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Barbara slept a sleep of exhaustion and when she awoke she sought out Dave who was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee. The kids were with Grandma and Grandpa and wouldn't be back until early evening.

"Good afternoon sexy" he said as she approached him. With that she burst into tears and between sobs said "Oh Dave. I'm so ashamed. I can't believe that I allowed myself to become such a disgusting person. I can't begin to think of how I can make it up to you. I am so, so sorry." "There's nothing to be sorry about honey. Last night did get out of hand and I'm just as much to blame but I can also say that I found out that I'm married to one sexy, exciting and beautiful woman", he replied. "But Dave, I acted like...like a slut" she said, "I broke my vows". "You sure did and I loved it. I enjoyed every moment of it and wouldn't hesitate to do it again if you expressed a desire to do it again" he replied with a smile on his face. "By the way, Bill and then Terry called to see if you were alright. They were both afraid that you might never want to see them again. I told them that you were fine, just tired and still sleeping. You see, they felt that things got a bit out of control too", he told her.

Dave could see that his words had done a great deal to lighten the heavy burden of guilt that she felt. "That was very thoughtful of them" she said, "but I allowed it to happen. I've never been so turned on in my life and I really lost control. Everything we did felt so good". Dave rose up and took her in his arms and she rested her head on his shoulder. "I love you more than ever. Last night I saw a woman, my woman, surrender to her primal urges. It was fantastic to behold and I am a very lucky man". I hope that doesn't shock you:, he said. I'm shocked that you don't hate me for what happened and I am relieved to find that I still have a marriage", she replied.

"Why don't you take a shower and relax. The party room is clean and everything that had to be washed is now washed", he said.
"I could use a shower. I smell of sex" she replied as she turned and headed to the master bath.

The hot water felt good as she lathered herself. Her nipples became erect as she soaped her breasts and she felt a tingle as she thought to herself I actually let two men make love to me last night, neither was my husband and one of them was black. Now, as I think about it, my body is responding. I don't recognize myself. God....it was so good that I never wanted it to end but how will I face Bill and Terry? They know my body as intimately as Dave. Well, if they called, I guess they are really concerned and don't think that I'm an easy woman". As she washed her pussy, her body tingled even more and images of the previous evening passed through her mind's eye. She fought of the urge to masturbate to the lusty thoughts, rinsed and then got out of the shower and dried herself, feeling refreshed and more alive than ever.

As she came into the kitchen she could hear Dave on the phone. When he hung up, she asked him, "Who called?". "Terry" he replied. "He might stop over Tuesday evening. I think that he wants to apologize to us." Her pussy started to tingle at the thought of seeing Terry again. Her thoughts were jumbled as she wondered what she had become. These feelings were strange to her, not the feelings that a mother of two should be experiencing. She then tried to put her thoughts aside and get on with her daily chores.

Dave responded in kind at the thought of spending time with Terry. It excited him to think that Barbara might want to be intimate with Terry again. He couldn't get the thought out of his head as he pictured that toned black body mounted on his accepting young wife. He retreated to the bedroom and stroked himself, quickly reaching a gusher of a climax. It helped a little but not that much. He couldn't wait for Tuesday to roll around.

Monday brought the same salacious thoughts to both of them but neither one of them wanted to bring up the subject. At this point, both Dave and Barbara were looking forward to crossing this next bridge.

On Tuesday, Dave could hardly focus on his job. His imagination was running wild. Barbara had an easier time of it as she had the children to deal with along with some shopping and a couple of loads of wash.

The evening rituals were completed. The dishes were done and by 8 o'clock the kids were sound asleep. Barbara jumped into the shower and to her surprise, Dave joined her. He sported a stiff 6 inch erection but Barbara put him off, saying "One of us needs to be dressed in case Terry shows up." "You're right", he replied, "It probably wouldn't look good if we greeted him at the door wrapped in towels. He might get the wrong idea."

Barbara left Dave to finish his shower. She put on a white bra, white panties and short yellow sundress. Dave finished his shower and threw on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and brought a bucket of ice to the party room. He turned on the sound system and put some mood music and then adjusted the lights to get a "lounge" effect.

At 9 P.M. the front doorbell rang. Dave answered the door and shook hands with Terry easing any latent tension. They went to the party room where Dave suggested some gin and tonic. Five minutes passed before Barbara came down with a tray of chips and peanuts.

"Hi guys" she said as she placed the snacks on the bar in front of Terry. Without hesitation he turned to her with a sad expression and said, "Barbara, I really feel bad about Saturday night and want to apologize for acting the way I did." "Terry, you don't have to apologize to me, I let it happen and I should be the one to apologize for acting like a common slut" she replied.

"Terry responded saying, "You should apologize? I think not. You had a lot to drink and we took unfair advantage of you and for that I an truly sorry". Barbara looked at the handsome black man before her and said, "I didn't have that much to drink and I let it happen. I felt things that I never felt before and my body took control and to be perfectly honest, I enjoyed it thoroughly although I felt very guilty on Sunday morning."

Dave watched and listened to the exchange between his wife and Terry but did not interject.

"Barbara, I've been around a little and had a couple of great relationships but never have I seen a woman respond the way you did. You seemed to become free to enjoy the attention we gave you and I found it to be the most extraordinary evening that I have ever experienced". She replied with, "I guess that 'extraordinary' sums it up in one word especially since I have never done anything remotely like that." Terry replied, "I've never seen woman climax as intensely as you did, shuddering and moaning. And, I might add, I've never made love to woman who could adjust to my size so quickly. That has always been a problem for me."

Dave watched as Barbara turned a blushing pink in response to Terry's vivid recollection of her orgasm with him. Barbara replying said, "I've never had an orgasm like that before. It was intense and it was long and I think that your cumming in me at just the right time made it that much better."

Terry then said, "The most intense orgasm that I have ever seen was brought on by using a vibrator, that is, until Saturday night with you." With a questioning look Barbara asked, "A vibrator? I never would have thought of using a vibrator." "They do work and very well I might add" Terry replied. Barbara took a long sip of her drink and said, "We have a vibrator that we got as a gift. At the time I thought it was a strange thing to receive as a gift from my sister-in-law, but now I wonder." Dave said, "Give me a minute and Ill see if I can find it. I'll be right back", as he bounded up the stairs.

Barbara looked at Terry saying, "He went to get the vibrator and I'd be willing to bet that you will want me to try it to see how well it works. Terry....are you trying to seduce me?" His reply was quick. "That question is a loser for me. If I say 'no' I am a liar. If I say 'Yes' I am a pervert."

Barbara laughed and said, "I see your point but I would never consider you a pervert." Then she quickly gave him a peck on the lips as Dave returned with the vibrator.

Emboldened by the drinks she told Dave to hand her the vibrator. He did and then she handed it to Terry and as he took it he thought to himself "I hope the batteries are fresh". "Are you sure you want to try this Barbara?" "I trust you and besides Dave is here to protect me if you become more evil than you already are", she said with a big grin.

With a big smile terry said, "OK then, sit forward on the stool, raise your dress up and give me a little space." She slid to the edge of the bar stool, pulled the hem of her sundress up, exposing her now damp white panties and spread her legs enough to give Terry room for the vibrator. He turned it on and as it hummed he moved to to the gusset of her panties. She jumped at the initial contact but quickly felt that familiar tingle in her pussy. She closed her eyes as Terry and Dave watched. The tingle intensified with each passing second and before long, she was starting to squirm. "Oh my....that does feel very good.......aaaahhhhh....I never would have thought to try this........yes,,,,,it does work", as Dave moved out from behind the bar. She opened her eyes as she felt Dave's lips on hers and his probing tongue. The sensations became even more intense as Terry continued to arouse her with the vibrator. "Oh....yes.....Dave......Terry is gonna make me cum if he doesn't stop". "Cum for us baby" Dave said. Dave then nodded to Terry and mouthed the words "Kiss her". Terry pressed his lips to Barbara's as she moaned. He worked his tongue between her lips and she knew it was Terry kissing her even though her eyes were tightly shut. Her arms snaked around his neck as she puled him close, not wanting the kiss to end. "Mmmmmmmmm........mmmmmmm" as she started to peak, her pussy spasming, her juice soaking the gusset of her panties. As she came down from her peak she felt another starting to build as she relinquished her hold on Terry who signaled Dave to take the vibrator and keep it against her pussy. Dave held the vibrator in place as Terry removed his shirt and shorts and was now naked. Ht took the vibrator from Dave and Dave quickly disrobed as Barbara started to moan and gasp as another orgasm overtook the lovely young wife. As she came down she opened her eyes to find two men naked on either side of her.

Terry picker her up from the bar stool and deposited her, standing next to the bar stool. Dave and Terry both grabbed the hem of her little sundress and pulled it over her head and just as quickly Terry slid her panties down her legs to the floor as Dave unsnapped and removed her bra exposing her lovely pert breasts to Terry who immediately brought his lips to an erect nipple sending shivers down Barbara's spine. Dave's hands were busy as he reached around and fingered her pussy and swollen clit while he used the other to tease the little rosebud of her asshole. Her young body was being overwhelmed by the sexy, lustful sensations that Dave and Terry were causing.

Then Terry made a move to lay Barbara on the plush carpeted floor and Dave helped him. She lay there, eyes closed, accepting their hands and their lips. Her pussy glistened with her juices. Terry looked at Dave and Dave nodded knowing what Terry was asking. The handsome black man moved between Barbara's legs and she parted them in acceptance. Dave reached down between then and took Terry's thick, black, erect cock and guided it into his wife's pussy. Dave was once again fascinated by the contrast of Terry's black skin against Barbara's little white body as Terry slowly penetrated Barbara until their pubic bones met. Barbara bent her legs at the knees and planted her feet firmly on the floor and thrust back at Terry, insuring maximum penetration and actually lifting the young black man up a couple of inches. Terry was relentless with his powerful thrusts and Barbara replied in kind arching her hips in response to each thrust. They continued this mating for several minutes, kissing and gasping as they raced to completion. Barbara breathily said "Fuck meeeee". Terry gasped "I'm gonna cum.....gonna cum". "In me....I want to feel it.......in me" The young wife responded. Terry stiffened and with one final thrust buried his cock in the sweet young wife. She arched her hips taking him in as deeply as possible as her pussy spasms began to milk the magnificent black cock that was bringing her to such exquisite heights of pleasure. Dave watched as the pair worked their mating in unison, Terry's cock flexing, shooting his hot black seed in Barbara as she milked him of every drop with her demanding pussy.

Terry withdrew his now deflated cock from the clasping pussy and a dollops of cum leaked out and collected on the carpet beneath her pussy. Dave was not to be denied as he quickly mounted his breathless wife and drove his cock deeply with one thrust, He then felt what Terry had felt as she arched her hips taking him in fully. As he thrust, she responded to him as she had with Terry. "Oh Dave.....I love you.....fuck meee" she said. That was all it took to drive the young husband over the edge. He thrust deeply and his cock exploded as never before, a powerful jetting orgasm which pushed the loving young wife into a final volcanic orgasm, her pussy milking and drawing out all of Dave's seed.

It took a few minutes for their breathing to return to normal and eventually they stood up and the three put their arms around each other in a group hug.

Dave and Barbara now knew for sure that they had crossed a line into another lifestyle that neither had even vaguely considered. Barbara's sexuality had been unleashed with Dave's full approval. She also found it thrilling to have her husband watch her as she fucked another man. Dave learned that he loved watching his wife respond to another man.

Part 3 to follow

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Great story well written and very articulate. can't wait for chapter 3.

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Again, Great story. I, too, am waiting for part 3.

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ffloridian, you are some kind of writer. These two stories--actually part 1 and 2--are some of the hottest stories I've read. I hope you continue with this and write a part 3. The stories are so well-written

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Thanks for the compliment.

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Part 3 is coming. I hope it has the same effect as the previous chapters.


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