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Mandi was nervous. Really nervous. She had been quiet on the journey down from Glasgow to Manchester. Normally Adam would have noticed and commented but he had his own issues to worry about. He drove on autopilot all the way down the M6, thoughts of what lay ahead racing through his mind over and over.

They had both agreed that as soon as they started the journey down South it was too late to turn back. Mandi had reassured Adam that if he were to change his mind at any point before making the journey she would be happy with that. But plans were made and Adam picked up Mandi from her flat at Friday 9am sharp as agreed. He helped her with her bags into the back of the car and kissed tenderly before stepping into the car. Mandi looked at Adam before he put the car in gear and took his hand.

“OK Adam. We do this now, no turning back. I want to do this”.

Those words “I want to do this”. They made Adam’s stomach flip but he managed a smile and gave Mandi a reassuring wink.

Upon arrival in Manchester they parked at an NCP close to the hotel where they were to stay for the weekend. Adam’s nerves were really jangling now and he expected Mandi to feel the same way. She had such a poker face about her though; she certainly wasn’t showing any nerves. They chatted casually about anything and nothing as they made their way up to the hotel room.

The room was bright and spacious incorporating a lovely en-suite bathroom. Adam might have been nervous but it certainly hadn’t affected his libido. He placed his bags on the floor and instructed Mandi to do likewise. His cock twitched in his trousers as he looked her up and down. Adam adored the way Mandi dressed and she knew this. For the journey down she looked spectacular, wearing a red sheer top that showed her black lacy bra underneath. She was also wearing a black pencil skirt with a split at the front and back giving off a rather generous view of her nylon clad shapely legs. Black, 10 denier; Adam wondered if they were holdups or stockings with suspenders. The peep toe stilettos she had on caught his eye as he made his away across the room to take her in his arms. He kissed her passionately on the lips and clamped in her close to his chest.

Sensing Adam’s mood Mandi pulled back a little though not enough to break from his grasp; that was not her intention.

“No Adam. I don’t want to make love. We do that tonight after I do what I have to do. Right now I want you to fuck me. Hard”.

“Do what I have to do?” Adam repeated in his head. He thought they were in this together. He understood that Mandi felt now she had to take control. She was going to do this whether Adam supported her or not.

Albeit initially shocked at Mandi’s statement, Adam did not question her instruction for him to fuck her. He pushed Mandi onto the bed and she fell with her legs open, her skirt rising above the knee to reveal wonderfully lacy holdup stocking tops. Adam knelt between Mandi’s splayed legs and pulled her skirt upwards, above a pair of black lace panties. He slid his hand over the nylon then lace of her holdup stockings moving it over the mound covered by the panties she was wearing. He cupped her and could feel the moistness coming through the lace. Moistness? She was sodden!

Grabbing and tugging, the shorts were removed and Adam was staring at Mandi’s wondrous pussy. He collapsed on top of her, falling between her legs, locking lips with her, their tongues probing at each other. Adam broke free and made way to kiss slowly down her body before landing at the prize. He loved to take Mandi in his mouth, to feel her buck and squirm above him as she could no longer take him probing at her throbbing clit with his flicking tongue. Her body would shudder with jerking spasms and she’d call out in delight as wave after wave of pulsating climax washed over her; taking her to a place she held onto as long as she could whilst reality disappeared for what was too brief a moment for her.

She did not want that though, not now. Once again Mandi took hold of Adam and looked straight into his eyes.

“No Adam. I don’t want you to do that. Just put yourself inside me”.

Not wanting to relinquish all control he undressed Mandi as he wanted her naked. Frustrated at his decision, aching to be inside Mandi, he pulled his still buttoned shirt over his head and yanked his trousers off as quick as he could. They were both naked on top of the bed lying side by side. Mandi’s hand reached for Adam’s rock hard cock and pulled him towards her. Once more he climbed on top of her, placing himself between her legs. Instinctively he moved towards her as Mandi guided him inside her wetness; taking his length greedily, Adam slipped inside her all so easily. Mandi’s body curved round him as he slowly started thrusting himself in and out. In a matter of seconds she felt her body tingle and her pussy pulsate.

“Oh you’re going to make me cum”, she called out.

Loudly she gasped as her body jerked underneath Adam who did not lose his stroke. Slowly the cum subsided and Adam withdrew. He told Mandi to turn round and get on all fours. Duly she obliged. Quickly Adam was inside her again fucking hard and frantically, his balls slapping off her mound. Gently but firmly he grabbed at her sides to secure his hold, giving the slightest hint of digging his nails into her flesh.

“This is what you want him to do to you, isn’t it?” Adam moaned, “You want to be taken roughly by a stranger. You want me to watch. You want him to fuck you like this. You facing me, so I can see the look of ecstasy on your face”.

Mandi could not find the breath to answer him, her mind was elsewhere. But she could hear what he was saying and knew he was right. For that moment she was facing Adam and it was a random stranger at her rump pumping his cock hard inside her. The thought of being taken, that lack of control; it was too much for her. She came hard again, leaning forward as if to collapse onto the pillow in front of her. Adam followed her as he unloaded himself inside Mandi calling out loudly as he did so. She hadn’t even noticed he was close to getting there. As he splashed inside her, the thought of Mandi being fucked hard from behind as he watched spilled him over the edge. Mandi could feel the bulbous head of his spurting cock explode inside her and her legs gave way with Adam falling on top of her. They were both spent.

In a post-coital haze, Adam and Mandi lay next to each other with Mandi’s head resting on Adam’s arm. Suddenly she turned to Adam to catch his attention.

“Yes Adam, that’s exactly what I want”

A short but satisfying sleep followed for both of them. The adrenalin pumping through their veins in anticipation of what was to come had taken its toll. The sex merely sealed the deal as regards sending them into the arms of Morpheus. They woke together, kissed and hugged. Once more Mandi looked at Adam.

“You ready for this?” she asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be”, Adam responded.

“Good. Let’s do it”.

They showered and changed; both dressed in all black. Adam even bought a black shirt for the occasion. Mandi jokingly asked him if it was symbolic of anything but he was overly reassuring in his response that it wasn’t. Mandi knew he was keeping his fears to himself but she had no time to worry about this. She’d invested enough of her own personal anxieties into being here and it was never going to work for her if she spent all her time trying to smooth Adam’s ruffled feathers. As she fixed her 8 strap black suspender belt to her black vintage stockings, she smiled at Adam and blew him a kiss.

Adam noticed how stunningly sexy Mandi looked. He always thought of her that way but it hit home even more knowing that the next person who was going to fuck her wasn’t going to be him. He felt terrible for thinking of it like that, like he owned her. He knew that one thing Mandi could never be was owned by anyone. Regardless, he reasoned to himself that his feelings were only human and he hadn’t let them get the better of him. Sure he was anxious, angst ridden even to some extent. But above all else he genuinely wanted to share this experience with her and he hoped she realised that. However, he understood Mandi well enough to know that the talking was for later.

Adam wasn’t for eating but Mandi was so they dined in a nearby restaurant. Adam quickly sank two beers and Mandi was not far behind him. Their nerves eased off a little and soon the chat began to flow. Adam felt his confidence coming back, courtesy of the Dutch courage, and broached the night ahead with Mandi.

“How are you feeling? Nervous?”

“No, not really. Looking forward to it. You?”

“I think the beers have helped. What time do we need to be there at do you reckon?”

“It opens at 8 but I think we should hit there about 10”.

That was 3 hours away so they both slowed the pace as they didn’t want to be going in drunk. In spite of the beer, Adam’s butterflies returned as 10 approached. Mandi called a taxi on her mobile and it was quick to arrive.

“Cupids in Swinton please” Mandi instructed the driver. She sounded so eloquent and the cabbie was quick to respond.

“Been there before have ya?”

“No. First time. Why? Have you been?”

“You’re jokin’ aren’t ya? I’m sixty three, love. In any case, I don’t think the wife would like it”.

“Well you should take her along. I’m sure you’d both have a whale of a time”.

The driver laughed out loud and said something about Northern humour.

“How can she be so calm?” Adam thought to himself.

The idle chit chat between cabbie and passenger continued till they pulled up outside the club. As they exited the car and stepped up to the entrance Mandi took Adam’s hand which comforted him slightly. Inside they paid the entrance fee and were welcomed by a large blonde woman called Iris; she had a huge bust and wore a figure hugging red velvet dress. She led them both into the main lounge area and explained that here was the place to meet people. If we were looking for another couple then there was a couples’ only area. If we were looking for a bi-fem for Mandi then she would put us in touch with other bi-fems in the club that night. By far the most easy scenario of all was to find a single male for Mandi.

“Just take your pick, love, they’re all very nice I can assure you”, Iris said.

If we needed a room then we’d to book with Iris, she’d sort it out no problem. If we just wanted to watch then that wouldn’t be a problem either.

“Just have fun”, Iris said. “Oh and one last thing. As you may have noticed you’ll have to undress. You down to your undies love and you, sir, down to your shorts. I’ll keep your clothes safe for you. Just come see me when you’re ready to leave”.

Mandi was already down to her bra, pants and stockings before Adam had a chance to think about it properly. Eventually he complied and was led by Mandi to an empty sofa by the end of the room. The room itself was dark with a low ceiling. The carpets were red and the walls were done up in a mock-Georgian style. Mandi didn’t care too much for the décor but she wasn’t here to offer a critique. She scanned the room for potential lovers and saw plenty that she liked, lots more she wouldn’t give the time of day to. Lots of guys looked her way but were reticent to approach because of Adam sitting next to her. Mandi had no time at all for that at all.

Eventually a man came over to the sofa, where Mandi and Adam were sitting, holding a bottle of wine.

“Do you mind if I join you?” he asked politely to both.

“Not just now if you don’t mind” was Mandi’s reply.

With a smile the man left and Adam turned to Mandi.

“Didn’t you fancy him?” he asked with a small hint of sarcasm.

“Oh yes Adam, I really fancied him. I’d have loved him to fuck me. I just want to keep my options open for now” she replied with a cheeky grin.

Adam knew there was more than an element of truth to everything Mandi had just said to him. She was playing the numbers game. After all, it had to be right for her. Another man approached who was a bit more forthright in his approach.

“Don’t mind if I sit here do ya?” he said as he sat himself down next to Adam.

“I don’t” said Adam, “you OK with this Mandi?”

“Fine”, she said playing it very cool.

He introduced himself as John and instantly proved himself to be a crushing bore. Adam and Mandi exchanged knowing glances urging this plank to take a fucking hike. Mandi was on the verge of telling him just that as she felt Adam’s hand slide up her thigh and inside her panties. All the while his gaze was on John the bore but he knew exactly what was doing. His middle finger probed inside and found her moist pussy with ease, sliding it inside to press down on her clit. Mandi could feel people watching her but she didn’t mind. She was loving this. John’s inane drone had disappeared into the ether as Adam expertly flicked at her love button. He managed to find just the right bit, oh don’t stop, yes, there, there! Adam felt his hand being steadied by Mandi’s so he knew to continue what he was doing. Relentlessly he flicked at the same spot, pressing and probing whilst Mandi’s juices flowed readily. She started to moan and felt herself shudder. She tried desperately to muffle her cries but to no avail. She jerked hard as she came, pulsing with pleasure. Her heart was racing and she felt slightly light headed. Slowly but surely she recomposed herself and came back into the real world.

As her cum subsided she noticed that she had been watched by a guy she had noticed earlier. He was smiling at her and she smiled back. He made his way over and introduced himself to John, Adam then Mandi.

“Wow, that was amazing. I’m Phil. Do you mind if I join you?”

John knew the game was up for him so he made his excuses and left. Adam sensed right away that Mandi liked Phil physically so she’d need time to tune in to see if she could engage with him mentally as well. He knew that she could never go with someone who she couldn’t relate to on a personal level albeit it was casual hard core penetrative sex they were dealing with here! Mandi had her standards and those standards applied on the physical and mental planes. Adam hung around for a short while and actually got on well with Phil; he came to the conclusion that he seemed like a decent enough bloke. He turned to Mandi and gave her a kiss.

“I’ll leave you to it, yeah?” he whispered in her ear.

“Thanks babe. Give me about 20 or so, OK?”

Adam took a stroll about the club and made his way over to one of the private rooms where the door was ajar. He peered round the door to see a group of people sat down on chairs next to a double bed. On the bed, facing the door was a large blonde lady being taken by a huge black guy. He was fucking her hard from behind and she loved every minute of it. Her pendulous breasts were moving in time to the slaps of his balls against her backside. Adam noticed the viewers were very watching intently paying particular attention to the black guy’s cock going in and out of the blonde lady’s pussy.

Adam noticed an empty seat in the room and asked if it was OK to sit down. In unison the group ushered him in but instructed him to keep quiet. As Adam sat down the black guy pulled out and helped the blonde girl over onto her back. She lay back and opened her legs revealing a perfectly trimmed quim. Adam liked that as he wasn’t a fan of shaved or totally hairy pussies. The black guy lay on top of her and slowly inserted himself inside her. Again she gasped with pleasure as he thrust himself inside her. At first their bodies were clamped together and they moved slowly together, grinding hard against each other. After a time he propped himself up on his arms so that he looked down on her. The look of concentration on his face told Adam that he was going to cum soon. His pace quickened and she moved with him; legs in the air clamped round him as if trying to force him back on her, to have his body against her once more. He didn’t move though and soon he started to call out.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m going to ….. cuuuuuum. Wooooaaaaaah”

All the while she was clasping onto the sheets of the bed digging her red painted nails into the bed. She called out with him.

“Oh yeah babe, that’s it, yes, yes, yeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!!”

In unison they came together calling out loudly as if oblivious to the crowd watching them. Slowly the ferocity of his thrusting subsided and he gave one last push inside as if emptying the last drop of cum out his balls.

He collapsed on top of her, placing his arms underneath her to pull her closer to him. He was still inside her. There was no kissing though. They just looked into each other’s eyes breathing heavily then laughing.

“That was incredible”, he said.

“For me too”, she replied, “I fucking loved it!”

Adam didn’t know if this was the right time to give a round of applause so he kept still. With the others next to him he got up to leave. For some reason it seemed OK to watch two, what he assumed to be, strangers have sex yet to watch the aftermath just didn’t seem right at all! Adam made his way back to where Mandi was as he reckoned she’d had her 20 minutes by now.

When Adam got back to Mandi he noticed she was sitting alone.

“Where’s yer man Phil?” Adam asked.

Ashen faced, Mandi looked at Adam.

“He’s gone to book us a room, do you mind?”

Adam’s heart sank. He knew this was coming but to hear it from her; to know it was imminent was still a shock to him. Outside he was calm and he composed himself quickly.

“No of course I don’t mind. This is why we’re here, isn’t it?”

“I suppose. I just didn’t want to seem so brazen about it. But I do want to do this. I like him. I fancy him. I want you to watch him fuck me”.

Just then Phil came back and sat next to Adam. He looked over at Mandi and said

“They can give us a room in 20 minutes at 11.30. Is that OK?”

He seemed to look at both Adam and Mandi when he asked this. Mandi answered the question for them both.

“Yes, that’s fine Phil”.

Mandi stood up and motioned to Adam to swap places with her. She plumped herself down next to Phil and Adam watched as they immediately started kissing hard. Adam watched Mandi smile as she kissed Phil, their tongues probing each other.

“Kissing. We should have discussed this” Adam thought. His stomach tightened.

On the Cupids website it clearly states:

If you are a couple it is helpful if you and your partner discuss your limits or intentions.

And there Adam was, falling at the first hurdle.

For Mandi, Adam was now just a viewer, a voyeur. She was the exhibitionist in control and she was using her power to full effect. Phil’s hand slid up her thigh and stroked her pussy through the lace of her panties. Mandi was lost now, she wanted his cock in her so much. She felt his hardness through his shorts and gently stroked his pulsating member.

A wave of contradicting emotions were now overpowering Adam. He looked at Phil turning on his Mandi. HIS MANDI. Right there in front of him. Yet, the sight of Mandi squirming in sexual tension as Phil strummed her through the fabric aroused him.

Mandi and Phil broke from each other as they realised the 20 minutes was nearly up. Mandi looked to Adam then Phil.

“Shall we?”

Phil led the way to a private room at the other end of the lounge area. The door was open and inside was a double bed, freshly made. Inside were a row of seats at either side. Phil spoke to Adam.

“If you want to watch alone then you close the door and lock it behind you. If you are fine with other people watching then leave the door open”.

Adam knew that Mandi was fine with either scenario, as long as she was being watched. Having Adam watch her would be a real thrill but the whole idea of a group of people watching her was something that excited her too.

All 3 entered the room; Adam closed the door and locked it. He pulled a chair to the end of the bed so he could get a front on view. He knew what Mandi wanted him to see.

Phil and Mandi stripped off their underwear and lay down on the bed next to each other. Mandi left her stockings on. They started slowly by kissing each other softly and stroking each other. Phil’s cock grew hard in Mandi’s grasp. She tugged slowly as it expanded. From out of nowhere, Phil produced a condom packet and expertly removed it from its wrapper. Mandi helped him put it on and immediately took his full length in her willing mouth. Phil lay back on the bed, his head towards where Adam was sitting watching. Slowly Mandi moved her head back and forth tapering her mouth at the top of the stroke. Phil’s cock twitched and jerked as Mandi flicked her tongue up and down the shaft.

Adam’s insecurities were disappearing fast. He became aroused and hard at the sight of Mandi pleasuring Phil. He knew this night would be forever ingrained in their psyche. Every time they had sex, fucked, made love; would this be in the recesses of not just Mandi’s mind but Adam’s also? The thought excited him.

Mandi took Phil’s cock from her mouth one last time and clambered on top of him, straddling his legs. Still with his hard penis in her hand, she positioned herself above it and slowly impaled herself on its full length. She let out a breathless sigh as she did so; her eyes still open but not seeing anything. Adam watched as her breasts jiggled up and down in time to her motions. She ground herself hard against Phil and he reached up to grab her tits. Soon they moved in time together, Phil pushing up and Mandi rising with him only for them to come crashing back down together; each time Mandi letting out a cry of immense pleasure. This feeling of self indulgence was so incredible. For a second she opened her eyes and looked at Adam. She smiled and breathed in hard. Adam was totally entranced; mesmerised by the sight of Mandi riding Phil and totally indulging her own pleasures.

Adam could see that Mandi was about to cum soon. He was surprised how quickly she had taken to get to that stage. For all her bravado and poker facing he knew she’d have been really nervous about this. She so wanted to hit the sexual heights that she could with Adam so easily. But it was never guaranteed and she had no idea if she was going to be able to cum with another guy that easily. She did and she loved it. Digging her nails into Phil’s chest she seemed to rise up and squeeze herself in, trying so hard to hold onto that moment as long as she could. Crying out, she could hold on no longer.

“Oh yeah. I’m cumming, ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhh”.

Phil looked helpless for once, knowing that he just had to lie there and let Mandi do what she had to do. Again he reached for her breasts as if to exert some control over the situation. Mandi sank down on top of him breathing heavily. Eventually she regained her breath.

“Take me from behind, Phil”.

She climbed off Phil and he rose behind her, his cock rock hard and twitching. Mandi assumed the position, getting on all fours facing Adam. The sight of her breasts dangling down below her hypnotised him. He knew that very soon they’d be swinging back and forth violently as Phil pounded Mandi hard from behind.

Like a seasoned professional, Phil took his cock in his hand a guided it inside Mandi. She let out a small cry of delight as her eyes remained transfixed on Adam whose cock was now noticeably bulging in his shorts. He always wondered if he’d feel humiliated at the sight of Mandi being taken by another man. Perhaps those feelings would come but for now he was incredibly aroused.

Slowly at first Phil rocked back and forth slowly inserting himself in and out of Mandi’s sweet pussy. Soon his pace quickened. He reached down to hold onto Mandi as he battered her hard, his balls slapping off her making loud noises which resonated in her head. That sound; the sound of her being taken; the sound of her being taken whilst her lover watched; she had arrived! This is where she wanted to be.

Phil was relentless; what seemed for an age he pounded away at Mandi. When she came for a third time her legs gave way and she collapsed on the bed in front of Adam, her body heaving and perspiring profusely. Again Phil waited for Mandi to recompose herself then slowly withdrew.

Mandi was flagging. The combination of the adrenalin that had been pumping through her system all day, being brought to climax in front of a crowd by Adam’s hand and now this … she knew that her energies were waning. However, she also knew that Phil wasn’t finished with her yet and she still had a cum or two left inside her yet! She turned round and lay on her back, Phil quickly pounced on her; Adam could tell that he was desperate to cum. He lay down on top of Mandi; the sheen from their bodies glistened in the low light of the darkened room. Again he entered her making her gasp. Soon he was pumping hard, his armed curled round her shoulders to allow him to pull her body towards him. He slammed his cock into her up to the hilt time and time again. Faster and faster he hammered at her, pounding till he could feel himself about to cum. For the first time he called out

“Oh yes Mandi, fuck yeah. I’m cumming. I’m cumming”

Mandi reached for climax too and they came together hard, bodies shuddering in random motions.

“Yes, yes, aaaaaah”
“Ooh yeah. Ooooooooh”

Mandi’s nylon clad legs finally released their clamp on Phil’s body and she came to rest with her legs splayed. Phil was lying between them, still inside her. They looked at each other, faces covered in sweat. He withdrew and lay on the bed next to Mandi to allow them both to catch breath. Adam’s cock twitched in his trousers, totally agog at what he had just witnessed.

Phil realised that it was time to hand control back to Adam and made for the shower room. For the first time since coming back from watching the black guy fuck the blonde woman, Mandi engaged with Adam.

“How are you feeling?”

“I honestly don’t know”, he said. “Amazed, confused, aroused, shocked”.

“Hold me” she said.

On returning to the hotel later on they sparked open a bottle of champagne and smoked a few joints. They talked about what happened and Mandi told Adam that if he wanted tonight to be just a one-off then she’d be happy with that. She’d ticked her boxes. Stranger sex, being brought to climax with people watching, having Adam watch her get fucked ragged.

“Oh I don’t know”, said Adam. “I think our wee away days might be quite fun now that I know what to expect”.

“That’s good”, Mandi responded. “Because I fucking loved it”.


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