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The package read MAGIC BODYSUIT-for the perfect look. There was a young woman pictured wearing the suit. It was a opaque red turtle neck and long sleeves. The line was smooth down to her feet. She was wearing a pair of rather high heels to emphasize the sexy curve of her calves and legs

Valerie looked at the picture and said aloud, "She is a model with a perfect body. It won't do the same for me." Valerie was a certain age, 34A-28-36 with some bumps and bruises from being that certain age. She was married to a very horny husband who definitely wanted to fuck her every day.. She had bought a new skirt and accessories to surprise him but needed the bodysuit to smooth things out.

She laid out a short and full red skirt along with a pair of 4 inch high ankle strap heels from a discount shoe store. "I hope that I can walk in these," Valerie said to herself. "They are much higher than any shoes that I have worn since high school."

She opened the package to find a rather flimsy looking almost shapeless piece of what appeared to be nylon. The were also some written instruction on how to put the suit on.

After struggling to get her legs straight, Valerie slowly brought the rest of the bodysuit up. She slid her arms into the sleeves and settled the high turtle neck about her neck. Finished. She put on her new 4 inch high ankle strap heels.

Valerie stood to look at herself in the mirror when she felt the fabric around her legs, waist and breasts tightening. Her breasts were lifted and separated and her waist appeared a little smaller. Her silhouette smoothed and her shape looked 20 years younger. Valerie brought her hands to her breasts and began to fondle them. It felt so good. She then began to pinch her nipples through the fabric. "Oh, I want to really feel my nipples. Karl always wants to suck them." As she said this her left hand moved down to her crotch.. "Karl will have trouble getting in here. Maybe I should help out." She caressed her pussy through the fabric.

After she admired her appearance, Valerie put on the skirt and looked in the mirror. Her skirt was 2 inches above her knees and quite full. She found a very stiff bright red petticoat in her closet that she had forgotten she had. It had never been worn. It was exactly the right length for the skirt. She put on her diamond earrings, and necklace along with her fancy wedding ring. She must have had 50 carats of diamonds on. She then touched up her makeup. The bright red lipstick and dark eye shadow and mascara made her look like what she thought a hooker would look (like just like she wanted). When she looked in the mirror, looking back at her was a 150’s 16 year old girl playing at being a hooker. Her husband would be sure to respond. Valerie looked like her man liked her to look. She felt funny though. She liked how she looked but felt embarrassed by the smutty and dirty thoughts she was having, especially about charging her husband $100 to let his big hard cock fuck her in the back seat of her car.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Valerie was startled but did not move, hoping that whoever it was would go away. Soon, it was quiet. Valerie looked through the shutters and saw a package on the end of the porch. There was no one around so she opened the door and went out. She took 4 steps and as she bent over to pick up the package the door slammed shut and locked. Valerie was locked out

Valerie also saw that the fabric above her waist was quite transparent. Her breasts were exposed and her nipples prominently displayed. “Oh this top is too thin. My nipples look like they are completely exposed.”

Suddenly the fabric of her breasts opened, exposing her nipples . Valerie was aghast. She tried to cover her breasts but for some reason she could not. She could not stay in the front yard so she gingerly walked over to the gate. Each step in those extreme high heels caused her hips and breasts to sway like a slut. The gate was unlatched but stuck. Her husband tried to fix it but was not too successful. Valerie could open the gate by pushing her chest against the wood. She tried to use her shoulder but the gate stayed closed. Finally she pushed with her chest. Her exposed nipples rubbed against the rough wood and were massaged. Valerie felt pain but then arousal. The gate opened. She finally reached the back yard and there was the padded chaise lounge cushion on the patio that she used to sun herself.

She sat down on the edge and then swung her legs around to rest. She could see herself in the reflection of the window. Valerie opened the package.

In it was a leather bound album of photographs. She opened the album to the first page. There was a picture of Valerie in her high school graduation dress. She did not remember that it was as short as the picture showed or the top as low cut. The next picture showed her being french kissed by her sister. Her hand was on Valerie’s breast. Valerie certainly did not remember that. The third picture showed her in the white outfit that happened in 1987. The fourth picture was showing Valerie in that dress lying on the floor with her dress and petticoats pulled up above her waist. Her legs were spread open with her knees bent. Her vagina was open at least two inches with her pink pussy ready. She knew that her husband did not take her picture when she did that. “How did he take that picture? I remember how hard he was and how hot and open I was.‘ I want to be that open for him now.“”

Suddenly there was a gust of wind that pushed her dress and petticoats up above her waist and her legs spread open involuntarily as the crotch of the bodysuit opened up, exposing her suddenly much more youthful appearing vagina. Her hymen was intact! She was a virgin again! Her husband would love that! The red fabric emphasized her pink nipples and labia. She felt something stimulating her clitoris as she tried to move. Every move she made caused Valerie to feel more feminine and sexy, arousing such dirty and slutty thoughts. "Oh wow, K. is going to get to fuck a virgin."

The phone rang inside the house. Valerie lusted to pick it up. The message machine picked the call up. "Hello," came the voice from the phone. It was her husband. "I miss…miss….you," Valerie purred wanting so much to tell him to come home now. "I will be 2 hours late. The boss dropped a project here. Please change our reservations….I love you." The phone went dead.

She was inexplicably excited and yet still very highly aroused even though she was disappointed at the delay, especially since she was stranded outside.. She looked at the next picture. I showed her husband between her legs fucking her. The looks on their faces showed that it was just as her horny husbands cock began to fill Valerie’s unprotected pussy with very fertile sperm. Valerie did not get pregnant that day. Valerie thought that her husband did not take any other pictures that afternoon but she was feeling much too horny to care at that moment. She gripped her nipples as tears began to flow. "Oh…please…I am so….so….HORNY! I want…..want…to….to…I want to FUCK!" She had never used the f word before. She never liked her husband to use it. Now she is feeling so hot. She leaned back on the cushion, her skirt already above her waist , spreading her legs while pinching her nipples. Soon she learned that by opening her legs all the way enhanced her feelings while opening and closing them felt like she was being raped. She began to cry profusely while she pinched her nipples and opened and closed her legs. Her feelings were being pushed to the brink of orgasm. "I WANT DADDY!….OH…….FUCK!!……I want a man in me……..oooo…..mmm…..ah ah….OH FUCK!" Wave after wave of strong sexual feelings out of Valerie. She felt like every man on earth was inside her thrusting and spewing love. Her breasts felt like they were filling up to bursting. Valerie had to keep pinching her nipples to keep the feeling away.

Valerie wanted her husband. She opened her legs as far as she could and begged, "Please come home and fuck me. I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!!!FUCK ME!!!" she screamed.

Just as she said this, she could see in the window across the way her vagina open up and her hymen split as if she were being penetrated. Valerie felt like she was being impaled by an elephant. She gasped as she felt an enormous cock violated her. But she saw nothing. Her fingers pinched her nipples as she felt to sexual feelings rise inside her. Then she felt something enter her virgin butt. It hurt then felt very natural. "Oh, OH my. I love you…..fuck….I….fuck…." She was beginning to lose control of her emotions. "You are too big…It hurts so…….good. I want to be your slut. I want my husband to fuck me. Please, please I WANT DADDY TO FUCK ME!!!!!" She then felt that a large fleshy cock was in her mouth. She began to suck furiously. She could feel her vagina fill with a warm liquid as did her butt. Soon her mouth was filled with cum as she swallowed as fast as possible. Her entire body was convulsing in an orgasm the likes she never had before.

Suddenly she her a voice. "I want to fuck you too." Valerie was startled. She was lying on the chaise lounge cushion, dressed in her sloppy jeans and her old blouse. She remembered that she was cleaning the house and after emptying the trash sat down on the lounge to rest. She had been dreaming. Her husband was holding a bouquet of flowers and a small package. "This package came in the mail for you." He handed it to her and went inside to put the flowers in a vase. Valerie looked at the package. It was from one of the places she had ordered a work bra from but she did not remember ordering anything lately. She opened the package. Inside was a leather bound photo album and a bag that had a attractive woman on the front with the word MAGIC BODYSUIT- for the perfect look……..

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