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05-24-2010, 08:23 AM
Wednesday morning saw things return to some degree of normalcy. Dave went off to work and Barbara once again became the typical young home maker.

However, things were not nearly as normal as they appeared to those who knew the young couple. They had opened up a new territory with many different areas to examine and explore.

The remainder of the week passed quickly. Dave and Barbara experienced a marked increase in their intimate moments together. In fact, they made love every night. Both were driven to greater sexual intimacy by their collective recollections of what had transpired. They now talked to each other as they made love and it greatly heightened their mutual pleasure. Their anticipation of what may happen in the future highlighted their private conversations.

Barbara's parents had called early on Friday and asked Barbara if they could take the kids to the Bronx Zoo and keep them overnight. Barbara called Dave to let him know of her parent's offer and he quickly agreed with his wife that it was a fine idea. By 9 A.M. the kids were off with the grands.

They decided that they would go out to dinner and then stop by their favorite club, "The C&C Pub". They drove into Whitestone Landing and had a modest dinner at "The White House" and then headed out to Valley Stream.
The Pub was crowded as usual and the live music was sometimes too loud but they loved the place. They had a lot of friends there and they could talk and dance to hearts content.

At about 10 P.M. Bill came walking in followed by Terry. They spotted Dave and Barbara doing a slow dance and Bill Walked up and asked, "May I cut in?" When Dave saw who it was he handed his wife over to his friend and walked over to Terry. "How are you?" he asked. Terry said "Fine, but we're heading off to work a night shift at the airport". "Too bad", said Dave. Bill and Barbara now joined them at the corner of the bar. Barbara got that tingling feeling in her pussy as she gave Terry a hug. "Bill said that you are working the night shift", Barbara said. "If you are in the area in the morning, stop by for some breakfast." Bill said that he already had plans but Terry said, I will if stop by if I work a normal shift." Twenty minutes later, Bill and Terry were off to work and at about 1 A.M. Dave And Barbara called it a night and headed for home.

At 9 A.M. the phone rang. It was Barbara's parents calling to ask if it was alright to have the kids spend the day and return home at about 8. Barbara said it would be alright although it would be a late bedtime for the kids after giving them their baths.

Five minutes later, the phone rang again. It was Dave's sister Jennifer asking if she could come over to return a borrowed pressure cooker and to talk. A few minutes later the phone rang again. This time it was Dave's boss asking him if he was available for a bit of emergency overtime. Dave knew that they could always use extra money. He explained the situation to Barbara and headed out the door.

About a half hour later, Jennifer showed up. Jennifer was older than Dave at 25. She was 5' 4" tall, slender with a 34D bust and long flowing red hair.

As they talked, Barbara noticed that Jen was tense. "Jen, you don't look right to me. You look like there's something on your mind". "You're right Barb", she replied. Jen stood up and asked, Do I look alright to you? "What kind of a question is that?", Barbara asked. "For the past month, Jack has acted like I don't exist and when I finally got up the nerve to ask him he mumbled something that I couldn't quite hear except for the word 'fat'". "Jen, you are far from fat. You have a great figure and the face of a movie star", Barbara replied. "He hasn't touched me in over 2 weeks and am pretty upset", Jen said. We used to make love a lot, maybe 4 times a week, but it's been tapering off and now there's nothing. I shouldn't say this to you, but I'm horny!" Barbara laughed and then replied, "Well, you got to the point quickly. I think that you should fight fire with fire and not approach Jack for a week." "Barb, I am so wound up and I don't know what to do" Barb replied by saying, "Jen, we've never discussed our private lives but since you've taken me into your confidence I am going to go out on a limb and make a suggestion and hopefully you won't be too shocked or become angry with me". "Are you going to tell me to have an affair?" Jen asked. "Certainly not" Barb replied. "Follow me" Barb said as she got up and led Jen into the bedroom. She went to her dresser drawer and got the vibrator that Jen had given her 2 years ago. Jen looked at Barbara and then at the vibrator that she held in her hand and said, "How is THAT going to help me?" "When you have some private time, you can relieve the tension with this. I thought that you would know because you gave it to me", Barb replied. Jen's eyes filled with tears and she started to sob. "How the hell is that going to solve my problem?" "It won't solve your problem, but it will relieve the symptoms" Barb replied as she took her sister in law in her arms. "Stretch out on the bed Jen". The sobbing wife laid down on Barbara's bed and looked up at Barbara. Barbara turned on the vibrator and touched it to Jen's arm. "Do you feel that Jen?, she asked. Jen nodded in response. "Then imagine what it would feel like if it touched you somewhere else." Barb said. "Do you mean on my privates?", Jen asked. "Yes", Barbara replied. "You use that to relieve yourself when your tense?" Jen asked. "Not often Jen, but every once in a while it comes in handy". "What exactly do you do with it?. she asked. It was then that Barbara realized that Jen really didn't know about sex "toys".

"Jen, I can't believe that you don't know about these things. Just close your eyes, relax and I will demonstrate, but first I want you to promise that you won't become angry or upset with me.....OK?". "OK" Jen replied as she closed her eyes and laid back on the bed.

Jen then held the vibrator against Jens shorts and moved it slowly onto her pussy. "How does that feel?" Barbara asked. "I think it feels good I guess, but I can hardly feel it." Barbara instructed Jen to take off her shorts and Jen unhesitatingly did so. Barb now placed the vibrator right on Jen's mons and at the same time noticed that Jen didn't have any hair on her pussy. "Oh....I can feel it now Barb. It feels good.....very good". Barb removed the vibrator and said. "OK. you've had your demonstration". Jen, with pleading eyes, looked up at Barbara and said, "Please do it for a bit more, I was really enjoying it." Barbara thought about it for a moment and then continued. Jens hips started to move and Barbara could see Jen's white panties begin to grow dark with her juice. Barbara started to get that tingling sensation as she watched and listened to Jen responding. "Oh Barb, that feels so good....please, please don't stop yet". Jens hips were moving and her breasts were rising and falling with each breath. Jen began to squeeze her breasts. Seeing this, Barbara started to run her free hand up and down Jen's thighs. They felt wonderful to her. Jen now put her hands under her t-shirt, pushed her bra up and cupped her breasts, rolling her erect nipples between her fingers. Barbara couldn't see what Jen was doing but she knew. Jen was slowly approaching her peak. Barbara, lay down beside her and whispered in Jen's ear, "Cum Jen....cum for me". Barbara could resist no longer and she lowered her lips to Jens in a gentle kiss. Jen came had, hips thrusting, chest heaving, As she did, she put her hand behind Barbara's head holding the kiss as she sought to get her tongue between Barbara's lips. Barbara opened slightly and their tongues met in a delightful duel. When they finally separated, Jen looked at Barbara, kissed her again and said. "That was fantastic. I've never kissed another woman like that and I don't think I ever came that hard." "I've never kissed another woman like that either, but I did enjoy it and now I'm the one who is tense and horny." Barb replied. "Let me do it to you then......to relieve your tension" Jen said with a smile. "I don't think we should Jen". "Please let me return the favor Barb. I feel that I should, to be fair." Jen said and with that she sat up and lifted the hem of Barbara's sun dress, Barbara started to get up but Jen gently pushed her down and quickly grabbed the vibrator and held it to Barbara's pussy. The effect was immediate. When Jen saw her sister-in-law react to the vibrator she leaned down and kissed Barbara. She saw Barbara's nipples poking through the sundress and she moved to a kneeling position so she could use her other hand to pull and roll Barbara's nipples. Barbara moaned in response. Jen said, "We have to get this dress off" and got Barbara to kneel up in the bed. Then she lifted the dress up and over Barbara's head and threw it on the floor. Before Barbara laid down they embraced and then Jen pulled off her t-shirt and removed her bra and they embraced each other, breast to breast, nipple to nipple, lips to lips.

Jen gently got Barbara to lay down and resumed tantalizing her with the vibrating toy. Barbara moaned and thrust her hips up at the vibrator. Jen leaned over and tasted an erect nipple, gently sucking it into her mouth and circling it with her tongue. "Ohhhh Jen....Jen....you're gonna make me cum" she said as she exploded in an incredible climax.

Minutes passed as they recovered. Their panties were soaked and almost in unison, they removed them and both women were not totally naked. Barbara looked at Jen's shaved pussy and then she reached out to touch it. Jen shivered at the touch. It felt good. No woman had ever touched Jen's pussy and now her sister-in-law became the first. Jen opened her legs and watched as Barbara moved between her legs and lowered her head to the glistening mons. Her tongue snaked out and caught Jen's erect clitoris. Jen flinched at the initial contact but felt the start of a new sensation as Barbara proceeded to take the erect clit between her lips and gently suck it. Jen swooned at the sensations and soon her hips were arching up to keep the sensual contact.
"OH Barb...what are you doing to me.....it's sooooo good....I'm gonna cum again......nowwwww" as she thrust her pussy at Barbara in orgasmic bliss. Barbara held Jen's hips and continued to suck her clit through the orgasm causing Jen to actually ejaculate into her mouth. Finally, They were sated. Both lay there recovering from their incestuous tryst. "Where did you learn to do that, Barb?, Jen asked. "I never did that before today nor have I ever had the desire or opportunity to do it so I guess I can say that I did what comes naturally because your pussy looked so good", Barbara replied. They concluded thier coupling by taking a shower together. Jen took the vibrator with her when she went home, a happier woman, unfazed by the fact that she had just spent an afternoon in a sapphic encounter. Barbara was pleased that she had found a another area to explore and that she had helped Jen out of her doldrums.

Jen had resumed her housework when the doorbell rang. It was Terry. She let him in and they embraced. "Dave got called in to work, let me ring his cell and see if he's going to be returning any time soon", she said. She made the call and told Dave that Terry had stopped by. Dave told her that he was stuck for a couple of hours maybe more but that she should spend the afternoon with Terry and not to worry.

"Well.. as long as you are here you can give me a hand stripping the bed", she said. "I'll help in any way that I can", Terry responded and she led him into the bedroom.

She bent over to grab the sheets on the bed when she felt Terry's hands grasp her hips. He puled her upright and held her back against his chest. His hands moved to cup her breasts and he was delighted to find that she was not wearing a bra. He planted little kisses on the side of her neck as he toyed with her breasts causing her pussy to tingle and start to produce moisture. His hand moved down and cupped her pussy and once again he was delighted when he discovered that she wasn't wearing panties. Lifting her dress he cupped her pussy, finding it still wet. He turned her around and she circled his neck with her arms and kissed him. He lifted her dress over her head and guided her down to the bed in a sitting position. He went to his knees between her legs as she laid back. She felt his tongue lick her swollen labia and then her clitoris which was still erect from her earlier encounter with Jen. He was good. He nibbled and sucked and soon Barbara was moaning and lifting her pussy to him. He put his hands behind her thighs and lifted her legs, splaying them wide to gain full access. Barbara was in the start of an orgasm as he did for her what she had done for Jen only hours before.

As he ate her pussy, Terry had unbuckled and unbuttoned his pants. He stopped eating Barbara's pussy and she sat up with a disappointed look on her face. Terry told her to stand and face the bed and then made her bend over with her hands supporting her upper body . This position presented Terry with a view that would have aroused the dead! He stepped out of his pants and removed the rest of his clothes. Barbara glanced over her shoulder to gaze, just for a moment, at the young, black adonis and then she felt his his hard, thick, black cock at the entrance to her womanhood. She took his cock easily, overjoyed at the sensation of fullness that she felt. The mating had begun.

Terry started to thrust and she pushed back, her pussy clutching the black meat. She felt hands on her breasts. She felt her nipples being pulled and rolled. She felt a massive orgasm starting to build in the center of her body. Terry could feel her pussy muscles trying to hold his cock inside and the sensations were overwhelming. "Oh God...Terry....I'm gonna cum......fuck me harder.....harder", she said. He pounded her pussy as hard as he could, with powerful thrusts driving her to orgasm. ""Yes....that's it.....full.....so full...so good.....aaaaaah....don't stop......fuck me....cum in me.......cummmmmmingggggggg....yesssssssss". Terry felt as if his cock was in a vise. She was cumming and her pussy was pulsing as she milked his cock. It started in the depths of his sex and he could feel it welling up and then rushing through his straining cock to burst forth in the deepest recesses of her pussy. She felt the huge jets of cum hitting her cervix as he held her hips firmly to guarantee the deepest penetration while jet after jet of hot, black seed filled her pussy. Her orgasm matched his in intensity and longevity.

Finally, he withdrew from her now satisfied pussy and watched his cum run down her legs. Terry threw himself on the bed, exhausted from this incredible mating. Barbara moved on top of him and they kissed, gently and lovingly. "Dave will get an earful tonight" she said. Terry replied, "I'm sure that he will be expecting to hear about this afternoon. He called me earlier and told me to make sure that I stop over and have my way with you. To be truthful, it seem to me that you had your way with me!"

Barbara looked at Terry and smiled saying, "It's a good thing that we didn't get a chance to change the sheets!"

Part 4 to follow