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This was written by my hubby describing what happened during a card game.

This incident happened early in our marriage. First let me start by describing my wife. She is two years younger than me and at 42 and she is still a sexy lady. She stands 5'4" and measures 34C-25-35. We have a very active sex life, as she is insatiable. What follows is the story of her "awakening."

Joy is my wife's name and she was ready to open up and confide her fantasies in me. It turns out that she had always wanted to be the center of attention in a gangbang. Wow! The biggest fantasy I have ever had is to be able to watch my wife getting used by more than 3 men. We immediately set to work on how to make this fantasy become a reality.

I play cards with 4 friends every Thursday night. This became the central part of our plan. Joy and I decided that I would end up losing a big hand and offer her services as payment. I knew that the guys would go for it, as I have known all of them since high school and knew that
each of them thought that Joy was hot fuck. The idea that she would service all of us in one night became the central part of our fantasy life and our sexual appetite skyrocketed in anticipation. It took 3 weeks for my turn to host card night came up again.

Joy spent that Thursday getting ready. She bought a pair of 5 inch strapped sandals, a black mini skirt, and a see-through top that you could see her pink nipples through. She spent a long time in the bath and I knew that she was busy shaving and preening. Joy keeps her pussy trimmed for me and I knew that the guys would love it. I spent the whole day on the verge of orgasm myself. Having this fantasy fulfilled was going to be a monumental occurrence in my life.

The appointed hour finally arrived as Greg came prepared for a night of card playing. Soon after he had popped the top of his beer, Mike arrived. Ted and Bruce showed up about twenty minutes later and we were ready to play. I won't go into a lot of details about the card game, but I soon found myself with very few chips left in which to bet. The whole time we were playing Joy kept herself hidden in the bedroom. The last hand of the evening, I threw out the good cards that I had in my hand and bet all I had left. Greg raised the ante in hopes of forcing me out of the game. This is when I played the trump card.

"Gentlemen," I said, "I am quite confident that I can win this hand and if you will allow me a little leeway, I am willing to put up my wife as a way to make good on this bet."

All four men stared at me with incomprehension on their faces so I elaborated further.

"If I win this hand, then I get the pot. If I lose this hand you four gentlemen can have my wife sexually. She knows that I have this planned and has agreed to offer her services if you will agree."

To show my seriousness I called to Joy and she came in the kitchen. When she arrived, the room got real quiet as the guys realized we were serious. All eyes took in Joy in her heels, mini skirt, and see through blouse. There was complete silence for a minute and I was beginning to think that our idea would be rejected. Suddenly everyone spoke at once and the response was overwhelming. The general consensus was that if Joy and I had no problems with this then neither did anyone else! The guys were obviously looking forward to my losing the next hand and everyone became real serious, real fast. Little did anyone know, I was just as serious about losing the next hand
without making it too obvious.

"Well gentlemen," I said, "I know it's not my call, but since I have put up a great deal on this hand, I reserve the right to call you out."

"Two of a kind," was the first response and it came from Mike who laid down a pair of twos.

"Three of a kind will beat that," stated Greg as he laid down three queens.

"I've got trash," said Ted and he laid down a hand with only jack high.

"Full house!" exclaimed Bruce. "Beat that," he challenged me.

I knew that I had lost the game at three of a kind, as all I had was a pair of queens. Not a totally unrespectable hand mind you, just enough to let the others know I had tried.

"Well Joy," I said to my wife, "it looks like we lose." I laid down my two queens with what I hoped was a look of resignation. My wife came to me and put her arm around my shoulder and three sets of eyes watched as she made her way around to me. I took my wife's hand into mine and could feel her trembling slightly.

"Hon, it's not like you tried and now we'll have make good on your bet. I'll be more than happy to offer myself to these fine gentlemen. Now if you will all follow me into the living room, we'll get started."

All four men stood up so quickly that chairs almost fell over and a beer actually spilled on the table. No one paid the beer any attention and I thought for a moment about staying to clean it up, however I was not going to miss any of this nights activities. After everyone was seated on our sectional sofa, and Joy had put on a slow jazz cd, she got down to business.

Joy started by taking off her top immediately. She didn't even try to dance seductively and I doubt anyone noticed one bit. Joy next reached up under her mini-skirt and slid her panties down her long legs and placed them on top of the entertainment center. I think that some of the guys were disappointed that no one got to claim her panties as a prize. Joy started to slide her mini skirt up her torso and when the bottom of her pussy lips were exposed, at least 2 out of the 5 of us drew in our breaths.

Joy had always kept her pussy trimmed for me and today was no exception. She started to sway once again and slowly bent over at the waist and faced her butt toward the five of us. Her pussy looked like a rose bloom, red swollen on the outside, and drawing in to reveal the innermost treasures that she would soon be sharing with me and four of my friends. I think that I was just as excited as she was!

"Alright guys, let's get this started," Joy said. "If the four of you will stand up and encircle me, we will get down to business." As she said that, Joy got down on her knees in the middle of the living room floor and my four friends surrounded her. Joy licked her lips as she reached out for Greg's zipper. She pulled out his dick and let him hang there as she unbuckled his belt and pants to allow easier access to his meat. When he was free of his trousers, Joy moved on to Ted. She went through all four men in record time, and everyone was half naked except for me. Joy looked at the four cocks waving at her with glee.

I took out my own dick and sat back to watch the show. Joy started by giving each of the four men a little sample of her oral samples. She rapidly went from man to man and drew each cock into her mouth for a few seconds. She did this several times and had made her rounds a few times when Mike decided to move things to another level. He took Joy in his arms and laid her down on the floor. He kissed her breasts and made his way down to her trimmed pussy. He started right in, licking my wife's snatch with gusto and Ted reached over to the couch and removed a cushion to place under Joy's butt. As mike and Ted worked on my wife's lower regions, Greg and Bruce took turns using her mouth. One man would furiously pump away in her mouth and Joy moaned in pleasure at being used this way, then the other man would
turn her head and placed his cock in her mouth and begin fucking her face.

Meanwhile, Mike had grown tired of eating my wife out and stood up on his knees and inched his way closer to my wife's open thighs. He entered her pussy with care, slowly putting the tip in her pussy. She moaned around the dick in her mouth. Ted grabbed my wife's ankles and spread her legs so that Mike would have better access. Mike slid his full length up into the pussy before him and my wife let out moan after moan. She was enjoying herself and I knew that it wouldn't be long before she had her first orgasm.

Mike picked up the pace on my wife's pussy as Greg did the same with her mouth. It looked like both of them would cum soon. Greg slammed into my wife's mouth with fury and I knew that Joy loved the rough treatment. She enjoyed it when I took her by the hair and slammed my cock into her throat. Greg let out a quiet moan and stopped moving. He arched his back and the first of his load was swallowed with gusto by my wife. The second and third spurt was more than she could handle and his sperm leaked out her mouth and
made trails down her chin and throat.

Mike also came at this time and filled my wife's pussy with his load. Ted took his place and sunk into her snatch in one easy thrust. Joy let out a little gasp as Ted sank his entire length all at once. Bruce took Ted's place at Joy's feet and patiently waited his turn to fuck my wife. Meanwhile, Greg kept alternating between sucking on my wife's nipples to putting his now semi-hard cock into her mouth. Joy eagerly took his dick and used her tongue to completely clean him up. With the oral attention that she was paying to him, it wouldn't take him long to
get hard again. Ted pumped his dick in and out of Joy's pussy with abandon and his shaft was coated with Mike's cum. Joy was in the throes of orgasm. She shook her head back and forth and animal sounds were coming from her mouth. My wife's fantasy was coming true and I think that she never imagined that it would be this good. Or maybe she did.

My own erection was becoming painful and I needed release of my own. I knew that if I chose to wait, the sex my wife and I would have after everyone left would be incredible. I didn't know if I could wait that long. Ted let out a rebel yell that made the other three guys and myself laugh out loud. He shook with an orgasmic quake that left him weak. He added his cum to that already present in Joy's pussy. My wife had her 12th or 13th orgasm and the evening had only just begun.

Bruce wasted no time in mounting my wife, however he flipped her over on her stomach and she laid across the pillow so that her ass and pussy were almost at two o'clock. Bruce opened up my wife's ass with his hands and placed his dick at the entrance of her pussy. At that time, a dollop of semen oozed from her pussy. Bruce looked down at the cum and did what any red blooded American male would do. He rubbed his dick up and down through the cum oozing from my wife's slit. He smiled an evil grin and began his assault on her pussy. He started out slow and started to pick up speed. My wife was now past the point of moaning and was just grunting a non intelligent sound. I knew from past experience that Joy was now at the point of no return and would agree to anything, as long as it was sexual and nasty.

Ted and Mike laid down at my wife's head and Ted took her hair in his hands and guided her to his dick. She took his flaccid dick into her mouth and proceeded to work it over. Ted laid back to let my wife have her way with him and Mike reached under my wife and pinched and pulled on her nipples. Joy responded to this by pulling against his hand, to increase the pressure of the tugs on her tits. Bruce pumped away at Joy's pussy with a fevered look in his eyes. I could tell by his ragged breathing and by the way his feet were dancing and flexing that he wouldn't last much longer. I was sitting on the couch watching my buddies use my wife and I was on the verge of cumming myself even though I hadn't touched myself all evening. Bruce came in my wife's cunt with a grunt and her pussy was now overflowing with cum. It leaked out of her trimmed lips and trailed down her clit. The sight of my wife acting a slut for my four best friends was an incredible thing.

Mike and Ted flipped my wife over on her back and jacked off on her face. Greg took his place between her thighs and entered Joy's pussy for the second time in the night. I watched her face as she realized that one time wouldn't satisfy these guys. Greg soon worked up to a steady rhythm. My wife was watching the two cocks being stroked over her and never notice Bruce creeping up at the top of her head. He quickly reached her head and when she looked back to see what was above her, Bruce fed her his still sticky dick. Joy swallowed his cock and a moan escaped her lips. My wife always fantasized about being a slut in the center of a gang bang and now she found herself reduced to a cum receptacle. She loved every minute of it.

Greg came into her again and pulled his limp dick from her pussy. From my vantage point I could see the swollen lips, her clit had come out of its hood and looked like it was throbbing, and as I watched, semen dripped out of her cunt to add to the dried cum already present on her thighs, lips, and mound. The sight of her enjoying herself so wantonly was affecting me as well. My balls were enlarged and hurting. I was determined to wait until the guys had their way with her before I did. Bruce kept feeding my wife his dick and Mike and Ted once again lined up at her pussy. Ted went first and his erection was impressive. He had no problem entering her slick pussy and sank to his balls rather quickly. Mike reached under Ted's balls and stroked Joy's butt and played with her asshole. He never entered a finger into her backside
but instead rubbed his finger over her rosebud again and again. Joy came over and over as all of the sensations played over her body. Ted came rather quickly considering that it was his second time that evening.

"Damn!" Ted exclaimed as he shot wad after wad into her pussy again.

Ted withdrew and Mike took his place. He entered my wife with a single thrust and cum spurted around his dick and out of her pussy. She was filled up! Bruce steadily fucked my wife's mouth like it was another pussy. I didn't know that my wife could take so many dicks in one evening and knew that she would be sore tomorrow. Bruce picked up his pace and pumped with the same rhythm that Mike set up in her cunt. It was hypnotic to see these two match each other stroke for stroke. Bruce pulled out of her mouth and jacked his dick just over her lips. Joy opened her mouth and played her tongue over the head of his dick. He exploded all over her face and lips and coated them with his sticky substance. Mike continued to thrust in and out of Joy's pussy but the sight of her taking a load on her face put him over the edge. He shot a load deep into her cunt and withdrew his dick with a grunt.

My wife was leaking cum from head to toe and looked wonderful. I looked at the clock and only three hours had passed since we had began our gang bang. All four men started to dress and get ready to go home to their own wives. I remained naked as I knew the four of them would find their way out.

"Thank both of you for a fantastic evening and the next time you find yourself over extending yourself, I'm sure we can work something out," Ted said as he winked at me and my wife.

"Yes, thank you," Greg said and he hustled out the door. I wondered if he felt guilty for cheating on his wife of if the guilt was from the fact that he had just fucked his fiend's wife, twice.

"Hey, you are a lucky dude," Bruce said as he reached down and swirled a finger Joy maybe you could talk to her? Anyway bye for now."

"Man, I've got to go. Marie will have my ass if I stay longer, though god knows it would be worth it. Thank you for a fan-fucking-tastic evening, both of you," Mike said on his way out.

I looked down at my wife. She had cum oozing from her cunt, her face was glazed, her lips looked sticky-both sets of lips, and her hair was sticky with cum. I stood up and went to her with my chest bursting with pride and my nut sac bursting with my own semen. After all, I had been waiting all evening for a chance at the slut I called my wife. As the door shut behind my friends, I stood up and locked the door. I was not going to be disturbed while I had my turn on and in my wife.

I made my way back to Joy and she hadn't moved. I looked down at her cum coated body and my erection bobbed with excitement. I reached down and scooped up some come on her cheek with my finger. She opened one eye and smiled at me. I took my cum coated finger and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked my finger seductively and licked it clean. I couldn't wait any longer.

"I want to fuck you. I want to use you like the others did tonight. How did it feel to be used like a slut, Joy?" I asked.

"It felt wonderful," she stated, "it was liberating. I never felt so free during sex before. I mean I've always enjoyed sex with you, but I've never experienced it like I did tonight. I think I lost control!" she instinctively spread her legs. I positioned myself for entry and pulled her hair with my hands. I knew that this act excited her and I was not disappointed as she let out a sexy moan/groan that came from the depths of her chest. I entered her in one thrust and couldn't believe how wet she was. Of course, all of the wetness wasn't hers. I thrust into her again and again and was quick to cum myself. I tried to hold back but couldn't. The night's activities had built to a crescendo inside myself and I exploded in one powerful orgasm. My balls emptied into Joy's depths many times. My mind went numb and I saw stars behind my eyes. As the last of my fluid emptied into her, I laid my head on my wife's chest. Drifting off to sleep, I felt my wife nudge me. I opened one eye and looked down at her.

"Honey?" she prompted me.

"Yes," I replied.

"When is our next time to host card night?"

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