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09-23-2006, 05:17 PM
Cupboard Love
by laraleg

Hello my name, well that's not important but my wife is called Lara; she is 25, standing 5,10 tall and slim with small but perfect tits and legs that go on forever.

Anyway this happened a few years ago now it was a hot summer night and we decided to go out for a drink.

Lara started to get ready, she has a bath and shaved her pussy ready for the night's fun, she was wearing 4" black strapped stilettos, a short tartan skirt that just covered her sexy tight arse and a small white lacy top, I could see that she was not wearing a bra as her lovely breasts and hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin materiel.

While she was putting on her make up, I came up behind her and started to play with her tits, she took hold of my hand and put it under her skirt, to my shock she was not wearing any knickers, her pussy was already wet and her clit was hard, as I parted her lips and was about to slide a finger inside her she announced that she wanted to be fucked by two strangers tonight and if I wanted her pussy again, I would let her.

The thought of Lara being fucked by two men and strangers turned me on to say the least, so I agreed, but said I would want to watch, she was more than happy with that so we made our plans.

Lara went into the pub 5 min before I did and by the time I got there she was at the bar being chatted up by a couple of black men. They had their hands round her and were whispering in her ear; by the look on her face she liked the sound of what they were saying.

They went and sat down at the table next to me, Lara sat facing me her legs slightly apart, showing me her bare wet pussy. The blokes, (I found out later they were called Glen and Steve) sat close to her with their hands on her bare thigh.

Glen's hand moved to her cunt and the look on his face was priceless when I found out that not only was she not wearing any pants but also she was clean shaven, I heard him say that they wanted to take her back to there place and fuck her like she has never been fucked before. Lara said that I was out for the night and that she would rather go to her place.

With that she got up and said she is off to the loo. I followed her to the toilet and when we were out of sight she said she was going to fuck them and for me to leave in 5 min and that she would be home soon.

I returned back to my set and watched as she came back and gave them both a kiss and said, "one more drink and I'm all yours".

I left the pub and speeded home to find the video camera, this was one night I wanted to catch on film, I hid myself in the cupboard that had the slat doors on it and waited.

It was not long before I heard the key in the door and the sound of their voices; they wasted no time and came straight to our bedroom.

My heart was racing and my dick was the hardest it has ever been. Lara stood at the end of our bed, looked right at me and said "come on boys come and fuck me, fuck me, I'm yours for the night, I'm your slave tonight,"

Glen and Steve did not need asking twice. As soon as they got to her they had got her top off, showing her small but firm breasts, Glen's head went straight down onto her left nipple and started to suck it. Steve was kissing her. His hand went up her skirt and the mone she let out told me that he was playing with her clit, Lara orgasm within seconds.

Lara stood back from them and slides out of her skirt. There was my beautiful wife standing naked and about to get fucked by two black men. She lay on the bed and spread her legs saying "come one they let see what you got" they were soon naked and even though they were not fully hard yet they were already a lot bigger than my 8 inches

Glen got on his knees between her legs and started to run his tongue the length of her pussy, she let out a scream as he found her clit and sunk two fingers inside her. Meanwhile Steve was at her head feeding his now fully hard 12-inch cock into her mouth
This was getting all too much for me and I was finding it very hard to wank and keep the camera still.

Lara must have cum a good few times before Glen raised his head from between her legs, he moved round and lined his huge cock up with her cunt, it must have been at least 10 inches long and twice the thickness of mine.

Glen started to tease Lara's pussy lips with his monster cock before pushing an inch into my wife, she stopped sucking Steve's dick and orgasmed again, Glen pulled out before forcing his hole length home deep into my wife's unprotected cunt. She was left gasping for air but it did not stop him pulling out and ramming home again.

Steve told Lara to start sucking his dick again, what she did willingly.

Watching my wife being fucked both ends was amassing and I thought it could get no better.

How wrong was I.

Glen started to speed up, getting deeper and harder with each trust saying "You fucking white whore, you like that do you? You like my black dick inside you? Come on tell me to fuck you, beg me to give you more! she was moaning Afuck me, please fuck my little pussy, god you are so big, ooo god I'm cumin, o god fuck me!.

Glen was fucking her so hard that he was lifting her arse off the bed every time he rammed home, he started to say A I'm going to cum up you, you want me to cum deep in your womb?" and as he said that his arse tighten and he started to pump my wife full of his cum.

When he pulled out, I could see her swollen Red Stretched pussy, with his cum running out and down between her arse cheeks.

Steve picked her up and turned her over as if she was as light as a feather, pulled her onto her hands and knees and slid his 12 inch cock deep inside her cum drenched pussy, while Glen offered his now limp dick to her mouth. Steve was fucking her hard saying AI bet your husband has never gone so deep before? I bet I have touched bits he could only dream of touching? By the time we have finished with you he wont be able to touch the sides" all Lara could do is moan "yes yes you are so much bigger that he is, he could never fill me like you do, he could never make me feel like this, please don't stop fucking me,"

Glen's dick was hard again and he said to Steve, "I think she is ready for a double fuck," "you want to be fucked by us together? You ever been fucked up the arse you little white slag?! Lara said no she had not been and that she would not want to, but Glen soon put her straight on that by saying A you are our sex slave tonight, you will do what you are told and I know you will love it, so shut you bitch!

Steve pulled his dick out of her cunt and started to force his way into her virgin arse, Lara screamed in pain as he took her virginity but it was not long before her scream of pain turned to screams of pleasure.

Glen slid his way under her and his dick soon finds her cunt as he entered her for the second time that night. Her arse was facing me so I got a very good view of her white arse being taken for the first time. Something I always wanted to do but she would not let me.

God the sight of my beautiful white wife being fucked up the arse and in the cunt together by two black men was truly amazing. They were laughing saying A you will never want your husband's small dick near you again? They were fucking her hard and fast and the orgasms kept on coming, one after another.

Lara was a mess, she could hardly breathe through the pleasure. Glen asked when I was due back and she said in a few hours. Glen laughed and said by the time we finish with you he will know you have been fucked by us, Lara replies AI don't care if he knows, just don't stop fucking me, please I want you to cum up my arse, I want to feel you cum deep in my arse, fuck me, Both of you fuck me harder, fill me stretch me so when he comes home he will know what I have been doing!.

Steve and Glen stopped fucking her and Steve said " you are ours tonight bitch and if you want more you got to promise to tell him you have been fucked by two black men, you got to tell him we filled you like he could never, you got to tell him all about it!

Lara was in a state and all she wanted was for them to start fucking her again so she said Ayes I will tell him, I will tell him I belong to you now and that he can't fuck me again, anything you want just please don't stop fucking me!

Steve came almost right away when she said that and filled her arse with his cum, he pulled out and said A bitch suck it, suck it now bitch, I want to fuck that pussy of yours again!. Lara opened her mouth and run her tongue round the tip of his dick before taking as much as she could fit down her throat.

It was not long before he was hard again and ready to fuck her, Glen was still fucking her pussy as Steve moved behind her, saying to glen "lets make sure he knows, lets stretch the bitch, lets make sure she wont want to fuck him again" and with that he joins Glens dick in her cunt, all Lara could do was to shack and cum again and again as they both fucked her pussy. Glen soon pumped his cum inside her pussy again and then withdraws; he went over to the draws and got out some of my ties.

Steve told her to turn over and they tied her to the bed legs and arms stretched out, Steve started to fuck her again, when he was just about to cum he pulled out and unloaded his balls all over her cunt and belly.

They got dressed and were about to walk out the bedroom door when they stopped and turned round to my wife, she was still lying there naked, tied to the bed, her pussy was gaping open and the cum was poring out.

They went up to her head, undid their flies and started to wank themselves off, they told her to open her mouth, Steve shoved his hard dick in and tells her to swallow every drop if she wanted them to think about uniting her, she was more than willing to, but he came so much some ran out the corner of her mouth, Glen said A o dear me it looks like we will have to leave you like this for when you husband gets back, but look on the bright side, at least you wont have to tell him what you have been doing, he will be able to see! with that his cum started to pump out of his cock and covered her tits with in it.

They did their flies up and left leaving my wife tied to the bed, covered from head to toe in their cum.

When I heard the front door shut and their car drive off I came out of the cupboard, Lara looked at me and said thank you/.

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her, she looked so hot and her pussy was so stretched red and swollen, their cum just kept on oozing out, I kissed her on the lips and asked if she was ok, she said "That was the best fuck I ever had and I want to do it again!

I kissed my way down to her tits and started to lick up the cum, taking my time to clean her nipples before going down to her pussy, the mixture of her cum and there's tasted so good and I started to lick her cunt.

I have never before seen a cunt so open so wide so big and so full of cum. I make her cum one more time and when I came up from her cunt my face was socking with their cum.

I got undressed and was about to fuck her when she said "No I promised them I would not let you fuck me, I'm sorry" I do love you so much but you can't fuck me now as I doubt I would feel a thing after them! I wanked myself off over her face, then lay down beside her with my hand on her pussy that at the time I thought, I would never fuck again.

Steve and Glen have been back many times since to fuck my wife and every time I have hidden in the cupboard and watched.

I have fucked my wife many times since but never for a week or so after Steve and glen have.

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dont feel left out you know we love ya and u know we try hard heheh. thanx for posting this wonderful story

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thank you ...

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;drool Keep them cuming;drool

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Glad you enjoyed it wifwat...hope this is what you had in mind in your suggestion.