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1 2 3 go fetish lover 02.

Jenny lost all track of time in her rubber world and actually fell asleep but when she finally woke up she was bathed in sweat and more than a little disorientated; lazily she pulled open the eye holes and saw it was dark. She struggled to her feet feeling dizzy and unstable; she struggled with the zip and finally eased the pressure on her tits. Slowly she struggled to divest herself of the rubber suit and headed to the bathroom.

She figured even in her hazy state that she would need to work on a way of measuring the time she spent in her new suit. She checked the hall clock and realised she had been inside her rubber tomb, for over three and a half hours. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had enjoyed but she figured her new world was exactly what she needed. Lovingly she washed the inside of her rubber world and even more gently she dried it off before getting into the shower.

She was so sated; she did not even play with herself in the shower; instead she gingerly washed her still swollen cunt lips. Later in bed she slept soundly apart from the haunting dream invading her mind; a dream in which she had all the hose connectors attached and from somewhere a load of spunk dropped into the main tube; slowly sliding down the thick rubber tube before dripping onto her lips; for the first time in four years she swore she could taste spunk although it was clearly a dream.

Next morning before going to work she was on the computer ordering the remaining hoses she wanted. Then just before she left for work Adam rang her door bell; hurriedly she answered and he asked her if she was alright."Why shouldn't I be?" she demanded.

"It's just that last night I knocked and rang but you never answered your door!" he explained.

"Oh right! I had an early night and having taken a sedative I was out like a light; but what did you want?" she answered.

"I need to ask a really big favour! The water company are turning off my water to repair the mains feed to my house; could I please borrow your shower as I have an interview this afternoon?" he pleaded.

"Sure; here take the spare key and make sure you tidy up after yourself!"Jenny demanded.

With that she was out the door and off on her way to work; It was not until lunch that she suddenly panicked; "God have I put my suit away; I hope I did not leave it in the bathroom!" she thought to herself.

Knowing that if she had it would already be too late; so she decided the best course of action was to have a readymade excuse for having such a thing in her house.

Meanwhile at her home Adam let himself in to the house and made his way to the bathroom; quickly undressed he stepped into the shower cubicle; under a hot cascade of water he closed his eyes and immediately began to imagine. Strange thing though for the first time in his life he began to imagine Jenny was present in the shower room and was undressed. Slowly he began stroking his cock as he fantasised about her naked body and the idea of her climbing into the shower with him. Adam gasped as his passions overtook him; his cock stroking quickened and he shot his load up the shower wall imagining that he was shooting over Jenny's face and tits.

After completing his wash he dashed into Jenny's bedroom for a towel and there hanging in the open wardrobe was this rubber latex suit; puzzled he took it down and examined it; he was fascinated for his own passion was leather so he could understand the appeal of such garments. He himself had leather briefs and a collection of leather whips second to none.

Whilst he could understand the fascination he was intrigued by the strategically placed hose connections and he investigated the wardrobe until he found the four hoses that Jenny had bought. One of the hoses seemed to be wet and he sniffed the tube. He was sure it was pussy juice he could smell and instinctively he poked out his tongue and tasted it.

He immediately recognised the tang of piss and the slick feel of cunt juice; he felt wicked and horny at the same time; he knew he was invading her privacy and yet all it did was make his cock hard again.

He decided he would try to find a reason to broach the subject of fetishes and see where it would lead; but in the mean time he was determined to stretch out using her bathroom as long as possible.

That evening he watched for Jenny's return and then he returned to Jenny's house and thanked her for allowing him to use the shower; he lied, "I know it is an inconvenience but they are going to be a few days more before they can turn the water to his house back on so could he keep her key and use it to go to the toilet and use the shower when he needed"

Unaware that Adam had seen her latex suit she agreed without even thinking; Adam smiled as he returned home. Half an hour later Jenny having started to prepare her meal was once more disturbed by the front door bell ringing. She returned to the front door and once more it was Adam; this time in his hands was a tray and a delicious meal for two.

"As a way of saying thank you I have prepared this meal for us to share! If you do not mind!" he offered.

Thinking that saving her cooking would speed up her chance to play with her suit she accepted graciously and they moved into the living room. After the meal Jenny thanked Adam and coyly explained that she needed a shower and was going to take an early night.

Adam collected his dirty pots and plates and was just about to leave when Jenny asked, "Where are you going with those?"

"Home to wash them; why?" he replied.

"How can you wash them if your water is still off!" she chided.

Realising he nearly screwed up he turned and said, "I was not thinking; may I wash them in your kitchen then?"

Jenny laughed and indicated that they would wash them together; she would wash and he could wipe. As they did the dishes Adam casually asked, "So tell me Jenny; if you dare? What turns you on more than anything else?"

Jenny suddenly blushed and asked, "How could you ask that? After all I hardly know you!"

"Yes that maybe so but how can I get to know you better in a short time without asking?" he replied, "If it makes it easier I will go first and if I offend I will go home and you will not hear from me again!"

Jenny looked down at the floor and nodded her head; after prompting from Adam she said, "Very well; you go first!"

"I love the feel of leather against my skin and to be honest I have several leather whips which I simply love to stroke my skin with!" he commented." Now your turn!" he said.

"Oh I like lots of things; there is not anything which is really special to me!" she lied.

"Oh Come now; I am sure there is something that turns you on above anything else; look here is a challenge for you; if you are being truthful then I will take you over to my home and allow you to use one of my leather whips on my naked butt; however if you are not telling the truth and I find something kinky of yours then I have the right to make you wear it in front of me tonight!" he teased.

Realising her quick response had now trapped her she tried putting it off by saying, "but that is silly I have no desire to whip your butt naked or otherwise"

"Well if you are telling the truth you have no fear of failing so look on it as a chance to take your revenge on my body representing any man who has pissed you off!" he teased further.

Knowing that to refuse his offer would now only fan the flames of intrigue further she suddenly said, "Very well it is a deal! But how are you going to prove I am lying!"

"I know you are lying because you strike me as a very horny young lady who would love the challenge of something a little perverted like latex rubber; and I think it is wonderful for you to try it out!" He confessed.

Jenny blushed bright red and faltered in any reply; suddenly Adam walked out of the kitchen and she heard him climbing the stairs; then with the sound of his feet coming back down stairs she was confronted by him holding her rubber suit!

She started to try to splutter an explanation but it all sounded gibberish. Now Adam demanded, "Is this or is this not your property?"

Knowing it was useless to deny it Jenny simply nodded; "Very Well then I suggest you strip off and put this on for me now!" Adam demanded.

"No I couldn't; I really couldn't!" She protested.

"Oh but you can and you will after all you accepted our little wager!" Adam pointed out.

"No I mean I could not put that on right now as it needs talcum powder spreading inside it to help stop it sticking to your skin as you put it on!" she explained.

"Well go fetch the stuff then! I assume you have some around here!" he responded.

Reluctantly and yet excitedly she dashed off to the bedroom and returned quickly with the talc. Adam was now sat on her sofa as she entered the room and he refused to allow her to go put on the suit in another room; explaining the deal was she would put it on right there and then in front of him.

Jenny simply opened the talc bottle and doused the inside of the body suit with a liberal coating of talc; then with an almost resigned expression she began to remove her clothes; For Adam this something he had waited for; for the seven years he had lived opposite Jenny and to be truthful he had thought would never ever happen; and yet here she was his idyllic beauty beginning to undress just for him.

He unashamedly ogled her tits as she revealed them from inside her blouse and bra; he marvelled at her smooth skin; her Sexy looking long legs and was a little shocked to find she actually shaved her cunt. Being a sort of a gentleman he helped Jenny into the leggings of the suit but only so he could touch her cunt and tits as if by accident.

Jenny opened the eye ports as she slipped on the hood and then struggled to zip up the front of her suit; she was hotter than ever; her cunt was on fire and she figured this was the way it was meant to be her dressing up in front of a horny man admiring her encasing her body in sheer latex; at the back of her mind she thought; well it will be just the once because like all the other fucking men in my life he will disappear after tonight.

Adam told Jenny to lie on the coffee table but she kept raising her hand to her ear indicating she could not hear a word he said; so he grabbed a piece of paper and wrote his instructions down for her to read; basically those instructions were to lie on the coffee table and he would take care of the rest.

Something about tonight seemed so right and that made it much more exciting and hornier for Jenny although to be honest the stiff prick in Adam's trousers said it was a horny experience for him too.

No sooner had she lay on the coffee table than Adam close her eye ports and began positioning her legs in this way and her arms in that; then he opened one of her nipple connection holes and began licking her nipple that was exposed; Jenny's groans of passion could not be heard by Adam but to herself they sounded like screams through a loud hailer.

Also her cunt throbbed like it was about to burst; adding to her need to cum soon; then just as suddenly the tongue was gone and the nipple covered up again; she lay there wondering what was happening when suddenly her mouth connector hole was opened and she felt the soft velvet head of his cock pressing against her lips; she was already sweating so her face was wet with that and she never expected what happened next for The cock touching her lips was gone and the hole closed when her nipple hole was opened again and she felt the semi hard cock pressed against her tit flesh; her mind was working overtime as she wondered what he had planned; she was soon to find out as he unleashed a torrent of piss into the inside of her suit and as soon as it stopped; the cock was gone and the hole closed.

Jenny felt the warm piss moving around between her skin and the soft latex skin of the suit and as time went on she felt the piss become cool and then cold but the thing was her own cunt was pouring out loads of juice as she squirted through her first orgasm of the night. she imagined in her mind's eye that her latex suit was like a water bottle and now she bulged with the liquid around her waist; when her mouth hole opened again and the same cock was pressed against her lips once more; this time she managed to open her mouth enough to allow it to enter ad she was now sucking cock while encased from head to toe in latex rubber; her mind went into orbit and another orgasm broke forth.

Now Adam began fucking her mouth with stronger strokes and she knew before long she would be rewarded with a face full of spunk; in fact he had barely just managed to pull his cock out of her mouth when he erupted into the connector hole and flooded it with his white seed.

Then instead of closing the hole he attached one of the hoses and the felt his hands roaming all over her body until they came to rest on her cunt connection hole. Firstly lifting her feet high in the air; Adam made the liquid from her cunt now mixed with his piss; flow towards her head and he then popped open the cunt hole connection and attached the other end of the hose to it.

Now he made Jenny stand up and watched as the swelling signs of the latex suddenly flowed to her feet. It was then Adam saw the anal connection point and he undid this and probed her anal ring with his finger. Poor Jenny was like a quivering wreck as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body and she squirted so much fluid that she felt she was likely to drowned in her own juices.

After what seemed like hours she was led blind up her stairs and into her bathroom where she was helped into the bath and Adam then unzipped her suit; the smell of stale piss and sweat hung over her body as the fluid all ran away down the bath plughole. Then after the hood was removed she was told to clean up the suit then join Adam in the shower cubicle for her reward for being so accommodating.

Jenny washed and dried the suite and quickly stepped into the shower seeing for the first time the impressive eight inches of Adam; she lovingly stroked it until he turned her round and pushed her against the wall; stepping between her legs he slowly fed his hard cock up her arse and when she had adjusted to it being there he began to fuck her at his leisure.

For Jenny this was an anticlimax because it did not feel as sexual outside the suit and she wished he had done this to her whilst she still wore the suit; for now though Adam was only interested in taking his pleasure although when he shot his load up her arse he whispered in her ear that it was his turn for the fetish treatment tomorrow at his home and she could wear her latex if she wanted but he would be her slave for the night.

After that he allowed her to shower and clean up before he kissed her goodnight until their next liaison.

Brigit Astar
07-18-2010, 08:18 PM
This is one of the most original stories I've ever read. Once again, your characterization, dialogue, and description make the story come alive and be "real." As offbeat as it is, it is believable because you make the characters seem so real. Dialogue is a big part of this story, and you have handled it in such a way that I could actually hear and see the characters through what they said and thought.