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Twisted Dreams.

Janice Crowley was an average mid forties woman; No that is not quite right; she was average only in the fact that she had average aspirations about her married life and sex in particular. For Janice's body could easily be mistaken for a twenty something woman; oh it was not by design of course but she did like to take care of herself; she called it looking after her husband's pride and joy.

Now this may seem a strange way to introduce the tale I am about to tell; but it must be clearly understood that as the norm Janice had no thoughts which could even remotely be considered perverted or twisted and definitely no thoughts of cheating on her husband; not accepting this will make the story a nonsense. What Janice did have was pounding headaches and had been doing so for the last two weeks.

Her doctor had examined her from head to foot; well wouldn't you want to look at every inch of a woman built like Janice; she was five foot six tall slim build with 38DD breasts but those breast were topped off with the largest nipples ever, a good two inch areola and a quarter of an inch thick teats which stretched out almost two inches in their own right; her pretty face was framed with raven coloured hair short cropped accentuating her ivory pale skin against its own darkness.

I digress; as I said her doctor had fully examined her and could find no reason for the headaches; MRI scans; ECG; all manner of tests had failed to find the answers and even the strongest prescription painkillers were not shifting the headaches. So almost as a last resort Janice was referred to an alternative therapist. Pamela Jones was that therapist and spe******ed in hypnotherapy. The problem was that Pamela had a weird side too and often during her sessions would try to find some secret or other about her patient.

Oh in the beginning it had been just a harmless exercise; a means of testing the level of hypnosis of her patients but lately she had seen an opportunity to indulge in her wildest fantasises using this information and had contemplated putting her own suggestions into the patients subconscious.

So it was this idea which sprang to Pamela's mind when she took the call from Janice asking to make an appointment for treatment. The day and the time were quickly set and unusually for this type of treatment Pamela had insisted that Janice take the last appointment of the day; not only that but it was for a full two hours. Pamela argued that it was in order to get the background details before the treatment commenced and not knowing any better Janice believed her totally.

The next shock for Janice happened when she went to the address given her by Pamela; for instead of a clinic type building it was a luxury apartment. She entered the foyer and took the lift to the seventh floor and found the flat number. Hesitantly she paused before pressing the bell and then shaking herself slightly she rang the bell and waited. A woman in a white lab coat answered the door and invited Janice in.

Stepping inside Janice looked around before bringing her eyes back to the woman standing before her. This woman introduced herself as Pamela Jones and held out a well manicured hand; shaking her hand Janice managed to mumble that she was Janice Crowley. Janice mentally scanned the woman as being five foot ten or eleven tall; around 160 lbs but not noticeably overweight and with medium sized breasts; her appearance was well tailored and neat.

Leading Janice through from the hall; Pamela showed her into a well lit living room which was well furnished and towards the back wall was an oak desk beside a typical psychiatrist's couch. Inviting Janice to remove her coat and then take the seat in front of the desk Pamela immediately sat behind it. Janice removed her coat and then looking round she could not find anywhere to hang the coat so she turned back to Pamela just as she swore she saw Pamela lick her lips suggestively. Pamela simply pointed to the sofa halfway across the living room and told Janice to pop her coat on the back of that. Janice felt Pamela's eyes boring into her back as she walked over to the sofa and on the way back she was certain that Pamela's eyes never left her large breasts as they swayed as she walked back.

Now taking her seat opposite Pamela, the session began in earnest. After taking a brief history of when the headaches started and where about on her head did she feel the most pain from her headache; Janice found herself answering much more personal questions. She was asked if she was married and having said she was; Pamela asked if the relationship between her and her husband was good or were there underlying problems. Janice defended her marriage resolutely saying her husband was a good man and their relationship was as good now as when they had wed twelve years ago.

Once more Janice was shocked when Pamela turned and asked and what about their relations; immediately Janice said that she was an only child and her parents were no longer around; as for Bob her husband he had two brothers older than he but never saw them anymore. Pamela suddenly laughed and said "no I did not mean kinfolk relations I meant sexual relations; my dear?"

Janice blushed before answering; Oh well you know how it is; after twelve years the flush of youth has gone and it becomes much more routine than spontaneous. Pamela simply nodded her head before continuing; do you masturbate and if so how often. Blushing an even deeper shade of red Janice declared; no I do not do any of that kind of thing!

Pamela explained that it was quite normal for women; especially long term married women to sometimes feel the need to relieve a persistent itch when as you say sex has become stale and routine. Janice instantly replied that I never said sex was stale with my husband; I admitted we did not go at it like rabbits every night but when we did make love it was good and I could not complain.

"Ah; so you would like to complain sometimes then!" challenged Pamela.

"No I did not say that I wanted to complain it's just that sometimes I was ready for it and Bob was too tired or he wanted something I am not keen on that's all; aren't all marriages like that?" Janice responded.

Pamela sensing she was alienating Janice; changed tact and asked Janice to describe her favourite sexual clothes; a confused Janice asked why and seemed satisfied with the response that she was complaining of headaches which normal tablets were not moving so maybe the problem was not so much a pain as a mental stress and the next sets of questions were to give Pamela a better idea of what things released the endorphins which relieved the stresses.

A rather embarrassed Janice began, "My favourite sexy clothes are a short tennis skirt with light white full panties below and a semi transparent bra and blouse to finish it off!"

"What about your husband's favourite bedroom wear for you to put on?" asked Pamela.

"Well I suppose nowadays it would be something he can quickly get me out of!" Janice answered without thinking.

"Ok so let me get this straight; you are telling me that he wants the sex over and done with quickly and so he prefers you to wear something easy to remove or nothing at all!" Pamela probed.

"Well yes in a way! But no not really. Oh I don't know I never thought about it that way!" a flustered Janice responded.

"When was the last time you two role played and he had to seduce you all over again?" Pamela asked.

"Well that would have been about fourteen years ago when we began courting!" Janice answered.

"Now about your usual sexual acts; what would you describe as the wildest thing he has ever done to you?" Pamela quizzed.

Blushing once more Janice began to reply, "Well a few years ago now he took me out in the car and found a wooded area and we made love under the stars?"

"How did you feel about that?" Pamela asked.

"Exhilarated; just the thought of being seen or worse made my body feel so alive!" she confessed

"Now a last couple of questions; and then we can begin to sort out your problem; although I must tell you now that this is going to be a fairly long process; may be ten or twelve visits!" Pamela confessed.

Janice simply nodded and nervously shifted in her seat.

"Right; how often have you instigated the sexual act with your husband?" Pamela enquired

"Oh God never; my husband told me on our wedding night that he was the boss and has remained so ever since!" Janice confided.

"Has he ever fucked you up the arse; cum over your face and tits or even pissed over you?" Pamela asked stressing the sexual words like fucked. As she did so she noted that not only did Janice blush more and more but also her nipples where getting harder too.

"Why are you talking like that?" asked Janice.

Now standing up Pamela slowly walked around the desk and sitting with her arse half on and half off the edge of the desk she parted her legs and made sure her skirt rode up her thighs almost threatening to flash her panties; before leaning forward she said in a low sultry voice;" because I wanted to observe your large nipples which during our chat have grown and stiffened indicating to me that no matter how much you protest at being outraged you're also becoming turned on!"

Janice could not resist looking at the parted thighs of Pamela and wondering if this woman was wearing panties; then in an instant she shook her head and returned full concentration to what was happening right now. "I am not used to language like that so obviously it would have a detrimental effect on my appearance!" she protested.

"Then answer the question and we can move on?" Suggested Pamela.

"What question?" asked Janice.

"Has he ever fucked you up the arse; cum over your face and tits or even pissed over you?" Pamela repeated.

"Well again just after we were married he tried to fuck me there but it was too painful so he stopped and because of that he did make his thingy shoot over my face and told me to lick it clean but he has never urinated on me ever!" She defended.

"No Janice tell me properly!" demanded Pamela.

"What!" shrieked Janice.

"Tell me in your own voice that he tried to fuck you up the arse when you were just married!" hinted Pamela.

"About a month after our wedding; Bob, that's my husband, told me he wanted to try something different and suggested anal sex; being naive I agreed but as he started to push his thing!" she said

Suddenly she was interrupted by Pamela, "You mean his prick; cock, dick!" she declared, "use its name don't call it a thingy!"

"He started to push his cock up my arse and the pain was unbearable so crying I begged him to stop and he did just that!" an embarrassed Janice recounted.

"And!" demanded Pamela.

"And; I suppose to make up for it he asked me to suck his cock and I did; until he shot his stuff over my face and tits!" she continued

Again Pamela interrupted her, "His stuff; if you mean his sperm; spunk baby making goo then say so why do you find it hard to talk about sexual things and try to hide behind non graphical words!" Pamela demanded.

"I suppose from my upbringing; because I was never allowed to talk about sex, it was considered dirty and sinful to even mention it let alone openly discuss it!" Janice confessed.

Pamela then asked Janice, "Ok so one last question and then I can plan out your treatment! Have you ever been with or fancied having sex with another woman?"

"Oh god no I am not a lesbian for goodness sake; my mother would be spinning in her grave at the mere thought of such things!" responded Janice.

"Ok then I think I have it now but before I agree to hypnotise you I really need to dispel some myths; firstly I cannot make you do anything against your will whilst either in the trance like state or afterwards by thought suggestion; alright!" she explained

Janice nodded.

"However there are some underlying problems which need to be removed before we can even start to remove the root trouble of your problem! Do you trust me to do what is right and necessary to cure your problem?" Pamela continued.

Again Janice nodded.

"Very well; As I perceive that your underlying stress is caused through sexual repression from an early age; what I suggest is both radical and unnerving the first time you do it; but doing it will help remove the barriers that mentally you appear to be fighting and therefore mentally stressing yourself to such high levels!" she stressed, "Does that make sense to you and are you happy to continue!"

A little bewildered but eager to get rid of these damned headaches; Janice agreed to do anything. So Pamela slowly raised her short skirt until her pink panties were clearly visible; before saying, "Describe to me what you are looking at and everything you see me do; is that understood?"

With an extremely dry mouth, Janice tried three times to answer her but never let her eyes move away from those pink panties; eventually Janice managed to mumble "yes!"

"Begin then!" demanded Pamela.

"I see your very pretty pink panties!" muttered an excited Janice.

"Not good enough, so you pay a forfeit; remove your blouse!" Pamela demanded.

As if the hands on the end of her arms belonged to someone else Janice sat there in a state of shock as her hands moved up and began unbuttoning her blouse. Once all the buttons were undone the hands magically returned to their resting place.

"I said remove your blouse not just undo its buttons" the firm almost droning voice of Pamela demanded.

Again as if with a will of their own; Janice sat still whilst these hands she seemed unable to control slipped the blouse off her shoulders and held it out to Pamela.

"Drop it!" was all Pamela said, before she continued, "Begin again!"

"I see your very lacy pretty pink panties!" echoed Janice.

"Still not good enough!" Pamela warned her. "Just this once I will show you what I mean and then after that any other mistakes will be punishable with forfeits!" she continued, "You can see my pretty lacy pink panties stretched over my excited and well open cunt lips and the area between those cunt lips looks like it is very wet and horny indeed!" She exclaimed.

Janice could not believe she was hearing this but as she took the words in she saw they were true for the panties were stretched over a well excited and wet cunt.

"Now continue!" demanded Pamela as she slowly placed her hands on the wet patch of her panties and began to run her finger tips up and down the crease.

"I see your fingers lightly running up and down your sexy panties and spreading the wetness around!" Responded Janice.

"This is impossible; have you not learned anything from my example!" Pamela gasped in anguish, "Remove your skirt this instant!" As if in a dream Janice stood up and undid the waistband of her skirt and watched it fall to the floor. "I see you too are more than a little excited!" declared Pamela.

Janice followed Pamela's gaze and saw her own white plain panties had indeed got a wet patch similar to Pamela's. Janice sat down embarrassed and clamped her legs together until the stern voice of Pamela demanded she open her legs wide.

All idea of refusing simply drained away and slowly at first Janice's legs parted.

Pamela now realised that Janice was going to be an easy subject to hypnotise and should be put into a trance as soon as possible in fact right now.

"Janice; this is not going to work like this; so I am going to have to get even more radical; be so good as to remove all your clothes and then go lie on the couch over there." Pamela instructed.

In a mindless whirl; Janice stood up and quickly removed her bra but felt more than a little conscious of removing her panties until Pamela reminded her that she was technically a doctor so there was nothing to be ashamed of.

Now naked and lying on the couch; Janice sat waiting for Pamela to move on to the next stage; but Pamela was momentarily lost in her own world wondering what those large gorgeous tits would feel like pressed against her own lips as her tongue flicked those large nipples or even better still how much of those nipples would slide inside her now soaking wet cunt.

Pamela now approached the naked prone figure of Janice lying on her consultation couch; she slipped alongside her sitting close to her hips and gently took her hands and placed them up on her head.

"Close your eyes!" Pam advised; "Now imagine a bright green light about four hundred yards away in front of you; Now when I tell you to begin I want you to take five deep slow breaths; I want you to concentrate on that green light but listen to my voice; you will feel my hands touching you and as they stroke your body the green light will flicker; this is your energy light; the more you relax the brighter the light will become and the larger it will appear!" Pamela droned on, "Do you understand?"

Janice shuddered at having a woman so close to her naked body but answered, "Yes"

Pamela then waited a second or two and then continued, "Begin breathing deeply and as you slowly release the air from your diaphragm (she said touching Janice's tummy) you will relax your shoulder muscles!" To Pamela' Janice skin felt silky smooth and cool to touch; however for Janice, Pamela's fingered felt lightning hot and sent sparks of electricity into her very soul.

And again another deep slow breath in; when Janice stopped taking the air into her lungs; Pam waited a second or so before placing her hand flat on the pubic area of Janice and telling her to slowly release the air and relax her arm muscles and her stomach muscles too.

With the third breath; Pam's hand was press flat against Janice's heated cunt but still nothing sexual had happened between them; this time she was to relax her shoulders; arms; stomach and butt cheeks. In between the breaths Pam suggested Janice's eye lids were getting heavy and her mind was slipping into a pleasant place far far away where she was happy and carefree.

On the fourth breath Pam had two fingers up Janice's cunt and told her to relax her shoulder's; arms; stomach; butt and thigh muscles. Janice was now in mid trance and was swooning away to her happy place and as such was not aware of Pam's free hand lightly feeling her left nipple.

Again between each breath; Pam waited and checked for involuntary reaction from Janice when none came she then instructed her to take then next breath and to relax her body fully whilst Pam was now bringing her own head down to taste Janice's ripe rock hard nipple. Just before She sucked the nipple into her mouth; Pam told Janice she was now safely in her safe space and nothing could harm her; however she was young again and as a sixteen year old she was about to experience her first woman on woman sex and she wanted it to happen. Surprisingly Janice simply moaned in a relaxed voice and said "Oh yes I want to feel her kissing my cunt and probing my anal ring with her fingers!"

Pamela then asked Janice to describe who was with her and what they were doing; As Pam now began sucking on Janice's large nipple she listened intently to Janice describing how Bob's sister Tracy was feeling her cunt and now going down to suck her pussy juices whilst fingering her anal ring. Sensing what was about to happen Pamela slid her hand beneath Janice who willingly hoisted her ass up allowing free access and simply moaned deeply as Pamela began fingering her hot anal hole.

Janice's cunt was a blaze with passion and flooded with juices now beginning to pool on the leather couch; Pamela dipped her head between Janice's open legs and licked up the clear honey sweet cunt secretions. Realising time was against her Pamela ended the session by firstly planting a trigger word in Janice's subconscious and then planting the idea she wanted lesbian sex at least once per week; she slowly brought Janice out of her trance and when she finally opened her eyes a prim looking Pamela was just lightly holding Janice's hands to her head. Janice suddenly recalled she was naked and tried to cover her large nipples with those hands but Pamela spoke softly to her telling her she was safe and fine and if the truth be known she should be proud of such fine upstanding nipples.

Just then Pamela did something that Janice never ever expected; she leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips and whispered I would give anything to have tits like yours. Something about the kiss calmed Janice instead of alarming her and she simply smiled and said thank you.

Pamela asked if she could measure each of her tits; before she went and got dressed and smiled to herself when an excited Janice agreed and suggested she may even like to photograph them and if she was really good Janice would allow her to suck them briefly.

As Pamela went to get the tape measure and camera; Janice wondered why she had said those things after all she had only just met this woman who was after all a doctor of sorts; but hey it could be a good experience to tell her husband if she ever managed to get rid of this headache and they got round to making love again

What Janice did not know was that Pamela had set these conditioned responses in her subconscious to test her level of susceptibility to pre programming.

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Another good addition


Brigit Astar
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I found this to be an engrossing story. By the third paragraph I had suspended my disbelief and accepted the characters as "real." Your description both of the characters and their environment is craftily done. I found the major part of the story totally believable and I was enthralled with it. It was as if I was right there with those two characters listening to them and watching them. I think that in a way this is your best-written story (I'm refering to the technical aspect--the nuts and bolts so to speak.) I thoroughly enjoyed this story. In a way that I can't explain or describe this is the best story of yours that I've read.

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What can I say that the person above has not alreeady said.

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Why thanks to the all of you, it is always a pleasure to write for such an appreciative audience.