress. As long as I had known her I had never seen her in slacks or shorts. Even on hot summer days when she came to visit or if we were at her house she would always be in a skirt and blouse or a dress. Today was no exception. She wore a very short and very tight black mini skirt and a silky white blouse. As I watched her cross and uncross her legs on the deck, she was very animated when she told a story, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to drape those gorgeous legs over my shoulders and fill my hands with that spectacular fanny.

I thought she surely must have heard my thoughts as she stood right up and strolled into the bar room with Brenda right behind her. "Hey there superman how about a little vodka to go with this orange juice?" They both started to giggle like schoolgirls as I tried to conceal my shock at the fact the Brenda must have related at least some of last nights detail. I ignored her question and made them both a fresh screwdriver setting them down on fresh cocktail napkins in front of the barstools on either side of mine. They took the bait and one sat down on a barstool on either side of me.....now my mind was really going.

Janet started to speak "You know Brenda if Jimmy had kept me up all night I think he would be sleeping away the whole day by now." Once again the schoolgirl giggles broke out.

Brenda stood next to me putting her hand on my shoulder, "I'm sorry honey" she laughed "but It was so good I just had to tell someone, you don't mind do you?"

"Of course not baby, I can handle it as long as you two can keep a secret. But now if you two will excuse me I'm going to take a nap." I stood up from the stool with one hand on Brendas waist and the other on Janets lower back. I turned and kissed Brenda and then turning to Janet I applied the Tango signal I had shown her the night before for coming closer and she instinctivly responded by leaning in towards me. I winked at her. "Your sisters a very quick learner Brenda" They both laughed again as I took my drink and headed for the bedroom.

The months passed quickly and Brenda and I developed an extremly intense sexual relationship for the first time in our eight year marriage. It did not happen every night, it was more like every two weeks or so but knowing how intense it was going to be made the wait that much more gratifying. It would usually start with an email from Brenda to me describing in great detail the manor in which she wished to be raped. She decribed times and places, the music she wanted to be playing down to the most minute detail. Sometimes she would have me spot her at the grocery store and follow her home, other times she would be a real estate agent making an unsolicited visit to my house at ten o'clock at night. She had a million fantasies but they all ended with her being raped, sometimes roughly and other times very violently.

About a year or so after this all stated Brenda was in Chicago on business for a week. She was due home on Saturday night. When I checked my email Thursday afternoon at work there was a message from Brenda.
<If you check my old laptop that I left sitting on the dining room <table you will find a little something that may interest you. Love <Bren See you on Saturday.....or maybe I won't!

I wondered what she meant by that "maybe I won't" oh well I'll find out soon enough when I get home and read the mail.

That night I got home and poured crown royal over some ice and sat down at the table to read her message.

"I'll be all alone in my home on Saturday evening after ten o'clock. I will have started drinking on the plane from Chi-town around four in the afternoon so my perceptions and my resistense will be very low. I will have on a very flimsy black silk dress cut very low in the back, very low in the front, and slit all the way to the top of my thigh. There will be blues guitar music playing very low and the house will be absolutly dark."

"He will not turn on any light, at least not until he finds me. I know he is coming. I will not hide from him. But I will resist. I will fearfully await his arrival for I know what awaits me in his grasp. He will take from me my silk and and my softness and give to me his leather and his rage......and I will absolutly beg him for more. And he will take what is his to take that has not been taken since the night in the woods.........."

Well it looks like Saturday night is going to be very interesting. I have a sea test on Saturday morning but that should finish up about two o'clock which will give me plenty of time to prepare for the nights activities.

The weather in Chicago was terrible. It had snowed there three days running and looked as if it would continue over the weekend. Brenda began to worry about all the flights that were being cancelled and even called the airport several times Saturday morning to make sure her flight had not been cancelled. They assured her that her best bet was to come to the airport and if her flight was cancelled she could take a room at one of the many hotels near the airport.

Bob slipped the twenty-six foot Maxim into the root beer colored Anclote river near Tarpon Springs. It was deadly quiet at four-thirty in the morning on this lonely tributary of the Gulf as he motored his way slowly towards open water. He took her through her test measuring her responsivness, her acceleration and her overall seaworthiness for the next five hours. Early in the morning while making a minor adjustment to a stabilizer he leaned too far over the gunnell and his cell phone slipped from his shirt pocket and into the ocean. As he never wore a watch, and the boats digital clock had never been set , he was without the time of day and his means of communication for the rest of the day.

Brenda had tried to call ever since they had announced the cancellation of her flight around noon. After trying in vain to find another flight the loud speaker made the unwelcome anouncement that all flights in and out of O'hara International were cancelled for Saturday and Sunday as the snowstorms coming in off the Lakes had dropped another eight inches of snow and it was not going to let up anytime soon.

Bob was not answering his cell so after repeated attempts Brenda left the sad news that she would not be home until sometime Monday when they were able to clear the runway at O'hara. She then called their home phone and left the same message. Not wanting to take any chances that Bob would not get her message she called her sister and explained the situation and asked her to run over to Brenda and Bobs house and leave Bob a note letting him know what had happened. Of course Jan agreed and told her sister not to worry ,that she was sure Bob would understand.

Janets husband Jim was about to leave for an all night fishing trip to the middlegrounds near the Dry Tortugas in the gulf. It was one of those party boats that would drive for four to five hours and fish in two hundred feet of water. Jim really wasn't much of a fisherman but he loved the solitude of the open ocean in the pitch dark with the gently rolling waves.

Bob had landed the Maxim and was on his way home when he made a stop at the local Bass Pro shop and purchased a set of night vision goggles that he had looked at a number of times but could never justify the three thousand dollar price tag. He loved gadgets and these would certainly come in handy tonight.

Janet was on her way to her sisters house after seeing Jim off. She let herself in with the key that was always left behind the small palm to the right of the front door. She went to the kitchen to find a notepad of some kind and sat down at the dining room table to write Bob a note. As she began to write she noticed Brendas laptop on the table and thought she would leave her note on its message board.

She booted it up and the inbox appeared flashing "You have mail"
"Oh what could it hurt" she thought. And besides it could be from Brenda. She decided to read it and clicked the mouse.

"I'll be all alone in my home on Saturday evening after ten o'clock. I will have started drinking on the plane from Chi-town around four in the afternoon so my perceptions and my resistense will be very low. I will have on a very flimsy black silk dress cut very low in the back, very low in the front, and slit all the way to the top of my thigh. There will be blues guitar music playing very low and the house will be absolutly dark."

"He will not turn on any light, at least not until he finds me. I know he is coming. I will not hide from him. But I will resist. I will fearfully await his arrival for I know what awaits me in his grasp. He will take from me my silk and and my softness and give to me his leather and his rage......and I will absolutly beg him for more. And he will take what is his to take that has not been taken since the night in the woods.........."

Janet found herself at first aroused and then embarrased that she had read her sisters private note. She quickly closed the laptop and wrote the note to Bob. Her hand was shaking as she thought about the words in her sisters message. She always had suspected Brenda of a certain "adventurous" spirt. What did thoses words mean? Was it some kind of code? She wondered exactly what she wanted Bob to take from her, and what was that business about the woods?

Janets own adventurous spirt was beggining to stir as she finished the note and headed for the door. She drove back to her house and poured herself a glass of wine. She just couldn't get those words out of her mind. Nor could she remove the images of what Brenda would have encountered were she at home tonight instead of Chicago.

"He will not turn on any light, at least not until he finds me. I know he is coming. I will not hide from him. But I will resist. I will fearfully await his arrival for I know what awaits me in his grasp. He will take from me my silk and and my softness and give to me his leather and his rage......and I will absolutly beg him for more. And he will take what is his to take that has not been taken since the night in the woods.........."

The more she thought about them the more curious.........and aroused she became.

As usual on these types of nights I would prepare everything in advance and then spend the early evening at the Hideaway Lounge, a friendly, usually quiet little club just a few miles from the house. Tonight was no exception. I took my Crown in a go cup around ten o'clock and started home. I parked on the street about one hundred yards from my house so as not to alert Brenda that I had arrived. I walked the short distance to the house and sure enough every light was off. Not only was there no light coming from the house but the outside lights were all out.

I made my way around the back. My plan was to enter through the sliding glass doors that seperated the pool area from the main foyer. It was so dark behind the house I almost needed to put on the night vision goggles before I entered the house. She even had the lights in the pool extinguished.

I pulled the goggles over my eyes and switched them on. Wow! these were very impressive. There wasn't much across the field behind my house that I couldn't see very clearly. Granted everything was draped in green but they gave you a tremendous advantage over someone that was completely in the dark.

I slid the door quietly open just far enough to step into the house and reclose it. As soon as I got inside I heard Stevie Ray Vaughns "Lenny" playing. A beautiful guitar instrumental he had written for his wife. It was playing very softly, almost like background music.
Once I was in I made no special attempt to maintain quietness. Brenda knew I was coming and the sound of my hard leather heels clicking across the hardwood as I searched each room for her I'm sure would heighten her anticipation.

I moved first through the kitchen. I had to keep reminding myself that she could not see me. The only indication she would have that I was close would be any noise I would make. I next went into the dining room and again found it to be empty. I crossed the hallway to a room that was the largest in the house. A good fifty feet across with very high ceilings and plenty of open space. I stopped at the double archway doors and looked in.

There she was. I could see her sitting in the middle of the room on a round, over padded stool that two or more people could comfortably sit on and have a conversation. There was quite a thick Ficus tree obstructing my view of her upper body and face but I had a clear view of those gorgeous,long legs. I stood there motionless taking in the moment. She knew I was there. I could see her legs shift uncomfortably and see movement through the Ficus tree like she was anticipating impending doom.

I moved around so that I was in a position to watch her from the front. I wanted to see her squirm, not knowing when or how I would strike. Her head turned to follow the sound of my heels moving along the floor. My eyes followed the line of her legs from those delicate ankles up her perfect calves to where her the hem of her dress stopped my visual assault. I saw a change in the texture of the night vision green where her neckline plunged almost to her navel. I could hardly wait to see her in the light.

I was about twenty feet in front of her as I took two steps and she turned her head to follow the sound. It was the first look I had had at the sillouette of her face. Something was not quite right. I took a few steps directly at her..... Her hands went back on the stool as if to brace herself from my advance. I took two more steps she was trembling. I looked very closely at her face from less than two feet away. This wasn't Brenda!

Holy christ almighty it...it...it was Janet. I backed away as calmly as I could. I needed to think. I circled her twice before I left and went to another room. What the fuck was this? Was she by herself? Was Brenda here also? What kind of game were they playing? I found myself in my own bedroom trying to make some sense of this. Did my wife want me to take her and her sister? And what about Janet? Was this a test? Holy shit am I in the jackpot.

Just then I noticed the message light blinking on my phone near my bed. I picked up the handset and pushed the play button. It was Brendas message explaining that she would be stuck in Chicago for the weekend and that she had tried to reach me but I was not answering my phone. She also said she was sending her sister over to let me know because she didn't think I would check the message machine.

So thats it. Janet came over to let me know and while she was here apparently got nosy and read Brendas email to me on the laptop. And then decided to substitute for Brenda tonight.

I wondered if she knew what she had gotten herself into? She was about to find out.

I took a three foot riding crop from the closet with a three inch leather tippit. I walked slowly and loudly into the florida room where Janet awaited her date with a man so primal, so unevolved.

As I grew closer she began to tremble. It was if she knew that something had changed. And it had..... I dragged the leather tippit across her bare shoulder and she gasped. Then I touched her hair with it and she jerked away. Then back to her shoulder and then her knee. I played with her like this for a full five minuets constantly touching her legs, her shoulders and between her breast. It was very arousing to watch her fidget and squirm trying to escape. Each time she would try to stand I would push her back down using the crop and saying nothing. Soon she would try to crawl away across the stool. I rested the crop under her chin just barely applying light pressure to her pretty little neck. She panicked as I thought she would and turned over and tried to crawl over the stool. When she raised that full round ass into the air to try and escape I drew back and struck her across her fanny with full force. She yelped and I struck her again. "No" she yelled.

I removed the goggels and grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulling her up to her knees on the stool and did something I had been dying to do for years. I pressed her lips against mine and kissed her long and deep, my tongue forceing its way into her warm inviting mouth. She screamed no again and tried to push me away but I would not be denied this women I had lusted over for years.

"Don't move from that stool" I ordered her. I put the night vision back on and touched her neck. "If you try to escape again you will get more than the crop across your ass" She was trembleing and beggining to cry. I layed the crop down and took a seat across from her.

"How long have you been dreaming about this moment?"

She makes no response.

"I ask you a question whore!"

"Oh god Bob I've made a terrible mistake." she finally blurted out. "Its me Jan, I'm not Brenda, please Bob turn on the lights I.....I..Brenda called and shes snowed in at the airport, and I just came here to let you know and......."

"And what Jan? And you just happened to wear the same outfit that Brenda was going to wear tonight? And let me guess, you just played the same music Brenda would have played tonight by coincidence? And of course you just happened to sit around here drinking your screwdrivers and looking fine because you locked yourself out of your house. Is that what you expect me to swallow Janet?"

I walked slowly over to the dimmer switch and brought up just enough light so that I no longer needed the goggles. Janet gasped when she saw the night vision goggles.

"You knew all the time Bob with those glasses"

"I didn't need these glasses to know Janet, I smelled you the moment I walked through the door. I've had your scent in my nose for years, but I never thought I would actually have the chance to posess it or you for my own..........until tonight......until now."

I moved near where she sat. She scooted up to the edge of her seat.

"Bob I need to get home now I...I don't know what came over me I thought it would be exciting.....Oh I don't know what I was thinking I just know now it was a mistake and I need to leave now."

She stood up as she spoke and started to move towards the door.

"Sit back down Janet!" I said sternly, "We are not finished talking"

"Bob I really should leave I......"

I stepped in front of her and repeated my order a little louder and she took her seat.

She looked fantastic in that dress. It was very short and skin tight. It had absolutly no back in it so that when she stood you could see the beggining of the crack in her gorgeous ass. The front was vee'd all the way to her navel and held up by a slim piece of fabric around her neck.

"What made you think that I would ever let you talk your way out of this Janet? Did you think you could flaunt that gorgeous body around me in the middle of the night in my house and walk away the same woman?" I paced back and forth in front of her as I raved. " What did you think you could offer me to let you leave after setting up the biggest prick tease in the history of the world?" I screamed at her.

Janet was clearly shaken and tears were streaming down her soft pink cheeks.

"Bob I didn't...."

I stepped over and took a handful of her coal black hair in my hand, snapping her head back and looking her directly in the eyes I said. "Don't speak Janet, don't say another word.....the next thing I want to hear from you are your moans of ecstacy when your hot little pussy explodes around my cock."

I pulled her up to her feet and slammed her body against mine.
"Your mine tonight Janet. You made the decision to cross over into my domain and now, for this night, I own you and I will take everything that you have,..... everything"

She looked at me in shock or disbelief, I didn't know which and really didn't care.

"Let me go Bob, you have to let me go"

I stepped between her legs, pulled her against my steel and whispered in her ear. "I'll let you go after you have everything you came here for tonight."

With that I put her over my shoulder and carried her kicking and screaming into the master bedroom.

"Put me down Bob.......put me down this instant. You can't do this.......I said put me down damn you"

I closed and bolted the heavy oak door behind us. I carried her to the oversized bed I had specially made and dumped her uncerimoniously on it. I went to my dresser and pulled out a set of leather ankle cuffs. Janets eyes grew big as I walked towards her opening the cuffs.

"Stay away from me Bob, don't you try and put those on me"

She tried to draw back as I got near the bed but I grabbed her ankle. She twisted around and tried to kick me with her free foot but I caught it in mid kick and flipped her over face down on the bed. I swung up on the bed and straddled her legs backward. With my weight on her calves she couldn't move her legs.

I opened the cuffs and snugly secured one on each of her ankles. I flipped her over on her back after attaching the cuffs together and grabbing her legs pulled her to the edge of the bed.

I dragged her to the middle of the room and stood her up. When I let her go she started to fall and I grabbed her and helped her regain her balance.

"Now Janet I think you will find that if you try to do anything but stand still you will see that it is almost impossible not to fall down when your ankles are connected."

"Damn you Bob, I want to go home."

"I don't think you do Janet, I think you want everything you are going to get tonight."

She was clearly frustrated as she stood there in her six inch spiked heels, with her ankles in restraint, waving her arms about trying to keep her balance.

"I want nothing of the sort, I never wanted any of this perversion"

"Really?" I said in a mocking tone. "Then maybe you can explain to me why the emails that I read from you to your sister had you describing in great detail the fantasies you were having and the jealousy you had because Brenda was living her "perversion" as you call it and you didn't have the nerve to do it.?"

"That.....was......just a faze I went through.........just a passing fad."

"Well the last email I read was about ten days ago Janet, you remember don't you? You were asking Brenda what she did to get me to rape her the first time, and did she think that you could get Jimmy to rape you. What happened Jan, did Jimmy think you were perverted? Just how long do you think this "faze" is going to last?"

Janet stood silent with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Take off your dress" no response.

"I said take off your dress whore" still nothing.

I walked ten feet to Janets right and opened a closet. On the inside of the door hung ropes ,chains, leathers whips and paddles. I opened it far enough for her to see the full array. I walked back to her and very lightly drug the backs of my fingers across her cheek.

"Now.....take off your dress"

Slowly she reached behind her back to unfasten the zipper. With her gorgeous dark eyes fixed on mine she slid her dress up her thighs to her hips. She had worn real nylons held up by a black lace garter belt.

"Are thoses nylons your perversion or could it be your sister told you that it was one of my favorites?"

She didn't answer but continued to slide the dress up and over her shoulders and head. She handed the dress and I folded it and layed across a chair. She wore a black g-string panty and a black lace bra. She looked stunning and she could tell I thought so by the way I took in her beauty.

I went to the closet and brought back four chrome plated chaines. The first two I hung on two hooks that were screwed into the ceiling directly above where Janet was standing. The remaining two went on two similar hooks in the ceiling at the end of the bed.

"What are you doing Bob, what are those for?" she cried almost sobbing. I didn't answer.

From the drawer I pulled two wrist cuffs. I went to Janet and caught a tear running down her cheek on my finger. I put the tear on her lip and licked it off. "Give me your wrist" she obeyed. "Now the other" again she followed my orders.

I connected each of the cuffs to the chain hanging above it so that Janet had to stand on her toes to keep from pulling on her arms.

"Bob please" she begged, her eyes the picture of fear.

I went to the dresser and put on a pair of thin, black leather gloves. Then I reached into the drawer and took out my nine inch stag handled bowie. When she saw it she started to cry uncontrolably. As I approached her she began to scream.

"No Bob please don't please don't cut me please I'll do whatever you want please ........."

I layed the blade on her flat stomach and slid it under the string of her panty. I sliced through one string and then another then with the point of the knife flicked the panty off and on to the floor. With my eyes transfixed to hers I drug the blade to her chest and under her bra. Without my eyes leaving hers I raised the blade and sliced through the strap causing the bra to float to the floor. She gasped as she felt the cold steel between her breast. without moving my eyes I smiled and kissed her full soft lips. They were still trembleing.

I thought to myself that this might be the most beautiful body I had ever seen. She was magnificent. Her long gorgeous legs forming a perfectly round ass. Her tiny waist giving way to the absolute best set of tits perfectly matched with nipples like silver dollars. And lastly that perfect face. The kind of face that one look would last a man a lifetime.

Her crying had subsided somewhat and she looked at me and asked, "Bob what are you going to do to me?"

I walked to the closet, and selected a short twenty four inch razor strap that I had cut a hand hold in one end. I saw the terror in Jans eyes as I returned. I layed my leather covered hand on her stomach just above her pussy. I leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "I intend on showing you how close pain and pleasure are to each other."

As far as I could see Jim had no chest hair whatsoever so when I took off my shirt and rubbed mine along her nipples it was a new sensation for her. I stayed there long enough to be sure those nipples were good and hard before I kissed her gently and walked behind her.

"Bob......Bob don't.....Bob please answer me Bob...Bob"

I stood there taking in the beautiful sight she was from behind. It seemed like two or three minutes that I devoured the curve of her ass and those fantastics legs with my eyes. And when I finally snapped out of my trance my arm was fully extended and the only sound I heard was the air rushing against the leather of the razor strap as it sped towards its target. "WHACK"

"Oh god Bob nooooooooooooo"

"The first one is always one of the worst Jan" I whispered to her as she screamed.

Before she could fully catch her breath I layed the strap across that pretty pink ass a second and third time. "WHACK, WHACK"

"Arghhhhhhhhhhh Oh noooooo Ohoooooo please.......please......"

I layed the strap aside and walked around in front of her. I put my hands on her waist and as she sobbed uncontrolably I began to kiss her lips very gently. I kissed her cheeks and her chin and back to her mouth. I pinched her lips with mine and slid my tongue into her warm wet mouth. I searched for her tongue with mine until she offered it to me. I sucked it into my mouth and flicked the tip with mine until her mouth opened wider and she responded by sucking on my lip. As I made love to her beautiful mouth I gently ran my fingers up and down her back just barely touching her tender ass. Before long Janet had forgotten the leather and was deeply involved with my mouth. I pulled away and looked at her. With my finger I traced from her lips down her chin to her neck and down her chest. Then down to her pussy. I curled my finger and slid it right in. She was already dripping wet.

I walked to the closet and selected a soft leather cat o nine tails. When I pulled this off the door the horrer exploded all over Janet face.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING! You can't beat me again.....not when I'm like this! Damn you, damn you to hell"

"You're having way too much fun for this early in your coming out party beautiful" I answered with a laugh.

I stepped behind her and took a few practice swings at the air. Each time the swish was heard Janet gasped in anticipation of what she thought was coming. Finally on the fourth swing I connected with her upper back and her scream was blood curdeling. I repositioned myself and brought the whip down again in the small of her gorgeous back.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh no please stop I'm begging please no more Bobby"

The last stroke was layed on her already cherry red ass and if the pain was as bad as the scream it must have been excruciating. I set the whip aside and walked around the front of her. Her head was hanging and her chest heaving as she sobbed uncontrolably. I took a hold of her hair, lifting her face to meet mine. "You're doing very well Jan, things are only going to get better from here."

"Please Bob I can't take any more"

"You'd be surprised at how much you can take Jan."

I reached up and released her arms from the chains.

"On your knees you magnificent whore"

She went to her knees without an argument. She watched intensly as I unbuckled my trousers and stepped out of them. Her eyes grew large when she saw the size of my cock and she never took her eyes off of it as I walked over and layed my trousers across the chair.

"I.....I don't think I can do this Bob I.....I've never had............."

I walked up to her gorgeous face and touched my head to her lips. "Like I told you before slut you be surprised at how much you can take."

I pushed against her soft warm lips and she closed her eyes and pulled her head away.

I took a handful of her hair in my left hand and my cock in my right and again positioned my head against her lips.

"Open your mouth whore, NOW"

She opened and I slid the head of my cock over her velvet lips.

"Now open your eyes and keep them open" once again she obeyed.

I pushed further in and felt her tongue on the bottem of my cock. I slipped in a little deeper touching the back of her throat before withdrawing. I held my cock up and she licked my balls and then licked my cock from the base to the head. She repeated this five or six times and finally plunged her mouth over my head and took most of my rock hard cock into her throat.

"You're doing good slut, now lets see if you can take it all"

I took her head in my hands and drove my manhood as deep in her throat as it would go. She choked at first as I withdrew and then I slammed it again. I withdrew slowly letting her adjust and pushed forward again. "Look in my eyes when you suck my dick whore"

I began shorter strokes still holding that beautiful head in my hands. I increased my speed and as I did she began to push deeper onto my cock. Her noises of struggle were slowly turning to moans of pleasure. She began to increase her speed and her moaning began to syncronize with her strokes.

"Um um um um um um um um um um um um um "

Suddenly she jerked her head back and screamed "Give me my hands"

I disconnected her two wrist cuffs and she immediatly took my balls in one hand and grabbed the base of my cock in the other. From that point on she was like a woman possessed. She slammed that gorgeous face down on my cock sucking every bit of my eight inch dick down her wanton throat. She stroked my shaft with one velvet hand while the other caressed my overloaded balls.

She went on and on like an insatiable slut. She was completely out of control as she pumped more and more of my cock into that fantastic face. Every stroke she would make was almost in describable. Her wet hot lips would form ever so lightly around my head. Then they would slowly part allowing the girth of my cock to spread her anxious jaws. As she pulled me completely into her throat she moaned loudly never once taking her eyes off mine. And then repeat over and over again taking the full length of my cock.

Her moaning got very loud and she let loose of my balls and filled her hands with my ass trying to pump more and more cock into her face. She slowed her pace as her moaning got very intense and very sensual.

"owwww... ummmmm...ohhhhhhhh.....ummmmmm"

I had dropped to my knees straddleing Janet on her back. I felt the burn start in my balls as I watched her make very slow, full eight inch strokes sucking every inch of my cock down her throat and moaning in pure ecstacy.

I unleashed an enormous wave of cum when I exploded in her throat. She swallowed everything I gave her and after the fourth wave she tightened her lips around my shank and very slowly cleaned every bit of cum from my dick as I was pulling out.

As I stood up she held out her hand for me to pull her up which I did. I scooped her into my arms and carried her to my massage table laying her on her back. I unfastened her nylons from her garter belt and slid the garter belt off. Next I took her spiked heels off unbuckeling the three straps on each one and slowly massaging her feet. It was no surprise to me that even her feet were perfect.

I could see that she was uncomfortable lying on her back that I had just treated so harshly.

" I want you to turn over and lay face down Janet"

"What are you going to do Bob?" she asked nervously. "Please.....no more beatings Bob I'm begging you please"

"I said turn over, face down NOW WHORE"

She began to cry immediatly as she turned face down on the table. I connected each wrist to opposite corners of the table and spreading her long, beautiful legs repeated the exercise with both ankles.

Her body was shaking in fear as I poured the soothing, warm lotion over her back. She began to calm down as I started rubbing the lotion into her burning back. I started with her shoulders gently working the aloa across the welts left by the whips. Down to the small of her back where most of the whip strokes had landed. She gasped and tightened her lower back and ass muscles as I gently massaged the aloa into the welts.

I poured some aloa in my hand and carefully spread it across her ass cheeks taking care not to get it in the crack in her ass. I had some oil planned for that area also but it wasn't aloa.

As she relaxed from the soothing oil on her stinging back I poured a generous amount of warming oil along the crack of her ass. I spread her cheeks with my left hand and began to rub the oil along the inner edges of her cheeks. Gradually I covered the entire area with oil as I ran my fingers and thumb across her little pink rosebud. I paused , just for and instant with my thumb on it.

"Bob what are you doing...?" I didn't answer.

I worked my thumb back and forth, past her pink opening and back a number of times. I dumped more oil on her ass and my thumb.

"Bob.....Bob...please don't do that. I've never..........Ohhhhhhhhhnooooooooooo"

I slipped my thumb past her tight little ring and was up to my first knuckle.

"Bob stop please stop Bob don't you do that Bob PLEASE"

I continued to stroke her hot little ass with my thumb as my fingers found the lips of her dripping wet pussy. It wasn't long before her ass was pushing up from the table trying desperatly to get more of my thumb into her sweet little ass.

I caressed her pussy lips with my hand as my thumb had begun to drive her into another uncontrolled frenzy of passion. She bucked up off the table and ground her pussy into my hand. Her breathing became very labored and her moans became louder as I slid a finger into her warm wet pussy.

"I want you to cum in my hand whore"

"No no no I won't let you make me cum"

"Yes you will slut. You are nearly ready to come now. Come on now let me have it. Let me have you cum Janet."

With my thumb and two fingers inside her and her ass driving into my hand I knew she was about to explode.

"NO NO NO " she screamed as her orgasm took over her body for the next twenty seconds or so...... What a beautiful sight!

That perfectly round ass, and beautiful legs bouncing up off the table, screaming no but meaning yes and all under my control.

Her gorgeous ass kept pumping into my hand for ten minutes moaning the entire time. "Oh no Bobby please no Bobby we can't we just can't."

She was ready to fuck, very, very ready.

I disconnected her from the table and carried her to my bed.

"What are you doing Bob where are you taking me?"

I couldn't keep my mouth off her lips. They were so full and soft.
"Keep your beautiful eyes wide open Janet" I whispered to her as I slid my tongue into her warm wet lucious mouth. I searched every part of her mouth and tongue. Biting, kissing, pinching and sucking her tongue into my mouth.

"Please stop Bob you have to stop, you shouldn't do this please."

I turned her on her stomach and connected her wrist to the headboard.

"Bob no please"

"Shut up whore begging won't stop me, nothing will stop me from giving you what you came here for tonight."

I pulled her to her knees and stretched her tight so that beautiful ass was high in the air and her face on the sheets. I had already primed that fine ass with loads of oil and she began to beg and bargain as I started to slide my cock along the crack in her ass.

"Bob please don't do this, I can't take you in my ass, you'll hurt me Bob please I'm begging you, I'll do anything you ask anytime you ask please just dont fuck me in the ass."

I found her center quickly and slowly pushed my rock hard cock past her pussy lips and her swollen clit and not stopping until I had penitrated her fully and my balls were up against her sweet hot pussy.

As I withdrew and drove myself back into her tight,wet pussy I said "How do I know you will keep that promise Janet"

"The same way I know you won't fuck my ass tonight Bob"

I chuckled and began to increase my speed pushing myself deeper and deeper into her beautifully tight love canal. Her big gorgeous hips began to move and I felt her push her ass against me with increasing intensity. Her back began to arch as she screamed at me to stop, that this is not what she wanted and that I was raping her.

I slapped her on the hip. She yelped and I slapped the other hip. "Tell me what you want whore. We both know what you want. You want me to pound that pretty little ass until you can't take anymore and then you want to cum again don't you?"

I slapped her ass again. "I said tell me what you want slut. I want to hear it now or I may reconsider the question of thar fine pink little ass."

"I'm getting what I want damn you.I'm getting exactly what I have wanted for years you son of a bitch. I've wanted you to rape me for years. Thats why I came here tonight. Thats why I concocted this whole scenario."

I fucked her for another forty five minutes and then I untied her wrist and raped her three more times before the sun came up. The rougher I treated her the more she fought and the harder she came. She was a magnificent piece of ass and I fully intended to hold her to her promise of "anything you want, anytime you want it" so as much as I wanted it I left her tight little ass alone.

I finally put her to sleep after a smother fuck at sunrise and she slept until noon. I thought I had better wake her as her husband would be getting back to the dock in a couple of hours.

"Janet.....Janet its noon you need to get up."

She opened her eyes and looked around. "Shit I need to get home"

She jumped out of bed and grabbed her dress and shoes and hurried into Brendas dressing room and shut the door. I went out and poured myself a cup of coffee.

After about ten minutes she reappeared looking as if she just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

"You haven't heard the last of this Bob, after I sort this whole thing out I'll let you know what I've decided to do. You must be crazy to think you can treat me like you did last night and get away with it."

"Janet, before you do anything that we may both regret, you might want to consider the video surveillance system I have here at the house, and then there is this......."

With that I punched the button on a small voice activated recorder.

"I'm getting what I want damn you.I'm getting exactly what I have wanted for years you son of a bitch. I've wanted you to rape me for years. Thats why I came here tonight. Thats why I concocted this whole scenario."

"So you see Janet, if you're thinking about telling anyone, anyone at all, you had better come up with a way of explaining this."

The look on her face was revealing. She knew I had her and that there was nothing she could do about it.

God damn she looked good I thought to myself. She had been raped and brutilized for the last twelve hours and she still looked like a hundred million dollars.

"Don't get the idea that this is going to be an ongoing thing Bob or that it will ever happen again!" She shouted as she stomped off towards the front door.

"Janet" I called out in my sternest voice. She stopped dead.

"Don't get the idea that I'm anywhere near finished with you."

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