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Authors Note: This is the third in this series, The Taking of Brenda. I have the first two published here also. If you haven't read the first two I would suggest you do prior to this third effort. This is a continuing story and although all three will stand alone quite well, the reader, I think, will be better able to understand the ongoing character relationship if the first two are read first. I hope you enjoy the read.
Thanks Jake

Ya Get Whatcha Need

It had been almost a year since Janets curiosity had led to the unleashing of her brother-in-laws most primitive beast. The physical part healed rather quickly and the mental part not much longer. She did bring it all on herself afterall, so she couldn't even feel a long lasting animosity towards him. Brenda was, of course, none the wiser and neither Janet nor Bob ever mentioned it again. So the family get togethers continued with parents and aunts and uncles and while Janet still thought about the events of that night on a regular basis and Bob still heard her moans and screams over and over again in his dreams, no one ever made another move.

At a birthday party for the sisters father a little over a year later, Bob was standing at the breakfast bar in Janets kitchen when she walked over and took a seat on a stool next to him. She was busy discussing some monumental world event with her cousin and didn't notice that it was Bob standing there.

Bob couldn't help but notice that fabulous set of legs next to him and quickly realizing that it was Janet turned to say hello.
Just then Brenda entered the kitchen.

"Bob honey, hand me that breadbasket behind Jan." Bob leaned in front of Janet, reaching across her and pressing his rock hard cock firmly against her thigh. "Excuse me there sister in law" he said with a wry expression as his eyes met with Janets and he stretched further to grab the basket and push even harder on Janets thigh. Without taking his eyes from Janets he handed the basket to his wife.

"Thanks honey"

Janets eyes trailed down to Bobs crotch as he pulled away. She couldn't help but think back to that night last year when he had taken her so violently against her will as her eyes transfixed on his manhood. When their eyes met once again Janet warned sternly, "Don't let that happen again Bob."

The party wore on and the older folks headed for home, while Brenda and Janet cleaned up and Bob and Jiiimi watched the end of a football game.

"Hey Bob, Janet and I were talking about what we were going to do to celebrate my birthday next month. How about we haul the boat over to Sabastian and spend the three day weekend over there?"

"Sounds great to me babe, I'll make reservations for a couple of rooms in the morning. How about you Jiiimi ?"

"Well I'll be there on friday with you but I've got a bass tourney on saturday and sunday down at the big O"

Bob winked at Brenda, "Well how about we all go down with you and celebrate Brens birthday there?"

Janet and Brenda were almost simultaneous in there response. "Lets see now, my birthday, Okeechobee, swamp, redneck bass fishermen, mosquito's...........I think we're gonna hafta pass on that idea and opt for the Sabastian Inn. It's just a tad more civilized for these two city girls."

Everyone laughed and the date was made.

The month went by quickly and before you knew it Bob and Brenda were backing the twenty eight foot Maxim into the Sabastian inlet. They schlepped their luggage from the Lincoln to the boat and were at the Sabastian Inn having breakfast by 8:30 am. Jiiimi and Janet met them an hour later and the weekend got off to a great start.

The girls spent the entire day shopping, both of them having to buy complete new swim suits and beach outfits, although neither one of them ever got in the water. Brenda bought a dark green bikini, smaller and more revealing than she would wear to the beach, but as she explained to Janet "It's just going to be the four of us on the boat."

She also bought a white beach jacket, sort of a fishnet kind of material that didn't do anything more than keep the cool breeze off of her. Janet went a bit more conservative with a black one piece suit vee'd nicely in the front and virtually no back at all. Both of them bought pairs of those cork heeled beach heels. Its seems some gals just can't go anywhere without high heels. Janets were slip ons and Brendas were the type with straps that wrapped around her ankles and calves.

They both added big wide brimmed sun hats and they were ready for saturday and the boat.

Jim was up and gone by two am in order to make it to the bass tournament at the big O. The girls slept in and met Bob for breakfast after he had the boat loaded with drinks and ice. They pulled out of Sabastian inlet around eleven am with great weather and very calm seas.

Their plan was to island hop most of the day, stopping here and there to hunt for shells, laying out in floridas early spring sun, and maybe even getting their new suits wet. Although the latter would be a very rare occurance as both of these prima donas thought of water only as something to float your yacht.

The day went well and they had collected a great variety of shells. Only missing from the cache were those large conch shells that the east coast had become so famous for.

"There's a small tidal island about three miles out that almost always has big beautiful conch shells." said Brenda. "It's called Conch Isle, at least that is what the concierge at the hotel told me."

"Are you sure he just wasn't trying to get you on his boat?" Bob asked with a smile.

"Oh I'm quite sure he was trying to get me on his boat, but all the same it is called Conch isle."

So Bob looked it up on his gps waypoint chart and sure enough about three miles to the northeast was a tidal island that looked to be no more than two hundred yards or so long and half as wide.

So they all loaded back into the boat, opened the second bottle of champagne and headed out to find Conch Isle.

The sun was getting low in the west as they pulled within a mile of the island which now appeared to be little more than a rather large sandbar. Bob kept a close eye on the depth finder knowing how quickly it could get shallow around these tidal sandbars. The ocean was nearly flat when suddenly the flash of sunlight off the windshield of an approaching speedboat interupted the serenity of the moment.

"Wow" said Janet "He is really moving"

The cigarette type boat must have been doing eighty five miles per hour and was headed right at them.

"He must know this water pretty well to be going that fast" Bob remarked as he popped open the glove box next to his seat and slammed one into the pipe of his Glock 19. He was sometimes accused of being overly cautious, but it had served him well over the years.

The speedboat began to slow down and made it clear they were meaning to make contact.

"Ahoy on the Maxim.....permission to come alongside?"

Bob looked over the two young men. The driver tall and lean and the shorter one doing the talking. Looked like decent young fellows.

"Come along" Bob shouted "but keep thirty feet between the boats"

"We're from the hotel sir, are you Mr. Davis sir?"

"Yes I am."

"We have an urgent message for a Brenda Davis via our land line at the hotel. They state they have been trying to reach her all day but could not raise her on her cell phone. I explained that you were on the water, probably further out than the signal reaches. They asked if we could get in touch with you immediatly and have you contact them."

Brenda spoke up, "Did they say what it was about?"

" Only that their had been a fire at one of your stores and the police suspected arson and they needed your permission to carry on with some part of the investigation."

"Mam, if you like we can get you to where your cell phone will have a signal in less than ten minuets in this boat....she'll do about ninety five miles per hour."

"I'm going to go with them Bob, you and Jan go ahead to the island and after I make the call and talk to the cops I'll have them bring me back out and I'll meet you on the island."

Brenda hollered to the boat, "Will you bring me back out here after I make the call?"

"Yes mam we sure will"

"Come alongside and get me"

They pulled up and Brenda made the switch to the speedboat. They throttled up slowly away from the maxim. Brenda turned to them and waved goodbye as the young man hit the throttle and within seconds they were completely out of sight.

Bob idled the Maxim up onto the sandy beach and jumped out, carrying with him the sea anchor, and pushing the sharp edges deep into the sand. "Janet.....how about you pour us a glass of champagne and we'll go looking for shells?"

Janet was hesitant but poured the wine and climbed down off the bow after handing the glasses to Bob. She knew full well what he was capable of. She thought about warning him off up front, that he had better not try anything the likes of which he did last year, but she didn't want to start something ugly. After all, it had been a year, and with the exception of him rubbing himself against her thigh accidentally he had never tried anything else. And besides Brenda would return in just a few minuets and the last thing he wanted was to let Bren catch him doing something to her sister.

The sun was completely set now and the twilight was settleing in all around. The ocean was unseemly calm and the complete silence was erie.

Janet slipped off her shoes as she held onto the bow of the boat. All the champagne had hit her more than she thought and those heels in the sand would make standing up a little more difficult.

Bob started down the beach looking left and right, squinting in the low light, hoping to find that elusive conch everyone talked about. Janet couldn't help watching him. He was the most confident man she had ever known. Once he started something there was no power on earth that would turn him around. She had learned that the hard way last year, or, her mind wandered, she learned that the good way. Damn it she caught herself, I can't let my mind think those kind of thoughts.

They were fifty yards down the beach when Bob hollered out, "Hey Janet , here they are"

Janet looked up expecting to see the speedboat returning. What she did see was Bob waist deep in the water.

"The conch shells are here in three feet of water, they're everywhere." He reached down and came up with one that must have been eight inches long and almost that wide.

Janet finished her champagne and waded out to where Bob was. "Oooh the water is warmer than the air" she unintentionally purred.

She came out to where Bob was.

"If you feel around carefully with your foot you will be able to find the shells, then you reach down and pick it up."

Janet poked around with her foot trying to keep her balance.
"Oh I've got one!" she exclaimed.

The water where she was standing was deep enough so that her head was going to get wet if she reached deep enough to grab the shell. "Bob I can't reach it... get it for me."

Bob went to his knees and plunged under water feeling around for the shell. He came back up without the shell.

"Are you standing on it?" he asked Janet. "I'll try again"

He dove back down and felt along the sandy bottom until he found what he had been looking for. Janet yelped when he grabbed her ankle and screamed out loud when his mouth locked itself onto her calve. She screamed to the ears of no one but herself as his mouth bit and kissed and licked its way up her calve to her thigh. He bit the inside of her thigh as she was tumbleing into the water. She managed to take a deep breath as her whole body was submerged. Bobs head was between her flailing thighs as she felt his hands on her shoulders ripping her suit down and over her hips before she had a chance to act. As he pulled the suit down and off her legs her head popped above the water and she was able to grab another breath.

Within seconds Bob was back between her thighs and his lustful mouth had found what had given him so much pleasure one year ago. Janet got her head above water by pushing her hands against the bottom. His hot mouth on her underwater pussy was a feeling unlike she had ever known. She twisted and bucked to get away but his steel grip on her hips was unrelenting.

He drove her up onto the beach with his mouth. Janet lay with her chest and head out of the water as Bob took one last lick before coming up for air.

He got to his knees as the water ran from his beautifully cut chest. He smiled as he leaned in over her and slipped two fingers into her warm waiting pussy.

"Let me go Bob.........let me alone. I told you this wasn't going to happen again and I meant it." She screamed at him as he slowly pushed his fingers against her spot. He looked her right in the eye as his fingers swirled around it.

She hated that he knew just where to touch her. Her husband could never find that spot with a gps she thought, and yet my rapist brother in law was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

She tried to crawl away from him using her elbows and her heels dug into the sand to inch her way down the beach. But Bob, with his fingers working masterfully, walked on his knees beside her as she moved. Each time Janet pushed with her heels to move away from him she was pushing her hips harder into his hand. She hated herself for it but she was hot and there was nothing she could do about it.

Without taking his fingers from her sweet tight pussy and away from her gspot Bob leaned down and found her clit with his tongue and Janet immediatly exploded in a two way orgasm the likes of which she hadn't felt since last year.
"Try your phone now Mrs. Davis, we should be just about close enough to where you can get a signal." said the young driver.

"No", replied Brenda, "it still shows no signal"

"Well there is a spot a few miles from here where I'm sure you will be able to make contact, we'll head there now."

And with that he gave the boat full throttle raising the front end up and eventually planing off at ninty miles per hour.

Brenda thought it strange that they seemed to be heading further out to sea but assumed that they knew their way around the shallows, and must be in the process of circleing around some shallow areas and would head south shortly.

The sun was disappearing completely below the western horizon as the driver pulled back the throttle. Brenda flipped open her cell phone.

"Damn, I'm still not getting a signal. Are you sure we are in the right place?"

Jeffery, the one who had been very quite ever since they picked Brenda up, walked over to her in the back of the boat. Brenda was sitting on a bench seat that covered the width of the boat. "Mind if I try it?" he asked as he reached for her phone.

He had come uncomfortably close Brenda thought to herself as his knee made contact with hers. She pulled back as she handed him her phone. Jeffery took the phone, and while making full eye contact with Brenda, said coldly, "You"re right, there is no signal." And tossed the phone overboard.

"Wait.....what are you doing? that is my phone." She tried to stand up but Jeffery pushed her back down into her seat. David, who had been driving the boat was now also standing in front of her.

"I don't know what you two think you are doing, but you had better start this boat and get me back to the hotel immediatly!"

David reached down with his left hand, and taking a handful of her beautifully long, auburn hair, lifted Brenda to her feet.

"Let me go damn you.....take your hands off of me."

Jeffery grabbed her by the jaw and jerked her head around to face his.

"One of two things are going to happen here whore. Either you will do exactly as you are told, and we will return you to the hotel when we finish, or if you prefer to fight we'll take what we want and simply throw you overboard when we are through with you."

Brenda felt a wave of terror flow through her body she had never known. She thought she could handle any situation that occured. She had run her own business for years and dealt with all types of people from executives to truck drivers. But this was different. She had four strange hands on her body and was being given no acceptable options.

David jerked her away from Jefferies grip and pulled her against him. He forced her lips to his and covered her mouth with his as she tried to twist away. Brenda heard Jeffery chuckle as David pumped his tongue in and out of her mouth. "Hurry up man, I want to taste some of that."

Brenda tried in vain to push him away. David tilted her head back, stared her in the eye and said," Whats it going to be whore?"

"I.......I have money.....my husband has money. We can give you money. If you take me back to the hotel right now we will give you whatever you want."

" Lady, you are standing in a hundred and fifty thousand dollar boat. Do I look like I need your money?"

"But......but you work for the hotel. They know who you are. You can't possibly think that you can get away with this."

Jeffery laughs that hidious laugh again. "Lady, we don't work for the hotel. We just happened to be coming out of the bar and saw you and your girlfriend coming back from a shopping trip yesterday and decided to make you our guest of honor on this little outing. And then it was just a matter of slipping the right person a few dollars for your name and address, and a google search and you and your husbands gullibility did the rest."

Once again the severity of her situation washed over her. How could these two, clean cut young men, who both looked like they may have graduated from some ivey league college within the last couple of years, be prepared to rape and murder her.

"You know you don't have to go through with this. You both look as if you come from good families. You know what you are planning is wrong. You know that you do not have the right to take me against my will. Please.......please I'm begging you, for my sake and the sake of your own concious, don't force me to go through with this."

"Wow....very impressive pitch whore." David exclaimed sarcasticly. "Those of us who are about to rape and pillage salute you. Now take off your beach jacket!"

Brenda had exausted all her arguments. She believed them when they said if she fought them she would be raped and thrown into the sea. She had no choice. She slowly untied the belt around her waist and slid the jacket off her shoulders.

Jefferies eyes grew wide as he looked her up and down. David leaned back against the gunnell and seemed to relish in Brendas obvious fear as jeffery reached out to take the jacket from her. "Turn around for me Mrs. Davis" Jeffery said as he folded the jacket.

Brenda obeyed and turned slowly, first to face David and then around again.

"Now your top" David said sternly.

"Please don't make me....."

"I said your top NOW"

Brenda reached behind her back and unhooked her bikini top. Holding it up in front of her with one hand, she slipped the thin straps down and off her shoulders one at a time. Again Jeffery reached out and Brenda handed him the top.

Both men looked in awe at the most perfect set of tits either one of them had ever seen. Jeffery began to rub his crotch as Brenda looked down in shame. Davids eyes devoured her.

"You know what's next Mrs. Davis" Jeffery whispered as he stroked himself. "Slide those panties down over that gorgeous ass."

The tears began to run down her cheeks as her shaking hands reluctantly pushed her bikini bottoms off her hips. Jeffery dropped to his knees as they fell around her ankles, and gently lifted each foot to remove them. After tossing them onto the seat he began to slide his hands up her calves. Brendas knees were shaking as Jefferies hands moved slowly upwards. Jeffery leaned in and began kissing her thigh. "Oh god...no" she pleaded reaching down and pushing his head away from her.

David quickly moved behind her and grabbed her arms. He pulled her against him and she felt the full hardness of his manhood. Jeffery resumed with his lips moving faster on her thighs. Kissing and licking, he worked his way slowly up her beautiful legs stopping short of her perfectly trimmed pussy. His hands squeazed the backs of her thighs as his mouth made its way up the inside of one thigh and down the other. David, still behind her, worked over the back of her neck, kissing and lightly biting. He turned her head around and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Brenda was enraged that she was being taken. But even worse was the fact that she could not defend herself. If she fought back they promised to drown her in the ocean. She promised herself while Jefferies hot tongue began to lap at her pussy, that she was going to survive this night.........no matter what she had to do.


Janet again yelled for Bob to stop as she tried to regain her breath. He wouldn't stop. She knew he wouldn't...not until he got everything that he wanted. He showed her last year what he was made out of and now he was proving that he hadn't changed one bit. He had her alone, on an island and they both knew he owned her.

"Bob please.......Brenda could come back any minuet." she tried to reason as he sucked her labia into his warm mouth.

"Oh god don't do that......Bob..........please"

He licked her endlessly as he squeazed her firm, round ass in his hands. Janet couldn't help but respond with her hips as Bobs hot tongue explored every bit of her anxious pussy. The cool gentle waves washed over her nakedness in a direct dicotomy to the animalistic heat generated by Bobs passion. Soon she heard herself moaning ecstaticly as his masterful mouth brought her closer and closer to another orgasm. With her hips pumping up and down on the wave washed sand, Bob moved one thumb between her ass cheeks and with the other began to rub her clit.

Janets passion grew in intensity and volumn and soon she was demanding that he fuck her. All in good time he thought as he licked and sucked and nibbled her. Janet threw her long, gorgeous legs over Bobs shoulders and grabbed his head with both hands while lifting her own head off the sand to watch him as she drove herself into his face.

Each time she pushed her hips off the sand she felt Bobs thumb at her rosebud. She wanted him to do it. She wanted his thumb. She was scared to death of the thought of it. But she wanted it and she wanted it now.

She let go of Bobs head and pushed herself up on her elbows as she watched him pleasure her. She hated him for raping her almost as much as she envied her sister. She watched him as he worked so meticulously, so intently to make her want more and more. She was completely euphoric as he rocked her up and down licking her from her rosebud to her clit always with his thumb so close......so close.

He mounted her quickly laying his long hard cock on her belly. He leaned down and kissed her lips. Gently at first and with much more intensity.

"Put me in Janet.....reach down and guide me in with both hands."

"I will not you monster.....I won't help you rape me."

"You'll either guide my cock into that hot ,wet pussy or I'll put eight inches of rock hard cock in that gorgeous ass."

She wanted to refuse. She thought about refusing, and letting the chips fall where they may, but she was just too
scared. Slowly she reached down and took Bobs throbbing shaft in her right hand and cupped his balls with her left. She stroked his cock back and forth as she lined the head up at her opening.

Bob leaned down and kissed her.

"Keep those gorgeous eyes open Janet.....I want to look into your soul while I fill you with my cock"

He pushed his head forward as he stared into her beautiful blue eyes. "Damn you Bob, damn you." she whispered as he took his cock in his hand and guided it upwards and across Janets gspot. He knew just everything about her body and it infuriated her. But she quickly got over it as he continued to plunge deeper and deeper each time making sure to drag the head of his enormous cock across her most sensitive spot.

She screamed over and over for him to stop and each time he saw to it that her orgasm was more intense than the last. Just when she thought she could not possibly cum anymore he turned her over and mounted her from behind. Her beautiful ass was in the air and she felt his cock deep in her belly. He forced her face down in the sand so the waves were slapping her in the face as he slapped her beautiful, hot ass. Janet began to move her ass in a circular motion as Bob drove himself all the way to her cervix.

"Oh god Bob no........please........no more I.....I...can't take anymore."

He was hitting her right next to her cervix. That is what had created her largest and longest lasting orgasm last year. With her in this position his cock was constantly in touch with her gspot and he had her swollen clit squeazed between two fingers.

Janet was completely lost in her passion as she banged her ass back into Bob with each of his strokes. She felt him deep inside her begin to swell. His sweat was falling freely, covering her body as she was pounded relentlessly.

Each time his cockhead slammed her cervix she felt a small electric shock grow larger, her gspot was having mini orgasmic spasms and her clit was ready to explode.

She felt his steele expand in her pussy as he unloaded an enormous wave of cum. Janet screamed in ecstacy as her triple orgasm began. She pumped her ass with amazing speed as they took her one after the other. She screamed again and again. Bob drove her flat to the beach as he shot wave after wave of his cum deep in her belly.

Janet lost conciousness as the last wave of orgasm swept over her.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the middle of the deck was a thickly padded bench seat just long enough for the top half of a persons body. The two of them carried Brenda to the bench and layed her down with her head hanging over one end and Jeffery quickly taking position at the other end.

This was not the first time these two had double teamed a beautiful victim against her will, and Jeffery was always the opening act. He possesed an unusually large, thick tongue and loved to use it to warm up their victim de jour. David held Brendas wrist at one end while Jeffery started to make his particular type of majic.

Jeffery opened Brendas legs and began to work his way from her knees up the inside of her gorgeous thighs. He flicked her labia gently with his tongue and quickly worked his way back down her other thigh. He layed his warm, wet tongue against her inner thigh and slowly dragged it up her thigh and over the top of her pussy. "Please stop.......I...I don't want this.......you don't have the right....please."

David kissed her soft, trembling lips and then whispered in her ear, "We know exactly what you want, you beautiful whore, and we intend to give it to you."

Jeffery lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders. He moved his face very close to her and began to gently nibble and kiss her. Brenda begged for him to stop, but her pleading fell on deaf ears. He was very focused, and every flick of his tongue and each nibble and bite he administered was meant to push her beyond the point of resistence.

Davids mouth covered Brendas as his hand moved down her neck and between her breast. "Your nipples are rock hard whore." he whispered as he took one between his fingers. "I think you like what Jeffery is doing don't you?"

Brenda glared up at him, "You go to hell you monster."

With a handful of Brendas ass in each hand, Jeffery intensified his attack. He licked her hot, wet pussy feverishly. Her juices were flowing and he could feel the tension begining to form in her body. Suddenly he shot the entire length of his tongue into her anxious, hot cunt. Brenda gasped, "Oh.....oh god no.....please"

The feeling was surreal. Her first thought was that he had slipped a live snake into her, but she quickly realized that it was Jefferies tongue. He pulled her hard into his face as his tongue danced and squirmed inside of her. "Oh jesus....ahhh" she screamed as Jeffery ramped up the speed. His lips caressed her clit as the serpent like tip of his thick tongue touched everything inside her. Her hips began to gyrate involuntarialy, the sweat began to form above her lip and her muffeled protest turned into moans of pleasure. By the time Jeffery stood up to undress, Brenda was panting like a bitch in heat.

David grabbed her under the arms and Jeffery put one hand under each knee while they carried her to the long bench seat across the back of the boat. Brenda watched as Jeffery pulled off his shirt, her gorgeous green eyes transfixed on his muscled chest. She couldn't believe she was having such feelings in the midst of her own rape. His chest was strong and covered with dark black hair. His forearms and biceps were massive. His hands moved slowly down to the button of his cut off jean shorts. My god, Brenda thought he's teasing me. He stared intently into her eyes as he unzipped and let his shorts fall. His cock was short Brenda thought, five maybe six inches, but every bit as thick as her husbands, maybe thicker.

Jeffery would take her first.

David had undressed and was sitting on the bench above her head. Brenda hadn't seen him as she was still focused on Jeffery who had just taken her knees in his massive hands and opened her beautiful long legs. David, kneeling on the bench over Brenda, reached down and grabbed her wrist, and pulled them up and over her head. In doing so he dragged what Brenda knew was the largest, thickest dick she had ever seen, across her face.

Jeffery leaned into her and placed his cock at her opening. Brendas eyes went closed. She knew what was coming and she knew there was nothing she could do to stop it. Jeffery took ahold of her hips as he knealt with one leg on the bench and the other foot planted firmly on the deck. He pushed slightly against her center. Once, twice, three times. She was still breathing heavily, almost hyperventilating, as he leaned over her, dripping massive amounts of sweat on her tits and belly. He began to growl like an animal about to devour his prey. Brenda opened her eyes and just as she did Jeffery slammed the entire lenght and thickness of his cock into her dripping wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh god no........oh oh oh oh please"

Brenda felt like he would slit her open. The thickness of his cock was more then she had ever dealt with. He filled her completely as she spread her legs as far as possible to keep him from tearing her apart. He withdrew just as quick and plunged himself into her again. "Oh god please no no.."

Again and again he drove his manhood deep into her. She felt her pussy adjusting to his size. He let go of her hips and grabbed her breast. He cupped both perfect globes squeazing and pulling as he continued to pump her pussy full of his cock. He seemed to know just where to apply the speed and when to slow down. Suddenly he leaned in and took her nipple into his mouth. The feeling of that tongue on her nipples set Brenda on a path that she could not return from. He started to slam her pussy faster and harder as his tongue did things to her nipples she didn't think were possible. Her hips started to come off the bench to reach for his cock. She strained against Davids hold on her wrist.

"Turn her hands loose" Jeffery screamed.

Brenda reached up and took two handfuls of his chest hair. She pulled him down on top of her and dug her nails into his back as her mouth found his. Jeffery slid his enormous tongue into Brendas mouth as her pussy tightened around his swelling cock. Brenda sucked his tongue into her throat as they both exploded in orgasmic ecstacy. She screamed a muffled scream just as she alway did when she felt her husbands first wave of spunk hit her cervix.

Jeffery emptied himself in her. Brenda quickly returned to the reality of the moment. "How could I" she thought. "How could I let myself be aroused like this, how could I lose so much control that I give in to my bodies wants."

"Because you, Mrs. Davis. are one magnificent whore. What ? You didn't realize you were talking out loud? Well not to worry, we'll keep it as our little secret." Spoke David as he took a handful of Brendas gorgeous auburn hair, and positioned her on her knees between his legs.

Brenda got her first good look at the lenght and width of Davids cock. Her eyes grew wide as David pulled her forward and guided her soft wet lips towards the head of his cock. Brenda knew what she had to do. She had promised herself she would survive this night and what she was about to do would insure that end. She went to work.

She had always loved to give head, sometimes even more that fucking itself. When she and Bob played their rape fantasy games forced oral was always a major part of the scene. Slowly she licked his bulbus head. Starting by running the tip of her tongue around the rim. First one direction and the the other. She nibbled with her lips all over his huge head first kissing, then licking. She watched as the blood rushed into his enormous member and got even larger and harder. Brenda took his balls in her hand letting them hang free and gently caressing the bottom of them. She lifted Davids shaft and starting at the base, used her warm, wet tongue to flick like the wings of a hummingbird, all the way back to his head. She teased him with her gorgeous mouth for twenty minuets before finally slamming his cock as deep in her throat as she could get him. She pulled back and drove her face down again. She continued to slide up and down with those gorgeous lips locked tightly around his all powerful shaft each time pushing just a little bit deeper into her throat.

David groaned like a behemoth as Brenda tried desparetly to swallow his cock. She drew back and pushed again and again to know avail. The ten inch length would have gone down if he just hadn't been so wide. David could stand no more. Brenda trembled as he picked her up and layed her on the back seat.

"Please don't hurt me" she pleaded as he spread her legs and positioned himself between them.Brenda tried to push him away. Jeffery sat down next to her head and grabbed her wrist. "Please no.......no don't...please you're too big....too big."

David took a bottle of oil from the cubby below the back seat. As Brendas tears began to flow he poured a generous amout along the length of his throbbing shaft and slowly stroked himself. His enormous cock began to glisten in the light from the half moon that was just rising. His size and the thought of him driving it into her body was terrifying. She was sure he would split her in two with his monsterous shaft.

He touched her opening with his head as he leaned down and gently licked her tears from her beautiful face. "Please" she whispered, "please don't hurt me."

David pushed his head past her opening. Brenda yelped and opened her legs wider. He hadn't hurt her but the ease in which his three inch width had glided past her opening shocked her. Brenda held her breath as he steadily pressed forward. He was completely in control of his body. Most men would have been jamming their cock into her at this point. He was focused, even meticulous. She got the feeling he was being measured to make sure he was able to put his entire cock in her. He pressed forward.

Brenda started to breath very deeply. She could feel him more inside of her as she exhaled. She felt the width of his cock fill her completely. She knew as he pushed more of his length into her the pain would become unbearable.

As he slowly pushed deeper she closed her eyes sensing that soon the tortuous tearing and pounding would begin. David gently reached up, and with his thumb, pulled her eyelids open one at a time. Brenda knew that he was insisting that he be able to look into her eyes as he raped her. Brenda felt his head reaching her deepest part. She spread her legs wider than she had ever done before.
And suddenly she felt his huge balls against her ass.

Brenda was shocked. She had his entire 10x3 inch cock inside her and absolutly felt no pain. David began to kiss her lips. He didn't withdraw his cock but left Brenda fully impaled while his lips covered every inch of her face, mouth and neck. He spared no amount of attention to her with his lips and mouth as he made his way to her magnificent breast.

With the whole of his manhood still buried deep inside of Brenda, he devoured her breast. He tugged at her silver dollar sized nipples with his lips and his tongue and absolutly ravaged her breast with his mouth. Brenda began to push with her hips. She quickly caught herself but could not stop. She wanted him to.......Oh god no this can't be happening again.

David started to slide in and out of her with great ease. As his cock moved along her pussy walls she could feel every vein, every ripple. He pulled all the way out of her leaving his cockhead resting at her opening. Brendas eyes opened wide in anticipation. David did not disappoint her. He slammed the full ten inches into her with a fury. She screamed in ecstacy as she threw her long, gorgeous legs around his waist. David withdrew and slammed her again and again. Her moaning against the deadly silence of the ocean night was surreal.

David continued to fuck her as her passion seemed to grow deeper and more intense. Her hands brushed against Jefferies cock. She realized what she had touched and struggled to find it again. When she did she began to stroke it feeling his balls with her other hand. Jeffery repositioned himself and Brenda turned her head sideways to accomedate him. She slid her lips over his cock and started to suck him feveriously. Jeffey drove his shaft into her beautiful mouth time and again until he delivered his load. Brenda did all she could to swallow it but the size of the load and the width of his dick forced most of it out the sides of her mouth.

David was gaining speed as Brenda wiped the cum from her lips and neck and spread it on her breast. Brenda was grunting with every plunge David made into her. The faster and harder he hit her the louder she would scream. His cadence and her moans were completely in sync.

"Oh...Oh....Oh....Oh....Oh....Oh....Oh............. ..."

Brenda thrashed her head back and forth. Her legs were deathgripped around Davids waist. What thirty minuets ago scared her to death was now the thing she desired more than anything on earth and couldn't possibly get enough of.

Brendas head was hanging off the seat, her arms flailing and from her mouth came the most erotic moans and screams any of them had ever heard.

When she exploded it was as if the plaintive cry of a banchee echoed across miles and miles of open water.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh god ohhhhhgod yessssssssss"
David began to pump loads of cum into this beautiful whore and the more he pumped the deeper her orgasm became. She tried her best not to, but in the end could not stop herself from smiling as David withdrew and winked at her.

She fell asleep on the seat shortly thereafter.

"Why don't you carry her into the cabin and cover her with a blanket, Jeffery. It will be a little breazy on the way back to the hotel."

David weighed anchor while Jeffery carried the sleeping beauty into the cabin, laying her on the bed and covering her with a light weight blanket. David started the engines and pulled away slowly checking the compass and setting the gps for Sabastian Harbor. Jeffery exited the cabin with two beers and after handing one to David said, " Man! That is one outstanding fuck."

"Outstanding piece of ass my friend, and well worth the risk." came Davids reply. "I'd love to find that kind of work every night."

David focused on the gps and the depth sounder, while Jeffery finished his beer. "Why so slow man?" Jeffery asked as he tossed his empty bottle in the drink."Shouldn't we get her back to the hotel and get down the coast?

"There are quite a few tidal sand bars around here and its not difficult to accidentally run aground unless your paying strict attention to the depth finder."

"How long do you think back to the hotel?"

"About forty five minuets, I think."

"Really" Jeffery said with that wry kind of smile on his face.

A few more minuets went by and Jeffery headed towards the cabin. "Think I'll have another taste while you keep us off the sand bars David."

David grabbed his arm. Reaching into the cubby next to the driver seat David handed a bottle of liquid warming oil to him. "Remember man no blood."

Jeffery smiled and ducked into the cabin. David knew what he was up to. He had seen Jefferies act many times before. Jeffery had always reffered to it as his "Hat trick"

Brenda was awake and sullen as Jeffery approached her on the bed. "What now? surely you aren't going to rape me again! Haven't you done enough? Haven't you already taken everything I have?"

"You seemed to have enjoyed yourself Mrs. Davis, as a matter of fact I would say you loved it. You loved every second of it." Jeffery retorted with that smile again.

"I love sex, you....you criminal. That doesn't mean you have the right to rape me against my will. When I have sex, I have it with who I want and when I want it."

"I'd really prefer that you called me Jeffery, Mrs. Davis. That criminal business sounds so, well, it just sounds so offensive. Don't you think?"

Angerly Brenda shot back," I know your name....and the name of your partner in crime up there, but it doesn't make you any less of a kidnapper and a rapist now, does it Jeffery?"

Jeffery walked to the nightstand and set the oil down. Opening the drawer he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and two pieces of cotten rope.

"Well now Mrs. Davis, it looks like you're going to have to add sodomizer to that list aren't you?"

"Oh god no.....please Jeffery, not that.....not my ass Jeffery. I'll do what you want Jeffery, I'll do whatever you ask.....just please don't do this, I'm begging you Jeffery please"

Jeffery gathered Brendas wrist together and closed the cold hard steel around them. "No Jeffery please don't" Brenda begged as the tears started to flow.

With one length of rope he attached her cuffs to the headboard and turned her face down. "There's no need to beg me to stop Mrs. Davis, this has been your destiny ever since I saw you in that mini skirt and spiked heels, returning from your shopping trip yesterday at the hotel. I wondered to myself then what it would be like to be inside of the fabulous looking ass. And now I'm going to find out."

He wrapped the second cotten rope around her delicate ankles four times and knotted it. His powerful hands on her ankles and legs signaled Brenda that there was nothing she could do or say to stop this from happening. She began to sob uncontrollably.

"Enough with the crying" Jeffery screamed. He didn't mind a few tears, in fact they sort of turned him on, but full fledged wailing and sobbing was another thing. "He screamed, I SAID STOP THE CRYING WHORE."

Brenda was in the full throws of panic. She hadn't even heard him tell her to stop crying. When the leather strap connected with her ass she screamed at the top of her lungs. Two more strokes across that gorgeous white ass followed quickly.

"Arhggggggggggg no please no no more"

Jeffery took a handful of her beautiful auburn hair and putting his lips to her ear he whispered, "You have sixty seconds to stop the wailing or I will start with the belt again. Do you understand?"

Brenda held her breath to stop herself from crying. Jeffery climbed onto the bed and straddled her legs. He reached up and grabbed two hard rubber foam pillows. "Raise your ass up." Brenda did not move. "Raise your ass up or get the leather again." Brenda pushed that fine red ass straight up in the air while Jeffery slid both the pillows under her.

He dumped the contents of the oil bottle on Brendas ass and spread it all over her. His muscular hands moved confidently over her cheeks. He spread her cheeks making sure to lubricate her rosebud throughly. His passion grew as he looked at what lay before him. With his thumbs he began to gently massage Brendas pretty little rosebud. "Jeffery please........don't...." she begged one last time.

He ignored her as he pushed his thumb in to the first knuckle. Brenda gasped and tensed herself preparing for the next advance.

"This will go much easier on you if you relax that muscle." Jeffery told her while adding more oil and easing his thumb the rest of the way into her slick, tight channel. He kept pumping her with his thumb as he slid his free hand around her thigh and cupped her pussy. His fingers quickly found there mark within seconds Brenda was beggining to feel the warmth and the tingleing that always occured when expert fingers found her super sensitive clit.

Without missing a stroke on her clit, Jeffery removed his thumb and replaced it with the wide head of his swollen cock.

"Oh god" she exclaimed. Not so much from pain but more surprise that his bulbus head had slid in with such ease. She expected the slam that would drive her into the headboard and rip her insides apart at any second. But it didn't come, at least not yet.

He continued to caress her swollen clit but his right hand guided his rock hard cock like an artist uses his brush. He moved it first in narrow circles as if he were painting his portrait of pure animalistic lust. Then picking up and then down, side to side and again in widening circles. Brenda fought the urge but she knew it wouldn't be long if Jeffery continued, that she would explode in his hand.

She began to grind her hips unconsiously longing to feel the fullness of a cock in her belly. Jeffery sensed she was ready and drove the length of his steel shaft deep into her bowels.

Now she bellowed with the initial pain that always accompanied a cock in her ass. "Ohhh no no no no jeff...jeffery please."

Jeffery withdrew slowly, but then with renewed energy slammed her beautiful ass three more times in rapid succsession. "Oh god Jeffery......your splitting me in half."
He continued to pump her ass full of his ever swelling cock as he slid two fingers past her clit and into her dripping pussy.

Brenda began that moan that had become so familiar to Jeffery and David this night. That low, almost inaudible at first, gutteral sound coming deep from her primal past and slowly building into a erotic screaming, begging, demanding call to satisfy her.

Her back arched time after time, forceing that gorgeous ass higher and higher in its search for more precious cock. She seemed almost convulsive now as her head flew from side to side and her ass fired back at her assailent in a stuccato fashion not unlike the firing of and automatic weapon.

Jeffery unleashed a gigantic load of cum in her beautiful ass. Brenda felt the hot liquid fill her bowels and screamed in complete ecstacy. Brendas body started a serpent like convulsion that began with her shoulders and ended in her feet. Screaming erotically each time Jeffery pounded another wave of cum into her bowels.

She lay exausted, unable to move...unable to speak. He took a key from the drawer and unlocked the cuffs restraining her. He ran his hands down her gorgeous legs one more time before untying her ankles.

"We're pulling into the hotel dock Mrs. Davis, you'd better get dressed."

David and Jeffery docked the speedboat and threw two ropes over the front and rear tie offs. They left the engine running as their plans were to move down the coast with all possible speed.

Less than five minuets later Brenda appeared at the cabin door. Not a hair out of place and her makeup perfect.

David looked at Jeffery. "Amazing don't you think? Kidnapped, raped, brutilazed and, if I know you at all, sodomized, and five minuets later she comes out looking like a million dollars."

David climbed onto the now deserted dock. He offered Brenda his hand. She took it and stepped over the gunnel onto the dock. She started to walk away but Davis held onto her hand.

Brenda turned to see why. David spoke to Jeffery, "Show her Jeff."

Jeffery walked over to a small black box suspended on a standard next to the captains chair. He reached up and peeled off what appeared to be a small piece of electrical tape to reveal a small, red, flashing light.

"That's a video camara Brenda, there is another one just like it in the cabin. We have everything that happened here tonight on tape. Needless to say we are capable of sending copies to your company, your husband, or just out onto the internet. I strongly urge you to keep our festivities tonight strictly confidential."

Brenda spoke no words, just a defeated, kind of an affirmitive headshake....acceptance of the facts as they exist, and walked the one hundred feet to the hotel door.

Bob was not in the room when she got there, so she knocked on the common door between the rooms to see if Janet was in. There was no answer so Brenda assumed they hadn't gotten back yet. She wasn't ready to deal with other people right away anyway. She got into the shower and stayed there for a good twenty minuets, letting the steaming hot water wash her clean as she contemplated what had happened to her tonight.

When Janet came out of the cabin she was still naked save for shoes. "How long have I been asleep?"

"Long enough for me to rinse the sand off of you, dry you off and put you to bed." Bob said smiling, as he sat naked on the rear boat seat drinking the last of the champagne.

"Where is my suit?" Janet asked with her hands on her hips and in a less than an amused tone.

"Don't worry it's in a very safe place." Bob said.

Janet walked over and stood in front of him.

With her sternest voice Janet started. "This will not happen again Bob. If you think for one moment, that you are so good.....so special, that you can rape me any time you feel like it, you've got another think coming. There are things that I can do.........there are people...............there...there"

Bobs eyes looked her slowly up and down as she went on ranting. They both knew he owned her. She had never known anyone with his bravado, his confidense, his skills. He interupted her in mid rant.

"Janet, you are absolutly the most beautiful, the most elegant, the most desireable creature on the planet."

Janet stopped dead. Her face flushed, her beautiful eyes widened, he had caught her completely off guard. She hesitated just for a moment before stepping between his legs and sinking slowly to her knees. Her eyes stayed fixed on his as she began to kiss his huge hard on. She caressed his cock with her soft, warm lips. She worked her way from the tip of his head to the base of his thick, massive manhood. She licked his balls as she stroked his rock hard cock. Slowly she made her way back to his huge cockhead where she suddenly plunged most of Bobs eight inches down her throat.

She withdrew and without taking her eyes away from his, slowly pushed him all the way into her throat. She moaned as she repeated her thrust again and again for the next ten minuets. She could feel Bob swell even bigger in her mouth as she speeded up, taking the full length of his cock deep into her throat with every stroke. Bob was trying to hold back but his gorgeous whore sister in law was making it impossible.

He felt the burn begin in his balls. Janets moaning got louder and more intense as his first explosion hit the back of her throat. She pulled back and he sent the next wave shooting across her lips and into her anxious mouth. She squeazed his cock giving herself time to swallow before he unleashed yet another massive load of cum. She took wave after wave until she had it all. And then with that gorgeous mouth she cleaned every bit of spunk from his shaft.

She climbed into Bobs lap and wrapped her arms around his head and neck. She tilted his head back and kissed him with all the passion she possesed, and then she looked him in the eyes and said;

"Thats it Bob, no more, after tonight if you rape me again, I'll go to the police. If you choose to give those tapes to the police or put them on the internet I don't care. This has to stop. You do not own me!"

Bob fetched her bathing suit, put his on and started the boat. They didn't speak a word all the way back to Sabastian inlet.

When he docked the boat, he helped Janet out and watched as she walked the sidewalk into the hotel. She was absolutly everything he had told her she was.

"Janet" he yelled to her as she was about to open the hotel door.

She stopped and turned to look at him.

"Yes I do."
Brenda was sleeping when Bob got back to the room. He slipped into bed next to her. She scooted up against him and he layed his arm over her.

"Find many shells?"

"Quite a few nice conch shells, how serious was the fire?"

"Very small, they really didn't need to call me. I think that the chief arson investigator liked the idea of spending most of the night in a lingerie shop asking pretty girls a lot of questions.

They laughed a little and Brenda fell asleep in Bobs arms.


It was five weeks later and Bob was just coming off the road from a five day promotional tour. Brenda was sitting at the breakfast bar. He grabbed her from behind before she had a chance to turn around.

"Hello beautiful. Did you miss me?"

"Just a little" Brenda said with a smile.

"Whats with all the paperwork?"

"I'm in the middle of trying to balance your business account and I have these two checks for $5000 dollars each made out to cash with no notation except for casual labor. I didn't know where to file them, so I looked to see who endorsed them and one is Jeffery Danilson and the other is David Wrangles.What in the world did you do Bob?"

Brenda watched Bobs eyes very closely. She was looking for his tell. When he lied he eyes shifted up and to the left.

"Jeffery and David are the engineers that did the surveying on that 5000 acres just north of the green swamp. Everyone else was quoting over 25 grand to do it because of the alligators and snakes. The only stipulation was that I wrote it off as casual labor so they would not have to claim it on their taxes. So you can file it under survey expense."

His eyes never moved.

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