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Authors Note: This is the forth in this series, The Taking of Brenda. I have the first three published here also. If you haven't read the first three I would suggest you do prior to this forth effort. This is a continuing story and although all four will stand alone quite well, the reader, I think, will be better able to understand the ongoing character relationship if the first three are read first. I hope you enjoy the read.
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The Taking Of Brenda IV (Janet In Chains)

It was that state of semi consciousness, that nether land between waking and sleeping, when something, real or imagined snaps you back to fully awake. You lie there fearfully quiet so you are able to hear the sound again.........if it occurs. After a while and no recurrence you begin to drift off again.........and then suddenly, and much more definitive, the noise repeats.

Now you know you've heard it, there is no doubt. You look around the room, the noise was so real you are afraid to breath, so you lie there.....waiting......fully alert and waiting.

And there it is. Suddenly...terrifying. "My god it's coming from the bathroom." you think as your blood runs cold. It's the shower running, but it can't be..... you're alone in the house, your husband Jim is away at a fishing tournament and won't be back for days. You shake your head to clear it but the sound remains. Could the shower come on by itself? You force yourself to get out of bed to investigate. As you cautiously approach the bathroom door you feel the warm steam billowing out and covering your body. You always sleep in the nude when Jim is out of town. You'd sleep that way when he was here if he was the slightest bit interested. Slowly you push the door open and step into the bathroom. The sound of the shower is much louder now and the room is filled with steam. For some reason, unknown to even you, you close the door behind you.

It must have somehow come on by itself, you think, as you make your way step by step across the bathroom floor to the shower stall near the rear of this custom built bathroom. Your eyes strain to see the shower stall through the steam. The shower sound is now roaring as the steam opens your pores and you begin to sweat. The stall comes into view.........your hand shoots up to cover your mouth as if you are trying to conceal the gasp that you let out when you realize someone is in the shower stall.

He hasn't seen you.....how could he, with the frosted door and the steam you could barely see him. Your legs are shaking. You move away two steps and realize you have backed into a vinyl

covered bench seat. Your knees buckle and you sit straight down. Your head is swimming, you're afraid to move. What if he sees me? Can I get to the door before he catches me? You're frozen with fear and what you see next strikes even more terror into your heart.

You watch closely as he begins to stroke himself. Your fear turns to mesmerized observation as he slowly and deliberately slides his hands up and down on what appears to be a very large member. You find yourself aroused and wonder why you haven't gotten up to run. You lean back on the vinyl bench. Your naked back touches the cool tile wall behind you. Your long legs are stretched out in front as your hands begin to cup your breast and pleasure your rock hard nipples.

You glance down and see a flat braided leather strap on the bench next to your thigh. You pick it up and press it against you cheek. The smell of leather has always been a major turn on for you and the unfolding events of tonight intensify the feeling. You keep both eyes focused on the man in the shower as you slowly rub the strap over your lips, your neck, down your chest to your breast. You close your eyes and moan as you drag the leather over your nipples.

Suddenly the showers stops. You snap back to reality and once again are frozen with fear as he pulls a towel into the shower that was hung over the door. He begins to towel off and all you can do is sit there terrified knowing that if you move he will hear you. The steam has begun to clear as the shower door swings open. What you see next is indeed the most horrifying moment of your life.

His head is completely covered with a black leather mask. It fits tight like a glove and covers everything about his face and head. He looks at you as he approaches as if he knew you were there all along. You can't speak and you're too scared to try and run. He stops in front of you still fully erect. You can't help but stare at his manhood.

He reaches down and picks the leather strap up from off your lap. He slides his hand into the grip hole on the strap. With his left hand he takes a handful of your hair and pulls you to your feet. He spins you around and pushes you forward so that you have to reach out and put your hands against the wall to keep from falling. His left hand begins to move down your neck, over your shoulders and to your waist. You manage to mouth the word "Please" but no sound comes out.

You feel his eyes move over your body, you think you know what is going to happen, after all you've been here before.

You hear the swish of air and feel the surge of power an instant before the leather strap comes crashing down on your ass. "Oh God" you hear yourself say.

You wake up late the next morning, as usual after having this reoccurring dream, for some reason the dream itself takes as much out of Janet as if it actually happened. Just like always, she runs to the bathroom and checks herself out in the mirror and just like usual, there isn't the slightest mark on her oh so remarkable round ass.

She's had the dream over and over ever since the first time he took her by force. From the sting of the riding crop, to when he strung her up by her wrist and administered her first taste of leather against her naked body, she had been obsessed with the fearful desire for more. She tried to suppress the thoughts, being almost afraid to think them. How could it be, she thought to herself, that this enormous amount of pain could lead to so much pleasure.

She saw the symbolism in her dream, the fear of the unknown, the steam, the masked assailant and finally waking up at the critical time just prior to the continuance of the beating. She wanted it to go further, she needed it to go further, but she also knew she was deathly afraid for it to happen.

Brenda knew nothing of the two times Bob had raped her sister, she was thoroughly happy knowing that Bob had found the secret to happiness in their own marriage. And that secret was that Brenda needed to be taken by force, and the rougher he was with her the higher the thrill. Every weekend was a new adventure and one that Brenda never grew tired of.

One Sunday afternoon Brenda and Janet were sitting by the pool having drinks when Janet mentioned that she had that dream again last night. The two of them discussed their dreams and fantasies freely over the years with Janet usually expressing frustration over the fact that Jim, her husband, had very little interest in sex any more, much less any elaborate fantasies. Brenda was always trying to suggest things that she could do to try and get him interested, but everything Janet tried usually drew a strange look or comment from Jim.

He just wasn't "one of those guys."

When Janet first broached the subject of deriving pleasure from the administration of painful sexual play Brenda became uncommonly pensive. Janet saw the change in her attitude and decided to delve deeper into the subject. She told her sister that the fantasy of her being under someoneís total control and being slapped around, or even beaten was extremely arousing to her. She couldn't, of course, tell Brenda that she had experienced a little of this sort of treatment at the hands of her brother-in-law, Brenda's husband Bob.

At first Brenda was hesitant and tried to avoid the subject, but as Janet pursued the subject it became obvious to her that Janet would not be satisfied until it was thoroughly discussed.

"Bob has stripped me, literally hung me by my wrist, and beat me with a leather strap until I thought I was on fire. He cuts me down and fucks me like a barbarian, rougher and more abusive than you can imagine, and the orgasm I have when he finally lets me cum is the largest and longest lasting I have. It takes me days to recuperate. I dread like the plague the next time he does it.................but god I hope it's soon."

Janet was shocked. She stared at Brenda for what seemed like forever before she was able to speak. ďWhy have you never told me this?" she asked.

"It scares me just to think about it, never mind actually saying the words out loud. When I think about the pain I must endure before I get to the pleasure I am frightened beyond any fear I've ever had in my life. And yet when I focus on the intensity and longevity of my climaxes there is no amount of pain I wouldn't endure to get there."

Janet seemed mesmerized. Her thoughts were back with Bob the first time he raped her. The way he hit her with that riding crop and the feeling that gave her. The terror and the arousal she felt when he slapped her with the whip. It was only three or four strikes, but it was enough.........more than enough to make her focus on the dichotomy.

"I would do it." she blurted out to Brenda. "I would give anything for that kind of satisfaction."

"I wouldn't be so quick Janet." Brenda said cautiously. "It may be more than you would be able to stand, and believe me there are no safe words in that situation. When a man feels the exhilaration that wielding this kind of power has, he is not even able to stop himself. If you ever got in that situation you would see the true meaning of primitive man."

"I would love to find that primitive man.......I'd give anything.....suffer whatever pain I must to get that ecstasy. Oh well, It's all a mute point anyway, I can hardly get him to fuck me much less do anything that outrageous."

They both laughed and Brenda squeezed her sisters hand. "Hang in there kid, better days are coming.............."

A few months passed and Brenda was busy getting ready for the annual Chicago lingerie show. She usually spent the entire week in Chicago, and did most of the buying for the Xmas season. They changed the dates this year and it meant that she would be out of town for Bob's birthday, which didn't thrill her as she always made a big deal and came up with something very exotic for him to plan his assault with. Well, she thought, she would just have to do something extra special this year when she returned home.

A week before she was to leave Brenda ran into Jim at the grocery store. They got into a conversation about his fishing tournaments and how much time he spent away from home on the weekends. he admitted that he knew Janet wasn't happy about it but he was determined to turn pro and that this was the only way he could do it. "Well" Brenda said bluntly, "Janet is getting pretty frustrated Jim, and you need to do something about it."

Jim said he knew she wasn't crazy about him being away so much and that he was thinking about maybe getting her a puppy to keep her company.

Brenda looked at him in disbelief. She always thought of her sister as a nine or maybe even a ten. She was built like nobody's business and had a gorgeous face. And she was married to this guy who thought that a puppy was what she needed to be happy. "I'd probably not surprise her with that Jim."

Brenda and Janet had dinner a couple of nights before she left for Chicago. Janet told her that her dream was coming more often and Jim had less and less interest in her. She told Brenda she was at the point where she was thinking of asking Jim to go to a marriage counselor with her, but like most times in the past when she spoke of being unhappy, he would probably blow it off as it being her time of the month. It seemed now that every time the sisters were together the talk centered around Janet's unhappiness with her sexual situation. Brenda knew this wasn't good for her best friend and decided to take matters in her own hands.

Bob was fogged in at the greater Cincinnati airport the night Brenda had to leave for Chicago. They talked on the phone and Brenda apologized for missing his birthday but assured him that the present she had left for him would be unequaled in their history. Her last words to him were, "Read the email I've sent you, before you open your present."

When Bob finally got back home in Orlando the following night he poured himself a drink. He picked up the long, slender gift wrapped box on the bar and wondered what could be so special that he was required to read her email first. But he had promised to do so and he sat down at his desk and fired up the pc.

"What you are about to read will probably shock you beyond belief. I'm quite sure you would have never imagined my sister would ever have such a wild and provocative fantasy. At first even I found it hard to believe, but she has been relentless in her efforts to try and get me to help her, and frankly I don't know what to do. I've tried to give her suggestions as to how to entice Jim to help her out but she insist he has no interest in this kind of activity, and barely any at all when it come to sex.

I have reprinted her reoccurring dream that she says she has been having now for the past year. She originally sent it to me in an email because she was too embarrassed to talk about it to me in person. She's talking about having an affair or even hiring someone to perform this fantasy with her. I've told her what a terrible idea that would be.....but I have no other answers. I really don't know what to do.

After you read it maybe you can come up with an idea and we can talk about it when I get back...........

"And there it is. Suddenly...terrifying. "My god it's coming from the bathroom." I think as my blood runs cold. It's the shower running, but it can't be..... I'm alone in the house, Jim is away at a fishing tournament and won't be back for days. I shake my head to clear it but the sound remains. Could the shower come on by itself? I force myself to get out of bed to investigate. As I cautiously approach the bathroom door I feel the warm steam billowing out and covering my body. I always sleep in the nude when Jim is out of town. I'd sleep that way when he was here if he were the slightest bit interested. Slowly I push the door open and step into the bathroom. The sound of the shower is much louder now and the room is filled with steam. For some reason, unknown to even me, I close the door behind me.

It must have somehow come on by itself, I think, as I make my way step by step across the bathroom floor to the shower stall near the rear of this custom built bathroom. My eyes strain to see the shower stall through the steam. The shower sound is now roaring as the steam opens my pores and I begin to sweat. The stall comes into view.........my hand shoots up to cover my mouth as if I are trying to conceal the gasp that I let out when I realize someone is in the shower stall.

He hasn't seen me.....how could he, with the frosted door and the steam I could barely see him. My legs are shaking. I move away two steps and realize I have backed into a vinyl

covered bench seat. My knees buckle and I sit straight down. My head is swimming, I'm afraid to move. What if he sees me? Can I get to the door before he catches me? I'm frozen with fear and what I see next strikes even more terror into my heart.

I watch closely as he begins to stroke himself. My fear turns to mesmerized observation as he slowly and deliberately slides his hands up and down on what appears to be a very large member. I find myself aroused and wonder why I haven't gotten up to run. I lean back on the vinyl bench. My naked back touches the cool tile wall behind me. My long legs are stretched out in front as my hands begin to cup my breast and pleasure my rock hard nipples.

I glance down and see a flat braided leather strap on the bench next to my thigh. I pick it up and press it against my cheek. The smell of leather has always been a major turn on for me and the unfolding events of tonight intensify the feeling. I keep both eyes focused on the man in the shower as I slowly rub the strap over my lips, my neck, down my chest to my breast. I close my eyes and moan as I drag the leather over my nipples.

Suddenly the showers stops. I snap back to reality and once again am frozen with fear as he pulls a towel into the shower that was hung over the door. He begins to towel off and all I can do is sit there terrified knowing that if I move he will hear me. The steam has begun to clear as the shower door swings open. What I see next is indeed the most horrifying moment of my life.

His head is completely covered with a black leather mask. It fits tight like a glove and covers everything about his face and head. He looks at me as he approaches as if he knew I were there all along. I can't speak and I'm too scared to try and run. He stops in front of me still fully erect. I can't help but stare at his manhood.

He reaches down and picks the leather strap up from off my lap. He slides his hand into the grip hole on the strap. With his left hand he takes a handful of my hair and pulls me to my feet. He spins me around and pushes me forward so that I have to reach out and put my hands against the wall to keep from falling. His left hand begins to move down my neck, over my shoulders and to my waist. I manage to mouth the word "Please" but no sound comes out.

I feel his eyes move over my body, I think I know what is going to happen, after all I've been here before.

I hear the swish of air and feel the surge of power an instant before the leather strap comes crashing down on my ass. "Oh God" I hear myself scream."

"Happy birthday Bobby....now you can open your present."

Bob wasn't nearly as shocked as Brenda would have thought. He had after all, raped his sister in law twice over the last two years. But still he wondered, why would Brenda ask his advice about such an intimate situation. He poured himself a second Crown and sipped at it as he fidgeted with the wrapping on his birthday present, more preoccupied with his thoughts of Janet's fantasy than with what Brenda had gotten him for his birthday.

He thought back to the first time he took her by force. With her in only her black lace bra and g-string panties, he chained her wrist together and hung her by them while her cut her bra and panties from her body and then gave her a taste of what a razor strap and a cat of nine tales feels like. He sensed then that she felt some sort of arousal from the pain he administered, but he was too anxious to fuck her at the time to probe further.

As he unwrapped his present and opened the box a key fell onto the table. Curious he thought, as he slowly unpeeled the tissue from around the contents of the box. When he saw what he had unwrapped, he truly was shocked.

He held in his hand the leather strap that Janet had described in her fantasy. "Holy christ" he mumbled out loud. He knew immediately what it meant. Brenda wanted him, or at the very least was giving him permission to, fulfill her sister's fantasy.

Did Janet know what Brenda was up to? Was she the instigator of this madness? Does this mean that Janet had revealed to Brenda that Bob had raped her twice in the past? All very intriguing questions, but regardless of the answers Bob still found himself deeply submerged in a jackpot.

He knew on one hand that he would love to fulfill his beautiful sister-in-laws fantasy. He had sensed her arousal with pain from the first time he had her. It was very similar to his wives, which by the way he had never fully explored. But this situation was filled with possible pitfalls. What if Janet was not in on the plan and carried out her threat to expose him and suffer the consequences? Bob didn't think she would risk that, not with the recordings and video that he had of her.

The thoughts of that magnificent creature, chained to her bed, begging for mercy, or screaming for more, was just too much for him to walk away from. He'd do it he decided.....he'd do it tomorrow night.

The next day was Saturday and went agonizingly slow. But the day finally turned into night and he gathered everything he would need and put them all in a leather carry sack. By midnight he had a pretty good buzz on. He ejected the CD in his stereo and tucked it into the carry sack. It was loaded with his favorite blues songs of all time. There was Country Blues and Red House by Jim, Mary had a Little Lamb and Texas Flood by SRV, Claptons Cocaine, Crossroads, and covers of Roberts and on and on. Bob always felt like the blues gave him some kind of extra power. Some magic elixir that allowed him to fuck for hours.

He turned the key quietly in Janetís back door just before one fifteen. Her bedroom was at the other end of the house so there was little chance that she would be awakened by his entrance. The night light from the micro wave gave him enough to see his way to the hall. He moved cautiously through the kitchen and down the hallway. He paused at Janetís open bedroom door and waited several minuets, watching her sleep, or rather to make sure she was asleep. She had only a white sheet pulled over her and it left exposed her long beautiful leg all the way to her hip.

When he was satisfied she was sleeping he set his bag down next to her bed. He had already removed the mask and leather strap. He silently he moved to the master bath only a few feet from Janetís bed. He pulled the bathroom door nearly all the way closed. Inside there was a light that was controlled by a dimmer switch that he adjusted so that there was just enough light to see the see the shower at the back of the huge bathroom.

He stripped down and stuffed his clothes in a cabinet. After putting on the leather mask he climbed in the shower and turned on the water full force. The shower was large enough so that he could have it all the way on hot and stand aside so as not to get scalded. The room began to fill quickly with steam.

Janet awakened with a start. It took her only seconds to realize that she was dreaming again. She pulled the sheet tightly around her and hid her eyes in it. Afraid to move and too scared not to, she slowly pulled the sheet from her naked body and put her feet on the floor. She saw the steam pouring from her bathroom door. She carefully opened the door and stepped inside. The super heated air took her breath at first but she soon adjusted her breathing. She couldn't see two feet in front of her, but it didn't matter she thought, she'd been here so many times. It was just another dream she thought to herself, as she moved cautiously towards the shower stall and the source of the water and steam.

Just as always her hand went involuntarily up to cover her mouth and quiet her gasp when she first saw his outline in the shower. Almost as if it was practiced, she stepped back and when her calves touched the bench she sat down. There he was, once again, this muscled monster.....this intruder, stroking himself, pleasuring himself in a manner so erotic that Janet began to slide her fingers between her tingling thighs.

But just then Janet new there was something different.....something that had not been present in all the dreams that had come before, something that now terrified her more than the man in the shower stall. She realized she was sweating! Her mind began to race. Her frantic fingers rubbed across her upper lip to collect the beads of sweat and hold them in front of her eyes.

"My god.....I'm not dreaming." she whispered just as the shower was turned off. She gasped again as she saw the towel disappear over the shower wall. She watched as he dried himself. She knew he would hear her if she tried to move. She remembered the dream, "God he already knows I'm hear."

The shower door swung open slowly. There he was, just as in her dream. She watched as his familiar form dropped the towel and moved silently towards her. Her eyes went directly you his erection which was still full and even bigger than in her dreams. Her body trembled with fear as he took a hand full of her hair and pulled her to her feet. The intensity from the eyes looking out from that black leather mask terrified her.

He spun her around with such force that she was had to reach out and grab onto the wall to keep from falling. His hands cupped her shoulders. She tried to speak but no words were heard. His strong hands slid down her hot sweaty back to her hips. Janet watched as his right hand picked up the leather strap that had been laid on the bench that she had sat on.

She finally managed to get the words out, "Oh god please no" just as the lightening fast leather connected with her gorgeous hot ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhnoooooooooo" she screamed as he pulled her from the wall and pressed her body hard against his. Without speaking he forced her towards the bathroom door and out into the bedroom. Janet cried out as he shoved her with terrifying force across the room and onto the bed. She landed and tried to push up but he had snatched up his sack and was on top of her before she could move.

The silence was indeed deafening to Janet. She was face down and too afraid to try and look around. The sound of chains soon were heard as he removed a chain from the sack. He was slow and methodical. He had all night and planned to use every bit of it.

Janetís dream had always stopped with her against the bathroom wall and the leather strap raining down on her burning ass. She was afraid to think about what would happen next. She felt his cock harden on her ass as he stretched out her arms and crossed her wrist. She thought about the chain as he carefully wrapped it around her wrist. The sound of the links was the only sound in the room save for her own breathing. The chain looked fresh and new. The links were shiny almost as if they were chrome plated. He wrapped them again and slowly again, each time moving a little further up her forearms, making sure that there was no slack at all left in the chain.

What he did next sent chills through Janet's body. From his sack he pulled a very heavy duty Master lock and ran it through a link on all three wraps. He attached her wrist to the headboard with a second length of chain. Her fear began to take hold of her. "Please.....don't hurt me......I'll....I'll do whatever you want......I don't want to die."

Bob realized at that point that Janet must not have been in on this and that Brenda had set the whole thing on her own. Janet had no idea that it was him.

Bob slid backwards off the bed. He took another chain from his sack and after positioning her ankles next to each other, began to wrap the chain tightly around them.

Again he took three wraps, moving up her gorgeous calves with each wrap and then locking the chain with another huge Master lock.
Janet felt the strangest mix of fear and arousal. She liked the feel of the iron around her ankles and wrist. But her fear was mounting, the fear that comes from not knowing how evil her rapist was. Yes, she knew she was going to be raped, she knew it was now unavoidable and because of all her previous dreams she came quickly to believe it was her destiny.

Bob took the cd from his bag and put it in the Bose system and pushed the repeat button. Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughn came softly from the speakers as he brought the remote with him as he again mounted Janet. Loud music was halfway acceptable in this neighborhood.....a womanís screams were not.

Bob took a bottle of oil from his bag and methodically squirted the contents onto Janetís back. He started at her neck and shoulders and moved rapidly down the small of her back and onto her beautiful ass. The sweet smell of amber filled the room as Bob's hands started at her shoulders. He worked them slowly down her back spreading the oil. His thumbs dug deeply into both sides of her spine as they made their way to the small of her gorgeous back before settling on her fine, round ass.

With his eyes fixed on her perfect ass, his mind flashed back to the first time he raped her. She had just exploded in his hand while she was face down on his massage table with his thumb in her ass and two fingers sliding in and out of her hot, wet pussy.

"He turned her on her stomach and connected her wrist to the headboard.

"Bob no please"

"Shut up whore begging won't stop me, nothing will stop me from giving you what you came here for tonight."

He pulled her to her knees and stretched her tight so that beautiful ass was high in the air and her face on the sheets. He had already primed that fine ass with loads of oil and she began to beg and bargain as he started to slide his cock along the crack in her ass.

"Bob please don't do this, I can't take you in my ass, you'll hurt me Bob please I'm begging you, I'll do anything you ask anytime you ask please just donít sodomize me."

But tonight was different.....tonight she craved the pain, she knew that the pain would lead to incredible pleasure, that's the terrifying truth that Brenda had told her.

"Someday, if you get up the nerve to ask for what you really want, or someone decides to give it to you without you having to ask, you'll find that the intensity of the pain is a small price to pay for the amount of pleasure you will derive." Brenda had told her when last they spoke of her fantasy.

"Well" Janet had remarked, "Someone will have to force it on me.....Iíd never have the nerve to ask Jim for that."

Bob began to rub his cockhead along the crack of Janet's fantastic ass. He moved slowly up and back savoring the touch of her warm ass to his meat. He felt her body tighten as he opened her ass cheeks and pushed his meat between them. His hands were on her shoulders, squeezing and prodding, progressively firmer and firmer.

"Please" she whispered plaintively "please don't do this."

Bob took his massive hard on in his right hand and used it like a hot throbbing tool, rubbing it from her clit to her rosebud. He repeated it slowly again and again. Janet could feel the heat building between her cheeks. She recognized Stevie Rays song "Lenny" playing as he teased her for what seemed hours.

Janet's state of arousal was overshadowed only by the terror she knew was about to rain down on her. Her mind was reeling. She was torn between the fear of the pain and the longing for the pleasure. She could stand it no longer.

"Fuck me damn you.....fuck me now." she heard herself scream.

It's what Bob had been waiting for. He put his cockhead on her asshole and forced it past her ring. "Ohhhh god." Janet cried out. Bob held his position giving her a chance to adjust. Slowly, he began to work his hot throbbing cock into her beautiful ass. His hands were both locked on her ass as he pried and twisted, slowly but deliberately, moving inch after inch of his steel shaft

deeper into her tight ass.
Janet felt his massive presence inside her. She felt more oil as he poured it freely where her aching ass met his rock hard cock. He moved slowly in and out....in and out, until he was sure she could take everything he had to give her.

Janet's pain was intensifying. She moaned loudly as his speed and force grew. Bob was on his knees gazing down at her gorgeous hips and waist as he buried his manhood deep in Janet's bowels. When he reached around Janet's thigh and took her clit between his fingers she cried out in ecstasy. Her pain was beginning to turn to pleasure as she rotated her ass and Bob slipped his grip over the handhold of the leather strap.

There was no need now to grip her hips as she was driving them back at Bob with all the power she could summon. With one hand on her clit and the other gripping the strap Bob waited for just the right moment. He could hear her getting close, he could feel her passion building, he waited patiently as she cried out for more.

Bob felt her body begin to surge. Janetís moaning grew louder and turned into stark screams as Bob brought the leather crashing down on her back. "Ohh god........." she screamed.

He hit her again. "Ohhhhhh jesus..........stop please stop"

She felt the burn of the third stroke between her shoulder blades and thought to herself that she would soon pass out. Again and again he brought the leather down on her each time driving his cock deep into her beautiful ass. He punished her for nearly ten minuets ignoring her screams and finally moving his leather to her fantastic ass.

The first stroke evoked the strangest feeling. It burned and yet she did not fear the next, which Bob brought to her quickly. The next, fully across the meaty part of her ass was exhilarating. She moaned deeply as he hit her ass again and again, each time pushing back at him, trying to get more and more cock inside her.

Bob felt her passion was nearing it's apex and stopped hitting her. "Hit me damn you........HIT ME. Don't you stop.....don't you dare stop."

And he didn't. He beat her ass savagely well into her enormous screaming orgasm. Her entire body shook in ecstasy as the pain and pleasure became one. It seemed to Janet to last forever, but forever wasn't near long enough. She had never felt anything like it in her life. And was keenly aware that she may never again. There were no threats this time from Janet as Bob calmly unlocked her chains. She made no demands that he should "never try anything like this ever again" as she did when he raped her previously. She was quite.....quietly grateful.

When Bob came off of the road three days later the last thing he expected to find when he got home was his wife and his sister-in-law. But there they were. And worse yet they were in the master bedroom, Janet stretched out on the massage table naked and Brenda applying some sort of oil all over Janetís back.

Brenda looked up when he walked in and gave him a look that would kill. "Ever hear of knocking?"

"Not on my own bedroom door." He said as he surveyed the situation.

The mood in the room was not good.Ē Look what you've done to her back." Brenda fired at him venomously.

Bob walked closer. Janet's back looked pretty much like it did when last he saw it. Some welts remained and a couple of places where the skin had actually been broken, not to mention the overall redness that permeated from her shoulders down to and including her ass.

"She looks to me as if she has recently had an enormous orgasm." he said laughing.

"It's not funny Bob, you hurt her.....you hurt her very badly." Brenda said as she rubbed Aloe over her sisters back.

Bob got suddenly very serious. "Did she tell you Brenda? Did she tell you how she screamed for more? Did she tell you how when I stopped hitting her she begged.....strike that, she demanded that I beat her again and again?"

Brenda glanced over at Janet as if to ask if that were true. Janet turned her head away.

Bob charged up and got right in Brenda's space.

"Did she tell you how every time I withdrew from her beautiful round ass, she thrust it back at me with all the force she could muster?"

Again the look to Janet.

"I don't care what you say.......you went too far, entirely too far." Brenda retorted.

And now Bob just inches from Brenda's face whispers softly, "And did she describe her orgasm for you love? Did she describe in seconds? or in minuets? Did she tell you how she has never been where I took her ?"

"You didn't have the right." Brenda screamed furiously.

"I didn't have the right.....I didn't have the right? You gave me the right....it was you who told me her fantasy, it was you who left me her key and the leather. That's right my beautiful, little innocent wife...you gave me the right."

Janet's head snapped around as she pushed herself up off the table. She pulled a towel around herself as she swung those gorgeous legs down off the table. Her gaze went to Brenda.

Brenda's eyes went to the floor. "I'm sorry Jan, I....I thought it was what you wanted. I set the whole thing up, I never dreamed he would be so.....so cruel. I hate what you did to my sister you...you monster."

Bob got a look on his face as if someone had just revealed the winning lottery numbers to him. "Ohhhh Oh I get it Brenda. Sometimes it takes me awhile, but now I get it. You're jealous aren't you? That's it isn't it?"

"Don't be ridiculous Bob, jealous of what?"

"You set your sister up and she got exactly what she wanted. She got to cross that threshold of pain and pleasure, that ultimate threshold that you have never had the nerve to allow yourself to cross. And now that she has revealed to you that it is everything that legend describes, you're envious that she went and you still don't have the courage to try."

Brenda's shock at hearing the truth was evident by the look in her gorgeous green eyes. Bob went to the heavy oak bedroom door and pulled the latch bolt into the lock position.

Brenda heard the harshness of metal against metal. "What are you doing?" No response from Bob as he walked over to his closet. He opened a drawer and removed two chrome plated chains and two master locks. "Bob....what are you doing?"

Janet's eyes widened. She knew what those chains were for.

Bob came face to face with Brenda. "Get undressed" he said coldly.

"What?" Brenda screamed.

"I said take off your clothes.....now."

"I will not, my sister is here Bob....now stop this."

Bob took hold of her blouse and ripped it open. "Bob stop" she cried.

He pulled the blouse down over her shoulders trapping her arms at her side. He bunched the tale end of her blouse in one hand and ripped her bra from her in one instantaneous movement. Her tits were fabulous.

"Bob....you need to stop this....I don't know what you have in mind but you'd better not do this in front of my sister, for gods sake Bob, please....please stop."

He picked up her one hundred and ten pounds and threw her onto the bed. Following her up he ripped off her skirt and panties and straddled her. Brenda tried to hit him but he caught her wrist and gave her a quick slap across the face.

Janet gasped as Brenda began to cry. Bob wrapped the chain around Brenda's wrist and locked them tightly with the master lock. He ran his hands slowly down over her shoulders to her back and then her hot little ass.

"Bob...I don't want this. I don't want this and Janet does not want to see this...I'm begging you to please stop."

"Yes I do." said Janet coldly. "I want to see this whole thing, I want to see him do to you everything you set him up to do to me. I want to see the fear in your face and hear the terror in your voice. And I want to see the look on your face when that leather hits you for the first time."

Brenda was stunned.

Bob quietly wrapped the chrome around Brenda's delicate ankles four times and slid the lock into place.

Brenda's head was at the footboard, her ankles secured to the headboard and her ass elevated with three pillows. Janet had pulled a chair to the end of the bed and taken a seat with only a bath towel draped over her. Bob was in the bathroom.

"Janet help me, do something, talk him out of this please."

"Sorry Sis, you forced me to live out my fantasy, for which I'm eternally grateful I might add, now I'm going to watch you live out yours." Janet said as she hung one leg over the arm of the overstuffed chair and slid her hand under her bath towel.

When Bob came out of the bathroom he was naked, carrying only a bottle of oil and his thick Marine corp. leather belt. He dropped the oil and the belt on the bed next to Brenda and walked over to Janet. She turned in her chair to face him. He was already fully erect. She reached up and kissed the head of his cock.

"Janet don't." Brenda pleaded.

Janet glanced at her sister as she took hold of Bob and slid her lips over his shaft. Janet's warm, wet mouth on his cock was exhilarating, especially with his wife looking on. Janet plunged her gorgeous face down to the base of Bob's cock immediately almost as if to prove to her sister that she was every bit as capable as she. Bob took her head in his hands and fucked her face for a full ten minuets. Janet's orgasm was huge and loud as she pumped her pussy into both of her hands and all ten of her talented fingers.

"Give it to her Bobby, give her what you gave me." Janet purred.

He wasted no time in mounting his gorgeous wife, and with Janet and Brenda face to face he was soon eight inches deep in her dripping, wet love canal. Janet watched intently as the fear in Brenda's face grew. Bob stroked her methodically as he teased and toyed with the leather belt across her shoulders and back. "You want it don't you whore?" he growled as his speed gradually increased.

"No baby please.....please don't hit me. That's not me.....that's not what I want." Brenda cried.

"Yes it is what she wants Bobby....she told me she was afraid of it but she wanted it.....she wanted it just like I did Bobby. Give it to her, give her what she needs Bobby."

He brought the leather belt down on Brenda's firm, round ass. She could feel the congruence instantly. The sting on her soft white flesh and the warmth of his masterful cock deep in her womanhood. He struck her again. "Oh god" she cried out, the head of his cock plunging into her gspot and the heat from the burn on her ass.

With every thrust into his pretty young wifeís sweet, hot pussy she was given another harsh, exhilarating blow to her quivering ass. Bob kept it up until she was drenched in his sweat. Again and again he brought the leather to her ass causing her screams of pain to fade into moans of pleasure. Each stroke and every thrust brought her closer to the apex of her ecstasy.

"Oh my god..........oh god ohhhhh" she cried as she finally erupted in orgasmic euphoria. She drove her hips back impaling herself as deeply as she could wanting....needing to feel the brutality of his rock hard cock for one last instant before she blacked out.

No words were spoken as he dismounted his bride and stood silently in front of Janet. Her eyes drifted to his still fully erect cock. To call the look in her eyes wanton, would be a massive understatement. She raised her eyes to meet his stoic stare.

"Anything you want Bobby............anything at all."

He picked her up in his arms and returned her to her chair upside down. Her long, gorgeous legs were draped over the back and her head hung upside down off the seat of the chair.

He went to his dresser and retrieved a eight inch rubber dildo.

Bob stood in front of her and slid the cock past her opening. He twisted the end to start the vibration. Dropping to his knees, he leaned down and kissed her gently. "I want you hard and fast you magnificent whore."

And with that he plunged his massive cock deep into Janetís throat. Janet gagged horribly and tried to pull her head back but the position he had her in made it impossible. He withdrew and she sucked in a huge breath through her nose just as he drove his hot throbbing meat back down her throat. She gagged a second time and again Bob pulled his cock from her.

She learned quickly. Each time he pulled back she took as large a breath as time permitted. After the seventh or eighth stroke she pretty much had her timing down pat, or Jan as the case may be.

As Bob's speed picked up Janet took hold of the vibrating cock and began to cycle it in and out of her aching pussy. She twisted the end to full vibration as the sound of cock plunging in and out of her throat deadened the noise from the dildo and her own moaning.

She began to feel her ecstasy overtaking her. She wanted to slow it down....she wanted this to last all night, but felt Bob's cock stiffen even more and new he was close. She moved her hands from the rubber cock and threw her arms around Bobís ass. She pulled her legs up and pushed off from the back of the chair, throwing her legs and ass into the air and coming to rest neatly with her steaming womanhood directly in Bob's face. Bob ripped the dildo from her and slammed his face against her pussy.

Brenda awoke just in time to hear her sisters screams of ecstasy and see her husband explode in her sisters throat. His cum wave was enormous. Janet swallowed as much as she could but streams still shot out of both sides of her mouth. He kept pumping until her entire face was dripping with his cum. Her eyes were filled, it was dripping from her nose and her hair was covered in splotches of his cum. Janet took her hands and rubbed it in. All over her face and neck. She licked her fingers as she smiled at first Bob, and then her sister. Bob picked her up and carried her back to the bed and laid her gently next to her sister. He unchained Brenda's wrist and then her ankles and gave her a kiss.

The girls woke up around noon the next morning to the smell of bacon and coffee. Brenda looked at her sister and smiled, "You are such a slut Janet.....you've got dried cum all over your face." They both giggled like school girls.

They stared face to face at each other for thirty seconds or so.

Janet looked deeply into her sisters beautiful green eyes, "You know this isn't going to end here don't you?"

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