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07-15-2010, 03:40 AM
I hadn't really forgotten about the night of the New Years Eve party two years ago. How could I? It was the most terrifying night of my life in so many ways. As much as I tried to keep it out of my mind it seemed to be a part of every day and night in one way or another.

"Don't notify the police" he had said, as he left me to wallow in my own shameful lust.

"And what if I do" was my rebellious reply.

"Then I won't come back to see you again" he said with that oh so self assured smile.

He took everything from me that cold December night. My confidence was gone. My fearless attitude and my self assuredness all now belonged to him. No man had ever done to me what he had done. He took me with a gentle viciousness that I am still incapable of putting into words.

For the first six months I had picked men randomly trying to find someone, anyone that could make me feel anything near what my rapist had made me feel. I soon found my search to be futile. They were all useless. None had his mastery. Not one could measure up to the man in the black duster. I hated him with all my heart and soul.

Two years is a long time. I had been around the world twice since that night in the dead of winter. Twice around the world since that erotic night of unbridled animal passion. The way she fought like a wildcat to keep me from taking what I wanted.....She had been amazing.

So amazing in fact that there wasn't a day that went by since that night that I did not think about going back for her again. There is something so primal, so right, so natural about having to chase down your prey and take her against her will. And when they ran and fought like this one did, it made it all the more worth the effort. And finally when I had taken everything I wanted from her and she lay there sweating and panting in her erotic exhaustion, for her to look up at you and, by the look in her eyes, acknowledge that you had not only forced her physically but you had also forced her mind to want......no... to need, to demand, everything you had given her.

I had to have her again. But not for just a few hours. I wanted her for days, maybe weeks. I didn't know, I just knew I had to have her.

When I arrived in town I made my way straight to the house in the country where I had taken her first. To my surprise she no longer lived there. Her name was no longer on the mailbox and the mail was not addressed to her. No matter I knew her name and I knew where she worked two years ago. I could find her.

I was at the hospital where she worked at the beginning and end of each shift for the next three days, waiting in my van near the doctors parking area, but Rockie never appeared. Could she have moved on? Or possibly transferred to another hospital? I had to go in and find a doctors listing.

I left the van and entered the hospital lobby and made my way to the elevator where I knew there would be a doctors directory. I began to read the names of the docs and their floor numbers. Her name was not anywhere listed with the doctors and I was becoming convinced she may have moved on when, at the very top of the list on the left hand side her name appeared. Hospital Administrator Dr. Roxanne Alexandria.

At that moment the elevator doors slid open. Two orderlies stepped off and just as the doors began to close our eyes met. An electric shockwave went through me as I heard her plaintive scream and saw her drop her coffee just as the doors slammed shut..............

I couldn't believe my eyes. My scream was completely involuntary. It couldn't possibly be him. But there he was in all his terrorizing presence.

I didn't move, I couldn't move. My mind told me to move but my legs wouldn't obey. The elevator doors slammed shut and I was still frozen in the same position when the doors reopened ten floors later.

"Ms. Alexandria, are you alright?" Alma the surgical nurse asked.

"I'm, I'm fine Alma. I just spilled my coffee and I need to get some cream on my hand. Would you call someone to clean up this mess please?"

I went directly to my office and dialed security. "Chief, there is a man in a long black duster type overcoat wandering around the first floor. He doesn't look quite right, I don't think he belongs here. Would you find him please and check his ID and find out what he is doing here?"

I hung up and called the surveillance office on the first floor. "This is Roxanne Alexandria, will young bring me the tape from the first floor elevator camera right away please."

I dismissed the runner and put the tape into the VCR in my office. I quickly ran it back to ten minuets ago. The camera is mounted over the elevator door so that it films everyone getting on and off. I run it forward searching. Suddenly there he is and I can't help but yelp again. I freeze the frame. It's him, of that there is no doubt. That evil smile, that mesmerizing gaze that is forever imprinted on my mind. Was this a coincidence, a happenstance, or did he seek me out after looking for me at my old address?

The phone rings. "Chief Barnett here Ms. Alexandria, we got him. He says he was here to visit a sick friend but he doesn't have a room number or a name. Should I call the police?"

"Not yet Chief, I'm coming down. I want to ask him a few questions myself."

I rushed down in the staff elevator and directly to the security office. I was excited as I barged through the door to the security room knowing that now I was the one who would be in control. I was the one that would be giving the instructions and finally I could keep my promise of spitting in his face as the police dragged him off to jail.

I stared in absolute horror at my chief and his assistant who were both resting comfortably, out cold, and handcuffed to each other.

"Son of a bitch" I said in a half whisper as I gazed across the room to a vase of dried flowers that were the chiefs idea of brightening up the room. There they were. It had been two years since I had seen them, and I had always suspected he had taken them with him.

Hanging over the fake carnations were the black lace panties I had been wearing the night he raped me.........

It was much closer than I like for it to get. Had these two mooks been competent I could have easily ended up in jail. I'm sure that by now she has looked at the videos from the security camera and confirmed that what she suspected was true.

I took a position in a parking lot across from the hospital and waited to see if the police had been summoned. One, two, three hours went by and no police so I assumed that they had decided to keep the assault on the two officers quiet, probably due to embarrassment. I was about to drive off to start my investigation into Rockie's new living arrangements when she came walking through the main doors flanked by both the security officers from earlier in the day. Hard to believe she was going to make it this easy for me I thought to myself.

They walked her to her Corvette, their eyes darting back and forth, scanning the parking lot for anything that may have looked out of place. One of them even had his hand on his gun. These two were laughable. As Rockie pulled away they stood there watching for a car to pull away and follow her. After two minutes or so they assumed she was safe and went back inside. I switched on the receiver for the magnetic tracker I had placed over Rockie's rear wheel on my way through the lot. I knew that she drove a Vette two years ago and when I saw the license plate, HEAD-DOC, I put two and two together.

I caught up with her just as she got on to the interstate. There was quite a bit of traffic so there was very little chance of her noticing my van. I left plenty of room between us as I knew she would be cautious after the events of the day. We drove for almost forty-five minuets before she took an exit. We had lost much of the traffic from earlier as we had made our way into the countryside. There was very little except a gas station and a fireworks stand at the exit.

I would have to be cautious now as she would be sure to notice if my black van took too many of the same turns as she did on this country road. As soon as we left the interstate she put on her right turn signal and headed for the gas station. I could either pass by and wait for her to catch up or follow her in. I opted to follow her in, although my receiver could pick her up three miles away when she came by me she would surly notice the van again.

I had very dark tinting on all my windows so even if she looked directly at me she would see nothing but her own reflection. She parked in front of the store and I pulled in right next to her. I looked directly down into her car as she opened her purse and took out her wallet. Her short skirt had ridden up to mid thigh and I got a really good look at those beautiful legs that I had spent so much time between two years ago. She quickly got out, and looking around, scurried into the store. She was nervous and it showed.

She came out moments later with what looked like a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag, got into the Vette and backed out. I let her get out of site before taking off in the same direction. She drove for another twenty minuets before turning off on a rather well maintained clay road. I had been following her on the display of my gps and hadn't actually seen her car since she left the gas station. She was completely out of sight as I pulled onto the road and pulled over to the side.

I figured a road like this wouldn't be too long or have too many houses on it and sure enough her signal stopped in about thirty seconds. I figured her to be one to two miles down this road. It was still light so I would have to come back later to recon. Meanwhile I was off to find a nearby place to center my operation..............

"Oh god noooooooo." I screamed. He threw me across the room over my bed and I slammed against my headboard. I tried to shake my head clear but I had hit way too hard and all that I could see was his massive presence kneeling over me, taunting me, terrorizing me again. He ripped at my blouse like a madman, pulling it down around my shoulders, slapping me as I tried to push him off of me.

This couldn't be happening to me again. I had been so careful. He ripped my bra from my body and pulled me against him. I gathered all my strength and sent my elbow flying into his face. I twisted in his arms at the same time and went flying to the floor.

I was dreaming. Oh thank god I was dreaming. It was so real. I couldn't stop shaking as I gathered my sheets and blankets and put them back on the bed. I went to the kitchen for water and found myself actually laughing, partly in joy and partly because my dream had been going on for hours it seemed, and I had only been asleep for forty five minuets. But then I noticed something else that took the joy and laughter away as fast as they had come.

I was wet. Very, very wet. Damn him! Damn him to hell..........
It was a little past two am when I made my way back down that clay road. I left the van about fifty yards off the road and well hidden from any traffic that may happen by. On foot I made the distance to her house in ten minuets. To my surprise she had gone from a very modest ten acre lot in her old location to what could only be described as a estate. There were out buildings, a Huge pond in front of the house, and a horse barn that could probably accomedate fifteen to twenty horses. Very impressive.

About three hundred yards past the main entrance was a much smaller house on the same property with a pick up truck and a car parked in front. I'm thinking this must be a caretaker or some kind of hired help.

Once up at the house I checked out the security system. Not very elaborate but unlike the last time I visited this little princess, this time it was set. I didn't bother with it because I wasn't going to take her this night. I was here strictly for recon purposes. I shined my flashlight into the garage window and saw that her Vette was the only vehicle parked there. Next I wanted to locate her bedroom. Behind the house was an extremely nice pool that looked as if it was built to be partially indoor and the rest outdoor. Seemingly one could slip into the pool on this side of the wall and gain access to the interior of the house. Something to think about. How would that be security checked? I looked around and did not see any motion sensors near the pool nor any surveillance cameras. This was something that needed to be figured out.

I stripped down and staying in a prone position crawled to the edge of the pool. I looked everywhere for an electronic eye or a motion sensor but there were none to be seen. I quietly slid into the water. Cautiously I made my way to the wall that separated the outdoors from the house. Again examining each and every crevasse, nook and cranny for some sort of detection device. Nothing.

Under water I ducked under the wall and came up inside the house. Unbelievable! A house worth a couple a million and I was in without the benefit of having to cut a wire or bypass any electronics. I of course assumed that she must have left the security void on purpose so that I could find my way back to her.

I stayed close to the wall checking out the inside for motion sensors or electronic eyes. I finally spotted what appeared to be a triple electronic eye that shot three beams across the surface of the water each being about two feet apart. They were aimed, it appeared, to be in the center of the surface area so that someone who entered as I did would feel comfortable after entering when no alarm sounded, and then when he stood up to exit the pool, Bingo! To avoid the beam I would simply go under water and come up close to the inside steps.

I was just about ready to exit when I heard a laugh coming from the hallway leading to the room I was in. I quickly moved to the furthest part of the pool up against the wall that separates the house from the pool area. Rockie came walking across the room and exited into another hallway. When she returned she had a glass in her hand, and walked over and sat down at the edge of the pool staring out through the glass wall into the fall night. There were no pool lights and none on in the room, so the only light came from outside and there was very little moonlight. I was far enough away that she could look right at me and not realize there was anyone there.

She sat there for the longest time seemingly in some whimsical state of mind, with those long beautiful legs dangling in the pool. All she wore was a tee shirt and her panties and I halfway expected her to slip into the water at any moment. If that happened I would certainly have to change my plans for a kidnapping and a four or five day event.

She set her glass down and slipped her hand inside of her tee. She began to caress her breast as she leaned back. Her fingers pressed against her nipples as her eyes closed and she layed down on the side of the pool. She pulled her tee shirt up over her head removing it and using it for a pillow of sorts under her head. I had almost forgotten what a great set of tits she had. They were absolutely perfect. Big perfectly round globes with silver dollar size nipples. Beautiful.

She was quite a sight stretched out by the pool, nipples rock hard and toes pointed. Her hands were now both inside her panties and working feverishly to take her where she seemed very intent on going. I was rock hard and finding it very difficult to stay with my original plan to just recon this night in hopes of setting up the perfect night(s). She was working very hard, her hips pumping up off the pool deck and both hands working frantically. I expected to see that same explosion that I had seen so many times the night I raped her. But it never came. She seemed to go on forever, It must have been every bit of twenty minuets before she suddenly stopped ,stood up, and with tears streaming down her face,slammed her glass against the wall screaming damn you, damn you to hell you monster..............

I wouldn't be able to sleep now for a couple of hours, I never could after I dreamed about that night. I took my water and sat by the pool thinking about the dream and about me being soaking wet when I woke up. I didn't, I couldn't understand after all he had put me through, how the thought of him doing it again could possibly turn me on. But it did and there was nothing I could do about it.

I shudder at the thought that he is back and may come for me again. I'm scared to death that one night I will walk to my car or unlock my front door and there he will be, waiting with his evil eyes and his brute strength. It is almost as if I can feel his eyes on me right now, planing, plotting how he will take me again. And god help me it makes me so hot. I set down my glass and strip down to my panties. My nipples are already standing rock hard as I begin to rub them. I lay back and slide my fingers into my panties knowing that this is wrong but not caring. I haven't had a orgasm in two years and if I have to fantasize about my rapist to have one then thats what I'm going to do.

I begin to remember my dream more clearly. He was waiting for me when I came in the front door. He grabbed my hair and spun me around. I screamed for Raoul, my caretaker but he was way to far away to hear me in his house. I ran to the bedroom for my gun. I reached in the drawer and spun around, But he caught my hand and twisted the gun from me. He grabbed me and threw me half way across the room. I slammed into the headboard and he was on me instantly. He was like an angry animal, growling and snorting. He ripped my blouse open and pulled it down over my shoulders. He slapped me and ripped off my bra. He was a savage. When he pulled me up to his face I elbowed him in the face and fell off the bed and to the floor. And I woke up. But now as I lay next to the pool I don't wake up. I choose not to wake up as my fingers slip gently inside myself. I see him rip off my skirt and pull me back to the bed. He rips my panties from me and tears my legs apart. He pushes that enormous cock against my center and begins to fuck me like he did so many months ago. I feel he will split me in two as he slowly, methodically pushes his massive manhood into my belly. He fucks me and fucks me for hours like he did that night but I can't cum. I keep trying but I get right to the brink but it never happens. Just like it has been for the last two years. What is it? What is this hold he has on me?

Frustrated I begin to cry. Why can't I cum? What has he done to me? I hate him, I hate him I scream as I throw my glass against the wall and run to my bedroom.............damn you.....damn you to hell............

I stayed long enough to make sure Rockie wasn't coming back into the room then ducked back under the wall and out into the pasture. I took a hour or so and walked around getting a feel for the property. A quick look at the barn area revealed at least ten horses in the stalls and two or three more grazing around the corral. I went to the public library the next day and used the computer to find the property in the tax rolls and found it to be almost one thousand acres. Plenty of room to play and hide.

Before I had left the two security guards at the hospital I had copied down all of Rockies phone numbers from the chiefs cell phone. I was formulating a plan that would take some intricate timing and co-ordination and having all her numbers would be useful. I decided to let everything cool down for a couple of days so I traveled north to a town about eighty five miles away. I bought a quarterhorse stallion and tack and a horse trailer. Using my GPS I found an old dirt service road that ran along the northern boarder of Rockie's property and appeared not to have been used in years. I pulled off the road and slowly made my way south on her property about four miles to a very dense wooded area. I was able to find my way deep enough into the woods to hide the van and trailer so that they were not visible from anywhere in the pasture. There was a nice size pond about two hundred yards away for watering the horse and plenty of good grazing pasture for him. He acclimated quickly and I settled in to learn Rockie's routine for the next couple of weeks, leaving the property only late at night or early in the morning to begin the terror campaign designed to bring Rockie to the edge of her sanity...........

Nothing like this ever happened around here so it was quite the news story when a young co-ed was beaten and raped while on her way home from a night out with some of her girlfriends. The rapist had overpowered the three of them as they returned to their car, handcuffed and gagged them all and drove them to a wooded area where he raped and beat Tabatha while the other two were forced to watch.

The call came in to the emergency room around four am and they were all there by the time I arrived at seven-thirty. I was shocked to realize that I knew the victims. They were all in the local dressage club and had all been to my ranch for clinics in the past. Tabatha was one of the best and brightest young riders around. Her face was bruised and her lip cut but she didn't seem to have any serious injuries. They finished the rape kit and of course the police were anxious to question her but Tabatha could not stop crying so I pushed the police out so I could try and calm her down.

I put my arms around her telling her I understood and that she was going to be ok, but it didn't help she just kept sobbing.

"Come on now Tabatha, you're going to be fine honey. You'll get through this I promise you. And I'll help you honey. Believe me sweetheart you are going to get through this."

"You don't understand Rockie" Tabatha said with the strangest look on her face.

"What honey? what don't I understand?"

"He......he, he made me cum Rockie.....he made me cum like I've never cum before, I'm so ashamed. I screamed for him to fuck me, to fuck me more and more while Brenda and Celina watched in horror. How could this monster do this Rockie? How could he?"

I stared at her almost in shock as she revealed to me the horrid details of her ordeal. It sounded so familiar to me. The way in which he stripped her by tying her up by her wrist and slowly cutting away her clothes. Slapping her face to subdue and intimidate her. Performing oral on her and forcing her to cum three times before he even penitrated her. It sounded so much like what had happened to me. I could feel her pain. It was real, very real and it would not go away.

I tried to put out of my mind the thought that this might be him. I was sure I was over re-acting. I was only thinking this due to running into him, at the hospital two weeks ago.

"And Rockie, he said one last thing that I didn't understand. After he drove us back to town he opened the trunk and pulled me out. He pushed me up against the car. I was completely naked and shivering and could again feel his hardness against my thigh, thinking......no, the truth is, wanting him to fuck me one last time. He pulled my face close to his and whispered, "Tell her I'm coming for her....."

"Who" I half whispered and half screamed.

"Just tell her.........."

I knew they would go to Rockies hospital when I called 911 and told them where to find the three of them. And if my plan worked Rockie , as hospital administrator, would be apprised of the rape victim and immediately get personally involved.

I watched and waited for ten days before I struck again. Rockie made the mistake of telling her security guards, that day at her hospital, she wanted to question me herself before seeing the cops haul me off to jail, and I was going to make her pay for that.

She had a very young and very beautiful administrative assistant who went home every day one hour after Rockie left for the day. She was 5' 7" with long auburn hair. Very light skin and the prettiest shade of blue eyes that I had ever seen. Her legs were long and shapely and she had an almost perfectly round ass and a tiny waist.

As she entered her third floor apartment I stepped from behind the door and put the tip of my nine inch hunting knife under her chin.

"If you cry out I'll cut your throat"

Her eyes grew wide and she dropped her grocery bag on the floor.

"If you do exactly as I say, you will live through the next two hours......if you resist or scream out for help you will not......do you understand?"

There were silent tears beginning to stream down her gorgeous face as she shook her head "yes" she understood.

I backed her over to the dining room table where I sliced through her silken blouse. First down the front and then the sleeves. She shuddered as I made just as quick work of her lacy white bra.

Her mascara had begun to run down her cheeks when she looked up with those beautiful blue eyes and whispered "Please don't do this to me"

I smiled and gently kissed her full red lips as I slid the knifeblade between her tummy and the waistband of her skirt.

Her skirt fell to the floor as I not so gently ripped off her white lace panties and set her on the table. I peeled off her thigh highs and pulled off her high heels. As she lay in front of me on the table, tears flowing freely and her gorgeous body trembling with fear I paused momentarily to take in this womens fabulous beauty.

"Lets get started shall we" I said as I pulled the lid from a plastic bottle of strawberry flavored oil and poured half of it on her breast and tummy.

I spent the next twenty minuets massageing her arms and neck, her tummy and her hips her beautiful full round breast. Although I hadn't touched her pretty little pussy yet I knew she was ready. They always were. So I gently slipped my cock into her and as I suspected was able to push the entire eight inches all the way to her bottom with virtually no resistance.

I fucked her for twenty minuets before she came the first time. She shouted no, no, no, damn you no, but kept right on pushing her hips up off the table reaching for more and more of my cock.

I turned her over and poured the rest of the oil over that gorgeous round ass. As I began to massage her back and ass and thighs her body overcame her minds resistance and reacted to the pleasure it was receiving. I spread her cheeks after a while and slipped my thumb into her ass and two fingers into her hot wet pussy. After ten minuets she began to buck up off the table grinding her perfect little ass into my hand and cuming two more times.

I sodamized her for over an hour before I pulled her from the table and forced her to her knees. She was wild with passion as I fucked her fabulous face, forcing my hot meat down her throat time after time until I exploded a wave of cum that filled her throat, mouth and shot out all over her face.

She lay there on the floor panting and trying to catch her breath as I dressed. I took her cell phone from her purse and knealt down next to her. "Tell her I'm coming for her"

She lifted her head from thr floor as if it would help her understand me better.

"What do you mean? Tell who your coming?"

"Just make sure you tell her"

I sped down the road on the way back to Rockies property, calling 911 from her cell and tossing it out the window..........

Once may have been a coincidence but not twice. It was him and he was here for me. This town had never had two rapes in two weeks and the fact that they were both close friends of mine completely cancelled all chances that it may just be a coincidence.

I decided to tell the authorities everything I knew up to and including my rape from two years ago. Just as I expected they were less than impressed with the fact that I had never reported it and one of them even seemed to be skeptical that I was telling the truth.

Since Brenda had been raped her duties had been left for me to do along with all my other work. I told her to take all the time she needed and I was working until 10:00 or 11:00 every night trying to keep up. And tonight after work I needed to attend a cocktail party that the AMA was giving to kick off a new charity project for the cancer wing of our hospitals research center.

I had brought my change of clothes with me so I didn't have to drive all the way home to get ready for the party. It was seven-thirty and there was no way I would finish with all the reports I had to do, so I changed into my party clothes. I didn't feel like a party, but once I had on my little black cocktail dress and my nylons and spiked heels I must admit I felt a whole lot better.

My two bodyguards walked me from my office to the parking lot as they had done every night since this whole affair started. As we left the building I thought I saw something move by my Corvette. Both the security guards moved quickly to the car but found nothing and neither one of them had seen anything move. Must be my nervousness about the whole situation. I unlocked my door with the guards standing one on each side of the car. They were certainly serious about protecting me. Actually it made me feel a whole lot better having them there even though I had just caught Brad taking a good long look at just about everything I had when I climbed into the Vette in my short, tight dress. Hmmmmm I wondered to myself, I wonder if he could make me cum. I chuckled as I pulled away thinking he probably could not, he wasn't even my type.

I hit the cd play button for a little relaxing music on the way to the party.

"Listen to me very closely Rockie as I will only tell you this once. In the map compartment on your door is a a cell phone. Reach in and get it and push the call button."

My god it was him. That voice, the tone, the raspiness was unmistakable. How did he get into my car and put his cd in my player. I feel the phone and with my hands shaking fiercely I find the call button and push it.

"Thats a good girl Rockie. Now if you will look at the video screen you will see your sister Julie naked, tied and stretched out between four trees."

"No nooooooooooo you monster I'll kill you if you touch her, I swear I will kill you."

"I think it safe for us to switch to the phones now Rockie, the cd was a nice touch huh?"

"Let her go...... let her go now you son of a bitch"

"She is a very sweet girl Rockie almost as pretty as her big sister, and just like her sister she has never had any children. She is still nice and tight. Sadly I haven't found that out for myself yet Julie mentioned it while we were driving out here."

"I'm calling the police you bastard"

"Do you think they can get here before I push this eight inch cock in her fine little ass and cut her throat?"

"Don't you touch her.........don't you touch her."

"Here is what you are going to do Rockie. You will drive directly to your home and go straight to the barn. You will then saddle your Arabian and ride directly north until I contact you on the cell we are talking on. If you call the authorities I'll fuck her and cut her throat. If you make a wrong turn from your normal route I'll fuck her and cut her throat. I'm monitoring the Vette on my PC through a sensor I installed today in your car. So don't think you can outsmart me Rockie. Do you understand Rockie?"

"I think your bluffing"

"You just turned off of Alemedia onto the interstate and you are doing 48 miles per hour. Turn your turn signal off Rockie....................."

"And Rockie.......if you dial either phone to call the authorities I'll hear you and by the time they or you get here I'll be long gone and Julie will be dead. Tell me you understand Rockie........."

"I understand.......just don't hurt my sister.....please."

I watched as the bright little dot on the gps tracking device moved up the interstate. Rockie was heading in the right direction just as I had instructed her. She believed the story I had told her about me having her sister. It's amazing what you can do with an old high school year book, and photo shop.

It was forty five minuets later when the dot turned on to Rockies street and then to her driveway and the barn. When the Vette stopped I called her on the cell.

"What took you so long Rockie?"

"Nothing......really I came straight here just like you said. I didn't stop anywhere. Where are you....where is Julie?"

"You'll see her soon, now saddle up and start heading north."

Rockie quickly saddled her Arabian. She thought about running next door to her caretakers house but she was afraid he was out there hiding and watching her every move.

Her cell rang again. "You're not moving fast enough Rockie, you're making me very nervous. You're not thinking of trying one of those famous escape attempts like you did two years ago are you? Do you remember the price you paid for all your effort?"

"No I'm not.....I'm moving as fast as I can. Its hard to do all this in spiked heels and a skirt. You should let me go into the house and change into my riding gear."

"Don't even think about going into that house Rockie. Now put that gorgeous leg in that stirrup and get aboard. You've kept me waiting far too long as it is."

Rockie mounted her horse hiking her tight form fitting skirt up to her waist so she was able to sit her horse. She pressed her knees to Joey's sides and he moved off in a working trot. She headed north as he had instructed her, the cool night air caressing her nyloned thighs. Rockie had always loved riding at night. It was so quite and peaceful and there was a certain isolating, commanding, powerful feeling that came from the sound of a magnificent animal, in his element, striding at his pace and hearing the thunder of his hoofs and the sound of each breath as he exhaled so forcefully in perfect cadense with each stride. The sound and the smell of the leather gear and the pounding of his giant heart between her thighs was a sensation unequaled by anything that Rockie had experienced in her life except for.....
Him.......she thought to herself. He is the closest thing to complete and total euphoria that I had ever experienced. And I am terrified of him.

Her mind was lost suddenly in that night two years ago when he had stormed into her world and took her so violently, so forcefully, so........masterfully. She smiled to herself as she felt the wetness form in her panties from the combination of her thoughts and the rythmic movement of her sweet little pussy on the saddle.

The sound of the cell ringing sparked her out of her thoughts. It wasn't the cell he had left for her, but her cell. She reached into a small pouch she kept on her saddle and pulled out her phone.

"This is Rockie"

"Hey sis where have you been? I've been calling your house for two hours."...............

"What? Where are you Julie? Are you all right?"

"I'm fine...I'm at home what is wrong with you Rockie?"

I knew right then he had duped me. That son of a bitch had contrived this whole thing to get me out here in the woods. He didn't have my sister, and he never had.

Rockie smiled a smug smile to herself knowing that the only thing that had kept her from walking right into his clutches was the phone call from Julie. It was then, when she turned the Arabian to head for the barn that she saw his silhouette against the light of the full moon. There he sat, astride his stallion, tall and menacing no more than fifty yards from her.

Rockie knew she had a mount that could run all night and day outlasting any throughbred that had ever been bred. The problem at hand was four miles of open field between her and the barn where she could get help. In a one to two mile run that throughbred was surely much faster than her Arabian and in an all out race would be able to catch her in less than a mile. Rockie decided to race to the heavy woods three hundred yards to the west and depend on the little Arabian to outmaneuver the giant stallion through the trees.

She squeezed her thighs around the little Arab and ask him to run. He was off as if he was shot from a cannon and before the stallion took the first stride the Arab had made his way halfway to the woods.

Rockie looked back over her shoulder as she entered the woods. The stallion was only yards behind and thundering down on her. The Arabian began to negotiate the woods with pure skilled abandon. Bobbing left and then right, over fallen trees and around deadfall. It was all Rockie could do to stay in the saddle as the Arabian darted through the trees slowly putting distance between himself and the less agile stallion.

The contest went on for a mile or so before the Arabian tripped giving the black time to make up enough ground to once again get within striking distance. Rockie saw how much distance the stallion had made up and decided to break out of the woods and make a run for the barn. It was no more than five hundred yards before she heard the thunder of the giant stallions hoofs. Over her shoulder she looked and cried out at the inevitable. She knew it was only a matter of seconds before she was captured. She made three quick turns hoping to throw the black off his pace but he stuck with the Arab like glue. Rockie actually felt his breath on her calves as he got within feet of her.

She slapped the Arabs hind with the leather but by now the black had found his stride and was side by side keeping easy pace with the short legged Arab. With over a ton of horsemeat slapping together at full speed and Rockie screaming and trying to ward of her inevitable capture the rider simple leaned in, and wrapping his muscled arm around her tiny waist, snatched her completely from the back of the Arab.

With Rockie's gorgeous legs flailing in the air and her arms trying to tear herself free from his
grip the rider turned back north and brought the stallion down to a working trot.

Rockie squirmed and twisted trying to break his grip. He abruptly stopped his horse and pulled her up so that they were face to face. He swung her leg over the saddle and took a handful of her beautiful long auburn hair. "Let me go damn you.....you don't have the right to do this again.......let me go now!"

He stared intently into her beautiful eyes as he drug her forward over the saddle horn forcing her thighs up and onto his and pressing his manhood against her most sensitive parts. Without saying a word he started his horse, first a nice easy walk and then into a rhythmic trot that had their bodies moving together in perfect cadence.

Rockie was forced to put her arms around his neck to keep from falling backwards as the horse picked up speed. "Please don't do this to me again......I...I can't take it again"

He smiled that too familiar smile from two years before. "If I thought for the slightest moment that you meant that, I'd put you on your horse and send you home right now."

God help me.........he was right...............

We rode for what seemed like hours although it had in reality been only twenty minuets or so. When he finally pulled his horse up we were deep into the woods on the northern most section of my property, literally miles from anywhere. If I were to avoid being raped for the second time in two years by this monster I would have to save myself, and I had no idea how I would do it.
He dismounted and walked away leaving me sitting backwards atop the horse.

"How would you have it tonight Rockie? Will you give in to your temptation and give yourself to me willingly, like we both know you want to do. So that you may fully enjoy the erotic passion that is sure to come. Or will you fight me? Forcing me to take you violently, punishing you for even thinking about denying me what is rightfully mine.....that which I have earned?

With both hands in the middle of the saddle Rockie swung her left leg back and over the stallions neck and her right leg over his shoulders. Taking the reins in her capable hands she slapped the steeds hind quarters with the leather and polked her six inch spikes into his side. The black started digging with all the force he could muster but before the third stride Rockie heard the all too familiar report of the whip and felt the sting of it around her arms and waist.

In a flash she was in the air and similtaniously crashing hard onto the forest floor. She threw the leather from her waist and started to run. Within seconds the crack of the whip again, this time the leather wrap was around her ankles.

She felt the irony immediatly as she was being dragged by her ankles through the woods, her skirt rucked up to her waist , screaming to the ears of no one, with nothing but a night of violent erotic pleasure ahead of her and absolutly nothing she could do about it.

It wasn't long before I had her back to my campsight. I had prepared an area near a tall pine and built a small firepit. I backed Rockie up against the pine tree and bound her wrist around it. "You don't have the right to do this." she whispered calmly as I started a fire in the pit.

"You gave me the right Rockie, you gave it to me when you rode in here, knowing your sister was safe at home and out of harms way."

"But I didn't know.....I thought you had her"

"It doesn't really matter does it Rockie, we both know you were going to end up here eventually, don't we?"

As The flame from the fire in the pit began to glow I touched her thigh lightly feeling the silky material of her skirt. "You look devastatingly beautiful in the light from the fire." I whispered in her ear.

"Turn me loose you monster.....let me go, NOW. God I can't believe this is happening to me again."

I cut through her silk blouse quite easily, neatly slicing off the buttons and then down both sleeves causing the silk to drop away from her and revealing a black lacy bra as Rockie was was moving from denial to anger.

"Damn you! Let me be. What do you want from me? How much do you think I can stand?"

"We'll find out just how much you can stand tonight you magnificent whore, after I strip you I'm going to torment you until your entire beautiful body screams for me to fuck you."

"That will never happen you bastard"

"Your mind will demand that I fuck you"

"Never .....never you criminal."

"Your pussy will demand that I fuck you."

"Not on your pathetic life you.....you...monster."

"Before this night is over Rockie every inch of your body will crave me, every nerve in you will burn with desire until you finally beg me. Beg me to give you what you haven't had in two years."

I could see the surprise in her eyes, "How did he know? How could he know? How did he have this control and power over me?"

I slid my knife under her waistband and quickly dropped her skirt to the ground. Her anger had turned to tears as I slipped my fingers under her bra, between her gorgeous breast and with one fell swoop ripped her bra from her body. I took a step back to look at her beauty. She was surely the most beautiful woman I had ever layed my eyes on and before this night was over I would own her.

I cut the rope that bound her arms. She moved away from the tree. "Give me your panties Rockie"


I walked to my horse and removed the nine foot bullwhip I had used to subdue her earlier.

"I won't ask you again Rockie.....I want your panties."

"I said no you animal"

With lightening speed the tip of the whip broke the sound barrier exactly where the material of Rockies black lace panties met with her hip. The cut to the material was quick and clean and the sting to her hip was slight although by her screams you would think she'd been shot.

"Stop.....stop damn you"

I recoiled the whip preparing to go for the other hip.

"No......no wait. I'll......I'll give them to you please don't do that again."

Rockie stood stoicly as she slid her panties down her long gorgeous leg and over her spiked heel.

"Now bring them over to me whore."

Sullenly she walked to me and held them out for me to take. I took them from her and pressed them to my face inhaling deeply.

"I've missed your scent Rockie."

Her eyes watched mine intently as I took a set of handcuffs from my belt and gently bound her wrist together. Her eyes followed mine again as they drifted down to her rock hard nipples and back to her face.

I smiled knowingly and guided her to the blanket I had prepared next to the fire pit.

He layed me down next to the fire and attached a chain to my handcuffs that was connected to a metal stake in the ground above my head. The sight of this.....this rapist in his black leather duster and leather gloves against the background of orange flames was terrifying. We were miles from anywhere. I could scream and yell for hours and no one would hear me. He could do anything he wanted and nothing could stop him.....and I was afraid that is exactly what is about to happen.

My shoes. The only thing I had left were my shoes. He knealt at my feet and took my ankle in one hand and my calve in the other. He said nothing as he began to softly drag his fingers over my leg, pressing gently, squeezing and caressing my calve and ankle. His gaze was fixed and he seemed to be almost hypnotic as he deftly unbuckled the two straps that held the shoe to my foot.

He slipped the spiked heel from my foot and strangely I felt as if I had just been stripped again, and was even more naked. His hands amazed me as he moved his fingers to the sole of my foot, touching, pressing confusing me more with every touch. I couldn't let him know how hot he was making me.....

As much as I liked the way she looked in those spikes I didn't want to run the risk of getting stabbed with one of them in the next few hours. I took them off of her and climbed between her gorgeous thighs. "Don't you do it " she screamed as she tried to get her legs closed and push me away with her feet. I forced her legs apart and hovered over her letting myself low enough to kiss her."Don't worry Rockie you're gonna do a lot of begging before I fuck you tonight." I said with a smile.

I picked up a bottle of Jack and poured myself a shot as her eyes followed my every move. From my bag I opened a tin and took out a joint. I fired it up and took two long hits. Great stuff a friend had given it to me after a trip to the islands. I walked back over to Rockie and knealt down beside her. I took another big hit and leaned down towards her face......

My god he's going to shotgun me! I haven't smoked any grass since med school. I turn my head away from him but he forces it right back and covers my mouth with his as he pinches my nose closed. I have no choice. I hold my breath as long as I can but then take a deep lungful of smoke. He clamps my mouth shut with his hand and continues to hold my nose trapping the pot smoke in my lungs.

I'm just about to pass out when he lets me breath again. It's far too late as there is no smoke left to exit my lungs. I've absorbed every bit of it and it hits me very quickly. My head starts to spin as I see that all too familiar smile on my predators face.

He moves away and I watch as he begins to shed his clothes. He drops that duster and takes another shot of Jack Daniels. He circles me, staring, stalking his eyes never leaving mine and full of desire. I fear him now more than ever. He has me where there is no chance of anyone coming to my rescue. There is no limit to what he can do.

He pulls off his black tee shirt. He has a chest and abs most twenty-five year old men would kill for. He takes a small bag from his duffel and lays it next to me and then kneels between my thighs after ripping my legs apart.

"Why......why did you have to come back?" I cried.

He went down to his elbows, sliding his palms under my ass and lifting me straight into his mouth. He kissed me gently at first, licking, nipping exploring all around my hot lusting pussy. My fear quickly subsided as the pleasure from his masterful mouth overpowered me.

"Why must you torment me, why couldn't you just stay away and let me forget?"

He stopped long enough to crawel up between my legs and stuff my skirt and blouse under my head.

"Because you would never forget Rockie.....not that night two years ago and not tonight."

He kissed and nibbled his way back down to my throbbing pussy makeing long and lingering stops at my breast, my hips and my stomach. And with my head tilted I was very able, and god help me, very willing to watch.

He pleasured me for the next hour bringing me to three orgasms, the last of which causing me to lose conciousness. He devoured my hot, steaming pussy like he could read my mind. He knew just when to kiss and just when to lick,nibble and bite. When to be gentle and when to get rough. He was a master and tonight at least he was to be my master. When I came to I was face down with my ass propped up with pillows. He layed next to me, propped up on one elbow gently caressing my lower back. The effects of the pot had nearly worn off and I found myself wishing there was more.

He gently brushed the hair from my eyes pushing it back over my ear, and wetting his thumb, he rubbed a spot of mascara from my cheek that my tears had caused.

"You're a breathtaking young woman rockie"

Looking at him defiantly I screwed up enough courage to say, "Do you rape all the breathtaking young women that you meet?"

He smiled that devastating smile. "Only the one whose beauty is so overpowering that I am helpless to stop myself."

"Really" came my automatic retort sarcasticlly."How do you explain Tabatha and Brenda?"

He lit a new joint and took a big hit as he seemed to be pondering just how to answer my question.

"That was to enhance your experience Rockie, to heighten your senses and to let you know that I would indeed have you.......again."

"You may well have ruined their lives with your ruthless, savage attacks on them."

"They were both smiling when I left them Rockie, but I'm sure they told you all about it."

He put the joint to my lips. I looked at him, hesitating for just a moment. He started to pull it away. "No......no I'll take it" I said as I reached out for it with my lips.

I took the longest hit I could and then held it in my lungs till I absolutly had to exhale. The pot hit me immediatly this time as my eyes met my rapist stare. His hands felt so good on my back as he rubbed and massaged from my shoulders down to my ass. I tried to fight my urges but the pot made me very uninhibited. My eyes betrayed me as they followed the line of his body from his huge shoulders, across that magnificent chest, over his hips and finally to his rock hard cock.

He watched intently as I stared. I could feel the excitment grow through his hands. As huge as he was, and the pain that I would feel initially, I couldn't wait for him to start.

He reached behind him and picked up a bottle that had been sitting near the small campfire. With his eyes never leaving mine, he opened the container and began covering my ass with the hot oil from the bottle. He spread it gently over my already hot ass, his fingers pressing and exploring as he went. He poured more oil and I could feel it run down my most intimate places with his masterful fingers in hot pursuit.

I gasped as he pushed his thumb into my ass and moaned as his knuckle bumped past my ring. He began to pump his thumb in and out of my ass and in my altered state I did everything I could to accommodate him. He ordered me to tighten and I clamped my muscle around his thumb with all my might. Then he would order me to release and I obeyed. Push, pull, squeaze, what ever he ordered I tried to do.

He was on his knees now, still beside me and close enough that his dick would polk my hip as he readied me for what I knew must be the inevitable outcome of this foreplay. He poured more oil into the crack of my ass and reached over me to retrieve something from his bag. I felt him switch something hard from his left to his right hand and before I could realize what was happening he pushed a vibrating egg into my dripping, wet pussy.

"Oh god" she moaned as I slipped a vibrating egg into her sweet, hot pussy. She began immediatly to grind her womenhood into my hand. Each time she would raise her ass to push against my thumb, the egg would pop out and I would push it back in.

"Oh my god" she screamed as I layed my fingers against her swollen clit. I used the egg each time she pushed it out to massage her clit before pushing it back in. Her ass began to grind into my hand as her deep primal moans betrayed her ecstacy. "Oh Jake fuck me.....please... oh please fuck me Jake."

I covered my cock with the oil that remained and positioned my head at her pink little rosebud. "Now damn you, now" Rockie screamed.

I drove my steele into her hot little ass with all the power I could muster. Rockie cried out in pain and in the next breath screamed, "Don't stop.....don't you dare stop."

I pushed my way all the way in as Rockie kept begging for more. I pulled back and drove into her ass again and again. I reached under her and shoved the egg back into her pussy. "Oh god Jake......now fuck me slow nice and slow Jake. You can fuck me like this all night Jake.

And so for the next hour I pumped that gorgeous ass full of my cock and listened to this beautiful goddess moan in ecstacy and beg me not to stop. I was up on my knees, straddleing her ass and pounding her like a jackhammer when she finally exploded in orgasmic euphoria. Her entire body began to shake, almost as if she was having a seizure. Her orgasm seemed like it went on forever until she finally just collapsed. Her pretty little ass kept grinding slightly as I watched her for the next few minutes until she fell asleep.

I covered her with a blanket from the trailer and wondered just how any man could walk away from this woman..............

When I awakened it was first light and there was that early morning smell on the air that seemed to be universal. I pulled the blanket around me and realized my hands were free. Sometime during the night he had unleashed me from the stake and taken off the handcuffs. I felt the warmth of his campfire on my back and turned over to see him sitting naked on a stump and drinking what I presumed was coffee.

"You are even more beautiful by the light of dawn" he said smiling into his coffee cup.

"Didn't you use that line on me last night?" I chided him.

"Yea , well, when you have something that works so well........" again with the smile.

He was so self assured it was agravating. It wasn't bravado, or pretentiousness because he had every right to be confident. I had been with enough men in the last two years to get a pretty good sense of what was what, and what wasn't and this man was the real thing. The thing that puzzeled me was why in the world would he take the chance of going to jail for rape when he could probably have most women he wanted without the crime.

He brought me a cup of coffee, handing it to me and then laying down beside me. "Be careful...it's hot."

"How did you know I take cream and sugar?" I said more coyly than I had intended.

"How did you know my name was Jake? was his reply.

Oh my god. His question took me completely by surprise. I had forgotten that in my passion last night I had screamed out his name.....more than once. And now he wanted to know how. What would he do if I told him the truth? What would he do if I lied and he didn't beleive me? He watched me intently for my answer. He was no longer smiling. My hand began to shake and he reached out and took my coffee cup from me and set it down.

He lifted the blanket that covered me and slid under it. Gently he pushed me onto my back. His giant hand slid from my neck over my breast and rested on my hip.

"You don't need to be afraid Rockie, I give you my word I won't harm you in any way. And if you know as much about me as I assume you do, Than you already know that my word is absolute."

"You left a fingerprint Jake........you left the print of your right pinky on the handcuffs that you used to cuff one of my two security guards at the hospital. I have a friend at the Bureau.....I.....I've read your dossier Jake. I know all about you."

"How much do you know Rockie?"

"He told me it was your complete history Jake, sniper school, two tours in Southeast asia, Cuba, the Bay of Pigs. And also after you left the Corp Jake, the company, black ops, Montreal, the whole works Jake. I also read the story of what you went through to keep your word to your partner Martin. So I understand fully what it means when you give your word."

He mounted me laying that beautiful cock on my belly. I automatically reached for the chain to hold onto over my head. He smiled and kissed me.

"Did you want me to cuff you again?" he said laughingly.

"You can if you like" I chided him. "But it's not neccesary....I'm not going anywhere."

Sometime during the next two days he quit raping me and started loving me. It was a gradual thing and I'm not quite sure why or when it happened, I just know it happenend. When I told him I needed to let the hospital know that I was ok and had just decided to take a couple of days off he handed me his cell phone and walked away. He stood brushing his beautiful stallion way out of ear shot. I could have been calling the police for all he knew.

I walked up to him as he stroked his horse and handed him his cell. "I'm sorry Jake....the police will be here in twenty minuets.....if you hurry you may still be able to get away."

He turned and smiled gently at me, "You don't have to apoligize Rockie, we all do what we are destined to do, and I was destined to love you. More than you have ever been loved before and more than you will ever be loved again. My regrets are not for myself, as I have lost my freedom a number of times in the past and always, somehow managed to regain it. No, my regrets are for you. As now your destiny is to search. Search for god knows how long trying to duplicate or even get close to what you have had here with me for the last two days and nights.

I had to turn my back to Rockie as I finished those last words to keep her from seeing the smile on my face. I knew she hadn't called the police but I wanted her to have her moment.

" When they arrive Rockie let them know that I'll offer no resistence and that I'll be down by the pond. Now what about one last kiss? What about one more moment in time that you still belong to me? Just a few more seconds with you in my arms, to last the rest of my life."

With her gorgeous eyes looking down to the ground and a walk more suited to a bad little girl sauntering to daddy for forgivness, she came and wrapped herself around me.

"You know I didn't call the police don't you?"

"Of course"

We made love one more time before he boosted me up on his stallion, in front of him and headed for my house. He set his horses pace at a nice easy walk on this most beautiful of evenings, almost as if we had the rest of our lives to get there.

About half way back I broke the silence. "So Jake.....you're done with me? No reply just a tightening of his hold on my waist and the reins.

No more words were spoken all the way back to the barn. There was a closness though. A feeling even deeper than what we had shared these last two days.

He lifted me from the horse and I slid down into his arms. I was suddenly panicked to think that my time with Jake was ending. I pressed his face in my hands and kissed his weathered lips one more time, and walked away.
My tears were already flowing as that terrible empty feeling began to form in my stomach.

I had walked only a few steps when my heart turned me around.

"Stay with me Jake" I sobbed like a schoolgirl.

"Stay with me and let me love you Jake" I screamed in desperation. My legs already like putty and too weak to support my blubbering self, give way and I sink to my knees.

Jake was back off his horse and I was in his arms instantly. He snatched me up and carried me into the house where he gently put me to bed......and climbed in beside me.

That was June 3rd 1998. And he's still here.

And now you know the rest of the story.

copyright 2008

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