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1 2 3 go fetish lover.

Jenny McGuire was by all standards a very pretty mid thirties woman who could quite possibly have had her choice of any men; but she had a deep hidden desire which she discovered by accident.

But first let me tell you about her; she stood five six tall slender build with 36C breasts topped off with the most delectable nipples which when fully erect remind most people of organ stops; her long blonde hair down to her shoulders was normally immaculately combed and her deep blue eyes always enticing. Jenny was not yet married and had a string of boyfriends; all of whom baulked at her hidden fantasy passions and it seemed no sooner had she told them what she liked than they would disappear never to return.

You see Jenny loved rubber wear; you know the type of thing; tight figure hugging sheer latex rubber suits with strategic holes cut for pussy and nipples or the type that had the zips over her breasts and cunt areas; but what really set her aside was her love of the rubber masks; always in her wildest dreams the rubber masks had no eye holes and a breathing snorkel for the mouth. She just loved the feel of the rubber against her skin and the almost claustrophobic smell of the sweaty skin encased in the tight rubber.

As I mentioned earlier Jenny discovered this passion by accident; by all things a bright pink pair of marigold gloves. She was busy cleaning the kitchen in her flat when she reached out and grabbed the new pair of marigold gloves intending to clean the waste disposal on her sink; but because her hands were full she gripped the gloves between her teeth; suddenly she nearly fainted; for the rubber smell sent her mind in to rapture; her legs became weak and for no reason she could think of her cunt suddenly began to churn and itch like crazy; without even thinking she began rubbing her hot wet cunt and whilst still smelling the rubber she found herself licking the tips of the gloves as her orgasm ripped through her cunt.

As she calmed down she thought about what had just happened; she was both fearful and yet curious. Had she not just had the biggest and so far best orgasm of her life and she could not think what had caused it to instantly ignite like that.

She dropped everything and dashed off to her bedroom ashamed and yet intrigued to analyse what had just happened. She replayed in her mind the events and suddenly it dawned on her that it triggered as soon as she touched her lips with the rubber gloves; now fearful she was some sort of pervert having orgasms because of a pair of gloves she decided that she needed to find out more.

But first she needed to change her underwear because her panties were sopping wet and her cunt was still leaking its juices; she decided to take a quick shower whilst she thought things through; strange thing was though; she almost dared herself to take the rubber gloves into the shower with her to see if it really was them that had trigger this change in her life.

So armed with the gloves she slipped into the bathroom and instead of simply undressing and getting in the shower she seemed hypnotised by the gloves and decided to put them on and undress wearing them. She removed her blouse and was mesmerized as her bright pink rubber covered hands moved over the buttons; her cunt began to bubble again; then as she released her skirt and watched it float to the floor she could not resist she touched her bare stomach with her right hand still inside the rubber glove and it seemed little electric shocks emanated from the rubber and found their way down to her clit. Those shocks intensified when she removed her bra and rubbed her breast with the rubber covered hands.

Her entire body trembled as she slipped her rubber gloved hand inside her panties and felt for the first time rubber against her clit and cunt; she did not even rub as her second orgasm hit her; she now knew she was hooked and she would explore the fascination of rubber to its logical conclusion.

Reluctantly pulling her gloved hand from inside her panties she dropped the soaking wet item on the floor and stepped into the shower cubicle; without turning on the water she went through the motions of washing her body using the rubber gloves to slide over her skin and wow her skin felt all tingly and glowing.

For over an hour she stroked every part of her body with the rubber covered hands and found that she could intensify the passions when she touched her rock hard nipples or her aching clit but strangely the passions seemed even hotter when she touched her anal ring; something she had learned from her mother was wicked and sinful.

Almost exhausted by her numerous orgasms over the last hour; Jenny roamed round the house naked as the day she was born and placed the rubber gloves under her pillow for later. Now sitting stark naked at her computer she searched for items related to rubber; she soon discovered that putting the word rubber into the search engines only brought back results relating to the manufacture of rubber although in her heightened state she wonder what the feeling of fresh rubber sap would feel like running over her breasts; she imagined it would feel like thick spunk slowly dribbling its way down over her nipples. Several times she had to stop herself before she was back playing with her cunt once more.

She refined her search by inputting rubber wear and was amazed to discover the range of rubber uniforms that were available and at reasonable prices too; she quickly skipped over the box standard uniforms like rubber nurse uniform or the rubber nanny gear; as she looked at the images now appearing on her screen she knew she had found the missing piece of her life. The things she was looking at right now seemed so right for her; she was looking at mummification in rubber bandages and in rubber enclosures; where no skin was exposed even down to no breathing holes; the one which really caught her attention was the ones which had rubber hoses and rubber hose connections over the mouth; eyes; nipples; cunt and anal areas;

Instantly reaching for her credit card she decided to buy one and quickly filled in her height and weight measurements; she chose to buy a 36B breast measurement size and not her normal 36C figuring that this would make it squeeze her tighter all around her tits. She almost baulked at the $187.00 dollars the item cost but she just knew she had to have it even if it meant she did not eat this week. She read the information about caring for the suit and decided to order three bottles of the protective oil shine lubricant and two of the talcum non slip powder she would need to put the suit on with; she also ordered four metres of the rubber hose of the same size to fit the connectors. She could not believe she had just spent $376 dollars on her personal fetish.

After hitting the purchase button she almost panicked; thinking what would her mother say if she suddenly found this rubber suit hanging in her daughter's wardrobe? She could just see her mother now chastising her about her sinful wicked ways and how she should immediately go to church to confess to the father her brush with Satan.

Jenny was horny again just at the thought of this wear being prepared just for her and could not wait for it to arrive; as she imagined not only her wearing it but also the smell of it. She made a promise not to talc the hood as she wanted the raw smell of rubber to invade her nostrils; she simply could not wait and wandered naked back to her bed where she lay on her back; legs wide apart and after retrieving the gloves from under her pillow she put them on and began to stroke her skin.

Now something was missing it did not seem so intense; so she dipped her rubber clad fingers into her melting honey pot of a cunt and went to suck the rubber clean when she found her missing ingredient; she thought I must remember that for me the important thing is the smell and taste of rubber; Soon she was frigging her cunt like her life depended on it whilst having the other glove over her nose and mouth forcing herself to breath in the heady aroma of the rubber; with her mouth open she would run her tongue gently against the rubber and eventually sucked the glove into her mouth to wash it with her saliva.

Once again her body responded with a heavy shaking mind blowing orgasm; she actually squirted her cunt juices like a fountain; again something else she found out about herself; she had never been a squirter before and yet with this rubber contact she was definitely a squirter and she thought it explained why her panties had become so soaking wet.

For the next few days Jenny hurried home from work hoping to find her special package waiting for her but each day she was disappointed. She had almost given up by the seventh day and was about to go back to the company and complain when there was a knock at her front door. Answering the front door she found that Adam her neighbour was stood there with a parcel in his hands; he told her that the postman could not deliver it through her letterbox and he had taken it in for her. Knowing what could possibly be inside the parcel Jenny blushed and hoped that Adam had not got curious and looked.

For what seemed like ages Adam made small talk as she wanted so desperately to shoo him away and for her to go inside and play with her new toy; suddenly she found herself not quite believing what she was sure she had heard; Was Adam inviting her out on a date but not only that was he actually inviting her to a fetish club where people dressed in all kinds of weird wear.

Jenny actually asked Adam to repeat what he had just said and after he did; she was glad she had asked him to repeat it for he had indeed invited her out on a date as such but it was not to a fetish club but the latest club to open in the old part of town. In her hurry to get into the parcel which by the way Adam was still holding; she had misheard the word latest for fetish; again she blushed and asked Adam for her parcel and she would think about his offer and let him know later.

Closing the door; an excited Jenny dashed into the bed room and tossing the parcel on the bed she quickly stripped off her clothes; then carefully she opened her parcel and laid out her suit and the rubber hose on one side of the bed whilst she put the three oils and one of the talc's inside her wardrobe. Then reading the instruction sheet about applying a liberal consistent coating of talc to the inside of the suit she began to put it on. She was glad she had been honest about her weight as the legs were very tight and it felt like she was developing a rubber skin. She suddenly reached the part where the first hose connectors were positioned and thought how strange they looked directly over her cunt and arse; She struggled to get her arms down the sleeves and her entire skin began to tingle.

Now all that remained was the blackout hood and again that proved a little hard to pull over her long blonde hair; instantly with the hood in place she was immersed in darkness; not normal darkness with hints of light peeping through but total darkness like an all encompassing shrouding fog.

Jenny Reached up and peeled back the eye enclosures and was once more bathed in light; she felt glad she had opted for this option as she would have been totally blind without it and could easily have fallen and hurt herself. Now closing the front of her suit up was another major task for her tits always seemed to squash in the wrong place leaving her nipples well away from the desire place behind the hose connectors.

Eventually she managed to slide the zip up to her neck and now taking the first of the hoses she thought for a moment as to where she wanted this to go; suddenly she cursed her lack of forethought. Tomorrow she would have to go back on line and buy the inter connector which allowed all the hoses to connect and it had a dial which would allow only one flow through at a time.

For tonight though she would have to decide if she was going to suck on one of her tits or have the hose go from her arse or cunt to the mouth connection. The way Jenny felt at this moment it was a no contest because she just knew the way her cunt was feeling so hot and horny that she would have to smell that aroma at the very least.

She quickly unsnapped the cover to her cunt and poked her bright red rubber covered finger into the hole and nearly jumped as it slide straight into her soaking cunt; she thought to herself she would have to buy a new ultra slim vibrator or two to fit through these hose connections and she could then have then up her cunt or arse whilst the hoses were connected.

Reluctantly and yet with eager anticipation she withdrew her finger and connected the hose before opening the connection over her mouth; before she connected this end she just had to taste her cunt juice on her new rubber coated finger; after she had done so she licked her lips; she was well pleased with her new toy and quickly snapped the hose into place. Now the unusual thing about the suit was that it allowed you to breathe through a regulator built into the mouth connection but apart from that the suit totally insulated you from sight and sound unless you opened the eye pockets.

Now Jenny climbed on to the free side of the bed and lay flat out and then to complete her transformation she snapped closed the eye ports and was once more immersed into total mind numbing isolation. Deprived of sight and sound and only smells she could detect was her horny cunt; Jenny lost all sense of time; her body though was not inactive; she found herself becoming hornier ad hornier and when she accidentally farted she was blown away by it for it had nowhere to escape and the ripple of the soft rubber up her skin was like being made love to by a snake. Suddenly her cunt erupted sending shot after shot of squirted love juices up the tube connecting her cunt to her mouth and Jenny had no alternative but to swallow her mix of piss and cunt juice.

Two weeks ago the idea of swallowing piss would have had Jenny ranting and raving about how disgusting it was but now confined inside her own rubber world with no option she did it as a matter of course and loved every second of it. Her body quivered and shook as what seemed like a never ending orgasm ripped through her body but in fact she was multiple orgasming; again another first for her.

To be continued.

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Another classic start to what promises to be a fantastic story.

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Another good addition


Brigit Astar
07-11-2010, 11:34 PM
This is quite simply the best fetish story I've ever read. The description is fantastic. It was as if I was right there with her. Great read