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In the family genes 02.

Chapter 2.

As Sasha shrieked; Jim pulled away from his wife's cunt just as a load of Master Rob's spunk dropped onto his chin; he quickly followed the stares of Master Rob and Sasha and physical gulped when he saw his son stood there. It was not until Master Rob spoke that the mother and father spotted that their only son was sporting a stiff six inch cock and even now was still slowly wanking it.

Recovering quicker than the rest Rob ordered Andy to come into the room and have a better look at his slutty mother taking as much cock as she could lay her hands on; he added that he may even get lucky enough for his wimp of a father to suck his cock for him. In a trance almost Andy entered the room and despite her initial attempts to cover up; Sasha could not help but stare at her son's impressive looking cock.

Master Rob instructed Andy to stand perfectly still and then turning to Jim; he ordered him to undress his son. Reluctantly Jim slowly began undressing his son; still well aware of the blob of spunk slowly sliding down his chin. Rob stepped forward and scooped this blob up and instantly pressed the finger against Andy's mouth telling him to lick the finger clean.

Never quite knowing whether he would or would not; but prepared to enforce his superiority on the assumption that like father like son then Andy would not put up a fight. It proved that Master Rob was right on this occasion as Andy snaked out his tongue and tentatively touched the white sticky fluid clinging to Rob's finger; after that Andy devoured the spunk like a hungry man.

No sooner had Jim finished undressing Andy; then Master Rob posed a general question, "Who should I make prepare your Cock; Andy; Should I make daddy suck on his boy baby's cock before making mommy dearest take it up her whore of a cunt; or should mommy suck your cock before you fuck daddy's boy pussy!"

Master Rob had already made up his mind but wanted to tease all present; he noted the look of hunger in both Sasha's and Jim's eyes and the only difficult was whether that hunger was to be fucked or to prepare the cock for the other one to be fucked. He finally declared; "For now; the only cock to fuck this bitch will be mine; so I guess Sasha better suck you in readiness for daddy bear taking an arse pounding!" Then taking hold of Jim's cock; Master Rob squeezed tightly and added; "Even this weedy little fuck stick is no longer allowed up the slut's cunt; so maybe you had better get to feel what fucking another man is all about because for now that and wanking into a glass will be all you are allowed to do!"

Sasha wasted no time in kneeling before her son and taking his cock into her mouth; to the chorus of mummy suck baby's cock harder; coming from Master Rob.

Andy's mother willing agreed and began to suck his full six inches into her mouth and then applying suction as she pulled her head back almost trying to rip the skin of the hard cock slipping in and out of her mouth. Andy Groaned as she sped up her actions until he could not resist any further and began bucking his hips in time with her bobbing head; suddenly Master Rob slapped his arse hard and told Sasha to stop this instant; then Jim was told to carry on where Sasha had just finished.

As Jim began sucking on his only son's cock Master Rob asked, "So little wimp; which cock sucking slut is better at the task; your horny whore of a mother or your cuckold faggot of a father?"

Andy groaned it was hard to tell who was best because they both felt so good but totally different in their ability and technique. "Very well then!" Master Rob announced, I will have to try them and decide for myself which of you three is the better cock sucking slag!" With that he demanded that Jim cease sucking on his son's cock and that Andy now kneel before him and show him his own talent at sucking cock.

Without a single word of protest Andy began sucking on Master Rob's cock whilst Sasha and Jim both knelt either side of their fledgling wimp of a son. After five minutes Master Rob pulled his cock out of Andy's mouth and thrust it in the direction of Jim who immediately continued the rhythm of the blow job; again five minutes later he pulled out of Jim's mouth and ordered Sasha to show her oral talents.

Master Rob thought that Sasha was the best cock sucker there but rather than declare that he simply said that he thought Andy was best; and as a reward he was going to allow him to choose he could either fuck his father's tight boy pussy wearing a condom or he could fuck his mother's mouth bareback but if he chose that one and she swallowed his spunk he would have to take his punishment like a man.

Andy asked, "Am I allowed to ask; what my punishment would be?"

Suddenly Andy regretted not thinking things through for he suddenly felt the hard flat of Rob's hand connecting with the side of his head and a single word uttered by Master Rob, "Respect!"
Quickly a grovelling Andy begged forgiveness and promised never to forget to call Rob; Sir; at least! It also can as a surprise to Master Rob to hear Andy say; "Sir with your permission I would love to put on a condom and fuck my father's boy pussy!"

It was agreed this would be ok as Master Rob suddenly announced that, "In this case then; Sasha would put on her strap on cock and would fuck her own son's boy pussy whilst he fucked his faggot of a father!"

Immediately there was a flurry of activity as Andy donned a condom and Sasha strapped herself into the harness of her big black strap on cock; Master Rob allowed them to use lubrication before Andy slid his six inch cock into his prone father's arse; then whilst Andy held still inside his daddies anal chute; Sasha knelt behind him and pressed the twelve inch black rubber cock against her own son's anal ring.

Slowly but firmly she pressed home inch after inch of the rubber cock as Andy groaned at the mixture of pain and pleasure. At Master Rob's command; Andy reached round in front of his dad and began slowly wanking his cock. Only when Sasha was fully seated home in Andy's well stretched anal ring did Master Rob command then to begin fucking. He laughed out loud as the confusion of who should be thrusting and who should be pulling clearly showed; soon the confusion began to fade away and it now looked like Jim and Sasha were stationary as Andy fucked his dad's arse and on the withdrawal stroke fucked his own arse against the strap on around his mother's waist.

In fact his body was like a shuttlecock between the arse of his own dad and the rubber strap on cock sported by his mother; at Master Rob's insistence all three had to declare verbally how they were feeling and what they wanted. Sasha declared she was hotter than a bonfire in hell and wanted to make her own son shoot his load into the condom his cock wore; she said in this respect it would feel like she was shooting a cock full of spunk into her own husband's arse.

Andy declared he wanted his mother to fuck him hard whilst he stuffed his cock up his old man's shitter; he was as horny as they come but wanted to make his dad's cock spurt before he shot his load into the condom.

Jim just wailed he wanted to be the whore to both his wife and son and would willingly submit to anything their master would demand of them. Suddenly Andy thrust forward and held himself buried to the balls inside his dad's arse; he screamed he was coming as he flooded the condom with hot sticky spunk. Almost at the same time Jim let out a loud groan as his son's fisting of his cock worked its magic and his cock spurted a mass of stringy cum in a spiralling arc pooling on the wooden floor beneath him.

At their master's command Andy peeled off his condom and poured the contents into his mother's open eager mouth whilst Jim was made to lick up his own spilled spunk from the floor without swallowing any and then the mother and father swapped and mingled the spunk from daddy's cock and son's cock in their mouths before being finally allowed to swallow it.

Exhausted the trio lay around on the floor while Master Rob sat in the armchair like a lord ruling over his domain; he happened to spot the picture of a young busty looking girl on the wall and demanded to know who was the girl in the picture; Sasha told him it was the youngest member of the family; her and Jim's daughter; Andy's sister Sandy.

Suddenly Jim became very defensive when asked about his daughter; he said, "I cannot confirm or deny whether she is a virgin; but please Master Rob; I beg of you to leave her out of this; she is still so sweet and innocent!"

Andy suddenly coughed upon hearing this and then with pressure confessed that she was not a virgin and was definitely not sweet and innocent as mum and dad would believe for she had been coming to his room since becoming sixteen and fucking his brains out almost every night.

As rob dressed he gave his instructions for the next week; Mother and father were not to fuck or engage in sex in any way; but both had to log two hours per day watching internet porn. Whilst Andy was told to stop fucking Sandy; he could bring her to the edge of orgasm but had to make sure she did not cum not even once during the next seven days and then on the next Friday night she was to be brought naked and blindfolded to him in the living room.

Andy asked Master Rob for some helpful advice about how to string Sandy along without her going elsewhere to get sex; and Master rob said, "Tell her it is a special experiment that she will just love; she has to undergo seven days of teasing and then blindfolded and horny as hell she would be fucked exciting all her hidden senses and without the use of sight her body would respond so much more intensely."