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06-13-2010, 04:24 AM
This isn't really mind control, but this is the closest forum it fits.

I think this is my first here, although I may have had one previously.

Mind Phucking a Street Walker

I was driving through GC just to get the lay of the land yesterday, and I spotted a gal who seemed to be turning her head and glancing at passing cars. Her manner seemed shy and hesitating, but there was just something about her that made me stop to check it out. She was obviously young and very pretty, and had a nice bright smile, despite her clear bashfulness about this. She was chunky, but hardly what I would call fat, more on what I would call the very shapely edge of chubby. Why shapely? She had huge tits and a big round ass. I knew immediately that I wanted to fuck her, especially doggie, and teach that cute, young, high-pitched voice to say dirtier things to me than she had ever uttered or even imagined in her entire life.

A few moments of conversation revealed that Traci was 19. Apparently she lived with her mother, who had been laid off. She was out of college for the summer, and she was looking for a way to make some money to pay some of her school bills in the fall. While I know better than to believe everything a SW says, even a seemingly and beguilingly angelic one such as Traci, I tended to believe her. She had absolutely no telltale signs of drug abuse either physically or psychologically that I could see (and not even later when completely naked), and there was just something about her face and eyes when she was telling me all this that signaled it was the truth.

I asked if she had ever done this before, and she said she had been out once before, and did two BJ car dates. She asked me if that was what I wanted to do. I told her I had something different in mind; renting a nice hotel room for a few hours of fun and erotic pic taking. She said that sounded fine but she didn’t want her face in any naked pics of her. While I was disappointed with that, I agreed,

When we arrived at the motel, I pressed her up against the wall, grabbed her neck gently in both hands, pushing up her hair, and drew her towards me for a wet kiss on the lips. I nibbled around her lips and ears, as my hands roamed down to those big tits. I grabbed 2 big handfuls, such that my fingers were hooked over the top of her bra through her blouse. I eased the bra straps over her upper arms and then pulled so that the bra slipped down and her tits popped out. I opened the buttons on her blouse, and pinched a nipple between my fingers in each hand. She was squirming between me and the wall, and letting out little sighs and moans. I pinched harder and stretched the nipples out, and her moans grew louder. I whispered that she was going to be my little wh*ore and do as she was told. At first she didn’t respond, as if she pretended not to hear me, but I pinched her nipples very hard and she arched her back in a gasp and said, “Yes!” I stepped away from her and said, “Strip sl*ut. I want you to spread and show me your cu*nt.” Traci undressed and lay on the bed, spreading her legs wide. “Bring your hands down, and spread those cunny lips WIDE! I want to be able to see up to your tonsils.” She did as she was told, and I wet 2 fingers and tickled her clit with them, grabbing it between them and pinching it and rubbing it up and down. She tried to wiggle away, but I said, “Stay still and do as I tell you. Keep your pussy spread wide, so I can see that clit.” She was biting her lip, and letting out little sighs and groans. I pinched the clit hard, and her legs trembled, as her neck snapped back, and a low “ugggghhhhhh” sound was coming from the back of her throat. “Tell me to pinch it harder,” I sternly said. She kept making the sound like her voice was frozen, and I pinched it ever harder. Her body spasmed, and she half wheezed, “Pinch it harder.” I slowly eased off and petted it, and told her to beg me to stop pinching it. As soon as she did that, I pinched it even harder than before. I could tell she was getting the point of this mind phuck, because she immediately said in a loud almost half scream, ‘PINCH IT HARDER!” And I eased off again. She was sweating now, and shaking, and her stomach would heave to my slightest touch on her skin. I played with one of her nipples and told her to beg me to let it go. She looked at me wide-eyed and said, “Pinch it harder!” I rolled it between my fingers even more gently, stretching it out like a runner band, OMG did she have wonderfully enormous titties and nice big eraser nips.

I lay on the bed and placed her between my legs and pointed at my cock. The one thing I adore about chunky gals is that I haven’t met one yet who couldn’t suck nails out of a board, and Traci was no exception. She wasn’t quite sure if I was still doing the mind phuck thing yet, but she wasn’t taking any chances. I told her not to lick my balls, and she went right for them, licking and sucking sloppily. I told her to stay away from that spot between the bottom of my balls and my asshole, and she gave that a good tongue tickle. I told her to not to lick my cock or get it wet, and she slobbered up and down on it with her tongue until it was glistening with her spittle. I grabbed her head in both hands and warned her not to take me too deep in her throat, and she swallowed me whole to my pubes. I said to get some air, and she kept sucking me all the way down her throat until she literally gulped me out and was fighting for breath. I told her to suck me lightly and fast, and she sucked me hard and deliciously slowly. There was something very erotic and stimulating about telling her to do one thing, while she would do exactly the opposite, as trained. I was so horny and ready that I was soon ready to pop. I told her that she wasn’t to swallow my load, and she sucked until I blasted off, and quaffed every driblet, licking her lips afterward and giving me a big sexy grin.

I was ready for round two in about 20 minutes, and continued the mind phuck. I whispered to her, “You are not permitted to suck my cock hard again, and ride it so that I can watch your tittes bounce as you do. “ And, of course, she gave me a big smile, and did exactly that. Most chunky gals are a little too heavy for CG. They crush your stomach and their thighs rub against you like tree trunks. But Traci was built just right for this, and was not too heavy. Watching those big tits flop up and down as she bounced on me was HOT! After a bit of that I had her reverse on me (by telling her not to, of course, LOL) so I could slap that big round ass, and slide a finger up her asshole as she fucked me RCG. After a while, I slipped out and rose to my knees to do her doggie. I grabbed her long straight blonde hair, and pulled it back, as I slapped her ass and drilled her good. My upper legs slammed into her ass with every thrust and made a clapping sound like giant fleshy hands were colliding. Her ass quivered with each thrust, and I started to go harder and faster. I slipped a finger up her ass and said, “Don’t you dare squeal on my finger like a nasty little cum piggie.” She let out the most arousing howls, and I could feel her ass clenching around my finger, and her pussy grabbing my cock as she shrieked out loud. I busted a hard nut and fell a bit forward so that I was leaning on her back and she slowly collapsed to the bed in a prone position. I whispered, “ Don’t you dare talk filthy dirty to me, who*re.” She murmured,” I am your nasty cum bi*tch.”

I had another long cup of suck before the finale. I just knew from the beginning that I wanted to fuck her ass. That is another thing most chunky girls love to do. After a long rest from a cup of suck again, I gave her a slap on the ass and said, "I know you don’t want your ass fucked, so hide it from me.” She rose to her knees, bent over and pushed her ass high in the air. After the customary enema and cleanup, I told her to sit on her ass and protect it from entry. She proceeded to kneel on the bed, thrust her ass in the air, and used both hands to spread her cheeks as wide as she could. I lubed her and my rubbered cock, and slowly slid in. She was surprisingly fairly loose, as far as ass fucking goes, as if she had done this a lot (afterward she told me it was her first time doing anal, but always take what a SW says with a grain of salt). However, she was still tight enough so that it felt damn good. I slapped her ass HARD as I fucked it good and HARD, for a about 15 minutes or so. I finally told her not to grab my cock inside. She clamped on it and almost squeezed me right out. FUCK, that felt awesome. I came right on the spot. She was still clasping me as I jetted out of her. You could hear it, like it was that sound ketchup makes squirting out of a plastic bottle.

Ratings? Face: well above average (this gal had the classic, pretty, well-rounded face of a chunky farm girl, just like they raised them in the rural small town where I grew up); Body: well above average (on a chunky girl scale; like all chunkies she had some belly fat, but not much; she also had incredible tits and a gorgeous round ass); BJ: outstanding; Fucking: outstanding; Attitude: outstanding; Overall Experience: outstanding; Repeatable? YES! YMMV

06-13-2010, 10:06 AM
unusual story well told. Thanks.