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07-18-2010, 08:16 PM
Twisted Dreams 03.

Chapter 03. The feelings grow as does the numbers.

Somehow and even Janice could not explain how; she managed to make it through the rest of the day without playing with herself, but she was always aware of the edge of insanity; her cravings felt like; hiding in the edge of her mind.

At six thirty her husband Bob arrived home and as normal he had his dinner waiting for him on the table as he had demanded in all the years of their marriage; almost in silence they sat and ate. Suddenly Bob broke that uneasy silence with the most innocent of questions; "How was your day, babes; get up to anything good?" he asked.

Instantly Janice became defensive wondering if her husband could possibly have know of her phone call to Pamela and later of her spending over an hour in the shower masturbating; God even the thought of the word masturbating had her cunt jumping and turning over. Janice was more convinced than ever that she was going mad or at the very least turning into a nymphomaniac; she made a mental note to ask Pamela if it was possible for a woman to become one and need so much sex all the time.

"Not really dear; I had a long shower and then just did the normal a lot of cleaning, a little shopping and then prepared your meal!" she cautiously answered, "How about you?"

"Same old Crap from the same old people!" Bob grumbled, "I hate that job, god I wish I could win the state lottery and retire while I am still young enough to enjoy it!" he said with a slight grin.

Then as Janice cleared the table; Bob retired to the living room as normal when the front door bell rang; Glancing at the kitchen clock Janice noted it was exactly seven thirty pm. She set off to answer the door but Bob got there first; Janice froze in her tracks as she saw standing there holding her hand out to Bob was; of all people Pamela Jones; her therapist.

Bob turned to Janice and said, "You never said, you were expecting your therapist to arrive!"

"Oh no Bob; Pamela please, and besides it was not a definite appointment; it was just Janice sounded so out of sorts that I thought it best to come over as soon as I could!" Pamela explained.

Bob showed Pamela into the living room and turned to make his excuses before leaving when Pamela suggested that he remain and help with the input of information as together they try to sort out the problems affecting Janice. Janice looked almost fearful at this idea but when Bob suggested she make some coffee and then come and join them; she reluctantly turned and left her husband and her therapist alone wondering if Pamela would give away any of her secrets.

Ten minutes later; Janice walked in and found Bob sat quietly on the floor in front of Pamela; Instantly Janice was reminded of a little playful puppy sitting waiting for every single command of its owner. Pamela looked up as Janice entered and said aloud; "Ah here comes the lesbian slut now!"

Instantly Janice was transformed into the trance state subject; having been told to sit in the corner on the floor facing the wall; Pamela returned to her conversation with Bob. "Concentrate on that green light Bob; as you go deeper into your safe house; the green light will grow bigger and bigger; but remember to listen to my voice!" Pamela droned on and on.

Glancing over Bob's shoulder; Pamela suddenly said, "Janice remove your clothes and stand on tiptoe facing the wall!" instantly Janice stood up and removed all her clothes before facing the wall once more and rising up on her tiptoes.

"I see you took my advice and shaved that cute horny fuck slit of yours; bitch!" Pamela taunted.

"Yes mistress; you know your wish is my command!" a meek Janice replied.
"When I say go; you will tell me what you have done today; my little fuck slut?" demanded Pamela.

Then turning to Bob she whispered in his ear and he immediately stood up and removed all his clothes before sitting directly on the coffee table in front of Pamela. "Turn Round Janice and look at your husband; you will see your husband as he is right now but will not say anything about it!" Pamela instructed her.

Janice turned still on tiptoe and blushed at the sight of her husband sat naked in front of her therapist; in Janice's mind's eye she was still dressed so she found it embarrassing for her husband to be naked in front of a woman he had only just met for the first time.

Bob openly displayed his soft seven inch cock as if it was the most natural thing in the world; he never even flinched when Pamela lifted his cock head and smiled as she said, "This weedy little thing has kept you prisoner for too long my dear; Soon you will want cocks three times this size and will do anything to get them!"

Just then Pamela whispered something in Bob's ear and he nodded; "Go!" was all Pamela said and instantly Janice felt the need to confess her exploits of earlier that day; it was as if she was in church confessing her sins. Janice could not believe her eyes for as she related how she had re-shaved her cunt before finding the deodorant can and in great detail she described soaping up her cunt and the can before telling how for a whole hour she had fucked her cunt with the can; but the sight of her husband slowly wanking his cock as he listened to his wife's antics really blew her mind.

She had never known him to touch his cock unless taking a piss let alone deliberately displaying himself openly wanking like this; the thing was too that her thinking of him wanking his cock set her cunt twitching all over again; but she seemed powerless to move her hands to caress her own cunt.

"You want to finger your cunt; Bitch!" asked Pamela.

"Yes mistress; please may I finger fuck my soaking wet horny spunk catcher of a cunt!" begged Janice.

Again Pamela leaned forward and whispered to Bob who immediately turned an began watching his wife while stroking his cock harder and faster; "Very well slut; use three fingers on your cunt and remember that I want you to clean your fingers regularly!" replied Pamela.

Instantly Janice's hand shot to her cunt and without any ceremony she had three fingers buried deep inside her cunt and frequently she would switch hands; every time she did so she would make sure to suck clean the fingers so recently having left her cunt. Neither Bob nor Janice actually noticed as Pamela slipped from the room; nor did they notice her return ten minutes later with another man.

Pamela simply said, "Jim! remove your clothes and show these useless cunts what a real cock looks like!" The black guy immediately removed his clothes and was soon displaying a nine inch slack cock.

Further instructions from Pamela soon had Bob stroking Jim's cock as it hardened and lengthened to its full glory of fourteen inches. Janice could not believe that her husband was so willingly stroking another man's cock. Whilst all this was going on Bob was still stroking his own cock as well as this black king sized mamba; No one noticed Pamela slipping out of her clothes and standing naked in front of Bob.

In an instant with her new instructions; Janice was stood beside her husband and she watched as he turned his head and began sucking on the black cock head of the circumcised cock. At the same moment she felt Pamela begin Sucking hard on her right nipple; her precondition triggers now kicked in and her cunt exploded spraying its hot juices all over her husband's thigh.

Suddenly her husband spoke and asked Janice to show him how she could take a real cock; she could not believe her ears that her husband was actually asking her to fuck another man but not only that he wanted her to fuck a black man; something that only days before she would have sworn would have started world war III.

Janice asked if he had a condom and when waiting for Jim to answer she was shocked further when her own husband told her not to bother with such a thing as he wanted her to become a black baby carrier and besides he wanted to suck his spunk from her well stretched cunt later.

Janice never moved until she heard Pamela's voice telling her to do as her husband insisted; then She simply lay back on the sofa held out her arms and beckoned her new lover between her thighs. No sooner had Jim climbed between her legs than Bob reached over and taking the ebony fuck stick began leading it to his wife's unprotected cunt. Just before the black monster cock began to disappear into his wife's cunt; a shocked Janice heard her husband begging the black man to fucking make his wife pregnant with his potent baby making seed.

Now Bob avidly watched as the big black cock fucked Janice's tight and well stretched cunt; not even Pamela's mouth, on his tiny cock by comparison, distracted his attention from the hypnotic pounding of the tiny white cunt by the massive ebony cock.

Pamela never flinched when Bob's cock spurted his weedy seed so quickly into her mouth she simply moved up and kissed Bob before pushing his own spunk from her mouth back into his own; Bob for his part eagerly accepted it and even tried to suck on her white coated tongue. By now Janice was screaming her orgasm into the shoulder of her dark lover as her own cunt seemed to have sprung an overwhelming leak. Very quickly her passions lead to her become a limp ragdoll in the hands of this expert lover; no longer even able to cry out she merely rode the cock as if her life depended upon it.

Even when she felt his spunk flushing her system; it was as if he was delivering his spunk into her throat from her cunt entrance; she wondered if sex could get any better than she felt at this moment, one weird thought that stuck in her mind was if this is being a slut then long live her slutty side.

Pamela was whispering something into Bob's ear as Jim pulled the fuck stick from Janice's cunt and immediately Bob was all over it sucking the white strings of cum and sweet sticky cunt juice from the still rock hard cock. Pamela looked over and watched as Janice's Ravished cunt held itself wide open like a Tunnel entrance. She swore deep inside the gaping cunt she could see the bubbling white spunk mixing with Janice's cunt honey.

Suddenly Pamela simply said, "Cuckold duties!" and Bob immediately stopped sucking the black man's cock and dived into his wife's well spread cunt like a starving man finding a soup fountain.

After receiving almost silent commands from Pamela; Janice brought her hands behind Bob's head and suddenly pulled his face tight against her cunt just as Jim began to force his powerful cock up Bob's arse; the pain ripped through Bob's body but no one heard the almost howling screams he was putting out because his wife's cunt was making an effective gag.

Now as Jim pounded the tight arse in front of him; Pamela simply lowered her cunt on to Janice's face; and demanded she eat her out whilst her wimp cuckold husband took care of her spunk sloppy cunt and took his own fucking from the master cock.

Janice swooned with lust and actually passed out as her body was assaulted from both ends by sheer passion of being a fuck toy; How Bob coped she was unable to say because she was still unconscious when he took his first ever load of spunk up his once virgin arse.

Now Pamela instructed Jim to dress and leave; as she began to unwind the session; she remained undressed as she brought them back to the real world and then feigned disgust at the pair of them literally raping her. She was adamant about getting the police involved; for she convinced them that during their discussions they had literally jumped on her and forced her to strip and both of them had taken liberties with her poor body.

Both Bob and Janice begged her not to call the police and in return they would do whatever she demanded of them.

Brigit Astar
07-18-2010, 08:39 PM
A-1 story, that's all I can say. You have the gift of your dialogue bringing the characters to life. In stories with more than one character, dialogue may be the most important thing, more important even than description. Believable dialogue can make the most offbeat outlandish stories believable.

07-28-2010, 10:59 AM
too true Brigit..... and this story has that extra special sex appeal.

07-28-2010, 06:18 PM
Why thanks everyone, it is always a pleasure to write for such an appreciative audience.