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Learning his place in the scheme of things.

Stephen stood looking in the mirror, he still could not believe what had happened to him, only twelve hours ago his life was perfect, married to a wonderful woman and respected by his wife and her family; but now how could he look any of them in the face. Even worse where would be his new station in the hierarchy of the family be.

Let me retrace the events for you and maybe you could tell him where he stands now. Firstly Stephen was 29 years of age, six foot three tall of athletic build and as he always thought dominant mind set. He was always aware that his larger than average cock could attract women, and so it had proved when he first met and then married Angelina.

Angelina was two years younger than her husband at 27 years of age she was Amazonian in appearance standing five foot ten tall, slim body with large 40 EEE breasts and incredibly the bulk of her height seemed to originate from her long legs. She always kept her cunt shaved as she loved to wear the smallest of bikinis and loved the way her prominent cunt lips always showed through. She laughing referred to them as her Venus fly trap as they always attracted the man meat of men.

The pair had met four years ago and Stephen had become besotted by Angelina, so much so she had him dancing on a string, just to get a view of her cunt in the flesh, so to speak. One thing Stephen was not aware of was the strange relationship between her and her parents, for as an only child she had most definitely been spoilt, but Stephen never suspected that also included in a sexual way.

Stephen’s problem he now faced began in truth on his honeymoon three years ago, he should have suspected something being amiss when he discovered on arrival at the honeymoon hotel his mother and father in law already booked in and to make matters worse they were in the very next room. Trying to make the best of a bad situation he signed in and led his blushing bride up to the room, he wondered if the fact her mum and dad were there was the main reason she had declined his offer of the bridal suite.

They climbed the stairs and after the bell hop had dropped off the cases, took his tip and left, Stephen lifted his bride and carried her over the threshold. This was no mean feat as his bride being almost the same size as himself almost led to him pulling his back. Once inside the room he expected he was about to finally posses his bride’s body, for the year they had courted he had been allowed looks at her cunt lips, or the occasional grope of her tits but had never managed to get inside her knickers to fuck her. Often when out on a date she would allow him to feel her nipple or rub her cunt through her panties but only on the condition he wanked his cock in full view of her and always had to cum in a hankie.

Even worse was to come the last three or four times she had insisted he give her the hankie and on pretext of wiping something from his chin had made sure to press the spunk stains against his lips. She even suggested that he lick his lips straight after. Once he had done so hoping to please her enough to be allowed to at least finger fuck her. He had then to admit to her that the spunk he tasted did not taste nasty but it did taste a little salty and strange.

After that every time they dated he ended up tasting his own spunk, and she always denied him the chance to fuck her saying she was saving herself for her husband. Eventually he had fell for the line and asked her to marry him, still with the spunk stained hankie against his mouth she had said yes and kissed him passionately trapping the hankie between her lips and his. Her tongue forced the wet spunk stained hankie into his mouth and he had no option but to taste fully his own seed.

That same night she had took him home to meet her parents for the third time and prompted him to ask her father for the hand of his daughter in marriage. He had managed to blurt out his desire to marry the man’s daughter and the prospective father in law had agreed provided his wife had no issues with the situation.

Then the strangest thing happened, he was sent into the lounge alone to repeat his request to be allowed to marry Angelina to her mum. As he entered he approached the settee and before him sat the matronly figure of his future mother in law and beside her his beloved future wife Angelina. Once more but this time with a little more confidence he repeated his desire to make an honest woman of Angelina to her mom; whilst his possible bride sat silently.

He was shocked and stunned when Marge, Angelina’s mom, asked “Yes but can you take good care of my little baby?”

Stephen almost spluttered as he announced, “I earn £27,000 per year and have investments totalling £75,000. So yes I think I can take good care of her!”

Marge then really shocked him, “I was not referring to financially, you moron!” she continued in a menacing tone, “I mean sexually, my little baby has frequently told me you wank off into a hankie, is this true?”

Stephen went beet red and stammered, “Yes, but only because Angelina told me she was saving herself for marriage!”

Marge then retorted, “Why would she do that, she has not been a virgin since she was sixteen, so there is nothing to save!”

Poor Stephen did not know where to look, but he noticed a smirk appear on Angelina’s face, and he could barely believe his ears as he heard his future mother in law order him to remove his pants so she could judge if her daughter would be happy with his lot. Suddenly she snapped, “Come on. I am waiting you fucking wimp!”

Angelina added, “You better do as she says or she will call father and he will hold you down while we undress you and then you will be spanked hard!”

Stephen understood the menace in her tone of voice and he reasoned that he would make her pay for this embarrassment later when she would obey him as his wife. So reluctantly he began to undo the belt on his trousers and he dropped them to the floor.

He now stood trousers round his ankles and his boxer shorts on full display to his future mother in law. She suddenly clapped her hands twice loudly and the door opened and in stepped Angelina’s dad. “George, warn Stephen here what will happen to him if he does not do exactly what he is told to do this instant!” Marge demanded.

George now spoke, “It’s simple my boy, firstly you will be grabbed, stripped and spanked and then for good measure, I will fuck your boy pussy so hard and make you swallow my cum. If you think that is bad, then you would have to be fucked by Angelina with her medium sized strap on, the flesh coloured one there on the shelf!” he continued as he pointed to the object he had just mentioned.

Before Stephen could reply, George continued further, “and then you would be fucked by Marge with the big black strap on at the end of that same shelf! And finally have to masturbate yourself off into the glass in the middle of the shelf and after the two ladies have added their piss to the glass, have to drink it down in one or face even further punishment!”

As if to reinforce his words, George stepped forward and menacingly stood close to Stephen. Realising that now with his trousers round his ankles he could hardly run away successfully so he had better do as he was told, closing his eyes he whipped his pants down and his 9 inch cock sprang out. She was even more embarrassed to realise the threat of this violence and rape had cause him to get a semi hard on. Suddenly Marge had his cock in her hand and squeezed it forcefully causing Stephen to wince.

At the same time Angelina grabbed his balls and as her mother released the pressure on his cock, she squeezed tightly on his balls. It seemed the pair had this all planned because without a word being spoken as Angelina released the pressure, Marge reapplied all the pressure.

To Stephen’s surprise and despite the feelings of pain in his cock and balls he saw his cock getting harder and firmer. Marge suddenly broke the silence by saying, “See, My darling daughter, control the cock and you control the man! Show him George!”

In a flash George dropped his trousers and revealed his cock in a cage, the cage looked horrific as it clearly had sharp studs on the inside which pressed into the length of George’s cock and if he ever got a hard on it must have been too painful to contemplate.

George stepped forward as if comparing his slightly smaller cock against Stephen’s. Marge suddenly released Stephen’s cock and produced a small gold key and unlocked a gold padlock beneath George’s cock cage and it slipped from his cock, dragging the sharp studs against the sides of his cock. Stephen almost winced for George as he thought how painful that must have felt.

At single word commands, George knelt beside Stephen and in full view of his wife and daughter he began to suck on Stephen’s still hard cock. Angelina reapplied the pressure on Stephen balls and said, “Tell my dad, wimp, how you want to fill his mouth with your spunk!”

This was blowing Stephen’s mind to think these two women were vying for full control over two men and one of those pairs were father and daughter. He hesitated in responding much to his own concern as not only did Angelina squeeze tighter on his balls but she even twisted and sharply yanked on them almost physically threatening to rip his balls from his body.

With a yelp, Stephen replied, “George I want to fill your heavenly mouth with my hot sticky seed!” only to suddenly feel his arse on fire as the first swish of the cane bit deep into his tender virgin arse. Marge snapped, “He is your father in law and my husband, you fucking queer wimp, you will call him father in law or dad, or you will feel the lash of a further 11 of those!”

Stephen cried out, “Dad, I want to fill your heavenly mouth with my hot sticky seed, please allow me to!”

George never replied as he was already busy sucking for all he was worth on the 9 inch cock and the room was filled with slurping sounds.

A single word of cease from Angelina’s cruel mouth had her own dad, instantly stopping using his mouth and backing away from the saliva covered cock. Another tug on Stephen’s balls had him on his knees and he was ordered to beg George to fuck his mouth. Stephen hesitated a little too long and was rewarded with a second stinging red stripe across his arse.

“Dad, let me taste your cock, please, I so want to return the wonderful feelings you have just given me!” lied Stephen.

Soon the cock was between his lips and he was sucking for all he was worth, hoping any minute to be told enough and then be allowed to get dressed. Stephan had already planned his escape from this; he would leave the house and never see Angelina ever again.

But the word never came and suddenly George’s balls twitched as he announced he was cumming, Marge warned Stephen not to swallow or he would be soundly thrashed with the cane. Spurt after spurt of spunk hit the back of his throat and he did his very best not to swallow.

When the shrinking cock was pulled from his mouth, Stephen was ordered to face Marge and open his mouth showing the mouthful of spunk he had. It was then that he froze as he saw all his actions had been filmed and a laughing Angelina announced that if he tried to leave her the film would not only be posted on the internet but also a copy would be sent to his own parents.

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Learning his place in the scheme of things 2.

Stephen was now allowed to dress with one exception, he was made to wear his future wife’s panties instead of his own underwear; a pair of brief lacy panties which to be honest were a size or two too small but served to constantly remind him, he was wearing women’s panties.

Then in a matter of fact way, he and Angelina, left her parents house while Marge, reviewed the footage of him sucking his future father in law’s cock. Not a single word was spoken until they reached Angelina’s flat where he turned to say good bye when she demanded he enter the flat and go directly to the bedroom and remove everything except his panties.

He contemplated refusing until she took her mobile phone from her handbag and dialled a number, “Hi Mom, Have you prepared the film yet, oh you have good, looks like I may need it sooner than we planned!” Angelina said.

Instantly Stephen, entered the house dreading what may follow. He went straight to Angelina’s bedroom and without checking for her having followed him, he began to undress. Angelina did not follow him immediately, but instead she went to the spare room and ten minutes later she entered the bedroom to see Stephen, nervously waiting her arrival. The Pink lacy panties hardly managing to hide the bulge of his prick, even less so now; he just could not prevent his prick hardening and indicating his arousal.

Angelina smiled to herself, she knew he would come to love being her personal sex slave and cuckold; but even if he did not, what did she care as long as he took care of her financially and she could still enjoy her passions for lots of different cocks, all colours and all sizes.

Angelina ordered him to now remove his panties, whilst she placed the cardboard box she was carrying on the bed; telling him the contents of the box were a present for him for being such a good little cock sucking wanker. She turned back towards Stephen and run her finger nails along his semi hard cock causing it to twitch and jerk. She then made Stephen open his present, carefully he removed the lid of the box and could not believe his eyes, there was several items of clothing and by the looks of things a few toys as well. The items of clothing of course were all female items; the top piece of clothing was a red and black Basque, which she instructed him to put on.

Now Although Stephen liked to think of himself as a man of the world he had no idea how to put on such an item, and was scolded as Angelina had to show him how put it on back to front then fasten all the hooks and eyes before twisting round to the correct position. Angelina slipped her hands into the bottom of the box; rummaged around before bringing out two silicone breast implants and attaching double sided tape to their base, she stuck tem to Stephen’s chest and covered them with the bra of the Basque. Stephen was startled to see his transformation in the full length mirror, for he already began to see a sexy looking female body reflected back to him.

Then next item he took from the box looked to be so weird he had no idea what it could be; until Angelina laughingly told him it was a cock restraint. It looked like a series of straps and had two surprisingly really long straps at the top and bottom. An impatient Angelina snapped that Stephen was fucking useless, and set about putting cock restraint on Stephen’s now rock hard cock; the smaller straps quickly fastened around his cock and hugging it tight, while the top most long strap went around his waist and latched back on to the cock harness holding his prick tight against his stomach, similarly the lower long strap held his cock tight to his body as well.

The final two short straps at the base of the harness; separated and captured his balls tight against his cock. This made them both easier to punish each of his balls separately. Stephen panicked when he saw the large black dildo come out of the box, he instantly knew this was for his arse or boy pussy as Angelina referred to it.

She saw his face and grinned, tapping his ensnared balls she whispered, “No, Dearest, you will need to work up to that size, or it would tear your anal ring in two!” and promptly brought out a much smaller version about one quarter of the size but still equally proportioned; she made Stephen suck it telling him just once he needed to make sure it was well lubricated with his saliva because that was the only lubrication he was getting.

Pressing this against his mouth, he reluctantly opened his lips and made sure to run his wet tongue all over the rubber cock, he thought he would be shocked and revolted by this but he related it to nothing worse than he had been doing to her dad only hours before. Although he did find it more of a turn on as it was black and he could not help but think of it as a black man’s cock; this really did shock him though because he never ever thought of another man’s cock let alone a black man’s tool.

He tried reasoning, that after all the first’s he had gone through today, this was just another although he was beginning to wonder if he was naturally bisexual or was it just because he was ordered to do these things.

Suddenly he was brought back to reality as he felt a searing pain in his arse as the rubber cock was pressed forcefully up causing his anal ring to stretch to accommodate the intrusion. The pain suddenly disappeared and was replaced with a deep sense of being full and horny as hell, except his now fully expanded cock felt painful against its confines of the harness.

Angelina, now produced a pair of black lacy panties and instructed Stephen to put them on and as she did so she produced some self supporting stocking for him to wear too. Finally she produced a little French maid’s uniform for him to wear and made sure to get lots of pictures as he posed this way and that, including up the open leg shots, showing the cock harness and the bulge of the end of the dildo.

When she was finished photographing him, she handed him a blonde short curly wig and told him to wear it. It was at this point she told him she was expecting a visitor and he should attend the pair of them as her maid. She also warned him that he would be severely punished if he embarrassed her or refused to do anything he was told to do. She hinted that his punishment could be anything from getting his arse spanked or being dropped off miles from his own home in just the panties, Basque, and stockings with his hands tied behind his back of course, and hinted of the newest pictures being posted on the internet or sent to his boss.

Stephen was sorely tempted to refuse and demand to be allowed to change and go home but a slap across his face from Angelina stopped him dead in his tracks. She told him his mind and body was hers to control from now on and she would decide when he could go home and what he could wear to do it.

As if to emphasise the point she ordered him to bend over, he suspected she intended to spank him, which he had always enjoyed at boarding School, from fellow pupils as well as staff. So he did so; however that was furthest from her plans, as she gripped the end of the dildo and withdrew it as far as the panties would allow and then suddenly rammed it hard back up him. Stephen screamed from the searing pain, but also noticed his cock twitched and his balls tingled more than he had ever felt before.

This mixture of pain and pleasure seared his brain and intoxicated his thinking, he wanted so much more he forgot about the threats made against him should he refuse any of her commands. He now began to realise that his future was one of servitude to this goddess like creature he called Angelina. His first thought was of the pleasures which would befall him, he never for one instant considered anything else.

Angelina finally broke his concentration, by reminding him that her guest would be here in less than an hour and a half and she had not yet got ready. She commanded Stephen in future whilst dressed like this respond to the name of Stephanie, instead of Stephen and then tossed him the maid’s uniform and told him to put it on and then run a bath for her. She then strode out of the room with an air of authority and went down stairs.

Quickly Stephanie (Stephen) finished dressing and headed off to the bathroom and began running a hot bubble bath for Angelina. When Angelina heard the bath running she returned to the bedroom and selected the items she did not want Stephanie to see. She also took the opportunity to undress and then totally naked she entered the bathroom. Stephanie let out a low whistle as he saw the large firm breasts of Angelina and he marvelled at her shaven protruding cunt lips.

This was suddenly changed though, when Angelina slapped his face and told him never to look upon her body unless told to do so. Instantly a shocked Stephanie stared intently at the floor and backed away from Angelina.

Stephanie was instructed to bathe Angelina but not to touch her breasts or cunt in doing so; he remained looking at the floor except for stolen glances to make sure he had not missed any area of her body with the fragrant soap. Then carefully he rinsed her off and stood waiting to wrap a large fluffy bath sheet around her.

Angelina, snaked out her hand and stroked Stephanie’s arse, he half expected to feel the stinging slap of her hand but instead he felt her gently begin to pull the dildo from his arse, almost till it was fully removed and then just as gently she pushed it back in, repeating this many times. Stephanie (Stephen) began to enjoy the sensation and realised why a lot of women loved the feeling of having their share of anal sex.

The only black spot on the horizon, for Stephanie, was the fact the sensations playing the devil with his cock still trapped in the tight confining harness. His cock felt harder than he could ever remember, and the engorge cock being held so tight in its cock restraint was now threatening to try to burst free. The pain it was generating in his cock and balls; was mixing with pleasure he was feeling in his anal ring and causing his heart to pound and his blood to course at a thousand feet per second through his veins. He almost swooned with the new exotic feeling.

Suddenly Angelina stopped her thrusting and left the bathroom to go dress; once in the bedroom she called out to Stephanie to come here. She hurried into the bedroom and stood to attention. She told him what she wanted to wear and where to find it and watched closely as he retrieved each item in turn. She chose a platform bra to support her large tits but not restrict the access to them, a matching pair of crutch less panties, a button down the front dress and self supporting fiery red stockings.

Now each of the items were laid out, Stephanie was commanded to help Angelina dress and not a moment too soon for almost as Stephanie (Stephen) was fastening the last few buttons did the door bell ring. She was dispatched to go answer it and to lead the guest into the living room but also told clearly that the guest’s wishes and words were to be obeyed as if given by Angelina herself.

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Chapter 3. A cuckold at last.....

Stephanie (Stephen) carefully walked down the stairs, her six inch fuck me heels causing her to totter unsteadily as she tried to adjust to wearing them. As she reached the hallway at the bottom of the stairs, the door bell rang again and she hurried to answer the door.

As soon as she unlatched the door it was forcefully pushed open from the outside, in stepped a six foot tall black guy; he stomped into the hallway before turning to Stephanie and unleashed a tirade of abuse, “you fucking tart! What was the idea keeping me waiting like that? You fucking white piece of cunt! You will regret making me wait, when I fuck you later you horny fucking bitch!”

Angelina hurried downstairs, upon hearing the racket. She apologised to Leroy and promised him that not only would Stephanie be punished but just to show his penance, he would soon be kneeling and sucking the only real man’s cock present.

Stephanie gulped upon hearing this as he realised he would be made to not only reveal the rubber black cock up his arse, but also he now knew he would have to actually suck his first black cock.

Leroy stormed into the living room, before calling Angelina in to him; fearing further retribution, Stephanie thought it best to stand and wait; until he was to be summoned. From where he stood, he could clearly hear what was said in the living room. “You fucking white bitch, you told me he was subservient and would not cause any fucking problems!” he heard Leroy snap.

“Oh Leroy, you know I am your white bitch, and that he is only here to make sure I can afford to be on hand whenever you want to fuck me with your magnificent huge cock!” Angelina cooed.

“Get the fucking wimp faggot in here and he better be a good skilful cock sucker or you and he will feel the full force of my anger!” steamed Leroy.

Suddenly Stephanie was called and instantly entered the living room to find Leroy sat in the centre of the sofa and Angelina stood to one side. “You fucking know why you’re here, you worthless piece of shit, don’t you?” Leroy demanded.

Stephanie staring all the time at the floor simply nodded. Whack Angelina’s hand slapped his cheek, “Answer your master, and remember to use proper respect, if you know what’s good for you!” demanded Angelina.

“Yes, master, I am here to do whatever you and my mistress lover here decides I should do!” Stephanie stuttered.

No sooner were the words out of his mouth, he regretted them, for he felt an even harder slap hit his right cheek as Angelina screamed, “How dare you presume I am your lover! Your wimp of a seven inch cock could never satisfy me compared to my beloved master Leroy’s 12 inches of solid black meat. He has the power in his cock to make me his white bitch, to give me a bastard child which you will lovingly raise as your very own, you worthless cock happy cuckold! Now beg Leroy’s mercy and ask nicely for him to let you see what a real cock looks like!”

Fearing further torture if he refused, Stephanie instantly begged forgiveness from Leroy, saying he was still new to his new station in life but promising to learn quickly and to make both of them proud of him.

Leroy then bellowed, “Shut the fuck up your tart, undress this slut and make sure you do not touch her tits or cunt as you do so!”

Carefully Stephanie (Stephen) undressed Angelina until told to stop; at this stage she was wearing just her platform bra and panties. Then Stephanie was told to remove his own uniform; this was followed by Leroy examining him closely and laughing at his puny cock, which till that day Stephen had been so proud of.

Leroy then spotted the bulge sticking from the rear of the panties Stephanie was wearing and ordered him to remove the panties immediately. He once more scorned Stephanie for having a rubber cock up her boy pussy and remarked that the tiny thing was no match for his real one.

Stephanie was then ordered to kneel before Leroy and slowly remove, Leroy’s thick 12 inch cock from his jeans. With trembling hands Stephanie undid the button and pulled the zip down and eased the jeans down to Leroy’s knee. Directly in front of his eyes he now faced the largest cock hidden by Leroy’s boxers; he could have imagined. Even soft it was still almost twice the length of his cock and almost three times as thick.

Suddenly Leroy spoke, “Hey white pansy, why don’t you take out my cock without using your hands, but beware catch my cock with your teeth and I warn you I will knock your fucking teeth out!”

Carefully Stephanie found the loose area of Leroy’s boxers, and gripping them between his teeth he began to drag the boxers down when suddenly he was almost hit in the face as the large black cock sprang from the lowered boxer shorts. Stephanie could not help but gasp, for now the semi hard cock looked even larger this close.

Following further order’s from Leroy, Stephanie first kissed the cock head and then licked down its length before being made to lick and kiss each ball in Leroy’s bollocks. To Stephanie these balls seemed the size of tennis balls. As he was now paying homage to the clearly superior black man’s cock he never noticed Angelina move behind him and she suddenly grabbed his own balls and with a quick motion she twisted them and pulled them sharply in one movement. Poor Stephanie squealed like a pig, not only from the shock but also the pain of the rapid treatment on his balls.

As Stephanie opened his mouth to squeal, Leroy thrust his large semi hard cock into his mouth and ordered Stephanie to suck it; like the male whore he was. Stephanie found it really hard to breathe with his mouth so full of cock that he almost felt he would pass out but his natural gag reflex came into play and he found he was able to breathe reasonably well through his nose.

Now Leroy was busy fucking his mouth and Stephanie could feel the cock head hitting the back of his throat and there was still almost as much left as there was already in his mouth. Leroy laughed as he told Stephanie, he would have to take it all or he would fetch his bigger brother round and let him pound his boy pussy with his cock which was twice the size and almost three times the thickness of his small cock. Angelina burst out laughing saying, “Yeah Stephanie, Leroy’s brother has a 19 inch cock as thick as a coke can and boy when he cums it feels like a rocket blasting off for outer space.”

Stephanie already panicking about being able to take any more of a cock this size, suddenly almost choked at the thought of his poor arse being ripped open by the larger thicker cock they had just mentioned, he fought every fear in his body, finally managing to relax his throat muscle and taking even more of Leroy’s cock.

For several minutes Leroy fucked Stephanie’s mouth with harder and harder thrusts pushing more and more of the cock meat deep into him. Suddenly he pulled out and snapped at Angelina to remove her panties because he wanted to fuck his bitch’s cunt.

Angelina never hesitated, she simply ripped her panties from her body and lay on the floor before Leroy with her legs spread as wide as she could, she smiled and she begged him to stuff her horny white cunt with that magnificent black meat and give her the fucking she needed.

As Leroy got into position between her legs, he ordered Stephanie to guide his rock hard cock into his future wife’s cunt. No sooner had Stephanie lined up the large black cock than Leroy had buried a third of it up Angelina’s wet cunt.

In between the torrent of abuse, Leroy rained on Angelina about her being a black man’s fuck toy and a slut, a cunt of a whore, he ordered Stephanie to stroke his weedy little excuse of a cock and pointed to an empty glass on the table as the nearest he was going to get to a cunt. Whilst stile taking the massive length of black cock up her cunt, Angelina still managed to offer encouragement to Stephanie as he wanked into the glass, she said, “Oh you poorly endowed little wimp, that’s it wank your matchstick into the glass, show us the only sex you fit for. Just think once you have cum into the glass you can watch a real man fuck a woman as only you can dream of!”

What with those words ringing in his ear and the animalistic grunts coming from Leroy as he now slammed his cock into Stephen’s girlfriend and future wife’s cunt, it was not long before Stephanie (Stephen) was feeling the tell tale tingles in his balls and the sudden rush of his spunk as it travelled along his poor cock and spurted weakly into the glass. This brought jeers of derision from both Angelina and Leroy. Suddenly Leroy lunged forward and grunted he was cumming as his cock spurted jet after thick jet deep into her cunt.

Several minutes later, Leroy grabbed Stephanie’s shoulders and pushed his now limp but spunk covered cock into his face, ordering him to lick it clean. Out of the corner of his eye, Stephanie spotted Angelina laid there exhausted with her legs wide open and her cunt lips stretched so wide he swore he would have been able to see her tonsils from below. Suddenly there he was his lips strangely stretched around a thick black cock as he sucked off the mixed juices of his future wives cunt and her superior lover’s spunk.

His mind whirled and he could not help his weedy little cock becoming hard again, this brought even more howls of laughter from Leroy who suddenly pulled his cock from Stephanie’s mouth and ordered him to wank himself off again; once more into the glass. As he did so Stephanie began to watch the thick white black baby making seed begin to dribble form Angelina’s cunt. Leroy’s eyes followed the direction of his gaze and he suddenly shoved Stephanie’s face into her cunt and ordered him to lick her out and not to swallow any of the spunk, instead when he had a mouthful he was to spit it out into the glass containing his own spunk.

Several mouthfuls later and incidentally two further orgasms from Angelina later, he had cleared all he could find from her cunt and sporting his third rock hard erection of the session he had to endure a rather rough wank from Angelina until he shot the final dribbles into the now half full glass.

Then as a now dressed Leroy watched, Stephanie had to open his mouth and pour the thick white fluid into his mouth before showing both others present and then swallowing. This was repeated until all the spunk in the glass was swallowed by Stephen. Then just before he left, Leroy patted Stephanie’s arse and promised him the fuck of his life at their next meeting as he was going to feel just how it felt to sample the same deep fucking that Angelina had just taken.

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Learning his place in the scheme of things 4.

Stephen stood looking in the mirror, he still could not believe what had happened to him, only twelve hours ago his life was perfect, married to a wonderful woman and respected by his wife and her family; but now how could he look any of them in the face.

Twelve short hours ago and yet it seems like a lifetime right now; not only a lifetime but someone else’s life. Only seventeen hours ago, he had uttered those two immortal words, I DO. Not only did he utter those words but Angelina also vowed to love honour and obey before she too said I DO! Only she did not for she was the loving wife in front of all the guests at the reception; but as those guests dined at Stephen’s expense, so much for the bride’s father paying for the wedding; he caught her making eyes at Leroy, who he had been forced to make his best man.

Even worse he was sure he had heard Angelina talking with her mother, father and Leroy and she definitely told them the address of the hotel where they were to be staying. She had deliberately refused the Bridal suite and chose instead a suite of rooms interconnected by the shared ensuite.

The next three hours had dragged as he longed to take his new wife to their bed and reassert his manhood, figuring that all that had gone before had been a test for his benefit. Eventually it was time for them to leave for their honeymoon night before flying off for two weeks in the West Indies. Again he had reservations about that too; for the accommodation had been sorted out by Leroy and they were staying at his friend’s house in Saint Lucia.

As a blushing Angelina and Stephen ran the gauntlet of the hail of rice as they left the reception, Stephen failed to spot the group of three jumping into another car parked around the side. Stephen opened the chauffeured car door and allowed his new bride to enter, as he was about to enter she asked him to check if the luggage was stored safely in the boot. He quickly checked and did not see the bride tell the driver to take the long way to the hotel. The driver figured it was nerves and as such the bride really wanted to delay the moment she would be giving her virginity to her new groom.

Eventually they arrived at the hotel and he picked up the keys to the suite and escorted by the bell boy they were shown to the room. The bellboy entered the room with the cases and after being well tipped, he retreated; Stephen went to lift his bride and carry her over the threshold but she stopped him dead and told them they may as well begin as she intended them to continue. And she promptly swept him up into her arms and carried him over the threshold.

Slightly embarrassed, Stephen started to say something when a slap across his face reminded him their courtship had been anything but a test, in fact it had been a training exercise. Stunned he had turned and began to remove some of the clothing from the case, when Angelina cooed, “Darling, would you like to fuck your lover now!”

Stephen spun round and was just about to say yes when the dividing door swung open and in stepped Leroy quickly followed by her mum and dad. Leroy laughed at Stephen saying, “Did you really think she meant you, you fucking white piece of shit wimp!”

Angelina quickly pointed to a small holdall and said, “Your clothes are in that bag bitch! Get them on right now!”

Meekly Stephen opened the bag and low and behold his usual apparel for being around Angelina was neatly folded inside. Once more he dressed as a French maid whilst his new wife; was kissing her black lover and his mother in law, Marge and her husband George watched. Leroy as usual offered the same old derogatory remarks designed to humiliate Stephen. Especially when his cock was on show, Leroy blurted out, “Look George and Marge, see what he hoped would satisfy this black man’s whore; how could she be happy with such a tiny cock when she is used to taking over a foot of man meat up her cunt or arse?”

“The only thing he may be good for is sucking a real man’s cock, in preparation for it fucking his hot horny slut of a wife!” Leroy continued.

Marge began to say something but was cut short by Leroy; who demanded that Angelina confirm what she really was. “I am happily a black man’s whore, mother, I love taking black cock the bigger the better and not only that but the more the merrier, so I admit I am a slut for black cock!” Angelina gasped.

By now Stephen had donned his garb of his alter ego, Stephanie; and was ordered to kneel before Leroy. Leroy now gyrated his groin in front of Stephanie’s face before demanding he remove Leroy’s cock and sucks it to a hard state so he could give his wife the first fuck of her married life. Reluctantly and ashamedly he began undoing Leroy’s trousers accompanied by the ribald comments from Leroy and Angelina.

Marge looked on enthralled at the prospect of seeing her first real life black cock and gasped when the black snake reached it maximum length of twelve inches. Leroy turned to Marge and told her to feel it, whilst wimp Stephanie now helped the bride on to the bed still dressed in her bridal gown. With trembling hands Marge had to use both hands to hold the black baby seed delivery tube. She noticed George blushing until she ordered him to hold it for her as she immediately knelt and kissed its charcoal coloured head.

Now Angelina was laid on the bed in her wedding dress and Stephanie was ordered to remove her white lacy panties, as he did so he saw the tell tale stains of cum on them and she laughed as she saw his face. “Yes, my darling weedy husband, Leroy has already fucked me before the ceremony so as I made my promises to you I was already carrying his seed!”

Now Marge was sucking on the head of Leroy’s cock as she held her hands over her husband, George’s, hands and made him stroke the cock as she sucked it. An impatient Angelina snapped, “This is my wedding day, and that’s my black cock you are sucking, mom!”

Reluctantly Marge stopped her sucking and Leroy climbed between Angelina’s legs when Angelina spoke, “Stephanie, beg Leroy to fuck your wife, come on beg him to use that magnificent black cock on my cunt. I want you to beg him to fuck me hard and to shoot that lovely baby making seed deep inside my hot horny and fertile cunt!”

Stephanie did as he was told begging his wife to take the real man’s cock deep inside her hot cunt and for Leroy to fuck her good and make her the vessel for his baby making seed.

Meanwhile Marge whispered to George it was time. George moved up behind Stephanie and pushed him forward so his head was only inches from the black hard cock pounding his new wife’s cunt; then he forced his cock up Stephanie’s boy pussy and while he fucked his new son in law, his wife, wearing a rubber glove on her right hand, began wanking Stephanie’s cock.

In minutes Stephanie’s little cock spurted its white seed all over the blue rubber glove much to the manic laughter of Marge. Suddenly Stephanie felt the red hot splashes of George’s spunk blasting the walls of his boy pussy. At the exact same moment, Angelina was begging Leroy to impregnate her with his bastard baby making seed. She screamed, “Make me pregnant you big black, mother fucking beautiful cocked lover!”

Leroy thrust and held his cock deep inside her as he unleashed his torrent of spunk as she screamed her way through yet another orgasm. Once more Stephanie was made to firstly lick his own spunk from the rubber glove and then he had to lick Leroy’s spunk from his new bride’s gaping cunt.

Leroy and the rest stayed for a further two hours fucking Angelina and punishing and humiliating Stephanie. Four more large loads of baby making seed was deposited in Angelina’s cunt by Leroy, while Stephanie alternated between sucking his father in law’s cock an sucking his mother in law’s cunt. Stephanie was then tied to the bed side while Angelina finally removed her well soiled wedding dress, she held it up and made Stephanie lick the spunk stains and enthusiastically thank Leroy for servicing his wife.

Stephanie was then dressed in the bridal gown and each of the leaving guests kissed her passionately full on the lips. Leroy jokingly mentioned the fun Stephanie would be getting on their real honeymoon as he invited himself to attend Marge’s house later. George scowled but said nothing.

Now standing here I front of the mirror, Stephen reflected on his ruined life, he was now the weak plaything of his mother in law, the sex slut for his father in laws cock and the cuckold of his bride of seventeen hours and an excuse for humiliation from Leroy.

But the main reason his life is in ruins, was he had just heard that Angelina was sure she was pregnant and if not she would soon be for he had learned that the honeymoon in St Lucia had conditions attached. Angelina was to be serviced by the five brothers of Leroy and Stephanie would have to be on hand to assist.

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Learning his place in the scheme of things 5.

Chapter 5… The epitaph.

It was now some twenty four hours after Stephen realised his life was of total servitude to his beloved wife, his will had deserted him and all he longed for now was the chance to make his wife happy and secretly hoping he would be allowed to fuck her just once, to show her how he too could make her climax and to prove she did not need the coloured guys at all.

They had arrived at St Lucia at some ungodly hour in the morning and had been met by the five brothers of Leroy, there was; John, Matthew, Luke, Mark and Joseph; with Leroy being the youngest and the only one back in England. Stephen found out like a lot of the Afro Caribbean families they were religious with a real zeal, hence the son’s being named after the four gospel writers and of course the father of Jesus.

You could clearly see that Leroy was of the same parentage as all the guys looked big and stocky and not the sort to argue with. So they showed Angelina and Stephen out to the waiting vehicle and Stephen was told to load the cases in the back of the twelve seated open sided taxi bus.

By the time he had hauled the three cases into the vehicle the guys had tossed coins and Matthew lost and he was sat in the driver’s seat whilst the other four surrounded Angelina in the first two rows of seats. As Stephen slipped into the front passenger’s seat, he turned to speak to his wife of two days; but Angelina was obviously busy as she already had her tits out and four pairs of black hands were stroking them.

Joseph the oldest brother snapped at Stephen, “Turn around you fucking wimp or you will suffer when we get to the house!”

Instantly Stephen spun around facing the direction of their travel but he could hear the comments about his wife being a black man’s whore and a horny bitch for black cock. Also he could hear the gurgling sounds his wife was making from the skilful fingers tweaking her nipples or worse buried deep in her cunt, these sounds searing them deep into his brain.

Arriving at the secluded house with its own swimming pool, he was ordered to fetch the cases in one at a time. The rest of the party entered the house and as he brought in the first case he saw Matthew on his knees with his head stuck between Angelina’s legs obviously sucking her cunt for all he was worth. He was directed to put his luggage in the first bedroom on the right and to put Angelina’s in the second bedroom on the right upstairs.

He returned to the taxi bus and fetched the second suitcase; when he entered this time his wife’s clothes were laying in tatters on the floor, clearly they had been ripped from her body. Now his wife was on her knees with a large thick black cock buried in her mouth whilst another was pumping into her cunt from behind.

He once more returned to the taxi bus for the third and final case and upon entering this time he saw his wife sat on her haunches, her knees wide apart as a pool of white thick fluid gathered in a pool directly beneath her cunt. It was clear this was dripping from her well fucked cunt and was Spunk, also her face and hair were plastered with the same white fluid where the person fucking her mouth had obviously pulled out and splattered their cum all over her face.

As Stephen started to climb the stairs to put the case away, he was called back and told to lick her face clean. Further threats of what they would do to him if he did not obey quickly followed and he shuddered at the thought of having his bollocks coated in honey and his legs pinned wide open for the sugar spiders to feast on his balls. Having been told that their bite although not lethal was extremely agonising, convince him to obey.

No sooner had he finished licking the cold clammy spunk from her face; he was ordered to lick up the pool of spunk from between her legs and then to lick her cunt clean. An hour later the five coloureds were happy with his efforts so they sent him up stairs to dress as Stephanie, this he knew meant the French maid’s uniform.

He was half way through dressing when Luke arrived; he looked a t the silicone breasts and at the sticky tape which held them in place and he laughed, “In this climate they will not stay in place because the sweat will prevent the stick tape adhering!”

Instead he produced a tube and applied a generous helping on the base of the silicone breasts before pressing them firmly to Stephanie’s chest; he held them there for some twenty minutes before announcing that he had now permanently attached them to his body because the glue he had used was the strongest formula of superglue and would need surgery to remove the silicone now. A shocked Stephanie looked down at her now fixed boobs and almost panicked; in an instant he almost screamed for them to fuck off; and demand that they take them both back to the airport but he did not because he knew he would be in real serious danger if he tried.

Stephen continued to get dressed up as Stephanie and surprisingly found his nature and mood slowly changing as he became Stephanie. Soon she was led back down stairs by Luke who announced, “Look guys a French maid slut called Stephanie, has arrived at long last!”

Stephanie was surrounded by the black men and suddenly was trying to fend off their probing hands, until a hard slap from one of them knocked her sideways, and she stopped struggling. Soon she was down to the Basque and of course the cock restraint. Mark asked how long since he last managed to climax. Stephanie blushed as he replied, “Two weeks before my marriage!”

John then ordered her to remove the restraint, Stephanie looked for permission from Angelina, only to be told that the men here give the orders and his white slut of a wife takes black cocks when told and where she is told to take it. Quickly Stephanie unfastened the straps of the restraint; his aching cock instantly became erect. Luke knelt beside Stephanie and took Stephanie’s cock in his hand as he turned and chided, “I ought to just use two fingers to hold this poor wee cock, and it seems to get lost in my hand. Hey if I stroke it will you shoot or are you so much of a wimp it will only just manage to leak.”

Before Stephanie could answer, he felt a hard finger pressing against his tight anal ring and a stinging sensation in the cheeks of his arse as Matthew ordered him to relax. Now the rough finger entered his boy pussy and he was being fingered hard, his cock jerked and suddenly spurted all over Luke’s hand and some even hit his face. A furious Luke slapped Stephanie’s face and ordered him to lick it off him immediately.

Now Joseph and Mark held Stephanie’s legs as Luke slipped between them and slide his large thick cock into Stephanie’s boy pussy. Luke fucked him like a mad man telling him he was his slut and he was going to be sucking his shit and spunked cock clean before he fucked his slut of a bitch of a wife up the arse too. Suddenly after twenty minutes, Luke unleashed a torrent of abuse as he filled Stephanie’s boy pussy full of spunk and then he pulled straight out and made Stephanie suck him clean.

Before Stephanie could recover, his boy pussy was again full of thick black cock as John now fucked him only this time John gripped Stephanie’s cock tight as he fucked him. Stephanie became aware of Angelina being on her hands and knees close by as she was being fucked up the arse by Luke, who having already cum once found he could last much longer; as Angelina’s climax rose so did the squeals, grunts and groans she was emitting, and suddenly Stephanie found he too needed to pierce the silence with his vocal cries of ecstasy.

One by one the big black cocks fucked the now limp Stephanie and immediately after they took turns at fucking his wife of two days leaving her body covered in love bites and drying spunk. When Matthew finally shot his load up Stephanie’s now stretched and battered anal ring, he pulled out and almost tossed Stephanie aside as he plunged his still rock hard cock into Stephanie’s wide open abused cunt while Mark was fucking her well used arse. Once the two had deposited their loads in her eager holes and Stephanie had been dragged over to suck clean their cocks; they tossed him on top of his wife and suddenly all five black cocks began to release a stream of urine all over the pair, the stream became a absolute torrent as the pair took a golden shower. Both Angelina and Stephanie both wound up with mouthfuls of piss and both were clearly told they were the private urinals to the superior black men.

Ten both were dragged forcefully outside and tied to the fence before being hosed down by the powerful freezing cold jet of the water hose. All five men laughed as the couple tried to get away from the power jets of water.

An hour later in the early evening humid heat of St Lucia, they had just about recovered from there hosing and they were brought back in doors but this time they both had dog collar’s fitted ad were dragged in on the end of a pair of leads. They were then tied to a central balustrade and told that as they were both bitches, they were going to be fucked as such. Stephanie was then pulled over on to his back and held there as strong black hands gripped his legs holding them painfully wide. His cock was then wrapped in cling film and then refastened into the cock harness only this time it was tightened as tight as possible.

Then he was allowed to roll back over on to his hands and knees before he received a severe spanking; while being told that later he was going to be stuffed with spunk. As if to highlight the fact, Luke held out a massive black butt plug. Now one by one, Angelina had to suck the black cocks to erection before they fucked Stephanie’s boy pussy. As each cock filled his arse with spunk and the cock was pulled out the butt plug was inserted and his bloated stomach was massaged making more room for the next cock load.

By the time he had taken four loads, his stomach was cramping as he found the dire need to expel the contents of his anal canal, obviously the butt plug prevented this and he struggled to accept the final thrusting black cock’s load. Now without any hint of gentleness the butt plug was slammed back up his well used anal ring and his arse and lower area was wrapped in cling film to further prevent any spillage.

Now a switch was flicked and he swooned as the vibrator built into the butt plug kicked in and he felt the strong rippling effect on the walls of his arse; he was then unceremoniously dumped on his arse and tied into place as he now had to watch the systematic fucking of his wife, Always the cocks were without a condom and He was told in no uncertain terms that they were impregnating his wife with a black bastard child that he would have to raise as his own and every time he looked at it he would remember the guys who fucked him and his wife so well and so often over the ten days of their honeymoon.

It suddenly hit Stephan that this first day would be repeated every single day and he already knew his wife was approaching her most fertile time so she was sure to be pregnant by the time they were to make their way home. Even worse he still had not fucked his own wife and that prospect now seemed impossible for the foreseeable future.

He watched as his slut of a wife begged to be fucked and even begged to be given the child they referred to, she had a look of sheer lust on her face around those cocks and it was a look he was going to become all too familiar with during the next ten days; although to be honest he too had more than his fair share of black cock to suck and fucking his boy pussy; so much so that he too slowly became a whore for black cock.