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Fixing more than intended 03.

Author's note; This story was originally intended as a two chapter tale but numerous requests to see what happened next has led me to write this revisit chapter and if enough people want to see it continue I am happy to write one final weekend together chapter.

Chapter 03 it restarted with deliberate sabotage.

It was almost a month after our last escapade; when Helen contacted me because she said her computer had developed another serious problem; she swore her hard drive had just stopped working and she needed it urgently for some nursing exams.

It only took me five minutes to spot that the hard drive power lead inside the computer had been removed; so obviously without power the hard drive would not work. Helen confessed that she was desperate to see me and it was the only way to ensure I would come.

I asked her why she did not just call me and request I came to see her and she explained that it would imply she had some authority and that she knew was untrue.

As I fastened up the case of the pc; Helen had disappeared off to her bedroom and as she heard me moving around she came out stark naked. Immediately she knelt down before me and opened her legs as wide as she could placed her hands on her head and begged me to do as I saw fit with
her body; she told me that as far as she was concerned I could cut off her tits and she would willingly agree if I simply told her she was my only slut.

I chastised her verbally demanding to know what she thought I was; I demanded to know why she thought I was an uncaring sadist; had I ever shown such barbaric inclinations as to mutilate anything let alone another human being. Helen smiled as I demanded to know this; when I asked why she was smiling she simply said, "I knew I could trust you to play fair and be sensible about things; but I really do want to belong to you; body and soul."

I sat on the sofa and beckoned Helen over to me; without standing up she wobbled over to me and sat back on her heels by my feet; her hands never left her head. Now staring at the floor she waited on my every word; "Helen; you little fuck slut! You cannot seriously want me to be your master, I am nearly twice your age; you need someone your own age!" I calmly said.

"Master Ray, Of course I do want you to take charge of my body; not only that but also to take charge of my life and my thoughts!" She confidently declared, "With your knowledge and experience; can you honestly think of anyone more suitable to be my loving caring master!"

I leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips thanking her for her compliment and confidence in me; she begged me to tell her what to do!

"Helen my horny bitch, Go into your bedroom and take your biggest fuck toy and slip it into your arse and then put on a pair of panties; a blouse and a skirt! If you are serious about giving me control then you will do as I say and I will phone Peter and Janet; if they can get here quick we will have some fun but if they can't then you will have to carry out enough activities to cover for three!" I declared.

Helen asked for permission to get up and go carry out my orders; having agreed; she stood up and disappeared after giving me Peter's phone number. Peter was shocked to receive my call as he did not know I had his number and had no idea that I was with Helen right now. He said, "Master, Janet and I are not together anymore for she just would not accept me after sampling your methods and your superior cock! As far as I am aware; she is with another man now and he treats her like shit; so I am not sure if she will be able to come along; but I will be there as soon as possible; but what am I to wear; Sir?" he asked.

Peter was told what to wear and how I expected him to get to Helen's house and he gave me a contact number for Janet.

I phoned Janet and was a little surprised to hear her answer in the manner she did; for she simply said, "Hello this is your horny slut; what would you like me to do to you tonight; sir?"

She was taken aback by the sound of my voice and she actually burst into tears as she confessed things had not gone well with her since our last meeting and now she was the property of an afro Caribbean called Leroy. Further to this she confided that she hated him but he looked after her needs and in return she was supposed to do for his friends.

I immediately took this to mean she was prostituting herself and Leroy was collecting all the cash; when I pressed her on this matter she admitted it was so and I told her I would fix this if she agreed to take Peter back and become part of my harem. Without hesitation she cried out, "oh yes, yes just tell me what to do!"

I simply asked when Leroy would be round to collect and she pointed out he would be there in fifteen minutes; I told her to wait there for me and if he arrived before I did she was to try to delay him from leaving. Nervously she agreed and asked what I intended to do; to be honest at that moment in time I had no idea what I was going to do; but was trying to think as I spoke. I told her it was better she did not know what I had in mind as then she could not pre warn Leroy.

I suppose desperation being the mother of invention I quickly threw a plan together. I quickly phoned a few old friends one; Rob worked for the home office as an immigration officer and he proved really helpful. He agreed to turn up and assess the situation as to the legal status of Leroy's habitation in England.

Twenty-five minutes later; Rob and I arrived at Janet's house and as we approached her front door Rob whispered to me that I should follow his lead. Knocking on the front door a scared looking Janet answered it and simply stood aside as Rob and I entered.

There stood Leroy a five foot seven heavily built black guy; he snapped "Who the fuck are you?"

Rob suddenly flashed a warrant card in his face and demanded he sit down and answer some questions! Suddenly Rob pulled a mobile phone from his pocket and speed dialled a number. "John get the team together and bring the van to ........ (he gave the address where we were right now) and send the other half the team to!" pausing he turned to Leroy and asked "Your home address is?"

Rob then passed this on to the guy on the phone and ending the call he simply sat down and asked what the relationship was between Leroy and Janet. Having been told by Leroy she was his girlfriend he suddenly snapped; "You fucking worthless piece of shit! Do you really expect me to believe that bollocks! You are her fucking pimp and a poor one at that; I bet you keep all the fucking cash and give her sweet FA!"

Leroy looked flabbergasted and did not know where to look let alone what to say in return! Rob on a roll now carried on, "We have had a dossier on your activities for some months and I think it only fair to tell you that this finally seals your fate; you are looking at either ten years in HM prison or even worse deportation as an undesirable alien!"

The tone of Rob's voice even convinced me he was telling the truth and there really was a dossier; I later found out there was not but Rob declared I know his type and took a gamble on it being about right.
Obviously by Leroy's reaction he had something to hide and this was the starting point of the interview Rob had planned later at a local police station.

Rob turned to me and Said I was no longer needed and I should take this poor woman and get her statement and he would see me later at the office; I was very impressed because at no time had he hinted who I was and Leroy never asked to see my ID; he just accepted that I must be from the same office as Rob as I was with him.

As I drove Janet over to Helen's; I filled her in and asked if she wanted Leroy out of the picture for good and she suddenly burst into tears as she begged me to fix it so she would never have to see Leroy again. I told her she may have to give a statement to Rob but he would ensure it was never discovered that it was her that had given it.

I did turn round to her and say that she owed Rob a good fuck if he sorted this all out for her and she simply said, "Master if you told me to fuck him then I would never disobey you; you know that much!"

I pointed out that she should in all fairness she should give Rob the fuck of his life from her and not because her master told her to; after all I had not told Rob to use his position to help her out I only asked him if he could help. Janet agreed and asked if she could speak to Rob on my mobile phone.

As she spoke I heard her ask him to try to fix it so that Leroy could not bother her again and she would make it up to him; the way she stressed make it up to him left me with no doubt that rob could not pick up on the fact she was offering him the fuck of his life. After a quick exchange of information between Rob and myself I ended the call and the continued to drive on to Helen's.

Upon arriving, Janet was a little dismayed to see Peter already there and asked if I would take her home; I flatly refused and taking her aside I told her that had it not been for Peter's love and care for her that I would never have known about her little problem which Rob was now sorting as we speak. I suggested that I understood about her embarrassment at having to admit to an ex boyfriend that you have made a mistake but that is part of life and she should bear it gracefully.

I sent Janet and Peter into the kitchen to sort themselves out and demanded them both to appear in the living room in ten minutes as friends if nothing else; then turning to Helen I demanded she raise her skirt and show me her panties; her white cotton panties were already showing signs of her obvious arousal and when I ordered her to turn around I could see at least part of the cause of that arousal for making a bulge in the rear of her panties was the end of the large thick vibrator she had buried into her own arse.

"Tell me whore; how long has that been up your arse?" I demanded.

"Master; as instructed I slipped the vibrator up my wanton fuck chute at 6.45 pm and it has been there ever since; so in answer to your question it has been up there nearly an hour now; sir and I would love you to fuck my arse with it as hard as you want to!" Helen humbly replied.

"Have you fucked your arse with it during that time; Bitch and remember I will know if you are lying!" I asked.

Helen went red as she admitted, "Master I could not help it; the thing kept slipping out so before it fell out I had to shove it back up and this happened a few times; but I did not mean to fuck myself with it; I just did not want to fail you and have it fall out!"

I laughed at this as I replied, "You fucking liar; I bet after the first time you had to ram it back up your arse you saw an opportunity to fuck yourself without fear of punishment after all you knew full well I would punish you if the thing had fell out; so on pretence of stopping that happening you have fucked your own arse with this vibrator; isn't that so!"

Helen hung her head as she finally nodded. "I did not hear you? Slut!" I snapped.

"Yes Master; you are right; I did use it as an excuse to fuck myself; I am so sorry and I will never disobey you ever again!" Helen confessed.

"Now tell me; untrustworthy Slag; how many times did you cum; in the last hour; and remember I have your wet panties as evidence that you have cum a great deal!" I taunted her.

"Master; Please do not call me untrustworthy; for I would never willingly go against your wishes; but I have orgasmed three times while waiting for you; but in my own defence that is because I desperately wanted you so much to use the toy on me whilst fucking my horny cunt! My mind just went haywire as it imagined you pounding my cunt as you fucked my arse with this toy." she begged.

I turned and snapped at her that for her lack of self will she will be punished three times over once for each illegal orgasm she had pinched. I also added that her punishment would be normally metered out by me but today because of her scant regard for my wishes she would receive her punishment from three of us so in effect her punishment of six spanks had become eighteen delivered by me; eighteen deliver by Janet and a further eighteen delivered by Peter; making fifty-four spanks in all or she could agree to accept a reduced amount but harder force on her tits which would reduce it by a half or an even harder force applied directly to her clit which would reduce the total by two thirds.

Helen already knew my terminology and for me to offer her a fifty per cent reduction by switching from her arse to her tits would mean her tits would hurt for a day or so; she also knew in that case for me to reduce her punishment by two thirds meant her clit would hurt for a good few days; not wanting to suffer too much she opted for the full fifty four but less harsh spanks on her arse

When Janet and Peter returned to the living room they were all smiles and I turned to Helen and ordered her to tell everyone what her punishment was to be and why she was going to be punished. She cleared her throat and began; "Because I went against my Master's wishes and had three orgasms in my horny fucking cunt; I accept I have to be spanked and my benevolent Master has allowed me to choose from 54 less severe slaps on my arse; 27 harsher slaps on my tits or 18 hardest slaps on my clit. I have opted for the full 54 slaps on my worthless backside so that every time I try to sit I can reflect upon my error in judgement!" Then she added, "Therefore I accept 18 spanks from you Peter; I accept 18 spanks from you too Janet; and I accept willingly my 18 spanks from my beloved Master and I will count them all out allowed and make a solemn promise to try harder in future!"

I ordered Helen to lie down over the edge of the coffee table and invited Janet to deliver the first nine spanks; Whack the first one landed and Helen immediately said, "One; I will try harder to control my horny cunt in future mistress!"

She repeated this for all nine slaps and the switched to master when Peter delivered his first nine; once more she reverted back to mistress as Janet delivered her final nine spanks and once more she called peter her master as he delivered his final nine to her now crimson glowing arse cheeks.

Helen tensed as she awaited the first on my Eighteen swats but I told her not to move or the thirty six she had endured would count for nothing and I pointed out that she was going to watch Janet suck my cock and then watch peter take my load full in the face. I pointed out to her that the cock sucking and facial would have been hers if the horny bitch had not blotted her copy book by orgasming without permission.

I could see an envious Helen gritting her teeth as she watched up close and personal as Janet lovingly sucked my cock and then suddenly at my given signal Janet released my cock and peter wanked me off until I shot load after load into his face. Then Helen watched as I gave Janet permission to suck my cock clean while peter was allowed to scoop up the mess off his face and lick his fingers clean.

Finally I stepped up behind Helen and placed both hands on her still red ass cheeks; they were cooling now and not as hot as they first appeared after the spanking; ordering her to open her legs as wide as she could and then slipping the offending vibrator back up her; only this time her cunt instead of her arse; I took my time in Spanked her for my eighteen slaps; between each one Helen declared, "Thirty seven; thank my beloved benevolent master for correcting the errors of my ways; You're worthless slut begs forgiveness and asks that you still love her?"

Meanwhile between those slaps my hands waited till they felt the heat rise and then smoothed a path down over her anal ring making sure to press my finger tip against it till it began to give and then on till it reached the vibrator sticking from her cunt; there the finger slid in beside her favourite toy before slowly making the return journey and coating her cunt juices over her anal ring.

Helen endured the full onslaught of her spanking with great courage and not a few gasps of delight; as a reward I told her she could either fuck Peter up his arse with a strap on but beware her own vibrator slipping from her cunt with would be punishable; or she could fuck either of Janet's arse or cunt with the same warning or she could be fucked up the arse by Janet and her Strap on whilst Peter fucked her mouth. Helen meekly asked if there was not a third option which involved me to which I replied that if there was I would have mentioned it as an option.

She chose For Janet to fuck her arse whilst peter fucked her mouth and then she stared at me as she saw me slipping a condom over my now fully recovered cock and asked, "What's that for?"

"I am going to fuck Peter's boy pussy!" I declared and she started to say something when a stern glance from me made her change her mind.

So Janet put on the Strap on and Peter stepped forward to slip his cock into Helen's mouth until I warned him that he knew better and he had better put on a condom because Helen's punishment was nothing compared to what he would receive if he shot a load directly into Helen's mouth. After all just because he fucks like a real man does not give him real men's privileges.

Now a condom covered peter's cock was plunging in to Helen's mouth when I stepped up behind him and demanded he tell everyone present what was happening to him and he had better include his feelings too.

With that I began to force my rubber covered cock up his boy pussy and he almost squealed that I was forcing my lovely cock up his back chute; he declared, "I can feel every vein and crease as your beautiful man's cock pushes deeper inside me; I am in agony with the pain it is causing but I want all of you up my boy pussy!" then just as suddenly he gleefully said, "Oh my God! Master Ray I feel like I simply belong on the end of your wonderful cock; the pain has gone and I feel so alive and excited; I want your babies; Master!"

As I fucked him so he fucked Helen's mouth and with great difficulty to start with Janet struggled to find the right rhythm to compliment my pace of fucking peter's arse and his cock sliding into Helen's mouth.

Suddenly Peter groaned and went stiff as his cock spewed forth its seed into the condom; quickly followed by Helen screaming out her own orgasm and finally my own needs erupted deep inside the bowels of Peter's anal chamber; I was feeling really glad I was wearing a condom for now I would simply pull out of his arse and taking his own spunk filled condom pour the contents of both into a bowl and allow slutty Helen to lap it up like the bitch on heat she was.

I glanced at the wall clock it was already 10:30 pm and all exhausted I asked if Peter and Janet were staying the night and Peter regretfully announced that he could not because he had someone coming to collection him at five thirty am. Janet was reluctant to go home because she half expected Leroy to come round or at least one of his mates; so she was going to stay until Helen suggested that she go home with Peter and repair some of the bridges she had burnt previously. I sussed straight away that in fact Helen wanted to be here with me alone for tonight and I smiled at her before adding, "Sounds like a good idea to me; you two go to Peter's house but remember you can tease each other to your heart's content but you will be punished if either of you actually cum without my presence or permission."

After Peter and Janet had left Helen and I went for a shower together and made our way to bed; laid in bed I allowed Helen to ride my cock to her heart's content as long as she always sucked me clean immediately after I came. It was four thirty in the morning before we both finally dropped off to sleep and at six thirty I woke to find Helen once more sucking my cock trying to get just one more fuck in before we both had to leave for work.

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