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05-22-2010, 06:54 AM
Dave and Barbara Lund were a typical New York suburban couple, two kids, a small house and a car. Dave was 25, 5'9", slender and Barbara was 24, 5'1", blonde about 109 lbs with perky "B" cup breasts that Dave often described as small ski slopes. Her body was nicely proportioned and very firm. Barbara was a very proper young mom. Dave loved sex, while Barbara enjoyed it, but seemed embarrassed that she responded to Dave's attentions. Dave always felt that she held something back but he wasn't about to complain.

They had saved some money with the goal of creating a party room in the basement of their home. With a few bucks and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, they finally reached their goal.....a party room, with a wet bar, seductive lighting, a nice sound system, a plush stain and water resistant carpet and air conditioning.

They loved to go out dancing on weekends but now they could invite friends over and enjoy the party room which had ambiance and a nice selection of liquor.

They decided to christen the party room with a party. Invitations were verbal and they ended up having about 25 friends over on a rainy Saturday night. Fortunately, not everyone arrived at the same time and some people didn't stay for the entire evening. It was a nice party room, but it wasn't that big. It seemed that everyone brought a bottle of liquor to help stock the bar.

One of Barbara's favorites, Bill Waldrip, arrived at around 10 and brought his friend Terrence Scott with him. Bill was 24, 6', slender and was very god with the ladies. They had never met Terrence, but they found him to be rally nice. Terry, as he liked to be called, was about 5' 8" and ripped. He was also very black and looked a bit like Harry Belafonte. As the evening progressed, Dave and Barbara, especially Barbara, found that Terry was also very good with the ladies. That night, Bill and Terry introduced Barbara to Southern Comfort.

Over the course of their friendship Dave began to realize that Bill really liked Barbara. Barbara, made no bones about the fact that she found Bill to be both physically attractive and a great talker. However, he didn't think that anything could ever go beyond friendship.

The party room was crowded most of the night and Billy seemed to be dancing with Barbara when Terry wasn't. Initially Barbara was a fairly reserved when Terry asked her to dance. She had never been in the arms of a black man before. However, time, Southern Comfort and Terry's charm put her at ease.

It was about 2 AM, the party room was still crowded, the lights were down low and Bill was dancing with Barbara when Dave looked up from behind the bar and saw him lower his head to Barbara's as their lips met. Bill's arms were around her waist and her arms were around his neck. Dave was momentarily stunned but soon realized that he had a very firm erection. The song ended and they separated. Dave's imagination was running wild at this point when Terry approached Barbara, took her in his arms and started to dance with her as another slow number came on. Dave continued working behind the bar but now had one eye on his wife. Terry was talking to her, but holding her very close. To Dave's amazement she gave Terry a short peck on the lips as his hands dropped to her round, tight ass. They danced the entire number that way with no objections from Barbara. Dave figured that she was feeling the effects of the drinks and he was right. By 4 A.M. the last of the guests said their goodbyes and left, that is, everyone except Bill and Terry. They held her attention between them and in her condition she was soaking it up. She wasn't drunk by any means, but any inhibitions she had were at an ebb. Dave was still sporting a severe erection and the possibilities fueled his imagination. The two danced with her between them and she felt their hardness as she had during most of the dances she had with them. Finally, they all seemed to rite and they took seats at the bar with Dave's wife between them. Bill turned to her and said, "You know, Terrence and I have been friends for a long time but we have a difference of opinion. He insists that he is a far better kisser than I am. Since I know you will be unbiased, I am going to ask you, with Dave's permission, if you will be
the judge and tell us who you think is better. Your decision can put an end to the argument. OK?" Dave said, "If it's OK with Barb, It's OK with me." With that, Bill stood up, lifted Barbara from the stool and lowered his lips to hers. The kiss was long and hot as their tongues dueled for almost 45 seconds. Terry put his arm on Barbara's shoulder and turned her to face him. Then he took her in his arms and their lips met as her arms encircled his neck. "Jesus" Dave thought to himself, "she's in a lip lock with a black guy and loves it!" Terry was determined to outdo Bill and held the kiss for more than a minute. "Well" Bill said, "Do we have a decision?" "Wow" Barbara said, "I haven't been kissed like that in ages and I'd have to call it a draw." Bill looked at Dave and Dave looked back at Bill. Dave, motivated by lust, moved out from behind the bar and said, "I don't think that they want a draw. They want a decision so we need to have a repeat but with a little more incentive". With that, he he lowered the zipper on the front of Barbara's white jump suit from her neck to her belly button exposing her white bra. Barbara, shocked, said, "What do you think you're doing?" "Just trying to help resolve the question" Dave replied. Bill, not letting the moment pass, took Barbara in his arms again and she, in response, put her arms around him and raised her lips to his, pressing her white bra clad breasts against him. Again they held the kiss for almost a minute as Bill hands roamed over Barbara's ass and her back. They finally separated and Terry immediately moved in. Once again Barbara held the young black man as they kissed for more than a minute. "Well, do we have a decision Barb?" Dave asked. "God.....I don't know what to say" she replied, seemingly almost out of breath. "Then we need more incentive" Dave said. He stepped in front of her and pushed the jump suit off her shoulders. They watched it fall to her waist and Bill immediately took her in his arms before she could object and started kissing her again. Dave moved behind his wife and unsnapped her bra. Bill continued to kiss her but as he did he moved the straps off her shoulders and started to pull it off her arms. She released grip on his neck and allowed him to remove her bra. Terry watched and as the bra hit the floor he started to unbutton his shirt and removed it. Barbara was loosing control and when Bill finally released her, Terry immediately pulled her close and started kissing her. He felt her breasts against his bare chest. Her nipples were like arrowheads. Dave was even more turned on by the contrast of Barbara's white body against the chiseled black.

Dave watched as Bill moved behind her and started to slide the jump suit over her hips and soon it lay puddled at her feet, leaving her in just her white panties. Terry's hands moved to her ass and then under her panties to cup her ass and pull her closer. His actions elicited a low moan from the young wife's high and lightly haired mons. Dave started to pull her panties off, completely exposing his wife. As he did she moaned. Bill moved closer, removed his shirt and pants and started to run his hands over Barbara. She began to moan loader but held onto Terry for dear life. She opened her legs a bit as Bill's hand sought her now dripping pussy. Dave watched in awe and then removed his clothes. Bill, with his free hand, all but ripped off his jockey shorts revealing almost 9 inches of rigid cock.

Terry finally ended the kiss. Barbara looked as if she was in shock. Bill then picked her up and placed her on a bar stool and moved between her legs and lowered his lips to hers. Dave, now totally consumed with lust, reached between Bill and Barbara and tool Bill's cock in his hand. Bill sensing what was about to happen, moved closer. Dave guided Bill's cock to Barbara's pussy and she gasped as she felt the head part her swollen labia and slowly penetrate her pussy. Bill was only the second man to sample her most private place.

Terry was now naked too and he watched as Bill buried his cock in Barbara, She tried to raise her legs but couldn't. Seeing this, Terry took her left leg and raised it and Dave took her right leg and did the same. This allowed Bill to use all 9 inches to fully penetrate the young wife who was trying to raise her hips up to Bill in her inflamed state. Bill continued to thrust and gasped "I'm close". "In me....cum in me" Barbara said. Bill started to grunt and then with one final thrust their pubic bones met and she could feel his cock's powerful pulses as he jetted a massive load of cum into her pussy. She worked against him to milk every last drop from him but she hadn't cum herself. As Bill withdrew, cum poured from her pussy, collecting on the edge of the bar stool and then down the front and onto the carpet.

Terry didn't hesitate and moved to take Bill's place between Barbara's firm thighs. His cock wasn't as log at 7 inches but he was twice as wide as Bill and she gasped as he pushed his black cock into her unfulfilled pussy. "Hold her legs" he said and Bill and Dave each took one of her legs and held them high to give access. Terry started to thrust burying his cock each time. Barbara had no problem with the girth of the black cock in her and just moaned from the sensations. Her nipples were more erect than Dave had ever seen them. "So full......so full.......fuck meeee" she wailed. Dave watched in awe as she took this thick black cock, loving every inch, every thrust.

Dave couldn't hold back any more and his cock spurted wildly, spraying cum on Terry's leg.

"Almost....aaaah......almost.....don'tstop.......aa aaaaah....cummm.....cummmmmingggggg" she wailed as her legs tensed. Her body started to jerk as her orgasm crested. Almost at the same time Terry groaned and buried his cock in her. Once again she could feel powerful spurts as her pussy spasmed on and milked Terry's cock. "So good........yesssssss....cumming in meeee" and with that her body went limp as Terry pulled his now drained cock from her satisfied pussy. Once again, cum leaked from her swollen labia and collected on the bar stool to finally end up mixing with Bill's cum on the carpet.

They picked her up from the bar stool and gently laid her on the floor. Dave placed a bar towel between her legs to collect the cum which was still dripping from her pussy. Dave kneeled next to her and started to clean her up, gently wiping the cum from her hair covered mons.

"Every man has a fantasy", Dave thought, "but two guys in one night and one of them black.......wild...really wild." A proper wife had been more than properly fucked.

Part 2 to follow.

Brigit Astar
05-22-2010, 04:49 PM
This is one of the better stories I've read on this site. It turned me on no end. So good and hot and intense. Well-written too

05-22-2010, 08:06 PM
Thanks for the new addition

05-23-2010, 05:13 AM
Great story!!!!

05-23-2010, 09:05 AM
I have to agree with Brigit Astar; this story is not only a credit to its author but to the world of eroticism in general.

05-23-2010, 06:05 PM
This is a great story. I haven't said that about a lot of stories but this one qualifies.

05-24-2010, 08:28 AM
I'm going to a swelled head with all of these compliments.

Thank you very much.