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A Cock Slut Just Can't Get Enough.

Tom French and his wife Abbey; had a rather open approach to their marriage; seventeen years ago when they planned their wedding they had set down a few ground rules; it was mainly at Abbey's insistence though. She had discovered that Tom loved the idea of his fiancée being used and then allowing him to either eat her out or to fuck her well filled cunt.

The main ground rule they both willingly accepted was that she could fuck who she liked as long as she always shared the experience with him; either by verbal descriptions or Tom being there watching directly. Always; any traces of her fucking had to be preserved to show Tom and they planned in future to set up secret cameras in their master bedroom which would capture the action for them to watch over and over.

Now you may be wondering about Tom and Abbey; well Tom was forty four years old and slightly overweight for his six foot frame with a six inch penis; his wife of seventeen years; Abbey; stood five foot ten inches tall with a slim to medium waist her 36B tits still showed no signs of sag and her mousy coloured short cropped hair gave her almost a tomboyish appearance.

As I said earlier Tom and Abbey had a forward looking approach to marriage that plus the fact Tom always considered himself a pervert led to their arrangement where Abbey could fuck who she liked whenever she liked as long as Tom was told all the details or could be present. Often he would arrive home just s his wife's latest lover was pulling out of the drive and without any acknowledgement they would pass in the street.

So it was this day; that as tom turned into the cul-de-sac that was his road; a flash looking BMW came out of his drive and the elderly white guy driving it never even looked in his direction; but instantly Tom's cock jerked at the thought of burying itself I his wife's freshly fucked cunt and he hoped she had convinced her new lover to deposit his load up her and not in those horrible things called condom's; Yes Tom occasionally loved to eat other men's spunk from his wife's cunt; in fact he loved it almost as much as he loved slipping his cock into sloppy seconds.

Parking quickly he almost bounded up his steps and path to his front door and slamming it as he entered he called out to his wife; Abbey who was up in their bedroom. Once more bounding upstairs he walked into their bedroom to find it smelt like a Turkish brothel with the heavy essence of sweaty stale sex permeating the air; his whorish wife lay naked on the bed her legs wide open and her cunt still gaping open from its latest cock to fill it.

Quickly stripping off his clothes as Abbey told him that her last lover was fantastic; it turned out that he had seen her discrete advert in the shop window on the other side of town and had phoned saying he was in the area for two days and needed a special form of relief. She had agreed instantly and he had arrived four hours ago and got down to it straight away.

She described in great detail how the guy had undone her blouse and simply lifted her bra out of the way before ravishing her nipples with his tongue and mouth; she described how as he sucked her nipples hard he had slipped his hand up the back of her short skirt and had found her not wearing panties. He then made her lean over his lap as he raised her skirt and soundly spanked her arse hard; she confided that that had simply stoked up her passions even higher and she swore she had never felt such a hard cock pressing through his trousers into her stomach as she squirmed under his expert spanking.

Then she told Tom how he had insisted she undo his belt and slowly lower his trousers before sucking his cock through his boxer shorts; she deliberately missed telling tom about the size of his cock as she tried to build up the tension for her husband. She did tell him though that the cock was so fat that as she sucked along its length through the material f his boxers she thought it would definitely split her in two when it would eventually go up her cunt.

She described; as Tom finally released his own six inch cock; that the cock she was dealing with began to poke out the top of the man's boxer's and she saw it was an uncircumcised head; she described it as a little eye peeping out of a rolled sweater.

Soon she was devouring the cock which even when it touched the back of her throat had another two inches left to ram home. She delightedly told her husband that when she finally dropped the boxer's the guy had shaved his cock and balls and she thought almost hilariously that they resembled a couple of walnut. Now she explained how she was made to stand up and remove the rest of her clothing as the man berated her as a common whore; a fuck slut who was going to get the fuck of her life.

Then when naked she led him by his cock up to their bedroom and the man asked if she was married; to which she replied she was and he delighted in describing to her how she was going to cheat on her husband in their marital bed by taking his cock not only into her mouth but in every other hole she could fit it into.

As she said this she raised her arse off the bed and showed Tom how her anal ring was still stretched as well. Tom licked his lips as he saw the fresh traces of spunk still dribbling from his wife's arse and cunt.

AS soon as Tom was on the bed his wife pulled his head down towards her cunt and ordered him to lick her out; but as he went to do so she hiked her arse higher off the bed and told him to start back there.

As tom began to probe her wide open anal ring with his tongue she continued to tell him about her new lover. "Oh Tom; when I saw his cock I was willing to do anything it took to get that thing inside me!" she declared.

She confessed that the cock was almost ten inches long and almost three inches thick; she told him how as she finally took the head inside her mouth she had less than two inches inside her and her jaw ached; so wide did she have to stretch her jaw. She pointed out that she nearly choked as the cock pressed deep into the back of her throat and only remembering to breathe through her nose allowed her to deep throat the beauty now in her mouth.

Tom was so excited in listening to his wife that without touching his own cock he found that it suddenly twitched and shot his first load over the bed clothes. But he never stopped sticking his tongue up his slutty wife's anal ring and sucking the shit and spunk from inside.

Abbey continued the man then made me turn around and he held my legs wide apart and ordered me to guide his cock to my cunt; "Baby it felt so fucking fat in my hands that I almost stopped him but I really needed that cock buried in my snatch!" she gasped.

She described how as his cock head pressed against her cunt lips he leaned forward forcing the massive weapon up into her and how he kept telling her what a whore and slut she was; she laughed as she told Tom how the man had said that after this fucking your old man will not get any satisfaction for a week because it would take that long for her cunt to return to normal; in fact he had actually said her husband expecting to fuck her would be better off throwing a sausage down the hall and expecting it to touch both sides.

Then she described how the man had fucked her so hard that her orgasms had merge in to one continuous orgasm and how she had felt like she was pissing herself as she produced so much cunt juice; Tom rubbed his hand into his cooling pool of spunk on the bedclothes as he listened to his wife's tale. Then he shuddered as he heard her say that when he was fucking her he kept telling her he hoped he knocked her up and then she would have a hell of a job explaining to her husband why her cunt was so large and she was pregnant with a stranger's baby.

She gasped that as the man came up her cunt it felt like a fire hose going off; she swore blind that there was enough force in his eruptions to have moved the bed if it had been on wheels. She marvelled that although he had hosed the inner walls of her cunt with loads of white sticky spunk his cock had not shrunk at all and he soon turned her over and slipped his spunky cock up her arse.

She admitted she screamed like never before as her arse surrendered to the massive thickness; but she was also adamant that she did not want him to stop; almost jokingly she swore she expected his cock head to pop out of her mouth it felt like it was so far up her arse.

By the time he was ready to cum again she was begging him to fuck her like she had never been fucked before and was delighted to feel the red hot spunk coating her anal walls which he was now trying to lick clean.

Abbey now begged Tom to come and fuck her cunt as she desperately needed another cock quick. Tom crawled up against his wife's body and could not help but notice the red teeth marks on his wife's breast and how red raw her nipples looked. The man was right for her cunt felt so stretched there was hardly any friction between its walls and his cock so he gripped his cock in his fist and literally began trying to force his hand and cock into her cunt; only then did she began to grunt her way through another orgasm. His hand actually slipped into her cunt and he used it as a sleeve to fuck her cunt and make himself cum.

No sooner had he mixed his own spunk with the stranger's than he was buried with his mouth sucking hard against her well stretched fucked cunt and swallowing mouthfuls of the thick slimy mixture. Abbey begged for more cock because the slut needs her cock often.

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