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Hello, Everyone, here's my first story on this cool site. Thanks for reading and let me know how you like it!


A few months before I met Paula she had her breasts augmented. Even at her relatively young age, her back had borne more than their share of ‘useless weight,’ as she referred to them. I thought the surgery had improved her figure; the DDs were disproportioned to her smallish frame.

Since her ‘liberation,’ she’d been very active with MMA classes and even joined a runner’s club. She loved her new C’s and we enjoyed watching her model her seemingly bottomless (no pun intended) collection of bikinis and under garments.

We’d lounge in her teeny apartment and she would treat us to impromptu fashion shows. She loved to show off her new breasts so most of her showings were lacey, silky and meshy tops. The bottoms didn’t always match the tops, but always complimented her firm bum and well defined legs.

When she got the new gig at the agency she showed off a purple see thru ½ cup bra with boy shorts to match. Later, when she was asked to lead a big project, she celebrated by teasing us with teenie weenie pink lace things.

Sometimes she’d put on a show simply because she wanted to; a girl reserves the right to just…be.

After one such session, when everyone lounged in the kitchen noisily chirped about dinner, Paula and I happened to rummage thru the pantry at the same time. Her long red hair lightly brushed against my face and my heart skipped a beat. I said to her, trying to be casual, ‘hey, I love your new nighties, but guess what, I love your confidence the most.’ She turned her head up and looked into my eyes with a gaze that twirled appreciation, happiness and surprise in a bluish grey ribbon that lassoed my heart.

I think I returned a smile, but who knows, I felt light headed and the world melted away. There were no words exchanged, but, for that moment, I was the happiest guy alive.

You see, she was the head cheerleader and I was the AV nerd, what would she want to do with me?

I quickly took a gulp from my glass and quipped with the gang, ‘what do you think you’re gonna cook with all those drinks in ya, out of the way, let me see what to feed the lot a ye!’

The pantry turned out enough of ingredients for a quick meal. My years in the kitchen taught me that if you had enough garlic and cream you can improvise your way to a pretty decent meal. We dined on chicken linguini with a light cream sauce; garden greens with garlic oil and balsamic vinegar vinaigrette, and for dessert, I whipped cream with left over bread to bake a bread pudding.

The girls chirped and giggled, and the guys couldn’t stop eating long enough to tell me how good it all was.

Isn’t that why we cook?

As the noisy gang tried to clean up the cooking aftermaths Paula handed me a Jamesons and said, good job, chef, and gave me a wink and a smile. That lasso tugged at me again.

She turned back to Katie and I thought I saw her wiggled her bum a little as if to tease me.

Much later that night, when it was just the two of us, she said softly, ‘thanks for dinner. Liam. It’s really nice how you take care of everybody.’ I said, oh, that was nothing, I love doing this, you know me.

Paula cocked her head, the way puppies do, ‘yes, I do know you; you are a really sweet guy.’

‘Aw shucks, lady, you’re making my blush.’ I did my best Hoss from ponderosa.

She gave a little chuckle and moved closer, looking almost a little shy, ‘um, how come you don’t ever try anything with me?’

I wasn’t expecting that, but I knew the answer, ‘because friends don’t let friends hit on each other, right?’

She looked a little put out, ‘yeah, you’re right, you live 3 floors down, we’re in the same classes, we even do groceries on the same day. Plus Katie and them are always around.’

‘I have to be honest, Paula, I’ve never even thought of you that way.’ I had to look away a bit, knowing that was ½ a lie. ‘You are a real good friend, Paula, I just don’t want to ruin this by doing anything more.’ Dammit, I sound like a corny movie!

Paula didn’t seem to notice, she closed her eyes and put her head on my shoulder, ‘ahh, it’s good to be home.’

She switched so quickly, I didn’t know how to react.

After a minute sitting in awkward silence, I tried to look if she fell asleep or just patiently waiting for my response. As I turned, I saw a full view of her tanned and toned legs.

Paula didn’t just do spin classes she owned an actual bike and loved being outdoors in shorts so short they had no legs. I loved watching her driving guys crazy; I had to be the big bat she swings more than once.

As I tried to not think about how those legs felt wrapped around me, her perfect breasts came in view. They were nestled in a purple lace demi-bra. Her nipples were half erect and almost visible thru the white linen shirt that hugged her form.

I gently opened the bottom buttons just to see her firm tummy move as she breathed.

For the first time in my life I felt I knew who Venus was modeled after.

With her eyes still closed, she let out a contented sigh and smiled, ‘I am so ok with this, you know.’

I was like a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar; I was flustered and didn’t know what to say, except, ‘my, what lovely abs you have!’ What a dork, Little Red Riding Hood, really?!

It’s not like I don’t have experience with women, what is wrong with me? Must be all that Jameson’s.

Probably sensing that I wasn’t really myself, Paula sat up and said, ‘it’s late, I’m done.’ I was now really deflated, ‘yeah, good idea. I’m gonna go.’

Paula turned and flashed a sly smirk, ‘no, you’re not. I’m done with the couch but I’m just getting started with you.’

‘Shucks, ma’am, what do you reckon?’ that darn Hoss came out again. I licked my lips to find them dry from not knowing what’s about to happen.

She curled her finger and gave me a come-here, she grabbed me into her arms, unbuttoned the top buttons and kissed me lightly. I was lost in her kisses, tasting her sweet tongue and she mine.

Soon we both were breathing heavily as our hands explored each other’s bodies. Her firm body trembled against my touch. When I hand reached her perfect bum, she giggled a little, ‘ooh, that tickles.’ I kneaded her cheeks like preparing a loaf for the oven. Her giggles turned to moans. ‘HMMMM, Liam. That’s nice.’

I felt her nipples harden in her bra and with one hand I reached up and unclip it. I stood back to watch the purple lace fall. There she was, fit, firm and tanned in her purple thong, and her 34 Cs playing peek-a-boo from under her linen shirt.

She stepped close and whispered, ‘I want to know why the guys call you Subway.’

She led me to her room; I breathed deep to take in the scents of a flower garden. She took my shirt off, gently kissed me all over as she worked her way down to my jeans. My penis did a funny bounce as she pulled it off. She giggled again, ‘ooh, I think now I understand.’

(You see, my last name is Wei, and, thanks for my Irish blood, I am six inches long with a wide girth, like a stuffed sandwich. The day I got that nickname is worthy of a separate story which I will share at another time.)

She kissed me some more while her hands worked her way down to ‘the sandwich.’ She was careful to be not too playful knowing I was on the verge of blowing a wad.

I was about to close my eyes for what’s to come when she got up and slapped me on the ass, ‘Liam, would you mind if we washed the day away first?’

That was a good idea for 3 reasons, 1, I did smell like the kitchen, which I was all too self-conscious about, and 2, it gave me a time out to consider what just happened, and 3, I needed time for my cock to slow down a bit.

She turned on the water and pressed me against the cold wall. The hunger in her eye told me she’s been waiting for this. Her whisper was hoarse, ‘I hope you enjoy this.’ She poured shampoo in her hands and ran them across my body, stopping to pinch my nipples which made my penis bounce with excitement. Her hands worked down to my bum and worked them the way I kneaded hers five minutes ago.

She lowered herself and wrapped her hands around my dick stroking it slowly. Back and forth, back and forth her hands glided along the thick shaft. I moaned with the incredible pleasure.

She looked up and we made eye contact as she took the head in her mouth. Her tongue flicked the slit taking in all that oozing pre-cum. With one hand Paula slow swirled on her clit, with the other she guided more of me between her lips.

Her hands continued the gentle soapy strokes on her clit and my cock. Pretty soon I was at the edge of control and hoarsely whispered, Paula, I wanna cum!’

She didn’t stop sucking and stroking, she simply gave me a wink for permission. She quickened the stroking while squeezing my cock and flicking her tongue at the same time.

I half screamed, ‘Good girl, Paula, good girl!’

I lasted another 10 seconds before blasting a huge load. She took her mouth off, but continued stroking leaving ribbons my manhood on her lips, face and perfect breasts.

I collapsed on the shower floor letting the warm water rejuvenate my body while trying to catch my breath. Then, while sitting at the end of the shower I grabbed her hips and guided her toward my waiting mouth. Paula’s eyes flittered with anticipation. She blushed as I pulled her closer to my grin.

She grabbed her own breasts and gave those pink nipples a hard squeeze. She closed her eyes and flipped her head.

Even under running water, her pussy smelled so much sex. Her legs trembled as she spread them. My hands ran the length of the muscular calves and stopped at where her pubic hair would’ve been. With my thumb, I rubbed her clit lightly and she twitched, I flicked it and she jumped. We were giggling at each other, but I knew what she wanted me to do.

I parted her lips kissed her love bead. Her juices flowed in my mouth and she exhale loudly, hmmm, Liam, that feels so good! I flicked her clit with my tongue and she moaned, Liam, I want you to love me!

I moved my tongue across her pussy and attacked her clit. She moaned louder and louder, hmmmmm, ohhhhh, ahhhh, Yes! Yes! Right there! Her juices flowed down my chin and I reached up to pinch her nipple.

Oh, Liam, that’s it, HMMMMMM, OHHHHH, I love it! Right there! Keep going! I’m cumming!

Sensing that extra smooth liquid coming, I quickened my tongue whilst tickling her clit with my thumb. She grabbed my head as her hips convulsed violently.

OHHHH Liam! OHHHH! OHHHHHH! OOOOOOH! I’m gonna cum all over your face, sweetheart!

‘I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!’ She inhaled thru tightened lips.

For a split second she was perfectly still, then, there was an explosion of musty sex down my tongue and in my mouth. She buries my face to her pussy as her love potion ran down my neck. Her body finally calms after a few more tremors.


Paula was still standing, but needed to hold on to the walls. She was panted heavily, I’ve never gushed like that, thank you!

Where did you learn that, honey, I thought you lived in that kitchen?!


Thanks for reading chapter 1. I went with more romance than just emotionless sex. Let me know what you think!

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