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Twisted Dreams 04.

Chapter 4.... The subterfuge works almost too well.

Both Bob and Janice were convinced that they had raped Pamela; especially since all three were still naked. So when Pamela demanded they sign a promissory note to the effect that they would do exactly as she said for a period not less than one year; they readily agreed and signed willingly.

Now turning to Bob; Pamela asked him how his arse was feeling and he suddenly admitted his arse felt really sore before Pamela jumped in by saying that whilst he was fucking her cunt he had insisted his wife used a large deodorant can up his own arse and he even begged her to fuck him harder.

Suddenly Janice recalled the can and added, “Yes honey you know the one; that can that you keep in your bathroom cabinet!” In real time now; Janice imagined what she had done to herself in the bathroom that morning; she actually done just now but not to herself but to her own husband.

Again Bob was convinced it must be true otherwise why would Janice; his wife admit it to be so. Pamela twisted the knife a little further by telling him that she clearly remembered him whilst fucking her so savagely calling out for his wife to fuck his boy pussy like a nigger would fuck it.

Pamela could not believe how well the scam had worked and now she could make the pair do what she wanted without the need for hypnosis; except she now realised half her fun was the process of actually putting them under and getting them doing her bidding whilst unable to resist.

Pamela slowly dressed and as she sat there watching the squirming pathetic figures of Janice and her husband. She looked directly at Janice and softly spoke the words lesbian bitch and instantly Janice was open to further planted triggers and ideas. Isolating Bob by muttering his trigger word she told him that until she touched his shoulder he could not hear her voice; but while her hand was on his shoulder he would listen and obey her words.

Now speaking directly to Janice; “Starting tomorrow morning you will notice the dogs in this area and upon seeing any male dogs you will begin to wonder what a doggy cock would feel like in your mouth and later in your cunt!” Pamela suggested, “By next Friday night you will be begging me to find you a dog cock to sample and you will phone me Saturday morning and ask me; mo beg me to arrange for you to become a dog’s bitch!”

Then placing her hand on Bob’s shoulder she said, “Bob you will sense your wife’s need for dog cock and you will encourage her, by checking out animal porn on the internet but in particular dog sex!” Pamela insisted, “You too will be eager to try a dog’s cock but every time you see a rampant dog cock you will want to wank off but remember you will always cum into a glass and then transfer that to a bottle until you see me next!”

With that she used the now conditioned and tested release words; dressed and made her excuses before leaving. As she was leaving she turned and pointed out the large greyhound dog walking slowly along the other side of the road. Of course there was no reaction from Janice; but Bob immediately started to develop a boner inside his trousers as he looked eager for Pamela to leave; so deliberately Pamela hung around a while longer talking aimlessly to Janice and refusing to allow Bob to go inside until she was sure he just could not wait any longer.

Turning away she walked off; “see you in three days!” she cheerily called back to Janice.

No sooner had Bob closed the door; than he was in the living room, seated on the sofa with cock in one hand and a empty wine glass in the other and as he stroked his stiff cock he asked Janice if she had noticed the size of the sheath the greyhound had been packing. Non plussed; Janice thought he was being disgusting and refused to be drawn into the conversation; instead she intended to retire to bed, but Bob asked her to fetch him an empty screw cap bottle.

After she had left the room; Bob found himself asking why he had asked for the bottle. Oh sure he knew why he wanted the bottle; it was to pour his spent spunk into; but why he was saving all his wank produce for; he just could not say. However when Janice returned with the bottle; Bob was sat with a white thick sticky substance slowly sliding down the inside of the glass and he immediately emptied the glass into the bottle before screwing the cap tightly into place.

Janice then left for bed and Bob started up the computer; typing into google search box dog sex; he began looking at websites and wanking. Three hours later Bob retired to bed exhausted having cum seven times in the glass and always after each ejaculation he would pour the glass contents into the bottle.
In her half sleep state; Janice found herself listening to her husband’s suggestions she try a canine lover; right now that idea appalled her and she swore her husband was a sick bastard for wanting her to fuck with dog’s. Little did she know that within seven hours her craving for k9 sex would be almost as rampant as her husband cock was earlier.

It was after midnight when Janice suddenly woke up and getting up to use the toilet; she happened to glance at the computer in the corner and found Bob had failed to turn it off; so she clicked on the mouse and the screen suddenly burst into life showing a woman sucking a Rottweiler’s cock and instantly Janice’s cunt began to twitch like it was connected to the electricity. Checking further pictures she felt her cunt flooding as she watched short film clips of women sucking and fucking with canine partners; but the strange thing was no matter how hard she tried she just could not push herself over the edge and make herself cum.

She tried her finger’s; a hairbrush handle; even tried the sweeping brush handle up her arse as she pinched and twisted her clit; sure her passions rose but the dam never actually broke and she just kept feeling hornier and hornier but just could not get herself to climax.

She was just about to return to bed when she turned and saw her husband standing in the doorway slowly stroking his cock. He suddenly said, “God, babes just look at her taking that dog’s cock!”

Janice had to admit watching the large German Shepherd; now on screen humping the horny redhead was driving her mad she wanted so much to be that woman and even more she wanted to cum like crazy but she could not figure out why she was incapable of climaxing. Janice watched Bob cum in a glass and then added this load to the ever increasing amount in the bottle; she was so envious of him for climaxing when she just could not manage to.

Going crazy with lust; Janice reluctantly went to bed; but try as she may she just could not get off to sleep; every time she closed her eyes she could just see the large dog cock pushing into the shaven cunt of the redhead and wishing it was her.

Bob remained on the computer as he happily watched and wanked as various women took on k9 cocks either up their cunts or anally; but the bit that really made him feel hot was watching women deep throat doggie cocks. He lost count of the number of shots of spunk he delivered into the glass but as he tired he now had to empty half a glass of white sticky spunk into a bottle already containing two inches depth of cold slimy spunk.

Three days later and still Janice had not climaxed; although her passions were now stoked sky high; the front door bell rang and upon answering it Janice was confronted by Pamela. Politely Janice invited her in and called out top Bob; who once more put his cock away and came into the hallway where Pamela was now standing. Immediately she whispered his trigger word and when Janice turned to look at him she too was induced by her own trigger words of lesbian slut.

Now Pamela wasted no time in sending Janice off to her bed room where she would undress and then return to the living room and lie face down behind the sofa; once there she would hear and visualise everything that happened but she would not climax no matter how hot or wet her cunt got.

Meanwhile Pamela instructed Bob on his role tonight was to become a dog’s bitch; taking her mobile phone she dialled a number and simply spoke one word into the mouthpiece, “Come”.

Within five minutes there was a tap on the door and she let in the guy who had a golden retriever on a lead. Having Bob lead them into the living room; Pamela made him slowly undress and he was just down to his underpants when Janice walked in naked and immediately lay on the floor behind the settee. Once she was laid down she became aware of the conversations around her and in her mind’s eye she visualised what was happening.

“Bob, remove your pants now!” she heard Pamela instruct. “ Now Bob allow Thunder her to lick your cock and balls; yes Thunder is a golden retriever and he is seven years old but he is well trained in making humans his bitches!” she explained.

“Good boy Thunder, yes you want Bob to return the favour do you?” Pamela continued, “Bob on your knees and you now lick Thunder’s cock and balls!”
Bob immediately dropped to his knees and began to gingerly lick on the dog’s soft furry sheath; soon the tip of the cock began to protrude from the sheath and soon Bob was sucking like a pro on his first k9 cock.

Janice lay there getting hotter and hotter as she saw the action in her mind’s eye; she now visualised Bob on his hands and knees and the dog up on his back thrusting his nine inch tapering cock plunging into his anal ring and Bob was getting really vocal as he begged the dog to make him his bitch. Pamela meanwhile was happily watching the action as the man was licking her cunt and making her cry out with fervent passion.

No matter how she tried Janice just could not get herself to the point of cumming; when she used her fingers on her cunt her head ached so bad she had to stop and yet when she stopped she needed her fingers ploughing into her cunt once more.

However Bob was not having any such problem as he accepted the dog’s cock and he never even cried out when the knot slipped inside him and they locked together. As his arse filled with scalding hot dog spunk he found his own cock suddenly spurted more spunk in one go than he had managed to milk from his cock in the last three days. When eventually the dog pulled free from Bob he felt the spunk gush from his ravaged arse hole and run down his legs as Pamela approached him with the half full spunk bottle. Pamela poured a generous amount into a glass and made Bob swill it around inside his mouth before showing her his tongue and only then was he allowed to swallow the remnants of it.

Bob’s final act of submission was to suck the spunk from Pamela’s well fucked cunt as she pissed into his mouth. Only then did Pamela turn her attention to Janice.

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Great new chapter


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This is one of the most imagnitive and original series of stories I've read.