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The Inter View

“I don’t know what I’m doing here. This Crag, Mr. Leon Crag wants to ‘give…’ me an interview. Shit. I’m so nervous I’m shaking; I’ll bet I’m white as a sheet, I can’t even open the door. Three hundred dollars a day; it has to be illegal. I can still here Mom’s words screaming from her bed room, “He’s either going to rape and murder you or sale you to the black marketers, you’ll be gone and I’ll never see you again. I remember shouting back as I ran out the door; “He called ‘me’ in for the interview I’ll be safe I’ll make the cabby watch me go in. I ‘need!’ work!” Hell, I still hear the echoes of the slamming door after mom and I fought. My mom is sick; my little brother isn’t old enough to work, and they need somewhere to live, and mom’s disability isn’t enough to starve on much less pay the rent. I ‘want…’ them to have more than that. I want my Mom to have her medicine, a good doctor, and my brother Jeff to have his computer, games, and a college education. Mostly I want away from the dead end café jobs, and three hundred dollars is a start. Well here goes.”

“Come on in darlin’, have a seat please,” Leon Crag said smoothly, “What can I do for you?”

“Well, Mr. Crag, I saw your ad in the paper; you remember we did talk about it over the phone last week, and you called me yesterday for an interview. I was just wondering if the position is still the same?” Rachel asked.

“You mean the ad in the Underground Times, or The Times, and or the internet personals?” he asked casually adding, “Please excuse me I talk to a lot of people about a lot of jobs every day.”

“Yes, the one in the Times want ads” She replied softly, hesitantly, “Is the job still available? You did call me, saying something about an interview, and the appointment was for two-thirty and it is two-thirty now. I hope being punctual counts.” Rachel added earnestly.

“That job and several others, are always available,” Leon replied dryly, “I run that same ad everyday of the year! Yes, I called you in for an interview, for this afternoon. I thought you might back out quietly, or if you did come it would be of your own free will.”

“Really?” Rachel questioned and then pried further, “You mean you have that high of a turn-over for jobs that pay three hundred dollars a day?”

“Honey, this is the big city.” He said gently, “There ‘is…’ a high turn-over for three-thousand dollars a-day jobs, there are no free lunches. There is always some one quitting; or some one undercutting, or just waiting to take someone’s place, do not ever forget it! If you decide to stay; go through with the interview and then take the job, you’ll earn every penny!”

“Then how, what do I have to do?” Rachel stammered, “I guess I don’t understand.”

“Listen. I am sure, where you are from jobs like this do not exist.” he pointed out and asked, “Where are…you from? Remind me please.”

“Iowa, I’m from Platteville Iowa, it is a very small town and there are still a lot of different jobs,” she responded quickly sounding secure.

“And how old are you?” Mr. Crag questioned.

“I just turned eighteen two months ago.” she replied proudly, “Why, does it matter?”

“Oh yeah, I remember now,” he replied softly, and scoldingly added, “You bet your sweet little bottom it matters.” Then his face softened, as did his voice, “Do yourself a big favor get back on the bus, and go home, like you say there are a lot of jobs there you’ll find one.”

“I can’t. Your ad said females eighteen to twenty-four make $300 or more per day.” She whined, and stared stubbornly, “I’m eighteen. I’m female and need to earn a lot of money in a short time.”

“Do you have any idea what we do here?” Leon asked pointedly.

“I-it’s not illegal is it Mr. Crag?” Rachel asked warily, “I promised my mom I’d never break the law on purpose.”

“Not at all,” he shot back quickly and chuckled.

Rachel stared stubbornly her arms crossed, and demanded, “Now! Mr. Crag, it isn’t fair not to consider me for this job or any other job you may have. I’m a high school graduate, and I really need a job! I have references from two of my former employers.”

Leon leaned back in his chair hands inner laced behind his head. With a whimsical smile on his face, he looked at Rachel, the wall, back at her, and the door. He closed his eyes, wiped his face and hair; opened his eyes and drummed the desk with his fingers, fumbled through some papers and looked at Rachel for a few seconds more then Leon asked, “Tell me your name again.”

“Rachel, Rachel McAndrews.” she responded a little puzzled.

“Well Rachel… Rachel McAndrews let me start out easy. What kind of job are you looking for?” Leon asked frankly as he peered over the top of one of the papers.

“Full time employment. I’ll work any hours, over time no problem. I have problems in my family we owe a lot of money, and $300 a day would clear them up in a couple of years.” Rachel excited exclaimed.

“Sorry to hear that, but you still haven’t told me what ‘kind…’ of work you are looking for?” Leon asked impatiently as he organized a pile of papers as if he were putting them in numeric order.

Rachel in a quavering voice answered, “I’m willing to do any thing. I know how to type, file, and take dictation. I’ve done some cooking, and…”

“Whoa…! ‘What!’ wait a minute, back up a bit! You are talking minimum wage work here, unskilled labor.” Leon interrupted impatiently, and continued, “You can’t earn $300 in a day at those kinds of jobs much less get paid $300.00 for the interview!”

“W-what are you talking about?” Rachel stammered.

Leon said, “I’m interested in giving you the $300 interview, I told you about on the phone, but you got to be thinking that there must be strings attached to this money. Right?”

Hesitantly Rachel nodded casting glances allover the room, and stammeringly asked, “What is the $300 interview? I strip and have sex with you?”

“No…” Leon replied calmly, walking to the filing cabinet pulling a key from his pants pocket. He looked at Rachel and continued, “You do ‘have…’ to have your clothes… taken off, but not by me, and no, no sex today. I don’t have sex with possible clients, does that help ease your fear some? You have something I need; I have something you need.” Leon pulled the money from a box in the top drawer, held it in his hand, and looked at Rachel smiling warmly added, “You still have to earn it and money like that isn’t easy to earn.”

“What kind of ‘interview’ am I here for?” Rachel hesitantly popped emphasizing the word interview.

“Well do you or don’t you want the interview?” Leon asked waving the money, adding, “You have a lot of personal questions to answer, and a written questionnaire with some very personal questions to fill out at your leisure. Rachel to put it simply, I sell flesh.” Leon paused to let the bomb land, took a short look at her and continued, “You won’t have any more monetary value to me, or earning potential than you have right now ‘because…’ of your youthful ‘innocence’.”

“Yes I do.” Rachel paused and her face flashed red as the last of Leon’s statement sank in. “My innocence?” Rachel queried, “I’ve been with a man.”

“Honey I think he was just a boyfriend and maybe only a time or two. Anyway, around here your as innocent as a new born babe.” Leon brayed and chuckled quietly, “I’ve been with a man.”

“I can’t be a prostitute!” Rachel chopped out her face bent in disgust.

“No, not a hooker, or call girl taking multiple Johns ‘no, no, no…!’” Leon snapped out sounding a little impatient paused for a moment then continued, “nothing so common place. I don’t think you would make a good one any way. Let me explain. I run a very special and very expensive service. I take care of my clients, and ‘My…’ girls and boys. I take ‘good…!’ care of them. I did a check-up on you, just to see if you were worth the time of a full interview. I have a private investigator on retainer, and he is thorough. He said I quote no suspicious behavior. No drugs no boy friends, just works hard and keeps the house clean.”

“I’m confused. I am sure the job is about sex but not being a hooker or call girl. What is it?” Rachel interjected nervously and then her eyes grew wide and she barked out, “You investigated me?!”

“Easy… settle down… I know a few things about you now, so I called you back, now let me finish.” He paused as he waited for her to settle down then started, “I run a special business; I got the idea for it, from when I was using and running hookers and call girls. I used to surf the ****** personals for fun. After receiving, a raft of complaints from my people, girls and clients I did some research. I went from polygamy, to sex slaves, from concubines to surrogates, to sex toys. To put it simply I rent live-in sex toys and or maids or to put it even simpler Rent-a-mate.’ Full time live-ins or if you prefer wives…‘domestics/lovers living sex toys.’” Leon smiled smugly and added, “They do it all, from the floor to giving birth. They go from cooking, washing clothes and dishes, to washing pussies and penises, to house keeping. Much like old-world Japan. I was surprised at how fast it took off, and at how successful I became, so much so I’ve become a multi-level incorporation. I’ve branched into banking, insurance, and real-estate.” With a prying eye Leon stared at Rachel and assertively added, “You work good for me and my clients I can be your one stop shopping mall for your family and all their needs.”

“I still don’t understand I feel so confused.” Rachel admitted in a puzzled tone.

“As I said, I did a check on you.” Leon said firmly, stopped shuffling through the papers, and put them down. “I’m satisfied your hard working, and honest. Young lady; you have a drive to thrive, and making efforts to better your self, and the people close to you. Your Mom is sick the rent is over due, and your brother’s tuition isn’t late yet but will be soon. I can help with all of that. Rachel… you have a very nice face, a good body, with all the right proportions. My clients will find you very attractive; actually, you are exactly what many of them are looking for. With a little coaching, I can get you headed in the right direction. I will… look out for you; and you can be ready to retire in five to six years, maybe sooner if you play your cards right.” Leon assured with loose smile, and continued, “Well we’re almost done. First question, will you do as you are told?”

“Y-Yes?” She hesitated, fidgeted, and glanced at the door as if she were going to run.

“You don’t sound to sure.” Leon pointed out and then asked, “Will you finish your assignment as long as you are treated O.K.?”

“I’m sure ‘Yes. Yes…!’, and yes...! If ‘you!’ set me up, I will do my part.” Rachel firmly claimed and with a trailing voice added, “I’m just afraid; this sounds like one of those things, where a person either wishes they died, or disappears never to be seen again.” Rachel’s face had a fearful expression.

“That is a reasonable fear, ‘but…’ I said I watch out for my people and you would be one of ‘my…’ people. That is how I have survived. The threehundred dollar interview is over, here’s the money.” Leon informed coolly and laid the money on the table in front of Rachel.

“Over! I don’t understand. Did I fail or what?” Rachel asked exasperatedly and stared at the money.

“Oh no, it’s time for the next level. Put that money in your pocket it’s you’res.” Leon said with a smile. “The thousand dollar interview is next.” Leon said as a wet smile beamed from his face.

“Oh sure. Is this where I strip and have sex with you?” Rachel said with disgust and stopped from putting the money in her purse.

“No! I told you I don’t have sex with my clients, or the people that work for me; but ‘you…’ will have your clothing removed, as I said earlier. You ‘will’ have sex with my girlfriend, but not right away, and yes people ‘will…!’ be watching, a lot of people will be watching.” Leon said sternly as he watched Rachel’s reaction to this new information and relaxed as he watched her put the money away.

“I what…I can’t! I don’t. I…I haven’t done ‘that!’ since high school, and then just ‘once!’ and ‘no…!’ one was watching.” her face blushing a very bright red and with resignation in her voice she added, “a lot of people gawking at me… God.” She cast glances all around the room as if being spooked then asked, “Where will everyone be?”

“At their homes and offices don’t worry it is all done by camera.” Leon warmly said then asking, “Did you like it? Tell me about it, please it will help with the bios my clients will want to read. But first read this aloud, and sign it. Then I want you to read this,” Leo handed Rachel a booklet and a single sheet of paper.

“I give one Mr. Leon Crag the right to post my pictures on the web site ‘Rent-a-mate.com’, and E-mail my bio-stats to interested clients. Here you go post away,” Rachel quickly scribbled her signature and started talking hurriedly about her tryst, “It really wasn’t much more than a dare, like I will if you will. I said go first she kissed me on the mouth and took my cloths off. Oh this is kind of embarrassing, but she kissed my pussy and made it feel good so I did it second. I guess what we did is called sixty-nine, I didn’t have an orgasm and neither did she, yet still, we both liked it we just wanted our boy friends more. It was the only time. Any way what’s the bios and pictures about?”

“Well… advertising; it gives me a chance to get you started earning money for me and you a little closer to earning your money, by showing the interested members what you have to offer. Oh by the way this is a ‘members only’ affair. That was a nice story; it tells me you have a bit of an adventuresome spirit, and still innocent. They will come in handy.”

“How does this work? And what is this booklet about? I thought you had to know a lot about sex to make money at it?” Rachel inquired skeptically.

“I’ll say this; coupled with the way you look, your ‘lack’ of experience, and the ‘I dare you to’ attitude gives you value.” Leon said assuringly and then added, “I’ll tell you in a bit, about both how all this works and the booklet. You hungry?”

“Yes. I could eat,” puzzlement and curiosity filled her voice and face.

“How about oriental? Spicy oriental?” Leon teased.

“Sure I like Chinese,” She said smiling.

“Well let me give Starr a call. I want her to help us, with the rest of your ‘interview.’ Stand up I want to get some pictures,” Leon directed, “that’s it, turn to the right, and now face the door, now face the wall, okay you can sit back down.” Rachel’s heart jumped with every click of the camera.

“What no nudies?” Rachel pertly quipped.

“No. Not yet,” Leon said in a mater-of-fact tone and added, “You do realize that you are going to have your clothes taken off, that you are going to handle a pussy and a dick. Get very explicit both verbally and physically in front of web-cams with my members looking, listening, and asking questions?”

“ Yes but Mr. Crag I just can’t shake off being afraid,” her voice trailing off as she looked at the door again.

“Oh I understand Rachel. If you didn’t have at least some apprehension you wouldn’t be here,” Leon warmly assured adding “Starr will help you, from now on just call me Leon.”

Rachel sat down feeling dizzy and somewhat stunned, musing over the information while Leon was on the phone, “My how this ‘job interview’ changed before my eyes; from work to entering the flesh market. That was never more than a passing fantasy, now that I think about it I realize how dumb or naive I have been, thinking this would be a snap. I had to be crazy thinking I could earn that much money, without having to give something of value in return.” After taking, a deep breath she thought, “this will be a good way to take care the family. Pay for Mom’s medical bills; get Jeff in college and his fancy computer, get them both a place to stay, and food to eat. Only they can’t find out about it. My… God! It would kill Mom!” Rachel jumped up, and started to bolt for the door then stopped. She stood there panting loudly her face beet red and nervously blurted out, “I want…! I want to go through with this, ‘all of it’; but I ‘don’t…!’ want anyone, my family, or my friends to find out what I am doing!”

“Just a second Starr, I have to talk to Rachel hold on.” Leon looked at Rachel and said calmly “Don’t worry. The first three rules of my business are privacy, privacy, and privacy. ‘Ok…?’ Starr you got the order… good, and you’ll be right here…? Great see you soon.”

“I’m sorry I just got scared.” Rachel still blushing excused her self then confessed, “You are right my mother is sick and needs to see a doctor. Jeff and Mom need a better place to stay and yes, the rent is past due.”

“Don’t worry about a thing.” Leon warmly consoled adding, “we will get you set up with automatic bill paying and insurance for the two of them. My service is safe; I won’t put you with first time clients that could be risky, and you will be looked in on.” He explained and looked at Rachel warmly and assuringly added, “You won’t be drugged, tossed into a dungeon, and tortured. With the exception of some recreational drugs, you will be working in a drug free environment. I will set you up with an advance against what I think will be an exceptional and profitable term of service. We were in luck Starr was at the café all ready. I’ve posted you picture and profile on the members only board, and sent out e-mails to the prospective couples, that your profile matches their wants, wishes, and needs.”

“What have I just agreed to get into?” Rachel asked in a woeful and apprehensive tone her face stressed with concern.

“The sex business; to have sex with a strange couple at their whim and wish, and to let me help you take care of your family. You have agreed to be a long-term live-in mate and housekeeper, an extra wife to the husband, a playmate and helper to the wife. The sexier and more agreeable you are, the better. The second three rules are make’em happy, make’em happy, and make’em happy. That is what Starr is going to help you with. So read that booklet, it will raise some questions and answer some too.”

“Just what is ‘sweet’ Starr going to do to me?” she whined wrinkling her nose trying to feign unwillingness.

“She isn’t going to abase you, Starr is just going to settle you down some give you a few pointers and psyche you up for the interview. You’ll read that you are not allowed to say no; you ‘must…!’ dutifully obey both of your owners. You ‘must…’ to the very best of your ability deliver service with a smile. They are not allowed to physically hurt you or emotionally abase you unless it is part of the contract. You cannot be imprisoned unless it is introduced in your contract.” Leon paused to let the information settle and then added, “They can reprimand you for mistakes and ‘order’ you to perform better after telling you what you did wrong. You have to agree to everything in the contract before signing.”

“They can’t hit or lock me away in a dungeon.” Rachel nervously asked.

“I have clients that are prone to that but in your case we are not catering to them.” He waited for her to calm down and continued, “The men are paying for it so some times they are going to ‘take...’ a quickie, and sometimes they might use you for hours. It’s the same with the wives you ‘will’ be spending most of your time with them. There could be weeks when all you do is pleasure your owners, and not one second will they spend pleasuring you, maybe become even more demanding to see how you will act.”

“I can’t imagine what I would have to do to keep a woman sexually happy.” Rachel remarked, as she looked at the floor her hand between her legs obviously warming to the situation and becoming aroused.

“I want to point out specifically the highlighted part on page six.” Leon started out saying with a pure business attitude, “upon selection of bidder and signing of the contract the signer ‘you’ agree to stay sequestered on the premises, while waiting for you contract to begin. You can leaving only with an escort, and you are not allowed to participate in any sexual activity.”

“Sounds like I’m going to be a slave; a sex slave aren’t I? A lesbian sex slave, and a domestic servant.” Rachel chimed disappointedly as a shiver raced across her body.

“Yes. Again, don’t worry, read the booklet.” Leon asserted and comfortingly added, “I will help you with your choices for your first time. Sex and submissiveness ‘are’ the biggest parts of what I sell and what you will be doing and it can be easy.” He paused smiled a beaming smile adding, “You just have to learn to give in to their wishes freely. Remember you must be ‘fun…!’ Starr will coach you, and tell you a few of her experiences to help you get a better understanding of the requirements. You will be working harder than you ever have, I promise. Keep reading. I have a nice quiet room for you to stay in should we need one. There will be a one to three week wait while schedules mesh and the paperwork wraps up you will have the run of the place but must be escorted by one of my staff.”

Rachel read in silence quickly scanning the pages, looking up puzzled and starting to ask questions, stopping and reading further sighing when some of them were answered. She looked up again puzzled and asked, “Why don’t you use hookers or call girls?”

“For obvious reasons, in your case they are not able to satisfy my clients needs, plus they are not trustworthy.” Leon noted.

She read a little farther and burst, “Wait a minute I ‘do not…!’ want to be a wet-nurse baby factory.” Rachel declared loudly.

“You didn’t do a good job of reading.” Leon rebuffed informing, “That falls under the bonuses program; your supposed to get pregnant if you want the bonuses, but you must abort within eight weeks. Starr will explain all that to you.”

“OK. The money happen with bids being placed for…” Rachel paused her face flared red when she said, “my services…”

“Bidding, yes like at any auction the participants will look you over ask you questions, and place their bids based on your answers, appearance, and performance.” Leon explained somewhat amazed at how fast she was catching on.

“Like a car or art or an estate auction like the black woman chained to a pole and sold?” she quizzed farther.

“Oh! We’ve got a lot of responses coming in already, and there’s sweet Starr at the door. Well yes, ‘exactly’ it is people bidding against each other to own ‘you…’ mind and body. You will become the winner’s property just like a long time ago, the only difference no whips or chains. I will give you a list of the top five bidder’s profiles and you will make the final choice. You will…belong to them in every way for the term of the contract. If you don’t want to owe me money then you will make it good for at least six months. I’d say read the rules and regs through again while we eat.”

“And if I owe you money?” Rachel asked her question with a suspicious tone in her voice.

“No I won’t kill you or break a leg.” Leon responded with a sarcastic tone of voice and then calmly informed her, “We will set up a payment program and yes, if you default, I will turn it over to a collection agency. I am not a gangster.”

The door swung open, in walked a big-busted, full-bodied, auburn haired, dark tanned woman her arms loaded with take-out food boxes. She set the boxes on the table, took off her coat hung it on the rack, and looked at Rachel. She smiled her pouty red lips opening as she beamed.

“Starr. I’m Rachel. How are you doing today?” Rachel acquainted her self with her future mentor.

“I’m fine. Leon was telling me a little about you earlier today. He is right you do look like the girl we all wanted in school.” Starr sang smiling, as she pulled at her hair to straighten out the wind curls. Starr’s tight hair accented her tanned, plump round face then gazed at Rachel sizing her up head to toe and with a smile warmly added, “Yes you even look like the girlfriend I wanted in school.” Starr found Rachel’s thick bushy eyebrows and full head of long shiny black hair stopping at her shoulders attractive and enticing, as she knew that Rachel would have a very thick matting of shiny black hair covering her genitalia. Her body still had baby fat making her roundish but firm looking certainly not fat looking. At five seven, and one thirty-five Rachel was very pleasing to anyone’s eyes. Atop her pert thirty-four D breast making mounds in her thick blouse were large buds caused by her gumdrop-sized nipples. Starr finished fluffing her clothes and with a smile and warm gaze moved toward Rachel.

Blushing from Starr’s lingering gaze Rachel announced, “Leon says you are going to help me learn a little something of the sex business. I have decided to go for it… all the way, and I can… use what ever helpful information you are willing to give.”

“Ol’ Leon asked me to give some special tutoring.” Starr humorously replied and warmly assured, “I’ll be happy to answer any and ‘all’ question you can ask and some that you will not think to ask. After sizing you up, I see Leon has as usual under stated how attractive you are. You do have that full-bodied look, yet pert, with that down to earth natural beauty, that most of his; ‘special…’ clients look for. Hell I find you enticing.” Starr warmly admitted as she looked on with a seductive smile.

“I hate to interrupt but I’m hungry, so let her read, while we all eat up.” Leon interjected and then added, “I will confirm that an auction will happen in two hours.” He paused and looked quizzically at Rachel and asked, “Or should I e-mail a cancellation… Rachel?”

“No! Yes! No!” Rachel excitedly exclaimed as she stuttered, “I mean I am going to go for it! All the way! You ‘have…’ an auction!” Rachel quickly and enthusiastically confirmed.

“That’s the spirit.” Leon chimed and shoveled some food into his mouth.

“You have to act like ‘a-more-than-willing’ participant.” Starr pointed out, and asked, “Leon have you actually pointed out that Rachel will be catering more towards the wives and how the time schedules work? What she is expected to do? And most of all how we will be looking out for her?”

“Yes, yes, and yes. I thought you could explain the different ‘bonus’ programs.” Leon mumbled around a mouth full of food.

Rachel gulped her bite down and asked, “Yea. One, five, six, and six months the manual said but I am not sure if I got it right.”

With a swallow and slurp from her drink Starr replied, “If you only go one month or less you won’t be called back, you failed, and you may owe Leon money. I’m going to make sure your headed in the right direction so you can avoid that.” Starr pointed out then filled her mouth with rice again.

“One, five, six, and six months. That is eighteen months with no problems nets an automatic $1,800.00 bonus. The very least you’ll earn is $162,000.00 with no other bonuses and no deductions. With no rent, utilities, or food to pay for. You’ll be covered by your owners medical insurance, and your family will be covered by your insurance.” Garbled Leon and with a chuckle added, “That is good beginner’s pay.”

“That is more than a life time pay compared to what I’ve been earning.” Rachel observed with an uneasy grin. Then hungrily took a mouth full of pork followed it with rice and exaggeratedly chewed.

Leon reminded her between gobbles. “You must realize that you are selling, at the very least, six months of your life into ‘servitude…’ becoming a slave with what could be a very demanding pair of masters.”

“You are only allowed one day off every two weeks.” Starr pointed out, garbling around a mouth full. She swallowed and went on, “You get a full two days pay extra, for every day-off not taken as an extra bonus at the end of the full contract. So by going the full eighteen months that will be seventy-two days of extra pay. Hey Leon help me out with the math.”

Leon looked up from the food; a wet smile beamed from his face, and while tweaking his nipple looked right at Rachel saying, “No days off says you ‘want’ to be there. Depending on the bids, it could net you at least $21,600.00 less my pittance. I pay an extra $1800.00 bonus out of the interest I earn for not having problems with the contract. So, say for arguments’ sake you get $300.00 a-day. To keep the math simple for now I take my fees fifty a-day. That leaves $250.00 a-day or $7500.00 a-month or $90,000.00, a-year or $135,000.00 for eighteen months no bonuses no interest and no deductions. I say from experience that that is the very least you will get.”

“That is a lot of money.” Rachel remarked with puzzlement in her voice and skeptically asked, “The interest you earn?”

“Of course I make money off your work and more the better you work out.” Leon cynically remarked.

Starr interjected explaining, “Oh yes; the clients pay six months in advance at the beginning of each term. Depending on the reason the contract is terminated early, Leon either refunds the full amount and you get stuck with a bill, or he pays you off, giving you the contract option to continue or stop. The full contract is eighteen months, in six-month increments, with an exit clause at the end of each of the six-month terms.”

“What is the most I will pay Leon?” Rachel inquired in a skeptical tone.

“If you get $300.00 a-day I take $50.00 a-day. If you get $400.00 a-day then I take $75.00 a-day.” Leon assured in a business like tone adding, “No less than fifty, and no more than one-fifty a-day so it would behoove you to work for the higher bids.”

“Except for what you’ll be sending your family you will be leaving the money in the bank because you won’t need it.” Starr explained her voice sounding like a business woman and with a laugh added, “Hell by the time you satisfy the first contract you’ll have Ol’ Leon paid off and taking care of your family with your own money.”

Rachel cut Starr short asking, “What is this pregnancy bonus about?”

“Leon?” Starr looked at him.

“No. That’s your department.” Leon said as he fumbled through the empty boxes of food grunting, “Shit I’m still hungry.”

“I call them conception abortion bonuses. To get them you have to announce, to your owners, that you are pregnant and ask them to terminate it. The safe time is six to eight weeks, and you have to terminate or you will violate the contract. You get $3000.00 upon confirmation, and it goes straight into your account. I conceived six times in eighteen months, that comes to $18,000.00.” Starr stated proudly and added, “It starts earning interest right away too.”

“Didn’t it hurt you?” Rachel queried in a distressed tone, “Didn’t you get sick?”

“Not at all. I put on weight twice, but as you can see, I took most of it off.” Starr assured and then added, “In six months, I go back on the auction block. This time I will be a surrogate mother. The minimum bids will open at three hundred per day and double for the last four weeks, then fifty percent a-week till weaning. Sex and house work will be optional at that tim...”

“This all sounds to good to be true. I’m puzzled. Why only three contracts?” Rachel interrupted.

“Leon that’s your department.” Cooed Starr.

“You are right, as I said earlier the bidders become your owner. You sell your freedom. The first month gives the couple a chance to see what they bought. The five-month term gives you an opportunity to see if you want to go for another year, in six-month increments or back out and take some money. During the contract, you will not be allowed to go anywhere that you are not taken to by the owner. They will go places and not take you must stay home. You will be eating, bathing, and sleeping, with them, and you cannot be potty shy. Keeping up appearances is very important. Your day off is spent in a private room ‘in’ their home. Well by the end of the third contract, four and a half years, I’m afraid you will have lost your appeal to those long term clients.” Leon explained and added, “Remember it is your youth and innocents that is of value. There are other lucrative contracts available, but that’s for another time. Any way I suspect that if you stay and complete all three contracts you won’t need to work.”

“So I cook, clean house, and have sex with my ‘owners…’ as you call them. I submit to their every whim and nothing else.” Rachel commented dryly.

“You won’t get past the first month with that attitude.” Starr jumped in. “Hun your going to act fun and be fun. You must be seductive and seduce them and be seduced by them. Think of them as your mates your lovers. You’ll need to melt in their hands, and you will need to make them melt in your hands.” She paused as she mused over a memory and remarked, “What makes a toy popular is that it is fun and easy to play with.”

“Starr, here is a partial list of bidders.” Leon pointed out, “There are a couple of first timers. They seemed okay, I mean they passed my detective and he is thoroughgoing, but lets drop them anyway.” Leon rubbed his hands together and then declared, “I have all of my clients thoroughly investigated. You were thoroughly investigated.” He cast a warm look at Rachel and firmly said, “I have never lost a mate to a bad client. Pimps beet their girls and the hookers get stiffed or killed all the time. There are none of those risks with my service. My clients pay me a lot of money and expect to get what they paid for.”

“Hey. These two sound fun.” Starr sang out with enthusiasm after gulping her food down and then read from the bio, “Wife likes to work her husband over with the help of a second woman, but for one on one prefers a woman’s touch.” With a little laugh remarked, “If you play the part you could have a lot of fun. When husband is away mate will provide sexual release in a variety of ways hell I’m getting wet reading this.” Starr said with a laugh her voice trailed off as she continued, “She must keep up with the household chores, will accompany wife shopping to the gym, bike rides anywhere she wants her to go. Shit reads like a want ad in the personals. Okay lets skip to some of the rules when out of the house she will talk to no one, respond to medical emergencies only, and walk arm and arm or at least stay close, and be very attentive. Well it still sounds fun if you go along.” Starr said as she lingered at the words on the page.

“So we have an ‘auction!’” Leon crowed with satisfaction. “I have to get set up.” And Leon headed for the hall.

“Who is the guy that’s going to fuck me Leon?” Starr yelled as he started down the hall.

“If it matters there are Greg, or Jerome they have been saving up for the last eight days. Which one do you want?” Leon yelled back.

“Surprise me Leon.” Starr shouted and started talking to Rachel again, “So this is how it will go first you just sit by the bed in front of the cameras.” Starr explained in a friendly tone.

“’Cameras!?’ Oh yes the cameras.” Rachel interrupted and asked, “What did I just start?” her voice crackling with surprise.

“You didn’t think they were going to bid and buy sight unseen?” Starr sarcastically asked.

“No I guess not Starr.” Rachel conceded.

Starr continued, “The first round happens with you in the chair, next to me sitting on the bed. The group gets to ask you five questions. The way you answer them the tone of voice, your body language will determine how the bidding goes. You remember when you were in school writing essay answers the more informative your essay the higher the grade, well it is the same here.” Starr remarked and warmly looked at Rachel.

“Starr. Is this like a conference call everyone hears everyone?” Rachel distressfully asked.

“Yes Rachel everyone hears everything questions, answers, and the bids offered. The second cycle starts with us. We will be kissing and petting. They will be using you… so they are going to want to see if you are a good seducer and easy to be seduced. You are being bought for the wife’s benefit mainly, but the husbands are there some of the time, some more than others and you do belong to them as well. So you must satisfy their whims, fancies and orders too.”

Starr paused a few moments to muse and then continued, “Just to give you an idea. One afternoon I was with the wife naked on our bed. She had blindfolded me and we were into some serious petting. Well we were both getting hot when she rolled on top. She started frenching me and playing with my clitoris, while the husband snuck into the room and mounted her from behind. I nearly jumped out of my skin when he bumped my legs and knew exactly when he slid his dick into her, because her saliva started cascading into my mouth around her tongue. They had been having sex for almost thirty minutes; when with out any warning, he stuffed his cock deep inside me and gave a few long quick thrusts, and his sperm surged into me. I was so startled I screamed and bucked trying to shake his dick out of me but the wife let out an impish giggle and held me tight until he pulled out. That is one of the times I conceived.” As she became quiet, Starr smiled amorously reminiscing.

“Am I going to fuck Jerome or Greg, Starr?” Rachel shyly asked.

“No. You will have to strip the male we do use and handle his dick, but I’ll ‘get…!’ to do the fucking.” Starr explained as she rubbed her genitals and dreamily added, “I prefer sex with men because I love the feeling of a hard cock moving inside me. The feeling of sperm gushing, soaking my cheeks, and running down the crack of my ass really thrill me still. Just thinking of it gets me wet.” she paused and took a few deep breaths and added, “Dildos and strap-ons are okay but little more than pacifiers. When I am with a woman I would rather she use her tongue and or fingers to get me off, and I ‘dooo…!’ love to exchange fluids with women!” Starr dreamily stared at the floor as she diddled her nipple.

With a loud sigh, Starr continued explaining the bidding process, “The third cycle starts with individual bidders asking more questions and deciding weather you do me or I do you first. Think of these questions as essays too but requiring only short essay answers. So depending on the out come of this Q and A I will be exposing, and touching different parts of your privates and you will be handling mine in turn. We will take different poses, lying down, bending over or standing up with a leg propped on a chair or something. We will be spreading our legs wide so they can see every little thing.” Starr stopped and watched Rachel turn away in embarrassment and knew her embarrassment was from being turned on. In a deep alluring voice she continued, “We will be fingering each other’s vaginal folds and anuses suckling each other’s breasts. The bidders are going to be watching your responses as we take turns with our ministrations to each other. You must look like an eager and happy participant. The more aroused you look the wetter the wives will get, the harder their dicks are going to get, and the higher the bids are going to go. If you know what I mean?”

“Yes. I knoooww…what you mean!” Rachel smiled quipped and then assured, “I will try to arouse you, and let you arouse me, and look good doing it.”

“Rachel you look really good you have the face and body these people really want. The; I’m young, fertile, and full of cum, and I’m easy, look see how easy I get hot.” Starr consoled and cupped Rachel’s cheek. Rachel’s eyes closed and her knees warbled. Starr quaffed deeply at the air and closed her eyes and in a voice near whisper warmly warned, “We will continue this later!” Coolly Starr continued Rachel’s orientation, “When the forth-round starts we will both be making love; the two of us, having sex together. We will be going from French kissing to down on each other, you know sucking tongues, lips, nipples and clitorises. You will have your fingers in me and I’m going to have my fingers in you. Don’t worry about cumming on my face I like it, but even if you don’t like my cumming in your face you must look like you do. And yes the cameras will be running, catching the action from all angles, ‘all…!’ of the action from ‘all…!’ of the angles.”

“Starr I’m not sure but I don’t think I have ever had an orgasm.” She grimaced casting glances around the room as her face flashed deep red, and in a shaky assured, “I know I will like you juices on my face.”

“Not even when you masturbated?” Starr asked puzzled.

Rachel grimaced as she admitted, “I never masturbated.”

“Never?” Starr gave a deep husky sigh and combing Rachel’s hair with her fingers warmly assured, “Well I am going to be looking forward to giving you your first orgasm. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt, I promise!” Starr smiled impishly her upper cheeks reddening and continued. “When the fifth-round starts I say I want ‘my man go get my man.’ You go get him and walk into the room hand and hand this is where you first handle him; you kiss him, take his clothes off, you rub your naked body on his, you rub his cock with your hands, legs and buttocks, you turn him on and tell him that your mama wants you. As saucily as you can and still sound real.”

“I don’t think can I rub his penis in front of the camera.” She nervously admitted as she danced from foot to foot as if she had to pee.

“Rachel you have too. It won’t squirt on you or bite you.” Starr teasingly quipped and then warmly added, “They need to know you will handle their every little thing.”

“Just rub it not have sex?” Rachel pried farther.

“You are not supposed to suck or fuck it.” Starr said as a matter of factly and with a smile on her face coaxed, “Just hold it against your face and smile, that will drive them crazy I promise. You keep forgetting these people are after you for your inexperience not your experience, your youth and innocents, not you wiles. You do have to prove that you are willing to and can so to speak ‘handle…’ the job.”

“I can do that. Starr? I am still having trouble understanding this whole thing.” Rachel resigned and grimaced as she added, “I still keep seeing those nasty reports of the white slavery trade and can’t hel…”

“Just relax.” Starr interjected and consoled, “Leon started this business for those very reasons he hated every article.” Starr gave Rachel a much-needed hug and then went with her introduction, “Remember the important thing is being sexy without seeming like you are straining. I’ll rub the sheet if I think you need to slow down some. The next cycle of bidding starts when you put his dick into my pussy, and start sucking my clitoris, and moving his dick inside me with your hand. This is ‘the…! Pose…!’ my fave and theirs too… mostly.”

“Why use that pose? I know my mouth is going to touch his penis!” Rachel’s face wrinkled and she stuck her tongue out as if having a foul tasting substance in her mouth.

“Yes. Just don’t think about that, think of kissing my pussy.” Starr became quiet as she reminisced and then warmly assured, “That is the one position they all share. You’ll see why when it happens to you, it can be explosive. I’ll tell you a short story.” A broad smile beamed as Starr collected her thoughts her cheeks turned blush as she started, “I was with my first couple it was the third week, and I hadn’t had sex the two months before my arrival and watching them having sex made me ache. They had sex in bed every night with me lying next to them or under them getting wet from their sweat for the first two weeks. I tell you I was hoorneey…!”

“I just finished my shower, and walked into the bedroom. She was sitting on the bed smiling at me a kind of crooked sexy smile she had when she knew I was aroused and I could smell her heat. She was just patting the bed next to her, where she wanted me to lie down. When she moved I saw the shinny wet spot she made. I was quite nervous because this was my first contract and my first time being with a woman, except for the interview. I was sort of turned on already when she started kissing my face and fondling my breasts. She knew exactly how to squeeze my nipples. When she started frenching me, and putting her fingers inside me, my fire was lit, my juices were running out of me, and she made it feel ‘Oh…!’ ‘So…!’ Good! She was tweaking my nipples with the fingers of one hand while diddling my clitoris with the thumb of her other hand splaying my labia with her fingers. She knew just when to stop to keep me from cumming. My God! I would start to pant and gasp and she would stop and stay very still and wait for me to come down then start again. She did that to me several times till my groin started aching. She was kissing her way down to my vagina when her husband lay down next to me and began fondling my other breast and nipple, nibbling my ear, and pressing his cock onto my side. His dick was already very hard I could feel it throbbing. I was trembling I was so hot, and so scared. It felt like some one was blowing up balloons inside of me and then letting the air out, I thought I was about to explode.”

Starr paused took a short drink of water and started again, “Her suckling my clitoris and fingering my labia kept me so dilated I was wide open. My cream was beading and flowing down my anus, I was soaking the sheet beneath me. I was getting close to cumming when in one smooth movement, they pulled me on top him and with her mouth still suckling my clitoris, she slid his cock into me. My God…! I exploded before it was all the way in, I tried to scream but couldn’t. I just gasp uncontrollably and moaned mindlessly. I grabbed two handfuls of her hair and shoved her face onto my pussy. My vaginal muscles convulsed gripping his cock tightly; I heard her grunting and moaning loudly like she was having an orgasm too. I ground her mouth into my clitoris, and felt I was going to jump out of my skin gasping and writhing. I felt so spent, yet when she started manually moving his cock inside me and when he started ejaculating I exploded again, I thought my innards were squirting out of me through my pussy with every contraction. His dick didn’t go soft then either.”

“The three of us rolled over he was on top and she was under me. I was passionately kissing her we were moaning loudly and grunting like animals. She was foundling my breasts and nipples while he was working his dick just inside my opening rolling my labia with every quick short stroke. Over the next thirty or so minutes I probably had twenty small orgasms, but when he ejaculated I yelled and jumped from the forcefulness of his stream. When we finely finished we just lay there in a pool of our sweat, and his semen mixed with our juices.” Starr took a long pause and reminiscently added, “I for the most part, have had a good time with all of my owners. It’s best to think of them that way, because they are… your owners. Remember to keep your guard up some of them are ass holes and will try to trip you up, cause you to violate the contract, and as you know it saves them money.”

“Oh! Starr you’ve made me wet my panties, my fanny is slipping inside them. Maybe we can fool around a little first?” Rachel enticed as she slipped a little closer.

“Save it for the camera.” Starr cautioned, “You will need to look Hot…! Wet…! And Sexy…!”

“I feel all melted inside I ache. I will be glad to help you have an orgasm, and know… I want you too.” Rachel purred smiling and whispered, “When we get the time.”

“You know Rachel this doesn’t have to feel like work we are allowed to enjoy the bidding process.” Starr cooed and ran her fingers through Rachel’s hair smiling as she said, “During this round when you start manually making him cum inside me they are going to want to watch your pussy and see if you turn wet while he is cumming. Your bottom will be faced right at the camera, and it will be a tight shot.”

“What do you mean ‘a tight shot?’” a puzzled look washed across Rachel’s reddening face.

“A close up. A well lit… close up. And your legs will be spread wide so you will… be wide open, offering a full view.” Starr alluringly patted Rachel’s buttocks.

A weak smile appeared on Rachel’s face as she asked, “Starr? Say I stay the full term do I get a vacation or what?”

“No more than a week and the time it takes to start another round of bidding.” Starr informed adding, “More than that and you’ll have to pay for the escort you will need.”

“An escort?” Rachel remarked in surprise and asked, “What do I need an escort for?”

“As long as you work for Leon and his special clients you belong to them and Leon twenty-four seven three sixty-five.” Starr explained and with a light laugh added, “Don’t worry Leon will pay for the escort the first week. If you stay longer than a week, you have to pay for the escort. If you go without an escort, you will loose your priority in the bidding and have to get and pay for another check up. Another three rules here are, security, security, and security. He has to protect his clients, and that means us too.”

“Do you know why they pay so much to conceive then have an abortion?” Rachel asked with a confused look on her face.

“Some like to ‘cum’ in a fertile womb, others believe that they are freeing a spirit.” Starr mused before continuing, “Don’t ask me to explain that; as for me I love the feeling of sperm gushing inside my womb.”

“So the long and short of it all is; I just stay at their house and cook, clean, have sex, and be a dutiful wife for eighteen months at a time?” Rachel pertly recapped.

“It depends on the couple and the ground rules, but yes you must comply completely, or you will violate that contract.” Starr firmly asserted adding, “The six month term has to be completed or you get nothing, even if there is only one hour left.”

“What if someone in my family gets sick?” Rachel quizzed.

“That’s a medical reason, and something will be worked out so you can take an absence.” Starr answered and then quipped, “I have trouble reading too it is all in the brochure.”

Leon came around the corner looked at Starr and Rachel, “Rachel give Starr a wet kiss.” He ordered and with a chuckle asked, “Did you give Rachel the blow by blow on the bidding process?”

“HUmmm huumm.” Starr toned as her lips were sealed to Rachel’s.

“‘Oh!’ That looks ‘swee…eet…!’” Leon remarked as he watched the rosy cheeks meshing and then brayed, “I think the bidding is going to be heated maybe even over the top! Because every one of the families of the Tantrik love cults have joined the bidding, all of the older couples as well as all of the younger couples.” Leon paused as watched the screen and then blurted out, “Even a bunch of our pre-approved first time couples have come on line to join in, and a bunch of the singles have logged on just to watch.”

“Rachel you kiss good like you know what you are doing.” Starr purred as she cupped Rachel’s cheek.

“It can’t be that different than kissing boys.” Rachel smiled blushing a little and nuzzled Starr’s palm.

“I would say you are going to have a lot of fun and get paid for it too.” Starr commented gayly, then cautioned, “Stay away from the Tantrik love cults as I hear they are really hard to work with.”

“Are they dangerous?” Rachel whispered.

“No they are extremely demanding.” Starr answered frankly and then explained, “They really believe in the exchange of fluids during sex!”

“Well girls, show time fifteen minutes!” Leon said as he ground his hands together and an impish grin beamed, then introduced, “This is Greg. He will be assisting us with parts of the bidding. Greg ‘this…!’ is Rachel, and you already know Starr.”

“Hi girls.” Greg said as he turned towards them.

Rachel just stuttered when she tried to speak as she had been caught off guard by the huge bulge in Greg’s pants. Starr kicked in, “Oh don’t mind her she has never seen such a well endowed male but not to worry she ‘will…!’ catch on.” Starr ensured as she gave his flaccid penis a firm shaking.

End. Chp. 1

I had a lot of fun writing this story and hope you will enjoy reading it. Ch. 2 will be a lot more than a fun tease. Please send comments to writermike2003@yahoo.com. All reasonable and constructive e-mails will be responded to.
Thank you for your time. writermike

09-23-2006, 08:15 PM
The Inter View
Pt. 2

Rachel was staring down ward at the floor, through the fake window looking into the movie set thinking, “This is where I will be revealing myself as well as my private parts for people ‘strangers…’ to look at. Fondling another woman and being fondled by another woman are experiences I have never really thought about, and now my god I will be doing both in front of a group, maybe hundreds of people looking on and bidding as if I were a car, or a house, or a piece of meat on the butchers block up for grabs.” A shudder raced through her as Starr walked around the corner with some papers in her hand.

“Hey Rachel you look really worried, well if you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be here.” Starr comforted and started massaging her shoulders as she stepped behind Rachel and then consoled, “Just think Rachel you will be doing what you want to do with me and getting paid for it.”

“I’m so scared I’m shaking.” She held up her trembling hand as proof.

“I remember this part of the wait.” Starr warmly acknowledged and gave a tender kiss to Rachel’s ear and then admitted, “At every little bump or clank I was ready to dash for the door as if my life depended on it,” and started combing her hair with her fingers then assured, “The clients are going to want to see some uncertainty in your actions hear some hesitations in your voice, just remember it is okay to have a good time and get paid for it! I survived it and I still look good!”

“Yea you do. You don’t look like a whore you are beautiful. I don’t want to look like a whore.” She firmly pointed out adding, “I’ve seen some of the street walkers, and they look so hard.”

“That’s because they live a hard life, work with Leon and you won’t. I was young like you when my parents split and I didn’t want to stay at home. That’s when I met Leo, now that is far behind me, and now I have my own home with all the trimmings, a car, a boyfriend, and I am still working with Leon. You’ll do fine.” Starr consoled as she continued running her fingers through Rachel’s hair.

“Oh Starr tell me about one of your bad ones, I know it hasn’t all been milk and honey.” Rachel asked as she continued to stare at the bed and chair in the set through the window.

“It was my last contract and I picked the wrong one of the top ten bidders. I call her the ‘dildo diaper lady,’ ole Leon fixed her though; she has a flag next to her name now. That means the couple must list every little thing they want to do and what they expect to have done on the contract, in the black and white…! On… paper!”

“I see you are still a little tweaked by it, tell me a about it please!” She urged Rachel’s mood was starting to warm up.

“Hell I had to potty in diapers like an infant and wait for her to change me. It was weeks before I was allowed to go to the bathroom like an adult and then only a few times, and weeks between the times that she would pleasure me. I would mess in my diapers and she would change me. No! Hell no! I couldn’t tell her either I had to wait for her to stick her finger through the elastic leggings of the rubber pants or down my back. Then she would act surprise and say ‘oh…!’ the baby is wet or ‘oh…!’ the baby went poop!” Starr had wrinkles between her eyes and her face looked almost angry as she recalled the events for Rachel.
Rachel laughed out loud then Starr joined in. They sat on the couch in the staged set. “Keep going Starr!” Rachel prodded and put her hand in Starr’s.

“So all day and night for weeks at a time I had to where the diapers, rubber pants, and a strap on dildo, with sweats on over them, as I performed my duties. No bra just the very loose fitting sweatshirt and pants. I looked like a pile of dirty laundry walking around the house and I had to pull them up all the time; they were so loose they would slip over the rubber pants and hang on the dildo. I would have to seduce her if she came into the room, or if I ran into her doing house work. Some times not often she would take the strap on off me and put it on and poke me through the diapers and French kiss me, and kiss my tits eventually she would pull the diapers down just enough to slip that thing into me and mount me from behind with my legs closed, and slowly work it back and forth inside me. She never hurt me with it, and sometimes she would get me to climax, but only sometimes.”

Starr stretched and went on, “When I messed in the diapers she would clean me with a hot washcloth, and wash her hands then sometimes not often she would finger me. Then put fresh diapers and a clean pair of rubber pants on me then hand me the strap on, and watch as I put it on. She wanted me to do it just like she did poke her genitals through her clothes, and then I would pull her pants down just enough to enter her from behind. We would have sex for hours and some times taking turns. Stopping only long enough for her to potty and then we might start again, or she would order me to finish the house work or fix something to eat.”

Starr took a long drink of water and started telling her story, “I think she made the dildo her self, I’ve never seen anything like it for sell. It was thin and shaped like a corkscrew with stiff but flexible wires coated with rubber and on the end of each wire a hook shaped node and was faced outward, so when it entered it would pull my labia in, and on top it had hoops that would grip at my clitoris and they felt really good but strange. Those pointy balls it was tipped with felt really strange inside me. It looked like a weird bottle scrubber. The only time I was nude was in the bath but I still had that dildo on, because sometimes she would climb on and do it in the tub. I had to wear it night and day cause she quite often wanted a quickie and I had to be ready to deliver at the wink of her eye.”

“It is still fresh in my memory because this is as bad as it can get and not break the rules. The first time I soiled my diapers it was my second day, and I was roused from her kissing and fingering me and I needed to go, but in stead of letting me up she climbed on top of me and rode that thing for quite a while. It was just too weird I had to do both pretty bad and couldn’t go just lying in bed, even with her bouncing on top of me, I thought my bladder was going to burst. I made coffee and breakfast, when we got up, she just sat in the nook reading a book while I cooked and set the table. I kept bumping into things with that dildo. I tell you it had to look funny me dressed in only an apron and diapers and that dildo getting caught in the cupboard handles. I remember needing to go so bad it hurt, I was trying to will her out of the kitchen so I could go, but no. We sat together eating and drinking coffee and talking. It was very difficult to talk and not reveal that I was under so much pressure. Any way I am sure she knew.”

Starr gave a short loud laugh and went on, “The pressure in both my butt and bladder was so intense I had trouble clearing the table. It was when I put my hands in the warm water I lost the fight. I could feel the pee start to trickle no mater how hard I squeezed it just kept leaking out, and I had to shit really… really bad, I remember feeling the tip of that turd poking out. I squeezed those muscles so tightly I couldn’t move I just stood there with my hands in the water making grunting noises as I strained to keep it in. She heard me and walked up to me she reached around my waist and rubbed my belly kissed me on the neck and said, ‘just let it slip out you’ll feel much better.’ I can still feel my stomach cave in and my knees buckle as I grunted convulsively. I felt that turd slide out and it mooshing against my cheeks as it pressed into the tight diaper and when I started to pee, again I gushed. I could feel the diaper and pants sagging from the weight as I filled them. I heard her sighing as I grunted. She made me finish washing the dishes before she changed me.”

“That sounds gross.” Rachel gasped out and then asked, “Did she at least do a good job of cleaning you?”

“Oh yes she had to. The clients are not allowed to harm or cause the need for medical attention. I could feel my piss weeping through the leggings as I walked to the changing room. Any way she got so hot, her panties were totally soaked. We had sex all over the house that day she must have had a dozen orgasms. We walked from room to room with me behind her keeping that dildo inside her. We rolled around on all the floors, on all the beds and couches. When ever she was ready to cum, she ordered me to, ‘hold that dildo tight!’ as she put it, then climb on top, and then take short staccatoed strokes until she orgasmed. She really got wet when she came, my whole belly would be soaked, and then she would lay on me for a long time resting.”

“What was her husband like?” Rachel eagerly pried.

Just then, Leon walked in and announced, “The server is down, so there will be a short delay. How are the two of you doing?” he asked.

“Just fine. Starr is telling me some of her war stories.” Rachel was noticeably relaxed as she talked Leon.

“What the diaper lady?” Leon sneered adding, “She isn’t going to bid this time I’ve cut her off for this set of bids.”

“Yes. How did you know?” Rachel asked.

“She tells that one the most, then there is the one where she got knocked up the first time.” He said, smiled and then left.

“Come tell me a little about him.” Rachel coaxed asking for more, “What turned his screw?”

“He liked to stuff that big dick of his down his wife’s throat. I think making her gag was a real turn-on for him. He would grab fistfuls of hair and make her suck it for a while, then tease her gag reflex and when she wrenched he would pull her head down and shove it in at the same time. Her arms would flail about as he stuffed her nose into his curly hairs with that cock down her throat. Take it out and start again. He would say, ‘Lick my balls this time bitch,’ and in he shoved that long fat cock. He made me watch all the time you could see her straining to lick his balls. He would pull it out, she would dry heave, cough a few times, and he would start it all over till he was ready to ‘shoot his load’ as he put it. I never saw her barf, but she sure dry heaved and coughed a lot. He would cum in her mouth or inside me what ever made his fancy that day. He would tell her to ‘swallow it bitch,’ she would fake it and make me swallow it a little at a time after he left.”

“That sounds perfectly horrid Starr!” Rachel said as her face twisted with an ugly grimace.

“Oh it wasn’t so bad after I got use to the routine.” Starr admitted and explained, “When I first started I almost lost a different contract cause I couldn’t deep throat the guy. You would be wise to learn how before the end of the first month.”

“Tell me how.” Rachel eagerly pried.

“When you feel the gag just slip it in fast.” Starr answered.

“That’s all.” Rachel groaned.

“No you have to get use to it before it gets better.” Starr said with a soft giggle.

“That isn’t magic I can do that.” Rachel said with determination and pressed farther, “We have time tell me some more please!”

“I’m sure you can.” Starr retorted and then continued with her story, “He was rarely there. Of eighteen months, he might have been there for six months. When he was, he was nasty towards her, but nice to me. He wasn’t much of a lover, but it was a nice break from that dildo. He would order her to take my diapers off when he wanted to use me and tell her to make sure I was clean. Once he walked in and ‘ordered!’ her to bathe me saying, ‘Clean her up good! I want her fresh!’ He rarely lasted more than ten minutes, but he wasn’t rough like he was with her, so it felt okay. I came close to cumming a few times with him, but didn’t because he would ejaculate too soon. When he was through, he would order her to, ‘finish her off,’ as he put it. She would enter me with that strange feeling dildo with those hook shaped things gripping my labia and those hoops stretching my clitoris. She never went in deep just pass my lips and worked it in and out with her thumb massaging my clitoris. I would cum really fast not because she was good, though she was, but because there was a long time in between orgasms so I was ready. Some times, he would watch and other times he wouldn’t. She wouldn’t even let me pee before putting the diaper back on. Sometimes they would be cloth diapers other times they were the disposable ones. Shit! I can feel them sagging now and that clammy wetness.”

Starr fidgeted in her seat adjusted her pants and panties then went on, “I was really glad she didn’t make me wash them, I think that was a secret thrill for her. She had that look on her face when she came from the laundry room. I don’t think she played in it, but she did get a thrill from cleaning me up, she was so hot afterward, and maybe washing the diapers. Ready girl here comes ole Leon and he is wearing a smile. Its on.”

“Here I want you to wear these blue panties and the two piece body suit.” Leon ordered as he handed the package Rachel and assured, “They’re clean they are brand new. If you want while you can still have some privacy you can use the changing room there,” pointing at a single door.

Rachel took the sack and opened it there, walked to the corner of the set turned away from Leon and Starr, took her clothes off and put on the panties and body suit. Looked up a little disgruntled as she held up her clothes and asked, “What do we do with these?”

“Fold them up and give them to me.” Directed Starr adding, “I will send them to the laundry.”

“Rachel.” Leon’s voice sounded soft and his face looked soft too, “its just fo…”

“I know it’s for the show the bidders, and a good price.” Rachel acknowledged. Her voice was somewhat more enthusiastic, and she had a weak smile on.

“Rachel you have to do this part on your own.” Starr informed and consoled, “You’ll do fine!” And left.

A quiet bell chimed the lights dimmed in the outer rooms and grew bright in the set. Leon announced, “Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Bidders in tonight’s auction this evening I bring to you Rachel. Rachel they all want to know if you feel like running for the door right now?”

“I think I would if I could, on the other hand I want to stay here and see how the bidding for my favors turns out.” Her voice started choppy but by the end of the first sentence it smoothed out and she continued, “I never thought or dreamed of doing anything like this. If you had asked me last week to bet, I would have wagered all my money against it, but here I am.”

“They want to know why you’ve only had sex once with the girl from school.” Leon’s voice crackled with frankness.

“I never really thought of it after that afternoon, it felt okay,” Rachel answered adding, “I think it had more to do with the thrill of sneaking around than the sex act itself. Any way I was too busy with school, work, and taking care of the house to spend time thinking of sex with boys or girls.”

“Rachel they know that you have only had one boy friend that you’ve had sex with. They want to know how many times and why it ended.” Leon asked softly.

“I think it is because I didn’t want to have sex as often as he did, and it just felt too strange to put his penis in my mouth. It tasted weird I gagged so I stopped.” She answered frankly and added, “I guess I wasn’t in the mood for sex mostly because I didn’t want to get caught, and also because I was too busy with so many other things. I have grown up some and I have felt aroused some at times, and I ‘will!’ try to learn how to pleasure you with my mouth.”

“That ends round one and with only a brief delay we will move on to round two. All of you know Starr some directly the rest of you from the newsletters she writes. Starr and Rachel have agreed to do a good show from your requests, and tonight Greg, whom some of you know too, will be servicing Starr for part of the show. The feeds are going off for a few minutes while we set up, so go potty, grab a soda, and bring a towel back with you, your going to need it.” Leon announced.

“Rachel there is a toilet in the dressing room you should try to go.” Leon advised. As Rachel closed the door Leon turned to Starr asking, “Well what do you think?”

“What are they asking for?” Starr smirked as she asked.

“They want you to start the kissing round and they want you to do a sex act with Rachel first.” Leon explained with a bit of a chuckle in his voice.

“Well Leon you might as well sing bingo because you couldn’t ask for a better setup.” Starr happily informed adding, “I will be able to coach her while I look like I’m nuzzling her ear.”

“Bingo! Bingo it is then.” Leon quieted his boyish braying as Rachel stepped from the bathroom.

“Bingo?” Rachel said looking puzzled, “Have I done okay so far?”

Starr went over and brushed her hair with her fingers asking, “Are you… okay? You looked sweated!”

“I dry heaved twice.” She embarrassedly admitted adding, “My groin really ache, but I peed and I’m ready to go on.”

“That’s my girl!” Starr sweet-talked, “You’ve been good. You answered them all just right, not too long and not too short. The second round is about to start, and the bidders want me to do the kissing, so when I come in act glad to see me and let me start the kissing. Rachel! You are okay!”

“Okay girls its ‘Show time!’” Leon crowed, dimmed the lights in the outer rooms, and brightened them in the set. Rachel was sitting in the chair as Starr entered the set.

“I’m really glad to see you,” her voice trailing some.

“Yea you look good to me Hun,” Starr’s voice sure and sweet. She put her hands on Rachel’s shoulders and pulled her into her arms, then threaded her fingers into her hair, and turned Rachel’s face to hers’ and kissed her lips gently. Rachel’s body quaked as their lips met; she filled Starr’s mouth with her gusting breaths. Starr’s mouth muffled her pleading moans, which soon settled into quiet little gurgling sounds as she began kissing Starr back. Rachel’s forehead and cheeks turned a bright red. Her face glistened with tiny beads of sweat. Her knees were noticeably weak as they broke the kiss and Starr moved her to the bed, draping her across the foot.

Starr combed Rachel’s hair fanning it out from her head, her softening rosy face and shinny black hair made a striking contrast to the white covers on the bed. Rachel’s clothed body was exposed to all four cameras, and her large bristling nipples shown clearly through the thin fabric of her top. Starr began showering little kisses all over her face, ears and neck. As Star kissed, Rachel slipped her hand under Starr’s shirt and was clearly fondling her breast. Starr lingered at the soft skin under Rachel’s chin, as she sucked it into her mouth Rachel’s abdomen heaved to her quickening breath. Starr slid her hand along her side and kneaded the pliant flesh of Rachel’s breast. Rachel’s legs lifted bending at the knees and opening revealing her wetness, as her passions stirred within. Rachel’s sweet creams had traveled along the inseams of the leggings, moistening the fabric and making it darker half way to her knees, and fanned out along her buttocks making a big round wet spot.

As a small quiet bell sounded Starr whispered into Rachel’s ear, “You did real good!”

“I think I’m going to cum if I move!” Rachel’s said urgently.

“Take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly.” Starr suggested.

“God that felt wonderful Starr!” Rachel excitedly said started smiling.

“You need to save your orgasm for round four. You know the better it sounds and looks the better for you.” Starr said encouragingly, “The votes are in, rounds three and four will be merged. They will ask a few questions, but it is a done deal, I’m going to be taking your clothes off first and use my lips, tongue, and fingers to milk your juices, and cream you will, in round four.” Starr said smiling impishly and consoled, “Don’t worry, and don’t hold back. I told you; I like to get my face wet, if its wet I want it. There is the sign from Leon. I get to be in the room with you fore the next round of questions but you have to answer them. You ready!?”

“I am ready!” Rachel affirmed eagerly, and reached to cup Starr’s face.

Again, the lights dimmed in the outer rooms and the lights brightened on set only they were noticeably softer. A warm breeze wafted across the set from a heater. The warmth felt relaxing, to Rachel as did having Starr sitting next to her. The first voice a woman, sounded from the speaker in the wall, by the fake window, “How did you feel inside as you were being kissed?”

“My ‘har…’ my heart was pounding in my throat.” She answered pensively but easing, “I thought a balloon was filling up inside my vah…a…inside my…vagina. I thought I might burst, and I ached I still do.”

“You said earlier,” a mans’ voice sounded this time, “that you didn’t like to suck di…”

“Don’t answer that!” Leon cut in and called, “next question!”

Another man sounded, “Can you tell me what you felt as you were wetting your pants?”

“Each time my muscles squeezed they would ache and I felt this warm gel pooling in my panties and weep out the elastic leggings and slide down my legs while I was standing. When I was lying down, I could feel my fanny slipping inside my panties as I moved. I felt warm flows seeping pass my anus. The clothes felt like they were pasted to my skin.” Rachel started answering the questions with confidence.

“How many orgasms have you had?” A mans voice asked.

“I have never had an orgasm.” Rachel informed adding, “Tonight when Starr kissed me was the closest I’ve come to climaxing.”

“Not even when you masturbate?” a woman’s voice crackled obviously skeptical.

“I’ve never masturbated.” She answered in a fading voice.

“Rachel they don’t believe you.” Leon cut in, “you have to answer them truthfully.”

“I have so many things to do at home, school, and work, that I have never really had time or energy to put into playing with myself.” Rachel explained and going on, “When I did finely get to turn out the lights I was out just like the lights, and just as fast. I never really thought about it, even after catching my exboy friend doing it or at least I think that is what he was doing when I walked into my bedroom. He was pulling his pants up really fast.”

A very warm but deep sounding woman came across the speaker next, “I want to see your body. Would you ask Starr to take your clothes off and show me your naked body as well as your more ‘intimate…’ parts?”

Rachel turned to Starr grinning from ear to ear her mouth open and a very audacious look in her eyes and in a deepening voice asked, “Starr would you please show the nice woman what my body looks like I want you to show her every little private part.” A noticeable chill swept across her body as she stood, and her knees quivered.

Starr smiled and kissed her ear and faced it towards the camera softly brushed the hair away and kiss it and nibbled the lobe again then leaned back showing an ear shinny from a wet kiss. Her hand slipped easily up the loose fitting suit top and squeezed her breast accenting her very erect nipple and she swayed turning it into the cameras view. Star then teasingly lifted the top just enough to show Rachel’s belly button surrounded with her curly raven black hairs, and lowered her pants just enough to see the hairs start to fan out then pop up went the pants and down came the top. Starr slipped behind her and sucked at the soft skin under her ear with Rachel’s face in plane view of the camera, and in front of more than a hundred viewers, her face flashed deep red and sweat beaded across her forehead. Starr then slipped both hands inside the top and kneaded Rachel’s breasts, pressing her bristled nipples into the fabric, and then with a swish she slipped it over Rachel’s head.

Rachel’s pert 34d breasts bounced free and were soon being kneaded and the nipples were being squeezed and milked skillfully by Starr’s thumbs. Starr dragged her fingernails across her skin as her hand slowly moved down Rachel’s belly leaving pinkish scratch marks behind them. She tugged at the curly hairs playfully with her fingers as she slipped them under the elastic belting of the pants. Rachel gasped loudly and she bowled over when Starr reached her vaginal hairs. Starr skillfully rolled her onto the bed and parted her legs exposing the now much broader wet bands that now ran to her knees, and the fabric covering her fanny was now soaked through, and had a silken hue from Rachel’s juices. Starr pressed her finger outward against the pants near Rachel’s opening to let the viewers know her hand was close, and then turned it inward and it was gone. Rachel’s body arched up, and curled around Starr’s arm as her finger parted her vaginal lips and entered her. She stayed curled and motionless gripping Starr’s hand and making quiet little grunting noises.

When Rachel took a few deep breaths letting them out slowly, Starr knew that Rachel came very close to orgasm so was still as well. Then slowly Rachel pulled Starr’s finger out and sucked it into her mouth then kissed the palm and nuzzled it with her face, and quietly whispered “okay.”

Starr moved to the foot of the bed and took off Rachel’s slippers and slipped the pants off then with her thumbs hooked the elastic band of her soaked panties and slowly slid them down her legs and off; and there was Rachel’s naked body in all her glory. Her creamy tanned skin bristled with goose flesh. Starr was kissing the hollow of Rachel’s neck as she twirled her finger in the long black hairs surrounding her clitoris. A bell sounded quietly four times signifying the beginning of round four. Starr got up and moved a camera in close, then parted Rachel’s legs. Her juices had formed a partial ring around her opening, a shimmering milky arch. Her hairs had melted into one thick curly hair that curled away from her splayed labia and pointed to her small but visibly erect clitoris. Using her fore and middle fingers Starr parted the hairs and pulled the labia apart opening Rachel’s vagina, and massaged her clitoris with her thumb. In only a few seconds sateen jewels began weeping from Rachel’s dilating vaginal opening. Starr stopped massaging her clitoris, and sunk a single finger into Rachel’s vagina to her knuckle and pulled it out, with her thick sweet juices clinging to it forming a gem on her fingertip.

Starr stood and gazed at Rachel as she slipped out of the shirt top and her 38d breasts swung free. Then slid her hand along Rachel’s body as she walked, and leaning down placed her lips on Rachel’s and coaxed her mouth open with her wet fingertip. As she opened, Starr’s tongue snaked into Rachel’s mouth, covering her lips with a wide-open mouth and pressed their mouths tightly together. Again, Rachel began making quiet gurgling noises as Starr tongued the depth of her throat. Slowly Rachel reached behind Starr’s head mingling the fingers of one hand with her hair, with the other she reached between Starr’s arm under the shoulder and holding her at the bend pulled Starr closer. Rachel began tugging at the elastic band of Starr’s pants. Starr broke the kiss as she stood up and held Rachel’s hands lightly as they fumbled at the belt and started inching them down. Soon Starr’s curly ashen hairs and her plump round buttocks came into view, then her pants slipped to the floor exposing a fully tanned body. Rachel nuzzled the hairs with her nose, then reached behind Starr and squeezed her buttocks. Looking at Starr she said, “Give it to me!” and tugged her onto the bed.

Starr left one foot on the floor and threw the other over Rachel straddling, then sunk the fingers of both hands into Rachel’s hair, and began washing Rachel’s face with her wet pubic hairs. Rachel sucked at Starr’s clitoris one could plainly see, clear shinny liquid spilling onto Rachel’s chin, down her cheeks then disappear into her hair. She began making slurping noises as she tried to suck in and drink Starr’s juices. Soon Starr started sliding down Rachel’s body stopping for her to suck on her achy nipples. Starr laid atop Rachel with her legs still straddling her, kissing her face and licking and nibbling Rachel’s earlobes you could see how long Starr’s tongue was as she ran it along Rachel’s neck. She sucked Rachel’s upper lip into her mouth and gripped it with her teethe and stretched it then let it pop free. Rachel felt Starr’s teeth on her ears, and cheeks, and as they nibbled. She felt the weight of Starr’s large body press down upon her and Starr’s juices dripping onto her pelvis and run through her hairs mingling with her juices then pooling beneath her buttocks on the sheet as Starr kissed and sucked.

Starr kept her body pressed to Rachel’s breasts spilling pass their sides as she circled her mouth with her tongue. Rachel tangled her fingers into Starr’s hair and gripped then pushed her face to hers. Rachel’s body started quaking as Starr’s wonderful tongue snaked into her throat; she bucked her small body into Starr. She struggled to free her legs so she could wrap them around her. As the kiss, lingered Starr started rubbing her clitoris onto Rachel’s pelvis. Starr’s juices had turned thick and now had a milky sheen and free flowing freely. Starr broke the kiss to nibble an ear and as she did she very quietly whispered, “I want you to straddle my face when we turn over.” And slid her tongue along Rachel’s neck and to her right breast. With both hands, she kneaded it then sucked the nipple into her mouth and started firmly nibbling on it. Rachel started moaning and grunted as Starr bit down firmly. Rachel grabbed at Starr’s hair and pressed Starr’s face tightly to her breast. Rachel began begging loudly, “Oh please! Oh please!” over and over. Then with a twist Starr rolled the two of them over with Rachel landing on her knees, and as told slithered her way up Starr’s body. Her creamy juices spilled onto Starr forming pools as she slithered up to Starr’s waiting mouth. As she hovered over Starr’s mouth Rachel set one foot flat on the bed and left one knee down opening her self wide to Starr’s oral pleasuring, and again laced her fingers into Starr’s hair, and lowered her clitoris onto Starr’s lips.

Rachel trembled as Starr’s tongue snaked out and flitted about her puffy wet labia snaking in and out, and along the folds. Rachel steadied her self with her grip on Starr’s hair. Soon Starr was sucking her labia, biting them, wriggling her tongue inside her vagina, and tracing sinewy shaft of her erect clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Rachel started to push her clitoris onto Starr’s chin and rub it on her closed lips. With out warning Starr sucked her clitoris in through her teeth gripping the hood stretching it and let pop free repeatedly she sucked it in and let it slip out. Rachel sat atop Starr’s face her stomach quaking to Starr’s sucking and nibbling. Starr soon slipped two fingers into Rachel and adeptly found her sweet spot. Rachel’s moaning became fervent with her breasts heaving with every breath. Starr’s fondlings quickly turned Rachel’s moans into garbled gasping sighs, as her body quaked from orgasm then fell to the bed begging Starr to stop. Starr sat up; and with her finger scooped Rachel’s copious creams into her mouth and swallowed, saying, “My god Rachel I have never seen a woman cum so much!”

A quiet bell sounded the lights on the set dimmed, the lights in the outer rooms grew bright, and round four was over. In the background, Leon was announcing a fifteen-minute pause while they reset for round five. Rachel rolled over to Starr, gave her a lingering kiss, and whispered, “Thank you. You were so very heavenly!”

“You were pretty good your self!” Starr cooed and cautioned, “It isn’t over yet we may have two maybe three more rounds to go.”

“I’m okay now. This is where I help Greg cum in you.” Rachel’s voice sounded eager and the tension had eased nearly gone.

“Well yes in a nut shell. Just play it by ear like you have and you’ll do fine. We both sound sated.” Starr sighed then with the next breath cautioned, “Just remember when you have Greg’s tool in your hand that you are innocent, and young but curious.”

Rachel went to the bathroom Starr followed and then they both stood on the darkened set waiting for the bell to sound when they heard Leon. “’Shit…!’ The sever is down, looks like we get a chance to grab a snack.” Leon was mumbling to himself as he walked to the kitchen.

Starr looked at Rachel, “You hungry Rachel?”

“No. But I will say this, I think if a wind were to blow across my clitoris I would climax instantly. My muscles are still flying around inside me.” Rachel admitted as she rubbed her belly with one hand and squeezed her right breast with the other.

“I’ll tell you a little secret mine are too. I think men got ripped off that way; they cum and in a few minutes, it is gone. With me the better the climax the longer the glow lasts.” A smile of satisfaction graced Starr’s lips as she remembered a few.

“Even as many times as you have?” Rachel looked on as she waited for an answer.

“Don’t kid your self, I have had a lot of sex but only a few orgasms.” Starr said with an air of disappointment in her voice.

“Even with other women?” Rachel nervously asked.

“Again you’re fooling your self if you think women are better lovers because they are women, some are, and some of them can be just as selfish as men when it comes to pleasuring another person.” Starr wistfully informed, with a bit of a rueful tone.

“Well tell me did you ever cheat the diaper lady by going potty when she wasn’t there?” Rachel asked in a mischievous tone.

“You know I don’t think I did.” Starr reminiscently replied and thoughtfully added, “Till now I never really thought about it. Another funny thing is the harder I struggled to keep it in and wait for her to leave, the better her orgasms were. That’s what’s so strange…!?”

“What is strange?” Rachel asked smiling eagerly waiting for her answer.

“Now that I think about it, it wasn’t that long ago but she knew every thing.” Starr wistfully started her answer and paused as she put the pieces together, “she knew when I was starting my period before I did, and when I ovulated. I think that was part of her thrill, watching me struggle to keep from going. So by trying to cheat her I did a better job of satisfying her; that sound almost scary.” She paused as she recalled her stay with the diaper lady and then went on, “She had some power over her husband too, and when the contract ended she ordered him to tip me and good too. He gave me a five thousand dollar tip. I tell you keep your guard up look out for tricks, and try not to get too involved with the dynamics of the couple.”

“I think I got the gist; look for ways to fit in, be entertaining as well as entertained, and other wise stay busy.” Rachel related, her eyes dropped to the floor as she thought and then added, “Look out for the trip up.”

“That is it in a nut shell.” Starr smiled as she sang her response and then nervously added, “Oh! I almost forgot when they fight stay out of it. It is in the contract you are ‘not…!’ allowed to get in the middle and they can’t make you. Just go into your room and wait for them to settle down.”

“They will come get me?” Rachel asked.

“That is ‘right!’ they know you can’t participate, so it is most likely a trap. The last four weeks are the hardest. Remember you ‘must!’ finish each term started, or the contract gets canceled, and you stand to lose a lot of money, it’s not so bad if it’s the second or third term, but still no bonuses and you might not get another contract.”

“You mean I’m out if I fail to live up to the terms of my contract, and on to the next show for me if ‘they’ break the rules.” Rachel assertively remarked.

“That ‘is!’ right.” Agreed Starr and then praised, “Shit Rachel you are a fast learner and that is what you need to be.”

“To learn fast, hey…?” Rachel joked.

“To look at Leon you would think he is trying to fly the way he’s flapping his arms.” Starr pointed out sarcastically.

“Yea it looks like the server is back up. How do you want to play the next rounds?” Rachel asked impishly as she moved closer.

“What do you say to us being naked in bed when the lights come up, and follow my lead?” Starr salaciously purred.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Rachel eagerly agreed.

Leon impatiently cut in, “Hell girls do you think this is a afternoon tea social? The bidders are all back on line!”

“Take a ******! Leon and chill we’re here and we’re ready!” Starr shot right back.

“Oh I… its just that… Rachel.” Leon stuttered and then sincerely asked, “Are you doing okay? I mean you seam to be going along just fine.”

“Starr says I’m okay; I feel okay, what do you say?” Rachel shot back sounding sure of her self and she smiled at Leon.

“At this stage of the game; what I have to say doesn’t matter.” Leon said sounding a little stressed and with a wirery smile added, “It’s the bidders, they have all pledged from their own pockets an equal share of their log on fees to you. What I say hell, you are magnificent, but I still want my ten percent. You don’t mind do you?”

“Hell I’ll give it all to you if it will help me visit my mom and brother before I’m marched into servitude.” Rachel strongly remarked.

“Oh… we won’t take it all.” Leon said smiling.

“Well take your ten percent and then split the rest between Starr and I!” Rachel said with conviction.

“Have you told her yet Starr?” Leon coyly asked.

“No I thought after the bidding.” Starr quietly replied.

“Shit this is costing me money lets ‘go, go, go!’” Leon’s impatient attitude came back.

“Tell me what?” Rachel nervously pried.

“Come on lets get ready get your clothes off and get into bed. I’ll tell you later.” Starr teased.
“Staarr…! What…!” Rachel whined as she slipped out of her clothes.

“Shh… snuggle up the lights are going down outside already.” Starr pointed out.

“I didn’t hear the bell?” Rachel hissed quietly.

“Remember no matter how hammy it sounds follow my lead. Nuzzle up to my breast and put your hand on the other and finger my nipple, ooh that’s it. Here come the lights.” Starr whispered as they set up the pose.

As the lights brightened on the set Leon began talking, “Sorry about this folks our server is having difficulty.” He happily explained and then alluringly continued, “I see we still have all of you, and the girls have a real treat for you, I see the girls are all nice and cozy so lets get on with it!”

“Oh honey that was tingly good you sure know my buttons and how to push them.” Starr cooed as she combed Rachel’s hair with her fingers.

“You were really good too. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud.” Rachel murmured and added warmly, “You made it feel better than that boy I brought home last night.”

“Yea I heard you two most of the night. Judging by how hard the bed was banging into the wall he rode you pretty hard.” Starr warmly teased.

“He’s a cowboy alright but still it took him three times to get it right. You know I did come to you this morning.” Rachel assured with a deepening voice, as she began kissing Starr all over her face.

“Only cause he was wore out.” Starr said sarcastically.

“Not true I love making love to you. I wanted to coax you into an orgasmic rapture. Any way he ‘is…’ still good for a ride or two.” Rachel reassured as she began fondling Starr’s clitoris. Sliding her two middle fingers over the tip and then into her vaginal opening and back out and squeezed Starr’s clitoris firmly and then slide them back in.

“As good as you are making that feel I am still hungry for cock! I want to feel it slide down my throat and I want to feel it sliding between my legs as it slips into me.” Starr licentiously cooed and added, “I want you to put it into me. You think your cowboy will ‘ride…!’ me?”

“He’ll do anything I tell him to do.” Rachel bragged.

“Is he big?” Starr pried.

“Not as big as that guy you made me watch the other night, but bigger than most. You’ll know he’s in you!” She assured as she firmly rubbed Starr’s genitals.

“Well girl bring him on!” Starr ordered with a loud sigh.

Rachel walked off the set to where Greg was waiting just off camera, and together they walked onto the set hand and hand. Greg had loose hanging gray sweats and slippers on. His face had four days worth of stubble that was just turning from rough to soft. He was ripped head to toe from working out at the gym, and even flaccid his penis made a large bulge inside the sweats. The hair on his head was shaved, and as Rachel lifted the top over his head, he was covered with body hair.

“Baby meet Greg. Greg this Baby she doesn’t want you to know her name.” She mock introduced them as she threw his top on the bed. Then untied the cord and lowered the pants just enough to expose his long fat penis. As she wrapped her fingers around it she introduced it, “And this is Greg’s co…” Rachel went silent as she dropped to her knees still gripping his penis. As she struggled to stand and say the words stuck in her throat, her feet just kept slipping out from under her and the words sounded like loud gasps. Rachel’s swooning lasted only a few seconds and she scrambled to her feet and continued the mock introduction, “And this is Greg’s cockah!”

“It isn’t as big as you said it was.” Starr complained as part of the act that now was Rachel’s lead.

“Well why don’t you come over here and give it a kiss!” She said tauntingly as she stretched it out using both hands then wriggled it at Starr while pushing his sweats to the floor with her foot.

“Feed it to me.” Starr hissed as she neared.

Rachel milked the length of the shaft began rubbing the clear slick juice on her lips and commanded, “Suck it!” As Starr opened her mouth to suck it in Rachel corrected, “No! Suck just the tip. Suck the tip like a straw, and Starr complied making little sucking noises, Rachel Squeezed the scrotum and milked the full length of the hardening shaft. Starr’s sucking noises turned very wet sounding, from Greg’s precum wetting her lips.

Starr looked up and begged, “I want it all! Feed it all to me!”

“Okay but slowly, take it all but slowly.” Rachel’s eyes grew big as the shaft began disappearing into Starr’s mouth. Rachel’s knees quivered and she started making grunting noises as Starr’s nose pressed into his curly hairs, then gasped loudly as Starr’s long tongue snaked out and started licking his scrotum. Rachel gave a loud dry heave then dropped to the floor for only a second, and regained her composure and moved behind Greg entwined her fingers with Starr’s hair then pulled her head onto the turgid dick and pushed her pelvis into his buttocks letting Starr up only long enough to breathe. In and out Rachel worked Greg’s Big cock in Starr’s mouth she stopped when Greg’s body stiffened, keeping his cock deep in Starr’s throat, holding it there until Starr pulled against her grip struggling for air then Rachel let her free.

Starr leaned back a smile brimming and cooed, “I want him in me! Put him in me please…! Honey?”

“Sure Baby I’ll put it in you, just lay back and open those beautiful legs of you’res.” Rachel salaciously directed, “That’s my good girl now slide your sweet fanny closer to the edge, that’s it now close your eyes.” Rachel directed in a low steady seductive voice.

As she moved in and bent over a little to maneuver his cock, a trail of wetness could be seen slowly weeping down Rachel’s inner thigh. While she was moving Greg into position she was careful not to rub his gland she remembered what happened once with her former boy friend. She teased Starr’s puffy red labia with the bulbous gland while holding the shaft at the base until Starr’s juices began coating her fanny. Then with a little pop the head slipped in and with a shove from Rachel it slipped all the way in. While gripping Greg’s turgid shaft, she was massaging Starr’s clitoris with her thumb. Starr’s legs wrapped around them both and lifted her buttocks up and down sliding it inside her. Rachel felt his shaft turn very hard and started flexing in her hand she knew Greg was getting close and commanded, “Stop!” and pulled it out. The shinny wet shaft bobbed from Greg’s heartbeat.

“What is it Honey!?” Starr breathlessly asked.

“I can’t see very good. I want to watch it going into you Baby!” Rachel sounded pleading.

“What do you want me to do? Honey! I want it to be good for you too!” Starr asked softly as she played along.

“Let him lay on the bed and you straddle him face up, and I’ll hold his cockah…” Her voice trailed, and the back camera caught a milky gem sliding down Rachel’s thigh.

Rachel made a loud slurping sound as she sucked back a drool and began directing, “I’ll hold his cock up and you lower your self onto it and let it slide in really slow. That way I can watch, then suck and nibble on that wonderful hard clitoris of you’res.”

Rachel staggered and her knees quivered as she stepped back to let the couple change positions. She got on her knees, and lay between Greg’s hairy thighs, wrapping the fingers of both hands around the ridged shaft. One of the stagehands quietly snuck up and adjusted the back camera, for a full face on view of Rachel’s vagina, while Leon dialed in a close up from the board. Rachel’s hair was all melted to her skin coated her milky wetness. Her clitoris, and labia were covered with the sateen juices it fanned around her opening hugging her pliant skin. Her vagina was making bearly visible sucking movements. It would open slightly then close and suck in. Very subtle were the movements. Little quiverings swept across her body as goose flesh appeared, and in a quiet voice Rachel said, “I’m ready Baby.”

Starr clambered onto Greg and centered her pussy over the erect shaft. Her opening gaped as she pushed the head onto her labia, and her fluids dripped down Greg’s cock. With slow but steady pushes the head slipped in and the shaft started gliding in. As it slipped in further Rachel’s Vagina dilated wide as if the penis was entering her. Her shimmering gems began weeping out hang from her clitoris then fall to the floor. Starr stopped her downward slide when it was half way in, then Rachel began manually slipping it back and forth inside her. Greg’s scrotum was very tight and his urethral tube was quite distended. Rachel could tell by the way it was flexing to her movements that he was close to orgasm, so she began to suckle Starr’s clitoris with Starr looking on as Rachel worked her magic.

Soon Greg’s breath became labored and his muscles started flexing. He let out a loud grunting growl, grabbed Starr’s stomach and started bucking his hips upward driving his cock into her. Rachel soon joined in the loud gaspings and gruntings. Her vagina would gape wide open, her milky cum would flow out, arcing across her legs then sliding down them both, and then her vaginal opening gaped then sucked in and pushed out for several seconds. Rachel orgasm lasted after Greg’s ended, then she went limp draping across Greg’s thigh, and the bell chimed five times ending the fifth round, and the lights dimmed on the set.

“Come on Greg help me get Rachel onto the bed.” Starr breathlessly ordered. As the two of them shuffled Rachel onto the bed, she started mumbling, “I feel so weak, I can’t catch my breath. My whole body hurts! Am I going to die!?”

“Get the water from the fridge.” Directed Starr then consoled Rachel, “No…! You are going to be fine! Rachel! You did really good!”

“I can’t go one more round! The room is spinning.” Rachel lamented and then raspyly added, “I feel like I’m going to puke, and my guts hurt. I think my ovaries have exploded, and my pussy feels like its inside out!” Rachel related then shyly asked, “Will you look please?”

“Open up,” Starr urged as a sweet smile beamed from her face. She leaned over and looked then she consoled, “You are just fine you ‘are…’ still open but everything is right where it should be. It’s over, the final round of bidding is happening right now. All that is left is for you to make the choice from the top ten.”

Just then, Greg rounded the corner and Rachel groped at the bed cover, and pulled it over her and hid, “Here.” Grunted Greg as he shoved the bottle at Starr, “Is she going to be okay? Leon wants to know if he needs to call an ambulance.”

“Oh She is going to be just fine! Go take a break will you!” Starr barked at Greg then softly said, “He’s gone.”

“You promised it wouldn’t hurt!” Rachel whined as she came out from under her cover.

“Well sweetie you weren’t suppose to cum so hard or so often. What happened?” Starr comforted.

“I’m not sure but when he entered you it felt like some one blew up a balloon inside me and it kinda hurt.” Rachel explained adding, “Then it started pounding inside me like he was stuffing his penis into ‘me!’ instead of you, but you know I really didn’t want it to stop.” You know what I mean?”

“I sure do!” Starr said as she warmly reinforced and then offered, “Here drink some of this water. That’s a girl. Now tell me the rest, what else happened?”

“I tried to control my breath like you said to but it just started gusting out. I could bearly breathe in, and when he grabbed you so tightly and started driving his penis into you so roughly I just exploded inside.” Rachel breathlessly recalled and with a long loud sigh continued, “God…! It felt like my guts were squirting out through my vagina, then I went blank. The next thing I remember is the two of you pulling me onto the bed. Oh god I feel like I have two dicks in me one up my butt and one in my vagina.” Rachel described, then paused took a few drinks of water and asked, “What were you going to tell me?”

“My auction has been put off three weeks. All the bidders want the auction to start the week before I ovulate. Well I started ovulating last night, so I have two weeks I can spend doing what I want to. That means we can have a little time together.” Starr beamed.

“You mean you want to spend time with me?” Rachel smiled as she slowly came back from the dead.

“Yea I do. We can’t have sex, but for the first week, we can go any where we want to.” Starr assured then cautioned, “I have to have you back by the second week no mater who the owner is.”

“You want to help me visit my family?” Rachel asked beaming a warm smile.

“We can go as soon as you finalize the contract, and Leon said I can be your escort. So you won’t have to pay for one.” Starr reassured Rachel then gave her a hug and said, “Baby you made us both look good!”

“Thank you Starr I wouldn’t have been able to with out your help.” Then pulled her head down to hers and gave Starr a lingering kiss as she pulled back she asked, “When do I start and how do I finalize the contract?”

“The bidding just ended, I see Leon has turned off the web feeds. So he has to crunch some numbers and read up on the contract profiles, then decide which of the highest bids and which contracts are the least demanding to come up with the top ten.”

“That sounds so confusing how will I know which one to pick?” Rachel questioned.

“I’ll help you this time. The stipulations are all abbreviated I’ll tell you what they mean, it will be easier when we have one to read.” Starr warmly explained.

“Can you give me a for instance?” Rachel pried.

“Yea. ‘S. I.’ Means ‘stay in,’ you will only leave the house to go to medical appointments. Or ‘T. I.’ Means total isolation you won’t even know where you are, all mail incoming and outgoing gets read, and ‘no!’ phone calls only emergency notifications. To rattle off a few of the major ones.” Starr related.

“Shit! Starr I think I’m going to puke.” Rachel’s voiced in panic.

“Here use this it’s clean.” Starr said as she handed her an empty but clean trashcan. Rachel reached out from her wrappings, and grabbed the can and held it under her mouth. She was wracked by two convulsive heaves, as she caught her breath Rachel asked, “Is there another body suit? This one is all wet. I feel much better now.” She said in a weak voice.

“Yea. I’ll get you one.” Starr replied as she headed for the dressing room. She returned a minute later with an unopened package with a blue two-piece body suit and handed it to Rachel.

“Blue huh?” Rachel questioned as she put it on.

“Yea it’s Leon’s favorite color.” Starr sarcastically remarked.

“At least it’s fresh. I feel a lot better.” Rachel sighed and then pointed out, “Here comes Leon.”

“Well a top ten has been selected.” Starr proclaimed.

“Well Rachel you’ve set a new record and a new president.” Leon crowed as he entered the set, where the girls had been lounging, “ A record of six thirty per. Breaking the five seventy-five, and this is the first time that the clients have all pledged a second hundred accessing fee to the player. That is seven thousand dollars for the show, six-forty for the two of you.” Leon excitedly pointed out as he rubbed his hands together.

“Well take a share then split the rest with Starr.” Rachel directed and asked, “When can I go to sleep?”

“Just as soon as you finalize.” He sang still crowing and handed the girls an envelope each adding, “I didn’t take a cut there is thirty-five each.

“Leon where are the contracts?” Starr pressed.

“It’s easy they are all type A contracts. They are blind contracts, total obedience clauses, you won’t be leaving the house except for the doctors or the contract has ended. For you Rachel I stipulated family emergency leave. Here pick one as he handed them to her face down. I’m not prejudice but there were no mixed race this time they are all white on white.”

“That is the best you could do. Type ‘A’ contracts.” Starr scolded.

“There a few others but they are all under four. She is quick and tough she will catch on and win.” Leon bragged on Rachel adding, “if she wants money this is the best way to go.” Leo assured and ordered, “Starr read her the contract and tell her what will be expected of her. I know which one she took and I will tell them right now. You have four days to go and visit your family and get back. The contract starts ten days later, and five of those days must be in seclusion.”

Rachel handed the contract paper to Starr and sighed, “Can we do this tomorrow I am wasted.”

“You need to hear some of it and sleep on it. ‘S.W.W.O.T.’ that is sex either with or without toys. ‘U.P.S.’ that’s unprotected sex.” Starr paused reading and looked at Rachel and explained, “all of the state unprotected sex that is why the exams. O.V.A.S. that’s oral, vaginal, anal sex; anal sex, must be stipulated. F.F./F.M. that’s sex with both, and these are all M for mandatory, so you ‘must!’ do it. OSDC means owner sets dress code or you wear what they tell you to wear, even if it means wearing nothing for a while or wearing your owner’s sweaty t-shirts. In a blind contract like this your calls will be monitored if you are allowed to receive any, and your incoming and outgoing mail will be read, I know we talked about that.” Starr paused to let the information sink in.

“There’s a chance I might get stuck with a diaper lady huh?” Rachel asked with a loud sigh.

“Well not the one I had but yes.” Starr confirmed, “There were some other complaints on her, that is why she got flagged ‘no first timers.’ There are a lot of them out there. Our literature is rife with fictional stories about that shit, and the inspiration comes from somewhere. Just hope you don’t have to do the changing. I heard one of the girls talking one day how she could only bath once a week and had to wear the same t-shirt for a month at a time because the wife had a fetish for strong body odor; ugh.”

“I can relate to that. One day I found a t-shirt my boyfriend left, we were split up for a week when I found it. The smell made me hot.” Rachel recounted her face red from embarrassment.

“And you never masturbated?” Starr questioned.

“That is right. When I laid down I think that is what I planed to do but went right to sleep.” Rachel affirmed adding, “I think that’s how I got over it.”

“Well any way I am sure there are some rich people that are okay too, just keep your eye on the prize.” Starr reassured then observed, “Speaking of sleep, I don’t think I can stay up much longer. I have my own room here for late nights. Do you want to sleep with me… in my room?” Starr wooed.

“That would be nice.” Rachel eagerly replied.

“We could get an early start tomorrow. Have dinner out with your mom and brother, do some shopping and stock their shelves, and pick up a few of your pet things.” Starr went on as they walked to her room.

“I’m so tired I could drop here on the floor and sleep.” Rachel moaned as they reached the door.

“What do you say to a quick shower? Then we can both drop on the bed and sleep.” Starr asked as she opened the door.

“Sounds good to me,” Rachel said with salacious smile, adding, “Oh Starr that is a small bed. We’ll be sleeping in each other’s arms.” And gave Starr a hug.

“You want to sleep with me right?” Starr asked smiling, as she knew the answer.

“Yes. I would sleep in your arms even if this were a king size bed.” Rachel cooed.

“How about that shower? You like it hot?” Starr queried.

“I Love it hot, and I’m ready.” Rachel crowed, as she stood up naked.

Just then, a knock came at the door and a voice called out, “Starr a package came for you.”

“Just leave it by the door.” Starr ordered through the door and turned to Rachel, “I bet it’s your cleaned clothes. He’s gone. With a swish she opened, the door grabbed the package, closed the door locking it, put the package on the dresser, and sang, “Lets shower!”

The two girls climbed into a shower barely big enough for one and soaked under the hot water. They didn’t start washing each other until the room was fogged from steam, and the walls dripped with condensation. They washed each other’s body in turns, and then they shampooed their hair in turns. Each dried the other and brushed their hair out, and off to bed they went. There was only one pillow and room for only one person to sleep, so Rachel snuggled in close laying one arm and one leg across Starr and before they finished the first kiss, they were sound asleep.

Morning came in a few short hours. They dressed quickly, called for the limo, had breakfast for the first stop, and on to Rachel’s house. It was a forty-minute drive that gave Starr plenty of time to tell her all about her duties.

“Bathing duties what does that mean?” Rachel asked wrinkling her nose and handed the sheet of paper to Starr.

“This B after bathing duties means both, you’ll be giving them both a bath, maybe even giving them enemas or douching the wife. Hell he might even want you to give him a hand job while he’s covered with soap.” Starr explained.

“Hand job? You mean make him climax with my hand.” Rachel said squinting as she looked at her hands.

“Yea.” Starr confirmed grinning at Rachel’s inexperience.

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” Rachel smiled.

“That isn’t; it’s when they want to sit on your belly, and have you jack them off so they can cum all over you that can get a little sticky if you’ll excuse the pun.” Starr related sarcastically.

“Has that happened to you?” Rachel asked.

“Yea the diaper lady’s husband; use to pull out and nod his head towards his dick, I knew that he wanted me to make him cum on my belly and tits. I would have to milk it onto my face, and suck it for a little while. Then he would stand back and watch me rub it all over my body. That’s right I’m ashamed to say but at the time it felt ‘really really’ good and I made myself cum and she was nowhere to be seen. I think he had me do that just to spite his old lady.” Starr recounted.

“That sounded perfectly gross.” Rachel admitted.

“I think it’s gross that people will pay six thirty a day to get dirty with someone. Way to go girl, you’ll get close to a mill in eighteen months. Math isn’t my strong suit.” Starr admitted and added to her story; “She wouldn’t bathe me for a few whole days. I think his smell made her hot. Any way I think she didn’t like to admit that.”

“What is this seclusion Leon talked about?” Rachel suspiciously asked.

“You’ll stay in a room by your self cable TV and radio, your meals will be brought to you, and there you will stay until the limo comes for you. They will blind fold you and take you to the car, once in the limo you can take it off because the windows are tinted dark so you can’t see out. If I were you I would just leave it on the clients like to take it off once you are inside. The car pulls into their garage, you get out it leaves, and you are there.

“There is the computer store. Is it okay for me to go in?” Rachel asked.

“Sure this is your free time.” Starr encouraged.

“Good cause I don’t remember the name but I know what it looks like.” Rachel admitted.

They meandered through the store picked out the fancy notebook then off the house. Rachel introduced Starr as the head secretary her supervisor. During their dinner the food, and conversation were good they laughed, and told Starr some of their stories. The evening ended with a teary farewell and the limo drove away. Rachel cried for a few minutes on the way back and Starr comforted her. They spent the ride back, hand and hand. Starr talking about her next contract and how she was looking forward to giving birth just to see if she could, and Rachel talked about what she wanted to do first when the contract ended if Starr wasn’t free yet, and they both said how they couldn’t wait to spend some free time together. Leon was waiting for them when they got out of the limo.

“Did you two have a good day off?” He asked smiling.

“Oohh…! Yea it was terrific, the dinner was good, mom was sad that I will be gone for so long, and I got the notebook for Jeff and picked a few pet things so I’m ready.” Rachel said with excitement in her voice.

“That is good cause the client has asked if you can start a little sooner.” Leon tempted, “Your contract will start as soon as you can start your seclusion plus you will only have to do two days. If Starr is willing, she can deliver you. You know ride with you while you are blind folded.”

“Starr?” Rachel looked smiling cause she knew the answer.

“You know I will!” Starr confirmed robustly.

“Well Leon lets get started!” Rachel eagerly replied.

“That is my girl!” Leon crowed then directed, “Okay…the contract will end on this hour seven thirty PM eighteen months from now!” Leon crowed as he looked at his watch Starr would you show her to her room and no hanky panky Rachel needs to save her self.”

As they walked down the hall Starr told her about the room, “there is a TV radio, shower and bed, but most of all there is some gym gear. A treadmill and some hand weights, use them they really help break the tension. It can build on you if you let it. Any way its only two days not five and you’ve already started the clock ticking. Well here we are, this is it.” Starr went silent as the door opened.

“Yea I guess…” Rachel’s voice wavered as tears welled in her eyes, through her arms around Starr and gave her a bear hug, then turned and walked into the room and closed the door behind her.

The two days flew by. She spent most of them working the treadmill and hand weights listening to the radio, or writing in her journal. As the second day ended, she packed her day bag and weighted for the familiar knock. She shuddered from fearful anticipation as footsteps became auditable.

“Rachel? This is Starr it’s time. The limo is here so sit with your back to the door and I will blindfold you and we will walk to the car” Starr ordered and then said, “I can carry your bag if you like. I will ride to the garage with you but I can’t get out. Any way it will be a long drive, most of the night. Ready?”

“Yea,” she replied weakly, obviously nervous.

“I know we will get to spend time at some point.” Starr consoled as she tied the blindfold.

They walked arm in arm to the car in silence and spent most of the drive quietly. Rachel had trouble talking with the blindfold on, and Starr would now and again give Rachel’s hand a reassuring squeeze. Then the car slowed and turned rocking as it cleared a curb then stop. Faintly she heard the driver announce that ‘they were here.’ Her heart leapt into her throat as the electric gate popped and squeaked as it opened, and a tremble caught in her throat, as she felt it hop over a small bump she knew that they were in the garage. She jumped as her door swung open and the chauffeur said, “This way madam.”

“Starr I hope you get a really good couple and the pregnancy goes okay!” Rachel emotionally sang out and then left the car. The chauffeur took her arm and helped into the house, then closed the door, and drove away.

Rachel heard a soft voice as the blindfold was lifted, “You can call me Dave.” The room was dimly lit as the voice went on she turned to look and he said, “No not yet I’m not deformed I just want to wait. The room is lit this way so your eyes will have a chance to adjust.”

Rachel was trembling and she jumped as a hand touched her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze her heart raced as Dave went on, “My wife is a devout lesbian. She didn’t discover this until after we were married. I won’t let her have a divorce…well… mostly because I love her. You are the compromise. Okay turnaround.”

The end pt. 2

I hope you enjoyed reading pt. 2 pt. 3 is nearly finished. If you would like to comment, please send your e-mails to writermike2003@yahoo.com any reasonable e-mails will be responded to. Thank you for your time.

09-23-2006, 09:16 PM
Wow....amazingly awesome story....I can hardly wait for chapter 3......It is good to see you back writermike....

Thanks for sharing this with us

09-26-2006, 08:32 PM
The Interview
Pt. 4

Rachel trembled from the panic seeping into her mind, as her owner talked of his wife and his love for her while he circled looking her over sizing her up. His voice was calming. After her eyes adjusted to the light after the blind-fold was removed she could see that he was handsome, and that he did not look like a sick pervert. He had neatly combed black hair and stubble that was just long enough to be soft; he stood more than six feet tall and was dressed in dark blue sweats that had florescent stripes running the length of his legs and arms. It was obvious to Rachel that Dave spent time in the gym judging by the fullness of his shoulders, arms, and legs. She felt small, as he was over a head taller, his arms and legs were not only longer but bigger around as well. The baby fat she had gave her a nice shape; at five foot eight she weight only one thirty, he was lean looking not a bit of fat not even in his face and probably weighed one eighty maybe one ninety. Dave’s neck muscles were thick like the ones on his arms. Rachel surveyed Dave’s hunky body and tried to catch a glimpse of his penis but the bagginess of his sweats pants hid it from sight.

His voice drifted back to her ears and Rachel stopped looking around and listened; “We both played around on each other. I didn’t mind because my work kept me away for long periods at a time; it was okay as long as she was discreet, I just wanted her to be happy. When her whims carried her to other women I was more than just okay with it, I was kind of excited by it. Then it went south it seemed, simultaneously for both of us. I caught a case of the clap and body lice or ‘the crabs’ and one of Carol’s girlfriends tried a palimony suit. I got rid of my crabs and cured from my VD and Carol won her suit and then we discovered Leon’s rent-a-mate, so here we are you and I and soon my wife will have a wonderful time.”

Rachel’s mind drifted as Dave paused; she went back to when she signed the contract, and loan agreement, and then opened the accounts for her mother and brother. Then Leon transferred the funds, and then to her departure from Leon’s and the long quiet drive, not being able to see where she was going. She remembered fighting the urge to jump from the car as well as the overpowering desire to beg Starr to kiss her one last time. She remembered Starr’s advise ‘be ready to hit the deck running’ and then her mind filled with the thrilling memory of her and Starr making love after the auction, followed by her reminder that she has ‘sold the rights’ to her body and mind.

Rachel started to think that she was now with a very attractive and powerful looking male whom she was sure she was going to have sex with at some point ‘this…!’ evening, and it felt quite odd. She didn’t even kiss on the first date. A spark of lust stirred briefly in her belly, she felt her clitoris tighten, and then it all faded quickly, as her uncertainty crowded in. Still she found her eyes searching for the outline of his penis for just a clue to his size, but the bagginess of Dave’s sweats continued to conceal even the briefest of hints but not the longing growing inside her belly.

Rachel jumped as Dave put his hand on her shoulder asking, “Are you okay?”

Rachel replied in a weak and pensive voice, “I feel a little sick to my stomach, confused and I want to run for the door, but I also want to stay,” then smiled weakly trying to show some resolve to follow through.

“I can relate totally.” Dave paused a small smile came across his face and he went on, “I would be scared too if I didn’t know where I was, who I was with, or what was going to happen to me. I can assure you that I am not an ogre, but… ‘I am…!’ demanding and so is my wife. Don’t tell her I said this but I think sheee… is much more demanding than I… a lot more. Are you hungry?” Dave asked and pleasantly added, “I could do with a little something.”

“I’m not too hungry, but I could drink some soup and maybe some coffee, it would settle the butterflies flying around inside my stomach.” Rachel answered easier as she relaxed her guard some.

“Ah…a woman after my heart… soup and coffee. How about a small sandwich too?” Dave asked in a warming voice then tempted a cheese sandwich?”

Rachel’s eyes brightened as she thought of her favorite snack; a bowl of cream of mushroom soup and a plane cheese sandwich then she answered, “I could eat a sandwich and soup now that you mention it.”

“Good…follow me, the kitchen is this way. Just leave your bag for now we will come back for it.” Dave piped out then turned somber adding, “I have to say this right off; that door where you came in, is where you will leave and you can go any time weather we are here or not, just leave… we have a limo service that will quickly pick you up and take you back to Leon’s any time night or day. You can only go outside with an escort even to the fenced yards as the doors lock automatically and you will not have a key to get back in.”

“What about a house fire?” Rachel nervously asked.

“No worries in here you are safe from everything except a A-bomb.” Dave brayed and quietly adding, “I will get into all that later.”

“I see security, security, and security.” Rachel quipped, the pensiveness in her voice giving a sign to her uneasiness, and still she showed a weak smile.

“Yes, yes, and yes. You got that from Leon huh?” Dave queried warmly.

“Yea he is a funny acting man but he seems nice enough; but yet I am sure he is very demanding.” Rachel said quietly.

Dave laughed as he said, “He is a stickler for detail.” And somberly added, “That makes me feel safe using his services and you should too.”

The sheer size of the house became apparent as they walked down the hallway passing one set of stairs that went up and another set of stairs that went down and several doors some closed some open and still others ajar. Rachel’s mouth gaped as they entered a large dimly lit room with closed drapes; chairs, couches, and tables placed around the perimeter and the far wall was devoted to a huge home entertainment system. She stumbled as they turned into the kitchen and again she was stunned by the size of the kitchen. As she looked around the first thing to stand out were the real marble countertops that wrapped around the entire kitchen. She had seen marble countertops only once at the fudge shop she worked at for a few months. In gasping breaths Rachel observed, “There must be twenty cabinet doors and thirty drawers.” She stopped to catch her breath then fired a series of questions, “They look like real wood. Are they real wood? Is that a walk in pantry? Do you have a garden?”

“Yes that is a walk-in pantry and yes they are real wood and the marble is real too, and yes we have a garden with a gardener. Maybe Carol will let you work in it during the gardener’s day off.” Dave happily answered her questions and then detailed, “We both come from families with money but we didn’t become extravagant until I won the lottery. That big room is the meeting room and one of the game rooms, the living room is upstairs it isn’t as big. This is a three story house in the middle of a twenty acre lot.”

“It must take a full week just to vacuum the floors!” Rachel said in amazement.

“No actually you can keep them adequately maintained with just three days a month.” He quickly corrected.

“You mean a day here and a day there?” Rachel quizzed quippingly.

“No actually an hour or two every few days.” Dave corrected again. “Well… lets see you do your first chore make us some soup, sandwiches, and coffee.” He directed.

“Okay. Where is every thing?” Rachel asked still stunned by the magnitude of the house; the beauty and spaciousness of the kitchen, it was straight out of a magazine.

“I can show you now or you can start finding your way around for yourself.” Dave challenged and with a chuckle added, “I will give you a hint; the canned goods are in the pantry behind that door.” And he pointed.

Rachel began rummaging through the refrigerator and found some mushrooms, cheese, and mayonnaise, as well as tomatoes and fresh garlic. She thin sliced the mushrooms and garlic then started them cooking, and then found the soup and poured it in with a little milk. She looked up and asked, “I like my soup hot, salty, and with lots of pepper. How about you?”

“Well we found some pets we share in common; soup, sandwiches, and coffee. We even like the same ones the same way.” Dave noted, smiling pleasantly as he watched Rachel assemble the sandwiches and then asked, “How do you like your coffee?”

“I like it strong, hot, sweet and black.” Rachel replied firmly.

“I’ll tell you right now if you want to have your pets you will have to be good to my wife.” Dave cautioned.

“Huh?” Rachel exhaled with surprised.

“What?” Dave pressed smiling.

“It sounds so strange to hear a husband telling someone to do a good job of having sex with his ‘wife…!’” Rachel quipped humorously.

Oh…! Boy…! You are going to be doing a lot more than just having sex with my wife ‘A lot…! More’,” Dave paused and mused a bit a quiet twittering passed through his lips when he started to speak, “I haven’t thought about it for awhile but the first time I said that, it did feel kind of funny coming out. Trust me it will be a lot better for the both of us if you do the very best that you can do to keep Carol happy!”

The long comfortable silence was broken when Rachel chimed “Soup’s on!” and then happily noted, “I call this soul food. When I feel down or have a sickly headache this soup sets the world right again. Sometimes I just get a craving for a cheese sandwich.” She went silent while ladling the soup, handing the plate with the sandwich and spoon to Dave, and then added assuringly, “Both Starr and ol’ Leon said I was a fast study I’m going to try to be the best yet.”

“My wife Carol might let you eat this once in a while, but she is a health nut and worse yet she runs a health club and gym. We have a full gym down stairs. I will give you the nickel tour before I leave later this week, for now let’s down our snacks.” Dave remarked warmly.

They both munched away in silence, Rachel glancing furtively at Dave, he sounded almost friendly and Starr’s warning echoed, ‘Keep up your guard sometimes they will try to trap you and trip you up.’ Rachel continued casting long looks around the kitchen; she was amazed at the counter tops and storage space. The kitchen alone was half as big as her last house. They both slurped the last of their soup at the same time, and looked at each other contentedly. The silent gazing sent butterflies flurrying through her stomach again.

Then Dave opened a drawer and handed Rachel a small cell phone, a wireless headset, and charger saying, “Keep it with you all the time and charged up. You can’t call out on it except for emergencies, and if it rings for some reason don’t answer it. When we call, we will be put through to a voice ring and you will hear us call you by name, this is our wireless intercom. You see it has a belt clip as well as an elastic wrist band so you can wear it everywhere you go dressed or not wet or dry.”

“So do we have some coffee or do we start the tour?” Rachel posed then asked. “Does this have a speed dial for 911?”

“I’m good let’s start the tour.” Dave replied then explained, “Just press and hold nine it goes to a redundant alarm system connected to the Safe House Security Systems inc. and they will ring you back by name and ask you what’s wrong and dispatch the police, fire, or ambulance. Lets start down stairs.” Dave said casually as they started down the hall and to the stairs. At the bottom of the wide stairs and to the right was a door and to the left was another wide hallway at the end there were two more doors. Rachel’s heart was starting to pound as images of dungeons and dragons and torture raced through her mind. She was certain Dave could hear it as it pounded.

At the end he turned smiled and said, “This is not the dungeon even though I call it that,” ending with a little chuckle. Dave then swung the broad door open and turned on the lights and walked in with Rachel following close behind. His chuckle had eased her misgivings and put Rachel a little more at ease as she raced around him into the middle of the room and spun around and smiled back.

“I spent a year in a commercial gym and these look like the same machines, hell the only things missing are the weight racks and bars.” Rachel enthusiastically recounted.

“We do not do power lifting, Carol says it’s really only for body sculptors.” He paused then smiled at Rachel, “I assure you…you will feel like you have been power lifting when Carol starts your training program. I suppose you will think of this place as a torture chamber for the first few weeks…”

“Training program?” Rachel interjected then paused with a quizzical grimace on her face.

“Oh yes Carol is going to have you up to four miles a day on the treadmill and four miles a day on the elliptical there in the corner by the first week as well as doing something on all eight machines.” Dave explained and then cautioned, “Carol is… well let me say I have found it better to let her wear the pants and you will too. She can be very accommodating when she sees that an effort is being made to please.”

“Ole Leon did tell me I was going to be working harder than I ever have.” Rachel noted whimsically as she studied and touched all of the machines.

“I suggest that you start with the treadmill slowly, after I have left no more than two miles throughout the day. I had a little trouble adjusting to it, like me you might find that you are dizzy when you stop. Hell enough of the gym lets go look at the game room across the hall.”

They crossed the hall opening another wide door and switched on the lights, “My god a real pool table!” Rachel sang out as she ran her hand along the walnut sides.

“You play?” quizzed Dave.

“I use to in high school, the bowling alley had like six of them four smaller coin-ops and two full sized like this one.” Rachel said praisingly as she ran her hand along the rails then added, “I got to where I could make a few good shots in a row.” She was beaming, as she surveyed all the different extravagant woods in the expensive looking cues, and cue rack All the different gaming tables looked expensive, her uneasiness was melting faster and faster.

“We have other board games to play too. Come on let me show you where your room is.” He switched the lights off in both rooms and closed the doors and started back towards the stairs at the door he added, “Maybe we will play a few games of eight-ball. I warn you I only play for wagers, and I’m not as good as the table makes me look.”

As they walked down the hall Rachel looked at the swirling grain patterns in the wood paneling. When they stopped at another door Dave said, “This is your room you will stay in it on your off days or when we have visitors or other family members staying with us. During household functions you will dress in a maids uniform and ‘act…!’ accordingly.”

“I’m not sure how a maid is suppose to act.” Rachel informed.

“Carol will ‘train…!’ you.” Dave assured with a whimsical laugh and then informed Rachel, “We will have a few family functions while you are with us.”

“I want to do good I just…” Rachel was cut short.

“You’ve seen movies with maids in them haven’t you?” Dave interrupted and queried.

“Well yes…” She answered sounding puzzled.

“Well there isn’t much more to it except that a beautiful woman like you dressed as a maid well… really turns my wife on, it gets me hot too, so those nights she is going to be… lets just say very ‘amorous!’” Dave said licentiously as he looked down musing over a pleasant memory.

“I’m not beautiful.” Rachel said and pouted a little in disbelief.

“No. True you are not, not like a model in a magazine or painting.” Dave agreed and added, “but still in a down to earth way you are very beautiful, my wife really wants you. She told me to get you no mater what so I did.” Dave said as he smiled at Rachel continuing, “I could tell by her voice that she is attracted to you ‘hell!’ I find you ‘very…!’ attractive!”

“Thank you that put me more at ease.” Rachel replied blushing. She walked around the room pushed at the top of the bed, looked in the bathroom, closets and drawers then noted, “This is really nice better than my room at home.”

“I’m glad you like it. You know it doesn’t mater what Carol feels she is still going to haze the hell out of you till, as she puts it, ‘you pay your dues.’ I’m not suppose to tell you this but just do like she says, come back for more, and well… you’ll see.” Dave explained.

“And you? Do you want me?” Rachel asked in a low saucy voice.

Dave faced her, looked at her warmly, and reached for Rachel’s hair giving her a few tender strokes, saying warmly, “Definitely.” He paused as he looked at Rachel then went on, “but we still have work to do. Let’s go back upstairs go through a few of those rooms, then up to the top floor.”

“All this real wood paneling has me worried I don’t know the first thing about caring for it,” Rachel remarked as they climbed the stairs. She was trying to stay business like, but the gentle touch and warm smile and friendly quips concerning his wife ‘Carol’ Dave had melted the chilling doubts and fearful images of the dungeons, with their whips, and chains.

“Oh once a year we have professional cabinet finishers come in and refinish all the wood; the paneling, drawer fronts and cupboard doors, as well as all of the doors to the rooms. All you have to do is wipe them once a month with a dust rag.” Dave assured as they topped the stairs and added, “We have window washers, gardeners, that work outside and security guards that drive by at all hours and they check the alarms regularly.”

“Alarms? I suppose you have a panic room too.” Rachel added half jokingly.

“Yes all of downstairs is a panic room and there three others; the pantry for one and it has a ladder to the downstairs, the master bedroom with the bathroom for two, and the room at the end of this hall for three. If your pager goes off flashing 999 drop what you are doing and get to the nearest one of the four, and wait till Carol or I let you out, or if we are gone till the security team calls you and tells you it is all clear, they will unlock the door. I don’t mean to scare you but we were broken into once a long while back, and the good thing is they are still in jail.” Dave replied as a mater factly.

“I’m not worried there is going to be someone here at least most of the time.” Rachel said.

“Well Carol might be gone a lot during the day and maybe as long as a few days, and I will be gone for months at a time. When you are the only one here the curtains are to be closed they will close automatically in the late afternoon if they are open any way but keep them closed when we are not around. If you need to look out a window there is one upstairs, you do reali…”

“It’s okay. I know” Rachel interrupted Dave and then added, “I will be sequestered while I am here, that you two are the only people that I will be with.”

“Our guests will talk and you can be polite, but yes as far as contact with other people and the outside world… is a no, no.” Dave explained.

“Limited calls home and my letters will be read,” again Rachel recited and then asked, “Do you have a rule book that I can read with the dos and don’ts?”

“Yes in your office we are going there now. You will find what you need to know on your computer; from what we like to eat and when to what we like to wear. The house maintenance schedules are there as well as what you can do with any time you have to your self.” He paused for a moment then continued, “There is a lot you need to know that isn’t written so the more intuitive you are the more the blank spaces will be filled and just a bit of sincere obedience will go a long way in filling in the other gaps. Carol and I are both eager to see how well and how fast you learn.” He opened the door and turned the lights on picked up the calendar sized booklet on the desk handed it to Rachel shut the lights and door saying, “this has your pass words and introduction to your desktop as well as the schedules for the up and coming house functions. You will find them on your computer too.”

“This is ‘my…’ study?” Rachel asked noting quizzically, “I have my own desk and computer? Will I really have the time to use them?”

“Yes, yes, and as far as having the time to use the computer well that will depend on how well you perform your duties.” Dave authoritatively explained and after a deep breath continued, “For now while Carol is away and after I leave you will find in the desktop short cuts to each of the books you need to read. You can’t e-mail or visit chat rooms, but anything and everything else is okay. Your PC will be monitored you have no privacy” Dave explained and somberly added, and looked at Rachel as he pointed at the door across the hall, “That is my office and den. You only go in there when I am here and ask you to. I am not hiding anything in there I just don’t want anyone in there not even my wife, unless I say it is okay.”

“There is so much to know and learn.” Rachel said her voice sounding overwhelmed.

They walked down the hall and reached the next door Dave stopped and said, “This is Carol’s study.” Opened the door flicked the lights on and paused then said, “Rachel you ‘will!’ write your Mom and brother regularly then hand the letters to me or Carol for posting. We don’t want your mom to worry and writing a letter home will help when you get home sick.” Dave ordered warmly but assertively.

“Home sick?” She paused then her lower lip quivered slightly, “Oh… home sick…” Rachel’s voice trailed off and her eyes filled with tears. Her face flared red and her lips grew thin as she strained to keep from sobbing. Rachel’s fingers clawed at the tears welling in her eyes. The professional façade was swept away as reality flooded in.

Rachel’s new reality exploded in her mind; she wasn’t going home at the end of her shift, that she wasn’t going to see her mother for eighteen months unless she was deathly ill, or see her new girlfriend, or her brother. He was going to have to study without her help; she began to miss the squabbling over nothing with her brother, and mom’s close-minded arguments. She felt an achy trembling deep in her groin as she thought of this stranger mounting her or ordering her to perform some sexual act. Her mind flashed to the set with Starr and Greg and how she passed out, and then to the first time, she had sex and how quickly it ended. Her boyfriend Michael came as soon as the head of his penis touched her pubic hairs. His hot sperm squirted all over her belly and thighs as he jumped back from surprise then before it turned soft he thrust it inside tearing her hymen and then he went limp. She remembered how her mind filled with disappointment then anger at how unsatisfied she was “Is that all there is?” she remembered thinking.

Rachel’s musings were interrupted as Dave’s voice echoed into her ears, “Rachel? Rachel are you okay?” He asked with a hint of nervousness in his voice and remarked, “You looked like you were about to pass out, your eyes rolled back for a second.”

“Huh! Oh! Do all of the girls you get from Leon get this scared?” She asked pensively as the room spun.

“Yes they do if they didn’t we wouldn’t want them.” Dave warmly answered.

“I didn’t pass out?” Rachel queried, puzzled at how much thinking she did in the wink of an eye.

“No. So you are okay?” Dave pressed and then sincerely added, “We are both hoping that you are the good study Leon said you are.”

“Yea I’m fine this is all so new to me and I do want to work. I am starting to feel a little tired.” Rachel exasperatedly expressed.

“It is late. I want a bath before we hit the sack.” Dave anounced then ordered, “Go upstairs, start the water running in the tub, and set the temperature of the water to one hundred ten and the room temperature to one hundred fifteen. By the door to the bath you will see a LCD panel it is easy to use. Then in the bedroom the big chest of drawers in the far right top drawer you’ll find some pantaloons, they are all the same put on a pair and wait for me in the bathroom I will be up in a short while. Remember first the water, then the room, then find and put on the pantaloons. I know it sounds strange but there is something sensual about a woman dressed only in pantaloons.” Dave calmly directed then disappeared into his den.

Rachel’s heart was throbbing in her ears and her groin felt as though an electric wire was inside her prickling her clitoris causing it to tighten and ache. As she breathlessly climbed the stairs, her legs felt weak and rubbery. She was being overwhelmed by the desires to run a way and at the same time to obey his every whim. She felt her groin turning warm and opening, and her panties began to cling to her moistening vaginal lips as her sateen juices escaped onto her white panties and beads of sweat formed on her brow. Rachel was stunned again by the size of the bathroom and the floor to ceiling tile work. One whole wall had brightly colored washcloths, towels, and robes only, another wall had three sinks and yet another had two toilets, and next to them was a glass door to a huge shower with four showerheads. She discovered just like Dave said the LCD panel was by the door and clearly labeled; tub fill and temp. room temp. sauna temp. and timers for each. Rachel pushed the tub fill button and water started running right away and the temp. button started to blink so she pushed the up arrow till the screen read one hundred and ten then she set the room temp.

As Rachel entered the bedroom her name sounded out on her phone, “Rachel just drop all your cloths on the bed and throw your shoes down the laundry chute.”

She talked into it, “Okay. I see it.” And hesitantly she stripped throwing her shoes down the chute, piling her clothing on the bed, and walked to the top drawer on the right and opened it. Right away, she was overwhelmed by the sweet earthy scent of another woman; the scent of her sweat as well as her vaginal juices saturated the drawer. These were Carol’s… Rachel thought as she pulled a pair of white pantaloons out and started to put them on but instead she held them up and looked inside she could see circular stains radiating out from the crotch and stretching down the leggings then wrinkled them around her nose inhaling deeply the alluring scent. Rachel was shocked at her thoughts and remembered Starr’s cautioning, “A play toy is fun to play with and it is easy to play with,” she knew that this is how she must think. Rachel felt her own wetness sliding down the inside of her thighs as she thrilled to another woman’s scent and the images of suckling at her breasts and kissing her vaginal folds or being mounted by her in some way. Rachel drew a sharp breath and gripped her clitoris as she clearly remembered Greg’s orgasm while she manipulated his penis inside Starr while she suckled on Starr’s clitoris and how Greg’s penis surged and pushed against her chin, and then passing out briefly from the exhilaration as his semen oozed out over her fingers.

She slipped the pantaloons on and pulled them up tight and her genitals started tingling as she pressed the cloth to her loin. Rachel fought the urge to finger herself, as she smelled her own sexual heat mingling with Carol’s. Sweat started to run from her armpits and the beads grew on her forehead, Rachel’s nipples turned so hard they ached. The elastic waistband hung low on Rachel’s hips because the panties were two sizes too big. She marveled at the bathroom with its two toilets, the huge sunken tubs, sauna, and what looked like a massage table with its own water faucets, and hand held shower nozzle. The humid heat from the hot water filling the tub, and the heater was almost stifling. Rachel thought how daunting the task was to clean this place. Her heart leapt into her throat as a knock sounded on the door.

“Rachel, come out here.” Dave called through the door.

Shyly she stepped into the room; the chilly air made her nipples hard again and she kept them covered first with one hand then another. Again, an ache grew in her belly as she looked at Dave, but her self-consciousness tempered her arousal. Rachel’s skin was beet red from the heat in the bathroom and began to prickle with goose flesh from the chilly air.

He smiled as he stood in the door way and took a long look at Rachel’s partially clad body then rebuffed, “You left your phone on the bed.”

“Oh I’m sorry I thought…” She was cut short.

“You keep it with you every where and all ways.” Dave admonished sternly and then reminded, “Dressed or not wet or dry with you or on you.”

“Okay I will no matter what I am doing.” Rachel assured avoiding eye contact, as she felt uncomfortable. She knew he could smell her arousal and her fresh sweat even through his wife’s overpowering scent. She walked to the bed and picked up the phone thinking that he might attack her at any instant but no, he just stood by the foot of the bed watching just staring at her, she could feel his gaze burning through her.

“Okay, get me ready for my bath.” Dave directed softly an impish smile beamed from his face.

Rachel stood dazed and dizzy, heart pounding as she fixed the elastic band with the phone to her upper arm with a shaky hand then stumbled as she started to walk toward Dave.

“Shoes and socks first then the shirt. You do know… how to get undressed don’t you?” He asked in a sarcastic tone and smiled.

“Yes.” She piped coyly as the humor relieved her tension. As she knelt, down to untie his shoes Rachel glanced at his crotch and again as she pulled them off, and again as she took his shirt off looking for a hint as to his size. Dace’s pecs and abs were well defined, as were the muscles on his arms. Rachel felt her heart start to race as she surveyed his upper body. A little relief came over her when she thought he must be small because she couldn’t see, not even the briefest outlines of his penis just what looked like his scrotum. Dave hadn’t even started to get a hard on when she pushed her hand against the soft bulge of his scrotum when she untied the rope that held up his sweat pants. She was so surprised to see him wearing a very tight fitting speedo then it dawned on her that this was why she couldn’t catch an idea of the size of his penis.

Dave just watched Rachel intently after she pulled his pants down. Noting how surprised she looked to see him wearing a tight fitting speedo for underpants, and how she was gawking at the outline of his still flaccid penis. Rachel thought she saw is scrotum become larger; she could clearly see three outlines, Dave’s two testicles and the head of his bulging penis inside the speedo. Dave’s testicles were much bigger than any she had seen pictures of even bigger than Greg’s.

He stepped out of his pants then directed, “Rachel just pile my cloths on the chair you can take them to the laundry later.” he watched her gather them up then smiled broadly and added licentiously, “You forgot to take my speedo off.”

Rachel stopped for a short moment as her heart started pounding in her throat then slid his shoes under the chair laying his clothes on the chair and walked back. She slid her thumbs under the waistband and slid them down. Dave’s musky sweat scented smell overpowered Rachel as she exposed his long thick black pubic hairs causing her knees to shake briefly, and her eyes to half close, saliva gushed into her mouth, and her jaws to ached as if she had bitten a sour grape. As she pulled it past, his knees Rachel caught the scent of his pubic hairs and could see the fleshy gland at the end of the fat soft penis. The room spun as she started breathing in deeply; drinking in his manly scent with each breath. Rachel felt her warm cream melting into her hairs, and her womb expanding as if it were breathing. When she started to suck Dave’s penis into her mouth; the fingers of one hand entwined in her hair while the other swept his penis to the side.

“That’s my girl take deep breaths.” Dave purred as he held her face against his thigh keeping her nose buried in his pubic hairs adding, “We don’t use perfumes or deodorants. I love the smell of an aroused woman; the smell her panties after her juices have soaked into them and the smell of her sweat on her clothing.”

“Oh…! God…! You smell good!” Rachel gasped between breaths, and then looked up after several seconds a sated blissful smile on her face. “I don’t think I have ever smelled a man’s scent as arousing as you’res. I want to taste you, and feel your penis inside my mouth.” Rachel purred, as she looked up through her half closed eyes hugging Dave’s thighs and caressing his buttocks with her hands.

“Find your panties and hand them to me.” Dave asked softly adding, “I want to look at them and smell them and I want you to look at my penis and watch it grow.”

Rachel walked on her knees to the pile of clothing and rummaged through it till she found her panties and handed them to Dave her face turned a bright red, as she looked right at his penis. She was fixated on it; it seemed small except for the flared head and the thick, wide band of flesh that hugged the flared gland. It had already changed color to a darkening red and was swelling. Her whole body started to tingle as she listened to Dave’s deep breaths as he drank in her scent. Rachel’s mouth gaped as she watched his penis move as it started to grow. She slurped back a drool that slipped passed her lips. Her breath quickened as she watched watery drips start fall to the floor from his opening; and she felt her own creamy juices weeping down to her thighs.

“Oh Rachel you have a wonderfully fruity scent. I love the smell that an aroused woman gives her panties. Tell me what does it feel like when you get wet.” Dave playfully asked.

“I… ‘i…it’ felt like. This is hard to say.” Rachel stammered trying to find the words.

“Oh come on tell me please.” Dave prodded.

“Oh it feels like I am melting in side…” Her voice trailed off.

“What else do you feel when you get hot?” He impatiently pressed.

“Oh! God It feels like my womb is breathing… and my ie…I can feel my heart beating in my clitoris.” Rachel disclosed and a quick shiver raced through her body as she watched Dave holding her white panties to his nose and smelling at them loudly.

“Like now?” Dave asked in a dreamy tone.

“Yes! God yes!” Rachel answered gasping with her eyes still fixed on his nearly erect penis. The both of them sat quietly Dave drinking in Rachel’s scent and Rachel watching Dave’s penis swelling and starting to bob, as it turned harder. Dave’s penis was jutting away from his thighs much longer and bigger around now yet still arced down ward and had turned a deep reddish purple. Rachel was starting to tremble from excitement and fear, as Dave’s penis turned into a huge cock, a much bigger than she had thought and still growing. His precum had changed from watery drips to a thick creamy texture, and hung from the opening before falling to the floor.

“I love white cotton panties and oh…! You’ve made them so wet, your juices are thick and silky and smell so very sweet.” He passionately noted as he broke the silence.

“My…! God…! When I first looked at your penis I didn’t think it would get this big, it so hard.” Rachel said breathlessly and in a shaky voice added, “I think you will have to push it hard to put that thing inside me! It might even hurt me.” Rachel paused to catch her breath and then in a panicky voice asked, “You won’t hurt me with it will you?”

“No I won’t hurt you with him. You can take more than you think.” Dave assured softly and then playfully added, “I’ve seen how wet and open you get. At the right time I will just sliiide… him innnn.”

“When Michael and I had sex it really hurt when he entered me and his penis was a lot smaller than you’res is.” Rachel’s voice crackled with anxiety as her mind was stilled filled with uncertainty.

“He just entered you before you were ready. That is the main cause for a lot of women’s long term discomfort with sex.” Dave warmly explained his mild demeanor was easing Rachel’s anxiety. He was silent as he combed Rachel’s hair with his fingers and gently held her cheek to one thigh and pressed his penis to the other.

“What?” Rachel asked looking up when Dave broke the silence with a quiet chuckle her forehead had beads of sweat forming, “What is it that tickled you?”

“I want to hear you say cock go ahead call it a cock.” Dave asked softly and waited for an answer then teasingly prodded, “come on say it.”

“Caw… cu… Cock…!” Rachel stuttered surprised at how hard she found it to say the word when told to.

“Use it in a sentence.” Dave teased.

“I…I didn’t think your cu…cock would get this big.” Rachel said pensively as a bead of sweat ran from her forehead she could feel it sliding down her sides from her armpits.

“Say it again only louder.” Dave coaxed.

“Your cockah…! Has gotten bigger than I thought it could.” Rachel said with a fever in her voice ending with a slurp as she sucked back a drool.

“Take it into your mouth.” Dave directed in a whisper adding in a soft low voice, “Take my cock into your mouth and milk it with both of your hands.” He let out a loud moan as Rachel closed her mouth over his gland and milked his shaft with long slow strokes. Dave then added slowly assuringly, “We are going to make love into the morning hours. He won’t hurt you going in I will open you.” Dave paused as he stroked her long black hair then tenderly sang, “You’ll feel it as he slowly slips into you like a door opening inside you.”

She made quiet gurgling noises as she suckled swallowing his juices. Dave’s voice put her completely at ease. Rachel moaned as more and more of his creamy fluid filled her mouth coating her throat. Rachel lowered her head pushing Dave’s penis deep into the back of her throat causing her to retch and gag her head bobbed up with a twisted grimace on her face as she dry-heaved and coughed.

Then Dave pulled her back, as she went down for more, and calmly cautioned, “Take little bites at first so to speak.” And then he whispered. “Bathe me first.” as he bent down and kissed Rachel on the forehead he lifted her to her feet. As Rachel stood he pulled her pantaloons down and put his nose into her soaked shiny black pubic hairs breathing deeply as he quaffed her scent. Rachel trembled and bowled over and clenched her fists in Dave’s hair as he blew his hot breath across her clitoral hood.

“Oh that feels heavenly.” Rachel purred in a trembley voice.

“Oh Rachel your scent is so earthly yet fruity at the same time.” Dave warmly described as he marveled at her scent adding, “and you have some of the meatiest labia I’ve ever seen on a young woman. They are so red and so puffy and open and so very ready to be eaten I am going to feed on your juices tonight.” Rachel trembled as he spoke softly blowing his breath across her labia and taking slow deep breaths drinking in all of her scent he could.

Rachel spoke in a shaky voice, “You make that feel so wonderful it is making me have to pee!”

“Lets go get cleaned up; a nice hot bath in a hot bathroom.” Dave sang alluringly as he stood. He pulled Rachel’s body tightly to his with an arm around her waist and his free hand clutching her hair turning her face to his, leaned down, and kissed Rachel parting her lips with his fingertip. Soft cooing noises emanated from her throat as she closed her eyes and melted into his arms. She moaned from the long lingering kiss as Dave’s tongue slowly rolled around sensing every hidden corner of her mouth.

In a flash Rachel pulled away, “What have you done? I am burning up, and if I don’t get to the toilet quickly I will ruin your carpet!” Rachel declared loudly as she started for the bathroom with Dave on her heels.

“No wait I won’t be able to go with you in here!” Rachel’s voice crackled with discomfort but made a beeline for the pot.

“They did tell you that you couldn’t be potty shy didn’t they?” Dave asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice and staying right on her heels.

Rachel sat down and stared at the floor knowing that Dave was looking at her, “I won’t be able to go with you looking at me like that!” Rachel strongly affirmed.

Dave walked over to the sinks and turned one on at a slow run just enough to be heard as it whistled through the valve. The noise of the water coupled with Rachel’s urgency freed her flow. It turned from a tentative trickle to a torrential gush splashing into the bowl. As her flow slowed to a dribble Dave humorously remarked, “I guess you really had to go. You got to know Carol will not tolerate shyness of any kind.” Dave warned as he moved next to Rachel and cautioned, “If you stop doing something for Carol saying you have to take a leak you might find yourself wearing diapers and rubber panties for a week.”

“It’s just that this is the first time since I’ve grown that anyone has watched me pee.” Rachel embarrassedly admitted.

“Even in the gym?” Dave pried.

“First of all they were girls; we had open stalls and ‘they…’ weren’t really watching.” Rachel explained as she reached for the toilet paper.

“No don’t wipe!” Dave ordered as he reached between her legs and ran his two fingers through her wet pubic hairs causing her to shudder from the sudden surprise and urinated on Dave’s fingers. He put them into his mouth and sucked on them. Rachel just quietly sat there somewhat grossed out with her beet red face glowing.

“There see that wasn’t so hard.” He teased then noted, “You have a very strong tasting urine quite salty and strong smelling too.” as he quaffed his fingers Dave told Rachel, “We both drink each other’s urine some times. It isn’t bad for you in limited quantities.”

“I suppose you will make me drink it too?” Rachel’s nose wrinkled as she asked.

“No but it is a way to make some extra points. We never ask anyone to do something we wouldn’t do or haven’t done already.” Dave professed.

“Oh! That sounds perfectly horrid. How did you get started doing that?” Rachel asked as she grimaced emphasizing the word ‘that.’

“Carol spent time in a Tantric Love cult that followed the Karma Sutra tenets to the letter. Everyone in the group that Carol was in shared their vaginal and penile fluids as well as their sweat and saliva. I do not profess to understand any of it I just know that it makes Carol happy. Even you are going find yourself urinating uncontrollably at times when Carol starts fingering your clitoris and you’ll be better off to just let it flow.” Dave warmly related.

“How did Carol find that cult?” Rachel asked her disgust relenting.

“Who else good ole Leon’s Rent-a-Mate. Until you, she brought the highest bids. She made just over two million dollars in three years.”

“Huh I didn’t even look at their bids; the descriptions scared me off.” Rachel said.

“You were wise not to; all of them are very hard to finish the contracts.” Dave reported then dared, “You want to try a little taste?”

There was a long pause and Rachel answered hesitantly, “I…I guess… I guess so.”

“Oh good girl! I’ll just squat and pee between your legs and when I am almost done I’ll stand and give you the rest.” Dave described eagerly and then quickly squatted and started peeing.

“It feels so strange to have someone pissing between my legs! I suppose that you and Carol pee on each other often, and you want to pee on me don’t you?” Rachel pried.

“Yes we do and yes I do.” Dave quickly answered.

“It’s okay go ahead.” Rachel acquiesced calmly, surrendered to fulfilling his every whim. She was startled a little when his pee started splashing on her belly when he stood moving closer. Rachel took a hold of his penis and tenderly held against her neck under her chin and let the urine course its way between her breasts down her back and sides and between her legs as she moved the stream across her body. As the flow turned to a trickle, she placed it in her mouth and swallowed the last few squirts.

After a long pause Rachel droned, “That is still horrible and will take some getting use to.”

“Rachel your batting a hundred with me; but then Carol says I am far too easy for you girls to please. Carol’s over lookable whims are the point makers and of course eagerness to please goes without saying.” Dave detailed. When Dave stopped peeing, Rachel kept his penis in her mouth suckling on his gland massaging his scrotum, milking his shaft with one hand, and kneading his buttock with the other. “You know Rachel there really isn’t anything happening here that wouldn’t happen in a quote normal relationship.” Dave calmly assured as he cupped her face, stroked her hair, and added softly, “Juices are going to flow during good oral sex or any sex for that matter and mixed in with all the other glandular secretions is urine. Come give me a bath.”

“I know that you are right I just never thought of it in that sense before.” Rachel acknowledged as she stood and led Dave hand in hand toward the tub.

“Oh Rachel we are going to have a great time; Leon assured me that you were a fast study and you surprised Carol even; when it came time for you to give ole Starr and her co-star the working over that you did and at the end that sympathetic orgasm and fainting as your shimmering cream coursed down your thighs from your vaginal opening I swear I almost came myself right then.” Dave enthusiastically disclosed adding, “Carol and I did have one of our hottest bouts in a while after that show; but then we are still fairly active for a long time married couple…”

“My god it is stifling in here!” Rachel interrupted Dave from his musings.

“Ahhh… yes it is; it is just right for me. Carol likes it much more warmer and it is the same with her water.” Dave lovingly disclosed.

“Well do I wash you in the tub or sponge you off from the sink?” She asked her voice crackled as the tension started to sneak back in.

“Wrong on both counts.” He paused and then teased, “guess again.”

“Then it’s this funny looking table?” she offered with a puzzled look on her face as she ran her eyes over it.

“Right we jokingly call it an adult bassinette.” Dave disclosed and then directed, “Go ahead lift those long tubes until they click and then throw that switch.”

“It’s so hot!” Rachel exclaimed as she touched the table then proceeded to lift the tubes.

“It has it’s own heating elements that warms the table and the water, go ahead flip the switch.” Dave urged.

“Oh my god a fountain of steamy water.” Rachel excitedly exclaimed placing both hands on the table and as the water splashed over her arms, she licentiously gazed at Dave’s naked body and his large semi turgid penis. The impishness of Rachel’s smile betrayed the stone serious gaze in her eyes as she watched Dave walking towards the washing table. The sight of this naked muscular man walking with his penis swaying to his stride was causing Rachel’s passions to churn in her belly and her groin to ache. She wobbled a little as she stepped back and watched Dave climb onto the table. Rachel felt her muscles tightening behind her clitoris she could feel her labia swell and turn warm as she marveled at the size of his hairy scrotum. Rachel’s womb was filling with blood, sweat was running from her armpits as the sweltering hundred and ten-degree temperature of the bathroom took its toll. Rachel’s gaze was fixated on Dave’s penis as she struggled to catch her breath and wiped the sweat from her brow.

“The soap is in the blue squeeze bottle in the cabinet between the sinks.” Dave calmly directed. He rolled over on his side to watch her as she walked to the cabinet the pantaloons now soaked with her sweat and Bartholin fluids clung like a second skin to her body perfectly outlining the valley between her buttocks and round anus.

Half way to the sink she turned and beaming an impish smile asked, “Do you want these pantaloons?”

“Yes ah dooo!” He sang.

As Rachel turned away to peel them off Dave ordered, “No look at me as you take them off!” a quiet gasp escaped her as she surveyed his body and its’ nearly erect penis. A slight tremble washed across Rachel’s body as she slid her pantaloons to her feet and off. She rolled the waistband back to expose the soaked crotch. Dave took her hand and pulled Rachel closer as she handed him her pantaloons and pressed her hand holding the pantaloons to his nose. Rachel jumped and let out a loud gasp as Dave’s fingers slid between her legs from behind and started sliding over her mons and touching her clitoris as he inhaled deeply then let her go and ordered, “Okay wash me now face first.”

Rachel lathered up the body puff and as Dave closed his eyes and held the pantaloons to the side she started washing his face covering every bit of his skin then rinsed it before proceeding to lather the rest of his body. Rachel’s face turned hot and her clitoris started to tingle as she listened to Dave’s deep slaking breaths. She lathered each arm then covered his chest and stomach then skipped to Dave’s legs and feet. After covering his entire body with soap, she took both hands one holding the body puff and the other soapy and started scrubbing his scrotum and milking the fat shaft of his semi hard penis. Her breath became labored as his meat stiffened in her hands and she started taking long and fast strokes.

“Don’t make me cum so soon.” Dave warmly admonished and with a laugh added, “I think my cock is clean enough so rinse it and the rest of me off. She took the hand held showerhead and squeezed the trigger and a wide soft stream of hot water came out and a few seconds later the suds were gone. Dave rolled onto his stomach saying, “Now my back and hair. You can use the same soap on my hair.” After lathering his head and back Rachel impishly giggled as she started washing his scrotum again at the same time she washed his back and hair, a slight tremor swept through her as she encircled the base of his turgid penis then abruptly stopped and she rinsed the soap from Dave’s body.

“Oh my the heat is making me dizzy.” Rachel gasped as Dave sat up.

“You have a nice way of touching.” Dave complimented as he picked up the shower nozzle. “Your turn Rachel honey.” He declared and then said, “I want to watch you soap your self up and turn all that nice shiny black hair and milky brown skin to a soapy white.” Dave excitedly said while spraying Rachel down soaking her head to foot as he sniffed her sweaty pantaloons.

“The water is so hot!” Rachel gasped.

“Is it too hot?” Dave asked as he stopped spraying.

“No. I was just surprised.” Rachel claimed then asked, “Would you spray more on me?”

“I would be glad to!” Dave happily agreed and after several minutes directed, “Now close those eyes and get soapy.” He attentively watched as she obeyed then directed farther, “Now come here and let me wash your back.” As she neared her, steps warbled slightly until Dave touched her shoulder and led her to the end of the washing table. After bending her across it started scrubbing her back and then rinsed her off completely. “No stay bent over the table.” Dave warmly rebuffed as Rachel started to stand. She could hear him walking around stopping and starting and she jumped a little when he put his hand on the small of her back.

“Wha… What are you going? What do you want to do?” Rachel stammered as she asked her voice rife with anxiety.

“I want to fondle your privates.” Dave softly said then teasingly asked, “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Ye…! Yes I would…!” Rachel nervously replied a staccatoed inhale and gasping sigh sounded when Dave’s hand slid to her anal cleft and down across her anus, she wriggled her buttocks as his hand swished across her hot wet mons. Rachel’s head bobbed up and she moaned softly as Dave’s palm rubbed over her clitoris. She hooked her right knee over the corner of the table moaning louder as she gripped the sides of the table tightly and pressing her forehead firmly into the padding as he started grinding her clitoris with his thumb and forefinger.

“There is a lot more than water making you so wet here.” Dave salaciously remarked as he started sliding his thumb along the sinewy clitoral shaft. Rachel moaned loudly and shuddered as his thumb reached its depth and curled behind her pelvis. Dave seductively asked, “Does this feel good?” and continued the soft, slow, and steady side to side motion with his thumb and forefinger, and with his free hand swept her left breast to the side and began squeezing her taut nipple.

“Oh yes…! Oh god yes…!” Rachel rapturously responded between gasping moans and with a feverish voice added, “My whole body is surging inside; I’ve never felt like this before!” Rachel’s moans turned into frantic gruntings and she gasped for her breath. She gripped the table tightly and it squeaked from her body’s weight as she pushed against it and pulled at it as her body began writhing. Dave amorously watched Rachel’s anus flexing in and out spasmodically while her orgasm coursed through her. Dave let out a few loud sighs when he felt a few strong gushes of urine squirt onto his hand. He kept his tender fondling up as Rachel’s breathing turned rhythmic and her body stopped writhing. Her muscles relaxed and her anal flexing slowed but her Bartholin juices kept oozing out and coating her mons and his hand with the creamy white gelatinous flow.

“Oh god that was heavenly!” Rachel sang her voice sounding as though she was still wrapped with orgasmic rapture and floating on a cloud. She grabbed her leg under the knee when it started to slip off the corner.

“Do you want me to stop?” Dave coyly asked while continuing his ministrations and teasingly remarked, “You know by the way your muscles are squeezing my thumb you are about to have another orgasm.”

“It feels like I have to pee!” Rachel panted and rocked her buttocks.

“You know what to do don’t you?” Dave teasingly asked as he stepped between her wide spread legs and moving in close parting her labia with the thumb still inside her. Rachel sighed loudly as a forceful gush of urine spewed out splashing on Dave’s penis, testicles, soaking his pubic hairs. He playfully remarked, “My I guess you did have to go!” and watched as Rachel’s urine washed her thick creamy juices from his hand and fingers. When her flow turned to a trickle, he began his ministrations to her genitalia and nipple.

“Oh god I feel like I am floating.” Rachel amorously related and as tension began to sound in her voice her, words turned to moans and gasps; as the table began to squeak again as she pressed her writhing body to it.

“Oh god baby that is sweet.” Dave quietly purred as he watched Rachel’s anus kiss at the air, he gave a sympathetic moan as her vaginal muscles gripped and squeezed his wriggling thumb. A warm soft glow washed across his face as Rachel’s body relaxed. A few sporadic twitches raced through Rachel’s limp body as Dave continued his ministrations; as slow and tender as when he first started them.

“Oh…! God…!” Rachel cried out as her head popped up and her body started bucking into Dave’s hand. Her moanings turned into throaty groans, and raspy gasps as another climax raced around within Rachel’s body outlasting the first two. “Stop…! Stop…!” Rachel shouted breathlessly letting her leg slip to the floor and pulled away from Dave’s playful touching; moving to the side of the table away from Dave. Her face showed signs of exhaustion and puzzlement as she looked at him panting straining to catch her breath, but still had a weak smile on her face.

“Come here Rachel I’m not through yet.” Dave sexily sang as he walked around the table towards her. Her mouth gaped as she caught sight of his hard, fat, cock, and its crowning wet gland. A juicy glaze surrounded the slit and a think gelatinous tendril was sliding down the shaft along his distended urethra. Dave stopped walking when Rachel quickly shuffled around the other corner and patted the cushioned tabletop. A barely visible smile began to beam from her face when she relented her retreat and obediently moved closer to where Dave was now petting the table. “That’s my good girl.” Dave seductively sang.

“Oh god Dave!” Rachel breathlessly gasped as she neared adding with gusting breath, “I will surely die if I have another orgasm!”

“Nonsense!” Dave warmly rebuked adding in a seductively warm voice, “A strong healthy young woman like your self can cum all day long now hop up on the table and lay with your knee under you, feet over the side… That is a good girl make your knee wider and your feet farther apart… now arch you back no the other way… Perfect!” Dave stepped back and looked at Rachel’s Bartholin glazed mons with her shiny black pubic hairs melted together from her creamy juices and her bright red labia splayed wide. He slurped back a drool and swallowed as he watched her vaginal opening winking and her erect clitoris pulsing.

Rachel shuddered when Dave slid his hands along her belly and firmly squeezed her breasts moving to her nipples; she gasped and groaned loudly when Dave began suckling her clitoris and milking her nipples. The table began squeaking again when she started rocking her body and when he stood he gave a short thrust pushing the head of his penis onto Rachel’s clitoris. A loud squeak sounded as she jumped from the shock of the sudden contact.

“Ieee…! My god…!” Rachel yelled out as Dave’s wide gland slipped between her labia and vanished within the folds. She raised her body up on her hands and started pushing her buttocks down trying to get more of Dave’s meaty member into her vaginal canal, but he only allowed his helmet access. Dave used both of his hands to restrict the movement of her bobbing buttocks. Her face twisted into a tortured grimace and she began to make animalistic gruntings and groanings as another climax raged. The table’s creaking grew louder as Rachel’s body writhed her moaning turned into voiceless cries. Without the slightest warning she flipped onto her buttocks yelling, “Oh god…! Mount…! Me…! I want him in me…!” A loud wet sigh sounded as Dave’s thick shaft slowly slipped through her spasming vaginal sphincter, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and reached under his arms to hold her head to his shoulder as she cried out lost in her passions. Rachel’s body soon went limp and Dave let her slip back to the tabletop and watched as her belly heaved to her greedy breaths and his very subtle thrusts. A few minutes later, he slowly withdrew his erect penis.

“Would like to soak in the hot tub for a while?” Dave asked after several minutes of silence.

“My god I had no idea sex could be so rapturous so exquisitely painful and still feel so wonderful!” Rachel amorously expressed then went quiet for a moment and then answered, “Yes that sounds good.” and slowly sat up and looked around the room adding, “I forgot where I was for a second.” Her face looked so soft and glowing as she lay back down.

Dave playfully countered, “I think it was a lot longer than a second.” And pulled her up and onto her feet. They both slid into the hot tub.

“I feel a chilly draft on my face.” Rachel exhaustedly noted.

“Yes you do the air-conditioner has started.” Dave softly informed her.

After several minutes Rachel broke the dreamy silence, “Oh my… My insides have finely settled down.” then took in a deep breath and sighed loudly as she exhaled. Dave just kissed her on the ear and gently held her in his arms as the two of them soaked in the steamy water.

“You want a drink of water?” Dave asked after giving her a firm hugging.

“That would be wonderful.” Rachel warmly responded and asked, “Where is it?”

“Just push the blue tile in the back row.” Dave lazily directed.

“Oh my god!” Rachel burst out in surprise as the lid popped open when she pushed it and then in amazement remarked, “And they’re cold too!” She twisted off the lid of the bottle in her hand took a long drink then spun around and faced Dave and with a mouth full of water kissed him coaxing his mouth open with a finger and then filled his mouth then handed him his own bottle. Rachel took another long drink as she watched Dave drinking from his bottle.

“That was a new trick on me.” Dave excitedly admitted while Rachel settled back down on her back on top of him he added, “I liked it I can’t wait to spring it on Carol.”

“I’m glad you liked it I just thought of it.” Rachel licentiously claimed and then seductively added, “I hope I can watch.” then she pulled Dave’s semi erect penis between her legs and started stroking it then with a voice full of curiosity remarked, “I thought a man’s penis turned soft after ejaculating.”

“They usually do.” He sleepily replied the hot water has had a calming effect on both of them.

“Well you’res is still sort of hard.” Rachel warmly observed as she playfully squeezed his gland.

“Well that is because I haven’t ejaculated yet.” Dave seductively answered and kissed her softly on the ear and neck and with a whisper said, “I wanted to wait until we were in bed.”

“My god… I don’t think I can have another orgasm.” Rachel exasperatedly admitted but kept her hold on Dave’s hardening penis.

“That’s okay I’m the only one that needs to.” Dave humorously pointed out bit and sucked Rachel’s neck leaving one huge hicky and then directed, “Come on lets get dried off and go to bed it is really late or early.” Dave kissed Rachel’s fanny cheek as she crawled out of the tub on all fours, and then ordered, “Wait I want to kiss those sweet vaginal lips.” As she waited, he spread her buttocks with his thumbs and kissed each of her labia and her bristling clitoris and lasciviously observed, “Your little button is still pulsing.”

“You keep doing that and I will give you a squirt.” Rachel saucily threatened and then surprised her self with a seductive giggle. As promised she gushed a long stream and bowed her head as she listened to Dave slurping and licking her urine.

“Grab a towel dry me then I’ll watch as you dry your self.” Dave directed as he caught his wind. His gaze was fixed on Rachel’s buttocks as it swayed to her stride. Her face was glowing when she turned around towel in hand. Dave could see a late day shadow showing on Rachel’s legs, as her black hair was getting longer. He stood there while she vigorously rubbed his body with the towel front to back top to bottom. She turned around slowly as she dried her self, looking into Dave’s eyes when facing him. Though the bathroom had cooled, they both still had sweat beading on their bodies as they walked into the cooler bedroom drinks in hand with Rachel leading the way.

“Rachel would you please wear this?” Dave warmly asked as he walked to the chest of drawers taking out a long and wrinkled t-shirt letting it drape down showing the full length.

“I would be glad to.” Rachel warmly replied and holding it to her nose she took a deep quaff and then quickly slipped it on and then in a deepening salacious voice asked, “Dave would you like to make me ga… ag… on that huge cock of you’res for a while before we lay down?”

A serious but warm look washed across his face as he looked at Rachel and then earnestly admitted, “I don’t know what that is all about but I do love to hear a woman gagging and coughing when I push my member deep into her throat and pull it out.” He paused and gazed longingly at Rachel and said, “Yes I would very much I’ll not hurt you.”

“I know you won’t.” Rachel warmly said then quietly asked looking into his eyes, “Do you want me on my back or my side or sitting up?”

“Lying on your side curled up on the bed with your head over the edge.” Dave directed as he pulled a knee stool from under the bed.

With a wide and longing look in her eyes Rachel said, “I want you to give me as much as I can take and more.” Then she sucked Dave’s cock into her mouth and made her self gag right away.

“Easy… Easy honey I like to tease the reflex for a while watching your body retch for a while.” Dave explained as he entangled his fingers with her hair pushing mouth onto his penis with his hand. Then he started rubbing his thick saliva into her anus and then reached between her legs and slipped his middle fingers into her rectum. Dave’s penis stifled her moaning as he worked them in and out reaching in as deeply as he could. A quiet gurgle sounded as he pushed deeper into her eager mouth touching the back of Rachel’s throat. Her panicked breath gusted through her flaring nostrils. Her body retched from a deeper thrust and her arm shot up and flailed in the air and she let out a bunch of loud coughs but Dave stifled them by keeping his cock in her throat. Rachel’s muffled gags filled the room as her body retched violently.

Rachel rolled onto her knees and dropped her face to the floor when Dave pulled out and let loose with a series of violent dry heaves followed by a few retching coughs but rolled back onto her side showing her willingness to endure more and when her breathing slowed he gave her throat few quick and deep thrust with his rigid cock going even deeper but Rachel’s throat would not take all of it. For nearly thirty minutes, Dave repeatedly gagged Rachel with his penis causing her to violently retch and heave; stopping only long enough to let her catch her breath and her retching to subside. He stopped and listened as Rachel slurped her thick saliva back into her mouth and swallowed it while she played with his preejaculate oozing from his bulging gland then pulled his hips to her face sliding it deep into her throat as she tried to push her nose into his pubic hairs. A retching heave caused her to spit it out and cough violently, the cough was followed by a long groaning heave.

“I love the taste of your cock.” Rachel breathlessly gasped.

“I’m really ready to cum!” Dave breathlessly announced as his thrusting stopped. Rachel sucked at his gland trying to get more of Dave’s preejaculate into her mouth and she held onto his shaft not letting him pull it out.

“You can cum in my mouth if you want to!” Rachel enticingly suggested when she did finely let him pull out.

“I do but not this time.” Dave warmly declined as he maneuvered Rachel onto her back and gave her a passionate kiss slathering his tongue all over the inside of her mouth and then added with a whisper after ending the kiss, “I want to spend my semen in your hot womb.” And then showered her face with several little kisses while sliding her into the middle of the bed. He stood and walked to the closet Rachel’s eyes stared fixedly as she studied his every move. He opened the door and pulled out a long hotdog shaped pillow.

“Here roll onto your stomach and put this under your hips.” He warmly directed after returning to the bedside and then added, “It will hold your buttocks at the perfect angle and giving my cock an unobstructed access to your vaginal opening.”

Rachel with a seductive smile on her face slowly took the pillow from his hand and in an even warm voice asked, “May we do it doggy style for a while first I would like to see what that feels like.” She got onto her hands and knees pulled the long t-shirt up and then lasciviously wriggled her buttocks at Dave.

“Oh…! A woman after my heart; yes my darling yes Rachel you bet we can.” Dave eagerly responded as he moved onto the bed and sidled behind her placing his hands on her hips and moving his hips back and forth.

“Dave that feels wonderful.” Cooed Rachel as Dave pressed his gland on to her distended clitoris and let it slide along her puffy red labia. With each pass over her genitalia Rachel’s creamy thick Bartholin fluids coated his penile hood and oozed down his meaty shaft and with a light push with his thumb Dave slid his flared gland into Rachel’s vaginal opening causing her body to shudder and a raspy sigh to sound from deep in her throat. Dave watched as he popped the head of his penis in and out and marveled at the copious amount of creamy juice clinging to the soft thick skin behind the hood. He watched it slip in deeper and deeper and Dave closed his eyes when Rachel’s body quaked her elbows buckled and her knees slipped out from under her. The two of them fell into a laying position.

“Uh…! God…! It’s in me…! It’s all the way in me…! Dave…! Oh god it is in me!” Rachel shouted as she bucked her buttocks into his subtle thrusts. Her body turned hot and became slippery with sweat as she shook her buttocks. Dave buried his face in Rachel’s hair his movements became convulsive and he gasped for every breath and tightly hugged Rachel’s arms to her body, and a few moments later they both quietly lay on top of the bed. Dave found the spare blanket at the foot of the bed, unfurled it covering them with it. Dave slid his legs over Rachel’s and then squeezed both of their legs closed, and went to sleep with his penis steeping in his semen and Rachel’s vaginal juices.

Rachel was roused from her sleep by the cell-phone vibrating on her upper arm; she lifted her head and tried to get up when she found Dave was still sleeping on top of her and most of his flaccid penis was still inside her. She jumped when the phone vibrated again then she heard a quiet voice coming from it.

“Just whisper into the phone I will hear you; Hi I am Carol.” She directed and introduced her self then asked, “How was your first night with ‘my…!’ husband?”

“Heavenly I had no idea having a penis so far up inside could feel so good!” Rachel excitedly hissed into the phone straining to be quiet.

“It looks like he is still inside you?” Carol observed.

Rachel’s head bobbed up from the surprising information and asked, “Can…can you see us!?”

“Just be still I don’t want him awaken until he is ready and yes I watched you all night long.” Carol explained with a laugh in her voice and then she added in the same humorous tone, “We are going to archive the entire day and night in fact today as well so we can watch it all again.”

“Does he always keep his penis in you too?” Rachel pried.

“Of course he does that is one of his favorite things to do.” Carol answered and with a giggle Carol asked, “So those were your first orgasms right? How many did you have?”

“Oh god I don’t know at some point they just blended together.” Rachel answered and paused then said, “Yes that was the first time I have ever enjoyed having sex.” Her answers were sincere but tentative, as she had become self-conscious at the thought of being caught on camera.

“We won’t be filming you all the time just the hallmark moments.” Carol consoled, but Rachel found little solace but was resolved to being a good study in order to make the contract’s end.

“I think Dave enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed him.” Rachel Said nearly bragging and with a strain in her voice added, “I really do have to go pee.”

“Well you know what to do. Right?” Carol teased just like Dave did.

“In the bed too?” she asked in a puzzled voice.

“Of course. There is a protective cover on the mattress.” Carol assured and laughed at Rachel’s shyness.

“Oh huh wha…” Dave muttered as he woke up and then asked, “Who are you talking to? Is that you Carol honey?”

“Hi Dave did you feel your ears burning?” Carol asked with a laugh adding, “Rachel says she has to pee.”

“I have a raging hard-on and don’t think she can do much more than a trickle.” Dave disclosed and started working his penis inside Rachel’s vagina.

Rachel grunted and bucked Dave off wrestled him to his back then straddled him and started covering him with her urine. She parted her swollen labia with her two fingers and directed her gushing stream covering him knees to neck. As her stream slowed to a trickle she scooted to his face opened Dave’s mouth with a finger and shot the last few squirts right into his mouth.

“Way to go girl!” Carol gayly cheered her voice much louder now because it was coming from the speaker in the wall.

Rachel slid back down and grabbed Dave’s throbbing hard-on and with a wriggle of her hips, it vanished into her vaginal well.

“Ride me Rachel Ride me!” Dave excitedly begged as he gripped the bed cover with both hands. Rachel rocked her buttocks back and forth in a fast but even speed; causing Dave to ejaculate in just a few minutes as his body relaxed, she slowed her movement until she was still and lying on top of him. The room was silent only the two lovers quiet breathing could be heard.

The lingering silence was cut by the high-pitched ring of a phone some where in the room. Dave’s body jerked with the second ring, rolled Rachel off, and sat up. Rachel’s face twisted in an ugly grimace as Dave withdrew his penis and she laid face up holding her genitalia in her hands and watched Dave go into the closet closing the door behind him.

“What is wrong Rachel?” Carol asked sounding sincerely concerned.

“Oh my privates feel like they are on fire.” Rachel groaned out her reply.

“Well honey you probably rubbed them raw.” Carol explained in a sympathetic tone and added, “We have the perfect remedy for you we’ll get Dave to put some on if you want.”

“Í was really wet all the time we were making love.” Rachel whined and then a deepening passionate voice said, “I had no idea a man ejaculated so much sperm…” she paused and mused and then said, “my boyfriend barely had any in him when he came.”

“Well Rachel honey he probably masturbated twice that day maybe even three times before he came on you.” Carol informed, then after a long pause added, “Then Dave really ‘does…’ release a copious amount sperm more than most.”

“Yea I knoooww…!” Rachel playfully acknowledged and then added, “Even when he cums for the third time I can feel his sperm gushing inside.”

Dave came from the closet carrying a large labelless black jar and said, “Carol says you need some of this. Would you like some?” And he pointed at the jar in his hand.

“Ye yes I would.” Rachel answered while sitting on the bed hugging her knees.

“Well Rachel honey lay back and spread your legs wide for him.” Carol directed.

As Rachel lay back Dave brayed, “Wow can you see that honey!?”

“Yes I can!” Carol quickly responded. There between Rachel’s spread legs was a long thick rope of spent sperm stretching from the top of the covers back into her gaping red vagina with another large gelatinous mass sliding down her anus.

“Rachel I want to slurp that sperm up and drink it.” Dave excitedly said.

“Well sure go ahead…it is your sperm. I belong to you, I want to keep you happy.” Rachel warmly replied.

“Save some for Rachel Dave honey.” Carol ordered and in a lascivious tone said, “I want her to taste your sperm and her vaginal juices.”

“I will Carol.” He replied. Dave showered Rachel’s thigh with kisses as he moved closer to her sore looking sperm soaked vagina. She let out a loud giggle when Dave started slurping up their juices.

“As sore as I am that sure feels good.” Rachel purred and cupped the back of Dave’s head with both hands spreading her legs wide. When Dave looked up his nose cheeks and chin were covered with the thick gelatinous juices. When he leaned down to kiss Rachel she sucked the juices from his lips and chin then opened her mouth and watched as a long stringer stretched from his mouth to hers and then they enjoyed a lingering kiss.

Dave broke the kiss and began to explain, “This salve will make you feel a little groggy, maybe dizzy and light headed; but it will stop the burning and heal the chafing.

“That is fine I still want it please.” Rachel eagerly indicated she exaggeratedly spread her legs and watched as Dave applied a generous amount. “Oooo That feels all warm and tingly.” She salaciously described. After a few minutes, Dave began to work it into Rachel’s every little fold of her chafed genitalia, daubing some onto and into her rectum. She looked on as Dave produced a large cotton swab on a long stick soaking the swab with a generous amount of salve. Rachel wriggled her buttocks as it slipped a little ways into her vagina. Dave had an impish smile as he swirled it around inside Rachel’s vaginal sheath and then daubing her urethral opening.

“Ooohaaa…! That is wonderful.” Rachel cooed as she stretched her arms over her head and under the pillows closing her eyes and started breathing deeply sounding increasingly relaxed. Her legs were still raised but were slowly drooping.

“How is that?” Dave quietly asked as he slathered more of the salve onto the swab and slowly slipped it into her rectum.

“The burn and itch are gone and my insides feel all warm and squishy, and that soft sliding into my butt feels good too.” Rachel replied in a pleasingly hypnotic voice. He slowly moved the swab in circular motion while he listened to her answer. “Oh my…! My body feels so heavy.” Rachel purred a warm smile beaming from her face.

“That is the way it is suppose to feel…” Dave said then quietly suggested, “You can sleep now if you want to.” And after a few more slipped the swab out.

Rachel awoke to a dark empty bedroom; her head was swimming and she was trying to figure out where she was, and how she got there. She found her self under the covers wearing only here panties or so she thought. When she sat up and looked around the room it all slowly came back to her in broken images a warm smile began to beam. Rachel threw the covers back saying out loud to her self, “My god I’ve been diapered! And tugged at the rubber panties.” Rachel saw that she had been fitted with a real cloth diaper and rubber pants, and then tried to get up but her knees warbled and she fell to the floor. After working half way onto the bed, she felt pressure building in her bowels and had to urinate. Rachel was unable to stand and too tired to crawl so she just lay across the corner of the bed waiting for her strength to return. Rachel let out a loud groaning grunt when she was suddenly over taken by convulsions that swept through her bowels, her back arched with each one. The diaper began to sag from the weight of the feces filling it; and then she sighed and started urinating, the sound of gushing urine filled the room causing the diaper to sag even farther.

“Oh good girl…!” Carol cheered her voice emanating from the phone on Rachel’s arm.

“Your Carol right?” Rachel asked still dazed from the narcotic in the salve.

“That is right you remembered.” Carol pleasantly reinforced Rachel’s memory and then added, “I am Carol and I own you lock, stock, rectum, and beautiful pussy, all you live for now is to satisfy my every whim and fancy.”

“Do you want me to wait for you to change me?” Rachel asked.

“That was perfect darling.” Carol sang then with a somber voice added, “I am afraid I am going to be away far too long for you to wait. My family needs me here for a while longer making arrangements. I will let you clean your self after we finish talking.”

“I’ve never cleaned a diaper; what do I do?” Rachel asked her voice filling with discomfort.

“It’s in the booklet Dave gave you read it ‘before…!’ you take your diaper off.” Carol directed.

“Are you the diaper lady Starr told me about?” Rachel pried.

“No. I’m not the person Starr told you about but I did diaper Starr several times, and I will diaper you too.” Carol coolly replied and then added, “I’ve sent you an e-mail and Dave has left you a note on the kitchen table so be a good girl do what I tell you and we will get along famously…and oh yes I will be checking in on you to make sure you are okay while we are away. Talk to you again soon by for now.”

“Good-by Carol… Carol…?” Rachel looked around the room waiting for an answer and noticed her booklet sitting on the dresser read the two-word post-it note from Dave ‘pantaloons only’ and then quickly read the chapter dealing with her dirty diaper. She pre-washed it in the toilet first then started it soaking in fresh soapy toilet bowl and jumped into the shower washed her bottom and the rest of her. She stopped when she realized she was eagerly racing to read Dave’s note and then let the hot water splash on her body for a long time. She again started to race when she put on her Pantaloons then with deliberate intent walked down the stairs stopping on each one. She found the note where they had eaten their soup and sandwiches and read it.

Dear Rachel sorry I had to leave before you woke up from your long nap. It is two in the afternoon and you have been sleeping around the clock. You had a real work out for your first day and a half and earned the extra several hours of sleep. You were really good, very good and I will eagerly await you fruits, till then be good to Carol. Dave. PS I just heard from Carol and she is going to be detained by her family for a few more weeks. We will both be checking in on you while we are away for so long. Stay busy for now Dave.

The end
The Interview chp. 4

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