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What she really wanted.

Jenny was fast approaching her midlife crisis; she was soon to be 48 and was starting to feel the best was behind her; the more she thought about it the more she felt there was nothing life could offer her in the future. Suddenly the front door slammed shut and Geoff her husband of twelve years entered the room.

Their relationship had decreased over the last year to the point where Geoff almost avoided kissing her at every opportunity; this was not true but Jenny thought it was and as always with the female of the species she found evidence to back up her fears. Like the other day when he shot off to work and never kissed her goodbye; or the other Saturday night when she cuddled up to him in bed and he simple turned over without a word and went to sleep. What she did not know was that Geoff was trying not to let slip any of his special plans for the forth coming weekend; the weekend before her birthday which fell on a Saturday this year; I mention this only because on her birthday it was traditional that she visit her elderly mother and that meant staying overnight at her house; so any special plans would be instantly spoiled.

Geoff sensed that his long standing wife was feeling a little bit down and so he wanted to surprise her for her birthday; however money was tight so a romantic break was beyond the question; he had racked his brain to think of a extra special surprise for her and his mind had hit on the very thing. Jenny was five ten tall; medium build and over the years she had gained a few extra pounds but her crowning glory was her still pert 38D tits and her heart shaped arse. Even now Geoff felt a special thrill when he chanced upon the naked body of his wife; but lately she had taken to undressing in the bathroom and coming to bed in passion killing pj's.

Geoff although two years younger than his wife had felt his equipment had been more than average; that is until last year when he saw two of his work colleagues naked in the showers at a team bonding event run by the company he worked for. His five and a half inch slim cock had always served them both so well but over the last twelve months he had begun to experience doubt as to whether it actually was satisfying his wife.

Tonight he made a special attempt to cheer his wife up by not only kissing her passionately but suggesting they retire to bed early tonight and indulge in a little fun; depressed by her response he began to believe he could no longer satisfy his wife; together they made their way into the kitchen in silence and soon finished of the simple meal Jenny had prepared; As usual they ended up in the living room her watching the TV and him reading a newspaper. At 10 pm they both rose still without a word and made their way to bed.

Tonight Geoff wanted to make love to his wife so much and in reality Jenny wanted him to also but wanted him to be forceful like he used to be when they first courted. Geoff decided to confront Jenny and ask if he was still making her happy so he waited till she entered the bathroom and after working out in his mind what he was going to say he entered the bathroom. Jenny had not locked the door and he was confronted with his wife totally naked; stood at the sink and brushing her teeth; all pretext of what he planned to say went clear out of his mind and he found himself knelt behind her lightly kissing her arse cheeks as he gasped how beautiful and sexy she looked.

Jenny smiled and allowed him to continue; Suddenly Geoff had an Idea and standing up directly behind her he slid his arms around her waist and took a firm hold of her tits; he whispered in her ear that he was going to fuck her tonight and was not going to take no for an answer; Jenny simply giggled and surrendered. Feeling bolder now; Geoff told her he was going to stick his cock into her hot wet cunt and she was going to beg him to fill her slutty cunt with his spunk. Jenny closed her eyes as she listened to her old husband talking; the same husband she had fell in love with years ago when he was dominant in their courting relationship.

Later in bed; Geoff told her to get on her hands and knees like the horny bitch she was and he loved so much; he told her he could not decide if she should suck his cock first or if he should just fuck her cunt a few strokes before sliding his aching cock up her arse; Jenny mumbled whatever you say Geoff; I am your slut to command. Hearing this Geoff made her turn round; lie on her back and open her legs wide; then while sucking his cock she was to use three fingers preparing her whorish cunt.

Jenny had never felt like this for years; she felt hotter than she could remember for a long time and wanted so much to be the slut she often fantasised being. After taking Geoff's fully erect cock into her mouth and plunging her fingers deep inside her wide open cunt she felt her first orgasm building. she gurgled against his cock that she was going to cum; Instantly Geoff stopped thrusting and grabbed her thrusting hand; holding away from her body allowing Jenny to calm down before her orgasm actually broke; under her breath she called him a bastard but he smiled as he knew what he hoped would happen.

Turning her on to her knees he moved up behind her and as he whispered into her ear; "So I am a Bastard am I?" he thrust his hard cock up her cunt in one swift push; then as he slowly began fucking her; he demanded she tell him her dirtiest fantasy.

Jenny was so far into her desire for an orgasm that she started without really thinking about what she was saying, "Oh god! My deepest fantasy would be to be naked on a table with at least four cocks rock hard and surrounding me! one after another they would thrust into my horny cunt for no more than six strokes before being withdrawn and pushed into my mouth for cleaning; then back to my cunt when their turn came; I can actually imagine them spurting into my cunt now love as I tell you this and I would be a total cum slut for them all; but here I think my Fantasy turns depraved for after all four cocks have filled my cunt you are forced to lick me out until I cum screaming your name!" she blurted.

This proved to be too much for Geoff for he suddenly began spurting his load inside his wife's red hot cunt and yet for the first time in years his cock never went soft; he pulled from her cunt and she turned pushing him on to his back she then squatted over his face and as he looked up he could see her wide open cunt beginning to leak traces of his white sticky spunk; suddenly her cunt was on his mouth as she screamed, "Eat me! Eat me!" Geoff had no option or suffocate; he was surprised because he had always thought it gross to even think of a man eating another man's spunk but now he was eating his own and he realised it tasted alright.

Geoff now eat her cunt with gusto and brought her to a loud orgasm and she actually flooded his mouth with a salty sweet mixture of his own spunk and her cunt juices; which Geoff now willingly lapped up; all this time Jenny was sucking for all she was worth on his cock and he began thrusting his hips in time with her efforts. Jenny slowly ceased sucking his cock and begged him to fuck her once more; but this time she wanted him to fuck her on their patio outside their back door; Geoff was a little perturbed at this for he knew there was a good chance they would be seen by a neighbour or someone; but that just added to Jenny's passion and sure enough he saw a neighbours light go on whilst he was fucking her on the picnic table out on the patio. Jenny saw the light as well and she simply got more vocal telling him to fuck her harder even louder than before.

Later in bed they talked and she admitted she had seen John the next door neighbour watching them and it turned her on even more because for the last four years now she had secretly fancied fucking john. As they drifted off to sleep Geoff began to formulate a new idea about Jenny's forthcoming birthday party. He promised himself he would do whatever it took to make it happen and give her the best ever birthday to remember.

The next week was like a second honeymoon for the pair of them; Geoff renewed by the thoughts going through his head about how his wife would love her birthday surprise; paid more attention to his wife and in doing so he reasserted himself often telling her what he wanted rather than asking if she fancied. For Jenny it seemed her old husband was definitely back; taking liberties with her body which she loved him to do anyway. Each night in bed before Jenny was allowed to sleep she had to do a sexual act for Geoff or herself; one night it could be she had to use the most imaginative item she could think of to tease her cunt with until she cum; another night she had to start at Geoff's left knee and lick and kiss her way to his right knee without missing a single millimetre of skin and that included his balls and anus.

Jenny felt like she was queen slut of the house again and although she would never admit it to anyone; she always felt the best when being used like a whore or slut for Geoff's benefit. On the third night after sucking Geoff's cock till it was rock hard; Jenny had to lie there legs wide open and hands behind her head; while Geoff rubbed his cock along her cunt slit and suddenly he demanded she tell him how she would deal with a stranger's cock; he teased her into telling him how she would feel if a stranger to her was naked before her and she had to imagine she was tied down as she was right now naked in front of him.

"Master Geoff!" she began; knowing in their courting days he loved her to talk to him like this; "I could hardly cover myself up if my hands were tied behind my head and closing my legs would be impossible if they were securely tied open!" she continued, "So I guess I would have to plead with this man not to fuck my horny wet cunt and beg him not to fill my fertile cunt with his baby making seed by fucking me without a condom!" she giggled. "I would have to beg him not to ram his beautiful hard cock up my whore's arse and bugger me till I could not breath; Nor should he cum up my arse before shooting his final load all over my tits!" she played along.

Geoff was on the verge of cumming just listening to his wife's fake pleas of decency; He then added, "Yes; but suppose there was more than one stranger; say four of them discovered you tied in a position you are now!" he teased, "four big hard cocks all crowing over fucking your helpless slutty body!" he added.

Jenny closed her eyes as she imagined the scene set by her husband; before she replied, "Oh Master Geoff, knowing you would want me to be the perfect slut as always; but not wanting the strangers to know it; I would beg them not to take turns fucking my over heated soaking wet cunt or using my ever eager mouth as a fuck slot!" she playfully protested. "I would beg them to untie my hands so I could wank them off instead and have them cum all over my face and tits if it would spare my over ripe cunt the prospect of being filled with stranger's white baby making spunk or save my arse having to accommodate so many foreign pricks!" she gasped.

This proved too much for Geoff for he only just managed to enter his wife's hot cunt and he was shooting off inside her; However he noticed his cock never went soft so he continued to plough into her until she screamed out her orgasm; in mid throes of her orgasm she asked, "How big would these Stranger's cocks be; Master!"

Instantly she regretted saying it; feeling that now she had hurt Geoff's pride for she knew he was below average in size and had always tried to insist that the size did not matter as he always kept her satisfied; Almost in a wimpish way he responded; "oh probably all added together around a metre in length!"

Jenny laughed out loud Saying, "No man has a metre length cock!"

Geoff Scowled and said, "I did not say they had; I said that if you added their lengths together it would be about a metre in length!"

By now Jenny was coming down from her orgasm and Geoff was building towards a second spurting; he pulled out at the very last second and shot his white sperm all over her belly and tits. Then he moved up so Jenny could suck his cock clean as he rubbed the sticky mess into her skin. Tonight he needed no pressure to lie between her open legs and lap his own spunk from her dripping cunt.

Next morning Jenny was actually singing in the shower and later when he went downstairs he found breakfast was all ready and his wife looked more radiant than he had seen her for a long time. She kissed him passionately as she whispered good morning lover.

On The night of the party; one week before her birthday; he arrived home and walked straight into the kitchen; stopping Jenny from continuing to prepare the evening meal; he told her he had a surprise for her and had ordered a special carry in meal to be delivered at 8 pm; he then told her he had a present for her and she was to go upstairs to the bathroom and remove all her clothes; then wait for him to call her into the bedroom.

The tone in his voice told Jenny not to argue; so she did exactly as he told her and bounded upstairs; ten minutes later she was called into the bedroom and told to remove the white sheet which was spread on the bed when told; she was then to wear only what was beneath that sheet for the rest of the night until told to remove it. Jenny wondered what could possibly be under the sheet; she half hoped it would not be the uniform fetish of Geoff's returning; for the last time it had she had dressed like a schoolgirl awaiting his return home and accidentally answered the door to a police officer who was checking on the ownership of a black dog. She had been so embarrassed; it had taken her several weeks to even talk about it to Geoff.

Eventually after making her pose this way and that whilst still naked; Geoff had given her permission to remove the sheet; immediately she breathed a sigh of relief for under the sheet was a white blouse; black mid length skirt; pair of self supporting fish net stockings and the tiniest Thong she had ever seen. The thong was no more than a triangle of black lace almost two and a half inches across and the whole thing was finished off with the thinnest strings ever.

It took Jenny less than two minutes to put everything on; she felt uncomfortable to start with as the Thong just did not feel right; she also noticed she had not been allowed to wear a bra and the blouse had been altered; for it only had the mid three buttons intact so she was showing an awful lot of cleavage.

Once dressed Jenny looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow I look really horny and slutty at the same time; tonight could be real fun!"

Geoff looked at his watch and prompted Jenny to return downstairs; once in the living room he made a few changes to the layout of the furniture and then settled down on the sofa. At About five to eight; the door bell rang and Geoff beat Jenny to the door and guided the visitors into the kitchen; she assumed it was the food delivery guys.

Imagine her surprise then when she entered the kitchen and found three strangers she had never met before and John her next door neighbour stood there all ogling her scantily clad body. Before she could react they grabbed her and almost lifted her off her feet and carried her back into the living room. There she was placed on her back on the Coffee table that Geoff had placed in the centre of the room. With John holding her left leg; a guy she found out was called Tom holding her right leg; Dick was holding her left arm and Larry was holding her right arm. Now stood between her spread legs was her own husband Geoff; he was grinning from ear to ear as he said, "Next Saturday is your birthday; so tonight is your private birthday party; now you can do as I command and have a great time or you can refuse and be virtually raped; the choice is yours!" he continued, "I know from our talks over the past few days that you want this so I suggest you comply and do as you are told!"

Jenny simply nodded; "Remove your blouse!" was her husband's first command. She slowly looked around the five males present but made no move to comply. Suddenly Geoff spoke again; "You want I should rip it off you and then hand you over to these strapping men to spank!"

With a very shaky voice; Jenny replied, "How can I remove anything if these men won't let go of me!"

Geoff nodded in their directions and the men all instantly released Jenny; "You will remember your fucking place; bitch!" declared Geoff, "you are my sex slave; my whore of a wife and slut! So you will address me as sir or Master!"

Once more with shaky voice; Jenny spoke, "I am so sorry Master; please forgive your worthless slut!" With this Geoff smiled and watched the faces of the four guests as his wife slowly undid the three buttons on the blouse which only partly hid her charming chest. As the blouse slid to the floor; Geoff invited the guys to feel his wife's tits. As they gathered round Jenny; Geoff quickly got his new digital camcorder and began filming his slutty wife's actions.

None of the guys took twice telling; John was at the lead as he soon had her nipple between his fingers and twisted it sharply. Geoff finally realised he was witnessing his wildest dream to see his own wife with another man; but not just one man he was going to see her deal with four. He commanded her to raise her skirt to show all present what a horny fuck slut she was not only that but she was to ask each of the men in turn to feel how wet her cunt was.

Dutifully Jenny raised her skirt and turning to Tom she asked him; "Would you be so kind as to examine my cunt with your fingers and tell my master who wet his slut of a wife is?" Tom stepped forward and slipped his hand along her barely cover cunt and said, "Why the horny bitch is soaking wet!" Again Geoff zoomed in on Tom's hand as it felt Jenny's cunt he was pleased with his efforts as he clearly saw the moisture spreading on the fingers as they travelled along her cunt lips.

Then Jenny turned to Larry and repeated herself, "Sir would you be so kind as to confirm this gentleman's findings and tell my master who wet his tramp of a wife is?" Larry quickly felt her cunt and agreed her cunt was so wet; once more all the action was captured on the digital camcorder and Groff mused to himself how good this would look on the large screen TV in the room they were in right now.

Continuing Jenny turned to Dick and once more asked, "Sir would you yourself confirm that this horny cunt is as wet as you would desire?" Dick slipped two fingers into her slit and wiggled them about before turning round and declaring, "This slut's cunt is not only wet but feels as hot and as tight as hell!" Geoff was not sure how much longer he could withstand his burning desire to whip out his cock and fuck this horny temptress current servicing his friends cocks; it was harder for him though knowing as he did that he had the smallest cock there and he desperately wanted not to miss a single second of the action; ensuring it was all captured to show his fuck slut of a wife later.
Finally turning to John she said, "Oh John, if you only knew how often I wanted this to happen and now with my Master's consent I can finally feel you touching this whore's cunt! Please tell everyone you are happy with how wet I am!" John Too felt her cunt before declaring that her cunt was sopping wet!" Once again it was all captured on the camera; even down to the genuine look of pure lust on Jenny's face.

Geoff now spoke again and told Jenny to remove the rest of her clothes leaving only her stockings in place. Quickly she shed her clothes like a snake sheds its skin; now feeling a little embarrassed being the only nude amongst the six of them. Geoff sensed her thoughts and told her, "Don't worry slag; we will soon be naked too but first you have to remove Larry's trousers and pants and suck his cock until its hard; then you will do the same to Tom; but remember you will be punished if whilst taking care of the new cocks the old ones go soft!" He continued "your third new cock will be Dick and finally John and I in that order!"

Now setting the Camera on to a tripod; Geoff was finally able to join in the action and began by removing his own clothes. He did not intend to have his cock sucked just yet but when his wife undressed the rest of the guys he wanted to be already ready so he could film his personal whore doing what horny whores do.....lol, he thought.

Jenny quickly undid Larry's trousers and dropped them to the floor along with his underpants; without any hesitation she took his soft cock into her mouth mentally noting that even soft Larry had as much as her own husband did when his was rock hard and it was thicker too. As soon as she got Larry hard she removed his cock from her mouth and asked "How big is it?" She was quickly told by Larry "nine inches long"

Turning to Tom she undid his trousers and followed suit in dropping them and his pants to the floor; she noted his cock was slightly less in size than Larry and began sucking this new cock fervently as she sucked his cock she stroked Larry's keeping it rock hard.

Again she asked how big his cock was and was informed it was eight inches; before she turned to Dick's trousers. Now as she began sucking his cock she had Larry in her right hand and Tom in her left hand. Once more she was informed that his cock was nine inches in length when hard.

When it came to John's she was juggling between stroking Larry; Tom and Dick as she found out that John had a seven and a half inch cock. She already knew her husband's was only five and a half inch cock and his was the thinnest of the five before her.

As she took her husband's cock in her mouth she was alternating between stroking the other four keeping them all rock hard. Geoff then announced, "That before the night was out she was going to experience 39 inches of cock pounding her cunt. He then told the four guys; you are going to fuck this whore but the rules are that your first loads must be deposited inside her cunt; her arse is strictly out of bounds and any further loads can be either deposited in her cunt or over her face and tits."

After they all agreed; they lifted Jenny up and laid her back on the coffee table before John took his place between her legs. Geoff repositioned the camera to get the close up of John's cock as it entered Jenny's now all but dripping cunt; then he gave his permission for John to begin. Jenny squealed as her first large cock began to part her cunt lips and although all cocks are basically the same this one felt so different to her; she pondered how it would have been to have had a large cock of this size and diameter take her virginity instead of Geoff's Cock all those years ago. Yes Geoff had been the one to bust her cherry and she had been happy with that; but now with an array of larger cocks about to pound her cunt she was in wonderland. John eased himself fully into her cunt and began slow thrusts until Geoff told him to really fuck the bitch because she loved it hard and fast. So With John going like an express train and Tom and Larry biting gently on her nipples Dick slid his dick into her mouth and ordered the whore to suck his spunk from his balls.

Geoff hovered on the edge making sure as much action as possible was caught on camera when suddenly John thrust forward and held his cock deep inside Geoff's sexy wife's cunt; the rippling of his arse muscles were a dead giveaway that he was unloading Jenny's first load of foreign spunk in her cunt. Quickly John pulled out and Tom took his place; Larry took over on Jenny's right tit as Dick moved to her left and John now had Jenny lick clean his spunk covered slimy cock. John ordered her to use only the tip of her tongue and refused to slip his cock into her mouth until she had cleaned it reasonably.

Now Tom pounded the sloppy seconds of Jenny's well fucked cunt; secretly delighting in the feel of another man's spunk around his still stiff cock; As he fucked her with great gusto he began telling her what a whore she was and how he would love to own her and make her work the streets taking strangers cocks in all shapes; sizes and colours while he raked in the cash from it.

Then nature took over and almost at the same time as Jenny succumbed to her first orgasm; Tom lunged forward adding spurt after spurt of his own load to that of John's; once more they played musical chairs with Jenny and now Larry was about to sink his cock into her well stretched cunt; Dick was now at her right tit; John at her left as Tom now had her clean his cock; he did stick it fully into her mouth delighting in telling her to suck his and John's coating of spunk from the lust stick now in her mouth.

Larry too fucked her hard posing for the camera until his load was added to her full cunt and they one more round as Dick finally got to put his cock where he had been desperately waiting to put it; Larry was now being sucked clean as the other two still teased her nipples. Jenny was by now in Heaven; she was experiencing continuous orgasms and it seemed like major cannons were exploding all around her; When she finally took the fourth load deep inside her cunt and just before Dick ordered her to clean his cock; she looked at Geoff straight in the eye and said, "Keep your promise to me now Geoff; Eat their spunk from my open cunt; please; I have allowed this because you promised me this much!"

Encouraged by the four men; Geoff did not take too much persuading to kneel between his wife's legs and hold open her well fucked cunt; he smiled as she saw the slow trickle of thick opalescent white spunk begin to slide from his wife's cunt. his first taste had him hooked he now knew he wanted to eat other men's spunk from this wonderful receptacle as often as he could; even better though was the thought that he could relive this first time over and over again thanks to his investment in the new camera.

After he sucked her cunt reasonably clean he stood between her legs and five or six strokes later discharge his own pent up passions in a radiant arch; the first splatterings hit his wife in the face; the preceding ones with decreasing force landed on her chest; tits and finally pubic bone. this seemed to be a signal as all four men now began wanking off around her and soon she was rewarded with a face mask of pearl white spunk; it was in her hair; eyes; up her nose; all over her tits and stomach.

Jenny lay there like the queen of whores and allowed it to dry on her skin; she was too fucked out to move or care that the camera was still running. Now fully sated the guys thanked Geoff and soon dressed and made their exits. Once alone Geoff helped Jenny to her feet and led her upstairs to the bath room; She assumed he was going to put her in the shower but instead he told her to stand in the shower cubical and he began licking the drying spunk from her face. Once he had tasted enough of the spunk he then made her kneel down and he did something he had never done before; in fact it was something he had never even hinted at; he began pissing on his wife using his piss as a shower to wash away the traces of the other men's spunk from her hair and face.

Finally he joined her in a hot shower washing her thoroughly clean before sending her to bed whilst he went to collect the camera. As they lay in bed cuddling; he showed Jenny her first starring role in a blue film together and promised there would be lots more of these.

But that is another series of stories; who knows one of these days I may just tell you one or two more!

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Thanks for a great story. I hope there are more to come in this series.