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I was sitting at my computer the other afternoon, working from home. I own my own consulting business. I noted activity out the office window and saw a car pull up in the drive next door. The house next door was on the market, since the old neighbors moved out after they both lost jobs in the tech field. I hated that they lost their jobs and even more so, that they moved. Tom was golfing partner and his wife was very easy on the eyes, especially when she tended the flower beds in her ragged blue jean shorts- the one with the holes in the butt. I never ventured to do more than look, mostly out of respect for my golfing partner and my wife of 10 years.

“Looks like we have new neighbors,” ”I told my Jamie, my wife. Jamie and I had married after a brief courtship right out of college. We are a couple made for each other. She is five foot four and I am six foot four. She is Mexican and I am of European blood, but was born in the US. We get a lot of stares, because we’re a mixed race couple and because of the height difference between us. At first, it bothered her, but now, ten years into the deal, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass what other people think.

“I hope they’re nicer than the last bunch,” she replied.

A few days passed. While sitting in the office, which was actually a converted bedroom in the front of our house, I saw a very shapely woman heading out to check her mailbox. She was wearing tight blue jeans, slightly ragged and a white blouse that easily accentuated her very girlish figure. She also wore high heels, which I find incredibly sexy. She disappeared as quickly as I saw her.

A few days afterwards, as I was taking out the trash into the alley behind our house, when I heard a commotion next door.

“Fuck!” I heard a voice exclaim in frustration. . It was a woman’s voice, clearly agitated.

“Are you OK?”

“I don’t know. I think my garage door is stuck. Do you know anything about garage doors?”

“Hold on a sec,” I responded. “I’ll be right over.”

I walked around the backyard fence and up the short drive from the alleyway. The garage door was half open and half closed. On the other side of the door I saw bare feet.

I reached down and tried to open the door, but it was stuck.

“Did you try the opener?” I inquired.

“Yep, and it doesn’t work. I need to get the garbage out and I can’t get the door open.”

I tried as hard as I could to yank the door open, but was not successful

“Come around to the front door and maybe we can get it open from the inside” implored the neighbor.

So I proceeded to the front door of the neighbor’s house and rang the door bell. After what seemed like an eternity, the door opened and I was greeted by a very beautiful woman, standing about the same height as my wife. Before me stood a very captivating woman. She had long blonde hair that cascaded into curls as it past her shoulders. I stared into the deepest blue I have ever seen.

Randi was dressed the in hip-hugging blue jeans and a low slung blouse the accentuated her 36c breasts. She had a very bright smile and deep blue eyes. She had long blonde hair that cascaded into curls at her shoulders. She introduced herself as “Randi” emphasizing the correct spelling for me.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” said Randi. Randi had on a man-sized button down shirt. I couldn’t tell if she had on shorts or not, but if she did, they were very brief ones. I dutifully followed her towards the garage. As we entered the garage, she accidentally dropped her car keys and as she bent over to retrieve them, I stepped into the dimly lit garage. Lucky me, I almost knocked her to the floor. Fortunately, she was able to put her hands out and catch the front bumper of her car to stop a face forward fall. It was an awkward moment and I apologized profusely.

I pulled on the garage door and it wouldn’t budge. Finally, after a few hard tugs, it moved, and then it broke free and raised all the way up, bathing us both in summer sunlight. I turned around and saw Randi standing there with her hands clasped together.

“I don’t know quite how to thank you!” she extolled, “You just made my day!”

I could have offered several different options of gratitude that were running through my mind, as a way to thank me, but I simply asked her if I could use her kitchen sink to wash my hands. She obliged and we went to the kitchen, were we engaged in some small talk while I took my time washing my hands, as to where she was from and what she did for a living. East Texas, cosmetic sales, recently divorced, no kids. She used the equity in her last house after the divorce to buy the new house.

A few days later, I was shopping in the neighborhood food store, in a big hurry to get whatever I needed before the store closed. I didn’t see her until we bumped grocery carts at the end of aisle 14.

“Did you find what you’re looking for?” she asked.

“Not yet, but I’m still looking.”

I inquired about the garage door and she said it was working fine, and that it was good to know she had a “handyman” living next door. I told her it was always good to know your neighbors, because you can never tell when you might need help with a project. Randi was dressed in a very blue jean short skirt, which showed off her very well-tanned and shapely legs. It was obvious that she either had very good genes or she worked out a lot. Randi had the body of an exotic dancer. She had on a button down white shirt, with the top two buttons unbuttoned, slightly exposing her well endowed chest.

“Please allow me to recommend this pumpernickel bread.” she Randi as bent over right in front of me- giving me a very obvious showing of everything she had under her short blue jean skirt. She turned and placed the bread in my cart. She and I both knew what she did. I tried to hide my embarrassment, and the small tent forming in my trousers.

“If you see anything else that you think you’d like to try, just let me know.”

I stuttered,

“You’re a trip. Can I ask you a personal question without you getting too offended?”


“Do you like to frustrate us middle-aged old farts?”

“Do I frustrate you? In what way?”

I gave her a “you-know-what-you-did” look.

Randi glanced down at my crotch and back up.

“Well, we can’t have you going around being frustrated all the time. I am a licensed massage therapist and can help you work out any frustrations any time you want.”

Now what was I supposed to say to that? I am happily married and have an aggressive neighbor that is coming on to me. Then again- maybe not. I wasn’t for sure about what was transpiring. I let Randi check out first, and I pretended to busy myself organizing things in my cart for checkout. Randi paid for her items and told me she would talk to me later.

I was putting the groceries in the car and didn’t see her walk up. She startled me with her cheerful “Hi Again!”

“Whatssup?” I inquired.

“Funny you should ask that question.”

Randi looked down at my crotch, again.

“Is my zipper open . . again?” I asked ,as I went to check it. I have that habit of forgetting to zip it all the way up from time to time. Mt wife is constantly after me about it.

“No, but it should be.”

I didn’t know what to say. Ok, maybe I did know what to say, but was struck stupid by the awkwardness of the comment. My big head was saying “wait, don’t do it!’ while my little head was throbbing.

I motion to the car. Randi walked around and got in on the passenger side. As she did, she let her blue jean skirt bride high on her thighs. She made no attempt to pull it down. I leaned over and placed one hand behind her head and pulled her over towards me for a short kiss, which then turned into a long passionate deep throated tongue lashing.

She reached over and placed her hand on my crotch.

“Can I?” she asked, rubbing my semi-erect cock through my trousers.

“Sure,” I responded. Randi proceeded to unzip my trousers and pull out my throbbing cock. She lightly kissed the purple head several times and rubbed my elongated shaft up and down between her fingers, carefully examining it like a newfound toy.

“On wow!’ she extolled, “You are so fresh and clean, and you smell good.” Randi leaned over in the seat and took my cock into her mouth. At first she just teased the end of it with her lips, then slowly, she took more and more of me into her mouth. All I could see was a flurry of long blonde hair as she bobbed up and down on me. I looked around the parking lot to see who might happen upon us. It didn’t take but just a few minutes and I was coming in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed all of the cum. As she licked the last drops of sperm from my cock, she looked up and said,

“You had a salad to eat today.”

“How did you know that?” I inquired. “I can taste the salad dressing in your cum.” That comment was a first, for me.

Of course, I wanted a little bit more than just a BBBJ. I wanted to taste this fine young lady. Unfortunately, it was late and I had to get back to the house before the ice cream melted.

Randi found an unused Burger King napkin between the seats and cleaned me up. She gave me another DFK and then opened the door to get out. Keeping the door open, she bent down and removed her pink panties and tossed them to me. I couldn’t keep them. Of course, so when I got back to the house, before going in, I penned a note of “thanks” on the back of the grocery store receipt, attached them to the panties and dropped them into Randi’s mail box. Even if Randi didn’t get them, I was sure that George, our mailman would get a kick out of it. (George is forever keeping me up to date on neighborhood happenings).

A few days later George pulled me aside as I was mowing and told me he had to show me something in the mail truck. Yep - you guessed it. He had the pink panties hanging from the review mirror of the postal truck. You have to love government workers!

PART 2- Coming

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great story can't wait for part 2.

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great start, looking forward to part 2

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good story, good writer, waiting in anticipation for part 2

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Great....waiting for more!!!!!

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Loved it thanks

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I looked out the bedroom window last week about ten in the morning and saw my neighbor mowing her lawn. She was wearing the tightest blue jean shorts. They were cut-off so the pockets showed, as did her fine ass. She was wearing a pink nylon sports bra and white tennis shoes. Her golden blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail and held in place with a pink “scrunchie”.

Randi was a hot babe and the time we had secretly spent together in the past did not diminish over time. I often find myself thinking about her. I watched as she the pushed mower, the sweat beading up on her well-toned muscles. The sports bra was sweat-soaked, accentuating her pencil tip-type of eraser nipples on her size 36C breasts. The site of seeing this fine lady out mowing made me rock hard.

I grabbed my PENTEX 35 mm digital camera with a 500mm zoom lens and snapped a couple of quick shots from my second floor perch. I would share them with you, but then the world would recognize my best kept secret. Besides, I don’t need every hound dog in North Texas coming to McKinney. We already have enough of us here at it is.

Randi finished mowing her yard and sat down in a chair beside the she pool she had in her back yard. My second story window has a great view directly into her pool area, even though there is a privacy fence between our yards. I could see her sipping on an iced-down beverage. She pulled her sunglasses down to cover her eyes, as she stretched out on the chase lounge. After a few minutes, she stood up and peeled off her clothes, and jumped into her pool. I’m pretty sure she knows I have an unobstructed view of her pool, but she probably thinks I am not home during the day, so a private “skinny-dipping” is probably safe. Fortunately for me, I have those types of windows you can easily see out, but see in from the outside. Thank you to the solar film company.

Randi was completely shaven and clean. I watched as she swam a few laps, then exited the pool and re-positioned her self on the chase lounge, totally naked, letting the drops of water drip from her perfectly well-toned body. The water trickled off of her shoulder length blonde hair and down over her breasts and pooled on to the pool deck below her chair. For a moment, I caught myself glued to the window like a small kid in a candy factory.

Randi has the body of a model or professional dancer. She always dresses slightly provocative when shopping, but knows how to look very professional when going out for work assignments. She is a sales executive for a ********* firm that places beauty products onto large department stores and grocery stores, so she is able to set her own work hours, more or less. Randi is the divorcee ebvery man dreams to have living next door to him.

I tried to focus on my own work, but had to keep sneaking a peak outside to see what this “sun-worshipping goddess” was doing. I noticed she had her legs bent so that her knees were pointing skyward, as she lay on her back. I was wishing she would turn and face toward me, but all I had was an oblique view. Randi had casually draped across her stomach area and the other one held a drink. Every few minutes, she would take a sip from the glass. The sun was causing her to sweat. She wiped the perspiration from her forehead and off of her breasts. She playfully pinched her nipples and they stood erect as she glanced down at them. She pinched her nipples again and then lightly ran her hand over them, lightly massaging them. I watched as she let her hand slowly slide down her body and to her crotch area. She looked around to see if there was anyone watching, and then she began to rub her crotch area, arching her back in the process. She only did this for a minute or so and then stopped.

I wondered down the stairs and into my back yard. The wooden privacy fence kept me from seeing into her pool area.

“Yo, Randi,” I hollered across the privacy fence that separated our back yards. “You there?”

“Yeah, I’m here” came the reply. I am sure I startled her.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Planting flowers.”

“Really? What kind?”

“I don’t know- just got them at Home Depot.”

“Need any help?” I asked.

“Nah, I have it handled.” I bet she did.

“OK, holler if you need any help,” I told her. I imagined her just a few feet on the other side of the fence, totally naked. It was more than I could stand. I went back upstairs. I didn’t see her anymore. I retreated to my work on the computer. After a few minutes, I glanced out the window and looked again. No Randi. Just my luck.

All of a sudden, I noticed a shadow in the hallway. I looked at the desk clock and noticed it was about 1pm- to early for my wife to be home from work. I was a little freaked out. I was about to stand up, when Randi peeked around the door facing. She had on the very short blue jeans shorts, her pink sports bra and was barefoot.

“Jesus Christ, I didn’t hear the door bell,” I exclaimed. “You scared the shit out of me! Do you normally waltz into someone’s house unannounced?”

“Do you always spy on me when I am in the privacy of my back yard?”

Deny. Deny. Deny. Not me. I don’t do those things. Randi wasn’t buying.

“Come on,” she retired. “I am blonde, but not a dumb blonde. I can hear the camera shutter because the window is open and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize someone is snapping photos.”

I was dumbfounded.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I responded.

“Steve, I know you, remember? I am your next door neighbor and I know you as well as anyone on this street.”

I was caught. There was no use denying it.

“So did you get any good shots you’d care to share with me?”

I had to admit, I was caught. She wanted to see the pictures. Crap! I plugged the digital camera into the PC and brought up the file- about bout 12 shots total. Some were good, some were fuzzy and some didn’t turn out at all. Randi looked at each shot carefully. She didn’t say much at first, then said-

“Delete that one, and that one and that one too,”

“Keep that one.” My eyebrows went up. Did she say to keep one? Yes, she did. I looked at Randi and she smiled. She hovered over my shoulder, as I loaded each picture and brought it up on the laptop, her hand resting on the arm of my chair. I swear to God, she could not have been any closer except maybe to sit in my lap.

“Can you print that one for me?”


We watched as the color print slowly emerged from my printer.

“I didn’t know you had such a talent,” Randi commented, “Perhaps I should engage you as my personal photographer.”

“So are you saying you would pose for pictures?” I inquired.

“Sure, why not? I think I am photogenic,” Randi answered as she stepped back. She pulled up her sports bra and flashed me.

“What do you think?”

Now how was I to answer that question? I smiled. I grabbed by Pentax digital camera and took a quick picture, even though I knew it would be out of focus and quite blurred.

“I’ll tell you what…let me set up a few things and take some nice shots, then we’ll see if you like them.”

“Randi said she had never posed topless before and wasn’t quite sure if she should. I reassured her that she had my confidence and no one else will see the pictures (so do not ask!)

There was a mirror mounted on the bedroom closet door in the office, so I told Randi that the best pictures are staged and planned, using props. I had her stand in front of the mirror, topless. I took a few quick shots. I asked her to run down to the kitchen and make us some tea while I sat up the tripod. She readily agreed. I sat up my tripod at an angle where I could catch her reflection in the mirror without a a flash being needed. I took off my shirt, but kept on my shorts. After a few minutes, Randi reappeared, two glasses of iced tea in hand. She took note of me being topless.

“Thought I’d just make things easier and besides, it was hot.”

Randi smiled. She turned and slid her blue jean shorts. She stood there wearing only her pink string-type of underwear which barely covered the important parts. No tan lines, I thought to myself…must mean she tans sans clothes. I complimented her looks and she smiled.

I positioned Randi in front of the ceiling to floor length dressing room style mirror. I activated the delay mechanism on the camera and slipped in behind Randi and placed both my hands over her very firm and erect breasts. Randi did not object and just smiled. We previewed the picture in the camera view finder. She said it was a keeper. I stood with my back to the camera and dropped my shorts and underwear just before the next picture took. I pulled them back up just as soon as the camera flashed.

“You have been ‘mooned”, I told her. Randi previewed the picture in the camera viewfinder and said it was also a “keeper.”

I had asked Randi to drop the underwear. Randi blushed. She balked. It seemed like an eternity passed.

“I dunno”.

“You don’t have anything I haven’t already seen,” I reminded Randi. She could not argue that fact. She peeled off her underwear and let it drop to hardwood floor of my office. Randi had a shaved snatch. She rubbed one hand between her legs, in her crotch area, a bit out of embarrassment, I suspect. Randi sat on the tip end of my office chair, waiting for instructions ever bit as shy as I had imagined. The site of seeing her naked, made me hard. I tried to hide it, facing away from her as I sat up the tripod.

“You have a problem there Steve-Oh,”

“Yeah, so I do,” I noted. “It will go away.”

Randi reached over and groped me through my shorts as I tried fiddled with the camera settings.

“It won’t go away with you playing with it,” I told her. “We have to keep this professional.”

“Can you take one of me sucking on your cock?” she asked. “Think of me as your professional cock-sucker . . .“Please, pretty please, I need to feel it.”

I unzipped my pants and let junior out of his confines. Now, I am not big, by any stretch of the imagination, but Randi said I was pretty close to being normal. She took my dick in her hands, and I used a remote control shutter device to snap some photos. She playfully teased like she was going to suck my dick, but the only thing I got was a light kiss on the tip end.

“Your hair is in the way,” I commented.

“You’re leaking,” she responded.


“Don’t squirt me.”

It took about six takes before we finally got a decent picture of her lips barely touching the end of my cock. I was about to explode. Randi got a big kick out of the tease.

“So what are you going to do with the pictures? “ I asked. “It’s not like they’re going to do you any good, since you’re not in the porn business.”

“Erotic Art” Randi replied. “ I can do things with them on my computer, you’ll see.” Randi smiled. I could only imagine what she was going to do, but didn’t know for sure. We took a few more photos of her in varying poses. I gave her the digital pictures on a flash-drive and asked if could see the final product once she had used her art program on the photos. She agreed.

“Sure, when I get it done, but first let me finish things we have started here.” With that, Randi leaned over and gave me the deepest French kiss she could muster, almost sucking me inside of her in the process. Little Steve stood at full attention. Randi dropped to her knees and took my dick into her mouth. At first she just kissed the shaft and rubbed it between her finger tips. Then, she deep throated me, ramming the shaft of my dick deep into her throat, all the way to the base of the shaft. She did this several times while moaning, which made for a very erotic feeling. Just as I was about to come she told me, “Tell when, so I can be ready.”

“When” I said as the cum started flowing out. Randi took it all, CIM. She did not miss or spill a drop. She grabbed a moist towel from my restroom and cleaned me up as I lay there, totally exhausted.

This was the best photo session I have ever experienced. Randi dressed and gave me another deep kiss before disappearing down stairs and out my back door, leaving me totally exhausted and not in my five senses. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and had to pinch myself to insure it was not a fantasy.

About a week later, Randi invited me to drop by to see the art she had created from our photo session. I followed her sweet ass up her stairs as she ascended into her private art studio. Inside the studio, was a huge gigantic 60-inch by 72-inch sepia-colored photo print of her lips, just at the tip end of the head of a cock my cock. I was awestruck.

I sure hope my wife doesn’t see this”.

“Don’t worry,” Randi commented, “it will stay our closely guarded secret.”

“Do you like it?”

“Well…yeah. But gee. .why my cock?”

“Because I want to remind you that being a voyeur can be dangerous.”

I have to learn to be careful with my camera.

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I got such a GREAT response last time, I thought I would post another. LMAO!!!!

By now, I have written a few stories about several sexual trysts involving my next door neighbor, Randi. Randi, is a street smart gal from an upper middle income family here in Dallas. She is a sales executive for a mass ********* firm that places cosmetics into big box stores, which means there some long work days, as she has a huge area of North Texas to cover. Randi, who is divorced and without any kids, dated a guy named David, but it didn’t last. I kidded Randi that perhaps her luck would be better if she were to become a nun or bi-sexual. She said her bisexual experiment with my wife was about as far as she would ever take things.

My wife is not bi-sexual, but has bi-sexual tendencies that are well repressed, or at least they were until Randi moved in next door. My wife has told me that on several occasions over the past few months, she has wanted to go next door and spend some personal, one-on-one time with Randi, but has not done so, out of respect for our marriage. I told my wife that I have no problems with sharing her with Randi.

“Well that feeling is not mutual,” my reminded me. My wife is old fashioned in that she does not believe in extra-marrital affairs of any type.

“That one tryst was an accident,” my wife reminds me. “A total accident.”

Randi is also a registered massage therapist and she is always offering her massage services to my wife and I. I can get a message from Randi, but only in our house and if my wife is present. My wife is willing to get a message from Randi, but just hasn’t taken her up on the offer, since the last time she got a message from Randi, Randi ended up taking the message a bit further than my wife would have liked.

So the other day, I was feeling a bit uptight about some work assignments. My wife works away from the house and I work from the house. I really wanted a nice message, but I didn’t dare ask Randi to come over while my wife is at work. I called a professional massage therapist I have known for years, that performs legitimate out-call messages. (Not anyone associated with this web site, sorry!) I hadn’t seen the girl in years, so she was surprised that I remembered her when I called. I gave her my address and we set the appointment for 2:00pm. I figured she would be done and gone by the time my wife got home from work. (This girl is all business- as best as I could remember, and always turned down any attempts I made to get “extras” from her).

Two o’clock came and went. M y message therapist didn’t show up. I called her number and there was no answer. Go figure. I live next door to a registered message therapist whom I can’t see and the one I called, doesn’t show up. I settled in behind my computer work station and began typing reports.

About an hour later, I looked out the window and there was Randi, laying on one of her pool chase lounges, totally naked, as usual. Wait a cotton-picking minute. She’s getting a massage, from MY massage therapist. This was not going to work. I went down stairs with the intent to confront my message therapist. By the time I got down stairs and walked into Randi’s backyard, I found the two of them embracing in a deep kiss. I stopped and just stood there. Randi was on her back, and my message therapist was kissing my next door neighbor . . . feverishly.

I slouched down behind the Mexican yucca plant and just sat there watching the two girls making out. The sight of these two well endowed women making out made me extremely horny.

My message therapists name is Roxanne (name changed to protect her identity). Roxanne is about 5’4’ and has a really small frame, compared to most women. She easily fits the “rule of 100” and weighs about 103 lbs. She has long black hair, and olive skin tone which makes most people think she is either from the Pacific islands or is latin. I’m not really sure where Roxanne is from and I really don’t care. She has the hands of a goddess. Her body is fine and she has a great personality, even if it is “all business”. So I was very surprised to see my “all business” professional message therapist making out with my next door neighbor. They were all kisses and each was all over the other. . The kissing was non-stop. The show was tantalizing. Roxanne slowly worked her way down Randi’s tall and lean body to a point where she started kissing Randi between her thighs. Within a minutes- Roxanne was making Randi moan with approval. After several minutes of this non-stop action, Randi flipped over and had Roxanne lay on the chase lounge. Roxanne moaned in sheer delight as Randi went down on her.

I thought I was pretty well hidden, until Roxanne looked my direction and let out a loud shriek.

Randi jumped -

“What the fuck - -?”

I was caught.

“Steve, you mother-fucking bastard! Don’t you have any respect for privacy?”

“Uh . . .Nope . . .” what else was I supposed to say at this point? Roxanne grabbed her clothes and tried to cover herself.

“Uh….I was waiting for my message therapist . . .and I can keep waiting, if I need to . .”

“I came to your house and rang the door bell. You didn’t answer, Roxanne lamented”

“I heard no door bell.”

“I was about to leave, “ Roxanne began, “when I saw Randi checking her mailbox. I was surprised when I saw it was Randi, because we went through massage school together several years ago.”

“So, I invited her in to wait on you,” Randi chimed in. “We had a couple of shots and Roxanne offered me a relaxing massage.”

“OK, so I can wait. I am a patient person.”

I stood there like the total dumb-ass that I am. Not quite sure what I expected, but I liked what I had seen so far.

Randi spoke first.

“So Steve- are you going to get undressed for your message or does one of us have to undress and drape you?”

I dropped my shorts and stripped out of my t-shirt. I stood there in my underwear, my huge erection obviously, very noticeable. I placed my hands over it to try and deflect the obvious attention, but it didn’t work. I walked over to the chase lounge and laid down face up. I put my hands at my sides. My cock strained at the confines of my underwear. Neither girl said anything as they went to work spreading the warm oils over my legs, chest and upper torso. The oil was warm. They were careful to avoid my private area. Randi started on my legs, while Roxanne stared on my neck and shoulders. I had my head tuned sideways and could see that Randi was on her knees. I turned and looked the other direction and could see Roxanne in the same position. Both were totally naked. I smiled. Roxanne reached over and placed a towel over my head and eyes.

“No peeking.”

I dozed off. Iwoke up a few minutes later, and the girls were snickering. Wait a minute. They had me tied to the chair. They had tied my ankles and wrists to the corners of the chase lounge chair, and I couldn’t get loose.

“What the fuck?”

“This will teach you to be a pervert,” said Randi.

“Oh, fuck you!”

“Lesson learned?”

“Yes, let me up.”

“Not yet, you have to pay up . . . first,”

“There is a hundred in my billfold. Take it’.

“Nope, there is one more thing you have to acquiesce to . . .”

“Whatever you want . . . just let me up!” I demanded. I struggled to get free, but couldn’t.

You have to promise,” Randi responded.

“I promise, now let me up!”

I couldn’t see either of them, as they still had me blindfolded.

“I told you, I have money in my billfold. “So what the fuck do you want?”

I felt a hand on my semi-erect cock.

“How big does that thing get?” Roxanne asked.

“Plenty big,” Randi answered.

“Well, let’s see,” Roxaane responded as she knelt beside me and took my semi-erect cock in her hand. I could barely see her since I was able to move my head and shake the blindfold loose somewhat. Roxanne leaned over and started to kiss the tip end of my cock and she did so, it grew in size rather quickly.

“Responds nicely to touch” commented Roxanne. I squirmed.

Randi said nothing and I summised she had left the pool area. After a moment or so, Randi yanked off my blindfold as Roxanne continued to play with Little Steve. Randi had a bottle of Puerto Rican Rum, her favorite (and mine also), in hand. In her other hand, she had a lit cigar. Randi is my kind of neighbor.

“I’ll untie the hands if you promise to be good.”

What could I say, I had a beautiful woman sucking my dick and I couldn’t argue.

Randi took a long swig straight from the bottle. Gutsy woman. She handed the bottle to Roxanne who took a brief reprieve from her dick sucking to take a drink. Two gutsy women, I thought. They offered the bottle to me. I took a swig. It was warm going down. Roxanne bent over and started licking my balls, while Randi to town on my cock. I have never experienced two woman at oine time and I swear, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I held back. It was hard.

“What does it take to get this sucker to cum?” asked Roxanne. Randi stopped and started to kiss my nipples. She knew from previous experiences, that was my weakness. I could feel the pre-cum starting to flow. Roxanne stood up. I could see she was clean shaven like Randi. She turned and sat on me, facing me, cowgirl style. She reached between her legs and glided by stiff dick to the outer confines of her pussy, then slowly inserted me inside of her. She rocked back and forth, slowly at first, then up and down, then faster and in a rocking motion.

“Oh Fuck yeah, this is good,” she exclaimed. Randi smiled in agreement. She moved from my nipples to Roxanne’s breasts that heaved up and down as she turned and moved up and down on my cock. Randi squeezed Roxanne’s 40ish breasts to the point that I thought she would leave marks. Within a few minutes, I could feel the vice-grip of Roxanne’s vagina as it locked down on my penis, and then suddenly released. She shook violently and dug her finger tips into my thighs. (I had to wear long pants for several days to hide the marks and let them heal). I couldn’t hold back any more and released my load deep inside of her.

“What a fucking rush!”

I think I must have come for several minutes. I had never experienced that type of sex before, not even with my wife. There was something about this perky little vixen that sapped all of my strength and I just laid there, totally exhausted, even as Roxanne got up and grabbed a nearby towel. Randi sat nearby with a smile on her face.

“I am next” Randi said wryfully with a smile on her face…”Whenever you get ready.”

“I am not a multiple shots on goal guy.”

“Well…” came the response, “we shall see about that.”

Randi reached over and started to suck on my cock. It wasn’t working. Then, Roxanne stared kissing and teasing my nipples. It wasn’t long before I was fully erect and Randi was rocking away on top of me like the cowgirl she always pretended to be. Roxanne moved from kissing and teasing me, to playing with Randi’s nipples, sucking on them. The site of seeing this girl sucking on my neighbors’ breasts, made me cum. I found out last week that I am definitely now a MSOG guy.

We sat around and talked for another half hour, drinking the PR Rum . . .when I realized it was almost time for my wife to come home. I gathered up my clothes and headed for a quick shower.

I never did get my “message”, last week, but looking back on the day’s events, I got much more than I ever expected, and I learned that my next door neighbor really is bi-sexual. She is also one honest woman. I still have the $100. (Sorry ladies, it got spent a few days later)